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Survey: Institutional Traders Are Split on Bitcoin's Price, Wary of ICOs
A plurality of respondents to a new survey from brokerage firm Triad Securities said they believe bitcoin is in a bubble that's primed to crash. (BTC )
Nov 19
11:47 PM
Bitcoin's Price Climbs Above $8,100 to Hit New All-Time High
Bitcoin's price rose above $8,100 for the first time on Sunday. (BTC )
Nov 19
11:47 PM
Our poll on bitcoin shows most who bought it have made money
It's the hottest investment of the year. But be careful buying it. That's the view of several thousand readers who took our recent survey on bitcoin, the digital currency that's up nearly 600% in value this year.
Nov 17
10:51 AM
Meet 4 regular people who got rich from bitcoin
As the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies soars, here are some regular people who dipped a toe in and already made tons of money.
Nov 17
10:21 AM
House passes GOP tax reform bill
Stocks charging higher as earnings power the way, and tax reform clears a hurdle in Washington.Plus why Walmart's blow out quarter proves why Amazon had to get its hands on Whole Foods. Plus forget fintech is fash-tech the next frontier for Silicon Valley? Why big funds, and Amazon, are suiting
Nov 16
12:56 PM
AmEx blockchain partnership allows same-day int'l payments
American Express's new service doesn't require cards and makes same-day settlement possible. American Express (AXP) and Santander (SAN) have joined forces with Ripple, a blockchain payment network, to provide an international payments system with same-day settlement, something that is frequently difficult
Nov 16
10:52 AM
Square Cash is letting some users buy and sell Bitcoin
Square is testing cryptocurrency support in their Cash app, according to TechCrunch reader Zach Miles on Twitter and confirmed by the company. (BTC )
Nov 15
02:21 PM
Here's Why Square (SQ) Gained Today
Shares of Square Inc. (SQ) were up more than 2.3% in morning trading Wednesday after the payments company announced that it is testing support for bitcoin through its mobile application, Cash App.
Nov 15
02:21 PM
Zimbabwe Equities Are Almost More Bitcoin Than Bitcoin
The political turmoil isn't a prelude to a buying opportunity. (BTC )
Nov 15
02:06 PM
Wall Street's new bitcoin play: Square rises after saying it's testing support of the cryptocurrency
Shares of Square jump after a report the company's payments app Cash is testing support for bitcoin.
Nov 15
01:41 PM
Jack Dorsey's Square is letting some people buy and sell bitcoin on its Cash app
Square is allowing some people to test a feature on its money transfer app Cash that enables them to buy and sell bitcoin.
Nov 15
01:16 PM
TODAY'S CHARTS: Food stocks crushed on Whole Food's price cuts; Square's bitcoin play
Amazon's (AMZN) Whole Foods announced price cuts once again. The high-end grocery chain plans to drop prices on some of its best-selling grocery items and holiday staples this quarter. Amazon Prime members will also get deeper discounts on items including organic turkeys.
Nov 15
09:36 AM
Amazon unveils more Whole Foods price cuts ahead of Thanksgiving
The lower prices include deeper discounts on some items for Amazon Prime members and come on top of price cuts already announced by Whole Foods in August, when Amazon completed its $13.7 billion acquisition of the upscale grocer. Shares of rival U.S. grocers including Costco (COST.O), Sprouts Farmers (SPRTS )
Nov 15
06:51 AM
Bitcoin Surges in Zimbabwe After Military Moves to Seize Power
Bitcoin climbed as much as 10 percent on Zimbabwe's Golix exchange on Wednesday after the country's armed forces seized power. (BTC )
Nov 15
03:18 AM
Are There Any Bitcoin Stocks Worth Buying?
Believe it or not, at least five stocks have been tethered in some way to bitcoin -- but that doesn't make them worth buying. (BTC )
Nov 13
03:16 PM
A bitcoin spin-off briefly replaced rival digital coin ether as the second-largest cryptocurrency
Bitcoin cash rallied after plans for a (BTC )
Nov 13
01:12 PM
BlackRock's Fink says bitcoin thrives on its anonymity
Bitcoin, whose value has fluctuated significantly this month, remains a (BTC )
Nov 13
09:52 AM
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on bitcoin
Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin speaks to on bitcoin.
Nov 09
01:23 PM
Michael Lewis is holding his bitcoin
Michael Lewis, author of
Nov 08
09:51 AM
Bitcoin surges 11% to record above $7,800 after developers call off plans to split digital currency
Bitcoin jumps to all-time high after developers behind an upcoming split in the digital currency through an upgrade say they're suspending it. (BTC )
Nov 08
09:51 AM
Disney, Fox shares up day 2 [Video]
Wall Street weak today but media stocks jumping as deal talk heats up.Plus some say bitcoin is a bubble, but is that possibly a good thing? Catch The Final Round at 3:55 p.m. with Jen Rogers, Myles Udland and Dan Roberts. Stocks in the red today include Priceline as it gave current quarter profit
Nov 07
12:27 PM
Investors need to pay attention to Bitcoin
Understanding the operation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies (e.g. bitcoin) can be daunting. Yet, they have become central to the discussion of investing and technology, so it's time to dive in. (BTC )
Nov 07
08:12 AM
Bitcoin Price Gains Continue with Record High Just Shy of $7,000
Another day, another record... Bitcoin prices have continued to climb overnight reaching a fresh all-time high of $6,994. (BTC )
Nov 02
02:27 AM
Jack Dorsey on Square, cash registers, and digital payments
Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square and CEO of Twitter, speaks during an interview November 19, 2015. Called the Square Register, the device is the next big step past the current ubiquitous Square swivel stand that's in many brick-and-mortar businesses. [It's a] fully functioning computer, custom-built for
Oct 31
11:32 AM
Jack Dorsey on bitcoin in 2017
Square and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey talked talked about bitcoin and its use as a currency.
Oct 30
01:46 PM
10-year yield hits highest levels since mid-March [Video]
The Dow is slipping from all-time highs as earnings disappoint and the bond market takes charge.Plus, tech will drive the day tomorrow as huge earnings await. Plus Nobel laureate Robert Shiller tells us why he's cautious on stocks and what he thinks of bitcoin.Catch The Final Round at 3:55 p.m. with
Oct 25
12:31 PM
Tom Lee on why investors need to own Bitcoin [Video]
Market strategist Tom Lee says that Bitcoin is an asset that every investor ought to think about owning. (BTC )
Oct 25
07:33 AM
Why bitcoin matters
A slew of big names like Jamie Dimon, Ray Dalio, and Prince Alwaleed have slammed bitcoin, the cryptocurrency here's why they're wrong.
Oct 25
05:52 AM
Prince Alwaleed says bitcoin will implode: 'Enron in the making'
Saudi billionaire investor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal told CNBC on Monday that bitcoin will implode one day.
Oct 23
06:21 AM
Cryptocurrency hedge funds top 100 for first time
Hedge funds that trade cryptocurrencies reached over 100 for the first time, according to new data from fintech research house Autonomous NEXT, of which more than three-quarters launched in 2017. A rise ...
Oct 18
09:37 AM
Wikileaks made a 50,000% return on bitcoin thanks to the US government, Julian Assange claims
Julian Assange thanked Washington after it pushed companies like MasterCard to block payments to Wikileaks in 2010, forcing him to use bitcoin.
Oct 16
02:21 AM
Russia may soon issue its own official blockchain-based currency, the CryptoRuble
Russia will issue its own official cryptocurrency, the CryptoRuble, capping months of speculation about the country's approach to the technology.
Oct 15
12:41 PM
Bank of America, Wells Fargo report earnings [Video]
We've got more record highs for Wall Street as earnings roll in and economic data keeps improving.Plus, Bitcoin jumps again as Jamie Dimon has more bad things to say. Is this your sign to buy or take profits? And, Trump says the national debt is getting a boost from stocks at all-time highs. Does he (BTC )
Oct 13
12:51 PM
Bitcoin hits a record high, October 13
Jamie Dimon can't stop talking about Bitcoin. And neither can many of his peers on Wall Street. (BTC )
Oct 13
11:42 AM
Stock market outlook, Friday the 13th 2017
Meanwhile, Wall Street can't stop talking about Bitcoin. (BTC )
Oct 12
03:36 PM
A cryptocurrency start-up took out a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal to troll Jamie Dimon
Dimon called bitcoin a
Oct 11
02:41 AM
Bitcoin rallies to hit a one-month high but experts warn of a volatile event ahead
Despite a crackdown on bitcoin in China, other markets like Japan have had a positive impact on the price of the digital currency. (BTC )
Oct 09
02:26 AM
Greece backs extradition of Russian to US over bitcoin fraud
THESSALONIKI, Greece (AP) A Greek court has ruled to extradite Russian cybercrime suspect Alexander Vinnik to the United States, where he is wanted in a $4 billion bitcoin fraud case.
Oct 04
12:21 AM
Greek court rules to extradite Russian bitcoin fraud suspect Alexander Vinnik to the United States
THESSALONIKI, Greece (AP) Greek court rules to extradite Russian bitcoin fraud suspect Alexander Vinnik to the United States.
Oct 04
12:21 AM
Markets higher despite tragedy in Las Vegas [Video]
Stocks rocketing to all-time highs as a new quarter begins.Plus Dimon says no, but Blankfein sees opportunity. Why Bitcoin is dividing Wall Street. And Nordstrom going private not so fast. Why this sputtering deal is another sign of retail woe. Plus its the infrastructure play that could pay (BTC )
Oct 02
12:31 PM
Japan set to replace China as the leading bitcoin market
After China cracked down on bitcoin exchanges and initial coin offerings, expect Japan to fill its void as a leading market for bitcoin trading activity.
Oct 02
11:07 AM
Cryptocurrency Flash Crash Draws Scrutiny From Watchdog
A popular digital-coin exchange isdrawing scrutiny from U.S. regulators over a June flash crash that erased most of the value in thesecond-largest cryptocurrency before traders had time to blink their ...
Oct 02
02:56 AM
Bitcoin Becomes Part Of North Koreas Geopolitical Arsenal
With an abundance of coal it cant sell and a strong appetite for bitcoin, could Kim Jong-Un be experimenting with a new form of mining? (BTC )
Sep 30
11:36 PM
This Blockchain Startup Ties Coffee to Crytpo
Yes, there's a blockchain for that.
Sep 30
02:06 AM
Bitcoin Steadies, Eyes Second Straight Weekly Gain
Investing.com Bitcoin prices were roughly unchanged on Friday, as the digital currency continues its post-China-ban recovery. (BTC )
Sep 30
01:56 AM
The SEC comes down on 2 cryptocurrency-based fundraising schemes
The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged a manand two companies for operating...
Sep 29
10:56 PM
Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Forecast Prices Break Through Finally
The bitcoin market had a day to rejoice as the prices managed to break out of the tight range that it had been over the last couple of weeks and broke through the psychological resistance in the $4000 region. It now trades well above $4100 and the bulls seems to be back on track. We Continue reading (BTC , ETH )
Sep 29
12:16 PM
IMF's Lagarde: Digital currencies are here to stay
The head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, cautioned the worlds central bankers on Friday against discounting digital currencies, including bitcoin.
Sep 29
12:11 PM
IMF chief tells central bankers to not dismiss bitcoin
LONDON (AP) Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund, has a message for the world's central bankers: Don't be Luddites.
Sep 29
08:06 AM
Wall Street analyst unleashes on Jamie Dimon and everyone else calling bitcoin a fraud
Wall Street is divided and unsure about bitcoin. JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon said it was a...
Sep 29
07:41 AM

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