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Bitcoin Is Back Above $10,000 and Investors Say This Rally Is Different
Bitcoin rose over $10,000 for the first time in over a year, riding a new wave of optimism about the value and future of digital currencies. (BTC )
Jun 22
04:11 AM
Anti-Money-Laundering Watchdog Calls for Stronger Cryptocurrency Regulations
The global standard setter for anti-money-laundering laws called on countries to apply more scrutiny to virtual currency firms that transfer customer funds.
Jun 21
03:56 PM
Facebook's Libra Needs Scrutiny, BOE's Carney Says
Facebook Inc.'s Libra project should be carefully vetted by regulators, Bank of England Gov. Mark Carney is expected to say Thursday, offering an early insight into how the U.K. central bank will approach the new cryptocurrency.
Jun 20
10:31 AM
Investors Bet That Visa, Mastercard Can Stand Up to Libra
Investors are betting that Facebook's efforts to create a blockchain-based payments system won't threaten credit-card companies' winning streak-at least for now.
Jun 18
11:31 AM
Hard to Read Facebook's Libra Fortune
Facebook's cryptocurrency unveiling was widely anticipated, but bets on Libra catching on and generating meaningful revenue remain highly speculative.
Jun 18
09:56 AM
Libra Coin? What You Need to Know About Facebook's Answer to Bitcoin
Facebook just disclosed the first details of its long-anticipated cryptocurrency, called Libra. Here are some takeaways. (BTC )
Jun 18
06:36 AM
Bitcoin Fans Spy Opportunity in Facebook Libra Launch
Bitcoin's backers are adamant that Facebook's coming digital currency, Libra, won't spell the demise of other cryptocurrencies. To the contrary, many believe the launch of Libra spells opportunity. (BTC )
Jun 18
05:06 AM
Facebook Unveils Crypto Wallet, Based on Currency Libra
Facebook formally announced plans to launch a cryptocurrency called Libra, promising a secure blockchain-based payment system backed by hard assets and designed for mainstream users.
Jun 18
02:41 AM
Ripple to Invest Up to $50 Million in MoneyGram
Ripple, a startup behind the XRP cryptocurrency, agreed to invest up to $50 million in MoneyGram International in a deal that stands to rank among the first crypto-based company investments in a major U.S. publicly listed firm.
Jun 17
01:51 PM
Bitcoin Tops $9,000 as Crypto Rally Trounces Stocks, Bonds, Gold and Oil
The price of bitcoin rose above $9,000 to a 13-month high, extending a rebound that has made cryptocurrencies far outperform traditional asset classes this year. (BTC )
Jun 17
03:12 AM
Facebook's New Cryptocurrency Gets Big Backers
Facebook has signed up more than a dozen companies including Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Uber to back the new cryptocurrency that the social-media giant plans to unveil next week.
Jun 13
03:06 PM
Why Stablecoins Stand Out in the Cryptocurrency World
They aren't as volatile as bitcoin and other crypto assets. But they aren't mainstream yet.
Jun 11
03:31 AM
Crypto Startups Are Raising Money Again, With a Twist
The market for initial coin offerings is mostly dead. Instead, entrepreneurs are flocking to a new way to raise money with digital tokens.
Jun 08
06:01 AM
SEC Sues Kik Over $100 Million Token Sale
Canadian social-media company Kik Interactive on Tuesday became the most prominent business targeted by U.S. regulators for illegally raising capital by selling its own cryptocurrency.
Jun 04
10:21 AM
Crypto Promoter Wins Bidding War For Lunch With Warren Buffett
Blockchain entrepreneur and cryptocurrency promoter Justin Sun won the charity auction to have lunch with billionaire investor and bitcoin skeptic Warren Buffett.
Jun 03
12:01 PM
Could Bitcoin Hit $50,000? In Wild World of Crypto Options, Some Say Yes
Ultrabullish trades in bitcoin options follow recent rebound in the digital currency. (BTC )
Jun 03
04:11 AM
UBS-Led Group to Launch Blockchain-Based Trade-Settlement Platform
A group of financial firms led by UBS plans to start using a bitcoin-like token to settle cross-border trades, one of the biggest developments yet in the effort to make use of nascent blockchain technology.
Jun 03
02:41 AM
CryptoKitties and Dice Games Fail to Lure Users to Dapps
Blockchain-based platforms have attracted thousands of volunteer developers with the promise of decentralized alternatives to Google's Android or Apple's iOS. What they don't have yet are users.
May 29
02:41 AM
Big Ocean Cargo Carriers Join Blockchain Initiative
Two major European ship operators have joined a blockchain platform, in a significant boost for the adoption of the technology across the logistics industry.
May 28
05:06 AM
SEC Halts Alleged Ponzi Scheme Involving Diamond-Backed Cryptocurrency
U.S. regulators have halted an alleged $30 million Ponzi scheme that included roughly 300 investors and a diamond-related cryptocurrency business, the Securities and Exchange Commission said.
May 22
04:26 PM
Chinese Fugitive Seeks U.S. Limelight
One of China's most-wanted men has been running a Hollywood movie company, promoting a cryptocurrency venture with boxer Mike Tyson and on one occasion posing for a photo alongside President Trump.
May 22
10:01 AM
Lack of Banking Options a Big Problem for Crypto Businesses
Cryptocurrency companies shunned by banks often turn to shadowy middlemen for payment processing and other financial services. One of those companies is at the center of the mystery surrounding Bitfinex's missing customer funds.
May 17
04:41 AM
Bitcoin Surges Above $8,000; Investors Say 'Crypto Winter' Is Over
The price of bitcoin has rocketed in recent days, even as major financial markets have faltered amid escalating trade tensions. (BTC )
May 14
12:56 AM
New Fintech Tools Aim to Protect the Elderly
A small but growing crop of financial-technology companies are offering online tools meant to help adult children manage and monitor their parents' finances and well-being.
May 09
02:41 AM
Quiz-Based Life Insurance Company Now Valued at $450 Million
The maker of an online quiz that prods active individuals about their exercise habits is the latest beneficiary of Silicon Valley's ardor for the insurance industry.
May 08
04:12 AM
Hackers Swipe More Than $40 Million of Bitcoin From Cryptocurrency Exchange
Binance, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, said hackers stole more than $40 million worth of bitcoin from its platform in what it called a large scale security breach. (BTC )
May 07
11:36 PM
Stocks, Bonds, Oil, Bitcoin Are All Up. The Everything Rally Is Back, Worrying Some Investors.
Nearly 90% of the 70 financial asset classes tracked by Deutsche Bank posted positive total returns in U.S. dollar terms this year through April. If that sounds too good to be true for the rest of 2019, it just might be. (BTC )
May 05
03:01 AM
Three Charged With Operating Illicit Dark-Web Marketplace
U.S. prosecutors charged three German nationals with operating an illicit marketplace on the dark web and then stealing roughly $11 million in virtual currency from its users.
May 03
05:31 PM
Bitcoin's Rise May Be Bad News for Bitfinex
The price of bitcoin hit a 2019 high, but the gain may be less about demand for the cryptocurrency and more about the exchange . (BTC )
May 03
12:41 PM
Facebook Building Cryptocurrency-Based Payments System
Facebook is recruiting dozens of financial firms and online merchants to help launch a cryptocurrency-based payments system on the back of its social network.
May 02
04:02 PM
JPMorgan, Microsoft Team Up on Blockchain
JPMorgan Chase is tapping Microsoft's cloud-based services to boost its blockchain platform, aiming to make it easier, faster and cheaper for companies to build and deploy blockchain applications.
May 02
12:51 PM
Checkout Valued at Nearly $2 Billion in New Fundraising
Checkout Ltd., a digital-payments processor based in London, recently raised $230 million.
May 02
11:51 AM
FedEx CIO Looks to Industry Collaboration to Scale Blockchain
Blockchain is expected within a few years to become an inevitable and essential tool in tracking goods and reducing fraud in the supply chain, said FedEx's CIO-but collaboration will be needed for the technology to really take off.
Apr 29
02:51 PM
Bitcoin Venture Backed by NYSE Owner Faces Fresh Delay
A plan by the owner of the New York Stock Exchange to make it easier for consumers to pay for purchases in bitcoin faces further delays after the venture, called Bakkt, said it was applying for a license from New York state regulators. (BTC )
Apr 29
01:26 PM
Cryptocurrency Investors Shrug Off Tether Woes
A pillar of the young cryptocurrency market is wobbling following allegations that the dollar reserves backing popular digital coin tether have been compromised, but investors don't seem concerned. (USDT )
Apr 29
01:16 PM
Former Derivatives Regulator Bart Chilton Dies at 58
Bart Chilton, a former top derivatives regulator who criticized high-frequency trading but was bullish on the rise of cryptocurrencies, has died at the age of 58.
Apr 29
12:46 PM
Bitfinex Used Tether Reserves to Mask Missing $850 Million, Probe Finds
The cryptocurrency exchange operated by Hong Kong-based iFinex raided dollar reserves underpinning its popular digital coin Tether to cover up a missing $850 million, the New York Attorney General's office said. (USDT )
Apr 25
02:26 PM
Venmo Has 40 Million Users, Outnumbering Most Big Banks
More than 40 million individuals used Venmo in the past 12 months, making the digital-money transfer service among the most popular financial apps in the country, owner PayPal Holdings Inc. reported in its quarterly results.
Apr 24
03:01 PM
Big Bitcoin Exchange Ends Bid to Lure High-Speed Traders
Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is ending an ambitious effort to win over high-frequency traders, the latest sign that bitcoin companies are having trouble attracting mainstream financial players. (BTC )
Apr 23
12:36 PM
SoftBank Founder Masayoshi Son Lost $130 Million on Bitcoin
Masayoshi Son, the billionaire founder of SoftBank, made a huge personal bet on bitcoin just as prices for the digital currency peaked, losing more than $130 million when he sold out, according to people familiar with the matter. (BTC )
Apr 23
04:06 AM
Can't Afford Surgery? In China, Millions Chip In Half a Penny to Cover You.
When a girl in Shanghai suffered brain damage after falling off a bunk bed, millions of strangers across China helped foot her surgical bills. Crowdfunded medical coverage, offered by fintech startups, could fill gaps in the country's health insurance sector.
Apr 20
08:16 AM
Brazilian Courts Seek to Hush Critics, Independent Media
Brazilian judges are ratcheting up a campaign against what they deem to be misleading press coverage and offensive social-media posts, raising concerns among free-speech advocates. (HUSH )
Apr 20
05:16 AM
Venmo's Latest Effort to Turn a Profit: Credit Cards
Executives at the digital payments company have been meeting with banks since last year to discuss issuing a Venmo-branded credit card. The PayPal-owned company is considering Synchrony Financial as its card-issuing partner.
Apr 19
02:51 AM
Crypto Faithful Say Blockchain Can Remake Market Machinery
The brutal bitcoin selloff continues. But cryptocurrency supporters are plugging away with plans to use its underlying blockchain technology to reshape Wall Street's machinery.
Apr 17
07:06 AM
WSJ Wins Pulitzer for Coverage of Trump Hush-Money Payments
The Wall Street Journal has won a Pulitzer Prize for national reporting, for its coverage of hush-money payments made during Donald Trump's campaign for the presidency. (HUSH )
Apr 15
12:26 PM
Hush-Money Probe Gathered Evidence From Trump's Inner Circle
Federal investigators in New York, looking into payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, questioned longtime aides of the president early in the probe and amassed more evidence than previously known. (HUSH )
Apr 10
05:11 AM
Three Drug Companies to Pay $122.6 Million to Resolve Kickback Allegations
The Justice Department said three pharmaceutical companies-Jazz Pharmaceuticals PLC, Lundbeck LLC and Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc.---agreed to pay a total of $122.6 million to resolve allegations they paid drug copays for their pharmaceuticals through copay-assistance foundations.
Apr 04
09:46 AM
Private-Jet Cryptocurrency Gets Pass From SEC
A private-jet company won the ability to sell a digital token that doesn't require oversight by financial regulators. The hitch: The token won't operate like others, diminishing its allure to fans of cryptocurrencies.
Apr 03
02:21 PM
Bitcoin Soars Above $5,000, Heads for Biggest Daily Gain in a Year
Bitcoin briefly jumped more than 20% to top $5,000 for the first time this year amid a broader rally in digital currencies. (BTC )
Apr 02
03:16 AM
Raising Money in the Crypto World Has Gotten a Lot Harder
The market for initial coin offerings, which boomed last year after the surge in bitcoin and other digital currencies, has fallen sharply in 2019 amid a regulatory crackdown.
Mar 31
08:26 AM

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