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Meet the New Lisk Mainnet
We are proud to announce that on August, 21st 2021, at around 2:00 pm CEST, the Lisk Mainnet v2 successfully completed the migration to Lisk Mainnet v3. This comprises the biggest protocol change to e (BTC , LSK )
02:39 AM
Blockchain platform Lisk unveils roadmap to ecosystem interoperability CryptoNinjas
Lisk, a platform for building blockchain applications using JavaScript, today unveiled its roadmap to full ecosystem interoperability; with each phase (LSK )
07:39 PM
Icon, Ravencoin and Lisk are riding the bull wave on possible future developments
Major upgrades and new launches in Icon, Ravencoin and Lisk are the likely reasons for their recent rallies. (LSK )
11:09 AM
Lisk, NEM, Ethereum Price: NEM's price woes continue as other alts surge
While most altcoins began their revival after witnessing a harrowing 2020, some altcoins still struggled to stay afloat. Over the past few days, the worlds second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum [ET (ETH , LSK )
12:23 PM
BNB, Raven, Lisk: Will Bitcoin's dominance sideline these altcoins?
Many altcoins that have been launched in the recent five years have done a good job, but not many of them are being recognized. Bitcoins fame and recognition have sidelined these altcoins. Binance Co (BTC , LSK )
08:08 PM
Lisk Lays Off 21 Staff, Experts Quit
The Lisk (LSK) project, one of the most high-profile ICOs from 2016, came upon hard times. Despite the relatively solid backing, LISK ended up having (LSK )
09:09 AM
Lisk's Lightcurve Lays Off 40% of Workforce to Decrease Overheads
Lisks Lightcurve team reduces workforce by 40% in an attempt to reduce operational overheads and become more agile again (LSK )
05:24 AM
Crypto exchange Kraken adds support for Lisk (LISK) trading
Kraken, the popular bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, today announced support for Lisk (LSK) trading starting on November 19th. Markets available will (BTC , LSK )
07:09 AM
Bitflyer Adds Bitcoin Cash Trading Across Europe and the US
Bitflyer has added a selected number of new cryptocurrencies for its European and American clients to trade. Bitcoin cash (BCH) is among the few digital (BCH , BTC , ETC , LSK , LTC , MONA )
03:24 PM
Why Investors Need to Keep an Eye Out for LISK (LSK) in 2019
While the crypto industry has churned out many great projects, Lisk has been a slow and steady player. In an industry full of noise, it's refreshing to see a project with consistent development, succe (BTC , LSK )
06:23 PM
2018's Top Cryptocurrencies Ranked by Github Activity
Over the past 12 months digital asset values have dropped considerably but behind the scenes, cryptocurrency development has increased. (ADA , BCH , BTC , ETH , LSK , REP , ZRX )
02:53 PM
LISK (LSK) Is Listed At KuCoin Blockchain Asset Market
Lisk as a known decentralized sidechain development platform has listed its network currency LSK, to Asia's leading blockchain asset exchange KuCoin. (LSK )
07:24 AM
The Daily: Coincheck Relists Nem, Okex Adds Dong
In this edition of The Daily, we report on Coincheck's decision to resume nem (XEM) trading and relist two other coins - ether (ETH) and lisk (LSK). Also, In this edition of The Daily, we report on Coincheck's decision to resume nem (XEM) trading and relist two other coins - ether (ETH) and lisk (LSK). (ETH , LSK , XEM )
03:39 AM
Trezor Model T Now Supports 10 More Cryptos Including Monero, Ripple
Popular cryptocurrency hardware wallet Trezor has introduced two firmware updates on both of its models - Trezor Model T and Trezor One. The move comes Popular cryptocurrency hardware wallet Trezor has introduced two firmware updates on both of its models - Trezor Model T and Trezor One. (ADA , DCR , LSK , XMR , XRP )
06:08 PM
Debunking Dr. Doom: Building a New Global Economy on a Glorified Spreadsheet"
This rebuttal to Dr. Doom, AKA Nouriel Roubini, was written byThomas Schouten, theHead of Marketing at Lisk. Nouriel Roubini, a long time skeptic (BTC , LSK )
08:08 PM
Free Crypto Trading App Robinhood Available in Alaska and Oklahoma
Alaska, thanks for bearing with us, popular smartphone trading application (app) Robinhood tweeted. Trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, commission free. (BTC , ETC , ETH , LSK , XMR , ZEC )
04:38 PM
3 Cryptocurrencies Ready to Beat Bitcoin This Week: VIBE, LSK, and ETH
As outperforming Bitcoin is getting harder and harder, this week presents three altcoins that could beat BTC, namely: VIBE, LSK, and ETH. (BTC , ETH , LSK )
12:08 PM
Lisk Core 1.0 Successfully Migrated to Mainnet
Lisk, the public blockchain platform that allows users to develop decentralized blockchain applications in JavaScript, has announced the successful migration ofCore 1.0to its mainnet. Michael Borowi (BTC , LSK )
03:08 AM
Lisk [LSK]: Core 1.0 is now on Mainnet, Nano 2.0 will no longer be supported
On 30th August, Lisk, on its official Twitter handle, announced the successful migration of Lisk Core 1.0 to Mainnet. The team also appears to have an exciting development update in store regarding th (LSK )
01:08 AM
Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Iota and Icon Moving Monday Markets
FOMO Moments Altcoins lifting markets this morning, Icon, Iota, VeChain rising, while Lisk is losing. Monday morning has seen little action in crypto land Monday morning has seen little action in crypto land however there has been some small upward movements by a few altcoins. (LSK , MIOTA )
12:38 AM
Crypto Markets Sluggish on Saturday as Bitcoin Increases Dominance
FOMO Moments Markets are meek today; Monero, Lisk, and Nano inch up, Bitcoin Diamond dumping. As we enter the weekend in crypto land markets have remained As we enter the weekend in crypto land markets have remained relatively stable and have even made a little upwards progress. (BTC , LSK , XMR )
01:53 AM
Cryptocurrency Market Update: Lisk Lights It Up As Mainnet Launch Looms
FOMO Moments Markets inch up slowly; Lisk, Tron, 0x and Nano making gains. Following yesterday's irrational FUD fuelled SEC selloff, crypto markets have Following yesterday's irrational FUD fuelled SEC selloff crypto markets have been stable and have not plunged any further. (LSK , ZRX )
02:38 AM
Lisk price spikes ahead of Core 1.0 Mainnet migration on August 29
Lisk price is up more than 13% while an ongoing bullish trend could retest $5.0. Lisk trading volumes go up by 35.31% while the market capitalization (LSK )
12:51 AM
$12 Billion Crypto Market Pump Already Receding
FOMO Moments Markets had a little spurt; Stellar, VeChain, Lisk and Nano benefiting. Crypto markets experienced a short spurt of energy a few hours ago Crypto markets experienced a short spurt of energy a few hours ago when a seemingly manipulated pump added over $12 billion to total capitalization. (LSK )
02:39 AM
No Recovery For Crypto Markets as Altcoins Dump Again
FOMO Moments Markets are receding again; EOS and Tezos falling, Iota and Lisk staying afloat. In a pattern we have witnessed countless times this year the In a pattern we have witnessed countless times this year the market rally could not be sustained and cryptos have dumped again. (EOS , LSK , MIOTA )
02:23 AM
Cryptocurrency Update: VeChain Pumped on Chinese Vaccine Tracking Proposal
FOMO Moments Markets slowly healing this Friday; VeChain, XRP, Lisk, and Ontology performing well. The markets are still slowly healing from their lowest The markets are still slowly healing from their lowest levels this year as we near another weekend in crypto land. Total market capitalization is creeping up and is over $210 billion again but still not showing any signs of a sustained recovery. (LSK , XRP )
02:38 AM
Altcoin Update: VeChain Pumping, Lisk Lifted on Core Mainnet Launch
FOMO Moments Crypto land remains flat, however Ethereum Classic, VeChain and Lisk are pumping. Yesterday's bounce from the bottom could not be sustained Yesterday's bounce from the bottom could not be sustained and any positive market movements seem to be quashed before they can gain any momentum. (ETC , ETH , LSK )
03:08 AM
Lisk (LSK) Announce the release of Lisk Core 1.0.0 to mainnet: LSK/USD jumps 10%
Lisk trading up by 26.5% while the price surges to trade near $3.40. We expect this block height to arrive on Wednesday, August 29, no sooner than 11:00 (LSK )
12:21 AM
Lisk community introduces first blockchain incubator, the Elite Center
Earlier this month, China-based community members of Lisk, the blockchain application platform based on its own network and native LSK token, founded the (LSK )
01:39 PM
Lisk Blockchain Halts on Failsafe Due to Unexpected Bug
During the early hours of Saturday morning, transactions made on the Lisk blockchain came to a full stop as a faulty transaction triggered automated security systems on the network. (LSK )
08:24 PM
Coincheck Delists XMR, DASH, ZEC, REP
Japanese exchange Coincheck has confirmed that it is delisting three privacy coins: monero, dash, and zcash. Augur's reputation token will also be delisted next month. The exchange made this decision after receiving a business improvement order from the country's financial regulator following the NEM hack. (BCH , BTC , DASH , ETC , ETH , FCT , LSK , LTC , REP , XEM , XMR , XRP , ZEC )
06:24 AM
Digital Wallet Abra Adds 5 More Altcoins Bringing Total To 25 Supported Cryptocurrencies
Digital wallet and exchange service Abra has announced the addition of five cryptocurrencies to its platform, now letting users buy, sell and invest across 25 cryptocurrencies and 50 national currencies (LSK , XMR )
11:54 AM
Crypto wallet Abra adds support for Monero, NEM, NEO, Lisk, and Verge
Abra, an all-in-one cryptocurrency wallet and exchange has announced the addition of five new additional cryptocurrencies, or altcoins to its platform enabling users to now buy, sell, hold and invest across 25 cryptocurrencies and 50 fiat currencies. Abra, which recently launched its redesigned app, lets users (LSK , XMR )
09:09 AM
Lisk releases Lisk Hub Version 0.5.0
Lisk, an application that enables developers to build blockchain apps in Javascript, has announced the release of Lisk Hub 0.5.0.This new version comes with multiple changes that include added features, enhancements, and fixed bugs. Some issues that were from the previous versions have now been closed. Some of the (LSK )
04:09 PM
The future is in JavaScript Dapps
Lisk is a blockchain application platform for developers to build decentralized applications in JavaScript. The vision of the project is to make blockchain technology more accessible to everyone. Foun (BTC , LSK )
10:10 AM
Asian Altcoin Trading Roundup: Top Cryptocurrency is Lisk
The crypto market free-fall seems to have stalled for the time being, things are still not looking too pretty though and further dips could be ahead. One or two are in the green during the Asian trading session this morning but only one stands out with double digit gains, and that coin is Lisk. (LSK )
09:24 PM
Lisk Rebrands in Berlin but Fails to Lift Price
A relaunch or rebrand usually does wonders for a cryptocurrency or blockchain project. The latest to revamp their look, website, and products is Berlin based Lisk which held an event yesterday. The team addressed an audience of over 500 highlighting new products, core updates, and a vision for the future. (LSK )
02:09 AM
Lisk Relaunches Blockchain Project With 'Accessibility' in Mind
Lisk a decentralized application platform will relaunch today with aspirations of blockchain accessibility front and center. (LSK )
10:54 AM
Top Cryptocurrencies for the Week of Feb. 19, 2018 (LSK, VEN, ZCL, ETC, GAS, LTC, PRL)
Top cryptocurrencies for the week can be fairly easily selected by analyzing the future calendar for the upcoming week. Events that trigger significant publicity or major changes to a coin's structure (BTC , ETC , GAS , LSK , LTC , ZCL )
11:24 AM
How Ethereum's Co-Founder Is Playing The Crypto Crash - Coinjournal
It's no secret that crypto incubators and hedge funds get access to the best deals because of their inside connections But, now, for a short time, there is a way for regular investors to ride on the coattails of one of the most connected teams in cryptoRight in your brokerage account. In short: The team (BTC , ETH , LSK )
08:54 AM
LSK? Lesser-Known Crypto Was Trading Week's Biggest Winner
After a rough week across the markets, looks at the cryptocurrencies in the top 25 that have fared well, and not so well. (LSK )
06:24 AM
Morning Asian trading roundup: the leading altcoin is Lisk
A mixed bag greeted us during this morning's Asian trading session. A bit of a cool off from dip buying has leveled out the markets but they are still mostly in the green. Looking at the top 25 we can see that one altcoin is doing better than the rest and it is one we have mentioned before; Lisk. (LSK )
08:39 PM
LSK Gets Listed On BitFlyer And Ahead Of Relaunch Event
LSK, the utility token underpinning the Lisk platform, has been listed on BitFlyer and, a move that comes just a few weeks before its scheduled relaunch event later this month. (LSK )
11:39 PM
Ahead of re-launch Lisk (LSK) gets listed on bitFlyer
Lisk, the public blockchain platform that allows users to develop decentralized blockchain apps, announced that its LSK token is now listed on bitFlyer, on (LSK )
05:39 AM
Lisk lights up the markets amid crypto selloff
Things have perked up a little during the Asian trading session this morning. Lisk, however, has shot up a considerable amount, around 60% in a matter of minutes. (LSK )
10:09 PM
Morning Asian trading roundup: the leading altcoin is Lisk
Over 20% fell off the total market capacity in one day alone, a crash only eclipsed by the January 15-17 selloff which resulted in a 40% market decline. As usual one altcoin shines above the rest during today's Asian trading session and that accolade goes to Lisk. (LSK )
08:09 PM
Bull Breakout? LSK Jumps 60 Percent on Exchange Listing
The price of the cryptocurrency LSK saw a boom Wednesday on news it will list on a major exchange and see a rebranding soon.
09:52 AM
Bull Breakout? LSK Jumps 60 Percent on Exchange Listing
The price of Lisk's native token LSK is flirting with a bullish breakout following a new exchange listing. Price charts indicateLSK ran into bids at $21.63 at 05:34 UTC today before ultimately jumping more than 60 percent to $35.26 in the next 30 minutes. So far, it's a development the investor community is associating with (LSK )
06:54 AM
Only 3 Winners in Altcoin Big Selloff
According to only one of the top ten cryptocurrencies by market capacity is up trending while the other nine are showing red negative numbers. (KMD , LSK )
05:39 AM
Dash, Monero And Neo Gaining Against The Usd: Alt Coin Technical Analysis
After yesterday's doji candlestick, DASH, MONERO, NEO are our focus pairs. As observed, after 24.10.2017 surge, alt coin prices were stuck in consolidation and are now correcting according to the initial trend determined. Let's review alt coin price action: ALT COIN LSK PRICE ACTION ANALYSIS Six days of mixed LSK price movements and price action Continue reading DASH, MONERO AND NEO GAINING AGAINST THE USD: ALT COIN TECHNICAL ANALYSIS (ALT , DASH , LSK , XMR )
01:24 AM

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