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Why Crypto Users Should Learn a Lesson From This Naive DAO
The crypto industry does not only bring possibilities of investments, but an infinite landscape of ideas for people who want to create a landmark. (DAO )
Jan 25
06:13 PM
MDEX Transitions Into Metaverse, NFT and DAO as It Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary
January 21, 2022- As the project celebrates its one-year anniversary, MDEX, an innovative DeFi platform, has transformed into DeFi 2.0. By establishing a (DAO )
Jan 21
10:43 AM
New research expects a gloomy year for Bitcoin as DeFi and DAOs rise
Following the Federal Reserve's and other central banks' tightening of liquidity measures, Huobi Research believes that Bitcoin will enter a bear market. (BTC , DAO )
Jan 21
05:13 AM
Solv Ushers in the Next Era of Blockchain and DAO Fundraising through Convertible Vouchers
Solv Protocol takes the next step in helping crypto projects raise funds through its Convertible Vouchers. (DAO )
Jan 20
07:13 AM
IreneDAO NFTs causing a stir on crypto Twitter
Chinese crypto-influencer and Instagram star Irene Zhao started with a sticker pack on Telegram. A week later, it's been turned into an NFT collection, and she has her very own DAO fan club, IreneDAO. (DAO )
Jan 17
10:27 PM
NFTs With A Twist: Was Mike Novogratz Catfished By IreneDAO?
A new NFTs project on OpenSea under the name IreneDAO caused a storm, soared in value, and many scam alarms were set off. (DAO )
Jan 17
04:13 PM
Crypto DAO spends 2.66M on Jodorowsky's Dune thinking they would own its copyright, receives mass ridicule on Twitter
It would be difficult to dispose of the book copy as previous estimates only valued it at 30,000 euros. (DAO )
Jan 17
09:58 AM
AirCoin - A DAO Based Solution for the Whole Crypto Space
This is how AirCoin was formed through the help of DAO to modify the way the crypto space works and make it easier to complete transactions and use. (DAO )
Jan 14
08:58 AM
Prime Numbers Intends to Be the XDC Network's First DAO, NFT, and GameFi Project
Prime Numbers aspires to be the first DAO, NFT, and Gaming project on the XDC network. (DAO )
Jan 08
12:28 PM
Play It Forward DAO: Boosting Rewards For All Players
Looking to establish a more accessible and safer place for newcomers to the P2E scene is vital. Play It Forward (PIF) is one such entity that seeks to make (DAO )
Jan 05
11:12 PM
DAO treasuries surged 40X in 2021: DeepDAO
The combined value of DAO treasuries has boomed this year, increasing from $380 million in January to around $11.5 billion in mid December. (DAO )
05:59 PM
MetaVisa Optimizes the On-chain Credit System and Integrates Decentralized Identity into DAO and GameFi
MetaVisa helps users to establish and display reliable on-chain identity and credit records by analyzing on-chain data. (DAO )
12:58 AM
Gas DAO Project Forms to Airdrop Tokens to Ethereum Users That Spent $1,559 in Fees
A new project called Gas DAO is airdropping tokens to any wallet that's paid more than $1,559 in ether gas fees before December 26. (DAO , ETH )
03:13 PM
Vitalik Buterin Speaks To Argentina: Decentralization Goes Far Beyond Money
Reportedly, Vitalik Buterin went to Buenos Aires to experience inflation first-hand. Argentina's Ethereum community embraced the creator and treated him like (DAO , ETH )
04:43 AM
The 2021 DAO Global Hackathon Ended and the RainbowDAO Team Won Three Awards!
Lasting for 3 months, the largest Web3 hackathon ever organized on Gitcoin: 2021 DAO Global Hackathon, has officially ended at the end of December 2021. (DAO )
04:42 AM
DogeMania aims to make a big DAO community of all crypto-doge-lovers. Don't miss DOGECON
(DAO )
09:41 AM
Dogemania Kicks Off on December 22 to Unify All DOGE-themed Communities
Dogemania is kicking off on December 22nd, 2021, creating a new ecosystem within the broader finance world, including DOGECON, a DAO, and much more. (DAO , DOGE , UNIFY )
01:27 AM
DAO adopts Web 3.0 technology to democratize climate change mitigation initiatives
Too much rhetoric dominates climate conservations; one organization is changing the narrative (DAO )
07:12 AM
Jade Protocol: A DAO Powering New Crypto Projects Like None Other
DeFi's first-ever decentralized venture capital fund for the people, by the people is here. Jade Protocol has a treasury that has surpassed $100M in value, (DAO )
10:13 AM
World Housing and RealEx DAO announce financing plans for Canada's first 3D-printed affordable housing project
Nov. 15, 2021 - The RealEx DAO has announced plans to its community to finance Canada's first 3D printed affordable housing community, which is being (DAO )
10:57 PM
How to Streamline Your Crypto Invoicing Process
Request Finance is now how many of the top DAOs and DeFi companies manage their crypto invoicing process. It's based on blockchain, providing the benefits of (DAO )
05:26 AM
Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Gaining The Most Price Today on CoinMarketCap (December 12th) News
There's never a dull day in crypto markets. Even when Bitcoin and Ethereum show little movement, there will be cryptocurrencies that see insane price gains every day. This article looks at the top 5 cryptocurrencies gaining the most price today on CoinMarketCap, ordered by 24-hour price gain, lowest to highest. 5. Tempo DAO (TEMPO) +182% Tempo DAO is a fork of Olympus DAO, one of the most popular decentralized liquidity protocols on the Avalanche network. Tempro DAO allows users to lock up funds in return for a ridiculous APY. According to its official website, Tempo DAO is the first Play-to-earn (BTC , DAO , ETH )
05:42 PM
FLUX, SFP and Badger DAO surge even as Bitcoin price falls to $47K
BTC price continues to soften, but new exchange listings and protocol upgrades provided a much-needed boost for FLUX, SFP and BADGER. (BTC , DAO )
10:27 AM
Australian government gives nod to 6 world leading crypto reforms
The Australian government has reportedly backed crypto proposals relating to crypto exchange licensing and DAO governance, but has knocked back a 10% cut for sustainable BTC miners. (BTC , DAO )
08:14 PM
0x expands partnership with Celo to distribute $4.5M to DAO ecosystem
The two firms were among a consortium of leading DeFi projects that founded the financial inclusion and education initiative DeFi for the People in August this year. (DAO , ZRX )
08:57 AM
Binance to List Merit Circle DAO on Its Launchpool
Binance has announced it will be listing Merit Circle (MC), a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) play-to-earn game on its Launchpool. (DAO )
05:27 AM
DAOs empower social good with yield-generating DeFi products
New paradigm shift materializes in the intersection between DeFi and ESG, with opportunities to be rewarded for doing good (DAO )
10:11 AM
Flare Partners with Gaming and Fan Engagement Platform Enterprise Provider Rival
Flare announced a partnership with leading esports, gaming and fan engagement enterprise platform Rival to become a preferred NFT, Utility or DAO token platform for Rival's NFT marketplace. (DAO )
07:12 AM
How Hinata's Anime NFT Platform Connects Fans with Collectibles
The Hinata DAO has been established to support quality content creators and incubate a platform suited for the future of collectibles, metaverse tokenization and blockchain gaming. (DAO )
12:58 AM
Crypto Crowdfunding Goes Mainstream With ConstitutionDAO Bid
A loosely-organized group of investors made casual and even some long-time observers of the crypto world wonder what's a DAO, or decentralized autonomous organization, after they mounted a crowdfunding-like campaign to buy a rare copy of the U.S. Constitution.
07:27 AM
Introducing HunnyDAO, The First Dual Asset-Backed DAO on BSC
DeFi has seen a surge in novel uses of liquidity mining and rewards through protocols like Uniswap and PancakeSwap. More recently, a new crop of DeFi 2.0 (DAO )
01:43 AM
Constitution DAO Lost Auction To $41M Bid, But Made History. What Happens Now?
A DAO pooled over $46M to buya first printing of the U.S. Constitution at an auction, but even though it sold for $41M, they lost the bid. (DAO )
12:41 AM
BREAKING: ConstitutionDAO fails to win Sotheby's auction
A DAO fell short of snapping up one of just thirteen copies of the official edition of the constitution in an auction at Sotheby's for $43.2. (DAO )
05:11 PM
Hector DAO Brings a New Era of Decentralization Replace Centralized Stablecoins
Today, the crypto market has become mainstream with its adoption at an all-time-high. However, when Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin, he expected it to (BTC , DAO )
09:41 AM
Dtravel Home-Sharing Platform Arrives on MEXC Global & Bybit Launchpad
Dtravel, the first-ever home-sharing decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO) in the home-sharing space, with more than 200,000 properties on its (DAO )
04:26 AM
Wonderverse Secures $2.5M in Funding to Help Spread of DAOs
On Tuesday, November 16, San Francisco-based Wonderverse announced raising $2.5 million in funding just days ahead of its pre-launch. (DAO )
01:56 AM
Tezos NFT Market Hic et Nunc Returns After Founder Steps Back, Begins Transition to DAO
After the market's founder stepped back, the community decided to take the project into their own hands and is transitioning into a DAO. (DAO )
10:40 PM
CrazyBunny Skyrockets 22200% Since Launch, An New Entertainment Platform is Expected in Near Future
CrazyBunny is the first-ever DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) project that embraces full autonomy. (DAO )
02:26 AM
A New Model For DAO Governance: The Orakuru Foundation
In an important announcement, Orakuru, a top oracle on Binances Smart Chain, decided to rebrand itself as The Orakuru Foundation. Orakuru's end game has (DAO )
11:40 PM
Klima DAO accumulates $100M of carbon offsets, aims to drive up price
Klima DAO has accumulated over 9 million tonnes of carbon offsets in the form of BCT, which are verified offsets bridged onto Polygon by Toucan Protocol. (DAO )
04:39 PM
RealEx DAO Is Offering Crypto Real Estate Steadycoin Grants to Anyone Currently Enrolled in University or Holding Student Debt
(British Virgin Islands) November 11, 2021 - RealEx, the first real estate-backed cryptocurrency, has announced plans to provide some relief to the 60 (DAO )
09:54 AM
ENS' director of operations says that DAO-based governance 'has always been the plan'
Brantly.eth shares his thoughts on ENS' new token-based DAO governance model. (DAO )
11:54 AM
U.S. securities regulator halts Wyoming crypto firm's tokens
The U.S. securities regulator on Wednesday halted registration for two digital tokens offered by Wyoming-based American Cryptofed DAO LLC, accusing the company of providing misleading information to investors in regulatory filings.
09:48 AM
Hector DAO Announces a New Website to Incorporate High End Functionalities
Hector Dao, a decentralized protocol based on the $HEC token, has announced a new website scheduled to launch by 9th November. (DAO )
07:54 AM
The FIRST NFT to Become Fully DAO
Space Knight Club is an NFT project in which elite NFT holders have an exclusive level of access and control of 100% of the royalty funds using a Gnosis multisig safe. (DAO , GNO )
02:25 AM
Ethereum Name Service to Pivot to DAO Governance, Airdrops ENS Token to Domain Holders
The Ethereum Name Service, which controls the decentralized domains on Ethereum, announced a pivot to a decentralized governance model. (DAO , ETH )
01:39 AM
Ethereum Name Service's new token already has a fully-diluted cap of $3.1T
Every owner of a .eth domain name has been airdropped the governance token of Ethereum Name Service's new DAO. (DAO , ETH )
10:09 PM
Endaoment raises $7M for nonprofits in its first year as crypto donations thrive
The charity DAO had a very successful first year with over 100 nonprofits receiving Donor-Advised Funds. (DAO )
06:09 AM
99District NFT.DAO Announces Re-Create: An Industry First Project Combining the Best of NFT, DeFi and DAO
99District NFT.DAO announced a new community-driven model NFT+DAO+Defi+Re-Creation. Under this model, members have the opportunity to create their own (DAO )
03:09 AM
BLOCKS Launches Silver and Gold Tokenized Community Tiers, Token Listed on Uniswap
BLOCKS-- the first DAO LLC registered in Wyoming, U.S., aiming to move traditional industries onto the blockchain--, has launched their tokenized (DAO )
03:24 PM

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