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Plan to Fix Journalism With Cryptocurrency Draws Skepticism
The Civil Media Co. bills itself as a solution to some pressing problems in modern journalism, pitching a new cryptocurrency that would help news consumers support quality information and weed out bad actors.
Oct 10
02:21 PM
Why It's Less Hip To Be Square
The fintech fever is breaking. The payments company Square, along with its fintech peers, is priced for near perfection despite the likelihood of complications to its lending model.
Oct 09
07:46 AM
Cryptocurrencies, Trading Scams Draw Increased Federal Enforcement
Enforcement actions and fines by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission ticked up in the last fiscal year, buoyed by cryptocurrency cases, spoofing schemes and settlements dating back to the financial crisis.
Oct 05
02:46 AM
Investors Cool on Hotly Anticipated London FinTech IPO
London's landmark fintech IPO-Funding Circle-flopped Wednesday, with shares trading sharply below their offer price, in a test of investor appetite for the sector.
Oct 03
09:52 AM
Bolivarian Bull Case for Cryptocurrency
He's no Satoshi, but don't discount Venezuelan President Nicols Maduro as a pitchman for the benefits of cryptocurrencies.
Oct 03
08:21 AM
TD Ameritrade and High-Speed Traders Back New Crypto Exchange
Many of the stock market's biggest players have taken a hands-off approach to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. That could start to change. The launch of ErisX comes as trueEX plans a bitcoin swap in the latest market embrace of digital currency.
Oct 03
04:57 AM
WSJCoin: Yes, We Created Our Own Cryptocurrency
To understand what drives the wild cryptocurrency market, we decided to experiment with a digital currency of our own: WSJCoin, a virtual token for the newspaper industry.
Oct 03
02:36 AM
The Bots Manipulating Bitcoin's Price
Investors know bitcoin's violent mood swings well. What they often don't know is that unscrupulous traders, wielding purpose-built software, can be behind them. (BTC )
Oct 02
05:06 AM
Trump Directed Legal Action to Enforce Stormy Daniels's Hush Agreement
President Trump personally directed an effort in February to stop Stormy Daniels from publicly describing an alleged sexual encounter with Mr. Trump, people familiar with the events say. (HUSH )
Oct 02
04:02 AM
Bitcoin's 10th Birthday Won't Be a Happy One
Cryptocurrency prices have hit the skids this year after bitcoin soared nearly 1,400% in 2017. (BTC )
Sep 30
09:11 AM
How Dirty Money Disappears Into the Black Hole of Cryptocurrency
A Wall Street Journal investigation documents millions of dollars in suspicious trades through ShapeShift, a company backed by mainstream venture capitalists.
Sep 28
08:56 AM
This Crypto Mining IPO Looks as Risky as Crypto Trading
Bitmain, the world's largest cryptocurrency-mining equipment maker, has filed for an IPO in Hong Kong. Its business model looks just as open to volatility as cryptocurrencies.
Sep 27
02:31 AM
Crypto Meets Wall Street as Bitcoin Mining Giant Bitmain Files for IPO
Bitmain, the world's largest cryptocurrency mining company, is planning to pursue an initial public offering in Hong Kong, one of the first major instances where the traditional capital markets and the newer cryptocurrency world will collide. (BTC )
Sep 27
12:11 AM
Payments Fintech Stripe Valued at $20 Billion in Latest Funding Round
Stripe said a new fundraising round values the financial-technology startup at roughly $20 billion, vaulting it into the ranks of the world's most valuable private companies.
Sep 26
01:51 PM
Bitcoin ETFs Keep Trying, Despite Regulators' Rejections
The SEC has said no at least 10 times. But firms want to be ready, just in case the regulators change their minds. (BTC )
Sep 24
09:01 AM
Wealth-Management Firms Battle Over Millennials
Fintech startups have a head start with a generation comfortable with digital. But the traditional firms are fighting back.
Sep 24
03:36 AM
Wall Street's Marijuana Madness: 'It's Like the Internet in 1997'
Entrepreneurs and investors are rushing headlong into the nascent legal marijuana industry, fueling a stock craze reminiscent of the late 1990s dot-com bubble and the recent bitcoin mania.
Sep 23
09:11 AM
Crypto Pioneer David Chaum Says He's Built a Better Bitcoin
David Chaum, the godfather of the cryptocurrency movement, is back with a plan to address bitcoin's biggest shortcoming: speed. (BTC )
Sep 19
06:11 PM
Anatomy of a Cryptojacking
How criminals are using hijacked computers to earn cryptocurrency.
Sep 19
02:01 PM
Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are Vulnerable to Manipulation, Report Finds
A number of cryptocurrency exchanges lack basic consumer protections and are vulnerable to exploitation by market manipulators, the New York Attorney General's office said in a report Tuesday.
Sep 18
10:06 AM
'Fintech Charter' Has No Early Takers as Lawsuit Looms
A national banking regulator is offering cutting-edge financial firms a new pathway into the traditional banking system. So far, few of them are biting.
Sep 12
08:06 AM
'Crypto Tourists' Flee as Bitcoin Slump Drags On
The value of cryptocurrencies has tumbled 76% after exceeding $800 billion earlier this year as the largest digital currency, bitcoin, fails to shake off its months-long decline. (BTC )
Sep 12
02:51 AM
Judge Lets Cryptocurrency Fraud Case Go Forward, In Win for SEC
Regulators scored a victory in their crackdown on cryptocurrency crimes as a judge ruled that initial coin offerings are subject to U.S. securities-fraud laws.
Sep 11
03:36 PM
Finra Wades Into Cryptocurrency Enforcement
The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has issued its first disciplinary action involving cryptocurrencies, accusing a broker of fraud and unlawful distribution of HempCoin, a cannabis-focused cryptocurrency. (THC )
Sep 11
01:11 PM
SEC Takes First Action Against Hedge Fund Over Cryptocurrency Investments
Regulators fined a hedge-fund manager and two men who ran a website for selling cryptocurrencies in two cases that represent a new front in the government's campaign to police the market for digital assets.
Sep 11
11:11 AM
Olaf Carlson-Wee Rode the Bitcoin Boom to Silicon Valley Riches. Can He Survive the Crash?
Now running the world's largest crypto hedge fund, the 29-year-old says he is undeterred by recent losses. Polychain has shed around 40% of the $800 million it made for clients last year through investment losses and withdrawals. Some backers complain he refuses to change tactics. (BTC )
Sep 11
09:06 AM
Cryptocurrency Startups Combine as Wall Street Blockchain Effort Falters
Chain, a startup working with Nasdaq and others to build a blockchain-based trading platform, is merging with another cryptocurrency startup, a sign that efforts to plug the technology behind bitcoin into the traditional markets are proving harder than expected.
Sep 10
11:46 AM
Ex-Teva Chairman, Blockchain Investor Accused of Pump-and-Dump Scheme
A former chairman of Teva Pharmaceutical and an investor known for benefiting from the hype around cryptocurrencies were sued by regulators over claims they masterminded a pump-and-dump scheme.
Sep 07
01:46 PM
Goldman Tables Crypto Desk
Goldman Sachs changes its mind on cryptocurrency trading.
Sep 05
02:56 PM
New Jersey Man Pleads Guilty to Stealing More Than $1 Million in Digital Currency
A New Jersey man admitted in court to kidnapping a friend and then stealing more than a million dollars in cryptocurrency from him, an unusual crime that is among the first major cryptocurrency cases brought by Manhattan prosecutors.
Sep 05
12:26 PM
Sage Against the Machine
A leading Google critic on why he thinks the era of 'big data' is done, why he opposes Trump's talk of regulation, and the promise of blockchain.
Aug 31
04:21 PM
Quartz Launches Paid Cryptocurrency Newsletter
Quartz is the latest media company attempting to cash in on the growing enthusiasm for cryptocurrency, and is launching a paid newsletter that aims to guide its subscribers through the often turbulent markets for virtual currencies.
Aug 28
07:26 AM
It Was Meant to Be the Better Bitcoin. It's Down Nearly 90%
The underperformance of Bitcoin Cash touches on a larger question: Can virtual currencies really become a means of payment that would supplant traditional money? (BCH , BTC )
Aug 24
06:11 AM
China Is Getting Even Tougher on Cryptocurrencies a Year After Its Crackdown
China is tightening its clampdown on cryptocurrencies, nearly a year after the government imposed a wide-ranging ban on local exchanges and fundraising for digital currencies.
Aug 24
03:11 AM
Lenders Shunned Risky Personal Loans. Now They're Competing for Them
Banks and fintech companies are plunging with new vigor into a risky area of consumer finance.
Aug 24
02:41 AM
SEC Rejects Nine Proposed Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds
The Securities and Exchange Commission rejected applications for nine separate bitcoin-based exchange-traded funds, once again thwarting an attempt to build an ETF product based upon the volatile cryptocurrency. (BTC )
Aug 22
04:01 PM
The Ping An Roller Coaster Is Back on Course
The Chinese insurer's core business is performing well despite volatility in some of its fintech subsidiaries.
Aug 22
12:36 AM
Winklevoss Effort to Self-Regulate Cryptocurrency Gets Members
Several cryptocurrency exchanges have signed on to what appears to be the industry's first self-regulatory organization, a step toward transparency in the notoriously opaque and volatile market.
Aug 20
03:41 PM
U.S. Rebuffs Effort to Tether Bank Fine to Pastor's Release
The Trump administration rejected an effort by Turkey to tie the release of a U.S. pastor to relief for a Turkish bank facing billions of dollars in U.S. fines, telling Ankara other issues are off the table until the minister is freed. (USDT )
Aug 19
04:46 PM
Nvidia Clears Its Crypto Cloud
A volatile crypto market has been a distraction for the chip maker-and its investors.
Aug 16
03:41 PM
Nvidia's Crypto Business Dries Up, Worrying Investors
Nvidia reported robust sales and profits during its second quarter, but warned that revenue from products geared toward cryptocurrency mining would be sharply weaker than expected.
Aug 16
03:36 PM
Cryptocurrency Market Plumbs New Depths in 2018
A broad selloff in digital currencies has pushed the value of the entire market below $200 billion for the first time this year.
Aug 14
03:16 AM
Fintech Crowd Dives Into Subprime Credit-Card Lending
Financial-technology startups are stepping into a void increasingly left by credit-card-issuing banks: lending to customers with poor credit histories.
Aug 13
01:01 PM
The Mystery Behind Tether, the Crypto World's Digital Dollar
A fast-growing digital currency that claims to be backed by U.S. dollars has become a cornerstone of the volatile cryptocurrency market. The problem: There isn't hard evidence the cash supporting it exists. (USDT )
Aug 12
09:08 AM
The Man Who Solved Bitcoin's Most Notorious Heist
Rampant thefts are taking the shine off cryptocurrencies. After the Mt. Gox debacle, Kim Nilsson decided to fight back. (BTC )
Aug 10
09:38 AM
The EU Spent a Bundle to Unify the Continent. It's Not Working.
European leaders dedicated nearly one trillion dollars-equivalent to eight times the Marshall Plan-to fixing up impoverished regions. Yet some of the biggest recipients are hotbeds of the very discontent that's driving the bloc apart. (UNIFY )
Aug 08
09:03 AM
States Spar with Trump Administration Over Fintech Oversight
The Trump administration's plan to expand the federal government's role in overseeing financial-technology startups has prompted pushback from some states, setting up a fight over who will regulate new markets for online lending and other banking products.
Aug 08
05:18 AM
Iranian Hackers Turn to Ransomware, Bitcoin as Economy Stalls
Over the past two years, researchers have tracked five new types of so-called ransomware they say were built by hackers in Iran. (BTC )
Aug 07
01:18 PM
NYSE's Owner to Launch Bitcoin Firm, Futures Contracts
The New York Stock Exchange's owner, ICE, is launching a new bitcoin company and futures contracts based on the digital currency. (BTC )
Aug 03
10:13 AM
Treasury Report Calls for More Regulatory Leeway for Fintech Startups
Financial-technology firms should have more leeway to experiment without running up against U.S. rules, the Treasury Department said in a report recommending industry-friendly policy changes for the sector.
Jul 31
07:18 AM

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