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Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD Grapples with Support Ahead of FOMC
Bitcoin (BTC) prices have stabilized as prices continue to consolidate. Can FOMC and NFP provide crypto with the momentum necessary to break the range? (BTC )
12:35 PM
Bitcoin Q3 2022 Forecast: Where's the Bottom?
If Q1 was difficult for crypto bulls, Q2 was an absolute disaster As we head into the third quarter, the macro-outlook is still likely to be challenging for crypto, but we could be nearing a cycle... (BTC )
Jul 03
12:37 AM
Bitcoin Q3 2022 Technical Forecast
Heading into last quarter I was giving BTC/USD the benefit of the doubt that it may rally, but for that to be the case it would have needed to garner a round of fresh interest quickly. (BTC )
Jul 01
10:39 PM
Bitcoin Stalks Equities After Bloodbath Week
Bitcoin Prices have followed overall market sentiment as rate hikes get digested into sentiment. (BTC )
Jul 01
11:55 AM
Bitcoin Break Down May Continue after BTC/USD Breaks 19,000
Bitcoin prices ended June with a break below key levels of support as economic recession fears heat up. BTC/USD prices look primed to continue sliding. (BTC )
Jun 30
04:01 PM
Recession Fears Loom Dragging Stocks & Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Lower
ECB, Fed and BoE remain committed to driving inflation lower but economic growth prospects continue to dwindle driving stocks and crypto lower. (BTC )
Jun 29
10:15 AM
Bitcoin Prices Tied to Sentiment as APAC Eyes Retail Sales Data
Bitcoin fell overnight alongside US stocks as traders hit the sell button. Market sentiment may rebound in APAC trading, particularly if retail sales data out of Japan and Australia impresses. (BTC )
Jun 28
04:21 PM
Bitcoin Technical Levels: BTC/USD Range Holds, Is a Breakout Near?
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) continues to consolidate despite a slight boost in sentiment. China restrictions ease but inflation pressures remain a key concern for policymakers and consumers. (BTC )
Jun 28
08:04 AM
BTC/USD Prices Fall into APAC Trade as Oil and Metals Catch a Bid
Bitcoin prices fell alongside a move lower in US stocks overnight despite encouraging manufacturing data. Asia-Pacific markets may see the risk-off tone carry over today. (BTC )
Jun 27
04:04 PM
Markets Week Ahead: Nasdaq 100, US Dollar, BTC/USD, Crude Oil, PCE Data, Growth Woes
The Nasdaq 100 soared as the US Dollar weakened alongside Treasury yields and Bitcoin stabilized amid early hope that US inflation might be peaking. Crude oil prices retreated amid rising growth wo... (BTC )
Jun 26
09:04 AM
EU Races to Regulate Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies as Market Implodes
The three bodies involved in negotiating European Union rules on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies hope to wind up work on the Markets in Crypto-Assets legislation by the end of June as pressure i... (BTC )
Jun 23
10:22 AM
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Technical Outlook is Bullish (For Now)
BTC/USD hit a major level last week as risk trends sank to what appear lows for now; cryptos set up to rally in the interim. (BTC )
Jun 22
05:36 AM
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Latest - Bitcoin Back Above $21k, Musk Gives Dogecoin a Boost
Bitcoin's move back above $21k has given the market a bit of respite after weeks of heavy selling but longer-term doubts remain valid. (BTC , DOGE )
Jun 21
04:09 AM
Bitcoin Breaks Below 20,000 as Fed Hikes Bite Risk Assets. Will BTC/USD Recover?
Bitcoin has come under further pressure as rate rises from the Fed, BoE and SNB last week are starting to add up to a risk asset rout. What will turn BTC/USD around? (BTC )
Jun 19
10:16 PM
'Crypto Winter' May Worsen if Bitcoin Falls Below $20,000
Mounting recession fears and hawkish monetary policy remain prominent drivers of price action as Bitcoin and Ethereum test key technical levels. (BTC , ETH )
Jun 17
05:16 AM
BTC/USD May Break 20,000 as Bank of Japan Decision Looms
Bitcoin prices may break below the psychologically important 20,000 level after sentiment collapsed on Wall Street. The Bank of Japan's interest rate decision is set to cross the wires today. (BTC )
Jun 16
04:04 PM
Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Alt-Coins: A Brief History of Crypto Winters
Nick Cawley explores his experiences in the 2017 crypto winter, explains the backdrop of last year's crypto boom, and tries to explore if Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Alt-Coins will have a meteoric rise ... (BTC , ETH )
Jun 14
01:06 PM
Crypto Sell-off Forces Coinbase to Cut Jobs, Fed Rate Decision Looms
Bitcoin prices stabilize above $20,000 despite Coinbase announcement. FOMC and Fed rate decision support USD strength as riskier assets remain under pressure. (BTC )
Jun 14
11:25 AM
Bitcoin Crash Landing, Tentative Turnaround for S&P 500
Bitcoin Crash Landing, Tentative Turnaround for S&P 500 (BTC )
Jun 14
03:00 AM
BTC/USD, Australian Dollar Dive as Chance for 75-BPS Fed Hike Spooks Market
Bitcoin prices collapsed overnight alongside US stocks as Federal Reserve rate hike bets started to price in a 75-bps rate hike. The intense risk-off move is likely to bleed over into today's APAC ... (BTC )
Jun 13
04:07 PM
Bitcoin & Ether Post Double Digits Losses - Crypto Market Cap Tumbles
Stocks and Cryptocurrency donate gains as fears over a recission draw on sentiment (BTC )
Jun 13
12:24 PM
Bitcoin fails to recover as elevated inflation weighs on sentiment
Bitcoin prices suffered after US CPI rose to a four-decade high. With fundamentals currently driving price action, the economic calendar remains key for digital assets. (BTC )
Jun 11
03:00 AM
Crude Oil Over Crypto
Cryptocurrency may seem less attractive these days as the invasion of Ukraine increases the volatility of crude oil
Jun 09
07:38 AM
Bitcoin Paces Higher Alongside Dollar Ahead of RBA Rate Decision
Bitcoin prices rose alongside US stocks as sentiment modestly rebounded. The Japanese Yen fell to a fresh multi-decade low against the Dollar. APAC traders have the RBA rate decision in their sights. (BTC )
Jun 06
04:07 PM
Bitcoin Drops Alongside US Stocks as Treasury Yields Weigh on Sentiment
Bitcoin prices sank more than 5% as US stocks closed lower on the first trading day of the month. That dour tone may bleed into the APAC session as traders eye Australian trade data. (BTC )
Jun 01
04:07 PM
Bitcoin Weekly Forecast: Price Continues to Hold Key Support - Is a Breakout on the Cards?
Bitcoin continues to tread water above key support as JP Morgan says there is tremendous upside for the space. Is a breakout in the making? (BTC )
May 28
12:01 AM
Bitcoin Drops Lower: Crucial Triangle is Susceptible after BTC Latest Move
Bitcoin attempts to break below the descending triangle while other risky assets like the S&P 500 actually advance higher. Longer term levels for BTC analyzed (BTC )
May 26
07:08 AM
Crude Oil Over Crypto
Cryptocurrency may seem less attractive these days as the invasion of Ukraine increases the volatility of crude oil
May 24
08:34 AM
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Technical Outlook: Big Long-term Support Anticipated to Break
BTC/USD is currently treading water on support, but the longer it does the more likely it is to break; levels and lines to watch. (BTC )
May 24
05:31 AM
Bitcoin Outlook: Stocks and Cryptos Struggle to Rebound, FOMC Looms
Bitcoin, Ether and altcoins remain range-bound as fundamental and technical factors drive price action. Risk sentiment limits gains as FOMC meeting looms. (BTC )
May 21
12:03 AM
Bitcoin, Ether Doom or Gloom : Is Terra the Death of Digital Assets?
Cryptocurrency remains indecisive after a week of turmoil and economic havoc. Bitcoin finds support above $30,000 but will Terra bounce back? (BTC )
May 13
09:01 PM
Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Alt-Coins: A Brief History of Crypto Winters
Nick Cawley explores his experiences in the 2017 crypto winter, explains the backdrop of last year's crypto boom, and tries to explore if Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Alt-Coins will have a meteoric rise ... (BTC , ETH )
May 12
10:06 AM
AUD/JPY Price Outlook: AUD Susceptible as Equity and Crypto rout Favors the Yen
Recent sell-offs in the broader crypto market and global equities sees a preference for the yen. AUD/JPY looking susceptible to the downside after breach of support
May 12
04:42 AM
Cryptocurrency Crash, Tether De-Pegging, S&P 500 Sinks, JPY Outperforms
Market sell-off sees Bitcoin cracking key support, Tether De-Pegging concerns exacerbates drop (BTC , USDT )
May 12
03:24 AM
Bitcoin Price Forecast: BTC/USD Faces 2021 Low as Risk Assets Plummet
Bitcoin prices are nearly 10% lower in early Asia-Pacific trade after US stocks sold off on a hotter-than-expected US consumer price index (CPI) print. Chinese credit data is in focus as investors ... (BTC )
May 11
04:06 PM
Bitcoin Prices Approach July Low as APAC Traders Brace for More Selling
Bitcoin prices fell overnight as traders continued to hit the sell button on risk assets. A light economic docket puts prevailing risk trends in focus for today's Asia-Pacific session. (BTC )
May 09
04:06 PM
DAX 40, FTSE 100 Breakdown, Bitcoin (BTC) Crashing Into Critical Support
Weak start for risk appetite. Bitcoin crashing into key support (BTC )
May 09
09:36 AM
Bitcoin Eyes 2022 Low After Breaking Key Fib Level Amid Risk-Off Move as NFP Nears
Bitcoin prices fell sharply moving into Friday's Asia-Pacific session amid a broader risk-off move. Risk assets look poised to continue dropping as traders eye the US jobs report due out tonight. (BTC )
May 05
04:06 PM
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Technical Outlook: Lower To Sub-30k Looks Next
BTC/USD appears headed lower in the weeks ahead, with big support under 30k as the next major long-term test. (BTC )
Apr 29
05:40 AM
Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Alt-Coins: A Brief History of Crypto Winters
Nick Cawley explores his experiences in the 2017 crypto winter, explains the backdrop of last year's crypto boom, and tries to explore if Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Alt-Coins will have a meteoric rise ... (BTC , ETH )
Apr 28
09:06 AM
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Latest - $42k Resistance Coming Under Renewed Pressure
Bitcoin continues to push against resistance around $42k and a confirmed break should see $45k come back into play quickly. (BTC )
Apr 21
06:09 AM
Bitcoin Treads Cautiously Along Key Technical Levels
Bitcoin prices have stabilized above the key psychological level of $45,000 but can technical remain as prominent drivers of price action? (BTC )
Apr 09
12:22 AM
Bitcoin Price Forecast Q2 2022: Still Not Immune from Market Risk
Q1 hasn't been easy for investors. In fact, the stock market had one of its worst starts to a year in history, rivaled by the GFC and great depression. Of course, Bitcoin as a high beta asset hasn'... (BTC )
Apr 03
12:39 AM
Bitcoin Price Q2 Technical Forecast: Quiet Trading Won't Last Long
Bitcoin sold off hard during Q4, but then during the first frame of 2022 it underwent a period of relatively directionless trading. Contracting price action over the last three months could continu... (BTC )
Apr 01
10:46 PM
Bitcoin Latest - BTCUSD Breaks Through Notable Resistance Zone
Bitcoin has finally broken through a tough zone of resistance that has been holding it back over the last few months, leaving further upside looking probable. (BTC )
Mar 28
03:56 AM
Bitcoin, Ethereum Weekly Forecast: BTC/USD, ETH/USD Key Levels
Bitcoin and Ethereum have continued to rise alongside stocks, pushing them to key technical levels. Will cryptocurrency continue to rise? (BTC , ETH )
Mar 25
09:35 PM
Bitcoin Technical Forecast: BTC/USD Rises as $40,000 Remains Key
Bitcoin prices end the week in the green after breaking above the critical $40,000 handle. Key technical levels for the week ahead as Russia Ukraine conflict persists. (BTC )
Mar 19
12:17 AM
The World's Biggest NFT Project Just Made a Cryptocurrency
Bored Ape Yacht Club, the NFT project that has permeated culture everywhere from Discord chat rooms to Jimmy Kimmel, has expanded into launching their own cryptocurrency. In the 24 hours since its ...
Mar 18
10:03 AM
Crypto Doomsday
The year 2022 will mark the demise of cryptocurrency as we know it
Mar 17
12:29 PM
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Outlook - Resistance Starting to Breakdown, Ukraine Compromise Mooted
Bitcoin is in a battle with a noted zone of resistance as market optimism starts to build that a compromise in Ukraine may be on the cards. (BTC )
Mar 16
04:17 AM

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