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Stellar Lumens: Traders can long at this 'ideal' entry point
Stellar Lumens has had a phenomenal start to October. A near 66% run up to a local high of $0.0417 was responsive at important Fibonacci levels, which allowed for healthy price progression. Another bu (STR , XLM )
09:09 AM
Grayscale confirms Bitcoin ETF plans and adds exposure to Zcash, Stellar Lumens, and Horizen to its trusts
The exchange-traded fund offering would convert Grayscale's Bitcoin Trust into an ETF listed on the New York Stock Exchange. (BTC , STR , XLM , ZEC )
08:39 AM
Stellar Lumens (XLM) Spikes 12% After News of a Partnership Between Moneygram and the Stellar Foundation
International remittance service MoneyGram is once again dipping its toes into the blockchain pool. The company has just revealed a new partnership with the Stellar Foundation on October 6, 2021, to d (BTC , STR , XLM )
07:54 PM
Asia-Pacific crypto exchange Zipmex lists Stellar (XLM) CryptoNinjas
Zipmex, an Asia-Pacific-based cryptocurrency exchange with locations in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, and Thailand, announced today it has listed Stellar Lumens (XLM). The Stellar network enables faster transactions than other blockchain-based systems as the transfer of lumens does not require approval from traditional crypto miners. Stellar offers low-fee transactions for developing markets. and makes it possible [] (STR , XLM )
04:24 AM
Stellar Lumens, EOS, Binance Coin Price Analysis: 22 April
Q1 of 2021 centered around Bitcoin, the world's largest cryptocurrency, recording one ATH after the other. However, the other competing narrative was the altcoin market's bull run, with the likes of S (BTC , EOS , STR , XLM )
10:39 AM
Stellar Lumens, BitTorrent Token, Theta Price Analysis: 15 April
Stellar Lumens faced resistance around the $0.63-mark and was trading within an ascending channel, while BitTorrent Token consolidated above $0.0075. Finally, Theta formed a bull pennant and a breakou (STR , XLM )
02:09 AM
Stellar Lumens Price Analysis: 12 April
With a market capitalization of $13.27 billion, Stellar Lumens' value has also been rising in time. The eleventh-largest digital asset in terms of market cap has been noting a strong surge in its valu (STR , XLM )
02:09 AM
Grayscale Adds 5.5 Million XLM to Stellar Lumens Trust
Grayscale Adds 5.5 Million XLM to Stellar Lumens Trust (STR , XLM )
03:48 AM
Stellar (XLM) becomes third most popular crypto asset on Coinbase
Stellar Lumens (XLM) has become the third most popular cryptocurrency on Coinbase, the largest U.S-based cryptocurrency exchange. A Stellar fan shared the news on Twitter from the latest Coinbase data (BTC , STR , XLM )
05:09 PM
Stellar Lumens, Hedera Hashgraph, Ethereum Classic Price Analysis: 29 March
Stellar Lumens climbed back above the $0.38 level and was likely headed to test the $0.43 supply level in the coming days. Hedera Hashgraph broke out of a phase of consolidation and could climb past $ (ETC , ETH , STR , XLM )
01:09 AM
Stellar Lumens, Algorand, STEEM Price Analysis: 02 March
Stellar Lumens looked likely to register more upside if its $0.46-resistance level was flipped over the next few sessions. Algorand could witness another sell-off as the 200-SMA expected to cross abov (STEEM , STR , XLM )
05:24 AM
Altcoins To Watch: Theta, Neo, Stellar Lumens
Finishing the business week with some big announcements made by Theta Network, Stellar Lumens and Neo. (STR , XLM )
05:09 AM
Stellar Lumens, Cosmos, Zcash Price Analysis: 23 January
After Bitcoin forfeited the $33,000-mark, altcoins such as Stellar Lumens, Cosmos, and Zcash moved within a range and awaited further signals from the market leader to make a stronger move on the char (BTC , STR , XLM , ZEC )
04:54 PM
XLM re-enters top-10 coins by market cap after surging nearly 30%
Stellar Lumens beats Chainlink and Binance Coin to become the ninth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. (STR , XLM )
12:24 AM
Crypto Price Analysis & Overview January 8th: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar Lumens & Chainlink
Bitcoin After a substantial 44% price surge this week, Bitcoin continued to set new ATH prices today at $42,000. The cryptocurrency started the year off underneath the $30,000 level after a strong per (42 , BTC , ETH , STR , XLM )
08:24 AM
Stellar Lumens, Synthetix, Loopring Price Analysis: 06 January
Synthetix and Loopring followed market frontrunners Bitcoin and Ethereum's suit by surging on the price charts, before minor corrections halted their movements. On the contrary, Stellar Lumens was hav (BTC , ETH , STR , XLM )
07:54 AM
Stellar (XLM) price prediction for January
The SDF's investment of $3 million in lumens is expected to improve Settle's array of payment tools XLM/USD price is trading over 4% higher today as buyers attempt to recover recent losses XLM investo (BTC , STR , XLM )
03:09 PM
Stellar expands reach in Latin America with $3M investment in Settle Network
The Stellar Development Foundation invested around $3 million in lumens into the Settle Network. (STR )
05:09 AM
Stellar Lumens doubles in price following upgrade
Jed McCaleb's creation is once again at the forefront of attention after being relatively neglected over the last two years. (STR , XLM )
08:39 PM
Stellar Lumens, Waves, FTX Token Price Analysis: 23 November
The larger market sentiment has shifted strongly in the favor of the bulls over the past few days. In fact, Bitcoin refused to drop below $17,800, despite corrections setting in. In the time that it t (BTC , STR , XLM )
01:09 AM
Chainlink, Synthetix, Stellar Lumens Price Analysis: 17 November
Bitcoin decisively climbed past the $16,000 level as buyers overwhelmed the market in the wake of extremely positive sentiment toward the biggest crypto. Chainlink was unable to perform similarly in t (BTC , STR , XLM )
12:40 AM
Stellar Lumens, Ontology, FTX Token Price Analysis: 08 November
The Crypto Fear and Greed Index noted a figure of 82, compared to the previous day's 88. Bullish sentiment was strong for Bitcoin and Ethereum, and by extension, many alts in the market managed to reg (BTC , ETH , STR , XLM )
08:09 AM
EOS, BAT, Stellar Lumens Price Analysis: 23 October
Interestingly, at the time of writing, the bullish sentiment for the market's altcoins seemed to be nearing an end after the Bitcoin bulls too, entered a cooldown period.This indicated that post a bri (BAT , BTC , EOS , STR , XLM )
04:09 PM
Ontology, Stellar Lumens, VeChain Price Analysis: 07 September
Bitcoin, the world's largest cryptocurrency, was trading at $10,147, at the time of writing, while Ethereum climbed as high as $361 before falling again. Stellar Lumens showed no change in its bearish (BTC , ETH , STR , XLM )
07:53 AM
Zcash, Stellar Lumens, BAT price analysis: 24 August
A slowly sliding Bitcoin dominance is once again paving the way for altcoins to make gains in the medium to long-term timeframe. At the time of writing, Ethereum was trading at $406 after a drop over (BAT , BTC , ETH , STR , XLM , ZEC )
11:09 PM
Stellar Lumens (XLM) Is Poised to Bounce Against Bitcoin: Here's Why
Stellar Lumens (XLM) has retraced against Bitcoin over recent days, failing to follow other leading altcoins higher. Indicators suggest the altcoin may (BTC , STR , XLM )
06:23 PM
Why Analyst Who Predicted Bitcoin's 2018 Low Isn't Bullish on Stellar (XLM)
Like many other large-cap altcoins, Stellar Lumens (XLM) has performed well against Bitcoin and the U.S. dollar over recent weeks. Per data from (BTC , STR , XLM )
12:23 AM
Digital Bank Revolut Adds Stellar to List of Supported Cryptocurrencies
Users will now be able to buy and sell Stellar Lumens (XLM) on Revolut's platform, the fintech firm announced on Tuesday. (STR , XLM )
04:08 PM
Zcash, Stellar Lumens, Tron Price Analysis: 25 July
According to many in the crypto-market, the altseason may be soon upon us. That may be the case, however, the fortunes of these altcoins continue to be tied at the hip with that of Bitcoin. The latest (BTC , STR , XLM , ZEC )
05:23 AM
XLM has more room to grow if bulls hold key support area
The price of Stellar has not peaked and will likely surge another 60% after its recent 50% spike that took it to within $0.10 Stellar Lumens' price has jumped more than 50% over the past three days to (BTC , STR , XLM )
04:38 AM
Analysts Discuss If Stellar Lumens (XLM) Has Peaked After 50% Rally in 4 Days
Stellar Lumens (XLM) is up over 50% in the past four days, having rallied from around $0.06 on the weekend to $0.09 as of the time of this article's writing. At (STR , XLM )
12:08 PM
Stellar (XLM) Hits New Yearly Highs, But Several Indexes Spell Trouble
Stellar Lumens is back in the spotlight of the cryptocurrency market after the impressive bull run it has gone through in the last three days, different metrics estimate that a correction is underway. (STR , XLM )
08:38 AM
Stellar Lumens' social dominance, volume rise post-decoupling with Bitcoin, XRP
Stellar Lumens [XLM] has made significant progress in terms of its price in April. In fact, the coin has been one of the markets leaders, with its upward price actions and its subsequent surges. Foll (BTC , STR , XLM , XRP )
12:39 PM
Stellar Will Give 2.5 Million Lumens To Charities to Help During Crisis
The Stellar Development Foundation will give away up to 2.5 million Lumens to charities to help during the crisis (STR )
05:39 PM
Tezos, Stellar Lumens, VeChain gear up for revival post-market meltdown
The cryptocurrency market has been sustaining heavy losses lately, which is why the collective market cap dropped down to $231 billion after an impressive start to the year. As Bitcoins market domina (BTC , STR , XLM )
06:55 PM
Crypto swap app Faast adds support for Stellar (XLM)
Faast, a cryptocurrency swap application, has announced full support for Stellar Lumens (XLM), the native asset for the Stellar network. XLM is compatible (STR , XLM )
07:54 AM
Swiss crypto exchange SMART VALOR lists Stellar Lumens (XLM)
SMART VALOR, a Swiss bitcoin and crypto exchange, announced it has listed Lumens (XLM), the native asset of the Stellar blockchain network. (BTC , STR , XLM )
11:10 AM
Bitcoin Price Diary: VET, XLM, TRX Double-Digit Gains BTC Flatlines
Veteran trader secures a 60% profit on VeChain, 8% on Tron, 18% on Stellar Lumens and breaks even on Bitcoin (BTC , STR , XLM )
10:39 AM
Bitcoin Price Diary: Long Bitcoin, Bullish on Altcoins XLM, VET, ONE
Veteran trader opens a FOMO position on Stellar Lumens and a few other altcoins while Bitcoin price continues to trade sideways and numerous top-10 cryptocurren... (BTC , STR , XLM )
08:53 AM
Will Stellars 55 Billion XLM Burn Trigger a New Bull Cycle?
Stellar Lumens massive token burn might be the trigger needed to activate a new bullish market cycle on XLM? (STR , XLM )
10:24 AM
Crypto Community Skeptical About XLM Coin Burn
XLM coin burn: The crypto community is expressing concern over the control that project founders still have over their token supplies. (STR , XLM , XRP )
12:09 AM
Has Stellar Followed Ripple With Massive Crypto Supply Manipulation?
A few hours ago the Stellar Development Foundation burnt a whole bunch of XLM. Ripple have also been fiddling with crypto token supply recently in a (STR , XLM )
07:09 PM
Stellar's Foundation Just Destroyed Half the Supply of Its Lumens Cryptocurrency
The Stellar Development Foundation has burned 55 billion of its XLM tokens, over half the cryptocurrency's supply, CEO Denelle Dixon announced. (STR , XLM )
05:09 PM
Stellar (XLM) Rallies Ahead of Meridian Conference
Stellar is charting a small upward trend, adding more than 10% in a week. XLM trades at $0.069, boosted by the upcoming Meridian conference in Mexico. (STR , XLM , XRP )
04:54 AM
Japan crypto exchange Coincheck to list Stellar (XLM)
Coincheck, the Japan-based bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, announced today it will start offering Stellar Lumens (XLM) starting on November 12, 2019. (BTC , STR , XLM )
09:39 PM
Coinbase Rolls Out Stellar Lumens (XLM) Trading in New York State
Stellar Lumens (XLM) trading will now be available to Coinbase users in New York state for the first time (STR , XLM )
02:09 AM
XLM Price Analysis: Stellar Skyrockets 42%, Can It Go Any Higher?
Stellar Lumens has seen an extraordinary 41% price surge over the past few days, bringing its price to the $0.082 level. This latest increase made XLM the strongest performing cryptocurrency out of th (42 , BTC , STR , XLM )
07:39 AM
UPDATE 1-Neptune Energy to be ready for IPO by April 2020 -CFO
Private-equity backed oil and gas firm Neptune Energy plans to be ready for an initial public offering by April next year, Chief Financial Officer Armand Lumens said on Thursday. (STR )
04:22 AM
Neptune Energy to be ready for IPO by April 2020: CFO
Neptune Energy plans to be ready for an initial public offering by April next year, Chief Financial Officer Armand Lumens told said on Thursday. (STR )
03:03 AM
Stellar to Airdrop 2 Billion XLM Crypto Tokens Worth $120 Million
Keybase users can expect monthly XLM airdrops, adding up to 2 billion XLM over the next 20 months. (STR , XLM )
09:09 AM

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