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CFTC Signals Intent to Increase Enforcement of Crypto-Related Cases
The number of cases of alleged digital asset fraud and manipulation continues to accelerate, the head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission said.
02:30 PM
More Crypto Market Turmoil Is Predicted by SEC Chairman Gary Gensler
'A lot of these tokens will fail,' top Gary Gensler tells reporters after a congressional hearing.
01:48 PM
Andreessen Horowitz Debuts $600 Million Gaming Fund to Add to Web3 Bets
The fund steps up the venture firm's bets on Web3 technology just as a broader market decline underscores the volatility of the cryptocurrency-based sector.
08:13 AM
Crypto Meltdown Exposes Hollowness of its Libertarian Promise
Unable to displace the dollar, crypto became just another asset without traditional asset markets' guardrails
05:07 AM
Coinbase to Slow Hiring Spree as Users Drop Off
The crypto exchange's stock price has fallen 74% so far this year.
May 17
09:57 AM
Cryptocurrency TerraUSD Falls to 11 Cents, Creator Announces Rescue Plan
The crux of the plan involved what is called a 'fork' in software terms-basically taking the existing code and starting over with an updated version.
May 16
02:51 PM
Crypto Analytics Firm TRM Hires Ex-DOJ Cyber-Digital Task Force Chair
Blockchain analytics firm TRM Labs has hired as its new general counsel Sujit Raman, a former Justice Department prosecutor who led efforts to develop the government's cryptocurrency enforcement framework.
May 16
06:36 AM
Crypto Prices Move in Tandem With Traditional Markets, Punishing Investors
The cryptocurrency declines are hitting those who bought bitcoin and other digital assets in part to diversify their portfolios.
May 16
02:48 AM
El Salvador's President Went All In on Bitcoin. Then It Tanked.
Bitcoin losses add to growing fears of a debt default under President Nayib Bukele (BTC )
May 14
08:12 AM
Why Did Cryptocurrencies TerraUSD and Luna Unravel? Stablecoin Price Crash Explained
Stablecoins, a breed of cryptocurrencies touted for their purported stability, have come under scrutiny after TerraUSD and Luna tumbled, saddling investors with billions of dollars in losses.
May 13
10:36 AM
Crypto's Merry Band Comes Back To Robinhood
The investment in Robinhood by FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried may be a bullish signal for crypto believers, but Robinhood still faces a long road ahead.
May 13
10:06 AM
Stablecoin TerraUSD Continues Downward Spiral; Bitcoin Gains
The largest cryptocurrencies showed signs of recovery following a roughly weeklong selloff, while beleaguered stablecoin TerraUSD continued to tumble. (BTC )
May 13
06:12 AM
How More Than $1 Trillion of Crypto Vanished in Just Six Months
Traders' flight from risky investments has halved the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as investors shy away from risk.
May 13
02:43 AM
Warnings From the Crypto Crash
As the Federal Reserve withdraws liquidity to fight inflation, stablecoins won't be the last casualties.
May 12
04:06 PM
FTX CEO and Emergent Fidelity Disclose 7.6% Stake in Robinhood
Cryptocurrency exchange FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried and Emergent Fidelity Technologies Ltd. disclosed a roughly 7.6% stake in Robinhood Markets but said at this point they don't intend to take any action on the investment, according to a securities filing.
May 12
02:48 PM
FTX US Hires Fidelity Executive as Crypto Exchange Seeks New York Approval
FTX US has appointed former Fidelity Investments Inc. executive Marissa MacDonald as chief compliance officer for a to-be-formed New York unit, a move coming as the cryptocurrency exchange seeks approval to operate in the state.
May 12
02:00 PM
Crash of TerraUSD Shakes Crypto. 'There Was a Run on the Bank.'
The stablecoin, pledged to maintain a value of one dollar, plunged as low as 23 cents this week, showing cryptocurrencies' vulnerability.
May 12
09:30 AM
Bitcoin Falls to $26,000 as Crypto Selloff Intensifies
Bitcoin plunged to its lowest level since December 2020 as a cryptocurrency selloff gathered steam. (BTC )
May 12
12:36 AM
FASB to Consider Setting Rules on Companies' Crypto Accounting, Disclosure
The decision represents a turnaround at the U.S. standard-setter, which for years declined to take up the issue of crypto accounting.
May 11
01:18 PM
Coinbase Says Users' Crypto Assets Lack Bankruptcy Protections
The cryptocurrency trading firm is warning that its customers could be viewed as general unsecured creditors during bankruptcy proceedings.
May 11
11:42 AM
Crypto Winter May Be Harsh for Coinbase
The company plans to invest even if crypto activity continues to fall, but investors may not have the same patience.
May 11
08:36 AM
Cryptocurrency TerraUSD Plunges as Investors Bail
The so-called algorithmic stablecoin nosedived to less than a quarter of its original $1 value.
May 11
01:12 AM
Truist Financial Acquires Gamified Fintech Startup Long Game
Deal for the San Francisco-based app maker is designed to capitalize on game technology that rewards users for saving money.
May 10
06:30 PM
Coinbase Stock Keeps Sliding Ahead of Earnings Report
Shares of the largest U.S. crypto exchange, which is due to report late Tuesday, are off 79% from their November high amid broad market uncertainty.
May 10
10:06 AM
Bitcoin, Other Cryptocurrencies Stabilize After Multiday Selloff
Major cryptocurrencies showed tepid signs of stability following a five-day rout. (BTC )
May 10
05:18 AM
Cryptocurrency TerraUSD Falls Below Fixed Value, Triggering Selloff
The third biggest stablecoin, which is meant to keep its value at $1, fell as low as 95 cents, causing a flood of investors to sell their holdings.
May 09
12:06 PM
Bitcoin Price Falls By Half From Its High
The world's largest cryptocurrency fell below $32,000 on Monday. In November, it hit its all-time high of $67,802. (BTC )
May 09
11:00 AM
Crypto Prices Slump Over the Weekend
The cryptocurrency market is mirroring the slide of the broader stock market, with bitcoin's price almost half its all-time high in November.
May 08
05:36 AM
This Billion-Dollar Crypto Loan Is Easy to Get, but Gone in a Flash
Flash loans can have benefits, such as helping traders capitalize on price differences between cryptocurrencies on different exchanges. But flash loans have a dark side.
May 08
04:26 AM
U.S. Blacklists Mixer Used to Launder Proceeds from Axie Infinity Crypto Hack
The U.S. Treasury Department on Friday imposed sanctions on a virtual currency mixer it said North Korea used to help launder stolen virtual currency as part of the country's malicious cyber activities program.
May 06
03:06 PM
As Calls to Leave Russia Continue, Some U.S. Tech Firms Opt to Stay
Before Russia invaded Ukraine, the country was an attractive source of tech talent. 'We cannot abandon our team in Russia,' says the CISO of U.S.-based bitcoin marketplace.
May 06
01:48 PM
Block Needs to Keep Stacking on Solid Foundation
Shares of the fintech company aren't quite as hard hit as many peers, but continuing expansion of Cash App will be critical.
May 06
08:42 AM
Nvidia Agrees to Pay $5.5 Million to Settle SEC Cryptomining Case
Chip maker was slow to inform investors about affect on gaming revenue of demand from miners of cryptocurrencies, agency says
May 06
08:42 AM
Bitcoin Slides Below $37,000 as Investors Unwind Risky Bets
Cryptocurrencies have traded more in line with other risk assets, like growth and tech stocks. (BTC )
May 05
12:00 PM
California Gov. Newsom Issues Executive Order for Crypto Business Rules
California Gov. Gavin Newsom issues order aiming to help the state maintain its central role in crypto and blockchain, by building a regulatory framework and infrastructure.
May 04
02:51 PM
Binance Picks Paris to Be Regional Hub in Europe
The world's largest crypto exchange, which lacks a headquarters, worked for 18 months to get approval from France's financial regulator
May 04
11:15 AM
MicroStrategy Recruits New CFO Amid Bitcoin Push, Wider Losses
The software firm said Andrew Kang would succeed Phong Le, who will continue to serve as president. (BTC )
May 03
04:15 PM
SEC to Hire More Crypto Cops to Fight Digital Frauds
The Securities and Exchange Commission intends to add 20 investigators and litigators as it urges more oversight of the unregulated $1.7 trillion market.
May 03
02:33 AM
Financial-Technology Firms Tap AI to Reach More Borrowers
Access to more diverse sets of data and algorithms help fintech companies create alternative credit scores for underserved loan applicants.
May 02
04:01 AM
Wall Street Reluctantly Embraces Crypto
Money managers now want to pay banks to store and trade crypto for them.
May 01
02:49 AM
Elon Musk's Twitter Feed Sheds Light on Twitter's Prospective Owner
The Tesla CEO's posts, covering subjects from cryptocurrencies to regulators, have only increased since a 2018 SEC settlement on his Twitter use
Apr 29
05:21 AM
Labor Department Criticizes Fidelity's Plan to Put Bitcoin on 401(k) Menu
A senior administrator at the department believes Fidelity's plan to allow bitcoin in 401(k) accounts risks Americans' retirement security. (BTC )
Apr 28
07:06 PM
Kirstjen Nielsen Joins Web3 Compliance Platform Astra Protocol as Adviser
The crypto compliance provider's appointment of two high-profile former Trump officials comes as the cryptocurrency industry stakes out a spot at Washington's revolving door.
Apr 27
06:40 AM
Cryptocurrency Firms Push Back Against Proposal to Police Treasury Markets
The Securities and Exchange Commission rule doesn't target crypto trading platforms, but the industry fears increased legal risks.
Apr 27
06:10 AM
Hacked Crypto Startups Get Capital Infusions From Investors
Recent high-profile heists targeting cryptocurrency projects haven't scared away venture capitalists and other investors. In fact, some backers are doubling down, investing more in hack victims.
Apr 27
04:39 AM
Beauty Company Oddity to Offer Crypto Token Tied to IPO
The so-called security token automatically converts into stock when the company goes public.
Apr 26
02:48 AM
Crypto Industry Can't Hire Enough Lawyers
Crypto exchanges and companies are poaching attorneys to help them navigate an evolving regulatory landscape and to cut down legal costs.
Apr 25
02:39 AM
New York Is Battleground for Crypto Mining Fight
Proposal would restrict mining of digital currencies over environmental concerns
Apr 22
05:10 AM
Crypto Thieves Get Bolder by the Heist, Stealing Record Amounts
A hacker stole $182 million over the weekend, the fifth largest hack on record.
Apr 22
02:46 AM
Crypto Exchange Platform Kraken Hires Its First Chief Marketing Officer
Kraken has named Gannett executive Mayur Gupta its first chief marketing officer as competition in the fast-growing category heats up.
Apr 19
04:51 AM

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