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Bitcoin Is Riding High Again as Investors Embrace Risk
The market boom that pushed stocks, bonds and commodities to their best combined four-month spurt in decades has found its way into the most notoriously volatile and speculative asset on the planet: bitcoin. (BTC )
Aug 02
07:26 AM
Fintech Varo Money Gets Rare Green Light to Become Bank
Financial-technology firm Varo Money said it had received a national bank charter, clearing the final hurdle in its quest to become a bank
Jul 31
10:11 AM
Affirm Prepares IPO That Could Value Fintech Firm at Up to $10 Billion
Affirm Inc. is laying the groundwork for an initial public offering that could value the financial-technology startup at as much as $10 billion.
Jul 30
02:20 PM
Germany Asks Russia to Help Find Former Wirecard Executive
German authorities have asked Russian officials if Jan Marsalek, the former Wirecard executive of the disgraced fintech company, had entered Russia and requested they act on an Interpol notice for his arrest.
Jul 29
02:15 PM
Banks May Provide Safekeeping of Cryptocurrency, OCC Says
National banks and federal savings associations in the U.S. can provide cryptocurrency custody services for customers, a federal banking regulator said in a guidance letter intended to clarify the role of traditional financial institutions in the virtual-assets market.
Jul 24
04:27 PM
Carlos Ghosn's Son Sent $500,000 in Crypto Funds to American Who Aided in Escape, Prosecutors Say
Anthony Ghosn sent about $500,000 in cryptocurrency payments to one of two American men being held in jail for allegedly aiding the former Nissan chief's escape from Japan, prosecutors said in a new court filing.
Jul 23
01:33 PM
Twitter Says Hackers Downloaded Some Users' Personal Data in Recent Attack
Twitter said the hackers behind this week's attack on its systems and high-profile users walked away with some personal information, indicating that the perpetrators carried out more than a cryptocurrency-related scam.
Jul 17
11:27 PM
Wirecard Woe Spreads as Banks Struggle to Exit Loans
Wirecard AG's insolvency is inflicting pain on some banks who lent to the once-highflying, now-insolvent German fintech.
Jul 17
02:47 AM
Why Hackers Use Bitcoin and Why It Is So Difficult to Trace
Here's what you need to know about bitcoin. (BTC )
Jul 16
01:45 PM
'Stablecoins' Vulnerable to Criminal Abuse, Watchdog Says
A type of digital currency that aims to maintain a stable value relative to that of an underlying asset or benchmark has the potential for mass adoption, but that potential also makes it more vulnerable to criminal abuse, a global standard setter for anti-money-laundering laws said.
Jul 09
04:57 PM
Supreme Court Ruling Allows Hush-Payment Probe to Proceed
The decision to allow a New York prosecutor to review President Trump's personal financial records breathes new life into a year-long investigation concerning a payment made by Michael Cohen, the president's former personal attorney, to a former adult-film star who claimed she had an affair with Mr. Trump. (HUSH )
Jul 09
02:33 PM
Supply-Chain Fintech Taulia to Raise New Funds From JPMorgan, Ping An
A clutch of global investors is throwing its weight behind a financial-technology upstart that facilitates payments between companies and their suppliers, betting that it is well positioned amid the disruption resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.
Jul 09
02:21 AM
Wirecard Probe Brings Scrutiny to How Fintech Companies Are Audited
Auditors are still figuring out how to assess the financial statements of fintech companies, a challenge highlighted in the recent accounting scandal surrounding German electronic-payments company Wirecard.
Jul 08
09:24 AM
Cosco Strikes Blockchain Pact for Ocean Cargo With Alibaba, Ant
China's state-run container line Cosco Shipping Holdings Ltd. will work with Alibaba and Ant, the e-commerce giant's financial technology affiliate, on using blockchain technology to track goods across seaborne supply chains.
Jul 07
11:12 AM
Argentina Bond Deal Endorsed by Old Allies Gramercy and Fintech
Argentine bond prices rose after the country's government revised a restructuring proposal it made in April by offering to increase bondholder recoveries.
Jul 07
06:13 AM
Wirecard Executive's Entry Into Philippines Might Have Been Faked
Philippine authorities searching for Jan Marsalek, the former Wirecard executive who ran operations for the German fintech company before it went bust, say they believe immigration documents showing he entered the country last month may have been forged.
Jul 03
06:12 AM
Justice Department Sues Regeneron Over Payments to Copay-Assistance Charity
The Justice Department sued Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, accusing the drugmaker of paying illegal kickbacks to a charitable foundation to boost sales of its high-selling eye-disease treatment Eylea.
Jun 24
11:47 AM
Wirecards Downfall Blows Up $1 Billion Lifeline From SoftBank, Credit Suisse
Before Wirecards unraveling, two financial heavyweights set up an unusual $1 billion investment in the payments company. A structured product tied to that deal is now foundering, amplifying the damage from the fintech giants troubles.
Jun 23
03:28 AM
Wirecard Scandal Makes Tech Investing Even More Expensive
The implosion of Wirecard doesnt mean there is reason to doubt the accounting of other European fintech companies, but there is reason to doubt some frothy valuations.
Jun 22
04:32 AM
Jack Mas Fintech Giant Ant to Drop Financial From Its Name
Chinas largest financial-technology company is rebranding itself to emphasize the tech rather than the finance, after earlier drawing scrutiny from regulators.
Jun 22
04:03 AM
Short Sellers Made $2.6 Billion Off Wirecards Plunge, but Not Without Scars
Short sellers have been attacking the stricken German fintech companys business practices for over a decade with little rewarduntil now.
Jun 20
05:32 AM
Mystery of Wirecards Missing $2 Billion Deepens as Banks Say They Dont Have It
Fintech giant Wirecards troubles intensified after two banks in the Philippines meant to be holding over $2 billion on behalf of the company said they dont have the cash and never did.
Jun 19
03:52 AM
JPMorgan Extends Banking Services to Bitcoin Exchanges
JPMorgan Chase has taken on two well-known bitcoin exchanges, Coinbase and Gemini Trust, as banking customers, say people familiar with the matter, the first time the bank has accepted clients from the cryptocurrency industry. (BTC )
May 12
04:07 AM
A Cryptocurrency Technology Finds New Use Tackling Coronavirus
Blockchain technology projects are being developed by companies such as IBM and Ernst & Young to help with various aspects of the coronavirus pandemic, including sourcing supplies.
Apr 23
02:52 PM
China Rolls Out Pilot Test of Digital Currency
Chinas central bank has introduced a homegrown digital currency across four cities as part of a pilot program, marking a milestone on the path toward the first electronic payment system by a major central bank.
Apr 20
05:42 AM
North Korea Raises Millions Through Hacking, Smuggling, U.N. Report Finds
North Korea has developed increasingly sophisticated hacking capabilities that have enabled it to steal from financial institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges and evade international sanctions, according to a new United Nations report.
Apr 17
02:42 PM
Fintech Lending to Small Businesses Faces Coronavirus Obstacles
Silicon Valley companies including PayPal and Square are struggling with the structure of government programs and the setup of the SBAs loan portal.
Apr 16
05:13 AM
Warren Buffett Finally Sits Down for $4.6 Million Charity Meal
Cryptocurrency entrepreneur Justin Sun paid a record sum in a charity auction to dine with the Oracle of Omaha.
Feb 06
11:40 AM
Former Regulator Known as Crypto Dad to Launch Digital-Dollar Think Tank
A former top American financial regulator dubbed Crypto Dad for his embrace of cryptocurrencies is setting up a think tank to promote the idea of digitizing the U.S. dollar.
Jan 16
05:53 AM
Bitcoin Has Biggest New-Year Rally Since 2012
Investors point to renewed optimism about broader takeup of cryptocurrencies as the catalyst for bitcoins roughly 20% rise since the beginning of the year. (BTC )
Jan 14
11:46 PM
Visa Nears Deal to Buy Fintech Startup Plaid
Visa Inc. is nearing a deal to buy privately held financial-technology firm Plaid Inc., according to people familiar with the matter, who said a deal could be announced this week.
Jan 13
01:01 PM
COSO to Issue Guidance on Blockchain
The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission, which advises industry on risk management practices, plans to issue guidance on controls for blockchain technology.
06:42 AM
Crypto Startup Accused of Illegal Fundraising Ordered to Refund Investors
A technology startup that raised nearly $13 million at the peak of investor demand for unregulated cryptocurrencies agreed to pay a fine, refund investors and provide more transparency about its finances and business plan.
05:02 PM
Cashing In on Fintech Unicorns Is Harder Than It Seems
It has been hard to find a losing strategy in the equities markets these days. Growths a winner. Values a winner. Even bonds are having a good year. Fintech unicorns, however, havent kept up with the markets record year.
01:57 PM
Venmo Glitch Opens Window on War Between Banks, Fintech Firms
Fintech companies say they need access to customer account information held by banks and other traditional financial companies. To protect their own turf, banks and brokerage firms have resisted.
02:42 AM
Blockchain, 3-D Printing Combine to Make Aircraft Parts
Aircraft-component maker Moog is testing a combination of blockchain and 3-D printing to speed up the replacement of defective aircraft parts to a few hours from several days or even weeks.
03:15 PM
How Investigators Busted a Huge Online Child-Porn Site
The call came in from a confidential source while two criminal investigators for the Internal Revenue Service sat at a Bangkok airport gate in July 2017, waiting for a flight: a new website was selling child pornography for bitcoin.
04:14 AM
Bitcoin Drops Below $7,000 as China Euphoria Fades
After surging past $10,000 last month following Chinese leader Xi Jinpings declaration that China should speed up research into blockchainthe technology behind cryptocurrenciesthe price of bitcoin has sunk to a six-month low. (BTC )
10:47 PM
Feds Powell Says in Letter to Congress Fed Not Creating Digital Currency
Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said in a letter to a congressman that the U.S. central bank doesnt currently have plans to launch a digital currency and sees the adoption of something like it difficult in the U.S.
09:13 AM
Fidelitys Digital-Currency Business Gets Green Light from New York State
The step is expected to help the financial firm recruit new clients to its fledgling platform for storing and trading bitcoin.
10:13 AM
Blockchain Makes Inroads Into the Stock Markets $1 Trillion Plumbing System
Technology from the bitcoin world is coming to the trillion-dollar plumbing that underpins the U.S. stock market.
05:17 AM
Large Bitcoin Player Manipulated Price Sharply Higher, Study Says
Stablecoin tether and the Bitfinex exchange were reportedly used to drive up bitcoin in 2017 and 2018. (BTC )
02:37 AM
The Professor, the President and the Pep Talk That Kicked Off a Blockchain Rally
Chinas blockchain frenzy, which sparked rallies in an array of companies, has catapulted one academic into the limelight.
07:37 AM
Bitcoin Advocate Jack Dorsey Backs Crypto Startup CoinList
Twitter Chief Executive Jack Dorsey, a longtime bitcoin advocate, is making a fresh bet on cryptocurrency, investing in CoinList in its latest round of funding. (BTC )
06:47 AM
Chinas Blockchain Revolution Wont Set Investors Free
Xi Jinpings blockchain push sent bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related investments surging, but Chinas need for control and past patterns for other technologies provide reason for investor caution.
06:32 AM
Bitcoin and Chinese Tech Stocks Surge After Xi Jinping Touts Blockchain
Chinas president said the country should speed up research into the technology underpinning digital currencies, fueling a surge in related stocks and bitcoin, which briefly topped $10,000. (BTC )
04:17 AM
Chinas Next Financial Bubble: High-End Sneakers
Investors on a perpetual search for the next big thing pile into anything hot, such as bitcoin or garlic. Such feeding frenzies rarely end well. Travis Scott Nike Air Force 1s for $2,667, anyone?
10:03 AM
Facebook, Zuckerberg Dig In for Long Haul on Cryptocurrency
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told lawmakers the social-media giant would soldier on with plans to help create a cryptocurrency-based payments network.
10:58 AM
Judge Denies Federal Agencys Authority To Issue Fintech Bank Charters
A federal banking regulator doesnt have the authority to grant national charters to financial technology companies, a federal judge ruled.
11:08 AM
Facebooks Zuckerberg to Face Congressional Grilling
Mark Zuckerberg is set to appear before the House Financial Services Committee in a hearing focused on Facebooks libra cryptocurrency plans. Lawmakers also are expected to ask about potential discrimination in how the company handles housing and credit-related advertising.
08:07 AM

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