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Unify News

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Dogemania Kicks Off on December 22 to Unify All DOGE-themed Communities
Dogemania is kicking off on December 22nd, 2021, creating a new ecosystem within the broader finance world, including DOGECON, a DAO, and much more. (DAO , DOGE , UNIFY )
01:27 AM
Argentine Leader Vows to Unify Coalition After Offers to Quit
10:06 AM
Democrats Unify Behind Climate Corps, Vague on Details
A new Civilian Climate Corps has become a central progressive demand for the Democrats' budget reconciliation package, and party leaders seem poised to go along. (UNIFY )
02:42 AM
Democrats Strain to Unify on Proposal to Reduce Drug Prices
Congressional Democrats are ramping up efforts to reach a deal on legislation to lower the cost of prescription drugs, but face headwinds from internal disputes and pushback from the pharmaceutical industry. (UNIFY )
05:27 AM
Unisys To Acquire Unify Square For $152.5 Mln On A Cash-free, Debt-free Basis - Quick Facts
IT solutions company Unisys Corp. (UIS) announced Thursday that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Unify Square, the leading experience management provider for secure collaboration and communications platforms, for $152. (UNIFY )
05:15 AM
Nigeria Devalues Currency as Central Bank Moves to Unify Exchange Rates
The Central Bank of Nigeria allowed the local naira currency to briefly drop to a new low of USD$1 for 419.75 nairas on May 14, 2021. (UNIFY )
06:38 AM
EU Fails to Unify on Astra; Variant Common in U.S.: Virus Update
The European Union failed to unify in responding to links between AstraZeneca Plc's Covid-19 vaccine and a rare type of blood clots. EU Health ministers say they'll continue talks on the issue. (UNIFY )
04:15 PM
Tech CEOs Unify Democrats and Republicans Behind Call to Regulate Their Companies
03:24 PM
Sudan Central Bank Moves to Unify FX Rate to Aid Economy
12:00 AM
Impeachment Over, Biden Agenda Faces Congressional GOP Seeking to Unify in Opposition
Democrats are turning to cabinet nominees and pandemic relief, but some Republicans already are signaling their opposition to the president's plans. (UNIFY )
01:36 PM
Joe Biden Vows to Unify America. That Job Has Become Dramatically Harder.
The president-elect will start his term faced with the historic challenges of Covid-19 and a struggling economy, at the same time as a Trump impeachment trial and bitter partisanship and anger across the country. (UNIFY )
07:30 AM
Premier Lacrosse League Merging With Rival in Bid to Unify Sport - Article - BNN
The upstart Premier Lacrosse League is taking over two-decade-old Major League Lacrosse in a deal that underscores the tough economics for two organizations vying in a still-fledgling sport. (UNIFY )
09:27 AM
Unilever's Bid to Unify Dutch and British Corporate Structures Gets Shareholders Approval
09:20 AM
Unilever U.K. Shareholders Said to Vote to Unify Headquarters
Shareholders in the U.K. arm of Unilever have voted in favor of unifying the company's headquarters in the U.K., according to a person with knowledge of the situation. (UNIFY )
05:33 AM
Argentina's Central Bank Moves to Unify Interest Rates
Argentina's central bank is taking steps to tighten its monetary policy and encourage banks to buy local peso assets. (UNIFY )
07:42 PM
Blockchain Bites: The SEC's Chilling Effect on Crypto Development
A slew of regulatory happenings are in the works: a Bahamian CBDC, a potential ban on crypto trading in India and a plan to unify compliance standards in the U.S. (UNIFY )
09:08 AM
China-Backed Crypto Guru Wants to Unify the World's Blockchains
The blockchain world today is thousands of disparate platforms that can't talk to each other. So a little-known startup hatched one of the most ambitious plans yet to bridge all the divides -- and it's got the backing of the Chinese government. (UNIFY )
03:09 PM
Washington, Silicon Valley Struggle to Unify on Protecting Elections
A recent meeting between U.S. national-security officials and Silicon Valley executives shows how the two sides arent unified on how best to combat foreign election interference. (UNIFY )
09:37 AM
Tribe Accelerator launches platform to unify Singapores blockchain ecosystem CryptoNinjas
Tribe Accelerator, Singapores homegrown blockchain accelerator, today unveiled its latest initiative,OpenNodes. The web-based engagement platform is (UNIFY )
05:39 AM
The EU Spent a Bundle to Unify the Continent. It's Not Working.
European leaders dedicated nearly one trillion dollars-equivalent to eight times the Marshall Plan-to fixing up impoverished regions. Yet some of the biggest recipients are hotbeds of the very discontent that's driving the bloc apart. (UNIFY )
09:03 AM
Iran Tries to Unify Currency to Halt Rial's Record Slump
Iran will try to unify its currency starting Tuesday and control sales of the dollar in a bid to stem a record decline in the rial's value on the unregulated market. (UNIFY )
03:19 PM
New York State Democrats Reach Deal to Unify
New York state's fractured Democratic senators are expected to announce Wednesday an agreement to unify, according to three people familiar with the matter, an arrangement that could reshape power dynamics in Albany and potentially expand Democrats' power in state government. (UNIFY )
02:24 PM
Hungarian Opposition May Struggle to Unify Voters, Poll Shows
The majority of Hungarian opposition voters wouldn't vote outside their own political camp, even if that was needed to defeat Prime Minister Viktor Orban's party in the April 8 election, a survey by the Index news website and polling company Zavecz Research showed Tuesday. (UNIFY )
02:07 AM
Senior Lenders to iHeartMedia Plan Bid to Unify Creditors
Senior lenders to iHeartMedia Inc. are preparing to pitch a new term sheet to junior bondholders in an attempt to unite all the creditor groups behind a common proposal as time runs out for the radio giant's debt restructuring, according to people with knowledge of the conversations. (UNIFY )
02:13 PM
Cypriots Vote for New President Who Could Unify Island
Nicosia, Cyprus (AP) -- Cypriots were voting Sunday for a new president who they hope will overcome years of failure and finally resolve the ethnic divisions that have torn the Mediterranean island nation into a Greek-speaking south and a breakaway, Turkish-speaking north. (UNIFY )
05:24 AM
Hezbollah Urges 'Resistance' Groups to Unify Jerusalem Strategy
Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah called on all resistance groups in the region to come up with a unified strategy to confront the U.S. administration's recent decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. (UNIFY )
08:40 AM
HA A Network Aims to Harness Blockchain to Unify Global Payments to Benefit Consumers, Merchants, and the Entire Payments Indust
06:10 AM

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