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MakerDAO Seeks To Invest $500 Million In Untapped Territories OF Bonds And Treasuries
As the bear market trend is getting more intense, many protocols and other crypto-related firms are making moves for survival. On its part, MakerDAO plans on (DAO )
Jul 01
08:09 AM
MakerDAO members shoot down proposal for more centralization
The members of MakerDAO have voted to reject three proposals that would have seen the DAO's governance structure become more centralized and hierarchical. (DAO )
Jul 01
12:54 AM
DAO structure supports advancement of modern science in latest Web3 movement
DeFi skeptics aside, decentralized technologies have proven their utility to further modern science in a concept known as DeSci (DAO )
Jun 28
02:09 AM
FTX Token DAO Raises $7M From Community of Sam Bankman-Fried Fans
The money is destined for a fund that will contribute to community-led projects across decentralized finance (DeFi) and crypto education. (DAO )
Jun 27
06:54 AM
RLD.DAO's Ambition: To Be a Revolutionary Presence in the Crypto
RLD.DAO brings a brand new idea and provocatively announces to the world: Revolution starts now! (DAO )
Jun 27
05:09 AM
Less than 1% of all holders have 90% of the voting power in DAOs: report
The Chainalysis report highlighted that although all governance token holders have voting rights, the right to make a new proposal for the community and to pass it is not very easy for everyone, given the number of tokens required to do so. (DAO )
Jun 27
04:54 AM
Crypto Reacts To The NFT NYC Conference: The Good
Sadly, the NFT NYC conference took place at the beginning of what looks like a crypto bear market. The industry was blowing up when the estimated 15.000 (DAO )
Jun 25
12:25 PM
Polygon DAO integrates decentralized ID service to prevent hostile takeovers and whales CryptoNinjas
Polygon ID, a new self-sovereign, zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) identity service, is today integrating with Polygon DAO to foster equitable voting in DAO (DAO )
Jun 22
06:54 PM
Proceeds from the limited edition World Housing HOM-NFTs will fund 3D printed homes for homeless families
Vancouver, Canada: HOM DAO has announced that they will be dropping the WORLD HOUSING 3D HOM-NFT COLLECTION, on June 20, 2022. The goal of the initiative is (DAO )
Jun 21
06:39 AM
What Ethereum use case can make ETH a $500B market cap asset: Community answers
Users highlighted the importance of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) and how it enables global interaction. (DAO , ETH )
Jun 20
04:39 AM
AI is taking crypto trading to a whole new level. This is how
The current market landscape is a challenging one for crypto investors, but this DAO says AI-powered portfolios can give traders an all-important edge (DAO )
Jun 20
02:09 AM
The TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Announces First List of New Partners Joining thePermanent Judging Panel for Season 2
TRON DAO and BitTorrent Chain (BTTC) are thrilled to announce Mirana, Binance Custody, FalconX, Bittrex Global, APENFT Marketplace, Voxels, Tacen, Ankr, (DAO , VOX )
Jun 18
02:39 AM
The TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Announces First List of New Partners Joining the Permanent Judging Panel for Season 2
Geneva, Switzerland / June 16 / - TRON DAO and BitTorrent Chain (BTTC) are thrilled to announce Mirana, Binance Custody, FalconX, Bittrex Global, APENFT (DAO )
Jun 17
10:09 PM
FREEDOM MetaDAO is creating the first DAO as a Service that enables freedom of speech, privacy, and protection. The platform allows users with little to zero (DAO )
Jun 17
09:54 AM
YGG And Merit Circle DAO Evade Legal Tussle Securing A Settlement
For Merit Circle Ltd and Yield Guild Games (YGG), looking for a neutral settlement for their differences is a more peaceful option. Unfortunately, the DAO (DAO )
Jun 17
02:09 AM
Maker cuts off Aave's DAI supply as fallout from Celsius continues
Maker DAO members voted to temporarily cut off borrowing and lending platform Aave from its DAI direct deposit module as a protective measure in the instance Celsius, one of Aave's biggest DAI borrowers, gets liquidated. (DAO )
Jun 16
06:54 PM
TRON Native Token TRX Up 27% Following DAO $220M Deployment for Token Purchase
The price of TRX benefitted from a committed move by the TRON DAO to shield its USDD stablecoin from collapsING following the recent dip. (DAO )
Jun 16
05:54 AM
Tron's TRX Bumps 27% as DAO Deploys $220M for Token Purchase
Founder Justin Sun has injected over $2 billion this week to support the Tron market. (DAO )
Jun 16
03:24 AM
The crypto industry must do more to promote encryption, says Meltem Demirors
Meltem Demirors of CoinShares sat down with Cointelegraph to talk about encryption, privacy, DAOs and what she hopes to see in the crypto space. (DAO )
Jun 15
07:09 AM
EarthFund Unveils New 'DAO-as-a-Service' System
EarthFund, a decentralized platform that allows anyone on it to set up funding DAOs, has launched a new DAO-as-a-Service system. (DAO )
Jun 15
06:09 AM
Legal battle avoided after YGG and Merit Circle DAO agree to a deal
The formal relationship between Yield Guild Games and the Merit Circle DAO has been terminated after a series of improvement proposals passed, which further netted YGG a significant return on investment. (DAO )
Jun 15
12:24 AM
Nifty News: Lacoste's luxury DAO, Bill Gates slams Bored Apes and more
Investor BoredWEB3 paid an eye-watering 1,024 ETH ($1.22 million) for Ape #7537, marking a 921.12 ETH profit for seller DB1C00, or roughly $914,000 in fiat terms. (DAO , ETH )
Jun 14
08:09 PM
Gaming DAO Merit Circle, YGG 'Terminate Relationship'
Merit Circle members had proposed canceling YGG's investment in the organization because of a lack of perceived added value. Now the two are parting ways. (DAO )
Jun 14
08:54 AM
Despite Overcollateralized Reserve, Tron's USDD Stablecoin Slips to $0.974 per Token
The dip to $0.97 follows Monday's deviation from the parity and comes after the Tron DAO Reserve deployed millions in USDC to defend the peg. (DAO )
Jun 14
07:39 AM
DAO Numbers Spike Following The Surge In Vote Numbers
Over the past 12 months, the number of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) increased more than eight times. The growth is proportional to the rate of (DAO )
Jun 14
07:09 AM
Dohrnii DAO Crypto Giveaway: Ready to Win $100K in Bitcoin?
Do you want to win $100,000 in BTC? Yes, that's right - Dohrnii DAO has recently announced a major crypto giveaway! In celebration of the DHN token (BTC , DAO )
Jun 14
04:09 AM
Tron Adds $50M Worth of Bitcoin and TRX to Its USDD Reserves
The Tron DAO Reserve will work towards offering strong support to USDD. (BTC , DAO )
Jun 13
04:54 AM
USDD stablecoin falls to $0.97, DAO inserts $700M to defend the peg
Researcher Resdegen argued that with the current situation, USDD is only 92% collateralized. (DAO )
Jun 13
03:39 AM
What are investment DAOs and how do they work?
Read this guide to understand the differences between traditional venture capital and investment DAO models. (DAO )
Jun 11
08:54 AM
8DAO: Asia's first Social DAO, using social capital to build a Web3 ecosystem
8DAO was established in early 2022. It is a membership-based Social DAO that gathers elites from different industries, and connects like-minded people, people (DAO )
Jun 11
06:54 AM
Tesla Board Member Kimbal Musk Says Most DAOs Are Not Actually Decentralized
Frankly, I think most DAOs are designed to allow the founders to maintain control, said the founder of food justice charity Big Green DAO. (DAO )
Jun 10
03:39 PM
Finance Redefined: Number of DAOs surge, Solana launches $100M DeFi fund
The top-100 DeFi tokens showed mixed market performance, with several tokens registering double-digit gains in the last seven days, while a significant majority remained bearish on the weekly charts. (DAO )
Jun 10
01:10 PM
Decentralized Autonomous Organization Statistics Show $10 Billion Is Held by DAO Treasuries
In 2022, there are thousands of decentralized autonomous organizations, as statistics show that $10 billion is held by DAO treasuries. (DAO )
Jun 10
07:39 AM
Number of DAOs increases 8X along with spike in votes and proposals
New data from Electric Capital and Snapshot reveals promising levels of growth in the number of decentralized autonomous organizations and their participation rates. Individual rates of participation are still relatively low. (DAO )
Jun 09
11:09 PM
ApeCoin DAO officially favor to remain within Ethereum ecosystem
The ApeCoin DAO has issued a vote of confidence for Ethereum, stating the belief that ApeCoin should remain on the network for the foreseeable future. (DAO , ETH )
Jun 08
06:09 PM
'Data DAO' Delphia raises $60M Series A led by Multicoin Capital
Delphia plans to leverage the power of user-owned data to enhance its trading algorithm. (DAO )
Jun 08
11:39 AM
Israel's Most Prominent VC Pitango Launches First Labs Investment DAO to Bridge Web2 and Web3
Top web2 VC Pitango has launched First Labs, a thesis-driven web3 lab designed to bridge the traditional economy and web3. (DAO )
Jun 07
07:54 AM
Katie Haun's New Fund Leads $32M Round in Lending Protocol Euler
The funds will go toward treasury diversification for the forthcoming Euler DAO. (DAO )
Jun 07
06:09 AM
Leaked copy of US draft bill shows DeFi and DAOs under regulatory lens
While the policies are indeed strict, many experts were quick to point out that it is only a draft bill at this point. (DAO )
Jun 07
02:24 AM
Top 5 Projects to Launch on Terra 2.0 (LUNA) News
Many decentralized apps from the traditional chain would need to relaunch on the new one following the introduction of Terra's new blockchain by the Terra Team. The launch has already received widespread backing from centralized exchanges and service providers. Huobi, Binance, KuCoin, Bitrue, FTX, Bitfinex, GateIO, ByBit, Nexo, and more platforms are among them. Many decentralized apps have already appeared on the new Terra 2.0 platform. We'll show you the Top 5 Projects launched on the Terra 2.0 (LUNA) chain. 5. Apollo DAO On Terra, ApolloDAO describes itself as a yield aggregator and more. Apollo Safe is a front end (DAO )
Jun 07
12:09 AM
MetaBrewSociety to offer voting rights over a brewery via NFTs and DAO
As part of the project, MBS will offer a range of tokenized beer share certificates that offer varying levels of governance rights over a physical brewery in Munich that will also have an equivalent that the Metaverse. (DAO )
Jun 06
02:24 AM
A16z Says DAOs May Be Better Off Filing Legal Papers, Paying Taxes
The venture capital firm released an analysis today further underlining the possible U.S. legal structures for DAOs, and suggesting it might be best not to run offshore to avoid taxes. (DAO )
Jun 02
11:09 AM
Kimbal Musk and His Big Green DAO
Elon's brother on his DAO nonprofit: (DAO )
Jun 02
10:24 AM
Decent Labs launches new tool for developers to manage DAOs: Fractal
Decent Labs, a Web3 accelerator and venture studio, has launched a new product called Fractalon mainnet, a turnkey solution for developers to utilize in (DAO )
Jun 01
08:39 PM
Paradigm Backs $5M Round in DAO Management Platform Dework
Pace Capital co-led the seed funding for the startup, which combines Trello and Linkedin-like features for Web 3. (DAO )
Jun 01
06:24 AM
AgroGloryTime Introduces DAO and Interest-earning Token Backed by $50m+ Agricultural Business
AgroGloryTime signalled their intention to introduce an investment token (AGTI) secured by property and derivatives. (DAO )
Jun 01
04:40 AM
Coinshift Partners With Superfluid for Their V2 Beta Launch
PRESS RELEASE. Sheridan, United States, Date, Chainwire - Coinshift is a leading treasury management and infrastructure platform that enables DAOs and (DAO )
May 31
04:54 AM
VC Roundup: The rise of blockchain gaming, DAO management and asset tokenization
Web3 gaming, real-world asset tokenization and DAO management tools headline this week's VC Roundup. (DAO )
May 30
07:09 AM
Consensus 2022 Visitor Guide: Getting Down With DAOs
Short for decentralized autonomous organizations, DAOs will be covered extensively at Consensus. Here are our top picks for those interested in jumping down the DAO rabbit hole. (DAO )
May 27
11:09 AM
Curve Finance To Conclude CRV Token Emissions From TerraUSD Oriented Pools
Curve Finance community members are already voting to terminate CRV releases from all UST liquidity pools. (DAO )
May 26
03:09 AM

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