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Privacy Coin Verge Suffers Third 51% Attack, Analysis Shows 200 Days of XVG Transactions Erased
The cryptocurrency network Verge has suffered a 51% attack that led to a massive 560,000+ block reorganization (XVG )
07:09 AM
Verge of disaster: 200 days transactions wiped from blockchain
Malicious Verge nodes attempting to cause a fork have resulted in one of crypto's largest caused six-months worth of transactions to be wiped from the XVG blockchain. (XVG )
06:24 PM
Verge, XVG price get a helping hand as Visa and MasterCard cut off Pornhub
Pornhub is forced to go full crypto for payments. (XVG )
05:09 AM
Verge Crashes Over 15% Ahead of Scheduled Hard Fork
Verge (XVG) is backtracking, erasing more than 15% of its price on Tuesday. XVG fell to $0.004, moving away from a recent spike. The Verge market price (XVG )
09:09 AM
Paypals Pornhub Snub Pumps Verge (XVG) by 33% on 168% Volume Surge
Verge (XVG) price has seen a 33% pump in the 24 hours following Paypals move to pull the plug on the adult entertainment website Pornhub (XVG )
02:54 AM
Less Than 1 Percent of Subscribers Use PornHub's Cryptocurrency Payment Option
While Pornhub may have generated a lot of excitement as one of the first adult entertainment companies to accept cryptocurrencies, their subscribers do not share the same level of enthusiasm. Hard For (BTC , XVG , ZEN )
11:38 AM
XVG/USD Correction from Strong Rally Live Bitcoin News
Verge recently spiked roughly 30% in the past 24 hours on account of its addition into an EU exchange. Price hit a roadblock at the 0.0200 mark, though, and a pullback appears to be taking place.Apply (BTC , XVG )
03:08 AM
Cryptocurrency Market Update: Bitcoin Cash Boosted on Stress Test Day
FOMO Moments Sunday seeing further gains; Bitcoin Cash, Neo and Verge all performing solidly. That green feeling has continued over the weekend in crypto That green feeling has continued over the weekend in crypto land as the recovery gains momentum. Market capitalization has climbed a little again pushing it over $235 billion, its highest level for over three weeks. (BCH , BTC , XVG )
01:38 AM
Verge's Blockchain Attacks Are Worth a Sober Second Look
Privacy-oriented cryptocurrency verge has dealt with several attacks recently, displaying how difficult it is to code blockchains without exploits. (XVG )
01:09 AM
Strike Three? Verge Suffers Third Suspected 51 Percent Attack
Verge (XVG) is the news once again as unconfirmed reports suggest that it has fallen victim to another 51 percent attack. If true, it will be the third such attacks on the crypto's blockchain since April. The previous two attacks resulted in the theft of $1 million and $1.8 million respectively. (XVG )
10:39 AM
51 Percent Attack: Hackers Steals $18 Million in Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Tokens
Murphy's Law states that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. For Bitcoin Gold (BTG), this epigram appears to be spot on as the network recently fell victim to the dreaded 51 percent attack. (BTC , XVG )
12:24 AM
Verge Loses $1.7 Million as Hackers Double Down on Vulnerabilities
Verge a cryptocurrency that boasts security, anonymityand privacy as it's strong points has been hit by another so-called51% hack. (XVG )
03:39 AM
You Can Now Buy Performance Enhancers with Verge After Partnership with Health Firm
Verge has announced that online supplement suppliers DIOXYME now accept payment in Verge (XVG) through the CoinPayments plugin. (XVG )
01:09 PM
Verge (XVG) Hacked Again, 35 Million XVG Tokens Reportedly Generated by Hacker
It appears Verge has suffered another hack, barely one month after the previous attack. According to reports filtering in on online crypto forums, the atta (XVG )
12:09 PM
Verge is Being Hacked, Again - Coinjournal
Verge has been growing in popularity in recent months. However, it has also been the subject of hacks and this recent one brings into question its development team's competence (XVG )
11:54 AM
Book Your Flight with Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC)
American-based aviation company TapJets will move to assess the potential for adding XRP and LTC to its fleet of payment options while dropping Verge (XVG) after a 3-day Twitter poll. TapJets provides quick private jet bookings and also accepts Bitcoin. (BTC , LTC , XRP , XVG )
02:09 AM
Verge Uses Porn to Angle for Spotify Partnership
Love it or hate it Verge is one of those cryptocurrencies that gets a reaction. Following its partnership with Pornhub, the Verge community is now angling to get into bed with music streaming service Spotify. (XVG )
02:09 AM
Verge Technical Analysis: (XVG/BTC) Dancing On Ice. Resting Along Key Support Level After Latest Announcement Fails To Ignite Su
Verge Technical Analysis: (XVG/BTC) Dancing On Ice. Resting Along Key Support Level After Latest Announcement Fails To Ignite Support
05:38 AM
Bitfinex Announces Trading Pairs for Verge, Stellar and Bitcoin Interest
One of the world's most popular (and controversial) cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitfinex, announced that it would be adding support for Verge (XVG), Bitcoin Interest (BCI), and Stellar Lumens (XLM). Bot (BTC , STR , XLM , XVG )
06:54 AM
Bitfinex Announce Support for Stellar (XLM) and Verge (XVG)
Bitfinex, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has added Stellar Lumens and Verge to its list of supported currencies. This follows recent news of new fiat pairs including British pounds GBP and Japanese Yen JPY. (STR , XLM , XVG )
02:39 PM
Bitfinex Adds Stellar and Verge to Platform As It Responds to Community Demands - Coinjournal
Bitfinex, one of the world's biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced that it is introducing two new tokens to its platform as it continues to expand its offerings to customers. The Hong Kong-based exchange is adding Stellar (XLM) and Verge (XVG), both tokens which are placed within the top 30 coins based on market value. According to CoinMarketCap, eight-placed Stellar is worth $8.2 billion whereas, 23rd-placed Verge has a market cap that totals $1.2 billion. The addition of these two tokens represents a significant addition to the Bitfinex platform. Adding Stellar and Verge to our platform underlines our commitment to extend (XLM , XVG )
05:39 AM
Asian Cryptocurrency Trading Roundup May 1: Leading Altcoin is Verge
For the second day now crypto markets have retracted slightly and selling pressure is still dominant. Total market capitalization remains over $400 billion for now which is still a good sign for the longer term recovery. One coin still making gains this morning and returning to the top 25 is Verge (XVG )
09:39 PM
Pornhub Prefers Verge Over Litecoin but Signals Wider Acceptance of Crypto
An adult entertainment streaming website and one of the largest pornography sites Pornhub has now declared an affiliation with Verge (XVG), formerly known as Dogecoin Dark. It will now accept the coin (BTC , DOGE , LTC , XVG )
05:24 PM
Crypto Privacy Tokens See Price Lift on Pornhub Deal
Has Pornhub's decision to accept payments in verge's XVG token boosted the prospects of other privacy-focused cryptocurrencies? (XMR , XVG )
07:54 AM
Verge (XVG) Price Down Over 30% due to Disappointing Partnership News
Though it was expected that after partnering with an adult site Verge would enhance its position, it led to an opposite effect. Verge Price went down. (XVG )
04:24 AM
Bitcoin in Brief Wednesday: Pornhub? We've Never Heard of Pornhub
Pornhub, a website we've never heard of, has joined the crypo revolution; South Korea's loss is Switzerland's gain; bitcoin blamed for every crime under the sun; Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin is accused of favoritism; and bitcoin cash (BCH) is getting a ton of love from CNBC's Brian Kelly. (BCH , BTC , ETH , XVG )
01:09 AM
Verge (XVG) 'Penetrates' Market with Pornhub Partnership
Pornhub, a pornographic video sharing website and one of the largest pornography sites on the internet, has officially announced a partnership with privacy-focused cryptocurrency Verge (XVG). (XVG )
02:09 PM
Verge (XVG) Penetrates the Adult Entertainment Industry With Pornhub Partnership
Pornography giant Pornhub and privacy-based crypto Verge have today announced a partnership. The move comes after weeks of teasing from the XVG team and the revelation has caused a selloff of Verge. (XVG )
10:24 AM
Sell the News? Verge Token Drops After Porn Partner Reveal
Verge's XVG token is fast losing altitude post-Porhub partnership announcement. (XVG )
08:39 AM
Asian Altcoin Trading Roundup: Top Cryptocurrency is Verge
The bullish momentum has run out of steam and buying pressure has been exhausted this morning in Asia. Altcoins have largely retracted a little bit but many of them are holding steady. As usual one is steaming off towards the moon and performing way ahead of its siblings and today that altcoin is Verge. (ADA , XVG )
09:24 PM
The Best Cryptos for the Week of Apr. 16, 2018 (HIRE, KMD, XRP, UTK, and XVG)
To read the previous 'Top Coins for the Week' article, click here. The past week seems to have demonstrated a shift in market sentiment and could be the start of a major rebound. Due to significant ev (BTC , KMD , XRP , XVG )
04:23 AM
XVG, EOS, ONT: These 3 Cryptos Are Leading the Market Recovery
Lesser-known cryptocurrencies such as XVG, EOS, and ONT continue to outperform the majors. (EOS , XVG )
06:54 AM
Asian Cryptocurrency Trading Roundup: Top is Altcoin Verge
In what is becoming a regular pattern this year the short crypto rally did not last long. As a result altcoins are largely in the red again this morning with only one showing promise at the moment, and that coin is Verge. (XVG )
09:54 PM
Asian Altcoin Trading Roundup: Top Cryptocurrency is Verge
Markets have remained largely green during this morning's Asian trading session. Recovery from the lowest dip of the year has continued this week though it remains sluggish. Altcoins have been a mixed bag with the majority in the green, one or two however have shown fomo-like gains this morning and the top coin of the day is Verge yet again. (XVG )
10:09 PM
Verge Hits Crowdfund Target, Price Spike Follows
Like most altcoins, Verge has had a pretty dire year. The cryptocurrency shot to fame in mid-December by promising revolutionary new privacy tech and jumping over 3000 percent in just ten days. Things could be about to change for Verge though as its latest fund raising plan has been a success (XVG )
10:39 PM
Asian Cryptocurrency Trading Roundup: Top Altcoin is Verge
Markets have taken a major dive overnight and things are looking bleak during this morning's Asian trading session. Altcoins as usual have followed it and have taken a bigger battering. Only one is performing well this morning and it is the same one we mentioned a few days ago, Verge. (XVG )
09:09 PM
Verge Mystery Partnership Saga Deepens, 19 Million XVG Donated
In an effort to bolster interest in the flagging altcoin the Verge community launched a crowd fund contest in order to secure a mystery partnership. In a Tweet last week it was claimed to be the largest partnership in crypto to date! (XVG )
01:09 AM
Verge Cryptocurrency Opens Crowdfunding: A Possible Scam?
Verge, a digital currency with an ambition to compete with other privacy coins, took to Twitter on Thursday, March 22 to ask its users to raise an amount of $3 million in XVG so that the project can r (BTC , XVG )
02:54 PM
Asian Altcoin Trading Roundup: Top Cryptocurrency is Verge
After a few days of solid gains and good momentum the markets are sliding back downwards once again. Altcoins as usual have all taken a similar beating and all in the top 25 are in the red. We have to look outside the 25 largest coins to find one that has made gains and today that coin is Verge. (XVG )
08:54 PM
Privacy Coin Verge Has Its Twitter Hacked and Developer Doxed
Verge, a cryptocurrency that advocates advanced privacy as a choice, had its Twitter account hacked on Tuesday and its developer's private details shared. The attacker then bragged about the feat to (BTC , XVG )
06:09 PM
Top Privacy Cryptocurrenciess of 2018 (XMR, ZCL, DASH, BTCP, ZCASH, XVG, PIVX)
Countries are taking an approach to either regulate or ban cryptocurrencies entirely. This has left many individuals who transact in the cryptocurrency space with the option to stop transacting or sta (BTC , DASH , PIVX , XMR , XVG , ZCL , ZEC )
09:39 AM
Verge hard forks for stealth transactions
Anonymity and stealth transactions are in high demand as banks and governments strive to clampdown and gather identities of traders. One altcoin that has taken another step towards this is Verge which hard forked this week. (XVG )
05:54 AM
Faith in Wraith Misplaced for Verge
The Verge altcoin has tumbled in value due to issues with the Wraith protocol and accusations of John McAfee wanting money to endorse it. (XVG )
07:39 AM
'Privacy Coin' Verge is Allegedly Leaking Users' IP Addresses
Privacy coins are meant to be private: that's their raison d'tre. Without this functionality, they're just altcoins, and dangerous ones at that for anyone relying on them for anonymity. Verge (XVG) i (BTC , XVG )
03:09 PM
DAX on Verge of Falling into Air Pocket
The DAX turned lower from resistance as anticipated, and is very close to falling into the gap created after the first round of the French (XVG )
02:00 AM
Is the Anonymity-Centric Cryptocurrency Verge (XVG) a Good Investment?
Is the Anonymity-Centric Cryptocurrency Verge (XVG) a Good Investment? (XVG )
05:40 AM

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