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Bitcoin Consolidates, Ethereum Rallies, Altcoins Gain Traction
Bitcoin price extended its increase above USD 48,000.Ethereum rallied above the USD 3,500 resistance, XRP is consolidating near USD 1.12.AVAX and ZEN gained over 19%.Bitcoin price remained well bid ab (BTC , ETH , XRP , ZEN )
12:24 AM
Zcash (ZEC), Horizen (ZEN) and Hedget (HGET) soar as altcoins lift off
New partnerships and protocol upgrades back the strong rallies seen in Horizen, Hedget and Zcash over the past few months. (ZEC , ZEN )
01:24 PM
Horizen and StakeHound partner to launch new DeFi bridge for ZEN token CryptoNinjas
Horizen, a bl platform that enables businesses and developers to create their own public or private blockchains, today announced a partnership with (ZEN )
02:54 PM
Here's why IOST, Horizen (ZEN) and Avalanche (AVAX) surged as Bitcoin crashed
Strong fundamentals and new offerings explain why IOST, Horizon (ZEN) and Avalanche (AVAX) rallied higher as Bitcoin price pulled back. (BTC , ZEN )
12:54 PM
Horizen blockchain launches sidechain system, releases new whitepaper
Horizen, a distributed blockchain platform enabling decentralized applications (formerly known as ZenCash), today announced a milestone breakthrough in (ZEN )
11:39 AM
Cryptocurrency Exchange OKEx Delists XMR, DASH, ZEC, ZEN, SBTC
South Korean cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has halted trading of Monero, DASH, Zcash, Horizen and Super Bitcoin. (BTC , DASH , XMR , ZEC , ZEN )
11:24 AM
After Suffering a 51% Attack, Horizen Has a Solution
Horizen (formerly ZenCash) has proposed a new way to head off 51% attacks in cryptocurrencies. While it isn't a cure-all, it might be a solution some currencies may want to adopt. It could especially (BTC , ZEN )
05:38 AM
A Solution to Crypto's 51% Attack? Fine Miners Before It Happens
After losing money during a 51 percent attack earlier this year, crypto project Horizen claims to have a solution to crypto's famed vulnerability. (ZEN )
06:08 AM
Less Than 1 Percent of Subscribers Use PornHub's Cryptocurrency Payment Option
While Pornhub may have generated a lot of excitement as one of the first adult entertainment companies to accept cryptocurrencies, their subscribers do not share the same level of enthusiasm. Hard For (BTC , XVG , ZEN )
11:38 AM
What is ZEN And is it a Good Investment?
Horizen is a privacy-oriented blockchain network for borderless, decentralized communications and transactions. The platform provides a secure framework which is designed to support a range of applica (ZEN )
11:38 AM
Horizen [ZEN] launches enhanced Satoshi Consensus algorithm to prevent 51% attacks
On 7thSeptember, Horizen [ZEN] formally known as Zencash, a digital asset and technology platform announced on Twitter that they have improved the original Satoshi Consensus algorithm to prevent the (ZEN )
05:38 PM
Grayscale Makes Multi-Million Dollar Bet on Cryptocurrency ZEN
Grayscale Investments is making a $6.3 million investment in the cryptocurrency ZEN, following a massive rebranding effort. (ZEN )
01:39 PM
Grayscale Launches Investment Trust for Zen Cryptocurrency
Grayscale Investments announced Thursday morning that the new Zen Investment Trust is now open to accredited or institutional investors. (ZEN )
06:38 AM
ZenCash Unveils New Horizen Brand to Promote Fundamental Human Right of Privacy
ZenCash, the privacy-focused blockchain platform for borderless, decentralized communications and transactions, has announced a comprehensive brand expansion to reflect the significant technical, comm (BTC , ZEN )
03:38 AM
The Daily: Proxy Bitcoin, Simjacking, Zencash Becomes Horizen
In today's Bitcoin in Brief, we've got details of a new interoperability alliance to create proxy tokens such as bitcoin that can be represented on a single blockchain. There's also news of UAE's first Shariah-compliant exchange, more simjacking shenanigans, and Zencash has a makeover. We've got a lot to chew over, so let's tuck in. (BTC , ZEN )
04:10 AM
Crypto Correction Could be Imminent as Bitcoin Rally Cools
FOMO Moments Markets are cooling off as Bitcoin rally slows; Binance Coin, IOST, ZenCash and Polymath doing well. Crypto markets have continued climbing Crypto markets have continued climbing slowly as Bitcoin bulls push prices higher for another day. Total market capitalization has finally broken $300 billion for the first time since early June though a correction could be imminent and it has already begun to pull back. (BTC , ZEN )
03:09 AM
3 Altcoin Winners and a Loser for the Week (THC, XMR, ZEN and VTR)
With terms like Bull and Bear being thrown around on a daily basis, it is becoming increasingly obvious. No one truly knows when the trends will switch. There are multiple crypto coins this week that should have significant fluctuations in value: THC, XMR, ZEN, and VTR. (THC , VTR , XMR , ZEN )
05:09 PM
Pornhub's 90 Million Daily Users Can Now Pay With TRON, ZenCash
Major adult entertain website Pornhub has announced it will accept TRON and ZenCash, adding to its cryptocurrency acceptance after beginning payments with Verge in April. (ZEN )
02:10 PM
Pornhub Taps Tron, ZenCash for Crypto Payment Option
Pornhub, the largest pornography site in the Internet world, announced today that it will accept TRON(TRX) and ZenCash soon as payment methods. (ZEN )
09:10 AM
ZClassic Co-Founder Steals US Army Tank After Series Of 'Odd' Tweets
A co-founder of Zcash spin-off ZClassic faces criminal charges after stealing an armored personnel carrier from the US army base at which he served. (ZCL , ZEC , ZEN )
04:09 AM
ZenCash and Infopulse to build treasury voting system on Zen blockchain
ZenCash,the privacy coin for borderless, decentralized communications and transactions, has announced that it has partnered with Infopulse,an internationalsoftware research, anddevelopment company, to collaborate on key research and development projects on the Zen blockchain. (ZEN )
06:39 AM
Bitcoin in Brief Monday: Zencash Targeted in 51% Attack, Ticketfly Hijacked for Ransom
In today's Bitcoin in Brief - Zencash has lost $550,000 in two double-spend transactions following a 51% attack on the network. Developers have taken measures to increase the difficulty of future attacks. The event-ticketing platform Ticketfly is also trying to recover from a hijack. (BTC , ZEN )
03:54 AM
Another Cryptocurrency Experiences 51% Attack, Following Bitcoin Gold and Verge
In the early hours of Sunday morning (UTC time-zone), ZenCash, an upcoming privacy coin, came under a 51% attack. (BTC , ZEN )
09:39 PM
Japan Was the Wake-Up Call: Get Ready to Defend Privacy Coins
To advocate for regulatory leniency, we must consider the advantages, not the disadvantages, that privacy coins will provide to the greater community. (XMR , ZEN )
12:09 AM
One Step Ahead: How Super Nodes Will Transform Blockchain Data Security
In this guest post, Rob Viglione, Co-founder of ZenCash, explains the concept of super nodes and how they can be beneficial to a blockchain network. In a 1951 interview, notorious American bank robber (BTC , ZEN )
09:09 PM
ZenCash now tradable on Asian exchange Binance
ZenCash, the privacy coin for borderless, decentralized communications and transactions, has announced that it is now tradable on Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange with a significant market share across Asia. The ZenCash listing is supported with BTC, ETH, and BNB pairings. ZenCash Co-Founder Robert Viglione (BTC , ETH , ZEN )
03:24 PM
Binance Confirms Listing of The ZenCash Privacy Coin
ZenCash (ZEN) has just been added to Binance as the exchange's 127th coin. ZenCash is a privacy coin that uses a similar technology which ZCash uses to secure the private blockchain. (ZEC , ZEN )
06:09 AM
Binance Postpones Listing of ZenCash Following Pump and Dump
Binance,the world's largest digital-asset exchange by traded value, has announced the listing of ZenCash (ZEN) today, only to see the currency's network overload due to a price pump, which led the operator to postpone the listing until their blockchain is stable. ZEN is currently trading at the $40 area and Binanceis about to list the digital currency on its platform. (ZEN )
01:41 AM
ZenCash Added to Digital Currency Group's 'Conviction List,' Joins Bitcoin, Ether Classic and Zcash
On April 25, ZenCash was added to the 'conviction list' of Digital Currency Group (DCG), a venture capital firm with over 90 investments in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. ZenCash, a fork of (BTC , ZEC , ZEN )
07:09 AM
Digital Currency Group Adds Zcash Offshoot ZenCash to Crypto Investment List
The fork of a fork of zcash made it onto Digital Currency Group's (ZEC , ZEN )
04:09 PM
Grayscale Adds Zcash Offshoot Zencash to Crypto Investment List
The fork of a fork of zcash made it onto Grayscale's (ZEC , ZEN )
03:24 PM
The Road Ahead for ZenCash
ZenCash (ZEN) is a cryptocurrency that prides its capacity for private and borderless transactions. The cryptocurrency uses zk-SNARKs which fully encrypts yet validates transactions. zk-SNARK (Zero-Kn (BTC , ZEN )
11:54 PM
ZenCash partners with IOHK for development upgrades
ZenCash, the privacy coin for borderless, decentralized communications and transactions, has today announced its collaboration with IOHK, a leading blockch (ZEN )
06:39 AM
Bitcoin Gold Hard Fork Draws Mixed Reactions
The Bitcoin Gold hard fork that caused a minor, temporary dip in bitcoin's price a couple weeks ago has drawn both boos and bravos from the cryptocurrency community. (BTC , ZEN )
09:40 AM
ZenCash moves higher with new wallets, integrations, and secure nodes
ZenCash, a private, distributed platform for communications, transactions, and publishing has been blistering higher this past month, rising from $5 to as (ZEN )
02:09 AM
Bitcoin Price Boom Built on Sound Fundamentals, Observers Tell Naysayers
As bitcoin price approached the $6,000 benchmark Friday, it didn't take long for critics to warn of impending doom. (BTC , ZEN )
07:24 AM
Welto now supports ZenCash to allow bill payment in cryptocurrency
ZenCash,the privacy coin for borderless, decentralized communications and transactions, has today announced that it has established a strategic partnershi (ZEN )
04:10 PM
StormX establishes strategic partnership with ZenCash
StormX, Inc., the blockchain micro-task platform previously known as CakeCodes, has announced a partnership with ZenCash, the privacy coin for borderless d (ZEN )
10:09 AM
encash EN Getting Started to the Sky
(ZEN )
09:09 AM

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