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EU could emerge as unlikely crypto saviour with 'net positive' law
BITCOIN and other cryptocurrencies have faced increased pressure from regulatory agencies over the last year, but recent legislation pursued by the EU could end up helping coins through what is shaping up to be their toughest time in history.
Jul 03
10:37 AM
Cryptocurrency news: Why is crypto dropping? BTC, Terra and Ripple suffer
CRYPTOCURRENCIES such as Bitcoin, Terra and Ripple are in freefall with investors losing trillions of dollars. Why is crypto dropping and what does it mean for investors? (BTC )
Jun 27
02:10 PM
Crypto crash: Worst could still be to come with fears of Bitcoin plunging to $10k
BITCOIN could drop to a low of $10,000 per coin a cryptocurrency expert has claimed but added that a long-term view would justify 'buying back in at these prices'. (BTC )
Jun 19
11:03 AM
Bitcoin price crash: Cryptocurrency in freefall as it drops FIVE percent in one hour
BITCOIN is in freefall, with the cryptocurrency having dropped by five percent in just one hour. (BTC )
Jun 18
12:33 AM
Bitcoin price: Will cryptocurrency prices rise? Three key factors
BITCOIN price has continued to fall, dropping a further five percent over the last 24 hours as it continues its post-crash death spiral. Will cryptocurrency prices rise in the future? Experts have outlined Bitcoin's dramatic new trend, and whether it will continue. (BTC )
Jun 15
05:54 AM
Bitcoin price retreats to lowest since 2020 - can it go down ever further?
BITCOIN slumped to a nearly two-year low this week following a cryptocurrency market bust-up, the second in as many months, as it retreated to $22,468.29 today. Can Bitcoin get any lower? (BTC )
Jun 14
08:24 AM
Cryptocurrency prices: Will crypto recover, will Bitcoin go back up?
CRYPTOCURRENCY prices have slumped under 'extreme market conditions' today that pushed digital assets below $1 trillion (820 billion), shoving Bitcoin to a 17-month low just as it started to rally. Can crypto recover, and will Bitcoin go back up? (BTC )
Jun 13
08:49 AM
Bitcoin poised to reclaim 'all previous gains' as coin embraces 'Bart'
BITCOIN has capitalised on an end of May rebound, with analysts convinced the coin has recaptured a vital formulation critical to its previous successes. (BTC )
Jun 08
11:52 AM
Bitcoin: 'True blue-chip cryptocurrency' Experts praise bullish market
BITCOIN and the cryptocurrency market, now recovering from the shock of Terra Luna's May value slide, have prompted 'cautious optimism' among analysts. (BTC )
Jun 05
11:25 AM
Terra Luna revival could 'surprise a lot of people' as token rebounds
TERRA LUNA has started recovering, the latest figures from cryptocurrency trading platforms show, with the coin nearly 20 percent more valuable today. LUNA's future trajectory will ultimately depend on its CEO's plans, with an incoming revival designed to help nurture recovery.
May 27
10:37 PM
Bitcoin price: BTC 'going nowhere' as cryptocurrency market stabilises
BITCOIN and its fellow established cryptocurrencies took a hit earlier this month when Terra Luna unexpectedly cratered, dragging much of the market down. Despite being likened to the 2008 crash, experts believe cryptocurrencies are here to stay. (BTC )
May 27
01:49 PM
'Worth nothing!' Top EU economist slams cryptocurrencies
CRYPTOCURRENCY investors are scrambling to recoup losses this week as the market continues to falter, with effects from LUNA's crash still pulling at many tokens. A top economist has recently weighed in on the crypto debate as traditional institutions demand regulation.
May 24
04:14 PM
What happens if your NFT gets stolen?
NFT collections have continued as a mainstay of the cryptocurrency scene in recent months, but recent trouble has seen people lose money and the tokens themselves. What happens if your NFT gets stolen?
May 24
03:53 PM
Crypto market volatility attracts 'institutional investors'
CRYPTOCURRENCY markets remain highly volatile in the post LUNA crash world, with several currencies still pointing down, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. The current state could work to its advantage, with institutions now looking to take part. (BTC , ETH )
May 23
04:37 PM
Crypto warning: Experts call for regulation
CRYPTOCURRENCY investors fell foul of market volatility last week as Terra Luna unexpectedly collapsed, extracting billions and leaving investors teetering on the edge of ruin. Experts have now intensified their calls for regulation.
May 20
09:04 PM
Crypto prices: The five cryptocurrencies that avoided major crash
CRYPTOCURRENCY prices dipped off the back of Terra Luna's unexpected flash crash last week that wiped billions from the market in an instant. Several currencies avoided the damage and have since recouped - and in some cases even exceeded - their value.
May 18
01:24 AM
Crypto warning: Terra Luna crash ignites 'crypto panic'
TERRA LUNA'S rapid fall from grace crashed through the cryptocurrency market last week, and even had a knock-on effect for the best-established tokens, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. While some have dismissed the event as an outlier, experts believe another crash could follow. (BTC , ETH )
May 17
08:27 AM
Experts 'optimistic' as Bitcoin, Ethereum and DOGE all down
TERRA LUNA unexpectedly crumbled last week, delivering a systemic shop to the cryptocurrency market from which many investors likely fear they won't financially recover. Experts have proven positive this week, stating they are 'optimistic' for the future. (BTC , ETH )
May 16
08:00 AM
Crypto crash: Experts reveal real reason for 'death spiral' market collapse
CRYPTO markets collapsed on Thursday with $200 billion in value wiped out in 24 hours, now experts have spoken to about the causes of the recent crash.
May 15
12:06 AM
Crypto news: Cryptocurrency could be facing 'Lehman moment' as markets crash
CRYPTOCURRENCY could be suffering its 'Lehman moment' after billions of dollars were lost in the death spiral of the UST stablecoin.
May 14
11:30 AM
Terra Luna crash: What will Terra Luna do next?
TERRA LUNA shook the cryptocurrency world yesterday when a shock crash saw billions wiped from the market in an instant, and investors left seeking immediate answers from its founder. What will Terra Lunda do?
May 13
04:30 PM
LUNA crash: Has the crypto bubble burst?
TERRA LUNA crashed this week, wiping billions off the market and destroying fortunes built on the once top-performing Stablecoin. The sudden collapse has rippled across other currencies, but has the cryptocurrency bubble burst?
May 13
12:06 PM
Crypto news: Bitcoin heading for record losing streak after 'stablecoin' collapses
CRYPTOCURRENCIES have been ripped apart with Bitcoin heading for a record losing streak after the collapse of the so-called 'stablecoin' Terra. (BTC )
May 13
08:06 AM
Cryptocurrency news: Horrified investors lose billions as digital currency markets dive
DIGITAL currencies have taken a pummelling on Thursday as panicked investors in various cryptocurrencies lost billions overnight.
May 12
07:12 AM
Bitcoin price latest: Major slump sees Bitcoin drop to new low
BITCOIN has taken a tumble and dropped below $30,000. (BTC )
May 11
01:06 AM
Crypto news: Boris targeting major crackdown on Bitcoin - UK unveils new legislation
BORIS JOHNSON is planning a major crackdown on Bitcoin and the highly-popular cryptocurrency industry, with the UK set to unveil news legislation. (BTC )
May 10
12:30 PM
How to invest in cryptocurrency - risks and benefits for crypto
CRYPTOCURRENCIES have become the hot investing item of the 21st century, with people riding several tokens 'to the Moon'. How could you invest in cryptocurrency?
May 03
03:21 PM
Amber Heard trial: Johnny Depp crypto craze wants to 'stop domestic violence against men'
A CRYPTO project has sprung up in the last week that is gathering hundreds of followers by the day in support of Johnny Depp as Amber Heard prepares to take the stand at the multimillion-dollar defamation trial.
May 02
12:06 PM
Fintech Amaiz launches fast track banking access for Ukrainian refugees in UK
BRITISH business banking app group Amaiz has launched a special service for Ukrainian refugees arriving in the UK aimed at making it easier for them to access their money.
May 01
03:43 AM
Crypto news: 'Big Brother' blockchain could lead to Orwellian surveillance nightmare
BLOCKCHAIN technology that underpins cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum could be perverted and used to enforce conformity by oppressive regimes.
Apr 23
03:16 PM
The two cryptocurrencies due to hit the $1 trillion market cap in 2023
CRYPTOCURRENCIES and NFTs have experienced difficulties in recent months, with a bearish market seeing even the best-established tokens struggling to keep afloat. Recent research has found that, despite this, two are on course to make the $1 trillion market cap within the year.
Apr 22
09:04 PM
EU warned against 'restrictive' crypto red tape before bloc readied for clampdown
THE EUROPEAN UNION has been criticised for its 'restrictive' crypto regime as Matt Hancock urges Brexit Britain to embrace the technology.
Apr 05
10:46 AM
Is the market ready for Bitcoin?
BITCOIN'S recent movements have not proved encouraging for investors, who recently saw the cryptocurrency's price struggle to correct following a tumultuous 2022. Is the market ready for Bitcoin? (BTC )
Mar 31
03:55 PM
EU's Bitcoin regime 'too restrictive' as Brexit Britain told to capitalise on crypto
THE EUROPEAN UNION's Bitcoin regime is 'too restrictive', according to Matt Hancock, having told he would consider investing in crypto. (BTC )
Mar 02
02:51 AM
Russia Ukraine: Putin running out of options as experts sceptical of cryptocurrency plan
CRYPTOCURRENCIES such as Bitcoin could provide a way around sanctions however experts believe this will not be enough to save the Russian economy. (BTC )
Mar 01
07:36 AM
Look out Hollywood! A new 'crypto-wave' of filmmaking will 'turn the industry on its head'
FILMS that are financed and distributed via cryptocurrency and NFTs are taking Hollywood by storm, with new productions starring Anthony Hopkins and Russell Crowe already making serious 'crypto' waves through Tinseltown.
Feb 19
09:02 AM
Brexit boost: Matt Hancock outlines UK opportunity for 'dynamic' crypto regime outside EU
BREXIT presents the opportunity for the UK to develop a 'dynamic' regulatory framework for cryptocurrency rather than being forced to accept the EU's 'restrictive' one, Matt Hancock tells
Feb 11
12:40 AM
Matt Hancock 'would consider' investing in Bitcoin: 'Lots of potential'
MATT HANCOCK tells that he 'would consider' investing in Bitcoin as the Conservative MP backs crypto to play a part in the British economy. (BTC )
Feb 10
02:22 AM
Crypto price latest: Bitcoin leads bounce back as Tesla and KPMG confirm holding
CRYPTOCURRENCIES have been rallying this week after a number of popular coins including Bitcoin and Ethereum saw months of decline. (BTC , ETH )
Feb 08
07:25 AM
Why DAOs can be a double-edged sword - their pros and cons
BLOCKCHAIN creations are becoming increasingly mainstream, with NFTs finding thousands of new backers after a bumper 2021. One lesser-known but similarly growing presence are DAOs, but like other decentralised products, they come with a set of pros and cons.
Feb 05
08:08 PM
Bitcoin up 10% as US crypto-bill promises to 'unleash innovation' - as expert claims $100K
BITCOIN has surged 10 percent today after the US congressmen introduced a radical crypto bill that promises to 'unleash innovation'. (BTC )
Feb 05
07:44 AM
Will Bitcoin go back up?
CRYPTOCURRENCY market machinations have kept Bitcoin (BTC) in a deep chasm since late 2021, with investors fearful that the token could continue to underperform in the new year. Will Bitcoin go back up? (BTC )
Jan 26
11:57 AM
Crypto predictions 2022: Regulation set to play a major role
CRYPTOCURRENCY boomed last year with regulators now increasingly looking to catch up as digital assets become more mainstream.
Jan 23
02:11 AM
Elon Musk 'humiliated' after Dogebonk take 'moon mission' challenge to SpaceX factory
ELON MUSK has been mocked for failing to make Dogecoin the first memecoin in space on the doorstep of his Space X factory in California. (DOGE )
Jan 15
12:25 PM
Crypto news: Investors given new 'volatility' warning - prices 'syncing with stock market'
DIGITAL assets such as Bitcoin are increasingly becoming interconnected with financial markets, however this may pose problems for investors. (BTC )
Jan 14
08:58 AM
Does cryptocurrency face regulation in 2022?
THE cryptocurrency market started 2022 with some early motivation for holders, with several tokens making gains in the second week of January. How much they make for the rest of the year may depend on what national regulators think of their investment.
Jan 13
04:37 PM
Which crypto will explode in 2022?
BITCOIN is attempting to regain even footing in 2022, following a turbulent path last year that saw its value rapidly decline. Will Bitcoin explode in 2022? (BTC )
Jan 12
04:52 PM
NFTs 'will be everywhere' in years to come, according to crypto expert
NFTs (non-fungible tokens) 'will be everywhere' in the future, finance expert Carol Alexander tells
Jan 11
01:03 PM
Dogecoin price: What is dogecoin's current price?
CRYPTOCURRENCY prices, including dogecoin, bitcoin, and ethereum, have all dropped today in the continuing first crash of 2022. (DOGE )
Jan 10
03:25 PM
Elon Musk blasted for Bitcoin stance: 'Doing it for the press'
ELON MUSK has been condemned for his comments on Bitcoin as finance expert Carol Alexander claims he is 'doing it for the coverage'. (BTC )
Jan 10
08:39 AM

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