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PotCoin News

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Is PotCoin worth buying at the current price?
The cryptocurrency market continues to be under pressure, the price of Bitcoin went below $34000 today, and the risk of further declines is not over yet. PotCoin POT/USD is also losing its value, and (BTC , POT )
03:24 PM
PotCoin launches new desktop and mobile wallets; NFT treasure hunt with over $150K in prizes CryptoNinjas
PotCoin, a cryptocurrency for the digital and global cannabis industry, today announced some new updates including an NFT treasure hunt with over $150,000 (POT )
02:09 PM
Waves, PotCoin, Theta price analysis roundup
The cryptocurrency market is advancing this Saturday, and this situation also supports Waves, PotCoin, and Theta's price. Bitcoin price has advanced again above $55000 resistance level, and it is impo (BTC , POT )
04:54 PM
Up or down? PotCoin (POT) price prediction for January
PotCoin (POT) has advanced from $0.0066 above $0.014 since the beginning of December, and the current price stands around $0.0130. PotCoin is a digital cryptocurrency solution for the global cannabis (BTC , POT )
03:38 PM
Cosmos, PotCoin, Theta price analysis roundup
All major cryptocurrencies have advanced this Monday, and this situation also supports the price of Cosmos, PotCoin, and Theta. Bitcoin has moved again above $19000, indicating that the price could re (ATOM , BTC , POT )
01:39 PM
Is PotCoin (POT) a buy or sell in November?
PotCoin is digital cryptocurrency solution for the global cannabis industry There is still a level of uncertainty surrounding the PotCoin project If the price jumps above $0.0080 the next target could (BTC , POT )
04:09 PM
Dennis Rodman and Potcoin: How Crypto Gatecrashed a Historic Summit
One of the oldest cryptocurrencies teamed up with a former NBA star this week to make a splash at a historic summit between world leaders. (POT )
12:39 PM
Trump Pump! PotCoin Surges 20% as Unofficial North Korea Summit Sponsor
US president Donald Trump inadvertently caused cannabis-focused altcoin PotCoin to jump 20% after his summit with Kim Jong-un. (POT )
05:09 AM
Bitcoin in Brief Tuesday: POT Saves World, Coinbase Pumps ETC, Binance Wants EUR
A cannabis-focused cryptocurrency has been able to stage an international media coup, capturing the attention of news organizations around the world during an historic moment. Additional stories covered in today's edition of Bitcoin in Brief include Coinbase pumping ETC and Binance's plans to add EUR. (BTC , ETC , POT )
01:54 AM
PotCoin Might Sponsor Dennis Rodman's Trip to Trump-Kim Summit
Former NBA star Dennis Rodman is in talks with cryptocurrency startup PotCoin to have the latter sponsor a trip to the U.S.-North Korea summit. (POT )
10:54 AM
Should You Bet on PotCoin, DopeCoin or Other Marijuana Cryptocurrencies?
Marijuana money is the latest twist in the booming field of cryptocurrencies, with companies like PotCoin and DopeCoin hoping to become the banking solution for marijuana dispensaries and their customers. (DOPE , POT )
09:17 AM
PotCoin Announces Promotion with Licensed Producer WeedMD
(POT )
09:54 AM
PotCoin Now in 800 General Bytes ATMs in over 35 Countries
(POT )
02:54 AM Makes PotCoin Available To Its 278,000 Merchants
(POT )
05:24 PM
PotCoin adds API as POT set to list on more exchanges
PotCoin, a cryptocurrency aimed at providing banking services within the cannabis industry has provided a new summer update with much of the team's hard wo (POT )
05:54 AM
The Cannabis Industry, the Blockchain, and Dennis Rodman Gives PotCoin a New High
Cannabis has been legalized in numerous states across the United States. However, the cannabis industry is still plagued with limited access to banking services as traditional banks want to avoid deal (BTC , POT )
09:24 AM
PotCoin Sends Dennis Rodman to North Korea, Price Doubles
Yesterday, Dennis Rodman made another trip to North Korea. He had no problem thanking Potcoin for the opportunity (they apparently funded his trip), wearing a shirt during his trip as he was besieged by reporters. (POT )
08:09 AM
Altrader. DASH, POT and MAID Mean a Good Deal?
The first week of trading is over. Altrader is here to tell you all about it. (MAID , POT )
11:39 AM
Is the Potcoin Community Facing Issues with PotWallet?
(POT )
01:11 PM
Ex-Fortune 500 Executive To Join POTCoin (PotWallet) As New CTO
PotWallet - POTCoin, the crypto currency which provides a solution to the legal marijuana industry’s banking problem - has announced that it is currently negotiating a deal with a high-profile consultant to join the venture as its new Chief Technology Officer. The new addition to the team will be of key importance for PotWallet and POTCoin’s future development as it gets ready to handle the massive influx of transactions. PotWallet and their selectee have agreed not to disclose his identity until an official agreement has been reached in the coming days ahead. (POT )
09:22 PM
POTCoin Trend Reversal: Ready To Pump Past 3K Satoshis Again?
After briefly testing 2920 sats on 2016/10/12, and again on 2016/10/13, POT fell to a low of 1667 sats on profit-taking, and continuing down inverse to BTC's rise. This coin looks to have bottomed out in the .00001600 BTC region, and with BTC taking a slight breather, POTCoin looks well positioned for a thrust back into the 2500~ range, as traders take advantage of steep discounts in POT's price. (POT )
12:07 PM
POTCoin Trend Reversal: Time To Rally?
After reaching an all time high of 6904 sats on 2016/10/10, POT took a dive to .00001444 BTC. POT looks to have found its bottom, and today moved higher against BTC despite the current uptrend we're seeing in BTC, as POT traders take advantage of the newly discounted price. (POT )
01:55 AM
PotCoin makes a spectacular comeback
Those who have been following cryptos may remember PotCoin from when it first appeared on the scene in early 2014. (POT )
02:38 AM
Can Proof of Stake Get Potcoin High Again?
I have followed Potcoin since its inception. I was among the first to mine it. I minted a few dozen of the first blocks, using a not-very-powerful Scrypt miner that I had spent a significant sum on. I (POT )
02:38 AM
Potash (POT) Stock Upgraded at Susquehanna
Potash's (POT) stock rating was increased to 'positive' at Susquehanna on Monday....POT (POT )
10:00 AM

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