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Gold Stays Strong as Stocks and, Bitcoin Tumble
Gold has benefited from the turmoil surrounding Ukraine and is serving as a hedge against raging inflation. (BTC )
08:11 AM
IMF Urges El Salvador to Remove Bitcoin as Legal Tender
The IMF Executive Board raises concerns about El Salvador making bitcoin legal tender. (BTC )
Jan 25
01:32 PM
Elon Musk Twitter Offer Could Make McDonald's Take Dogecoin
The billionaire, a vocal champion of crypto, wants the fast-food giant to accept the meme coin as a means of payment (DOGE )
Jan 25
09:31 AM
Cryptocurrency Price Check: Fed Signals Spur Slide
Bitcoin prices are getting pulled down over concerns about rising interest rates, analysts say. (BTC )
Jan 24
10:33 AM
Rising Interest Rates Hurting Stocks and Other Risk Assets
Rising rates make the safety of bonds look more appealing, and they put a dent in stocks and cryptocurrencies, among other risk assets.
Jan 24
10:13 AM
Why Is Bitcoin Crashing? Ask the Stock Market
Bitcoin is down another 8% amid a broader selloff that has seen the digital token shed a quarter of its value in January alone. The stock market knows why. (BTC )
Jan 24
05:00 AM
McDonald's Under Pressure to Accept Musk's Favorite Crypto Dogecoin
Meme coins fans are begging Big Mac owner to take as a means of payment Elon Musk's favorite digital currency. (DOGE )
Jan 23
09:56 AM
Cryptocurrency Crash Roils Social Media
Comments on Twitter and Reddit heat up as cryptocurrency prices continue to tumble.
Jan 21
01:37 PM
Here Are Countries Where Crypto Are Illegal
Nine countries currently explicitly ban cryptocurrencies, while 42 others are less firm even if they consider them illegal.
Jan 21
09:46 AM
Elon Musk Mocks Twitter's Embrace of NFTs
Twitter is offering special profile pictures for NFT holders, meanwhile Musk wants the company to focus on crypto scammers
Jan 21
07:10 AM
New York City Mayor Will Be Pay in Bitcoin
Mayor Eric Adams says he wants New York to be 'the center of cryptocurrency.' (BTC )
Jan 20
11:01 AM Says More Than $35 Million Stolen by Hackers
The crypto exchange says 483 customer accounts were affected, resulting in the theft of bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.
Jan 20
07:20 AM
Crypto Market Lost $1 Trillion in 72 Days - And It Might Not Be Over Yet.
The ongoing crash in the crypto market has shed roughly $1 trillion in value since November 8, and could decline further as
Jan 19
04:14 PM
World's Largest Bitcoin Fund Is Down Almost 18% - Is It Time To Buy Or Sell?
(BTC )
Jan 19
03:37 PM
Over a Quarter of Americans Invest in Crypto for Quick Profits, Survey
A majority of Americans not do any research into cryptocurrency before making the decision to invest, a survey finds.
Jan 19
08:02 AM
Crypto ATMs Shutdown in Singapore on 'Impulse' Trading
Cryptocurrency adoption suffers a setback as Singapore officials shut down crypto ATMs.
Jan 19
07:21 AM
I Don't Trust Bitcoin, But Should I Give Up on Crypto?
The high volatility of the queen of cryptocurrencies is a foil, which might prevent Main Street from seeing the potential uses of these new technologies. (BTC )
Jan 18
02:01 PM
US Billionaire Bill Miller Bets 50% of His Wealth in Bitcoin
Star fund manager Bill Miller says 'bitcoin is the only economic entity where supply isn't affected by demand.' (BTC )
Jan 14
03:40 PM
Crypto Scams You Should Know Before You Start Trading Coins
Crypto con artists use a variety of scams to cheat investors.
Jan 14
09:22 AM
Dogecoin Top Dog in Meme Coin Market Cap
Dogecoin is the most popular meme coin by market capitalization, followed by Shiba Inu. (DOGE )
Jan 13
02:51 PM
Crypto Is Increasingly Being Used For Drug and Sex Trafficking, GAO Says
The number of suspicious activity reports filed with the GAO increased five-fold between 2017 and 2020.
Jan 13
11:55 AM
Coinbase Will Shut Down For Four Weeklong Breaks in 2022 to Recharge
The company is bracing for another intense year amid fluctuating crypto prices, and want to prevent employee burnout.
Jan 13
08:20 AM
Crypto Miner CleanSpark is a Candidate for Speculation
With most of its revenue coming from crypto mining, the company's shifting its focus.
Jan 13
04:59 AM
As If Crypto Isn't Complicated Enough, Coinbase Jumps Into Derivatives
Coinbase is expanding into derivatives trading with the acquisition of FairX derivatives exchange, a regulated exchange that launched less than a year ago.
Jan 13
04:59 AM
Crypto Job Postings Are Through The Roof
On LinkedIn, U.S jobs postings with keywords
Jan 12
03:24 PM
Ryval, the Startup Bringing Crypto Into the Courtroom
Investors can buy tokens in class action lawsuits and get a payout if the defendant wins through Ryval.
Jan 12
11:28 AM
Bitcoin May Climb to $75,000, Says Swiss Bank Chief
The cryptocurrency recently traded at $43,799, up 6%. But it is still down more than a third from its Nov. 9 record high. (BTC )
Jan 12
08:33 AM
A Crash By Any Other Name: Bitcoin Down 40% Since November
The debate over cryptocurrencies and their inherent value rages on as bitcoin loses 40% of its value since touching an all-time high of $67,553.95 on November 8. (BTC )
Jan 11
04:57 AM
Has Ethereum Lost Its Touch?
Ether, the native currency of ethereum, the most-used blockchain, has been in free fall since January despite being the crypto of NFTs. (ETH )
Jan 10
05:42 PM
Cryptocurrency Price Check: 'Don't Count the Bulls Out Just Yet'
Despite falling prices, one crypto analyst says bitcoin 'could see a massive breakout in 2022 and take the crypto market with it.'
Jan 10
08:17 AM
Bitcoin Continues Skid, with Experts Divided on its Future
One factor hurting the currency is the Federal Reserve's adoption of a more hawkish monetary policy stance. (BTC )
Jan 07
11:11 AM
SEC Charges Founder Of Crypto Startup With Fraud
The Securities and Exchange Commission alleges that Craig Sproule, founder of Crowd Machine, misled investors
Jan 07
09:04 AM
Crypto King Mike Novogratz Sees Bitcoin Dropping To As Low As $38,000
The Fed's tightening of monetary policy may dampen crypto enthusiasm. (BTC )
Jan 06
01:59 PM
Bitcoin And Ethereum Are Hanging By A Thread - Here's The Trade
Bitcoin and ethereum have been under pressure lately. Here is the key level to hold, otherwise more selling pressure may ensue. (BTC , ETH )
Jan 06
11:45 AM
Bitcoin Blowout: Slide Continues After Hawkish Fed Comments
Bitcoin, the biggest cryptocurrency, also struggled in the face of tech-stock declines and has slumped 15% since Dec. 27. (BTC )
Jan 06
06:19 AM
Tech Hiccup, Crypto Drop, Fed Fallout - 5 Things You Must Know
U.S. stocks set for a muted open; bitcoin falls below $46,000; the Fed hints at faster and sooner rate increases; Nike Sues Lululemon; a car with paint that changes color.
Jan 06
03:21 AM
Matt Damon's Crypto Ad Gets Roasted Online
The social media backlash may represent growing distrust of cryptocurrencies.
Jan 05
02:06 PM
Jim Cramer Talks Crypto With FTX CEO
It doesn't matter how it's classified, just write regulations that make sense, Sam Bankman-Fried tells Cramer.
Jan 05
01:00 PM
Airbnb Users Want to Pay in Crypto
Airbnb asked users on Twitter what they want for 2022. Of the 4,000 responses, crypto rentals was the winner.
Jan 05
08:29 AM
Bitcoin Could Reach $100K And Overtake Gold's Market Share: Goldman Sachs
Bitcoin currently makes up a 20% share of the store of value market. (BTC )
Jan 04
02:26 PM
2021 By the Numbers: A Look Back at Some Key Data
From meme stocks to inflation to cryptocurrencies, some eye-popping numbers dominated headlines in 2021, though not in ways everyone predicted.
07:40 AM
These Are The Altcoins You Should Be Watching In 2022
It can be hard to know which altcoins to pick in an industry that is already very volatile.
12:23 PM
Dogecoin Facing Uncertainty in 2022, Crypto Analysts Say
Dogecoin is 'a tricky investment even for the veteran investor,' says analysts, who doubt the cryptocurrency will reach $1 in the new year. (DOGE )
08:53 AM
Crypto Won't Solve Financial Inequalities, Warren Says
Bitcoin is owned mostly by those who are wealthy and in higher tax brackets. (BTC )
04:03 PM
L.A.'s Staples Center Becomes Arena
The home of the Los Angeles Lakers has dropped an outdated name for a very modern one.
08:07 AM
'Zombie' RadioShack Reborn As Crypto Company
RadioShack wants to be 'the bridge between the CEO's who lead the world's corporations and the new world of cryptocurrencies.'
02:23 PM
Less Than 5% Of Crypto Entrepreneurs Are Women
And all of their companies also have at least one fellow male founder.
01:26 PM
Bitcoin: A Tool for Everyone or a Plaything for the Wealthy?
A recent report shows that just 0.01% of bitcoin owners, or about 10,000 accounts, hold 27% of the 19 million bitcoins in circulation. (BTC )
07:31 AM
Jim Cramer Talks With PayPal CEO
PayPal CEO Dan Schulman tells Cramer its numbers are good despite stock declines in the Fintech sector.
03:08 AM
Bitcoin to $100,000 or Zero? Let's Tone It Down and Look at the Chart.
Bitcoin lately has been making a lot of waves but hasn't been trading all that well. Let's tone down the extremes and look at the charts. (BTC )
11:24 AM

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