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Gnosis News

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As LUNA's Price Drops Over 33% in 24 Hours, Stablecoin UST Slips Below $1 Parity to $0.93
As the stablecoin UST slipped, the Luna Foundation Guard's bitcoin wallet and ethereum Gnosis safe address has been emptied. (BTC , ETH , GNO )
May 09
01:39 PM
Gnosis (GNO) price rallies 50%+ after CowSwap users claim COW airdrop
GNO price notched a 50% gain after traders responded positively to the release of CowSwap token and the MEV-protections that the protocol provides. (GNO )
Mar 29
12:42 PM
Finance Redefined: Secret's $400M fund, and 1inch expanding, Jan. 14-21
Secret Network launched a $400 million DeFi fund and 1inch integrated Avalanche and Gnosis protocols - all coming to you in this week's Finance Redefined. (GNO )
Jan 22
08:43 AM
The FIRST NFT to Become Fully DAO
Space Knight Club is an NFT project in which elite NFT holders have an exclusive level of access and control of 100% of the royalty funds using a Gnosis multisig safe. (DAO , GNO )
02:25 AM
DeFi tokens see double-digit gains as Ethereum and Bitcoin chase new highs
UMA, LRC and GNO broke out on the heels of Ethereum hitting a new all-time high and BTC price trading above a key resistance (BTC , ETH , GNO )
11:09 AM
GNO City Play-to-Earn Game Created the Biggest and Most Diverse WAX Blockchain Game
In GNO City you can play PVP mode and get rewarded with GNOKEN and Experience. Play Story mode and get rewarded with NFTs and Experience. (GNO )
02:09 PM
Apple app store reportedly blocks Gnosis Safe wallet update for hosting NFTs
Apple has stated in an email to Gnosis Safe that it doesn't allow apps to provide access or storage to previously purchased digital content such as NFTs. (GNO )
07:24 PM
Traders pile into altcoins after Bitcoin price bounces at a key support
Protocol upgrades and a new cross-chain Ethereum bridge back the rally in TLOS, GNO and ALPHA. (BTC , ETH , GNO )
10:54 AM
WAX, Gnosis and IOST pack on gains after Bitcoin price hits $50K
GNO, WAX and IOST lead altcoins higher as Bitcoin's rally to $50,000 signals that the bull market is back on track. (BTC , GNO )
10:54 AM
Should I buy Gnosis (GNO) right now?
On April 28, Gnosis GNO/USD introduced the Gnosis Protocol v2 alongside the Balancer-Gnosis Protocol. Gnosis Protocol v2 essentially leverages batch solutions that provide MEV protection and integrate (BTC , GNO )
03:54 PM
Gnosis, Balancer and PancakeSwap breakout as Bitcoin looks for direction
A series of protocol upgrades and partnership announcements helped to boost GNO, BAL and CAKE even as Bitcoin price searches for support. (BTC , GNO )
11:39 AM
Balancer v2 and Gnosis' 'CowSwap' take aim at MEV with planned integration
(GNO )
06:09 AM
Gnosis Auction launches for fair and even token price discovery CryptoNinjas
Gnosis, a builder of new market mechanisms for decentralized finance, has now launched Gnosis Auction, a platform that uses batch auctions to enable fair (GNO )
06:09 PM
Gnosis and Snapshot create tool to bind DeFi governance votes on-chain
Projects like and SushiSwap could now create trustless governance proposals that are enabled as soon as they pass. (GNO )
08:09 AM
Decentralized prediction market Omen launches on the xDai network
Decentralized prediction market platform Omen, developed and maintained by the DXdao, and powered by the Gnosis conditional tokens framework, has now (GNO )
09:09 AM
Gnosis Safe announced that it holds 2.5% of ETH's total supply
Gnosis Safe, a smart contract-based Ethereum wallet now holds 2-2.5% of ether's (ETH) entire supply. The project, which takes pride in being the most trusted platform to store digital assets on Ethere (BTC , ETH , GNO )
12:24 AM
Gnosis receives $2.3B Ethereum in a day, now 3rd largest ETH holder with 2.2% of supply
More than $2.3 billion worth of ETH was moved into the Gnosis storage safe in one day, making it the third-largest Ethereum address on the blockchain, with 2.2% of the coin supply. (ETH , GNO )
06:54 AM
The DAO of Value: Gnosis Launches Prediction Markets-Based DAO
Gnosis, one of the earliest companies building on Ethereum, has announced the launch of GnosisDAO, the industry's first prediction market-driven collective. (DAO , ETH , GNO )
09:54 AM
Ethereum-based market platform unveils a new DAO
Gnosis shaped its DAO based on concepts from an alternative government structure birthed by an associate professor at George Mason University. (DAO , ETH , GNO )
08:09 AM
Ethereum Gas Fees Drive Gnosis-Powered Prediction Market to xDai's Layer 2
(ETH , GNO )
09:24 AM
Blockchain Bites: Bitmain Denied, Coinbase Blocked and a Potential EOS Exit Scam
Arca is acting like an activist investor in its dealings with Gnosis while Venezuelan officials appear to have blocked access to Coinbase. (EOS , GNO )
11:37 AM
Blockchain Bites: Bitmain Denied, Coinbase Blocked and a Potential EOS Exit Scam
Arca is acting like an activist investor in its dealings with Gnosis while Venezuelan officials appear to have blocked access to Coinbase. (EOS , GNO )
09:38 AM
Arca to Gnosis: Show Us a Turnaround Plan or Give Investors' Money Back
In addition to wads of cash and the aura of respectability, institutions are bringing Wall Street's activist investing strategies to crypto markets. (GNO )
04:08 PM
Gelato Gives Developers a New 'Money Lego' Tool for DeFi Applications
Decentralized exchange Gnosis will be the first major platform to integrate Gelato's audited v1 transaction automator for token swaps on Ethereum's mainnet. (ETH , GNO )
07:08 AM
Prediction DApp Gnosis implements blockchain KYC from Fractal
Fractal, a Berlin and Singapore-based identification management startup, announced today it has signed a partnership with Gnosis, which has developed a (GNO )
08:39 AM
How to Stop Losing Money over ICOs
While ICO as a model has been around for a few years now, it's the last year that saw such campaigns multiply at a rate that could put bacteria in a Petri dish to shame. (GNO , REP , WINGS )
12:08 AM
Poloniex Cryptocurrency Exchange To Delist Three Altcoins, Remove Margin and Lending Products for U.S. Traders
As part of its effort to improve and professionalize its platform, Poloniex, the 46th largest digital assets trading platform in the world, has announced it would stop offering margin trading and lend (AMP , BTC , EXP , GNO )
12:08 PM
Kraken Introduces 'Block Trading' OTC Option for Trades of $100K or More
A short post on theKraken official blog announced a major addition to the exchange, as well as the market altogether. (BTC , ETC , ETH , GNO , REP )
03:08 AM
Ethereum Based Tokens are Eyeing All-Time Low Against Bitcoin, Future Trend
Ethereum based tokens, which have recorded astronomical gains against Bitcoin in the bull market of 2017, are on track to see all-time low prices. (BTC , ETH , GNO , OMG , REP )
03:08 AM
Cobinhood Delists Six Tokens Susceptible to Pump and Dump, Limits Tether Pairs
Cobinhood delists six tokens susceptible to pump and dump (FUN, GNO, ICN, SAN, SUB, VOISE), as well as limits tether (USDT) pairs. (BCH , FUN , GNO , ICN , USDT , VSM )
11:39 AM
Gnosis beginning prediction market app developer challenge
Gnosis, the decentralized prediction market platform built on Ethereum this week will begin Gnosis X, its recently announced recurring challenge inviting developers to build custom prediction market apps on Gnosis. Throughout this year, the team will be announcing different categories for prediction market use cases, (ETH , GNO )
08:24 AM
Why the Price of Ethereum has Risen Over 5,000 percent During 2017
What's common between Golem, EOS, Qtum, OmniseGo, Augur, BAT, Iconomi and Gnosis? That they are all cryptocurrencies with market cap of at least $100 million while first three of the list have crossed (BAT , BTC , EOS , ETH , GNO , GNT , ICN , REP )
01:53 PM
Crypto accounting app Balanc3 unveils financial statements for Gnosis, Aragon and Digix
Cryptocurrency and blockchain asset accounting application Balan3, officially introduced last month by ConsenSys earlier this week unveiled the financial s (ANT , DAO , GNO )
02:26 AM
Blockchain accounting app Balanc3 unveils financial Statements for Gnosis, Aragon and Digix
Cryptocurrency and blockchain asset accounting application Balan3, officially introduced last month by ConsenSys earlier this week unveiled the financial s (ANT , DAO , GNO )
03:39 PM
Inspired by DAO, Rocket Aims to Create Ethereum-Based Decentralized Startup Accelerator
The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), the first successful multi-million dollar initial coin offering (ICO) conducted on the Ethereum blockchain, was not able to carry out its vision due to severe security flaws that led to the loss of millions of dollars worth Ethereum from investors. Ultimately, losses of investors in the DAO were overturned and Continue reading Inspired by DAO, Rocket Aims to Create Ethereum-Based Decentralized Startup Accelerator (DAO , ETH , GNO , REP )
12:24 PM
Gnosis, Pound Sterling Among Pairs Disappearing from Kraken Today
Kraken is delisting 11 illiquid currency pairs today in an attempt to bulletproof its technical infrastructure for more popular trade options. (GNO )
10:54 AM
London, UK BIT.AC, the easy to use European based multi currency crypto wallet is proud to announce the support of 22 new crypto currencies. The new list of coins includes Gnosis, Golem, Iconomi, BAT, Xaurum, Edgeless, Trustcoin, Pluton, Augur, iExec, Melon, Wings, Singular, Aragon, FirstBlood, vSlice, Time, TokenCard, BCAP, Guppy, Lunyr and TAAS. In Continue reading BIT.AC ADDS SUPPORT FOR 22 MORE CRYPTO CURRENCIES (AC , GNO , GNT , REP , XAUR )
09:09 AM
Blockchain Project Bancor Raises Record US$153 Million In ICO
Blockchain project Bancor has raised a record of US$153 million in an initial coin offering (ICO). (ETH , GNO )
02:39 AM
Gnosis & Bancor partner on the first ever token changer (GNOBNT)
Bancor, the protocol which enables built-in price discovery and a liquidity mechanism for tokens on smart contract blockchains has announced... (GNO )
06:54 AM
(+) Analysis: Ripple, Dash, Stellar Lumens, Bytecoin & Gnosis
(+) Analysis: Ripple, Dash, Stellar Lumens, Bytecoin & Gnosis (BCN , GNO , STR , XLM , XRP )
11:24 PM
Biggest-Ever ICO Jackpot Netted By Ethereum-Based Aragon Despite Bad Actor
The prize for most successful ICO has now gone to Aragon, which beat Gnosis to raise $25 million in 15 minutes. (ETH , GNO )
06:24 AM
ConsenSys-Incubated Gnosis Announces Ethereum Prediction Market
Gnosis, the first project founded within the Consensus Systems (ConsenSys) Ethereum development studio, has announced a new platform for prediction markets. (ETH , GNO )
11:09 PM
Ethereum Based Gnosis Triples in Value from Its ICO Price
Gnosis trading has opened at both Kraken and Poloniex with the token tripling in value, now trading at around $90, up from its ICO sale price of $30 (ETH , GNO )
09:09 AM
Kraken, Poloniex Enable Trading of Ethereum-based Gnosis
Major cryptocurrency exchanges Kraken and Poloniex have begun trading of Ethereum-based prediction market Gnosis tokens (GNO) a week after its record ICO token sale. (ETH , GNO )
05:40 AM
Largest Crypto Exchanges Kraken, Poloniex Start Gnosis Trading
Two large cryptocurrency exchanges start Gnosis trading after the Ethereum-based prediction markets platform topped the board of fast-selling token sales. (ETH , GNO )
04:10 AM
Gnosis Tokens Double in Value After Exchange Debut
The GNO token is now available for trade following an explosive ICO, but the true value of the token is difficult to gauge. (GNO )
04:39 PM

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