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Bitcoin Today: Prices Drift Lower as Entire Cryptocurrency Market Struggles
Most of the biggest cryptocurrencies traded into the red Friday....LFIN (BTC )
Apr 06
02:14 PM
Bitcoin Today: Prices Stick Below $7,000 Mark as Cryptocurrency Space Mixed
Bitcoin trades lower most of Thursday afternoon. Here's what you need to know....LFIN (BTC )
Apr 05
02:09 PM
Cryptocurrencies Could Be 20% of Capital Gains Tax Payments This Year
Tax liabilities for cryptocurrencies in the U.S. are estimated to total $25 billion, according to Fundstrat. Could this put selling pressure on cryptocurrency markets?
Apr 05
09:49 AM
After Third-Straight Volatility Halt, Longfin Adds $300 Million in Market Cap
The cryptocurrency company has attracted a great deal of attention from short sellers....LFIN
Apr 05
09:49 AM
Bitcoin Today: Risky Crypto Assets Take a Beating Amid Trade-War Fears
Bitcoin had a rough ride today. While all eyes were on Wall Street's gains, here's what happpend to the risky crypto Wednesday....NVDA (BTC )
Apr 04
02:14 PM
Bitcoin Today: Prices Push Higher as Traders Look Past Weekend Woes
Prices buoyed above the $7,000 mark for most of Tuesday. Here's what you need to know....V (BTC )
Apr 03
02:04 PM
SEC Charges Celebrity-Backed ICO With Fraud, Signaling Further Enforcement
The SEC is starting to ramp up its oversight of cryptocurrencies.
Apr 03
12:44 PM
Bitcoin Today: Prices Attempt Comeback Following 'Death Cross' Plunge
Bitcoin hit a 54-day low over the weekend. (BTC )
Apr 02
02:09 PM
3 Key Factors Behind Bitcoin's Current Slide
These 3 Key Factors are Driving Crypto's Latest Slump...TWTR (BTC )
Apr 02
11:45 AM
Bitcoin Gets Throttled After Traversing Much-Feared 'Death Cross'
Bitcoin hit a 54-day low over the weekend. (BTC )
Apr 02
04:14 AM
Bitcoin Today: Prices Plunge as Bitcoin Hovers Close to 'Death Cross'
Regulatory concerns abound Thursday. (BTC )
Mar 29
02:09 PM
The Initial Coin Offering Is Dead, Long Live the ICO!
The popular fundraising tool may well evolve into something different as the cryptocurrency market develops.
Mar 29
08:16 AM
Bitcoin Tumbles as Global Cryptocurrencies Shed $500 Billion Over First Quarter
Bitcoin prices have fallen more than 45% so far this year, helping hack more than half a trillion dollars of value from the global cryptocurrency markets as regulators target digital coin offerings for tighter oversight....FB (BTC )
Mar 29
04:20 AM
Bitcoin Today: Prices Dip Below $8,000 for Third Straight Day
Bitcoin trades lower again Wednesday. Here's what you missed....AMD (BTC )
Mar 28
02:04 PM
Bitcoin Today: Prices Hover Close to $8,000, Regulation's Back in the Spotlight
Bitcoin prices were back in the $7,000 bracket Tuesday. Here's what you need to know....F (BTC )
Mar 27
02:07 PM
Bitcoin Today: Prices Tumble Below $8,000 as Twitter Confirms Crypto Ad Ban
Prices broke below the $8,000 barrier after a low-volatility week. Here's what you need to know....TWTR (BTC )
Mar 26
02:08 PM
Don't Sell Advanced Micro Devices Despite Tough Crypto-Based Downgrade
AMD stock is not a sell right now. It has too many good things working in its favor, according to TheStreet's Jim Cramer....AMD
Mar 26
10:02 AM
6 Cryptocurrency Scams and Risky Assets Investors Should Beware Of
As cryptocurrencies and ICOs have blown up, a lot of dubious investments and unethical behavior has emerged along the way....FB
Mar 23
07:47 AM
Bitcoin Today: Prices Retreat From Week's Highs Amid Cryptocurrency Downtrend
Most of the world's top cryptocurrencies traded lower Thursday. Here's what you need to know....ACN (BTC )
Mar 22
02:07 PM
Bitcoin Today: Prices Teeter Around $9,000 as Sentiment Mixed
Bitcoin was close to flat after jumping above $9,000 in early trading. Here's what you need to know....SQ (BTC )
Mar 21
02:07 PM
These 5 Stocks Are Benefiting From a Bitcoin Rally
Bitcoin rallies back above the $9,000 level....MGTI (BTC )
Mar 21
08:07 AM
3 Key Reasons Behind Bitcoin's Recent Decline
The price of Bitcoin continued to fall in March after a weak January and February. What is contributing to its 34% year-to-date price drop? (BTC )
Mar 20
02:56 PM
Bitcoin Today: Prices Eye $9,000 Mark as Global Crypto Push Intensifies
Bitcoin traded higher Tuesday. Here's what you need to know. (BTC )
Mar 20
02:07 PM
Bitcoin Today: Prices Bounce Back Following Twitter Crypto Ad Ban Report
Bitcoin fell to a more than five-week low over the weekend....GOOGL (BTC )
Mar 19
05:27 PM
Financial Stability Board Letter to G20 Sends Bitcoin Soaring $1,000
Bitcoin got a much-needed shot in the arm from a letter sent by the FSB to G-20 leaders Sunday....FB (BTC )
Mar 19
11:07 AM
Facebook's (NASDAQ:FB) Cambridge Analytica Debacle Will Have Wall Street Talking Monday
Facebook's handling of the Cambridge Analytica situation over the weekend will likely dominate headlines on Monday. So will the crash in bitcoin prices....BA
Mar 18
03:37 PM
Bitcoin Prices Crash Below $8,000
Bitcoin prices continue to have a terrible time, crashing below $8,000 in splendid form this weekend. (BTC )
Mar 18
05:24 AM
Bitcoin Today: Can Prices Make a Comeback Amid Continued Concern?
Bitcoin teetered into the green Friday after sharp losses earlier in the week. Can it last? (BTC )
Mar 16
02:03 PM
Google and Facebook Banning Cryptocurrency Ads May Actually Be Good for Bitcoin
Tech giants Alphabet GOOGL and Facebook FB have instituted policies banning advertisements for cryptocurrencies, but Bitcoin experts are saying the ban is a step in the right direction as the crypto industry starts to mature....GOOGL (BTC )
Mar 16
01:47 PM
Bitcoin Prices Skid Toward $8,000
Most of the top cryptocurrencies by market cap are lower on Friday. (BTC )
Mar 16
04:18 AM
Bitcoin Today: Prices Breach Key Technical Level as Regulation Causes Concern
Bitcoin prices fell sharply Thursday. Here are the headlines you can't miss....GOOGL (BTC )
Mar 15
02:09 PM
Billionaire Tech Investor Peter Thiel: If Trump Runs Again, He Will Win
The outspoken venture capitalist says that Democrats are underestimating Trump's chances in the same way that Republicans underestimated Barack Obama in 2012. He also spoke about why he left San Francisco, the backlash against big tech firms and the future of Bitcoin....PYPL (BTC )
Mar 15
11:37 AM
Here's How Bitcoin Could Fall Below $6,000
Since reaching a high of $20,000 in December, bitcoin has plummeted. Here's where it could go next, according to noted bitcoin bull Thomas Lee of Fundstrat. (BTC )
Mar 15
07:32 AM
Bitcoin Today: Prices Plummet as Congress Talks Regulation, Bubble Calls Grow
Bitcoin was well below the $9,000 mark Wednesday. Here's what you need to know. (BTC )
Mar 14
02:12 PM
Google to Ban Crypto Ads Following Facebook's Lead
Google says that it will no longer accept cryptocurrency ads from entities that aren't verified by the company....GOOGL
Mar 14
12:44 PM
Bitcoin Slumps to One-Month Low After Google Plans Cryptocurrency Ad Ban
Google will follow Facebook in banning ads for digital currency trading on its platforms as regulatory oversight in the $360 billion market continues to tighten. (BTC )
Mar 14
03:52 AM
Walmart, Google, Bitcoin and Stephen Hawking - 5 Things You Must Know
U.S. stock futures rise; Walmart to expand home delivery of groceries; Google bans bitcoin advertisements; physicist Stephen Hawking dies....WSM (BTC )
Mar 14
03:07 AM
Bitcoin Today: Prices Attempt to Recoup Losses, Regulation Remains in Spotlight
Bitcoin traded near flat Tuesday after earlier falling below the $9,000 threshold....JPM (BTC )
Mar 13
02:06 PM
Bitcoin Prices Plunge Below $9,000 as Trader Sentiment Gets Thrashed
A flood of supply and the imminent threat of regulation are causes of concern for cryptocurrency traders. (BTC )
Mar 13
04:26 AM
Bitcoin Today: Prices Fall From Earlier Highs, Late Night Host Takes Aim
After coming narrowly close to the $10,000 mark, bitcoin prices fell Monday....LBCC (BTC )
Mar 12
02:08 PM
Ethereum Co-Founder: The Internet Is Broken but Blockchain Can Fix It
At South by Southwest, Joseph Lubin said blockchain technology can help usher in a new Web 3.0 that solves one of the internet's biggest problems. If he's right, there will be profound implications for the Facebooks and Googles of the world....FB (ETH )
Mar 11
03:22 PM
2 Huge Barriers Keeping Institutional Investors From Owning Cryptocurrencies
While retail investors have flocked to cryptocurrencies, institutional investors have refrained from getting into the mix. Here's why....JPM
Mar 10
11:04 AM
SPECIAL REPORT: Should You Pay $1 for 60 Cents Worth of Bitcoin?
An analysis by TheStreet finds that the popular Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) trades at a hefty premium to the value of its actual cryptocurrency holdings....GBTC (BTC )
Mar 10
05:02 AM
Bitcoin Today: Prices Crash Below $9,000 as Bullish Momentum Reverses
Bitcoin below $9,000? Time to catch up on the most important headlines of the day. (BTC )
Mar 09
02:07 PM
Don't Buy Bitcoin, But Consider Nvidia and Seagate Technology
Panelists at our monthly Trading Strategies roundtable with Jim Cramer don't like cryptocurrencies, but some like indirect plays like Nvidia and Seagate....STX (BTC )
Mar 08
05:35 PM
Bitcoin Today: Prices Nosedive as Regulators in Japan Set Standard
Bitcoin got precariously close to the $9,000-mark Thursday afternoon....TWTR (BTC )
Mar 08
02:08 PM
Bitcoin Today: Prices Turn Sharply Lower in Dip Below $10,000 Threshold
In a high-volume trading drop, bitcoin broke below the important benchmark price. Here are the stories you can't miss for Wednesday....CMCSA (BTC )
Mar 07
04:03 PM
As Cohn Stock Selloff Gets Nasty, Investors Send Broad Range of Assets Lower
From gold to tech stocks to bitcoin, markets are under fire as the thought of a trade war remains front of mind....AAPL
Mar 07
04:27 AM
Coinbase Launches Index Fund to Give Investors Broad Crypto Exposure
Whenever a new asset is listed on Coinbase, it will be automatically added to the fund.
Mar 06
02:58 PM
Bitcoin Today: Just How Likely Are You to Get Hacked? Plus, Prices Trend Lower
Hint: not very. Here are the other top bitcoin stories from Tuesday, March 6. (BTC )
Mar 06
02:08 PM

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