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What Bitcoin Rout? Sales of New Digital Tokens Are Still Soaring
Bitcoin and many of its peers have crashed in recent months from all-time highs reached in December. But that hasn't dented the popularity of one crypto-fundraising method: so-called initial coin offerings. (BTC )
Feb 22
01:12 PM
A $232 Million Cryptocurrency Fight Comes to a Close
A monthslong battle for control of $232 million raised in an initial coin offering by a cryptocurrency project known as Tezos came to an abrupt end.
Feb 22
12:33 PM
Fed's Dudley Warns on Dangerous 'Speculative Mania' Around Cryptocurrencies
Federal Reserve Bank of New York President William Dudley warned there's considerable danger and risk right now around the rise of so-called cryptocurrencies that seek to supplant the U.S. dollar.
Feb 22
09:07 AM
Bitcoin's Nosedive Hasn't Hurt Red-Hot Coin Offerings
Bitcoin and many of its peers have crashed in recent months from all-time highs reached in December. But that hasn't dented the popularity of one crypto-fundraising method: so-called initial coin offerings. (BTC )
Feb 22
05:17 AM
The Rise of Bitcoin Factories: Mining for the Masses
The dramatic surge in bitcoin's price is luring individuals and corporations to try their hand at mining cryptocurrencies, giving rise to firms offering services that make mining easier for the masses by providing ready infrastructure, security and electricity. (BTC )
Feb 21
02:47 AM
NewYorkCoin Gains Traction in Cryptocurrency Circles
NewYorkCoin, created in 2014 and named for our fair city, is enjoying a surge of support among altcoin enthusiasts.
Feb 20
09:37 AM
Jihadists See a Funding Boon in Bitcoin
When a group that says it provides financial assistance relating to the jihad sought to improve conditions for fighters in a squalid, sandbag-fortified trench in Syria late last year, it turned to a new funding conduit: bitcoin. (BTC )
Feb 20
05:43 AM
South Korean Cryptocurrency Regulator Found Dead at Home
An official who guided South Korea's regulatory clampdown on cryptocurrencies was found dead at his home. Colleagues said he had been under heavy stress in recent months.
Feb 19
06:27 PM
Stronger European Earnings Augur More M&A, Higher Dividends
Fastest pace of economic growth in a decade boosts companies' revenues and profits, but strong euro could sap optimism (REP )
Feb 19
03:42 AM
Bitcoin's Latest Glitch: Double Charges At Fast-Growing Coinbase
Thousands of customers of Coinbase, one of the largest bitcoin-related firms dealing with the public, may have suffered repeated, incorrect duplicate charges on their digital-currency purchases, the firm said Friday. (BTC )
Feb 16
12:53 PM
SEC Suspends Trading in Three Companies Over Cryptocurrency Claims
Securities regulators suspended trading in the shares of three microcap companies that made what they said were questionable claims about their control of cryptocurrency and blockchain-related assets.
Feb 16
08:56 AM
Bitcoin Surges Back Above $10,000
Bitcoin prices climbed back above $10,000 for the first time in two weeks after a sharp rally Thursday. (BTC )
Feb 15
01:12 PM
Investors Warned of Cryptocurrency 'Pump-and-Dump' Schemes
Regulators warned consumers to beware of pump-and-dump manipulation schemes in virtual-currency markets as they try to rein in misconduct on unregulated spot exchanges.
Feb 15
12:42 PM
Nvidia's Cryptic Road Ahead
Nvidia seems to be selling all the chips it can make, and it has benefited from demand from videogamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
Feb 11
08:48 AM
Rural Washington Is a Hot Spot for Bitcoin Miners
North central Washington has some of the cheapest power in the U.S. making it a magnet for bitcoin miners, who use powerful computers to generate new units of cryptocurrenciesa process that requires vast amounts of electricity. (BTC )
Feb 11
05:02 AM
Cryptocurrency Worth $170 Million Missing From Italian Exchange
An Italian cryptocurrency exchange called BitGrail said on Friday that it lost about 17 million tokens of a cryptocurrency called Nano, with a market value of about $170 million.
Feb 09
10:14 PM
The Computer Part People Are Hoarding: 'I Felt Like I Was Buying Drugs'
There's also lying and price gouging, prompted by the race to create cryptocurrencies, which is driving up cost of one specific type of hardware that's also prized by PC gamers.
Feb 09
09:17 AM
Fintech Firms Look to Enter Banking Via Century-Old Tactic
Financial-technology firms eager to offer banking products are eyeing industrial loan company charters, a century-old model that fell out of favor during the financial crisis but could see a revival under the Trump administration.
Feb 08
02:48 AM
India to Cryptocurrency Investors: Pay Up
India's income tax department has issued 100,000 tax notices to cryptocurrency investors, in the latest sign of a government crackdown on the use of the digital money.
Feb 07
02:57 PM
Bitcoin's Bear Market Leaves Its Mark on Coin Offerings
Bitcoin's roughly 70% selloff from the December peak to recent lows has weighed heavily on altcoins and especially the newer tokens created via initial coin offerings. (BTC )
Feb 07
06:57 AM
100,000 Indian Cryptocurrency Investors Scrutinized by Taxman
India's income tax department has issued 100,000 tax notices to cryptocurrency investors, in the latest sign of a government crackdown on the use of the digital money.
Feb 07
04:32 AM
Seven States Team Up on Fintech Licenses
Banking regulators from seven states are streamlining the way they license some financial-technology companies, responding to the companies' complaints over having to obtain authorizations from each state in which they operate.
Feb 06
05:42 AM
Cryptocurrencies Could Threaten Financial Stability, Says Head of BIS
Central banks must be prepared to intervene to stem risks from digital currencies, as Bitcoin has become a combination of a bubble, a Ponzi scheme and an environmental disaster, central banking official Agustin Carstens said. (BTC )
Feb 06
03:17 AM
Patchy Bitcoin Oversight Poses Hazards for Investors, Regulators Say
U.S. regulators plan to ask Congress to consider imposing stricter federal oversight on trading of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as market cops amplify alarms about an asset that is largely exempt from investor-protection laws. (BTC )
Feb 06
03:07 AM
Bitcoin Falls Below $6,000, Plummeting 70% From December High
The cryptocurrency's price slid as low as $5,995.58, according to CoinDesk. It's fallen 70% since a record high of near $20,000 in December, a drop that's intensified in recent weeks following a global regulatory crackdown on the cryptocurrency market. (BTC )
Feb 06
02:42 AM
Bitcoin Lawyer Marco Santori Moves From Law Firm Cooley to Startup
Marco Santori, a partner at the law firm Cooley LLPand one of the best-known lawyers in the digital-currency sector,is leaving to become president ofbitcoin-services company Blockchain. (BTC )
Feb 05
10:17 AM
The Latest Victim of China's Great Firewall? Cryptocurrency Websites
Authorities plan to block websites related to cryptocurrency trading and fundraising, the latest move to tighten controls over what Beijing deems as risky investments.
Feb 05
04:22 AM
Bitcoin's Crashing? That Won't Stop Arbitrage Traders From Raking in Millions
One of the oldest tactics on Wall Street is going viral in the world of digital currencies. The strategy, called arbitrage, is simple. If a something trades at different prices in multiple places, buy it where it's cheap and sell where it's dear. (BTC )
Feb 04
05:27 AM
As Stock-Market Rout Spreads, Investors Fear Markets Falling in Lockstep
U.S. stocks last week suffered their largest weekly decline in two years. But some investors worry falling prices for things like oil futures, gold and bitcoin are offering a more ominous signal that could presage deeper declines.
Feb 04
04:14 AM
Bitcoin Investors Had a Tough Week. Credit-Card Companies Are About to Make It Tougher
Three of the largest banks in the U.S.Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase and Bank of Americasaid they would no longer permit credit-card customers to buy bitcoin with their credit cards. (BTC )
Feb 03
01:37 PM
Bitcoin Is Falling Fast, Losing More Than Half its Value in Six Weeks
Bitcoin plunged below $9,000 on Friday, extending its sharp rout since the start of the year in a selloff triggered by a widening regulatory crackdown on cryptocurrencies. (BTC )
Feb 02
12:17 AM
India Announces Plan to Crack Down on Cryptocurrency Misuse
Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley signaled the South Asian nation was planning to crack down on the misuse ofcryptocurrencies, saying it didn't recognize the digital money as legal tender.
Feb 01
05:28 AM
U.S. Regulators Subpoena Bitfinex, Tether Over Digital Tokens
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission sent subpoenas to Bitfinex, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, and a connected digital-token issuer, Tether, as questions swirl about the backing of its tokens, according to people familiar with the matter. (USDT )
Jan 31
03:56 PM
CMO Today: Super Bowl Memories; Google Shopping Still Upsetting Rivals; Facebook Bans Crypto Ads
Here's your morning roundup of the biggest marketing, advertising and media industry news and happenings.
Jan 31
05:23 AM
Investor Who Rode Pivot From Biotech to Bitcoin Sells Big Stake
A Colorado biotech company made a splash when it became a hot bitcoin play whose shares surged in October after it changed its name toRiotBlockchain. Now, a big shareholder who helped spur the transformation is selling most of his shares. (BTC )
Jan 31
05:08 AM
Want to Keep Up With Bitcoin Enthusiasts? Learn the Lingo
Virtual currencies have gone from being a topic for fringe enthusiasts to a full-blown cultural wave. Here's a guide for beginners on what terms to use when talking bitcoin. (BTC )
Jan 31
02:47 AM
Rise of Bitcoin Futures Prompts Regulator to Revisit Hands-Off Approach
The top U.S. derivatives regulator is reviewing its process for approving new futures products, after the launch of bitcoin futures raised questions about whether its hands-off approach should be changed. (BTC )
Jan 31
02:32 AM
Bitcoin Is Having its Worst Month in Three Years
Bitcoin gripped the investing world last year like no other asset class in recent memory, minting new millionaires, sparking a pivot to blockchain technology and attracting a new wave of interest from institutional investors. (BTC )
Jan 30
11:44 PM
Japan Regulators Order Stronger Security After Coincheck Hack
Japanese regulatorsordered cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck Inc. to strengthen its security measures, after the exchange said it had been hacked and lost about $530 million in customers' assets.
Jan 28
09:52 PM
Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Coincheck to Pay Back Customers
The Japanese exchange said it would spend up to $426 million from its own funds to make payments after it was hacked and lost cryptocurrency worth some $530 million.
Jan 27
07:21 PM
Hedge Funds Go Bullish on Bitcoin Futures
Hedge funds have swung their bitcoin-futures bets to the bullish side for the first time, a marked turn around from a few weeks ago, according to figures released on Friday. (BTC )
Jan 26
03:23 PM
Lured by Market Records and Hot Bets, Individual Investors Finally Dive In
Discount brokerages TD Ameritrade Holdings Corp., E*Trade Financial Corp. and Charles Schwab & Co. reported surges in client activity that have accelerated in January. The firms attributed much of the activity to retail, or individual, investors who are opening brokerage accounts for the first time, some of them lured by the boom in cryptocurrency and cannabis investments.
Jan 26
12:32 PM
Cryptocurrency Worth $530 Million Missing From Japanese Exchange
The operator of one of Japan's leading trading platforms for cryptocurrencies said Friday it lost $530 million worth of customer assets after getting hacked, the latest security problem connected to the fast-growing market.
Jan 26
09:52 AM
How Blockchain Can End Poverty
Two-thirds of the world's population lacks access to a formal system of property rights.
Jan 26
12:14 AM
A Futuristic Home Inspired by France
The seller will accept Bitcoin for this San Francisco property, which includes Tesla charging stations, a retractable roof and Paris-inspired dcor (BTC )
Jan 25
10:52 AM
Should You Buy Bitcoin With Your Credit Card?
Some banks and credit-card companies have begun restricting customers' purchases of bitcoin, shutting down a popular way to buy the volatile digital currency. (BTC )
Jan 25
08:22 AM
Hedge Funds Grow Wary of Cryptocurrency Mania
Their caution is the latest sign of doubt among investors that the red-hot rise of bitcoin and its ilk is sustainable.
Jan 24
02:42 AM
After Bitcoin Futures, Watch Out for Crypto Repos
A former Goldman Sachs banker plans to launch a digital currency platform that will make it easier for investors to short one cryptocurrency against another, potentially bringing the nascent market one step closer to the financial mainstream. (BTC )
Jan 23
11:18 AM
The Programmer at the Center of a $100 Billion Crypto Storm
Prices for bitcoin and other digital currencies on Jan. 8 lost more than $100 billion in collective market value. The move can be traced to one address: A Long Island City apartment that is the home of Brandon Chez, a 31-year-old computer programmer behind website coinmarketcap.com.
Jan 23
04:02 AM
Noose Tightens on Anonymous Cryptocurrency Trading in South Korea
South Korea's finance regulators are expanding measures to verify cryptocurrency investors' identities, as part of the country's moves to control one of Asia's hottest bitcoin markets.
Jan 23
01:48 AM

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