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WazirX, Presearch and Komodo rally after data shows a surge in user activity
A surge in user activity and new token listings allowed WRX, PRE and KMD to shake off the week-long crypto market downturn and post double-digit gains. (KMD )
01:13 PM
This Altcoin Has Thrived Amid Global Lockdown, Seeing 102% Growth in 28 Days
Little-known multi-chain architecture project, Komodo (KMD), saw 102% growth against the dollar over the past month, after plunging 75% one month previous (BTC , ETH , KMD )
01:53 PM
Komodo (KMD) opens reward pool for AtomicDEX stress testers
Komodo, an open-source blockchain platform and technology ecosystem, has announced that a total of more than 1,500 KMD in prizes will be given away in a (KMD )
03:39 AM
Bitit adds support for BTT, KMD, ARK, WAVES, IOST, NPXS, IOTA, and POLY
Paris headquartered crypto buying service Bitit, today announced support for 8 new tokens including: BitTorrent (BTT); Komodo (KMD); Ark (ARK); Waves (ARK , KMD , MIOTA , WAVES )
05:08 AM
Cryptocurreny Market Update: Only Hardcore Hodlers Still in The Game
FOMO Moments Monday markets are looking red; XRP and Dash sliding, Tron and Tezos holding ground. Monday morning in Asia is a red one in crypto land as Monday morning in Asia is a red one in crypto land as markets slide further back. There have been no more major selloffs however and losses are marginal. (KMD , XRP )
08:08 PM
Komodo token KMD can now be bought at physical locations through Netcoins
Komodo Platform has announced that KMD coins can now be purchased with fiat money at 21,000 physical locations throughout Europe, Australia, and Canada. (KMD )
06:24 AM
PR: Utrum to Launch Innovative Blockchain Platform Solving Trust Problems for Crypto Investors
Utrum, a decentralized community platform with reputation-based quality reviews of crypto projects and assets, has announced its public token crowd sale to launch May 10, 2018. Utrum will offer OOT, a Privacy Coin and the utility token of the Utrum ecosystem. The crowd sale is the second ever dICO (decentralized Initial Coin Offering) and is being launched on the Komodo Platform (KMD). Komodo is the world leader in Atomic Swap technology and this technology will be utilized in the Utrum dICO App, allowing participants to invest in the ICO in a unique (KMD )
02:39 AM
The Best Cryptos for the Week of Apr. 16, 2018 (HIRE, KMD, XRP, UTK, and XVG)
To read the previous 'Top Coins for the Week' article, click here. The past week seems to have demonstrated a shift in market sentiment and could be the start of a major rebound. Due to significant ev (BTC , KMD , XRP , XVG )
04:23 AM
Moonshot Week 12: Komodo (KMD)
Each week BTCManager and JaketheCryptoKing are going to explore a new moonshot opportunity. We are in week 12 of this moonshot experiment! Markets just suffered a sharp correction providing the perfec (BTC , KMD )
05:24 PM
3 Altcoins Likely to Outperform Bitcoin for the Week of April 16
This week is very important for cryptocurrencies such as: Ripple (XRP), Komodo (KMD), and HireMatch (HIRE). (BTC , KMD , XRP )
10:24 AM
4 Altcoins With Major Events for Week of April 7, 2018 (IOST, XES, KMD, and PRL)
JaketheCryptoKing Analyzes 4 Altcoins: This week has four altcoins with major events: IOST, XES, KMD, and PRL. (KMD )
04:39 AM
Komodo Bonds Stir to Life Amid Indonesian Infrastructure Drive
Investors should brace for a rush of Komodo bonds next year, as more Indonesian state-owned companies look to issue offshore bonds denominated in their local currency to help fund an infrastructure drive. (KMD )
11:28 PM
Only 3 Winners in Altcoin Big Selloff
According to only one of the top ten cryptocurrencies by market capacity is up trending while the other nine are showing red negative numbers. (KMD , LSK )
05:39 AM
Monaize-Komodo to launch a decentralized initial coin offering, cutting the middleman out of ICOs forever.
The money raised by initial coin offerings (ICOs) has now surpassed early stage venture capital (VC) funding. As of August 2017, the amount raised was US$ 1.2 bln according to CNBC. ICOs are now an accepted way out for startups who would like to raise funds to get their projects off the ground. Yet, what Continue reading Monaize-Komodo to launch a decentralized initial coin offering, cutting the middleman out of ICOs forever. (KMD )
04:54 AM
'Challenger Bank' Monaize Partners with Komodo Platform to Conduct First Ever-Decentralized ICO (dICO)
Monaize, an e-banking platform for freelancers and small businesses, and Komodo, a blockchain-based ICO platform, teamed up to conduct the world's first decentralized ICO (dICO). (KMD )
06:54 AM
Banking Meets Blockchain
E-banking platform Monaize set to conduct the world's first decentralized ICO on Nov. 10 in partnership with Komodo Platform. (KMD )
08:24 AM
Please Welcome 'Komodo Platform': the B Conference Gold Sponsor
This year's Blockchain Conference in Abu Dhabi is set to be one of the largest industry conferences in the Middle East. On December 7, 2017, our event stage will feature amazing speakers from around t (BTC , KMD )
09:24 AM
This Asian Country Is Betting on Its Giant Lizard Bonds
If India's experience of selling local-currency notes in the overseas market is anything to go by, Indonesia's plan to issue Komodo bonds may not be all plain sailing. (KMD )
07:42 PM
Monaize Partners with Komodo to offer Blockchain Services on Banking Platform
Komodo, a privacy-oriented blockchain network with the 34th largest cryptocurrency, has partnered with Monaize to offer blockchain services on a banking platform. Monaize, an e-banking platform, will (BTC , KMD )
11:39 PM
Blockchain platform Komodo introduces decentralized ICOs to major developments underway
Komodo, a full featured platform for cryptocurrencies with native token asset KMD has announced five major developments they believe will take the platform (KMD )
05:45 AM
Komodo Dragon Blood May Hold the Secret to Killing Superbugs
Antibiotic-resistant bacteria take 700,000 lives a year. The carrion-eating lizard boasts potentially lifesaving peptides. (KMD )
12:12 PM
The Komodo Platform: Security and Privacy
(KMD )
06:08 AM
Komodo Platform: The Infrastructure Coin of Decentralized Services
(KMD )
12:09 PM
Komodo Aims to Make Blockchain Accessible to Everyone with Its Cryptocurrency Platform
By using the features provided by Komodo platform, other cryptocurrencies can easily improve their adoption while ensuring customer satisfaction. (KMD )
03:39 AM
Komodo Platform: Blockchain for Everyone
Blockchain technology has brought us unparalleled tools that allow us to achieve some degree of financial freedom. However, several aspects of cryptocurrency force us to pick and choose which features (KMD )
09:53 AM
Komodo Platform: Making Cryptocurrencies Safe and Anonymous
This is a paid press release. does not endorse nor supports this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, within the press release. Readers should do their due diligence before taking any actions related to the company. is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or (BTC , KMD )
04:38 AM
SuperNET Announces the Launch of EasyDEX Crypto-Exchange
SuperNET, the team behind Komodo blockchain platform has announced the launch of decentralized EasyDEX exchange platform. Read more... (KMD , UNITY )
02:53 AM
SuperNET Team Introduces EasyDEX: Fully Functional Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange
Bitcoin Press Release: SuperNET team, the brains behind ZCash based Komodo cryptocurrency protocol has announced the launch of its EasyDEX decentralized exchange platform. November 12, 2016 Centrali (BTC , KMD , UNITY , ZEC )
07:23 AM
Komodo, A SecureCrypto-Platform for Blockchain Products and Solutions
Komodo Platform is a unique cryptocurrency ecosystem built on ZCash fork. ZCash, aka ZeroCash, is a cryptocurrency built on Bitcoin Core code base. (BTC , KMD , ZEC )
03:24 AM
Komodo Cryptocurrency Platform Raises over 1000 BTC on the First Day of its ICO
Bitcoin Press Release:The secure and anonymous cryptocurrency platform, Komodo raises over 1000 BTCs on the very first day of its ICO. (BTC , KMD )
01:08 AM
Komodo Anonymous Cryptocurrency Announces the Launch of Its Upcoming ICO
(KMD )
05:38 AM
Komodo Anonymous Cryptocurrency Announces the Launch of Its Upcoming ICO
Komodo, the cryptocurrency offering highest standards of anonymity and security has announced the launch of its ICO. The Komodo cryptocurrency ICO, starting October 15, 2016, will go on for 37 days until November 20, 2016. Those interested in participating in the ICO can buy Komodo cryptocurrency (KMD) with either Bitcoin (BTC) or BitcoinDark (BTCD). The Continue reading Komodo Anonymous Cryptocurrency Announces the Launch of Its Upcoming ICO (BTC , BTCD , KMD )
12:23 PM

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