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Meet the Watchdog Called CryptoMom
Hester Peirce, a Republican member of the Securities and Exchange Commission with libertarian leanings, has won fans in the cryptocurrency community with her nurturing approach to regulating the nascent market.
Jan 04
05:21 AM
Winklevosses' Cryptocurrency Exchange Says the 'Revolution Needs Rules'
Gemini Trust, the cryptocurrency exchange founded by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, argues in a new ad campaign that its chaotic sector should protect investors by adopting standard best practices and following regulations.
Jan 04
03:06 AM
Crypto's 2019 Goal: Technology People Can Use
Bitcoin slumped about 70% in 2018, erasing $160 billion of digital wealth in a move that exposed the cryptocurrency market's shaky footing. (BTC )
Jan 01
05:21 AM
Once a Rebel, Bitcoin Is Conforming to Mainstream Markets
Capital and investors from traditional markets have flowed into cryptocurrencies, making some of them behave like traditional assets-just far, far riskier. (BTC )
06:16 AM
Crypto Craze Drew Them In; Fraud, in Many Cases, Emptied Their Pockets
Individual investors are nursing billions of dollars in cryptocurrency losses, including from alleged frauds. Regulators have only managed to claw back about $36 million over the past two years for duped investors, according to an analysis by The Wall Street Journal.
02:36 AM
Make The Most of Your Failed Bitcoin Gamble: Sell Now
The popping of the crypto bubble has been painful, but a quick sale (and repurchase, if you choose) before the end of the year may lower your taxes (BTC )
02:46 AM
First Futures Contract to Pay Out in Bitcoin Poised for Green Light
The first futures contract that will pay out in cryptocurrency rather than cash is expected to soon get regulatory approval. (BTC )
02:36 AM
Blythe Masters, a Former Wall Street Star, Resigns From Blockchain Startup
A former banker who was one of the most high-profile executives to jump to the blockchain industry is stepping down as chief executive of Digital Asset.
10:56 PM
Michael Cohen Says Trump 'Directed Me to Become Involved in Hush Money Payments to Two Women
Michael Cohen, former lawyer for President Trump, says in a television interview that then-candidate Trump 'directed me to become involved' in hush money payments to two women. (HUSH )
04:36 AM
Bitcoin Wasn't a Bubble Until It Was
Even after it soared a million percent, cryptocurrency boosters denied it was a bubble-and they weren't wrong. (BTC )
02:41 AM
Bomb Threats Throughout U.S. Aren't Credible, Police Say
Law-enforcement officials said a wave of bomb threats sent Thursday to locations across the U.S., including some demanding ransom in the form of bitcoin, aren't credible.
02:26 PM
Cryptocurrency Startup AriseBank to Pay $2.3 Million to Settle Fraud Accusations
One of the first startups sued by U.S. regulators over its initial coin offering will pay $2.3 million after being accused of scamming investors through claims such as building a cryptocurrency bank.
12:46 PM
Layoffs Become the Latest Thing in Cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency companies are laying off employees in an effort to survive the nascent market's biggest selloff to date. Blockchain venture firm ConsenSys said Thursday it plans to cut 13% of its staff.
12:01 PM
Boxing Champ Floyd Mayweather Jr., Music Producer DJ Khaled Agree to Settle SEC Cryptocurrency Charges
The SEC alleges boxer Floyd Mayweather and music producer DJ Khaled touted initial coin offerings without revealing they were paid.
01:56 PM
U.S. Treasury Adds Digital Currency to Means of Identifying Sanctions Targets
The move came as part of a joint action with the U.S. Justice Department in which prosecutors announced charges against an Iranian hacking cell allegedly running a ransomware scheme. The Treasury put sanctions on two men it said had laundered the millions of dollars worth of bitcoin gained from the scheme.
03:31 PM
U.S. Sanctions Two Iranians for Bitcoin Laundering After Major Cyber Attacks
The U.S. Treasury Department imposed sanctions on two Iranian men the administration said laundered ransomed bitcoin from a major cyberattack that hit U.S. cities, hospitals and other critical networks. (BTC )
08:11 AM
Bitcoin Falls Below $4,000 as Cryptocurrency Collapse Worsens
Bitcoin just had the week from hell: The digital currency lost nearly a third of its value in seven days, one of its worst weekly selloffs on record. (BTC )
08:41 PM
Pay Taxes With Bitcoin? Ohio Says Sure
Ohio appears set to become the first state to accept bitcoin for tax bills, a show of support for a technology that has garnered lots of hype but failed to gain traction as a form of payment. (BTC )
08:06 AM
Overstock's Founder Bets on Blockchain, Not Bedsheets
Overstock.com Chief Executive Patrick Byrne doesn't care that his blockchain-based trading system, called tZero, is burning through money. He remains a true believer in the technology-and its potential for multibillion-dollar returns.
02:36 AM
Six Tips for Black Friday Shopping: How to Get Discounts, Perks and Bitcoin
Marketing companies are offering shoppers cash back, coupons or price tracking. Here are six ways to get a deal online this holiday season. (BTC )
05:06 AM
Bearish on Bitcoin: Crypto Markets Take Steep Dive
A selloff on Monday sent the price of bitcoin below $5,000 for the first time since October 2017, and down about 76% from its all-time high of roughly $19,800 in December. (BTC )
05:26 AM
Nvidia's Crypto Burn Will Take Time to Heal
The once-highflying chip maker has shed 43% of its market value in just six weeks.
09:16 AM
Nvidia Grapples With Fallout From Cryptocurrency Miners
The previous stockpiling habits of cryptocurrency miners have left Nvidia to battle with excess graphics-card inventory.
12:26 PM
SEC Settles Enforcement Actions Over Two Initial Coin Offerings
The SEC reached settlements with two startups that raised money last year through cryptocurrency sales, under which the firms will comply with investor-protection rules and offer money back to thousands of people.
07:51 AM
Firm Tied to Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur Faces SEC Investigation
The SEC is investigating a company's cryptocurrency sale, an executive with the firm said, and people familiar with the probe said it includes looking at whether a prominent bitcoin entrepreneur broke the law by getting involved with the company's fundraising.
02:21 PM
Bitcoin Plunges Below $6,000, Hits New Lows for the Year
After 2017's manic rally and this year's steep plunge, cryptocurrency markets had been unusually calm in recent months. That lull has come to an end. (BTC )
06:16 PM
WSJCoin: The Cryptocurrency That Never Was
The Wall Street Journal embarked on a mission to create its own virtual token, but encountered hurdles along the way.
08:01 AM
House Democrats to Probe Trump's Role in Hush Payments
House Democrats, set to take over majority control next year, plan to probe President Trump's involvement in hush payments arranged during the 2016 campaign to two women alleging affairs. (HUSH )
01:11 PM
Losses Pile Up at Fintech Firm SoFi as Rates Rise
Online lender Social Finance lost money for the second consecutive quarter as loan volume sagged and the company spent big sums on expansion plans.
07:06 AM
Donald Trump Played Central Role in Hush Payoffs to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal
Federal prosecutors have gathered evidence of the president's participation in deals to buy the silence of a former adult-film actress and an ex-Playboy model. The deals have led Trump's former lawyer to plead guilty to violating campaign-finance laws. (HUSH )
10:07 AM
The Calm Crypto Market? Bitcoin Volatility Drops Despite Turmoil Elsewhere
Cryptocurrencies, among the most volatile of financial assets, have fallen quiet even as turmoil has gripped stocks, bonds, commodities and traditional currencies. (BTC )
04:06 AM
The Bitcoin Gamble
In 2017, Didi Taihuttu sold almost everything he and his family owned and poured it into bitcoin. WSJ goes on a year-long journey with the Bitcoin family as they bet everything on a decentralized cryptocurrency future, in this episode of Moving Upstream. (BTC )
02:36 AM
Bitcoin Turns 10: Still Not All Grown Up
Wednesday marks the 10th birthday of bitcoin. As the digital currency has grown over the years, it has become a source of fascination for investors, speculators, true believers and skeptics. However, it hasn't become the one thing it was built to be: a payments system. (BTC )
05:06 AM
Warren Buffett's Firm Invests Millions in Fintech
Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is hopping on the fintech bandwagon, in a departure from its usual investment practices.
03:06 AM
Can Bitcoin Become a Dominant Currency?
A debate: One expert says there's a consumer need for an alternative currency; the other says cryptocurrencies will remain mostly in the hands of speculators. (BTC )
03:56 AM
John Mack, Old-School Financier, Coaches Fintech Wannabes
Since handing over the reins at Morgan Stanley, John Mack has been working with financial-technology startups, dabbling in bitcoin and watching as Wall Street gives way to a mellower brand of finance.
08:31 AM
Bitcoin Ponzi Schemer Must Pay $2.5 Million, Federal Court Rules
A federal court ordered a New York trading firm to pay $2.5 million in fines and restitution for orchestrating a Ponzi scheme that defrauded at least 80 customers who thought they were investing in bitcoin. (BTC )
03:07 PM
These Guys Should Start a Hedge Fund
How do you earn an investment return that would make even the luckiest bitcoin speculator blush? Biotech company Endocyte has the answer.
08:16 AM
Fidelity Offers Professional Investors Access to a New World: Trading Bitcoin
Fidelity Investments said it will store and trade digital currencies for hedge funds and other professional investors,becoming one of the first Wall Street giants to step into this volatile corner of the financial world. (BTC )
09:46 AM
Plan to Fix Journalism With Cryptocurrency Draws Skepticism
The Civil Media Co. bills itself as a solution to some pressing problems in modern journalism, pitching a new cryptocurrency that would help news consumers support quality information and weed out bad actors.
02:21 PM
Why It's Less Hip To Be Square
The fintech fever is breaking. The payments company Square, along with its fintech peers, is priced for near perfection despite the likelihood of complications to its lending model.
07:46 AM
Cryptocurrencies, Trading Scams Draw Increased Federal Enforcement
Enforcement actions and fines by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission ticked up in the last fiscal year, buoyed by cryptocurrency cases, spoofing schemes and settlements dating back to the financial crisis.
02:46 AM
Investors Cool on Hotly Anticipated London FinTech IPO
London's landmark fintech IPO-Funding Circle-flopped Wednesday, with shares trading sharply below their offer price, in a test of investor appetite for the sector.
09:52 AM
Bolivarian Bull Case for Cryptocurrency
He's no Satoshi, but don't discount Venezuelan President Nicols Maduro as a pitchman for the benefits of cryptocurrencies.
08:21 AM
TD Ameritrade and High-Speed Traders Back New Crypto Exchange
Many of the stock market's biggest players have taken a hands-off approach to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. That could start to change. The launch of ErisX comes as trueEX plans a bitcoin swap in the latest market embrace of digital currency.
04:57 AM
WSJCoin: Yes, We Created Our Own Cryptocurrency
To understand what drives the wild cryptocurrency market, we decided to experiment with a digital currency of our own: WSJCoin, a virtual token for the newspaper industry.
02:36 AM
The Bots Manipulating Bitcoin's Price
Investors know bitcoin's violent mood swings well. What they often don't know is that unscrupulous traders, wielding purpose-built software, can be behind them. (BTC )
05:06 AM
Trump Directed Legal Action to Enforce Stormy Daniels's Hush Agreement
President Trump personally directed an effort in February to stop Stormy Daniels from publicly describing an alleged sexual encounter with Mr. Trump, people familiar with the events say. (HUSH )
04:02 AM
Bitcoin's 10th Birthday Won't Be a Happy One
Cryptocurrency prices have hit the skids this year after bitcoin soared nearly 1,400% in 2017. (BTC )
09:11 AM
How Dirty Money Disappears Into the Black Hole of Cryptocurrency
A Wall Street Journal investigation documents millions of dollars in suspicious trades through ShapeShift, a company backed by mainstream venture capitalists.
08:56 AM

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