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Crypto lender Vauld halts withdrawals as market crash takes its toll
Vauld is the latest victim of the cryptocurrency price plunge this year that has exposed flaws in a number digital coin projects and business models.
04:52 AM
UK Army's Twitter and YouTube accounts hacked to promote crypto scams
A hacker, or hackers, compromised the social media accounts of the British Army to push people toward cryptocurrency scams.
03:17 AM
How ETF investors can bet on the crypto crash
For investors mulling a bet against bitcoin, ProShares launched BITI, the first U.S. short bitcoin-linked ETF, on June 21.
Jul 03
08:13 AM
Bitcoin Family say they lost $1 million in value this year
(BTC )
Jul 02
05:16 AM
The last remnant of Facebook's crypto project shuts down September 1
Meta plans to shutter its Novi digital wallet just eleven months after the company formerly known as Facebook debuted it.
Jul 01
03:13 PM
FTX signs a deal giving it the option to buy crypto lender BlockFi
FTX signed a deal with BlockFi that gives it the option to buy the crypto lender at a maximum price of $240 million.
Jul 01
12:55 PM
Crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried predicts more exchanges will fail
In an interview with Forbes, 30-year-old crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried said there are
Jul 01
09:13 AM
Bitcoin (BTC) posts worst quarter in more than a decade: 5 reasons why
Bitcoin lost about 58% of value in the second quarter of 2022, posting its worst quarterly performance since 2011. Here's why. (BTC )
Jul 01
01:49 AM
Cramer: Fed's inflation battle is nearly done with collapse in crypto
Jun 30
03:24 PM
EU agrees to deal on landmark MiCA cryptocurrency regulation
Known as Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA), the new law is the first attempt at creating a comprehensive framework for digital assets in the EU.
Jun 30
02:00 PM
Bitcoin just had its worst month in more than a year
Bitcoin just finished its worst month sinceMay 2021. (BTC )
Jun 30
01:06 PM
FTX closes in on a deal to buy embattled crypto lender BlockFi for $25 million in a fire sale
Crypto giant FTX is close to finalizing a term sheet to buy BlockFi, sources familiar with the situation told CNBC.
Jun 30
10:37 AM
Bitcoin (BTC) on track for its worst quarter in more than a decade
Bitcoin has lost around 58% of its value in the second quarter of 2022, its worst quarterly loss since the third quarter of 2011. (BTC )
Jun 30
07:10 AM
Bitcoin falls below $19,000 again as pressure mounts on crypto firms
Cypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital fell into liquidation, adding further pressure on bitcoin on top of concerns about inflation and interest rate hikes. (BTC )
Jun 30
03:34 AM
North Korea likely behind $100 million Horizon crypto hack: Experts
There are
Jun 30
02:34 AM
Here's what's hot - and what's not - in fintech right now
With a recession possibly on the horizon, investors are writing fewer - and smaller - checks for fintech companies. And they're getting much more selective.
Jun 29
10:22 PM
Grayscale sues SEC after rejected bid to turn bitcoin fund into ETF
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission cited a failure by Grayscale to answer questions about concerns around market manipulation.
Jun 29
08:51 PM
Crypto exchange CoinFlex claims Roger Ver is behind $47 million debt
CoinFlex is locked in a battle with major cryptocurrency investor Roger Ver over a $47 million debt marking the latest saga to unfold amid the market crash.
Jun 29
06:51 AM
There's another crypto 'washout' coming before investors should buy, Fundstrat says
A final big sell-off in bitcoin is on the immediate horizon before dip-buyers should come in, according to FundstratGlobal Advisors.
Jun 29
06:33 AM
Crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital plunges into liquidation
A slump in cryptocurrency prices, which has seen billions of dollars wiped off the market, has exposed a liquidity crisis at Three Arrows Capital.
Jun 29
05:15 AM
Bitcoin (BTC) briefly drops below $20,000 as pressure mounts on crypto
Bitcoin fell below $20,000 on Wednesday as a number of factors from macroeconomic worries to issues with crypto companies continue to weigh on the market. (BTC )
Jun 29
04:39 AM
Crypto is not replacing the U.S. dollar, Bitfury CEO Brian Brooks says
Crypto assets that have prices should be viewed more like internet stocks than currency, said Brian Brooks, the former U.S. Acting Comptroller of the Currency.
Jun 28
11:01 AM
Snoop Dogg on crypto winter and the future of NFTs
As crypto investors grapple with ongoing market volatility, rapper Snoop Dogg and his son Cordell Broadus, a.k.a. Champ Medici, are as bullish as ever.
Jun 28
09:49 AM
Watch now: ETF Edge on new ETFs for shorting bitcoin, disaster recovery
Jun 27
10:10 AM
Three Arrows Capital crypto hedge fund defaults on Voyager loan
Prominent crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital has defaulted on a loan for more than $670 million.
Jun 27
06:58 AM
Three Arrows Capital (3AC) faces deadline to repay loans or default
Three Arrows Capital, or 3AC, is facing a liquidity crisis after the collapse of terraUSD, margin calls on its loans and a massive slump in the crypto market.
Jun 27
03:19 AM
Sell Coinbase as crypto activity plummets, Goldman Sachs says
Sell Coinbase as the drawdown in cryptocurrency prices continues to put pressure on the exchange platform, Goldman Sachs says.
Jun 27
03:07 AM
No-fee trading has arrived for crypto. Here's what that may mean for revenue at these companies
Crypto companies are at a crossroads with the introduction of zero-fee trading. Analysts are uncertain about how these trading platforms may handle it.
Jun 26
05:37 AM
El Salvador bitcoin experiment not saving country's finances
The government's crypto coffers have been cut in half, bitcoin adoption nationwide isn't really taking off, and the country has big upcoming debt payments.
Jun 25
06:16 AM
Hackers steal $100 million in crypto from Harmony's Horizon bridge
Hackers have stolen $100 million in cryptocurrency from Horizon, a so-called blockchain bridge developed by crypto start-up Harmony.
Jun 24
03:56 AM
Charts suggest bitcoin could rally over the next few months but likely won't reach old highs, Jim Cramer says
Jun 22
05:33 PM
Crypto custodian Prime Trust raises $100 million to add IRAs, staking to services suite
Crypto custody and infrastructure startup Prime Trust raises more than $100 million in Series B funding to expand its suite of financial products and services.
Jun 22
10:27 AM
Sam Bankman-Fried rescues crypto lenders BlockFi, Voyager
Bankman-Fried has emerged as something of a savior for the $900 billion crypto market as it faces a deepening liquidity crunch.
Jun 22
09:39 AM
Coinbase trading volume analysis shows crypto story may be broken, Mizuho says
Trading volume on Coinbase historically has moved in tandem with the price of bitcoin, but that pattern may be breaking now, according to Mizuho.
Jun 22
09:04 AM
Coinbase shares fall after rival Binance.US drops spot bitcoin trading fees
Coinbase shares fell Wednesday after rival crypto exchange Binance.US said it's dropping certain trading fees for customers.
Jun 22
06:54 AM
Bitcoin (BTC) price may tank as low as $13,000, strategist warns
Ian Harnett, co-founder of Absolute Strategy Research, said past crypto rallies show bitcoin tends to fall roughly 80% from all-time highs. (BTC )
Jun 21
10:48 PM
South Korea puts crypto company Terraform Labs' staff on no-fly list
Terra's UST stablecoin and its sister token luna collapsed last month, sparking a sell-off in crypto markets.
Jun 21
08:36 AM
Bitcoin rebounds, leading other cryptocurrencies higher, after its big dip over the weekend
Bitcoin bounced on Tuesday after slumping to fresh lows this past weekend. (BTC )
Jun 21
07:57 AM
ProShares is launching a short bitcoin ETF this week
Eight months after establishing the first U.S. bitcoin futures ETF, ProShares plans to launch the first short bitcoin-linked ETF on Tuesday in the U.S.
Jun 20
12:38 PM
What is staked ether (stETH) and why is it causing havoc in crypto?
Staked ether is supposed to be worth the same as ether, but it's trading at a widening discount right now. Here's what's going on.
Jun 20
01:18 AM
Bitcoin (BTC) rebounds but struggles to hold above $20,000
The crypto market has been hit by a number of factors, ranging from the collapse of stablecoin terraUSD to questions of solvency at crypto lender Celsius. (BTC )
Jun 20
01:13 AM
Bitcoin price drops below $18,300 as sell-off accelerates
Bitcoin has broken below $18,248, and ether has fallen to $944, as the sell-off in the crypto market accelerates. (BTC )
Jun 18
11:34 AM
A recession will test buy now, pay later providers. What it will take to survive
Fintech stocks have fallen off their peaks and fears of a further slowdown are mounting as consumers trim spending and the likelihood of a recession rises.
Jun 18
06:21 AM
Why the $2 trillion crypto market crash won't kill the economy
Economists and bankers tell CNBC they aren't worried about the crypto sell-off hurting the broader U.S. economy.
Jun 18
05:15 AM
Bitcoin sinks below $20,000 as crypto meltdown intensifies
Crypto investors are grappling with aggressive interest rate hikes from the U.S. Federal Reserve and a worsening liquidity crunch. (BTC )
Jun 18
01:39 AM
New crypto fundraising start-up will take political donations in digital currencies as 2022 midterms heat up
The new platform, titled Engage Raise, is set to launch in July and will allow federal candidates to raise campaign cash solely through cryptocurrencies.
Jun 16
05:43 AM
Bitcoin (BTC) sees slight rebound, still trading at late 2020 levels
Bitcoin is trading at levels not seen since December 2020 after it nearly fell below $20,000. (BTC )
Jun 16
01:30 AM
Jeffrey Gundlach wouldn't be surprised if bitcoin drops to $10k
DoubleLine Capital CEO Jeffrey Gundlach said parts of the crypto world are blowing up and bitcoin could fall further to $10,000.
Jun 15
02:27 PM
MicroStrategy's Saylor says he would consider buying more bitcoin
The software entrepreneur made his remarks even as the cryptocurrency's recent plunge dealt a blow to his holdings.
Jun 15
09:10 AM
Bitcoin plunges toward $20,000 as crypto meltdown continues
Bitcoin's price plunged very close to $20,000 Wednesday as cryptocurrencies sank deeper into the red. (BTC )
Jun 15
04:30 AM

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