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Celebrities Erase Their Crypto Ties As Crypto Mania Turns Into Crisis
Some famous people may be regretting their decisions to push crypto companies.
Jul 02
06:53 AM
Crypto: Hedge Fund Debacle May Ruin Two Prominent Lenders
Voyager Digital just abruptly halted fund withdrawals, while BlockFi struck a deal with a savior.
Jul 01
01:42 PM
Bitcoin Had The Second Worst Quarter In Its Young History
Cryptocurrency prices are affected by an unprecedented crisis of confidence. (BTC )
Jul 01
05:55 AM
Who Is the Mystery Crypto Queen on the Run After an Alleged Scam?
The FBI is offering anyone who helps arrest OneCoin co-founder Dr. Ruja Ignatova $100,000.
Jun 30
02:31 PM
Is Bitcoin Going to Make New Lows? Let's Look at the Chart
Bitcoin is again under pressure, as bulls worry about a break to new 2022 lows. (BTC )
Jun 30
11:12 AM
Bitcoin Evangelist Threatens To Take SEC To Court
The federal agency opposes crypto industry demands to offer investors direct exposure to real underlying Bitcoin reserves. (BTC )
Jun 30
06:27 AM
Crypto Crisis: More Bad News For a Failing Hedge Fund
Three Arrows Capital (3AC) has become the first big domino to fall in the current crisis of confidence affecting the crypto industry.
Jun 30
05:52 AM
Bitcoin Falls Back Below $19,000 As Panic Returns
Cryptocurrency prices are affected by an unprecedented crisis of confidence linked to concerns about the liquidity of lenders. (BTC )
Jun 30
04:46 AM
Crypto Crash: A First Big Domino Falls. Who's Next?
Hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC), which bet big on failing crypto Luna and UST, has just fallen into liquidation.
Jun 29
07:21 PM
Billionaire Saylor Makes New Bitcoin Bet Despite Heavy Losses
Bitcoin evangelist buys even more of the most popular cryptocurrency. (BTC )
Jun 29
05:21 PM
Saylor Soldiers On Despite Crypto Price Crash
Billionaire bitcoin evangelist Michael Saylor shows his HODling skills as he buys even more of the most popular cryptocurrency.
Jun 29
02:10 PM
Crypto Crash Exposes Robinhood and Coinbase To Predators
A year can be a lifetime in the cryptocurrency world as major players are reeling from heavy losses.
Jun 29
11:45 AM
The Young Billionaire Who Wants to Save Crypto From Chaos
Since the cryptocurrency crash, embattled firms have turned to one name to avoid their collapse: Sam Bankman-Fried.
Jun 29
09:51 AM
Sam Bankman-Fried, the Young Billionaire Who Wants to Save Crypto
Since the cryptocurrency crash, embattled firms have turned to one name to avoid their collapse: Sam Bankman-Fried.
Jun 29
08:57 AM
Crypto Warning From Within: Billionaire Says More Bad News Ahead
The crypto industry is currently undergoing a truth test that will determine which projects are viable
Jun 29
04:34 AM
SEC May Have Good News for Bitcoin
The crypto collapse has increased calls for regulation as SEC Chairman Gary Gensler calls for 'one rule book' to protect all trading. (BTC )
Jun 28
01:01 PM
Getting a Loan to Invest in Crypto? Forget About It
Data shows that more and more Americans are taking out loans for cryptocurrency investments. Stop it, investment experts say.
Jun 28
08:53 AM
Crypto Price Check: Bitcoin Remains 'Stuck in the Mud'
Bitcoin goes flat in risk-wary Wall Street while as the SEC proposes 'one rule book' governing cryptocurrency companies. (BTC )
Jun 27
01:04 PM
Crypto: Fear Returns with the Default of a Prominent Hedge Fund
Cryptocurrency prices drop again after a Three Arrows Capital payment default.
Jun 27
08:34 AM
Crypto Crash: Goldman Sachs Is on the Lookout
Crypto firm Celsius Network has suspended fund withdrawals and other transactions since June 12 and questions about its future persist.
Jun 27
03:13 AM
Once Again, Twitter Is Roasting Matt Damon For His Crypto Ad
The backlash against cryptocurrencies deepens as the market continues to stumble.
Jun 23
11:02 AM
Bitcoin Climbs Above Critical Level Following Weekend Slide
Bitcoin diehards may have felt they walking on 'the boulevard of broken dreams,' one analyst says, but cryptocurrency 'is not going away.' (BTC )
Jun 21
01:06 PM
Did Bitcoin Just Bottom? Check the Chart.
Bitcoin plunged over the weekend but is finding its footing. Is the selloff complete? (BTC )
Jun 21
09:12 AM
Bitcoin Tumble Inspires Support and Snark on Twitter
Bitcoin supporters and detractors both resort to memes and sarcasm to defend their positions during the current price drop. (BTC )
Jun 20
07:09 PM
Crypto Currency Price Check: Bitcoin Down as Investors Remain Edgy
Cryptocurrencies continue to feel the impact of various scandals, inspiring calls for greater regulation. (BTC )
Jun 20
08:54 AM
Bitcoin Rebounds After Falling Below $18,000
The most popular cryptocurrency has been in free fall for several weeks now. (BTC )
Jun 19
04:39 AM
Elon Musk Says He Is Buying the Crypto Dip
The billionaire and CEO of Tesla is an evangelist of digital currencies like Dogecoin and Bitcoin. (BTC , DOGE )
Jun 19
04:09 AM
Luna Crash: Crypto Hedge Fund Three Arrows Seeks a Savior
The fall of cryptocurrencies causes colossal losses to investors and threatens to wipe out certain projects and firms.
Jun 18
04:03 AM
Bitcoin Tumbles Below $20,000 for the First Time Since 2020
The most popular cryptocurrency has been in free fall for several weeks now. (BTC )
Jun 18
03:21 AM
Crypto Suffer Another Blow: Babel Finance Suspends Withdrawals
The crypto firm suspends withdrawals and redemptions in last shock to the crypto sector, leaving investors to ask 'who's next?'
Jun 17
06:10 AM
Billionaire Mark Cuban Doesn't Mince Words About Crypto
The entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks is a crypto investor.
Jun 17
12:45 AM
Bitcoin Evangelists Musk, Saylor and Winklevoss React to Crypto Crash
The cryptocurrency market has collapsed by nearly $2.7 trillion since November, weakening the position of evangelists. (BTC )
Jun 16
10:58 PM
Gen Z Investors Seek Ways to Navigate in Turbulent Economy
Young investors have been hit hard by tumbling stocks and the cryptocurrency crash.
Jun 16
07:57 AM
What Does The Bitcoin Crash Mean For Crypto Gaming?
The crash of digital currencies does not spare video games that use blockchain, a technology widespread in the crypto industry. (BTC )
Jun 16
05:55 AM
Crypto Scams: Want to Avoid Them? Here Are Five Red Flags.
The crypto industry is young, and prone to scammers, who use different schemes to trick investors. Here are some red flags.
Jun 16
04:06 AM
Bitcoin Tries to Stop the Bleeding Despite Crypto Scandals
The cryptocurrency market tries to catch its breath after days of endless crashes. (BTC )
Jun 15
11:04 PM
El Salvador Faces Turmoil as Bitcoin Value Plunges
Tech-focused president of El Salvador hints at country buying more bitcoin amid plunge. (BTC )
Jun 15
01:21 PM
Buy Coinbase? Here's How I See It - RealMoney
What are cryptocurrencies worth, really? Not the hype price, but what do they do? What are they good for?...JPM
Jun 15
08:38 AM
Bitcoin Skeptic Bill Gates Has Harsh Words for Crypto
The cryptocurrency market is in disarray. It lost over $2 trillion in eight months. (BTC )
Jun 15
02:19 AM
Bitcoin Drops to $20,000 as Crypto Crash Continues
The crypto market is now worth less than $950 billion compared to $3 trillion in November. (BTC )
Jun 15
01:12 AM
Billionaire Saylor's MicroStrategy Loses over $1.2 Billion in the Bitcoin Crash
The software company is the established business with the most bitcoins on its balance sheet. (BTC )
Jun 15
01:06 AM
Bitcoin Continues to Tumble, Getting Dangerously Close to $20,000
The crypto market is now worth less than $950 billion compared to $3 trillion in November. (BTC )
Jun 14
11:54 PM
Tesla's Bitcoin Bet Turns into a Nightmare
The electric vehicle manufacturer had invested $1.5 billion in Bitcoin in 2021. (BTC )
Jun 14
12:48 PM
Fortunes of Crypto Billionaires Are Melting With Bitcoin Crash
Their fortunes soared with cryptocurrency price records in 2021. It is also shrinking with the price crash. (BTC )
Jun 14
01:18 AM
The Crypto Market Loses More Than $2 Trillion in 8 Months
Bitcoin, the king of cryptocurrencies, continues to fall, dragging other digital currencies. (BTC )
Jun 14
12:19 AM
Bitcoin and Crypto Have Gone Crazy. Investors Face a Hard Decision.
The fall of cryptocurrencies has accelerated in the last 24 hours. The question is no longer to know how far it will stop but what will stop this crash. (BTC )
Jun 13
12:25 PM
Crypto Crash or Capitulation? Bitcoin, Ethereum Approach Key Support
Bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are crashing, but they're also approaching must-hold support. (BTC , ETH )
Jun 13
11:37 AM
Bitcoin Expert Peter Schiff Has Bad News For Crypto Enthusiasts
Don't read his latest tweets if you're trying to keep a positive outlook. (BTC )
Jun 13
09:54 AM
Coinbase and Billionaire Saylor Swept Up in Bitcoin Crash
The slump in bitcoin sharply affects companies that bet on crypto. (BTC )
Jun 13
09:00 AM
Crushed by Bitcoin, Here's How to Trade MicroStrategy - RealMoney
MSTR has been the leading public company investor in Bitcoin, a position furthered through the issuance of Bitcoin-backed term debt....MSTR (BTC )
Jun 13
08:31 AM

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