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Bitcoin Sheds $70 Billion This Week As Global Cryptocurrencies Crumble
Bitcoin may fall below $10,000 for the first time since November Wednesday as the global sell-off in cryptocurrencies escalates. (BTC )
02:57 AM
Asia Markets Slip; Bitcoin stabilizes
Asia Markets Slip; Bitcoin stabilizes (BTC )
Jan 16
10:07 PM
U.S. Dollar Will Be Replaced By Cryptocurrencies and Gold in 30 Years
The rise of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could mean bad things for the crashing U.S. dollar says one expert....WMT
Jan 16
02:48 PM
Bitcoin and Ethereum Investors Run as Regulators Circle
Bitcoin and Ethereum are having a tough go of it Tuesday as regulatory woes weight on the digital currencies....MGI (BTC , ETH )
Jan 16
11:42 AM
Why PayPal's Venmo Is a 'Crown Jewel'
Tapping into the millennial crowd is key, and Venmo has done it better than any other fintech company. Here's what PayPal CEO Dan Schulman told TheStreet....PYPL
Jan 16
11:17 AM
Bitcoin Plunges Below $12,000 As Regulators Plan New Cryptocurrency Rules
Regulators are growing increasingly vocal over the global cryptocurrency craze, extending bitcoin's recent bear market run to around 40% in early Tuesday trading. (BTC )
Jan 16
01:17 AM
Sorry Bitcoin Fans, Warren Buffett Is Not the Dumbest Thing on Wall Street
Just because the Oracle of Omaha isn't going all in on bitcoin doesn't mean he's a bad investor. Maybe his critics should take a page from his book and do a little research....BRK.A (BTC )
Jan 14
04:07 AM
ChinaNet Online Scores $11 Million After Blockchain Announcement
ChinaNet Online Scores Millions After Declaring Interest in Blockchain...CNET
Jan 12
03:12 PM
Ripple's Recent Partnerships Fuel Crypto's Massive Spike
Over the past year, XRP has exhibited blockbuster growth rates. At the end of 2016, Ripple's per-coin price stood at just $0.006, and ended 2017 at $2.23. Overall, the digital currency's value has skyrocketed by 37,000% in that span....SAN
Jan 12
12:12 PM
Bitcoin Roundup: Critics, Regulators Sound Off Friday While KFC Canada Jumps In
Is it a currency? Is it a bubble? Can you buy fried chicken with it? These are the headlines you can't miss Friday....YUM (BTC )
Jan 12
11:54 AM
U.S. Has Set Up Council on Cryptocurrencies: Treasury Secretary Mnuchin
'We want to make sure that bad people cannot use these currencies to do bad things," Mnuchin said.
Jan 12
07:37 AM
Bitcoin Is an Asset Like Gold, Not a Currency: Former Fed Gov. Kroszner
'Very little is priced in bitcoin. Very few transactions for people who are making purchases are in bitcoin,' Kroszner says....OSTK (BTC )
Jan 12
07:23 AM
Bitcoin is a 4-Legged Stool With 2 Legs That Look Shaky
Rising interest rates and growing regulation could crush the cryptocurrency's price....JPM (BTC )
Jan 11
04:57 PM
Bitcoin Roundup: South Korea Ignites Concern Thursday, But How Bad Could It Be?
South Korea could soon be cut out of the digital asset trade. Here's all you need to know about bitcoin Thursday, Jan. 11....MGI (BTC )
Jan 11
02:06 PM
Video: 5 Headlines You Missed Thursday Morning
Xerox and Bitcoin are commanding investor attention Thursday morning....XRX (BTC )
Jan 11
08:58 AM
Bitcoin Will Survive News of a South Korean Trading Ban
Versus the dollar, cryptocurrencies aren't taking a hit from the latest ban talk coming out of South Korea. But investors should still be selective about how they play them....GBTC (BTC )
Jan 11
08:52 AM
Alphabet Is Running the Risk of Destroying the Value of This Major Asset
Alphabet has taken action against one of YouTube's biggest stars. Bitcoin prices tank, and a cruise line CEO sails into the NYSE....NCLH (BTC )
Jan 11
05:09 AM
Xerox, Bitcoin, Delta - 5 Things You Must Know Before the Market Opens Thursday
U.S. stock futures are slightly higher on Thursday as bonds steady....XRX (BTC )
Jan 11
03:17 AM
Bitcoin Wobbles After South Korea Plans Bill To Close Cryptocurrency Exchanges
Bitcoin prices fell sharply after officials in South Korea, the world's third-largest market, said it was drafting a bill to shut down domestic digital currency exchanges....BRK.A (BTC )
Jan 11
02:17 AM
Crypto Roundup: The Biggest Names in Finance Weigh In Wednesday
When the Oracle of Omaha talks bitcoin, the world listens. Here's what you need to know Wednesday....GS
Jan 10
02:04 PM
Cryptocurrencies Will Never Replace the Dollar - Fed's Kashkari Explains Why
Bitcoin's bulls say the cryptocurrency is immune to inflation, but this Fed leader disagrees. (BTC )
Jan 10
09:49 AM
Here's Wednesday's Hottest Midday Stories
Warren Buffett doesn't see a very good ending for the bitcoin craze sweeping markets....AAPL
Jan 10
09:32 AM
Bitcoin Is No Longer a Payment Option for Most Microsoft Services
It seems Microsoft isn't too happy with bitcoin right now, so you can't use it for most services at its store. The move is contrary to Bill Gates professed support of the currency....MSFT (BTC )
Jan 10
09:17 AM
Goldman Sachs Gets Real About the Crypto-Craze
Goldman Sachs isn't sold on cryptocurrencies and the firm lays out why in a note Wednesday....GS
Jan 10
08:07 AM
Warren Buffett: Bitcoin 'Will Definitely Come to a Bad Ending'
Billionaire Warren Buffett isn't interested in getting into what he knows nothing about....JPM (BTC )
Jan 10
06:07 AM
Kodak Extends Surge After Photography Icon Leaps into Current Blockchain Craze
Kodak shares look set to rise nearly 200% in just two days after the former titan of global photography said it will issue its own digital currency using blockchain technology....RIOT
Jan 10
02:37 AM
Nelson Peltz on Amazon, Apple, Cryptocurrencies and His Battle at P&G
The well-known activist investor Nelson Peltz discussed Apple, cryptocurrencies, and of course, his blockbuster battle at Procter & Gamble....AMZN
Jan 09
05:19 PM
Kodak Launches Cryptocurrency; AMD, Intel Lag on Microsoft Patch Woes--ICYMI
Kodak Launches Cryptocurrency; AMD, Intel Lag on Microsoft Patch Woes--ICYMI...KODK
Jan 09
02:28 PM
Crypto Roundup: What to Know Tuesday as Jamie Dimon, Fed's Kashkari Sound Off
Everyone has an opinion about crypto Tuesday. These are the top headlines you have to know....JPM
Jan 09
02:07 PM
Here Are Wall Street's Hottest Midday Stories
Cryptocurrencies, marijuana and Micron all have something in common. Find out what Jim Cramer says about them....MU
Jan 09
09:58 AM
Jamie Dimon Regrets Bitcoin 'Fraud' Dismissal, Says Blockchain Is 'Real'
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon said he regretted dismissing bitcoin as a "fraud" as the value of the world's top three cryptocurrencies tops the market cap of his own investment bank....JPM (BTC )
Jan 09
04:32 AM
Healthcare Mergers and the JPM Conference; PayPal CEO Talks Bitcoin, M&A--ICYMI
Healthcare Mergers and the JPM Conference; PayPal CEO Talks Bitcoin, M&A--ICYMI...CELG (BTC )
Jan 08
04:52 PM
Bitcoin Today: Top 5 Things You Need to Know Monday
PayPal CEO weighs in, crypto prices drop and Asia regulatory concerns grow....PYPL (BTC )
Jan 08
12:42 PM
PayPal CEO Says Bitcoin 'Unsuitable' - Here's What He's Really Excited About
Bitcoin is too volatile to serve as a 'real currency,' PayPal CEO Dan Schulman tells TheStreet....PYPL (BTC )
Jan 08
07:57 AM
Nvidia Is So Explosive Look for It One Day to Be Acquired
Chip giant Nvidia stole the show on opening night of the Consumer Electronics Show. ETFs are still hot, and so are cryptocurrencies....NVDA
Jan 08
05:07 AM
Bitcoin Could Easily Torpedo the Stock Market If This Happens Again
Bitcoin's crash in mid December should be respected by investors in the stock market more broadly, says this top expert....FB (BTC )
Jan 07
05:21 AM
Why $17,000 Bitcoin Won't Buy You a Cup of Coffee In This Country
Bitcoin has one major drawback in China: sky-high transaction fees. Hence, many business owners are turning away bitcoin as payment. (BTC )
Jan 07
04:03 AM
What Sanford and Son Taught Me About Bitcoin
Seeing a cryptocurrency infomercial wrapped around the Sanford and Son video isn't a good sign....JPM (BTC )
Jan 04
03:53 PM
Here's What Top Central Bankers Are Saying About Bitcoin
Bitcoin's meteoric rise has one group of skeptics in particular: top central bankers from around the world. This is what they think about cryptocurrencies. (BTC )
Jan 04
03:12 PM
Bitcoin Falls as SEC Warns Investors to Approach Cryptocurrencies 'With Caution'
The SEC said it was "pursuing violations" of securities law in relation to digital currency markets in a statement that warned investors that lost cash may never be recovered. (BTC )
Jan 04
09:37 AM
Indiegogo Founder: Today's Bitcoin Mania Is Like the Dot Com Craze -- in 1995
Indiegogo founder Slava Rubin discusses Indiegogo's new initial coin offering (ICO) service, where Bitcoin prices might be headed next and how blockchain compares to the dot-com boom and bust....AMZN (BTC )
Jan 04
08:57 AM
2018 Resolutions? Bitcoin, Maxing Out Your 401k and Cramer Should Be on the List
Resolutions are often made to be broken -- so consider these some "suggestions" to help create a fiscally, physically and mentally successful 2018....GOOG (BTC )
Jan 03
08:58 AM
3 Trends I Discovered in 2017 -- Will They Continue in 2018?
Bitcoin, aerospace, industrial and semiconductors all had a stellar 2017. Which groups will see that success carry over to 2018?...RIOT (BTC )
11:18 AM
Cryptocurrency Stocks Are Getting Creamed
Bitcoin prices are tanking. Home prices are rocking. And investors are taking a ton of risk....GBTC (BTC )
08:47 AM
Latest Bitcoin 'Hard Fork' Causing Concern in Cryptocurrency Community
Another group is taking a crack at a Segwit2x hard fork, but not everyone is convinced they have the right background and experience. (BTC )
08:37 AM
Bitcoin Has Zero Value?
Bitcoin prices are back on a downtrend. Shocker. Meanwhile, Nintendo is firing on all cylinders....NVDA (BTC )
04:58 AM
Bitcoin Slumps After South Korea Vows Crackdown on Cryptocurrency Speculation
Bitcoin prices fell below $14,000, extending its recent declines to around 30% after officials in one of its biggest markets vowed to crackdown on digital currency speculation. (BTC )
03:27 AM
Copper Rises, Bitcoin Falls, Tim Cook's Pay Soars - 5 Things You Must Know
U.S. stock futures rise on Thursday amid a renewed rally in metals prices....AAPL (BTC )
02:55 AM
Activist Campaigns, Bitcoin Prices and GE's Big Tax Bill -- ICYMI
Activist Campaigns, Bitcoin Prices and GE's Big Tax Bill -- ICYMI (BTC )
03:38 PM
The BitGo Platform Uncomplicates Crypto's Complicated Landscape
BitGo makes confusing digital transactions a little more digestible with cutting edge security software. CEO Mike Belshe explains to TheStreet why his firm really matters....GOOGL
07:52 AM

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