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Bitcoin rallies, tops key technical level for first time since early May
The price of bitcoin rallied over the weekend, trading above its 50-day moving average for the first time since early May. (BTC )
02:45 PM
Opinion: Ethereum, the No. 2 behind bitcoin, fights off challengers that offer cheaper and faster blockchains
If you are an investor who dabbles in cryptocurrencies, or even are what we in the industry call crypto-curious, you know ethereum ETHUSD, +0.01% as the No. 2 cryptocurrency behind bitcoin BTCUSD, -0.21% - and the blockchain imbued with the ability to write self-executing smart contracts right into the code underlying a transaction between parties. What you might not know about is some of the... (ETH )
Jul 23
09:42 AM
Top Trump watchdog joins crypto firm, continuing industry trend of poaching regulators
Kathy Kraninger, former director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau told Reuters Thursday that she will join cryptocurrency startup Solidus Labs as...
Jul 22
08:12 AM
Bitcoin rises as Elon Musk says, 'I might pump, but I don't dump'
Elon Musk sends bitcoin and other crypto prices jumping Wednesday as he participates in a panel discussion. (BTC )
Jul 21
12:36 PM
Argo Blockchain files for dual-listing in US
The London-listed cryptocurrency miner said the number of ADSs to be issued and pricing has yet to be decided, with trading expected to start in the third...
Jul 21
12:00 AM
Bitcoin slips below $30,000 'key support' as stock market rebound leaves cryptos behind
Bitcoin, the world's most popular crypto asset, falls below the $30,000 level --- seen as an important technical threshold. (BTC )
Jul 20
12:06 PM
Venmo ends global payments feed as part of app redesign
The redesigned app, which rolls out over the coming weeks, will make it easier for users to access newer Venmo functions, such as cryptocurrency purchasing...
Jul 20
09:12 AM
Bitcoin trades below $30,000 even as global stocks rebound
Bitcoin undefined traded below the $30,000 mark on Tuesday, sliding even as global stock markets undefined rebounded following Monday's rout. Other... (BTC )
Jul 20
02:24 AM
Bitcoin heads toward lowest level in 2021 as crypto's slide continues with stock-market rout
Bitcoin trades under pressure Monday, with the world's No. 1 crypto trading near its lowest level since Jan. 1, according to data compiled by Dow Jones... (BTC )
Jul 19
03:12 PM
4 mistakes too many new cryptocurrency investors make
MarketWatch has highlighted these products and services because we think readers will find them useful. We may earn a commission if you buy products through our links, but our recommendations are independent of any compensation that we may receive. Investing in crypto may be easier and faster than ever - you can now opt to invest through online brokers like Robinhood and SoFi Invest or crypto...
Jul 19
04:30 AM
Square to build open-developer platform with bitcoin focus
Square Inc. undefined plans to deepen its involvement in the world of bitcoin with a new business area, according to Chief Executive Jack Dorsey. Square will...
Jul 15
02:00 PM
Revolut valuation surges to $33 billion after latest funding round
European fintech company Revolut announced a new $800 million funding round Thursday that values the company at $33 billion. Revolut had previously fetched a...
Jul 15
05:30 AM
Why online-travel giant Booking is getting into the fintech game
Add Booking Holdings Inc. to the list of e-commerce companies betting that a tighter control over the payments process will create a better experience for...
Jul 15
05:18 AM
J.C. Flowers to acquire 30% stake in LMAX to accelerate growth in FX and crypto markets
Investment firm J.C. Flowers & Co. LLC is buying a 30% stake in LMAX Group to accelerate growth in its FX and crypto assets business, the companies said...
Jul 15
04:48 AM
Italy issues warning over top cryptocurrency exchange Binance
Italy on Thursday joined the crackdown against cryptocurrency exchange Binance, the world's largest.
Jul 15
03:54 AM
Dogecoin co-creator blasts crypto as a scam to help the rich get richer
Dogecoin was made as a joke, but Jackson Palmer really doesn't think it's funny anymore. (DOGE )
Jul 14
06:03 PM
SEC's Republicans blast regulator for latest crypto order
The Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday settled charges with the owner of a once-popular cryptocurrency website,, for promoting...
Jul 14
01:27 PM
Over $500 million in crypto seized by U.K. police over past few weeks amid money-laundering crackdown
British law enforcement have seized over $500 million in crypto over the past month, as a part of a crackdown in money-laundering in the region, according to...
Jul 14
11:21 AM
U.S. needs a 'strong regulatory framework' for stablecoins, Fed's Powell warns crypto investors
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Wednesday that U.S. is at a 'critical point' for regulation of digital currencies, advocating for the application...
Jul 14
10:51 AM
A 29-year old crypto billionaire has Goldman, CME Group in his crosshairs as his exchanges aims to surpass Coinbase
Sam Bankman-Fried, which owns one of the fastest-growing digital-exchange platforms in the world, says he wants to overtake Binance and Coinbase Global, the...
Jul 14
09:15 AM
A 101-carat diamond just sold for $12.3 million - in crypto
A dazzling diamond selling for millions at auction is nothing new for Sotheby's. Perhaps more surprising is the 247-year-old auction house allowing the buyer...
Jul 12
10:45 AM
Three charged with insider trading in Long Island Iced Tea's pivot to blockchain
When a beverage company attempted to dump the drinks business and join the blockchain bandwagon in 2017, the story became a comic symbol of crypto excess,...
Jul 09
01:03 PM
MicroStrategy stock rises after disclosing Capital International had acquired a large equity stake
Shares of MicroStrategy Inc. undefined rallied 2.3% in afternoon trading Friday, after the enterprise software and bitcoin play disclosed that Capital...
Jul 09
10:09 AM
Opinion: Bitcoin ETFs likely wouldn't be bearish for crypto but they might not be right for you
Widespread enthusiasm for an asset doesn't always signal a market top. (BTC )
Jul 09
04:21 AM
Elizabeth Warren warns crypto 'scams continue to surge' on exchanges, calls for SEC regulation
Washington lawmakers and regulators continue to beat the drum for greater regulation of cryptocurrencies, with the latest call coming from Sen. Elizabeth...
Jul 08
10:09 AM
Wise direct listing lifts London's hopes to attract fintechs
Shares of financial technology company Wise rose 10% Wednesday on their first day of listing
Jul 08
08:03 AM
Sotheby's will accept bitcoin or ether for $15 million diamond sale
Recently minted cryptocurrency millionaires, unsure of what to do with their newfound wealth, can now bid for a $15 million 100-carat diamond at Sotheby's...
Jul 07
02:21 AM
Bitcoin prices slump, erasing weekend gains
Bitcoin fell around 5%, to about $33,858, as of Monday afternoon after peaking as high as $35,887 on Sunday, according to Coindesk data. (BTC )
Jul 05
02:15 PM
Bitcoin pros speculate over possible loss of $2 billion crypto fortune after death of one large owner
Mircea Popescu a controversial figure in the world of crypto boasted one of the single-biggest bitcoin fortunes and his amassed wealth in digital assets may... (BTC )
Jul 02
01:00 PM
Dogecoin whale? Robinhood reveals the meme crypto as one of its biggest risk factors in IPO filing
Robinhood Markets has officially filed for an initial public offering that will be one of the more hotly anticipated of the coming months, but one of the... (DOGE )
Jul 01
12:30 PM
Opinion: America is losing out to China in the development of blockchain technology
China, despite news of a crackdown, is friendlier to top projects in blockchain than the U.S. is.
Jul 01
11:06 AM
Elon Musk may be losing his sway with dogecoin investors-but Baby Doge Coin is soaring
Elon Musk could be perceived as starting the second half of 2021 where he started the first six months of the year: making passing references to crypto like...
Jul 01
10:42 AM
What it might take to convert the largest bitcoin fund into the U.S.'s first ETF
Every week we highlight the most timely exchange-traded fund news, from new launches to inflows and performance.
Jul 01
09:18 AM
Opinion: 10 rules every beginning crypto trader should obey so you don't lose your shirt
How to stay sharp, nimble and keep your head --- and your money.
Jul 01
04:24 AM
Bitcoin and Ether head for worst second-quarter on record for the world's No. 1 and 2 crypto
Bitcoin and Ether's second-quarter performances shape up to be one for the history books. (BTC )
Jun 30
10:24 AM
Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen take equity stakes in crypto company FTX
In a statement Tuesday, FTX Trading Ltd. -- which operates, and Blockfolio -- said the couple will enter a long-term partnership as company...
Jun 29
06:36 PM
Government must have power to reverse crypto transactions, says co-chair of blockchain caucus
Many in the cryptocurrency industry have long demanded that Congress provide
Jun 29
12:36 PM
These are the latest big names moving into cryptocurrency trading
Interdealer broker TP ICAP and Germany's Deutsche Brse make cryptocurrency moves
Jun 29
11:48 AM
Bitcoin, Ether, dogecoin rebound as Binance ban seen highlighting crypto maturation
Crypto markets on Tuesday are attempting to clawback from recent lows, which briefly triggered shades of the 2017-18 digital-asset winter. (BTC )
Jun 29
09:06 AM
Ark Fintech fund buys Coinbase stock, disclosure shows
The Ark Fintech Innovation ETF undefined purchased Coinbase Global undefined shares worth $20.3 million at the close on Monday, according to Ark Invest's...
Jun 29
02:06 AM
Cathie Wood's Ark Invest just applied to offer the first bitcoin ETF
You can throw Cathie Wood's ARK Invest in the ring of companies hoping to eventually offer a bitcoin-back exchange-traded fund?
Jun 28
02:24 PM
Tom Brady's bitcoin play has been a bust, despite his 'laser eyes' offensiveNow the 7-time Super Bowl Champ is taking advice
Tom Brady thought bitcoin was going to go deep, but it appears that the world's No. 1 crypto asset isn't using the same playbook as the seven-time Super Bowl...
Jun 28
12:48 PM
One of the largest owners of bitcoin, who reportedly held as much as $1 billion, is dead at 41: reports
Billionaire bitcoin owner, Mircea Popescu has reportedly died, leaving behind a cache of virtually currency and controversial crypto legacy.
Jun 28
11:30 AM
Cryptocurrencies rise despite regulators in Japan and U.K. warning on Binance exchange
Cryptocurrencies were up on Monday despite regulators cracking down on the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance.
Jun 28
05:30 AM
Buy these stocks as S&P 500 heads for 11% correction and bitcoin risks fall to $12,000, say strategists.
Stocks are set for a mixed day ahead while crypto is surging, as even the slow days of summer trading continue to keep the black clouds away from financial...
Jun 28
04:24 AM
Crypto exchange Binance ordered to cease activity in U.K.
Authorities in the U.K. and Japan took aim at affiliates of Binance Holdings Ltd., the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange network, in the latest...
Jun 27
02:18 PM
Crypto analyst warns of weekend tumble, as bitcoin bull points to 'daisy chain of borrowers and lenders'
Fundstrat Global Advisors has issued a word of caution to its bitcoin and crypto investing clients, advising them to take some risk off the table, or hedge...
Jun 26
06:54 AM
'Crypto congressman' Warren Davidson sees momentum building for pro-bitcoin legislation
Rep. Warren Davidson has a such a stellar reputation among crypto enthusiasts for his work promoting laws to nurture America's burgeoning blockchain industry...
Jun 25
12:33 PM
Dogecoin meme crypto Shiba Inu scores modest fillip from Elon Musk Twitter mention
Meme coin Shiba Inu was seeing its prices buoyed, at least briefly, after a mention by Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk. (DOGE )
Jun 25
12:15 PM
Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey plan bitcoin chat at July event and Ark Invest's Cathie Wood thinks it's 'brilliant'
Bitcoin bulls Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk agreed over Twitter to discuss the world's No. 1 crypto at a coming event next month and ARK Invest's Cathie Wood... (BTC )
Jun 25
09:27 AM

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