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U.S. Regulators Sue Cryptocurrency Startup Telegram Over Initial Coin Offering
U.S. regulators sued a company that raised $1.7 billion through a cryptocurrency offering that became one of the largest such deals ever.
Oct 11
03:58 PM
Facebook CEO to Testify at House PanelAbout Libra
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is slated to return to Capitol Hill this month to testify before a House panel about the companys foray into cryptocurrency.
Oct 09
09:28 AM
Facebooks Libra Hits Extra Regulatory Roadblocks in Europe
The European Union will introduce legislation aimed at preventing libra, Facebooks proposed digital currency, from undermining Europes single currency and being used as a money-laundering toolrepresenting one of the toughest regulatory responses so far.
Oct 08
07:33 AM
Bitcoin Slumps as Launch of Bakkt Futures Market Disappoints
Bakkt, a bitcoin-futures platform, went live two weeks ago. Its performance so far underscores the reticence of Wall Street and institutional investors when it comes to embracing cryptocurrencies. (BTC )
Oct 07
07:28 AM
Visa, Mastercard, Others Reconsider Involvement in Facebook's Libra Network
Cracks are forming in the coalition Facebook Inc. assembled to build a global cryptocurrency-based payments network
Oct 01
03:03 PM
Cryptocurrency Startup to Pay $24 Million in SEC Settlement
A startup behind one of the largest initial coin offerings of the past two years will pay $24 million to resolve allegations by the SEC that its deal violated federal investor-protection laws.
Sep 30
08:12 PM
Cryptocurrency Exchanges Including Coinbase to Rate Digital Assets
The biggest U.S. cryptocurrency exchanges have developed a system to rate which digital assets are probably securities that cant be traded on their venuesand which likely can.
Sep 30
02:53 AM
Now You Can Build Your Own Real-Estate Empire, $100 at a Time
Fintech startup Lex Markets wants to attract mom-and-pop real-estate investors to its platform to buy and trade small slices of office towers and other commercial buildings around the country.
Sep 29
02:48 PM
Eyeing That Sweater? Its Yours in Four Easy Payments
Installment plans arent just for big-ticket items anymore. Fintech firms and large banks are increasingly pitching the programs to consumers eager to borrow for smaller items.
Sep 28
05:07 AM
The Coming Currency War: Digital Money vs. the Dollar
Central banks are getting closer to issuing their own digital currencies. If they do, the dollar might finally face real competition as the worlds dominant currency.
Sep 22
08:22 PM
NYSE Owner to Launch Long-Awaited Bitcoin Futures
Intercontinental Exchange, the owner of the New York Stock Exchange, is set to launch its long-delayed market for bitcoin futures. It is betting that consumers, businesses and Wall Street will embrace cryptocurrencies. (BTC )
Sep 22
05:37 AM
Fintech Company Stripe Joins Silicon Valley Elite With $35 Billion Valuation
Stripe has climbed closer to the top ranks of the highest-priced U.S. startups after a new fundraising round valued the financial-technology company at $35 billion.
Sep 19
10:07 AM
Companies Compete to Be Cryptocurrency Custodians
The battle pits some of the biggest financial-services companies against startups.
Sep 18
04:12 AM
Washington, Silicon Valley Struggle to Unify on Protecting Elections
A recent meeting between U.S. national-security officials and Silicon Valley executives shows how the two sides arent unified on how best to combat foreign election interference. (UNIFY )
Sep 13
09:37 AM
France Hardens Position Against Facebooks Libra Currency
Europe should block Facebook-backed digital currency Libra and create a public alternative, a senior French official said, staking out a hard line amid broader resistance to the idea from U.S. and international officials.
Sep 12
06:48 AM
Samsung Launches Smartphone Meant to Make Blockchain Friendlier
Samsung is releasing a variant of its newest flagship phone meant to boost adoption of blockchaina tall task for a technology that still puzzles many consumers.
Sep 04
09:22 PM
Van Eck, SolidX to Offer Limited Version of Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund
Crypto enthusiasts have been trying without much success to get regulatory approval for funds to bring bitcoin to investors. Two firms plan to use a workaround. (BTC )
Sep 03
03:27 AM
Venture-Capital Stalwart Battles Washingtons Crypto Crackdown
Andreessen Horowitz, a venture-capital firm known for early investments in companies including Facebook, is putting up a fight against Washingtons cryptocurrency crackdown
Sep 01
08:33 AM
A Crypto Miner Cuts Costs And Rides Bitcoins Price Rise
Hut 8 Mining, a Canadian firm that deals in bitcoin, has returned to profitability, offering a unique look at the impact of the recent rally in the cryptocurrency. (BTC )
Aug 28
08:58 AM
Swiss Regulator Promises Scrutiny of Blockchain Companies
The guidance released Monday by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority steered blockchain businesses toward compliance with Switzerlands existing anti-money laundering and terrorist financing regulatory regimes.
Aug 27
03:12 PM
BOEs Carney Floats Idea of New, Virtual Reserve Currency
Central banks should consider joining forces to create a virtual currency that could supplant the dollars role in the global economy, Bank of England Gov. Mark Carney said, offering a novel solution to concerns about the greenbacks status as the worlds foremost reserve currency.
Aug 23
12:03 PM
Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez Are Investing in Fintech Firm Acorns
Acorns Grow wants to go viral. It has enlisted A-Rod and J.Lo to help. The influencer strategy is the brainchild of Acorns Chief Executive Noah Kerner, who is trying to transform the company from a niche savings app into a bank alternative used by 100 million consumers.
Aug 19
04:42 AM
IRS to Cryptocurrency Owners: Come Clean, or Else!
The Internal Revenue Service is on the war path against Americans who havent reported income from cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.
Aug 16
05:12 AM
Facebook Pressed on Protections for Cryptocurrency Users
House lawmakers questioned Facebook about how its cryptocurrency should be regulated and its plans to protect users, underscoring the political hurdles facing the company as it seeks to issue the digital cash called Libra.
Jul 17
02:32 PM
France Hopes to Hammer Out Deal With U.S. on Taxing Big Tech
France's finance minister said he shared the Trump administration's concerns about Facebook's plan for its cryptocurrency, but suggested a gulf remains between Europe and the U.S. on how to tax the biggest tech companies.
Jul 17
06:41 AM
Bitcoin Loses Almost a Third of Its Value as Libra Hype Fades
Facebook's struggle to convince lawmakers it can create a viable cryptocurrency is rubbing off on bitcoin. Regulatory scrutiny of the company's ambitious plan to release a digital coin, called Libra, has spoiled bitcoin's big rally this year. (BTC )
Jul 17
01:16 AM
Facebook Faces Critics, Potential Allies at Senate Hearing on Digital Currency
Top Senate lawmakers questioned Facebook's plans for its own cryptocurrency, with the banking committee's leading Democrat saying the social-media giant isn't trustworthy enough to operate its own digital money.
Jul 16
08:06 AM
Facebook Says Libra Cryptocurrency to be Regulated by Swiss Financial Authorities
Facebook said its Libra cryptocurrency will be regulated by Switzerland's financial watchdog, adding the digital money would never compete with national currencies or undermine the role of central banks.
Jul 15
09:51 AM
SEC Weighs Whether to Regulate Facebook's Libra
U.S. securities regulators are examining whether Facebook Inc.'s planned cryptocurrency should fall under their oversight, a development that could further complicate the project.
Jul 13
04:06 AM
Bitcoin Backers Welcome Trump Attack: At Least He Notices Us
Cryptocurrency backers found a silver lining in President Trump's Thursday attacks on bitcoin: The attention from him-and Fed Chairman Jerome Powell the same day-shows the industry's growing importance. (BTC )
Jul 12
02:42 AM
SEC Clears Blockstack to Hold First Regulated Token Offering
The Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday cleared blockchain startup Blockstack to sell bitcoin-like digital tokens, a first-of-its-kind offering that could give young cryptocurrency businesses a new fundraising template.
Jul 10
02:46 PM
Cryptocurrency Startups Get Partial Green Light from Washington
Washington is opening the door a crack for cryptocurrency startups that want to disrupt some of Wall Street's traditional businesses.
Jul 08
04:01 PM
Lawmakers Push for New Bitcoin Rules
Congress is considering at least three bills that would resolve some of the murky legal issues surrounding digital money. (BTC )
Jul 06
03:01 AM
Can Facebook's Libra Avoid Regulators? History Suggests Not
For all its crypto styling, Facebook's Libra looks less like bitcoin and more like a 50-year-old type of investment fund that has attracted intense regulatory scrutiny since the 2008 financial crisis. Investors should be skeptical of claims it can escape the same kind of attention.
Jul 04
04:26 AM
Cryptocurrency Derivatives Face U.K. Ban
A British regulator proposed a ban on selling derivatives based on bitcoin and other digital currencies to individual investors, calling these products unsuitable investments for nonprofessionals.
Jul 04
03:26 AM
Chuck E. Cheese Mouse Stumbles into Bitcoin Trap
When a cryptocurrency fan compared bitcoin favorably to tokens once used for purchases at Chuck E. Cheese, the chain's official Twitter account was quick to defend its honor. (BTC )
Jul 03
11:06 AM
Bitcoin Rally Fuels Market in Crypto Derivatives
New financial instruments linked to the digital currency are drawing concern as it climbs back above $10,000. (BTC )
Jul 03
02:51 AM
Shipping Blockchain Initiative Gathers Steam
A blockchain initiative for seaborne cargo aimed at cutting costs and improving tracking of shipments is getting a boost with the addition of two big container shipping operations.
Jul 02
03:06 AM
Bitcoin's Surge Leaves Smaller Digital Currencies in the Dust
One key difference between this year's bitcoin climb and the last big rally is what has happened to other cryptocurrencies: they haven't done as well. (BTC )
Jun 30
07:11 AM
This Fund Is Riding Bitcoin to Top
Bitcoin is booming again. One of the biggest beneficiaries is Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, a fund that provides everyday investors with access to the world's most popular cryptocurrency. (BTC )
Jun 30
07:11 AM
Blockchain, AI Combine to Make an Internet of Smarter Things
Hewlett Packard Enterprise is researching ways that artificial intelligence can make medical equipment, industrial robots and other internet-connected devices smarter while protecting data privacy.
Jun 27
11:07 AM
Facebook's Libra Could Give Dollar, Banks Some Welcome Competition
Facebook's new digital currency has the potential to become a true alternative to national currencies by creating a de facto central bank, which other fin-tech startups and cryptocurrencies have failed to do.
Jun 26
05:41 AM
Facebook Says Libra Can Change the World. It Needs to Convince Users.
Facebook has big plans to remake the financial system with its cryptocurrency-based payments network. But persuading people to adopt a brand-new technology could be tough.
Jun 26
02:41 AM
Is Cryptocurrency Ready for Stephen Moore?
Pundit Stephen Moore didn't get onto the Federal Reserve Board, but he has joined a decentralized central bank that hopes to tame cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.
Jun 25
09:16 AM
Is There a Big Short in Bitcoin?
Hedge funds and other big traders are betting that bitcoin will fall, even as the digital currency has risen above $10,000 on a new wave of crypto-optimism. (BTC )
Jun 25
05:11 AM
Bitcoin Is Back Above $10,000 and Investors Say This Rally Is Different
Bitcoin rose over $10,000 for the first time in over a year, riding a new wave of optimism about the value and future of digital currencies. (BTC )
Jun 22
04:11 AM
Anti-Money-Laundering Watchdog Calls for Stronger Cryptocurrency Regulations
The global standard setter for anti-money-laundering laws called on countries to apply more scrutiny to virtual currency firms that transfer customer funds.
Jun 21
03:56 PM
Facebook's Libra Needs Scrutiny, BOE's Carney Says
Facebook Inc.'s Libra project should be carefully vetted by regulators, Bank of England Gov. Mark Carney is expected to say Thursday, offering an early insight into how the U.K. central bank will approach the new cryptocurrency.
Jun 20
10:31 AM
Investors Bet That Visa, Mastercard Can Stand Up to Libra
Investors are betting that Facebook's efforts to create a blockchain-based payments system won't threaten credit-card companies' winning streak-at least for now.
Jun 18
11:31 AM
Hard to Read Facebook's Libra Fortune
Facebook's cryptocurrency unveiling was widely anticipated, but bets on Libra catching on and generating meaningful revenue remain highly speculative.
Jun 18
09:56 AM

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