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Most big cryptocurrencies increase as Uniswap rallies
Most of the largest cryptocurrencies were up during morning trading on Thursday, with Uniswap seeing the biggest move, rallying 5.42% to $9.59. Seven...
Aug 11
07:09 AM
Latest Turkey Inflation Rate of 79.6% the Highest in 24 Years - Weakening Lira and Russia-Ukraine War Blamed
Despite the rate's rise to levels last seen in 1998, the Turkish central bank has said it expects this to drop to 42.8% by the end of 2022. (42 )
Aug 06
12:39 AM
Polkadot leads way as largest cryptocurrencies decline
All of the largest cryptocurrencies were down during morning trading on Monday, with Polkadot seeing the biggest move, tumbling 6.42% to $8.50. Uniswap...
Aug 01
07:11 AM
Most big cryptocurrencies fall as Uniswap tumbles
Most of the largest cryptocurrencies were down during morning trading on Friday, with Uniswap seeing the biggest change, falling 6.42% to $8.98. Six...
Jul 29
07:08 AM
Bitcoin Lost 5.42% to $20963.58 at 5 p.m. ET
(BTC )
Jul 26
02:41 PM
Since 2014, Roughly 42% of Failed Crypto Exchanges Have Disappeared Without a Trace for No Apparent Reason
Data shows that 42% of failed crypto exchanges disappeared without a trace, giving users no explanation as to why the exchange shut down. (42 )
Jul 25
09:40 AM
Bitcoin Lost 2.29% to $22603.42 at 5 p.m. ET
(BTC )
Jul 22
02:57 PM
FBI Warns of Fake Crypto Apps - 244 Investors Defrauded, $42.7 Million Lost
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has issued a warning about fake cryptocurrency apps defrauding investors. (42 )
Jul 20
02:39 PM
FBI Raises Alarm On Crypto Cyber Fraud, Says $42.7 Million Lost Since December
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a consumer alert last month regarding the growing risk of crypto frauds. The FBI is now adding its voice to the (42 , FTC )
Jul 19
06:25 PM
FBI says fake crypto apps defrauded investors of more than $42 million
The FBI warned that cybercriminals are capitalizing on the growing interest in crypto investing to attract investors to fraudulent apps.
Jul 19
07:40 AM
FBI issues public warning over fake crypto apps
Fake cryptocurrency applications have swindled around $42.7 million from U.S. investors, says the Federal Bureau of Investigation. (42 )
Jul 18
07:10 PM
Dogecoin Gained 3.42% to $0.062 at 5 p.m. ET
Jul 14
02:50 PM
Coinbase stock price target cut at Mizuho, citing 'market share bleed'
Coinbase Global Inc.'s undefined stock price target was cut to $42 from $45 at Mizuho Securities on Thursday amid concern about the crypto broker's market...
Jul 14
04:40 AM
Uniswap leads way as largest cryptocurrencies slump
All of the largest cryptocurrencies were down during morning trading on Wednesday, with Uniswap seeing the biggest change, declining 4.18% to $5.42. Cardano... (ADA )
Jul 13
07:07 AM
Voyager Digital Stock Down 42.24% as Firm Suspends Core Activities
The shares of Voyager Digital plunged by as much as 42.24% CAD 0.34 as the firm suspended the core activities on its platform. (42 )
Jul 05
03:39 AM
Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Dip to Yearly Lows as Tech Stocks Are Having Their Worst Year News
After a sharp rebound last week, Bitcoin and Ethereum again suffer significant bearish momentum as BTC and ETH prices dip to yearly lows at $19k and $1k, respectively. The bear market is in full effect for crypto and traditional markets. Tech stocks are having their worst year yet, with major stocks like Apple Inc (AAPL) down 23.5% this year, Inc (AMZN) down 36.08% this year, and Tesla Inc (TSLA) down over 42% year to date. The good news is that some analysts predict that the bottom is nearing, and this could be one of the final market dips before (42 , BTC , ETH )
Jun 30
06:39 AM
Dogecoin Gained 9.42% to $0.065 at 5 p.m. ET
Jun 21
02:42 PM
Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Continue Bullish Rebound News
Bitcoin price is up over 4% today as the cryptocurrency continues to rally past the $21k mark, currently trading at $21,546. Major cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Cardano, XRP, and Solana are also showing substantial price growth, with SOL gaining upwards of 10% in the past 24 hours. The bullish momentum this Tuesday comes amid the stock market showing signs of recovery, with the S&P 500 rising by 2.42%, Dow Jones up 1.78%, and NASDAQ up over 1.95% since opening today. The current bullish momentum spells positive news for a potential upcoming market reversal in the next couple of weeks or months. (42 , ADA , BTC , ETH , XRP )
Jun 21
09:39 AM
Ethereum Lost 6.42% to $1677.39 at 5 p.m. ET
(ETH )
Jun 10
02:46 PM
Report: 42.9% of Turks View Gold as Best Form of Investment, Only 1.9% Would Invest in Crypto
Real estate is the next most-preferred, with 27.4% of the study's respondents saying they would invest in this. (42 )
May 30
03:24 AM
Ethereum Lost 0.42% to $1996.35 at 5 p.m. ET
(ETH )
May 23
02:40 PM
Terrible crypto trader gets 42 months for fraud, claiming he was a total gun
Jeremy Spence who operated Coin Signals on social media was sentenced to three and a half years along with an order to pay back millions he defrauded from investors in a crypto investment Ponzi scheme. (42 )
May 11
10:54 PM
Crypto Downturn Shakes Digital Collectible Markets as NFT Sales Slip 42% Lower Than Last Week
Over the last seven days, stats show NFT sales have dropped 42.85% lower than the previous week's NFT sales. (42 )
May 10
01:09 PM
42.5K BTC reportedly moved from Luna Foundation Guard wallet as UST peg crumbles
Terra's UST stablecoin lost its peg to the U.S. dollar this week, falling to a low of 0.9428, according to CoinMarketCap. (42 , BTC )
May 09
01:54 PM
Bitcoin Lost 8.42% to $36431.57 at 5 p.m. ET
(BTC )
May 05
02:42 PM
Ethereum Lost 6.42% to $2754.37 at 5 p.m. ET
(ETH )
May 05
02:42 PM
Ethereum Gained 6.09% to $2943.42 at 5 p.m. ET
(ETH )
May 04
02:45 PM
Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC up to $42,550 Ceiling, as Bullish Momentum Continues
BTC and ETH were once again trading higher on Thursday, as bullish momentum extended during today's market session. (42 , BTC , ETH )
Apr 21
06:44 AM
Luna Foundation Purchases Another $5 Million in Bitcoin, LFG Wallet Holds 42,530 BTC
The Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) purchased an additional 123.89 bitcoin on Friday worth close to $5 million at the time of settlement. (42 , BTC )
Apr 15
12:44 PM
Bitcoin Gained 0.91% to $46175.42 at 5 p.m. ET - Data Talk
(BTC )
Apr 01
02:56 PM
Bitcoin dips 3.6% from weekly highs
BTC price action cools below key support with Bitcoin analysts hoping for a $42,500 consolidation. (42 , BTC )
Mar 23
02:13 AM
Bitcoin Lost 0.29% to $41186.42 at 5 p.m. ET - Data Talk
(BTC )
Mar 21
04:39 PM
Bitcoin's got 3 strikes, but investors remain calm despite price drop
Although Bitcoin failed to make a meaningful break above $42,000 for the third time, the outlook remains fairly positive among retail traders in Asia. (42 , BTC )
Mar 14
02:42 PM
Bitcoin jumps as much as 11% as U.S. lays groundwork on rules
Bitcoin jumped above US$42,000 amid a sharp rally in digital tokens, spurred by optimism about a U.S. overhaul of crypto oversight that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called historic. (BTC )
Mar 09
11:01 AM
Bitcoin tops US$42,000 as Biden kickstarts crypto oversight
Bitcoin jumped above US$42,000 amid a sharp rally in digital tokens, spurred by optimism about an impending U.S. overhaul of crypto oversight. (BTC )
Mar 09
03:49 AM
Bitcoin returns to $42K as markets await potential 7.9% CPI inflation data
Bitcoin surges into U.S. CPI data as BTC price action passes $42,000. (42 , BTC )
Mar 09
01:59 AM
Bitcoin Tests $42,000 Level as Russia-Ukraine Tensions Weigh
Bitcoin briefly fell below $42,000, testing its 50-day moving average, as renewed fears of a possible Ukraine invasion by Russia weighed on global markets including risk assets. (BTC )
Feb 17
09:48 AM
Bitcoin price consolidates in critical 'make or break' zone as bulls defend $42K
Analysts express mixed views on BTC's short-term prospects, but most agree that $42,000 is the level to watch. (42 , BTC )
Feb 14
12:58 PM
Bitcoin Network Hashrate Explodes to New ATH but BTC Corrects Under $42,000
The Bitcoin network hashrate touched a new all-time high registering a 31% jump in a single day. This suggests higher miner participation. (42 , BTC )
Feb 14
04:43 AM
Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, XRP, CRO, FTT, THETA
BTC's price action is looking grim, but traders hope that a bounce off the $42,000 support will complete a bullish technical analysis pattern and trigger a rally in Bitcoin and altcoins. (42 , BTC , XRP )
Feb 13
11:13 AM
Value Locked in Defi Climbs Higher, Polkadot TVL Spikes, Terra's LUNA Sheds 21%
The total-value locked (TVL) in decentralized finance (defi) protocols is $192.42 billion up 5.28% since January 23. (42 )
Jan 30
08:43 AM
Here Are Countries Where Crypto Are Illegal
Nine countries currently explicitly ban cryptocurrencies, while 42 others are less firm even if they consider them illegal.
Jan 21
09:46 AM
China's Hang Seng Index Soars 3.42% as PBOC Cuts LPR Again
China's Hang Seng Index soared by 3.42% as the People's Bank of China (PBOC) cuts the lending rates in yet another historic move. (42 )
Jan 20
03:57 AM
Analysts warn that Bitcoin could dip to $38K 'before an eventual breakout'
Bitcoin continues to struggle below $42,000 as extreme fear grips the crypto market and analysts hint at a drop to $38,000. (42 , BTC )
Jan 18
01:12 PM
OpenSea surpasses $3.5B in monthly Ether trading volume setting new ATH
According to Dune Analytics, OpenSea has surpassed the all-time high of $3.42 billion set in Aug. 2021, surpassing the $3.5 billion mark. (42 )
Jan 17
08:59 AM
Bitcoin price surges to $43K, but traders warn that 'real pain' is due for altcoins
Even with the abrupt surge to $42.3K, traders warn that Bitcoin and altcoins are still in for 'real pain' if the current macro perspectives remain the same. (42 , BTC )
Jan 11
09:58 AM
Single inactive volcano has 90% chance of powering El Salvador's Bitcoin City, according to president
Nayib Bukele said there was a 90% probability of using geothermal energy gathered from the Conchagua volcano to supply 42 megawatts to the country's planned Bitcoin City. (42 , BTC )
Jan 10
12:28 PM
Bitcoin fills $42K December price wick as analyst says 'party just getting started'
BTC price action is due for further volatility, say analysts as Bitcoin returns to $42,000. (42 , BTC )
Jan 06
03:43 AM
Bitcoin 'death cross' that pushed BTC price to $28.8K reappears
The bearish crossover between Bitcoin's 20-day and 200-day exponential moving averages signals decline towards the $40,000-42,000 area. (42 , BTC )
06:11 AM
Novogratz Says Bitcoin Risks Sliding More Before Seeing Support
After watching Bitcoin drop about 30% over the past month, cryptocurrency billionaire Mike Novogratz said there could be more pain ahead, though he expects the price of the largest digital asset to hold at about $42,000. (BTC )
12:56 PM

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