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Latest Cryptocurrency Venture Is Coming for Your Bedroom
The latest in a long line of cryptocurrency ventures to enter the market is a platform called CryptoBnB which will use blockchain technology to match homeowners with the right temporary tenants.
Nov 17
07:53 AM
Bitcoin Surges to Record Near $8,000 as Previously Canceled Fork Back On
A fork in bitcoin had previously been called off, sending the cryptocurrency haywire last week. Early this morning, the leaders behind the proposed fork said its back on - and bitcoin went soaring. (BTC )
Nov 17
05:01 AM
Cryptocurrencies Go Mainstream with Derivatives Market, Asset Class Designation
Although cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin were created as a mechanism for private, peer-to-peer transactions a growing number of investors are treating cryptocurrencies as dynamic fiat money alternatives--effectively a new asset class--that generate high returns. (BTC )
Nov 16
10:19 AM
Square Introduces Bitcoin Buying Option, but Beware Regulatory Risk
Square Inc, a San Francisco-based company financial services and mobile payment company launched in 2009 by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, has introduced the option to buy and sell Bitcoin through its Square Cash app. But it's not smooth sailing going forward: there's a lot of regulatory red tape....SQ (BTC )
Nov 16
08:52 AM
Square: Cramer's Top Takeaways
Sarah Friar, CFO of payment processor Square, tells Jim Cramer that Square's customers are asking about bitcoin....XPO
Nov 15
04:37 PM
Square Running Bitcoin Pilot Could Be 'Something Big'
Square is running a pilot program to accept bitcoin payments. This could be something big, as it's driving prices for both securities higher, Jim Cramer notes....SQ (BTC )
Nov 15
10:21 AM
Bitcoin Swings in Wild Weekend That Clips $38 billion From Cryptocurrency Value
Bitcoin's "market cap" sheds $38 billion from recent peak amid speculation that delayed software upgrade and high transaction costs are driving investors to cryptocurrency alternatives. (BTC )
Nov 13
02:22 AM
Bitcoin Will Reach $400,000, Says Investor Mark Yusko
Mark Yusko, the founder and the CEO of the North Carolina-based investment firm Morgan Creek Capital Management, which has $3.7 billion in assets under management, has said that Bitcoin price will reach $400,000 in the long-term. (BTC )
Nov 10
02:57 PM
Bitcoin Slumps Below $7,000 Amid Question Over Segwti2X 'Fork' Delay
Bitcoin has lost nearly $1,200 since hitting $8,000 earlier this week amid concerns over the so-called software 'Fork' that could split the cryptocurrency. (BTC )
Nov 10
04:46 AM
Is Hashgraph Technology Just Hype, Or Can It Dethrone Blockchain?
Watch out, blockchain: there's a new kid in town called Hashgraph. Could it unseat the technology and electronic ledger behind Bitcoin? (BTC )
Nov 09
03:26 PM
One Chip Stock That's Getting an Overlooked Boost from Cryptocurrency Mining
Taiwan Semiconductor saw a boost in cryptocurrency related revenue during the most recent quarter, proving that Nvidia and AMD aren't the only companies riding the cryptocurrency wave....TSM
Nov 09
12:47 PM
Bitcoin Retreats From Records as Hard Fork Reality Sets In
Investors had first piled in when the possible hard fork was called off Wednesday. By Thursday, they changed their minds. (BTC )
Nov 09
11:39 AM
A Cautionary Bitcoin Tale: Feds Take Aim at Cryptocurrency 'Ponzi Scheme'
Authorities say overenthusiastic Bitcoin investors were snared in a classic Ponzi scheme. (BTC )
Nov 08
04:12 PM
Bitcoin Soars Close to Record High as Hard Fork Rallying Cry Weakens
The organizers who first called for a hard fork in bitcoin have pulled back, recognizing they're failed to garner enough support to split the cryptocurrency in two. (BTC )
Nov 08
11:02 AM
Inside Walmart's (WMT) Secret Plan to Unleash Blockchain Technology In China
Walmart continues to retool its business in China. Its latest efforts focus on adding technology to how people shop for food....WMT
Nov 06
09:46 AM
Why Author Michael Lewis Doesn't Do Bitcoin or Twitter
Bitcoin has been on one heck of a run of late following some choppy trading over the summer. Despite the renewed push higher, well-known business book author Michael Lewis still doesn't get all the hoopla over the cryptocurrency....TWTR (BTC )
Nov 06
09:07 AM
SEC More Likely To Approve Blockchain ETFs Than Bitcoin ETFs
Over the past few months the Securities and Exchange Commission has been actively rejecting Bitcoin exchange-traded fund applications. However, ETFs with exposure to Blockchain technology are more likely to be approved. (BTC )
Nov 03
02:47 PM
Citibank's UK Brokerage Platform Offers Access to Ether ETNs
The UK brokerage platform of Citibank, Citigroup's consumer division, is now offering clients access to Ether exchange traded notes (ETNs), according to XBT Group, a Sweden-based company that is providing the cryptocurrency investing platform....C
Nov 03
10:51 AM
Reality Shares Files Application to SEC for Bitcoin ETF
Reality Shares, Inc., a privately owned investment manager, on Thursday, filed an application for the Reality Shares Nasdaq Blockchain Economy exchange-traded-fund, a bitcoin ETF. (BTC )
Nov 02
03:17 PM
Bitcoin Hits $7,000 Mark As Newborn Bitcoin Gold Faces Safety Issues
Bitcoin has continued its stratospheric rise, smashing past the $7,000 level for the first time. The cryptocurrency is now worth five and half times the value of gold....GS (BTC )
Nov 02
07:46 AM
Bitcoin Smashes Through $7,000; Now More Than Five Times The Price of Gold
Bitcoin has gained more than 40% since topping $5,000 last month .. and it's now more than five and a half times the price of gold. (BTC )
Nov 02
03:42 AM
CME Group Announces Plans To Launch Bitcoin Futures
The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group has announced plans to launch Bitcoin futures this year. (BTC )
Oct 31
09:11 AM
ENTX Adopts Blockchain Technology to Track Tokens and Skins
ENTX, a company headquartered in Laguna Beach, Calif., says it has launched a blockchain project that 'tracks tokens, digital assets and game skins.' Skins could be a model for how we value digital assets going forward, so what are they?
Oct 30
02:06 PM
Charities Adopt Bitcoin Technology to Track and Transfer Funds Faster
Charity can be tricky business especially when you have no idea where your money will end up in the process. Enter Bitcoin. (BTC )
Oct 26
09:41 AM
Going Down the Cryptocurrency Rabbit Hole
Not a day goes by that our cryptocurrency correspondence isn't asked this provocative question: Is Bitcoin a good investment? Are you a crypto hater or doubter? Read on for answers. (BTC )
Oct 25
07:51 AM
Bitcoin Hard Fork in November Expected to Drive Prices High
Bitcoin has already hit values of more than $6,000. Can it soar higher? (BTC )
Oct 24
07:46 AM
Yes, More Regulation Is Probably Coming to the Bitcoin World
Bitcoin has faced a host of scrutiny this year due to its rapid ascent in price. With bitcoin prices still doing well, many are calling for greater regulation of the cryptocurrency. It's very likely such regulation happens, and soon. (BTC )
Oct 24
03:26 AM
Saudi Billionaire Prince Alwaleed Thinks Bitcoin Sucks: Does He Have an Agenda?
The Saudi investor takes JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon's view of the cryptocurrency over that of Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein's. And he didn't mince any words, comparing Bitcoin's inflated value to Enron's....C (BTC )
Oct 23
12:11 PM
PayPal (PYPL) Surges on Big Earnings Beat: Analyst Round-Up
The digital payments company is still in the 'early innings' of an accelerated growth story, according to one analyst....PYPL
Oct 20
06:07 AM
Bitcoin Could Soon Top $10,000, According to Survey of Over 23,000 People
This survey suggests bitcoin is positioned to nearly double its current price. Here's what you need to know....JPM (BTC )
Oct 20
05:21 AM
Bitcoin Is Not the New Gold, Says Goldman Sachs
Bitcoin is not the new gold, according to Goldman Sachs analysts who have released a report comparing the cryptocurrency outlook to that of the metal of Midas. (BTC )
Oct 19
01:21 PM
Bitcoin ETFs to Be Approved, But It's All About Timing
It is no secret that Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have been struggling to receive approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) this year. Will it happen soon? Here's what needs to happen. (BTC )
Oct 19
01:06 PM
Fed's Market Moves May Restore the Volatility Wall Street Craves, Goldman Says
Goldman Sachs, for the third quarter in a row, underperformed rivals in the trading business it has long dominated....GS (CRAVE )
Oct 18
10:21 AM
Bitcoin Falls as Regulators Increase Scrutiny
Everyone's favorite cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which has skyrocketed over 460% year-to-date was giving back some of its gains during trading on Tuesday....BTC (BTC )
Oct 18
09:31 AM
John McAfee: Bankers like JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon Are Scared of Bitcoin
"[Dimon] calls Bitcoin a fraud: I call the U.S. dollar a fraud," McAfee says before throwing some serious shade at the bank CEO. (BTC )
Oct 17
01:32 PM
Ethereum Hard Fork Completes, Pushes Ether Price Up
On Monday at 1:22 a.m., Ethereum went through a hard fork, which pushed the price of ether to a high of $348. (ETH )
Oct 16
06:06 AM
Rhodium Prices Have Surprised Everyone By Surging More Than 50% This Year
With all eyes on gold getting back to the $1,300 level and talk of bitcoin headed towards $10,000, people may have overlooked rhodium.
Oct 15
02:36 PM
TheStreet Rewind (Video Newsletter): Motorcycles, Bitcoin, Alpha Rising Podcast, Haunted Wall Street
#Saturday! It's time for TheStreet Rewind. Here's a glimpse at some of our video interviews, big events and just cool videos this past week. #NationalMotorcycleRideDay, Vintage motorcycle racers, Bitcoin and our inaugural podcast are just a few of the videos you can unwind and rewind with us! (BTC )
Oct 14
12:56 PM
Dumbest Thing on Wall Street: Bitcoin Naysayers
This week, we're talking bitcoin. If you think you can ignore the booming cryptocurrency, you might be wrong. Here's why....JPM (BTC )
Oct 14
05:12 AM
Bitcoin Skyrockets to Reach Record High of $5,856
Digital currency bitcoin hits a record high of $5,856 early Friday....JPM (BTC )
Oct 13
04:11 AM
Bitcoin Sets New Records; J.Jill (JILL) Dip Puts Retail Investors Back on Watch -ICYMI
Here's what you need to know now for Thursday, Oct. 12....AMD (BTC )
Oct 12
04:36 PM
Nvidia Is a Buy as Bitcoin Blasts Through $5,000, Chart Reveals Upside
Rocketing price action in the cryptocurrency market could translate into a massive rally in a more conventional trade: Nvidia. It is a bitcoin play because the firm's GPU chips are used to 'mine' for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies....NVDA (BTC )
Oct 12
08:56 AM
Bitcoin Goes Plastic: Are Crypto Debit Cards for Real?
Cryptocurrency debit cards are out from Visa, MasterCard and other providers, and are growing in number. Are crypto-friendly debit cards the real deal? (BTC )
Oct 12
04:11 AM
Bank Earnings, Trump, Bitcoin - 5 Things You Must Know Before the Market Opens
U.S. stock futures suggest Wall Street will open mixed on Thursday, ahead of data on wholesale inflation and as big banks get earnings season rolling....C (BTC )
Oct 12
03:06 AM
Bitcoin Surges Past $5,000 For The First Time Amid Staggering Cryptocurrency Run
A single bitcoin will buy now you four ounces of pure gold....JPM (BTC )
Oct 12
02:26 AM
Nasdaq Stockholm Launches World's First Ether ETNs
In another major milestone in crypto-finance, the team behind the first Bitcoin exchanged traded notes (ETNs), XBT Provider, which is now a CoinShares Company, has just listed the world's first two ether-tracking ETNs on Nasdaq Stockholm. (BTC )
Oct 11
06:26 AM
Bitcoin Could Skyrocket to $20,000 Before it Explodes, Veteran Forecaster Warns
Bitcoin could be set for a major surge higher, but the cryptocurrency is eventually destined for an epic crash. That's the assessment from Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital....JPM (BTC )
Oct 11
05:06 AM
Here's Why Bitcoin Won't Be Banned By Governments All Over the World
Some countries have started to crack down on crytpocurrencies such as Bitcoin. But, they will unlikely be banned altogether by governments. (BTC )
Oct 11
03:56 AM
Bitcoin Is a Speculative Bubble That Will Eventually Explode, Peter Schiff Warns
Bitcoin prices are up almost 400% so far this year, but veteran forecaster Peter Schiff thinks many investors will be disappointed once the "bubble" pops. (BTC )
Oct 10
01:36 PM
Airlines Adopt Bitcoin's Blockchain Technology to Make Travel Cheaper
German airline Lufthansa Group has announced today it is working with Switzerland-based startup Winding Tree to build blockchain-based travel apps. With this Bitcoin technology make your flights cheaper?...EXPE (BTC )
Oct 10
07:47 AM

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