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Mark Cuban Faces Challenges in Bankruptcy of Crypto Lender Voyager
The billionaire and crypto investor was in business with Voyager Digital which went bankrupt early July.
11:05 AM
'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli's Crypto Conversion Turns Sour
The disgraced investor and convicted felon launched a cryptocurrency last July after his release from prison.
09:03 AM
The Crypto Industry Has a Key Appointment on Sept. 15
A big change in the platform on which NFTs and other important crypto applications are created is imminent.
Aug 12
11:54 AM
Billionaire Mark Cuban Denounces the Excesses of the Metaverse
The successful entrepreneur is an evangelist of the crypto industry but he is also one of its fiercest critics and has just proved it once again.
Aug 11
03:24 PM
Billionaire Mark Cuban Warns Against This Trendy Investment
The successful entrepreneur is an evangelist of the crypto industry but he is also one of its fiercest critics and has just proved it once again.
Aug 11
01:45 PM
Bitcoin Breakout or Breakdown? Here's the Trade.
Bitcoin has made a nice move off the low, but it's struggling with resistance. Here's how to trade it from here. (BTC )
Aug 11
01:09 PM
Crypto Platform FTX Pay and Reddit Strike a Deal
Longtime Redditors may be excited about this new partnership.
Aug 09
09:27 AM
There's a Really Gruesome Crypto Scam Going Around
Fraudsters have developed new techniques to target victims through dating apps.
Aug 05
12:59 PM
Voyager Digital CEO Cashed Out Stock as Crypto Market Plummeted
Voyager Digital CEO Steven Ehrlich netted $31 million selling shares while customers had their accounts frozen.
Aug 03
12:08 PM
Nomad Crypto Bridge Is Target of $200 Million Hack
Nomad, which enables crypto holders to swap their tokens among blockchains, was the target of hackers who pillaged about $200 million, reports say.
Aug 02
07:17 AM
Crypto Pyramid Scheme Alleged by SEC; 11 Are Charged
Eleven people were charged in a crypto pyramid scheme that authorities said drew more than $300 million from investors.
Aug 01
11:15 AM
Crypto Rebound: Forget Bitcoin, Ethereum Is the Real Deal
Cryptocurrency prices are stabilizing, but one coin is particularly buoyant. (BTC , ETH )
Jul 29
06:31 AM
Crypto: PayPal's Ambitions Could Be Crushed By A Powerful Player
Elliott Management's reported stake in PayPal could mean eliminating its cryptocurrency offering.
Jul 28
07:17 PM
PayPal's Crypto Project Could Be In Danger
Elliott Management's reported stake in PayPal could mean eliminating its cryptocurrency offering.
Jul 28
05:59 PM
Bitcoin Surges After Fed Rate Hike
Cryptocurrency prices rose after the Federal Reserve hiked rates by 'only' 0.75%. (BTC )
Jul 27
01:56 PM
Crypto: Another Major Exchange in the Crosshairs of Regulators
The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating Coinbase. But another crypto exchange is also in the sights of regulators.
Jul 27
01:04 PM
Crypto CEO Pleads Guilty in $21 Billion Fraud Scheme
The founder and CEO of Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure admits to using some of the company's ICO money to pay bills for his Hawaii condominium.
Jul 26
02:14 PM
Commentary: What if Bitcoin's Price Falls to $5,000?
A crash in bitcoin's would be good for the crypto industry, which could then rebuild on a sounder footing. (BTC )
Jul 26
11:11 AM
Coinbase Faces Huge Challenge -- Which May Affect All of Crypto
The Coinbase platform faces a big problem, which has implications for the entire crypto industry.
Jul 26
06:26 AM
Crypto Price Check: House Committee Expected to Push Stablecoin Bill
A House committee this week is expected to advance a bill on stablecoins, while analysts say high-profile cases may spur crypto-rule-making.
Jul 25
08:28 AM
Crypto: Billionaire Mark Cuban Warns of a Powerful Player
The billionaire entrepreneur is a cryptocurrency evangelist.
Jul 24
11:00 AM
Crypto: Customers of Bankrupt Lender May Get their Money Back Soon
Voyager Digital recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, victim of the liquidation of a hedge fund to which it had lent large sums of money.
Jul 24
10:18 AM
Crypto: A Bernie Madoff-Style Scheme May Have Crushed Prominent Lenders
Most financially troubled crypto lenders have one thing in common: hedge fund Three Arrows Capital.
Jul 23
06:44 AM
Crypto: Trump's ex-Ally's Bitcoin Troubles Worsen
Anthony Scaramucci, the short-lived White House communications director under Donald Trump, is a bitcoin evangelist. (BTC )
Jul 22
03:14 PM
Ex-Coinbase Manager Charged by U.S. in Insider-Trading Case
Three men were charged in what authorities said was the first cryptocurrency insider trading case.
Jul 21
10:37 AM
Musk Draws Shock and Sympathy on Reddit After Tesla Sold Bitcoins
What are Elon Musk's intentions? That's the question agitating young traders after Tesla sold 75% of its bitcoin. (BTC )
Jul 21
06:20 AM
Musk Promises Tesla Will Buy Back Bitcoin in the Future
The billionaire also claims that Tesla has not yet sold its Dogecoins. (BTC , DOGE )
Jul 20
03:40 PM
Elon Musk and Tesla Aren't Big Bitcoin Fans Anymore
The electric vehicle maker had invested $1.5 billion in Bitcoin in February 2021, bringing a long-awaited mark of trust to the cryptocurrency. (BTC )
Jul 20
03:03 PM
Crypto Miners Moved $300 Million Bitcoin From Wallets
Bitcoin miners see biggest single-day movement of coins in more than a year. (BTC )
Jul 19
01:11 PM
Anthony Scaramucci, Former Trump Ally, Victim of the Crypto Crash
Skybridge Capital suspended withdrawals in one of its funds after the sharp fall in cryptocurrency prices.
Jul 19
10:20 AM
Charlie Munger Not Worried About Inflation, Economy
Berkshire Hathaway's Charlie Munger discussed his outlooks on the economy, oil, renewable energy and cryptocurrency after his recent personal investment in an
Jul 18
05:07 PM
Crypto Price Check: Bankruptcies Taking Sector into Uncharted Waters
The fall of integral crypto players has triggered 'a downward spiral', one analyst says, that's taken other crypto investors and companies down with it.
Jul 18
11:58 AM
Coinbase Takes a Big and Important Win
The most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the U.S. faces declining trading volumes.
Jul 18
08:10 AM
Russia Delivers a Scathing Setback to Crypto
The crypto industry is currently going through an unprecedented crisis that any further setbacks can deepen.
Jul 17
03:29 PM
If Bitcoin Bulls Want to Party, the Crypto King Must Clear a Key Level
Bitcoin has been beaten up this year but is quietly trying to rally. Here's the level it has to clear. (BTC )
Jul 15
10:21 AM
Disney Picks Mark Cuban Protege for First Foray Into Crypto
Walt Disney still hasn't invested in crypto despite buzz surrounding fledgling industry.
Jul 15
06:04 AM
On Reddit, Gen-Z, Millenials Blame Boomers for the Recession
The crypto crisis and the potential recession are for Gen Z and some Millennials their first Great Depression as investors.
Jul 14
02:07 PM
Another Prominent Crypto Lender Goes Down
Celsius Network was one of the first crypto lenders to prevent its customers from withdrawing their money last month.
Jul 14
05:34 AM
Soaring Inflation Could Dampen Crypto Purchases, Analysts Say
Soaring inflation will make investors less inclined to buy cryptocurrencies, some analysts say, while others see a silver lining amid the high numbers.
Jul 13
12:43 PM
For Bitcoin Believers Musk and Saylor, a Reckoning Looms
Elon Musk and Michael Saylor lead, respectively, Tesla and MicroStrategy, which bet big in the king of cryptocurrencies. (BTC )
Jul 13
09:58 AM
Opinion: Crypto Liquidity Crisis -- It's All About (the Lack of) Transparency
The young crypto industry is currently going through its most serious crisis.
Jul 11
10:37 AM
Crypto Price Check: Regulatory Efforts Going Global
The cryptocurrency collapse is uniting governments on the issue of regulation, experts say.
Jul 11
08:10 AM
Crypto Liquidity Crisis Is a Boon for This Swiss Firm
Nexo believes that it's the company's duty to offer help to struggling lenders.
Jul 10
06:28 AM
Crypto: Liquidity Crisis Spreads to Major Exchanges
The crisis of confidence affecting crypto lenders is now spreading to major exchanges.
Jul 08
02:55 PM
Mark Cuban Caught in Bankruptcy of Crypto Lender Voyager
Successful entrepreneur and star of the Shark Tank tv show is a crypto investor but one of his bets just backfired.
Jul 08
01:29 PM
Elon Musk's Boring Company Accepts Dogecoin
The infrastructure and tunnel construction firm becomes the third company in the billionaire's empire to support cryptocurrency. (DOGE )
Jul 07
10:58 AM
A Dynamic Duo of Young Billionaires to Prevent Crypto from Collapsing
Crypto billionaires Changpeng Zhao and Sam Bankman-Fried are stepping up and seeking to 'stop the contagion.'
Jul 07
06:37 AM
Instagram Has Some Unwanted Crypto Surprises
There are some decidedly bad actors lurking around Instagram just waiting to pull a crypto scam.
Jul 06
02:11 PM
Crypto Crisis Brings Back Ghosts of Lehman Brothers
The crypto industry is going through an unprecedented crisis of confidence.
Jul 06
08:46 AM
What's Wrong With Coins? Crypto Crisis Explained
The crypto industry is currently going through an unprecedented crisis. Here's a guide to what's going on, and what might be next..
Jul 06
06:58 AM

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