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Coinbase customers demand refunds over GYEN stablecoin glitch
Customers of Coinbase are demanding the cryptocurrency platform refund their losses after the company froze accounts in connection with a glitch trading GYEN.
Dec 08
08:43 AM
Visa launches crypto consulting services
Visa is launching new consulting and advisory services to help its clients navigate the world of cryptocurrencies.
Dec 07
09:15 PM
Mysten Labs raises $36 million from Andreessen Horowitz crypto fund
Andreessen Horowitz led a $36 million financing of Mysten Labs, a crypto and blockchain infrastructure tech start-up founded by former Facebook engineers.
Dec 06
09:15 AM
European stocks: Omicron Covid variant, bitcoin volatility watched
European stocks are expected to open higher on Monday as investors continue to monitor developments around the omicron Covid variant and bitcoin volatility.
Dec 05
09:50 PM
Antipodeans battle to stem omicron slide; cryptos lick weekend wounds
Riskier currencies fought for a foothold against a dollar, buoyed by uncertainty around the omicron variant and the expectation of more hot U.S. inflation data.
Dec 05
09:50 PM
Bitcoin stabilizes at $49,000 after Friday's overnight plunge
Bitcoin prices held steady on Sunday after a wild 48 hours of trading send the world's largest cryptocurrency tumbling. (BTC )
Dec 05
06:58 AM
Charlie Munger wishes cryptocurrency didn't exist, admires China's ban
Billionaire investor Charlie Munger still isn't a fan of cryptocurrency:
Dec 03
08:56 AM
Facebook retreats from crypto ad ban
Facebook on Wednesday announced its decision to reverse long-standing policy that prevented most cryptocurrency companies from running ads on its services.
Dec 01
12:17 PM
HSBC takes on fintechs with UK investing feature for younger clients
HSBC is launching a new feature in its mobile app that lets U.K. customers invest in a range of ready-made funds.
Dec 01
07:07 AM
Cryptocurrency and NFT backers are betting on a good market
Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are playing a bigger charitable role on Giving Tuesday, with backers including the Winklevoss twins and VC investor Bill Tai.
Nov 30
06:44 AM
Jack Dorsey's Twitter departure means more time for bitcoin passion
Decentralization of power on the internet is a major personal theme for Dorsey.
Nov 29
12:32 PM
Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (BTC) climbs back above $57,000 after sell-off
The price of bitcoin climbed nearly 6% in the last 24 hours to $57,373, according to Coin Metrics data. (BTC )
Nov 29
02:16 AM
Google warns crypto miners are hacking cloud accounts
Google said 86% of 50 recently compromised Google Cloud accounts were used to perform cryptocurrency mining.
Nov 26
08:41 AM
Crypto: Bitcoin (BTC) enters bear market on new Covid variant
The cryptocurrency is down 20% from an all-time high of nearly $69,000 which it hitearlier this month. (BTC )
Nov 26
04:00 AM
Kevin O'Leary: 'I have no interest in being a crypto cowboy'
Celebrity investor Kevin O'Leary said that he prefers to consult with regulators before investing in cryptocurrencies, to avoid being seen as a
Nov 25
11:31 PM
India seeks to block most cryptocurrencies in new bill, government says
India is looking to bar most private cryptocurrencies when it introduces a new bill to regulate virtual currencies in Parliament, the government said.
Nov 24
05:41 PM
Best trades on CNBC Wednesday: Cathie Wood on Bitcoin, Zoom and Tesla
Recap of the best stock picks on CNBC Wednesday (BTC )
Nov 24
03:13 PM
Lancium raises $150 million for renewable-run bitcoin mines in Texas
Texas is a hot spot for bitcoin miners thanks to its unique energy grid.
Nov 23
01:34 PM
Dogecoin is not good for the crypto market, Ripple CEO says
Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency based on a viral internet meme of a Shiba Inu dog which started as a joke in 2013, had a market capitalization as high as $88 billion in May this year. (DOGE )
Nov 23
05:36 AM
Ripple seeing 'good progress' in SEC case over XRP cryptocurrency
The SEC alleges Ripple and its executives sold $1.3 billion worth of XRP in an unregistered securities offering.
Nov 22
10:38 PM
Crypto news: Bitcoin down, El Salvador bitcoin city, ConstitutionDAO
Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies start the week in the red. Here are six important things to note about this past week in the space. (BTC )
Nov 22
01:15 PM
Watch now: ETF Edge on bitcoin ETF pitfalls, Schwab's first ESG ETF
Nov 22
10:00 AM
Crypto startup MoonPay hits $3.4 billion valuation in new funding round
Cryptocurrency start-ups have raised record funding this year.
Nov 22
06:11 AM
El Salvador plans 'Bitcoin City', raise $1 billion via 'Bitcoin Bond'
El Salvador plans to construct a (BTC )
Nov 22
12:15 AM
Citadel CEO Ken Griffin pays $43.2 million for Constitution copy, outbidding crypto group
Nov 19
12:26 PM
Bank of America's Hartnett sees credit and crypto as 'next dominoes to fall' on tighter Fed policy
Tighter Fed policy than the market expects looks to have immediate ramifications for bonds and cryptocurrencies, according to BofA's Michael Hartnett.
Nov 19
11:24 AM
New bipartisan bill to addresses crypto tax reporting requirement
The Keep Innovation in America Act would lay out a definition for crypto brokers, newly bound to the tax reporting rules.
Nov 18
07:22 AM
Nvidia crypto mining chip sales dropped 60% sequentially in Q3
Even as prices for digital currencies have soared throughout 2021, Nvidia has not cashed in on making the digital
Nov 17
05:53 PM
U.S. selling seized cryptocurrency in BitConnect fraud case
The Justice Department said the liquidation of the bitcoin and other cryptocurrency will reimburse victims from the BitConnect fraud. (BCC )
Nov 16
11:44 AM
Bitcoin ETF approval unlikely until 2022 or later: Market analyst
Exchange-traded funds backed by bitcoin itself are likely a long way off after the SEC's latest rejection, two market analysts say. (BTC )
Nov 16
06:41 AM
Mohamed El-Erian says he bought bitcoin but sold too early
Allianz's Mohamed El-Erian says he purchased an unspecified amount of bitcoin when it plunged close to $3,000 in the
Nov 15
10:28 PM
Bitcoin (BTC) drops toward $60,000 as major cryptocurrencies plunge
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies including ethereum fell sharply on Tuesday retreating from near-record highs. (BTC )
Nov 15
09:08 PM
Crypto news updates: Infrastructure bill to be signed, bitcoin Taproot upgrade
From the infrastructure bill's cryptocurrency tax provisions set to be signed into law to bitcoin's Taproot going into effect, here's what to know in the crypto world.
Nov 15
10:10 AM
Watch now: ETF Edge on the bitcoin ETF bust, hedging against inflation
Nov 15
09:48 AM
Investing Club: We are trimming this surging chip name and buying this fintech on the dip
Shortly after the opening bell, we will be selling 100 shares of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) at roughly $148.30.
Nov 15
07:28 AM
Investor Guy Spier: Gold and bitcoin are not the best inflation hedges
Nov 14
07:32 PM
Bitcoin taproot upgrade: What it means for investors
The Taproot update means greater transaction privacy and efficiency - and crucially, it will unlock the potential for smart contracts. (BTC )
Nov 13
09:30 PM
Stocks that are inflation plays are becoming correlated with cryptocurrency, Trivariate found
Cryptocurrencies are loosely correlated to stocks, but much more so to those that are inflation plays or highly speculative, Trivariate Research found.
Nov 12
12:24 PM
What investors should know about the bitcoin Taproot upgrade
Taproot, a highly anticipated upgrade to bitcoin, is expected to go into effect sometime in the coming days. Here's what investors should know.
Nov 12
12:01 PM
SEC rejects VanEck ETF that sought to track bitcoin directly
Nov 12
08:54 AM
Central bank digital currencies are moving slowly - but not in China
Rising interest in cryptocurrencies has reignited central banks' digital currency ambitions. But so far, most CBDC projects are moving at a sluggish pace.
Nov 11
10:36 PM
As Coinbase struggles, you were better off just buying bitcoin, according to one analyst
Crypto curious and bitcoin bulls invested in Coinbase might be better off just buying the cryptocurrency itself, one analyst says.
Nov 11
10:43 AM
Predictions for future of money: CBDCs, stablecoins, cryptocurrency
Economist Eswar Prasad's predictions on how CBDCs, stablecoins and cryptocurrency may overtake the use of physical cash.
Nov 11
06:13 AM
JPMorgan initiates Silvergate Capital at overweight, says crypto bank stock can jump nearly 60%
Silvergate's stock has surged over the past year as crypto has become more mainstream.
Nov 11
04:06 AM
China digital currency: JD begins accepting e-CNY on Singles Day
JD said that as of Nov. 11, more than 100,000 people had used China's digital currency on the company's app during the Singles Day promotion period.
Nov 10
09:48 PM
Coinbase CFO's outlook on the future of cryptocurrency
How the Coinbase chief financial officer Alesia Haas is thinking about the future of crypto trading, institutional investing and ETFs.
Nov 10
10:24 AM
Ken Griffin thinks the stock market is frothy and is still skeptical about crypto
Ken Griffin said the stock market has become increasingly frothy following an unstoppable rebound from the pandemic lows.
Nov 10
09:30 AM
Kid siblings earned $160k mining cryptocurrency like bitcoin, ether
Since starting in April, Ishaan Thakur, 14, and his sister Aanya, 9, have made nearly $160,000 mining cryptocurrency like ether, bitcoin and ravencoin.
Nov 10
08:36 AM
Gold, bitcoin lead gains in inflation hedges following biggest CPI jump in 3 decades
The price of inflation hedges rose as investors reacted to a red-hot inflation report.
Nov 10
08:18 AM
Decision time looms for the first spot bitcoin ETF
A key date is around the corner for a spot bitcoin ETF, but the crypto community isn't optimistic about the likelihood of a debut any time soon.
Nov 10
04:05 AM

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