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Syscoin's Smart Contract Chain Is Live!
The best of Bitcoin & Ethereum is now together in one place. (BTC , ETH , SYS )
08:12 AM
Altcoins rally higher while Bitcoin bulls target $50,000
SYS, SWAP and PRQ lead altcoins higher while Bitcoin bulls place their focus on the $50,000 mark. (BTC , SYS )
11:09 AM
Blockchain risk platform provider BIG to develop compliance solution for Syscoin CryptoNinjas
BIGG Digital Assets, owner of Blockchain Intelligence Group (BIG), a developer of blockchain technology search, risk-scoring, and data analytics solutions, today announced a partnership with Blockchain Foundry (BCF) to provide a regulatory compliance solution for stablecoin creators. BCF's senior technical team developed the Syscoin protocol and BCF has built substantial proprietary technology which leverages the [] (SYS )
08:24 PM
BakerySwap, Syscoin and Utrust rally as altcoin season kicks into high gear
BAKE, SYS and UTC have secured triple-digit gains as large and small-cap altcoins capitalize on Bitcoin's range-bound price action. (BTC , SYS )
12:09 PM
Klever to become primary mobile wallet for Syscoin ecosystem CryptoNinjas
Klever, a multi-coin mobile cryptocurrency wallet, today announced a new partnership with Syscoin, Offering fast, low-cost tokens, assets, and NFTs, (SYS )
02:54 PM
Syscoin blockchain set to launch support for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) CryptoNinjas
Syscoin, a full-featured blockchain platform, has announced that Syscoin 4.2 will support the creation of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This will bring a (SYS )
10:24 AM
TrustToken and Syscoin Partner on a Stablecoin Bridge
Decentralized marketplace and e-commerce protocol Syscoin has partnered with the stablecoin platform TrustToken. The goal of the collaboration is to speed up payments and to provide further solutions (BTC , SYS )
05:24 AM
TrustToken Bridges TUSD and Other Stablecoins to Syscoin
TrustToken is proud to support TUSD on the Syscoin chain. (SYS )
04:09 AM
CorionX and Syscoin Join Hands to Drive Stablecoin Adoption, CorionX IEO Enters Third Round
PRESS RELEASE. The Corion and Syscoin non-profit foundations have announced a partnership to address blockchain market interoperability issues and accelerate stablecoin adoption. The CorionX IEO third round started on the 5th October, 2020 (SYS )
02:38 AM
Syscoin and CorionX Partner to Push Global Stablecoin and DeFi Adoption
CorionX, a platform designed to incentivize and promote the global adoption of stablecoins and decentralized finance platforms, has announced it will be partnering with Syscoin to help tackle two of t (BTC , SYS )
03:09 PM
CorionX Looks to Solve Stablecoin Roadblocks with New Partnership
The Corion Foundation, a Swiss company focused on encouraging the world-wide adoption of stablecoins has partnered with the Syscoin Foundation (SYS )
12:24 PM
CorionX and Syscoin Join Hands to Drive Stablecoin Adoption
The Corion and Syscoin non-profit foundations have announced a partnership to accelerate stablecoin adoption. Read on to know more. (SYS )
10:38 AM
CorionX Teams Up with Syscoin to Push Stablecoin Adoption
The Corion Foundation teamed up with the Syscoin Foundation to help address market interoperability issues and drive stablecoin adoption. (SYS )
06:24 AM
Binance To Use Syscoin Bridge For Its BUSD Stablecoin
The Syscoin Foundation today announces the Syscoin's Ethereum Bridge will be explored and used by Binance's BUSD as part of a partnership between Binance and Blockchain Foundry. (ETH , SYS )
04:38 PM
Binance Will Use Syscoin (SYS) Bridge for BUSD Stablecoin
The Syscoin Foundation announced that the Syscoin Ethereum Bridge would be used and explored by the stablecoin of the world's largest exchange, Binance (BUSD). Per the agreement, BUSD will be availabl (BTC , ETH , SYS )
05:08 AM
Binance to Transfer BUSD Across Blockchains on Syscoin-Ethereum Bridge
The bridge integration will make the stablecoin available on the Syscoin blockchain for the first time (ETH , SYS )
03:53 AM
Blockchain Foundry deploys Syscoin 4.0; releases Syscoin Spark Wallet
Blockchain Foundry (BCF), the blockchain technology company and lead developer for Syscoin, today announced that it has successfully deployed Syscoin 4.0 (SYS )
06:53 AM
Syscoin developer Blockchain Foundry files patent for its zero confirmation technology
Blockchain Foundry (BCF), an enterprise blockchain consulting and development firm, announced today it has filed a patent application with the United (SYS )
09:38 AM
Syscoin blockchain platform targets June for 4.0 release date
Syscoin, a multi-purpose blockchain for business platform, has announced today a release date of June 4th, 2019, for the launch of Syscoin 4.0. Targeting (SYS )
09:53 AM
Syscoin and Binance Confusion Causes Wild Speculation
A combination of irregular trades from API users on Binance and a set of Syscoin chained unconfirmed transactions led to media speculation that Binance Irregular trades from API users on Binance and a set of Syscoin chained unconfirmed transactions led to media speculation that Binance was hacked. (SYS )
12:09 PM
'Unusual But Not a Hack'
Syscoin was reportedly jeopardized yesterday as abnormal activity took place at block 87670 with price spiking to a whopping 96 BTC per coin. (BTC , SYS )
01:09 AM
Syscoin Hack Disrupts Binance Prompting Temporary Shutdown
Syscoin has been hit by an unusual hack that has manipulated the coin's total supply. The attackers then sent the fraudulently generated coins to Binance and sold them, pushing the price of 1 SYS to as high as 96 BTC. The BTC they received was then withdrawn. (BTC , SYS )
04:54 AM
Binance Halts Trading Operations Amidst Suspicious Transactions Being Reported
The trading services were likely stopped due to some potential issue with the function of the Syscoin blockchain network as Binance caters to 87% of trading volumes for the SYS coin. (SYS )
03:54 AM
A Single Syscoin Cost 96 Bitcoins on Binance
Syscoin's blockchain was reportedly jeopardized yesterday as abnormal activity took place at block 87670. The issue has since been resolved. (BTC , SYS )
03:09 AM
Crypto Rally Runs Out of Steam But Steem is Green
FOMO Moments Crypto land is in the red again, Cardano, Nem and Bytecoin getting hit. Steem and Syscoin on the up The rally did not last long and a The rally did not last long and a pullback has occurred dropping crypto markets once again. Total market cap has dropped back below $270 billion and is in danger of falling further as confidence wanes once again and the bears grow in strength. (ADA , BCN , STEEM , SYS )
10:09 PM
Single Syscoin Sells for 96 Bitcoin Forcing Binance to Suspend Trading
Binance has suspended all transactions earlier this morning after a single Syscoin was purchased for 96 Bitcoin on the exchange. Syscoin Blockchain Binance has suspended all transactions earlier this morning after a single Syscoin was purchased for 96 Bitcoin on the exchange. (BTC , SYS )
09:24 PM
Syscoin Hacked, Malware Inserted into GitHub Account
Syscoin, an instant payment cryptocurrency, has fallen victim to a malware attack after a hacker reportedly inserted a tainted Syscoin Windows client into the project's GitHub account. (SYS )
10:09 AM
A look at the new Syscoin encrypted messaging system
As part of Syscoin's upgrade to version 3.0, they have introduced a suite of new tools for creating custom blockchain applications. One of these tools is the Syscoin Encrypted Messaging Service. The new tools enable additional functionality alongside the Syscoin Core and can be used on custom projects and (SYS )
03:09 PM
Altcoins to Focus on the Week of April 29, 2018 (ZCL, SYS, HIRE, XMR)
Altcoins have had a very turbulent prior few months. However, the last few weeks' altcoins have begun their rebound as BTC has recovered from $6,000 to almost $10,000. This is a very positive sign heading into summer with big events from ZCL, XMR, SYS, and HIRE this week. (BTC , SYS , XMR , ZCL )
04:09 PM
Syscoin 3.0 protocol release delayed to ensure compliance
Blockchain Foundry, the developers behind the Syscoin blockchain have announced that the Syscoin 3.0 protocol release will be pushed back to April 30th, instead of March 31st. With the new protocol introducing a new level of complexity and functionality, the team says it is necessary to undertake a thorough comliance (SYS )
01:24 PM
Blockmarket update features in-wallet exchange with Flyp and Changelly
Syscoin developer Blockchain Foundry announced today the release of the latest update of Blockmarket Desktop 1.2 with in-wallet exchanges featuring Changel (SYS )
12:39 PM
Syscoin developer Blockchain Foundry closes $3.3 million private placement financing
Blockchain Foundry today announced that it closed the first tranche of a non-brokered private placement of 12,222,222 common shares at a price of$0.27per (SYS )
07:41 PM
Blockmarket Desktop now includes direct payments with bitcoin and Zcash
Blockchain Foundry, the developer behind Syscoin has been ramping up its development efforts around recently launched Blockmarket Desktop before the Blockm (BTC , SYS , ZEC )
01:54 PM
Syscoin platform adds token issuance feature
Blockchain Foundry, the company which developed the new Syscoin platform has announced a new token issuance service into Syscoin. This will allow anyone to (SYS )
12:38 PM
Syscoin Begins The Next Phase of its Evolution with Blockmarket, A Decentralized Marketplace Wallet
Blockchain Foundry Inc., the company behind the Syscoin cryptocurrency, has released Blockmarket Desktop v1.0, an upgraded replacement for the Syscoin QT wallet, which integrates a decentralized marke (BTC , SYS )
05:24 PM
Blockchain Foundry Launches Revolutionary Platform for Business Services, Built Entirely on the Syscoin Blockchain
Toronto-based blockchain solutions company, Blockchain Foundry announces the launch of Blockmarket, the worlds first decentralized marketplace (SYS )
05:45 AM
Syscoin Becomes First Cryptocurrency To Debut Mainnet Lightning Network
Syscoin has become the first ever cryptocurrency to successfully introduce the Lightning Network on its mainnet. (SYS )
04:09 AM
Syscoin Adds New Services to Microsoft Azure BaaS Platform - The Bitcoin News - Decentralised Bitcoin and Crypto News
Bitcoin News: Syscoin Adds New Services to Microsoft Azure BaaS Platform (BTC , SYS )
04:54 AM
Syscoin Adds New Services to Microsoft Azure BaaS Platform
Syscoin have announced that they have completed all of the prerequisite steps for their first official Microsoft Azure BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) Marketplace product certification and have pushed (SYS )
04:24 AM
Smart Alarm DApp: Waking Up On Time Pays Off - in Bitcoin, a smart alarm clock DApp, powered by Syscoins smart contracts platform, challenges you to improve your wake-up routine and earn some money in the process. (BTC , SYS )
09:55 AM
Syscoin 2.1s whitepaper released
(SYS )
10:39 PM
Syscoin Creators Introduce Blockchain Foundry; to Launch Blockmarket
(SYS )
08:53 AM
Syscoin is like eBay: Interview with Developer of Decentralized Marketplace Cryptocurrency
How can you explain Syscoin to someone who has, for example, only ever used eBay, and is not familiar with cryptocurrencies? (SYS )
04:00 AM

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