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Cryptocurrencies Hammered Over the Weekend, ETH/BTC Spread Continues to Rally
A sharp sell-off over the weekend has sent a range of cryptos to multi-week lows, but that hasn't stopped the ETH/BTC rallying moving ever higher.
Dec 06
02:46 AM
Ethereum/Bitcoin (ETH/BTC) Spread Hitting a Multi-Year High
Ethereum's out-performance against Bitcoin has seen the ETH/BTC spread hit levels last seen in May 2018 and one longer-term technical indicator remains positive. (BTC , ETH )
Dec 01
03:04 AM
Avalanche Ethereum-Killer Cryptocurrency Grows to $28 billion Market Cap
Avalance and Avalabs show promise to be potential industry-leaders in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. (ETH )
Nov 25
01:34 AM
Bitcoin Outlook: BTC/USD Plunges to Trend Support- The 60K Struggle
Bitcoin plummeted more than 15% off the record highs and we're on the lookout for an exhaustion low. The levels that matter on the BTC/USD technical charts. (BTC )
Nov 16
12:35 PM
Bitcoin Pulls Back from 69k ATH, Ethereum Spoils Bullish Channel
BTC/USD and ETH/USD started the week with some solid pullbacks, but bulls have already pounced on Ethereum and Bitcoin is holding a key spot of support at the 60k level. (BTC , ETH )
Nov 16
08:50 AM
BTC/USD & ETH/USD Maintaining Healthy Technical Structures
BTC and ETH are both steady and strong, with the later demonstrating the best technical behavior within the confines of a bullish channel.
Nov 15
06:41 AM
Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) Drift off All-Time Highs, Outlook is Still Bright
After printing all-time highs at the start of the week, BTC and ETH have given back most of this week's gains but the longer-term technical outlook remains positive. (BTC , ETH )
Nov 12
11:02 PM
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Correction or Reversal as Prices Fall From ATH?
Bitcoin prices retreat from the recent high as a stronger Dollar, rising yields and COP26 drives sentiment. (BTC )
Nov 12
06:12 AM
Mid-Week Market Updates: Hot Inflation's Impact on USD, Gold, Bitcoin, & Stocks
US inflation just jumped to its highest rate since 1990. What's next for financial markets? (BTC )
Nov 10
11:24 AM
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) & Ethereum (ETH/USD) Break ATH as Inflation Fears Rise
Bitcoin prices have retreated from the recent fresh ATH as the battle between inflation and employment persists. (BTC , ETH )
Nov 09
06:43 AM
Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) - Rallying Hard as The Week Opens
Bitcoin and Ethereum open the week with hefty gains with ETH/USD making another all-time high, while BTC/USD is just a fraction away. (BTC , ETH )
Nov 08
12:48 AM
Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) Setting Up For The Next Leg Higher
The bullish channels that have been guiding Bitcoin and Ethereum higher over the past months are coming under pressure. (BTC , ETH )
Nov 05
09:00 PM
Altcoin Crypto Currency Shiba Inu Faces Off Against Dogecoin
The latest entry into the altcoin field, Shiba Inu, sees volatility after a brief overtaking of Dogecoin's market cap. What does the massive rise and fall of $SHIBUSD in the past week say about the... (DOGE )
Nov 05
03:06 PM
Ethereum Starts to Pullback as Bitcoin Builds Support at a Big Spot
The Ethereum trend remains strong but prices may be looking at a deeper pullback. In Bitcoin, a big zone of support has set up for defense but if it can't hold, a deeper retracement may follow as p... (BTC , ETH )
Nov 04
01:04 PM
Crypto Update: Bitcoin (BTC) Struggles to Push Higher as Ethereum (ETH) Takes the Spotlight
Bitcoin hovers within a triangle pattern as Ethereum outperforms on the back of surging alt-coins (BTC , ETH )
Nov 04
04:33 AM
Altcoin SQUID sees Collapse after 310,000% Jump in Value. Here's What We Learned
You don't trust people because they are trustworthy - Squid Game.
Nov 03
02:21 AM
Gold Price Forecast: XAU Rising Wedge, Will the Fed Feed Gold Bears?
Gold prices are facing all kinds of resistance these days, from Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to the Fed to higher rates: Will the bank give bears the ammo needed to push down to long-term support? (BTC )
Nov 02
01:03 PM
Ethereum (ETH) Prints Another All-Time High as Alt-Coins Gain Traction
Ethereum (ETH) continues to post fresh highs and this looks likely to continue in the weeks ahead. (ETH )
Nov 02
05:04 AM
Bitcoin (BTC) Steadies Around $61k, Ethereum (ETH) Posts a New All-Time High
The cryptocurrency market is back on the front foot and pushing higher after a mid-week clear out and both Ethereum and Bitcoin look good to move even higher. (BTC , ETH )
Oct 29
05:03 PM
Trading the Digital Yuan: The first central bank-backed digital currency
The digital yuan (aka eCNY) is already being tested in mainland China, and the upcoming release of this new blockchain-enabled central bank digital currency (CBDC) is poised to further disrupt inte...
Oct 27
03:03 PM
Bitcoin Outlook: BTC/USD Boom or Bust as Prices Retreat From ATH?
Bitcoin prices have retreated from the recent fresh ATH as the battle between regulations and an increase in institutional adoption persists (BTC )
Oct 27
10:33 AM
Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) Slump, Alt-Coins Hit Hard
The cryptocurrency market is trying to recover from an early morning sell-off that sent prices plummeting across the board (BTC , ETH )
Oct 27
02:13 AM
Crypto Update: Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) Aim for ATH as Rally Continues
Cryptos are back on the rise as investors continue to buy the dip ahead of new all-time highs (BTC , ETH )
Oct 26
02:34 AM
Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) Pare Recent Heavy Gains, Solana (SOL) Keeps on Rallying
The cryptocurrency market is ending the week on a mildly cautious note but the outlook remains positive. (BTC , ETH )
Oct 22
11:07 PM
Bitcoin Outlook: BTC/USD Bulls Take a Breather After Fresh ATH
After the release of the Bito ETF drove Bitcoin prices to new highs, BTC/USD are starting to pull back. (BTC )
Oct 21
09:06 AM
Bitcoin's All-Time High Sparks Life Into The Alt-Coin Market, Solana Pumps
The alt-coin market is registering strong gains this morning after Bitcoin's recent ATH lifts the market across the board. (BTC )
Oct 21
03:07 AM
Dow Jones Hits Intraday Record as Risk-on Mood Lifts All Boats Including Bitcoin
The Dow Jones rises for the fourth consecutive day and briefly marks an intraday high, supported by risk-on mood in response to positive corporate earnings and constructive profit guidance. (BTC )
Oct 20
02:24 PM
BTC/USD & ETH/USD Technical Outlook in the Near-term
BTC and ETH continue to be broadly bullish; we could see a retracement here soon but not viewed as anything that will flip the outlook bearish.
Oct 19
07:31 AM
Bitcoin (BTC) Futures ETF Expected to Launch Imminently, Crypto Market on Hold
The ProShares Bitcoin Futures ETF is expected to launch on the New York Stock Exchange Tuesday and others may follow shortly. (BTC )
Oct 18
06:33 AM
Markets Week Ahead: Dow Jones, US Dollar, Yen, Crude Oil, Bitcoin Nears Record High, China GDP
The Dow Jones gained as the US Dollar and Japanese Yen weakened. Crude oil continues its ascent amid a global supply crunch. All eyes turn to Chinese GDP data. Bitcoin nears a record high as future... (BTC )
Oct 17
09:01 AM
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Surges Back to Multi-Month Highs on Renewed ETF Chatter
Bitcoin broke above $60k earlier in the session to a fresh multi-month high on the renewed expectation that the SEC will approve a futures-based Bitcoin ETF very soon. (BTC )
Oct 16
01:03 AM
China GDP, Bitcoin (BTC) & S&P 500 INDEX (SPX) - FinTwit Trends to Watch
Fintwit is alive this week as Bitcoin hits $60000, U.S. earnings season begins and boosts the S&P 500 index (SPX) while global markets anticipate next week's China GDP data announcement. (BTC )
Oct 15
06:45 AM
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Breaks $60k on Growing Futures-Based ETF Expectations
Bitcoin broke through $60k earlier today on growing confidence that the SEC will sign-off on a BTC futures-based ETF in the very near future. (BTC )
Oct 15
12:27 AM
Ethereum (ETH) Primed to Break Higher as Resistance Comes Under Renewed Pressure
Ethereum probing multi-week resistance again and a confirmed breakout would suggest that the second-largest crypto will soon be back above $4k. (ETH )
Oct 14
02:35 AM
Crypto Forecast: Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) & Cardano test key levels ahead of FOMC
Digital assets (Bitcoin, Ether & Cardano) continue to face headwinds ahead of the release of US CPI data and the upcoming Fed meeting. (ADA , BTC )
Oct 12
02:06 PM
Bitcoin (BTC) Rally Continues, Alt-Coins Remain Under Pressure
Bitcoin continues to out-perform the market as a whole and climbs back above $57k with little in the way of resistance before the May high just below $60k. (BTC )
Oct 12
05:36 AM
Bitcoin Bulls Towards 60k, Ethereum Coils Below Resistance
Bitcoin as an inflation hedge? While gold prices remain subdued crypto markets in BTC and ETH have continued to show strength. (BTC , ETH )
Oct 11
12:03 PM
Markets Week Ahead: Dow Jones, Canadian Dollar, Crude Oil, BTC/USD, US CPI, FOMC Minutes
Wall Street recovered this past week as the Dow Jones outpaced the Nasdaq 100. The Canadian Dollar soared alongside crude oil prices. Bitcoin may see volatility as the White House revealed a push f... (BTC )
Oct 10
09:03 AM
Bitcoin (BTC) Grinding Back to Multi-Month Highs, Volt ETF Offers Crypto Diversification
Bitcoin is up over $8k on the week with hardly a pullback seen during the latest move. The market leader looks strong but overbought, according to one technical indicator. (BTC )
Oct 08
10:03 PM
USD/CNH Long as US-China Discord Deepens: Q4 Top Trades
Despite the rise in cryptocurrency, Gold is still considered the principal anti-fiat which poses a risk for the metal as global monetary policy faces normalization
Oct 08
11:03 AM
Crypto Equities in Focus Following Bitcoin's Recent Rise
Crypto stocks are highly correlated with bitcoin and could present unique ways to trade recent price action in the leading digital currency. (BTC )
Oct 07
11:33 AM
Bitcoin (BTC) Consolidates Hefty Gains, Shiba Inu (SHIB) Soars Ever Higher
Bitcoin is consolidating recent gains, with one technical indicator flashing a warning signal, while Shiba Inu goes ballistic. (BTC )
Oct 07
07:21 AM
Bitcoin Outlook: BTC/USD Soars into October- Breakout Levels
Bitcoin surged 40% off the September low with the crypto breakout now targeting initial resistance hurdles. The levels that matter on the BTC/USD technical charts. (BTC )
Oct 06
10:34 AM
Is Crypto De-Correlation From Traditional Assets Underway? - BTC, ETH Latest
Cryptos bounce back as SEC follows Fed in Saying they will not ban the use of digital coins
Oct 06
02:33 AM
Bitcoin (BTC) Rallies into $50k Resistance Zone, Alt-Coins Build on Bitcoin Strength
Bitcoin's rally from last Thursday's low continues and now nears an important zone of resistance that if broken will leave multi-week highs vulnerable. (BTC )
Oct 05
02:39 AM
Bitcoin Benefits, Ethereum Set to Break as Oil Spikes and Stocks Slide
A number of markets are in question to begin Q4 but both Bitcoin and Ethereum look ready to run. (BTC , ETH )
Oct 04
12:04 PM
Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) Rally Into Q4 on Positive Sentiment
The cryptocurrency market has started the final quarter of the year on a positive note and there may be more gains to come in the next 3 months. (BTC , ETH )
Oct 01
04:01 AM
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) & Ethereum (ETH/USD): Charts Point to a Move Coming
BTC and ETH are both forming wedges that look ready to send them moving again; looking like lower at this time, but need to watch direction of pattern breakout. (BTC , ETH )
Sep 30
07:48 AM
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Rallies on Positive ETF Commentary from SEC Chair Gensler
Bitcoin (BTC) has popped higher in early turnover after positive commentary from SEC chair Gary Gensler concerning potential Bitcoin ETFs (BTC )
Sep 30
01:00 AM
Bitcoin (BTC/USD), Ethereum (ETH/USD) Grind Away at Support
Both Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to hold support even after China banned cryptocurrencies again. Ethereum is holding a range while BTC tests a longer-term spot of support. (BTC , ETH )
Sep 27
12:36 PM

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