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Crypto Markets Remain Flat This Weekend as Bitcoin and Ethereum Lose Trading Volume News
After struggling with prices all week, Bitcoin and Ethereum remain flat as trading volume drops this Saturday significantly. The global cryptocurrency market cap remains below the $1 trillion level, currently at $943 billion. This signals the bears are on the playing field, and with last week's 0.75% interest rate hike by the Fed, the market sentiment remains bearish. Key Points: Unsurprisingly, crypto markets remain flat this Saturday as trading volume drops significantly. Despite the bear market, Michael Saylor continues to make bullish predictions for Bitcoin, speculating that BTC will surpass $500k in the next decade. Ethereum prices also struggle with (BTC , ETH )
11:40 AM
BTC and ETH Prices Struggle as Fed Interest Rate Hikes Obliterate Global Markets News
After a brief bullish run and recovery on Thursday, Bitcoin and Ethereum prices continue to struggle with support. This week's 0.75% Fed interest rate hikes created significant bearish momentum for global and crypto markets. It's not surprising that crypto markets show little improvement this Friday as stocks opened in the red, with the Dow Jones down 1.45%, S&P 500 down 1.68%, and the NASDAQ declining by 1.13% in the first few hours since opening. Let's look at relevant Bitcoin, Ethereum, and global market news affecting prices this Friday. Key Points: Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to struggle with support after a (BTC , ETH )
Sep 23
09:09 AM
Top 7 Investors of 2022 in Blockchain Firms News
To keep a trustworthy and decentralized ledger of transactions, new technologies like blockchains are being developed. Blockchains store data in blocks that are connected together by cryptography systems like Bitcoin. Aside from the financial sector, other industries such as healthcare, online gambling with a crypto casino bonus, and transportation are also facing profound transformations. Many investors have put money into blockchain companies because their demand is consistent. Here is a list of the top 7 firms: 1. Samsung Samsung, a major tech company in South Korea, has been named as an active investor in the blockchain industry. In the past (BTC )
Sep 19
12:09 AM
Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Continue to Trade Sideways as ETH Merge Commences News
Cryptocurrency markets continue to trade sideways this Thursday as Ethereum's merge commences today. Crypto markets showed significant upside earlier this week, but now the global crypto market cap remains at the $1 trillion level, currently at $995 billion, up 5% in the past 24 hours. This week has been rather slow for both BTC and ETH as the crypto assets saw little price growth. At the same time, the bears are slowing down as the downward momentum has largely stopped for various crypto coins. Let's look at any relevant crypto news affecting markets this week. Key Points: Crypto markets continue (BTC , ETH )
Sep 15
01:54 AM
Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Show Significant Upside This Week, BTC up 13.34% While ETH Is up 11.76% News
Cryptocurrency markets open in the green as the global crypto market cap is above $1 trillion. After the cryptocurrency market exited bearish territory last week, Bitcoin and Ethereum have shown significant upside this week, with BTC up over 13% while Ether is up 11.67%. We'll likely continue to see bullish momentum for crypto markets, especially for ETH, as the merge is only two days away. If you've been hesitating about opening a position for ETH, now is an excellent time, as the second-largest cryptocurrency will likely surpass the $2k mark once the merge is complete later this month. Let's look (BTC , ETH )
Sep 12
05:39 AM
Bitcoin Price Inches Closer to $20k, Ethereum Pumps 6% as Global Crypto Market Surpasses $1 Trillion News
Cryptocurrency markets are bullish this Tuesday as Bitcoin price inches closer to $20k after trading sideways this Labor Day. BTC is currently trading at $19,923 and up 0.95% in the past 24 hours. Ethereum is up over 6.56% today, surpassing the $200 billion market cap and trading at $1,673. Solana is another top-performing crypto asset today, rising by over 5.86%. The global crypto market cap also surpassed the $1 trillion valuation today, suggesting that the market is turning bullish again, and we could see significant growth this week. Key Points: The global crypto market cap is above $1 trillion, suggesting (BTC , ETH )
Sep 06
06:10 AM
Crypto Market Update: Sideways Trading Continues as Bitcoin Price Hovers Around $19k, Ethereum Attempt to Push to $1,600 News
Cryptocurrency markets continue their sideways trading patterns with little change in Bitcoin's price, while Ethereum manages to hold in the high $1,500s. The global cryptocurrency market cap remains below $1 trillion, suggesting that the bears are still in control. European stock markets show volatility as news of Russia halting its energy supply to Europe spreads. Key Points: U.S. stock markets are closed this Labor Day, while European markets sink as Russia halts gas flows. Bitcoin remains in the $19k range, with data suggesting that long-term holders are accumulating BTC. Ethereum's network merge is nine days away, continuing to push positive (BTC , ETH )
Sep 05
06:10 AM
Cryptocurrency Markets Show Bearish Momentum as Bitcoin Dips to $19K and Ethereum Drops Below $1,600 News
After showing slight bullish momentum on Friday, cryptocurrency markets are again in the bearish territory this Saturday as BTC dips below $20k and ETH struggles to hold support at $1,600. The global cryptocurrency market remains below $1 trillion, valued at $974 billion, down 2.5% in the past 24 hours. Let's look at relevant Bitcoin and Ethereum news impacting today's markets. Key Points: Crypto markets are showing slight bearish momentum this Saturday as BTC and ETH are down 2-5%. Last week, a Bitcoin whale decided to offload 10k Bitcoins, creating further bearish momentum for BTC. Jerome Powell's speech last week was (BTC , ETH )
Sep 03
09:39 AM
Ethereum Outperforms Bitcoin as ETH Rises Above $1,600 While BTC Remains at $20K News
After dipping below the $20k range yesterday, Bitcoin regained support this Friday. On the other hand, Ethereum continues to outperform Bitcoin in terms of price action, as the cryptocurrency gained 4% in the past 24 hours, rising above the $1,600 level. The upcoming network merge for ETH is nearing and is the primary reason for Ethereum's positive performance this week. Key Points: Ethereum outperforms Bitcoin in price action as the network merge is coming soon. Bitcoin rises back above $20k while ETHUSD surpasses $1,600. Ethereum's market cap continues to grow while Bitcoin's remains relatively flat. Michael Saylor is having a (BTC , ETH )
Sep 02
10:40 AM
Bitcoin Price Dips Below $20K, Ethereum's Upcoming Network Merge Keeps ETHUSD Above $1,500 News
After sideways trading through most of this week, Bitcoin dipped below the $20k level today while Ethereum managed to keep support at $1,500. With September being a historically weak month, BTCUSD is struggling this week, down over 8% in the past 24 hours. Ethereum is also showing signs of weakness ahead of the merge, down 9% this week but remaining above the $1,500 range. The global cryptocurrency market cap is down by an additional 1.38% today, currently at $964 billion. Let's look at relevant Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrency news affecting today's markets. Key Points: Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to trade (BTC , ETH )
Sep 01
10:54 AM
Sideways Trading for Bitcoin and Ethereum Continues as Global Crypto Market Remains Below $1 Trillion News
Cryptocurrency markets continue to trade sideways this week after last weekend's correction. While support for major digital assets like BTC and ETH holds, the global crypto market remains below the $1 trillion range, suggesting that the bears are still in control. Key Points: Cryptocurrency markets continue to trade sideways as BTC and ETH hold support September is a historically weak month for crypto, and next month's outlook for Bitcoin is bearish. Ethereum's merge could fuel a bullish run next month, but without BTC's support, significant growth for ETH is unlikely. The market is in extreme fear, the lowest it has (BTC , ETH )
Aug 31
09:55 AM
Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Continue to Recover After Weekend's Correction, BTC at $20.3K, ETH Trading Above $1,550 News
After trading at the $21k and $1,600 levels last week and crashing to the $19k and $1,400 range over the weekend, Bitcoin and Ethereum prices are recovering once again. This Tuesday, Bitcoin's price is up 3%, trading back above $20k, while Ethereum is up 9%, trading at $1,584. With a significant rise in the 24-hour trading volume of 17% for BTC and 35% for ETH, the crypto market is likely to continue its uptrend this week as most digital assets are in the green. Key Points: Jerome Powell's speech could've marked a bottom for BTCUSD According to the latest research, (BTC , ETH )
Aug 30
05:54 AM
Bitcoin Back Above $20K, Ethereum Finds Support at $1,500 as Trading Volume Rises News
After dipping to the $20k and $1,500 ranges last week, Bitcoin and Ethereum saw additional bearish momentum throughout the weekend. The good news is that crypto markets are back to the previous week's level this Monday as BTC and ETH find new support. The trading volume for both Bitcoin and Ethereum is up significantly, with an increase of over 20% in the past 24 hours. Unfortunately, the global crypto market cap is yet to surpass $1 trillion, meaning that despite the recent price hike, the bears are still in control of the market. Let's look at any relevant Bitcoin and (BTC , ETH )
Aug 29
09:39 AM
BullDogeChain Overview and Mission To make blockchain more applicable to end-users, we firmly believe that the gap between the real world and the crypto niche must be narrowed. It is crucial to introduce more 'rational' applications to the community. Except for the amount being transferred, neither the sender nor the recipient knows the transaction details in the first generation of blockchains used exclusively for transferring cryptocurrencies. Surprisingly, neither party is aware of the other's wallet address. This is why so many of these blockchains are used to conduct activities on the dark web. Our guiding principle is uncomplicated: we intend
Aug 28
09:24 PM
The Bears Make Their Presence Known, Bitcoin Price Dips to $20K, Ethereum Drops to $1,500 News
Cryptocurrency markets show significant bearish momentum this Saturday after trading sideways most of last week. Bitcoin price is struggling to hold above the $20k range, while Ethereum is likely to break down through the $1,500 support. In addition, the global cryptocurrency market cap has dipped below the $1 trillion range, losing over 4.48% in valuation in the past 24 hours. The bears are making their presence known today, as prices are dropping and trading volume is increasing. Key Points: Bitcoin price struggles to hold above $20k while Ethereum drops to $1,500 Global cryptocurrency market cap falls below $1 trillion, signaling (BTC , ETH )
Aug 27
05:39 AM
Bitcoin's Sideways Trading Continues, Ethereum Drops to $1,600 News
After trading at the $21k range throughout the week, Bitcoin price continues its sideways price action this Friday. Managing to remain at the same range over the past seven days, BTC will likely continue to hold support until next week, when the market could decide its next move. Ethereum was also trading sideways this week but dropped to the $1,600 level today as support broke down. Let's look at any relevant Bitcoin and Ethereum news affecting prices this weekend and next week. Key Points: Bitcoin continues its sideways trading grind at the $21k range. Hash Ribbons suggest that miner capitulation (BTC , ETH )
Aug 26
06:09 AM
Next Block Expo Is Aiming to Become the Biggest Blockchain Festival in Europe News
The First edition will be held in Berlin, Germany, from 23-24 November 2022, with more than 5000 attendees. 4 months from now, the Berlin Station will be the most important place on the European blockchain map, linking together the most important names from the blockchain industry. We are bringing founders, investors, and blockchain experts together to redefine and discover the Web3 future, - says Tom Kopera, Next Block Expo Co-founder. The organizers expect more than 5000 participants at the conference, plus another 10 000 attending online. The venue can host more than 100 exhibitors and sponsors. Everyone will be able
Aug 25
05:24 PM
Ethereum Price Rises Above $1,700 Amid Upcoming Merge Trade, Bitcoin Remains at the $21K Range News
Cryptocurrency markets are showing signs of life this Thursday as Ethereum prices rose by 3% while Bitcoin managed to hold support at the $21.6k range. After little change yesterday, when Bitcoin and Ethereum struggled to maintain support, the global cryptocurrency market cap is up by 1.81% in the past 24 hours, currently at $1.05 trillion. Key Points: Cryptocurrency markets remain relatively flat, with Ethereum showing signs of life amid upcoming merge trade. Coinbase releases its utility token Wrapped Staked ETH (cbETH), enabling users to use their ETH2 rewards without unstaking their Ethereum. Afghan Authorities shut down sixteen crypto exchanges in (BTC , ETH )
Aug 25
05:55 AM
Little Change in Cryptocurrency Markets as Bitcoin and Ethereum Maintain Support News
The sideways market continues this week as Bitcoin and Ethereum hold support at the $21k and $1.6k levels. The trading volume remains unchanged, and the global crypto market remains above $1 trillion, signaling a healthy sentiment. Key Points: Sideways trading continues as the global crypto market, and trading volume remains unchanged. Mt. Gox creditors are nearing payout, which could create significant bearish momentum for BTC markets. Market sentiment is neutral/bearish, and Bitcoin could drop below $20k in the next week. The fear/greed index is at a monthly high, suggesting another correction may be coming. The underperformance of stock markets and (BTC , ETH )
Aug 24
06:54 AM
Metaverse, Web 3.0 Disruption, and Blockchain Advancement to be Discussed at MetaWeek in Dubai News
The MetaWeek conference will take place on September 11-14, 2022. Thousands of web 3.0 enthusiasts and thought leaders worldwide will convene in Dubai to set the future trends of metaverse applications. After huge success in launching the first MetaWeek in early March 2022, NexChange Group presents the second edition of the large-scale international event in Dubai, September 11 to 14, 2022. As one of the world's leading proponents of using cutting-edge tech like blockchain and Metaverse tools, Dubai has been accumulating regional efforts in the digital economy development and Metaverse adoption, with the implementation of the Dubai Metaverse Strategy and
Aug 23
09:40 PM
AscendEX Lists StonkLeague (AEGIS), a Gamified Trading Platform News
AscendEX is excited to announce the listing of StonkLeague under the trading pair: $AEGIS/USDT. Trading begins at 1:00 PM UTC on August 24th, 2022. StonkLeague is a digital asset gaming and trading platform that enables retail traders to engage in fantasy trading games. Gamify the Investment Experience StonkLeague is a Gamified Index and DAO Protocol. In light of the volatility of crypto trading, StonkLeague provides fantasy trading games to win Bitcoin and Ethereum prizes, making it easier for retail traders to play, learn, and earn fun and securely. Crypto influencers can also use StonkLeague to create NFT leagues to build (BTC , DAO , ETH , USDT )
Aug 23
01:25 PM
Crypto Market Update
The cryptocurrency market remains relatively flat this Tuesday. Bitcoin and Ethereum prices have shown little changes in the past 24 hours. After dropping to the $21k range last week, the BTC price manages to hold support. The increase in trading volume suggests that the market could be preparing for its next move and pushing the price to new heights this week. Bitcoin's 24-hour trading volume is up by over 26%, currently at $32.7 billion. Let's look at any relevant crypto market news that could affect prices this week. Key Points: Bitcoin managed to hold the $21k level after dropping from (BTC , ETH )
Aug 23
05:39 AM
Bitcoin Price Remains at the $21K Range, Transaction Fees Drop Below $1 News
After trading at the $24k range for several weeks, Bitcoin prices fell last week as support levels failed. Bitcoin price has found a new range in the $21k area and managed to hold it through the weekend. Cryptocurrency markets remain flat this Monday, with little change in 24-hour trading volume for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major crypto assets. Key Points: Bitcoin's price failed to hold the $24k range, falling to $21k. Transaction fees for BTC drop to 2-year lows, dipping below $1. Stocks underperform, causing a general bearish sentiment as fears of additional rate hikes plague the markets. Ethereum underperformed (BTC , ETH )
Aug 22
06:25 AM
Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Lose 10% Amid Crypto Market Correction News
Bitcoin and Ethereum prices are down roughly 10% this Friday, with BTC trading at $21.3k after rejecting the $25k range and losing momentum last night. The global cryptocurrency market is down by 8%, struggling to remain above the $1 trillion mark. The sharp price decline comes with increased trading volume, with the 24-hour volume for Bitcoin up 26% and up 25% for Ethereum. Key Points: Bitcoin and Ethereum prices dip to monthly lows in a sharp correction this Friday. Trading volume increases significantly, indicating a price continuation pattern. Stocks tumble, and the cryptocurrency market struggles to remain above $1 trillion. (BTC , ETH )
Aug 19
06:09 AM
Bitcoin Price Rejects $25K, as Cryptocurrency Markets Continue to Lose Momentum News
After peaking at $25k on Sunday, continuing to trade sideways in the $24k range, and now falling to the $23k level, Bitcoin is struggling to hold current support as trading volume continues to decline. While the cryptocurrency market remains above the $1 trillion market cap range, BTC and ETH are seeing single-digit-percent losses this week of 3-4%. With Bitcoin and Ethereum behaving, we'll likely continue to see the crypto assets testing support and decline until next week. Key Points: Bitcoin continues to trade sideways in the $23-24k range. 24-hour trading volume subsides as cryptocurrency markets remain flat. Significant losses in (BTC , ETH )
Aug 18
05:55 AM
Bitcoin Price Trades Sideways at the $24K Level, Miners Face Substantial Losses News
Bitcoin price continues to trade sideways this week, with little change in trading volume over the past 24 hours. After peaking at $25k on Sunday, BTCUSD struggles to hold support and continues to decline, currently trading in the high $23k range. The 24-hour trading volume remains relatively unchanged in the $29.5 billion range. Key Points: Bitcoin continues to trade sideways with a narrowing range. Miners lost over $1 billion in Q2 2022 due to crypto winter. Some mining companies ended up selling machines to cover existing debt last quarter. Celsius receives multiple cash injection offers, raising creditors' hope of getting (BTC )
Aug 17
05:39 AM
Bitcoin Price Struggles to Hold Support as Trading Volume Rises News
After a bullish rally last week and a weekend of sideways trading, Bitcoin price is struggling to hold the $24k support level this Monday as trading volume shows a substantial increase. Bitcoin is trading at $24,090, with a 24-hour trading volume increase of 50%. Ethereum's price dipped below $1,900 this Monday, with its market cap hovering at half of Bitcoin's. Key Points: Bitcoin price tests support at $24k, while Ethereum struggles to hold above $1.9k The 24-hour trading volume for BTCUSD and ETHUSD shows a significant increase, suggesting a price continuation pattern for the digital assets. Bitcoin briefly surpasses $25k (BTC , ETH )
Aug 15
05:39 AM
Three Great Financial Options In 2022: Shiba Inu, GryffinDAO, and Monero News
The blockchain-based cryptocurrency market threatens the traditional financial system since it provides a better future by offering individuals greater control over their finances. As the coin market expands, more and more investors consider the industry suitable for long-term investment. Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Monero (XMR) are popular cryptocurrency projects as they have captured the crypto community with numerous successes and insistence on fulfilling promises. GryffinDAO (GDAO) is a new cryptocurrency project with a unique token system to stabilize market forces. The system is called the deflationary rebase model. This article will discuss how GryffinDAO works and why you should add (XMR )
Aug 15
03:10 AM
Bitcoin, Ethereum Prices Test Support After Rally News
After showing a significant upside on Saturday, Bitcoin and Ethereum remain flat this Sunday as the crypto assets test support. Bitcoin is trading at $24.5k, while Ethereum holds its price of the high $1,900s. The trading volume for Bitcoin is down 20%, while there's an even sharper decline of 30% in trading volume for Ethereum. We're likely to see little movements for crypto markets this Sunday as traders remain on the sidelines, waiting for Monday's move. Key Points: Bitcoin Price Remains above $24k, while Ethereum holds in the high $1,900s. BTC bears are calling a double top, potential reversal incoming (BTC , ETH )
Aug 14
05:55 AM
AscendEX Lists Lovely Inu (LOVELY), a DeFi Meme Platform News
August 13th, 2022 - AscendEX is excited to announce the listing of Lovely Inu under the trading pair: $LOVELY/USDT. Trading begins at 1:00 PM UTC on August 11th, 2022. Lovely Inu (LOVELY) is a decentralized meme-based blockchain platform that aims to bring a frictionless return, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and much more to users. Little Love, Big Dream Lovely Inu is part of the meme token revolution. The project is dedicated to bringing cryptocurrency to mainstream audiences as a one-stop solution. The new DeFi protocol developed an infrastructure where users can trade various cryptocurrencies. As a community-driven initiative, (USDT )
Aug 13
09:40 AM
Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Rise, Tornado Cash Developer Arrested News
After testing support on Friday, Bitcoin and Ethereum prices rise this Saturday as BTC rallies past $24k and ETH pushes closer to the $2k level, attempting to break its 3-month high. While the overall trading volume for BTCUSD and ETHUSD is declining, the market is showing significant upside, with the global cryptocurrency market cap rising by 3.53%, currently at $1.17 trillion. Key Points: Bitcoin Price Rises to $24.8k, attempting to breach $25k. Ethereum Price rallies past $1.9k, looking to break a 3-month high. Tornado Cash developer arrested in Amsterdam after U.S. Treasury sanctions crypto mixer. Ethereum surpasses 50% of Bitcoin's (BTC , ETH )
Aug 13
05:55 AM
Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Show Significant Upside After July's CPI Data Release News
Cryptocurrency markets are showing significant upside this Thursday after trading sideways for most of the week. Yesterday's CPI data shows that inflation remained unchanged for July, with the gasoline index falling 7.7%. The favorable CPI data is a significant driver for today's crypto market bull run. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies registered a 6% growth in the overall market capitalization today, pushing the market to $1.16 trillion. Key Points: Bitcoin price soars past $24.5k bearing its 1-month high, trading volume up 67%. Ethereum price rises above $1,900, attempting to break its 3-month high, trading volume up 85%. Favorable CPI data fuel today's crypto (BTC , ETH )
Aug 11
05:24 AM
Bitcoin Holds Support at $23K as Coinbase Earnings Reveal Billion-Dollar Losses News
After rising to $24k this week and testing support at $23k yesterday, Bitcoin continues to trade sideways today, managing to hold current support levels. The 24-hour trading volume shows a slight decline, down 9% today as the markets slow down. Key Points: Bitcoin continues to hold support at $23k and trades sideways. Coinbase's Q2 Earnings Report reveals $1.1 billion in losses. Coinbase remains focused on improving its products and is optimistic about the long-term outlook for cryptocurrency markets. Coinbase Earnings Report Reveals Substantial Losses As earning season is upon us, and as traders predicted, Coinbase's Q2 report revealed a billion-dollar (BTC )
Aug 10
05:54 AM
Bitcoin Testing Support at $23.2K, Trading Volume Remains High News
After sideways trading for most of last week and a small bull run on Monday, Bitcoin's price is back down to the $23k range, testing support. The global cryptocurrency market cap is down 3.5% but remains above $1.1 trillion. In addition, Bitcoin's trading volume continues to increase, up 11% in the past 24 hours, signaling a healthy market with plenty of momentum for its next move. Key Points: Bitcoin returns from the $24k levels to the $23k range. Coinbase's stock soars after the BlackRock partnership announcement. Iran placed crypto-funded import order worth $10 million after amending legislation to allow locally (BTC )
Aug 09
05:55 AM
Colorcinch Review 2022
There are dozens of photo editors, each offering unique features and tools. While some focus on providing a wide range of features such as photo manipulation, color editing, and various editing tools, others zero in on a trending niche style option. Today we look at Colorcinch - formerly Cartoonize - an online photo editor specializing in cartoonizing any photo. The cartoon-style design is popular among various news publications, with one example being Cointelegraph, one of the most popular cryptocurrency news sources. Let's take a closer look at Colorcinch and review its photo editing features and tools. Getting Started With Colorcinch
Aug 09
12:09 AM
Crypto Market Update
Bitcoin and Ethereum rise by 4% and 6% today as the cryptocurrency market is waking up this week and showing signs of life. After a relatively flat performance last week, Bitcoin is starting this week on the right foot. Whether this is a beginning of a bull run is early to tell, but the uptrend is causing a significant increase in trading, with BTCUSD's volume up 51% and ETHUSD up 34% today. Key Points: Cryptocurrency markets are waking up this Monday, with BTC and ETH showing significant price growth. BTC rises to $24k, and ETH increases to $1.8k. Bitcoin Lightning (BTC , ETH )
Aug 08
05:54 AM
Cryptocurrency Markets Remain Flat as Bitcoin and Ethereum Trading Volume Falter News
The past two months have been relatively uneventful for cryptocurrency markets. Bitcoin and Ethereum have been trading sideways since mid-June, and despite minor bull rallies in July, the market is essentially unchanged. Trading volume is showing a significant drop today, with Bitcoin's 24-hour volume down over 37% while Ethereum's is down over 40%. The sharp decrease in trading volume makes sense since today is Sunday, and most traders are taking the day off. Key Points: Cryptocurrency markets remain weak and continue trading sideways as trading volume decreases sharply. Bitcoin bears are making their presence known as the underperformance of the (BTC , ETH )
Aug 07
05:25 AM
Bitcoin Price Holds at $23K, Miners Continue to Capitulate and Sell BTC News
Bitcoin and Ethereum prices continue to trade sideways this weekend after establishing support at the $23k and $1,700 levels, respectively. The global cryptocurrency market cap remains unchanged at the $1.1 trillion level, as we see 24-hour trading volume for BTCUSD drop by 10%, while ETHUSD's trading volume saw an increase of 4%. The markets will likely remain flat this weekend as traders await the market's move next week. Key Points: The cryptocurrency market remains flat as Bitcoin price holds above $23k. One of Bitcoin's largest miners, Core Scientific, sold more Bitcoins than it mined in July. BTC is likely to (BTC , ETH )
Aug 06
05:54 AM
Ethereum Price Soars to $1,700, Outperforms Bitcoin, Coinbase Partners With BlackRock News
After a relatively stagnant market activity this week, with Bitcoin managing to hold the $23k support level, Ethereum soars to $1,700, gaining 6% today. With the recent price hike, ETHUSD is nearing the 50% market capitalization of Bitcoin, inching closer to possibly overtaking BTC as the most-valued cryptocurrency by market cap. The global cryptocurrency market also shows substantial price growth, valued at over $1.1 trillion, up over 3% in the past 24 hours. Key Points: Ethereum soars to $1,700, outperforming Bitcoin. Coinbase partners with BlackRock, opening doors to institutional investors to invest in crypto. Coinbase stock has risen by over (BTC , ETH )
Aug 05
05:55 AM
Bitcoin Price Tests Support at $22.8K, Crypto Market at a Standstill News
After rising to the $23k level and peaking at $24.6k last week, Bitcoin's price has been testing support as the global cryptocurrency market continued to trade sideways. With the Solana news breaking yesterday, Bitcoin's price slid to the $22.8k level again, erasing last week's gains. Understandably, Bitcoin is seeing bearish momentum, as the Solana hack is one of the most significant DeFi blunders of the year. Key Points: Bitcoin's price slides down to the $22.8k support level and continues to trade sideways with declining volume. Solana Network attack seems to be wallet-related, mitigating most of the market panic as SOL's (BTC )
Aug 04
05:55 AM
Bitcoin Price Rises to $23K, Holds Support as Global Crypto Markets Trade Sideways News
After last week's volatility, Bitcoin has found its range, sideways trading in the $22k-$24k area for the past week. While Bitcoin found substantial support at the $22k level yesterday, BTC price saw additional price growth today, rising to $23k at writing. The global cryptocurrency market cap remains relatively flat at the $1 trillion level, signaling bullish short-term sentiment. Moreover, the 24-hour trading volume for BTC also remains relatively unchanged, up 4.53% in the past 24 hours. Crypto Market and Bitcoin News According to yesterday's report from Yahoo Finance, one of Bitcoin's most vocal supporters, Michael Saylor, stepped down as CEO (BTC )
Aug 03
05:39 AM
What Is a Crypto Exit Scam, and How Can You Avoid It in 2022? News
Exit scams became popular in the bitcoin sector in 2018. It occurs when dishonest cryptocurrency advocates steal money from investors during or after an initial coin offering (ICO). Exit scams can also happen when a cryptocurrency exchange disappears. Therefore, taking any cryptocurrencies saved on the platform cryptocurrency has become a contentious issue of debate, owing to the two opposing factions attempting to navigate the market. On the other hand, some prey on the less educated, hoping to take advantage of their ignorance and trick them into handing over their cryptocurrency. This can happen in various ways, and recognizing it can (BTC )
Aug 03
12:09 AM
Bitcoin Price Holds Above $22K as Crypto Market Continues to Trade Sideways News
Bitcoin's price found its sideways trading range around the $22k level as the crypto asset continues to trade sideways this week. After dipping to a low of $20k last week and peaking at $24k, the global crypto market is slowing down its momentum and trading volume. The good news is that the global cryptocurrency market cap remains above the $1 trillion level, signaling an overall healthy market that could turn bullish at any time. Key Points: Bitcoin holds $22k support as the global crypto market remains healthy and trades sideways. Ethereum overtakes Bitcoin in options on Deribit. Craig Wright gets (BTC , ETH )
Aug 02
05:54 AM
Bitcoin Price Trades Sideways After Bull Run To $23K, Crypto Market Remains Healthy News
After yesterday's excellent crypto market bull run, Bitcoin's price continues to trade sideways at the $23.5k level. The global cryptocurrency market cap remains healthy above the $1 trillion level, signaling a good potential for an additional bullish move this weekend. Ethereum price remains above the $1.6k level as the crypto asset continues to trade sideways. Key Points: The Crypto market remains healthy and continues to trade sideways after yesterday's bull run. Despite the crypto bear market, El Salvador's finance minister is bullish on BTC. Bitcoin's price is looking for a range to trade in, likely to make its next move (BTC , ETH )
Jul 29
06:24 AM
Crypto Bull Run Incoming? Bitcoin Price Up 7%, Global Crypto Market Rises Above $1 Trillion News
Bitcoin price is up over 7% in the past 24 hours, rising above the $22k support level and currently trading at $22,843. Ethereum price continues to outperform Bitcoin, presently trading at $1,622, up over 10% in the past day. With the recent rise in Bitcoin and Ethereum prices, the global cryptocurrency market cap is once again above the $1 trillion level, signaling a potential bullish market reversal. Key Points: Bitcoin rises overnight, establishing newfound support at $22k. Ethereum continues to outperform Bitcoin in price action. After the rate hike, Fed announced a slowdown in upcoming monetary action. Stock markets saw (BTC , ETH )
Jul 28
06:09 AM
Bitcoin Price Remains Above $21K, Upcoming Fed Interest Hike Spells Uncertainty for Global Markets News
After a bullish run last week, and a relatively-volatile Monday and Tuesday, Bitcoin's price remains flat on Wednesday as the cryptocurrency manages to hold its current support at the $21k level. Currently trading at $21.3k, Bitcoin's market cap remains above $406 billion. However, we're seeing a sharp decline in trading volume for BTC, with a 24-hour volume of $26 billion, down over 32% in the past day. Key Points: Bitcoin's price holds the $21k support level, but trading volume continues to drop sharply. The historic Fed interest rate hike spells uncertainty for global markets and Bitcoin prices. Ethereum will likely (BTC , ETH )
Jul 27
06:09 AM
Bitcoin Price Struggles to Hold Above $21K, Global Crypto Market Cap Falls Below $1 Trillion News
After an excellent performance last week, with Bitcoin and Ethereum prices showing double-digit price growth, cryptocurrency markets are facing mounting bearish momentum this Tuesday, with Bitcoin's price struggling to hold current support levels of $21k. Ethereum shows increased volatility with even more substantial price declines of 8% in the past 24 hours. What's causing the recent drop in crypto prices? Let's find out. Key Points: Global cryptocurrency market capitalization falls below $1 trillion. Bitcoin's price struggles to hold support at $21k, likely to fall to $20k. Ethereum's merge trade hype is slowing down with declining trading volume. Tesla records a (BTC , ETH )
Jul 26
06:10 AM
Bitcoin Price Drops Below $22K, Global Crypto Market Remains Above $1T News
After trading sideways at the $22k level through the weekend, Bitcoin's price finally broke through its support level, dropping by over 3%, and currently trading at the $21k range. Ethereum also failed to hold support at the $1,600 level, falling to the $1,500 range on Monday. While support levels could not hold, the global cryptocurrency market remains above $1 trillion; whether that will continue is up for debate. Crypto Bull Market Momentum Slows Down, Trading Volume Increases While the crypto bull market momentum is slowing down, after Bitcoin's price dropped from $22.8k to $21.8k, the trading volume for BTCUSD saw (BTC , ETH )
Jul 25
06:10 AM
Bitcoin Price Continues to Trade Sideways at $22K, Will Current Support Hold? News
After peaking at $24k last week, Bitcoin's price continues to trade sideways at the $22k level. While the market momentum is slowing down, BTC and ETH prices remain steady. The global cryptocurrency market cap is still above the $1 trillion level, signaling a potential upcoming bullish rally next week. Key Points: Bitcoin price manages to stay above water at the $22k level. The global cryptocurrency market capitalization remains above $1 trillion. Ethereum continues to perform exceptionally well, remaining above $1,600. Long-term sentiment for BTC remains highly bullish despite short-term market volatility. Will Bitcoin Price Hold at the Current Support Level? (BTC , ETH )
Jul 24
06:09 AM
Bitcoin Price Falls to $22K, Market Momentum Is Slowing Down News
After a spectacular performance this week, cryptocurrency markets remain weak this Saturday as Bitcoin falls to the $22k level. The good news is that Ethereum still managed to hold above the $1,500 level. Even with a 7% drop in the past 24 hours, its 7-day performance is excellent, rising by over 25% in the past week. The global cryptocurrency market cap is down by 5% but remains above the $1 trillion mark. Let's look at relevant Bitcoin news and see where the market is heading next week. Key Points: Bitcoin price falls to $22k. The global crypto market remains above (BTC , ETH )
Jul 23
06:09 AM

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