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USD stablecoin premiums surge in Argentina following economy minister's resignation
Argentine citizens have flocked to U.S. dollar-pegged stablecoins including Tether (USDT) over the weekend amid a shaky economic outlook for the country. (USDT )
Jul 03
10:54 PM
Tether Fails to Calm Jittery Nerves With Short Sellers Circling
Repeated assurances by the backers of Tether, the biggest stablecoin, that the token is backed by ample reserves and working smoothly haven't been enough to reassure markets. (USDT )
Jul 03
08:07 AM
Argentines Seek Hedging in Crypto After Economy Minister Resigns
The cost of buying Tether with Argentine pesos surged Saturday after Economy Minister Martin Guzman resigned. (USDT )
Jul 02
05:31 PM
GRN (G) Gets Listed on
The global cryptocurrency exchange,, is thrilled to announce its token offering expansion and list GRN (G) token with USDT on July 1, 2022, at 10:00 (UTC). (USDT )
Jul 02
12:24 PM
Top stablecoin Tether slashes commercial paper holdings amid crypto gloom
Tether, the world's largest stablecoin, said on Friday it had cut its commercial paper holdings by around 58% as part of an earlier commitment to reduce its exposure to riskier assets. (USDT )
Jul 01
09:42 AM
Tether continues to reduce commercial paper in sharp reduction since March
Stablecoin issuer Tether has reached its target for reducing the commercial paper in its reserves, and a large part of its remaining holdings will expire at the end of the month. (USDT )
Jul 01
09:39 AM
Tether Reduces Commercial Paper Holdings Almost 60% as It Tackles Quality Concerns
Tether's (USDT) market cap has fallen to $66.1 billion from $82.2 billion in two months. (USDT )
Jul 01
07:39 AM Lists Land of Fantasy (LOF) with USDT Trading Pair
The global digital asset trading platform,, is thrilled to announce that it will list Land of Fantasy (LOF) Token with USDT trading pair in its Main Zone (Metaverse) on July 1, 2022, at 7: 00 (UTC). (USDT )
Jul 01
12:09 AM Lists Land of Fantasy (LOF) With USDT Trading Pair
1st July, 2022, Dubai, UAE: The global digital asset trading platform,, is thrilled to announce that it will list Land of Fantasy (LOF) Token with USDT (USDT )
Jul 01
12:09 AM
LYOTRADE Launches Crypto Loans-Get USDT and Win Against Volatility
We have seen the launch of a new service: Loans made with cryptocurrencies. Who is offering this? The LYOTRADE crypto exchange! (USDT )
Jun 30
11:24 PM
AscendEX Lists Walken (WLKN), a Leading 'Walk-to-Earn' Game
AscendEX is excited to announce the listing of Walken's token under the trading pair: $WLKN/USDT. (USDT )
Jun 30
07:09 PM
MoonXBT adds USDT spot trade in DAI, ADA, AVAX, LTC, FTT, LINK, FTM
MoonXBT, a crypto derivatives & social trading platform, has now announced it has successfully launched new USDT spot trading pairs in the following (ADA , LTC , USDT )
Jun 30
02:39 PM
First Mover Asia: How Traders Are Shorting Tether Stablecoins; Bitcoin Falls but Holds Above $20K
Hedge funds are increasingly betting against USDT in anticipation of it losing value amid concerns about the coin's reserve backing and systemic risks; ether drops. (BTC , USDT )
Jun 29
04:09 PM
Response From Tether CTO On Reports Of Shorting USDT By Hedge Funds
Newly surfaced reports revealed that some hedge funds are now shorting Tether USDT. A Monday report from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) stated several opened (USDT )
Jun 29
09:09 AM
Crypto Derivatives Exchange Bybit to Settle Options Contracts in USDC
The company will be using the second-largest stablecoin by market cap for its relative stability. (USDT )
Jun 29
08:54 AM
Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino Addresses Hedge Funds Trying to Harm USDT
Tether Chief Technology Officer, Paolo Ardoino has addressed Hedge Funds that have been trying to harm the USDT stablecoin (USDT )
Jun 28
03:24 AM
Tether CTO refutes stablecoin FUD as short-sellers circle
Tether's CTO has called out hedge funds for helping spread FUD about Tether in an attempt to profit from a fall in the stablecoin's price. (USDT )
Jun 27
10:54 PM
Tether Faces Possible Plunge as More Hedge Funds Short Stablecoin
As concerns mount over the recent broader state of the crypto market, more hedge funds are also losing faith in Tether and directly shorting it. (USDT )
Jun 27
09:40 AM
Fondos de inversin y traders cripto recortan Tether tras la implosin de UST, segn informe
Las posiciones tienen un valor de al menos cientos de millones de dlares, dijo un trader. (USDT )
Jun 27
08:09 AM
Crypto Hedge Funds, Traders Short Tether After UST's Implosion: Report
The positions are worth at least hundreds of millions of dollars in notional value, one trader said. (USDT )
Jun 27
04:54 AM
China's BSN chair calls Bitcoin Ponzi, stablecoins 'fine if regulated'
China's Blockchain Service Network chair described private cryptocurrencies as the biggest Ponzi scheme in human history. He still believes that stablecoins like USDT are fine if properly regulated. (BTC , USDT )
Jun 27
03:24 AM
More Hedge Funds Are Betting Against Tether as Crypto Melts Down
Professional investors got interested in shorting tether after the collapse of another stablecoin, TerraUSD (USDT )
Jun 27
02:37 AM Lists Tales of Xtalnia (XTAL) with USDT Trading Pair
The XTAL token has been listed on and users could be accessed to the XTAL/USDT trading pair on the Main Zone (Metaverse) from 07:00 on June 24, 2022 (UTC). (USDT )
Jun 27
12:24 AM
BlockFi Raises Deposit Rates, Eliminates Free Withdrawals
The rate increases across BTC, ETH, USDT and other crypto deposits come after layoffs at the company and a $250 million emergency line of credit from FTX. (BTC , ETH , USDT )
Jun 24
11:40 AM
CBDC may threat stablecoins, not Bitcoin: ARK36 exec
ARK36 executive director talks about how a state-backed digital currency could coexist with stablecoins like USDT and decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. (BTC , USDT )
Jun 24
06:12 AM
Tether To Roll Out Token Pegged To The British Pound Next Month
Tether Operations, the issuer of the world's biggestdollar-pegged stablecoin, will launch a new token backed by the British Pound Sterling this coming July, (USDT )
Jun 23
06:56 AM
Tether launching British Pound Sterling (GBP)-pegged token in early July
Tether, the blockchain-enabled stablecoin platform, today has announced that it will be launching Tether tokens (GBP) pegged to the British Pound (USDT )
Jun 22
08:24 PM
Tether Launches Stablecoin Pegged to the British Pound Sterling
Tether has announced the launch of another fiat-pegged stablecoin called GBPT on Wednesday tied to the value of the British pound sterling. (USDT )
Jun 22
10:39 AM
Tether to Issue Pound-Pegged Stablecoin GBPT In July
Tether appears set to roll out a new stablecoin, this time pegged to the British pound. The new stablecoin will be Tether's fifth. (USDT )
Jun 22
06:09 AM
Tether Plans to Launch a Stablecoin Tied to the British Pound
Tether is releasing a crypto token tied to the value of the British pound as part of a push into new stablecoins. (USDT )
Jun 22
02:30 AM
Tether to Issue Sterling-Pegged Stablecoin, GBPT
The new token will be pegged 1:1 to the British pound and will launch in July. (USDT )
Jun 22
01:39 AM
Tether to launch GBPT stablecoin pegged to British pound sterling
GBPT, Tether's new stablecoin pegged to the British pound sterling, joins a family of four fiat stablecoins, including USDT, EURT, CNHT and MXNT. (USDT )
Jun 22
01:24 AM
USDC's 'real volume' flips Tether on Ethereum as total supply hits 55.9B
Circle's USD Coin has surpassed Tether's USDT in 24 hour 'real volume' on the Ethereum network according to Messari data, which could be an indication that USDC is ready to take the throne as top stablecoin. (ETH , USDT )
Jun 21
09:54 PM
First Mover Asia: Bitcoin Holds Steady Over 20K; USDC's 'Flippening' of USDT and the Continued Stablecoin Bear Market
Ether and most major altcoins spent much of the day in the green; a crisis in confidence has put pressure on the USDT peg. (BTC , USDT )
Jun 21
04:39 PM
Battle Of The Stablecoins: USDC Transactions On Ethereum Surpass USDT
With the crypto market crash has come a renewed interest in the cover that stablecoins provide investors. As a result of this, crypto investors had flocked to (ETH , USDT )
Jun 21
10:09 AM
Tether Burning $11.1 Billion USDT Stablecoins
Tetherhas announced the burning of as much as $11.1 billion of its USDT stablecoins as a result of the past-period redemptions. (USDT )
Jun 21
06:24 AM
Despite Crypto Market Slowdown, Bitfinex and Tether Looking to Hire Staff
Bitfinex and Tether said that as they continue to grow and make profits along the way, they could continue more hiring more talent. (USDT )
Jun 21
02:09 AM
Crypto Biz: Crypto carnage pushes Celsius, Three Arrows Capital closer to insolvency, June 9-16
Three Arrows Capital, Celsius, Coinbase and Tether headline this week's Crypto Biz newsletter. (USDT )
Jun 17
01:39 PM
The Number of Tethers in Circulation Dropped by Over 12 Billion in 2 Months, USDC Grew by 9%
Since April 11, 2022, more than 12 billion tethers have been removed from circulation, while USDC increased by close to 9%. (USDT )
Jun 17
09:39 AM
Tether's USDT market cap dips below $70B for an 8-month low
Tether USDT, the biggest stablecoin and the third largest digital currency by market capitalization, continues losing its market value amid the current market downturn. (USDT )
Jun 17
06:24 AM
As USDC Stablecoin Gains Momentum, a Euro Version Is On Its Way
Circle Internet Financial Ltd. is launching a euro-based version of its popular USDC stablecoin, which has been gaining traction after its closet rival Tether has come under increased scrutiny. (USDT )
Jun 16
08:57 AM
DeFi Protocol Inverse Finance Exploited for $1.2M
Attackers used a flash loan attack to drain Inverse Finance of bitcoin and tether. (BTC , USDT )
Jun 16
05:24 AM
Stablecoin Supply Falls Sharply for 1st Time Ever
Report has disclosed that the supply of stablecoin like USDT has seen a drastic fall in the Q2 of 2022 for the first time in its history. (USDT )
Jun 16
05:24 AM
XT.COM Adds Trading Support For Wohlstand Token (WT)
XT.COM, the world's first social-infused digital asset trading platform is excited to announce that it has listed Wohlstand token (WT) with USDT trading pair (USDT )
Jun 16
01:09 AM
Tether Sees New Wave of Redemptions as Fear of Market Contagion Spreads
Investors pulled out some $1.6 billion this week from USDT, the largest stablecoin by market capitalization, amid growing nervousness as cryptocurrency prices keep sliding. (USDT )
Jun 15
11:39 AM
AAX Exchange To Share 1M USDT Rewards Through Fun Crypto Summer Events
15 June 2022 - Cryptocurrency exchange AAX is kicking off Crypto Summer with fun-filled crypto trading events that aim to disperse the doom and gloom of the (USDT )
Jun 15
05:24 AM
Tether aims to decrease commercial paper backing of USDT to zero
Stablecoin giant Tether has denied claims of Asian commercial paper backing and exposure to Three Arrows Capital. (USDT )
Jun 15
02:54 AM
Tether Denies Claims of Asian Commercial Paper Backing, Exposure to Three Arrows Capital
Tether described certain rumours spreading to this effect as (USDT )
Jun 15
01:39 AM
Tether: Celsius crisis has no impact on USDT reserves
The ongoing crisis of Celsius's native token has nothing to do with the stablecoin provider Tether and will not impact its USDT reserves, according to the company. (USDT )
Jun 13
04:54 AM
The total crypto market cap drops under $1.2T, but data show traders are less inclined to sell
An improving Tether discount in Asian markets and positive futures premiums for BTC and ETH suggest a slight recovery is in the making. (BTC , ETH , USDT )
Jun 11
12:54 PM

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