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Coronavirus Crisis Shows Benefits of Virtual Reality to Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts News
The demand for online
Mar 27
08:24 AM
Bitcasino Crypto Gaming Platform Integrates with Browser Extension TronLink for Secure TRX Transactions News
In business since 2014, Bitcasino has grown to over 2,000 offerings across traditional slots and table games, with modern live dealer options as well.
Mar 27
02:55 AM
This Coronavirus Blockchain Project Aims to Track Virus-free Zones News
The main objective of this coronavirus blockchain project is to track communities where COVID-19 is not making an impact.
Mar 21
09:25 PM
Block.one CTO Claims Accessing Ethereum Through EOS is Beneficial to Smart Contracts Hash
Given how the Ethereum user base continues to grow month over month, execution-oriented improvements for smart contracts are more than welcome. (EOS , ETH )
Mar 01
11:24 PM
Leading Derivatives Platform BTCMEX Announces Affiliate Program and Trading Bonuses Hash
Despite entering the space only 6 months ago, top cryptocurrency derivatives platform BTCMEX is already gaining a solid reputation, attracting a growing number of users. Since its launch in late 2019, BTCMEX has also seen its trading volume spiked significantly. Today, it averages well over $50 million in daily trading volume, which reinforces the growing market interest in cryptocurrency derivatives in general. The BTCMEX philosophy is simple: focus on the needs of its users, innovation, and trust. The rapidly growing company believes all three of these aspects are crucial for success in the world of cryptocurrency and are at the
Feb 26
12:54 AM
Switzerland Set to Become the Fintech Hub of 2020 Hash
According toa study by The Institute of Financial Servicesin 2018, the Swiss fintech sector is the benefactor of exceedingly excellent conditions.
Feb 25
04:54 AM
Gold Price Rises Quickly as Bitcoin Keeps Struggling Hash
The coronavirus outbreak will likely be a catalyst of this interest in bullion.As a result, the gold price hit its highest value in the past seven years. (BTC )
Feb 24
08:54 PM
Fidelity International Acquires a Stake in a Major Asian Crypto Exchange Hash
Asia has always proven to be an interesting region to Fidelity International, as it represents a chunk of its client assets under management.
Feb 23
09:09 PM
Trading Bitcoin vs Owing Bitcoin: Whats the Best Way to Go?
Is it better to trade Bitcoin, or to own Bitcoin? Aficionados are increasingly leaning towards trading crypto without ever owning these tokens. (BTC )
Feb 22
12:41 AM
Blockchain Developer? Here Are 3 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Platform Hash
Blockchain developers are spoiled for choice given the surfeit of networks, protocols and projects vying for their skills. Between September 2015 and September 2019, the number of blockchain-linked jobs per million surged by a whopping 1,400%, and while not all of those positions were for devs, its clear that applicants architects, engineers, designers, coders find themselves in an enviable position. To a large extent, talented developers can pick and choose which platform they want to work on, based on the allure of its infrastructure, its potential to bring about real-world change and, inevitably, the spoils on offer in
Feb 21
08:11 AM
HASHWallet Deploys a New Smart Card That Enables Users to Perform Transaction Securely, Anytime, Anywhere Hash
The term, Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins, has been promoted time and again in the cryptocurrency community. However, several assets have either been lost or stolen despite the user's safe keep of their private key. These keys are either lost, phished, hacked, etc. irrespective of whether a hot or cold wallet was used. To eliminate these risks, HASHWallet has launched a new smart card (hardware wallet) that offers you a convenient way of transacting securely, anytime, and anywhere. You can authenticate transactions in a convenient manner right from HASHWallet. And while doing so, you don't have to memorize a
Feb 18
12:10 PM
Litecoin Payments Gain Traction Among Tourism-related Providers Hash
One often heard complaint is how cryptocurrencies have limited use in the real world. Those who own Litecoin can book travel and accommodation courtesy of nearly two dozen service providers. The usability of most crypto assets is virtually non-existent. Litecoin is Very Useful for Traveling Except for a few dozen coins, the others are speculative in nature at best. Litecoin, often criticized for simply copying Bitcoin, has carved its own path to success in this regard. It would appear that various accommodation and travel service providers accept Litecoin these days. In fact, there are nearly two dozen service providers globally. (BTC , LTC )
Feb 17
09:39 PM
Brazil Cracks Down on Cryptocurrency Exchanges Hash
Anyone using centralized services in Brazil will have their information reported to the proper authorities. Not all exchanges want to comply.
Feb 17
01:10 PM
The Government of Australia has a Detailed Plan for Blockchain Hash
It is evident that blockchain is in its infancy in Australia.This applies to virtually all other countries expressing an interest in this technology.
Feb 16
10:10 PM
Nearly 7,000 Bitcoin ATMs are in Operation Today Hash
Last month alone, over 400 new Bitcoin ATMs were installed globally.As the value of cryptocurrencies increases, the demand for crypto assets also increases. (BTC )
Feb 16
11:55 AM
Trading Club is a Good Example of why no one Should Pay for Crypto Trading Help Hash
Trading Club, also known as Q3 Trading Club, was one of the more successful ventures in this regard.So much even that the group raised $33 million.
Feb 12
01:24 PM
FINMA Approves new AML Guidelines for Crypto Exchange Transactions Hash
Information obtained from these procedures needs to be submitted to FINMA on a regular basis for further review This information will also be used for tax.
Feb 07
08:25 PM
Blockchain and Banking: Can The Two Co-Exist? Hash
Rapid technological innovation around the world is highlighting some interesting splits and divisions in modern societies. National governments tend to move forward with some level of complexity. Their officials are not necessarily technology-inclined, and hidebound state systems face challenges adapting to a rapidly evolving digital world: it takes time to change the course of the ship of state. Scientists are well familiar with the philosophy that change is not often consistent and universal, that systems do not typically move in lockstep, and that it often takes some level of detail to assess how larger systems work as a whole. This
Feb 07
11:55 AM
Twitter Co-founder Invests in "Bitcoin Banking app" Mode Banking Hash
With a trading fee of under 1% and support for the UK's primary payment solutions, Mode Banking can become a very valuable addition to the ecosystem. (BTC )
Feb 04
09:39 PM
Cardano Price Analysis for January, 31th ADA: All Good Regardless of Correction Hash
By Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst at RoboForex By Friday, the ADA cryptocurrency has slumped into a correction, which, after the robust and stable growth in January, looks logical. The cryptocurrency is generally trading around $0.0541. On D1, analyzing the long-term technical picture of the Cardano development, we can notice that the general trend looks like a quite wide narrowing channel. After a bounce off the lower border, a convergence on the MACD, a breakout of the resistance line of the previous channel, the quotations started developing an uptrend. The aim of the trend is the upper border of the general (ADA )
Jan 31
05:54 AM
New Group of Cryptocurrency Scammers Impersonates Anonymous Hash
The criminals give the real Anonymous a new target in the form of themselves.As such, retaliation appears to be merely a matter of time right now.
Jan 30
10:09 AM
Roger Ver and Bitcoin.com Back out of the Bitcoin Cash Mining Tax Hash
It now appears that this proposal may be losing key supporters already.Roger Ver,confirms he is no longer behind this idea. (BCH , BTC )
Jan 29
08:40 PM
New Crypto Workgroup is Spearheaded by Ripple and Coinbase Hash
It seems plausible to assume that there will be some dismay regarding Ripple's involvement, as it is not targeting the cryptocurrency space.
Jan 27
10:10 AM
Is There Such Thing As Bitcoin Insurance? Hash
When we talk of financial security and investments, insurance will always be part of the topic since this will help you secure your future. In fact, you might even think of getting life insurance for you and your family, or probably you already own a car insurance if you have purchased your car. There are different types of insurance, and you should get the ones that you genuinely need. But have you heard of a Bitcoin insurance? Well, if you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, you probably heard of it. However, it's possible that you haven't thought of getting one, especially (BTC )
Jan 23
08:10 PM
How Bakkt is Becoming A Milestone For The Crypto Industry Hash
Leading this market is a new institution namely Bakkt, a venture created and backed by a well-established group of organizations.
Jan 22
01:54 AM
New Taxation Proposal can Boost Cryptocurrency Merchant Adoption Hash
As cryptocurrencies are currently deemed property, the capital gains taxation needs to be reported properly. Gains below $200 will be nullified.
Jan 20
09:24 PM
Rotki Wants to Integrate DeFi Support Into its Tax Reporting Tool Hash
It also appears that Rotki will support ethereum-based DeFi solutions in the future.Given the popularity of that concept, it is crucial for users to track. (ETH )
Jan 19
10:26 PM
Chainalysis Report Confirms Huobi and Binance are Invovled in Laundering Illicit BTC Streams Hash
According to Chainalysis, cryptocurrency exchanges play a role in this regard.There are also the so-called mixing services, gambling sites, and the darknet. (BTC )
Jan 16
09:40 PM
Litecoin Price Analysis for January, 14th
The LTC preserves the impulse of growth formed at the beginning of the month. On Tuesday morning, January 14th, LTC is generally trading at $53.46... (LTC )
Jan 14
02:25 AM
Fetch.ai to Launch Blockchain for Complex Machine Learning after Securing $6 Million in Funds Hash
Following its successful mainnet launch last month,Fetch.AI boasts an AI-powered blockchain for complex machine learning, opening new possibilities for multiple markets. 13 January 2020, Cambridge Time is often labeled as our most valuable resource and savings help us to become time rich. This mentality is regularly applied to modern business strategies and increasingly so to our personal lives too. Despite these individual efforts, the final result hinges largely on the personal choices of other individuals, and companies whom we interact with on various timescales. This impact on our lives by multiple human factors has led to a huge interest in
Jan 14
01:55 AM
Large Corporations Joining The League of Blockchain and Crypto Investments Hash
The popularity of blockchain and crypto has also enabled supporting infrastructure like blockchain phones, such as the one developed by Samsung.
Jan 14
01:55 AM
Over 10,000 Participants Expected to Attend Chain2020 Blockchain Initiatives Event in Hong Kong Hash
8th January 2020, Montenegro Over10,000 participantsare expected to attend theChain2020 event,which is set to take place in Hong Kong onJanuary 15, 2020. The event is organized as a series of educational conferences focusing on Blockchain and FinTech technologies and related subjects for entrepreneurs, government officials and individuals seeking to integrate and promote the use of alternative financial technologies in the global economy. The Chain2020 event will be featuring a broad range of conferenceshosted and presented by more than35 internationally recognized experts and speakers. Some of the prominent attendees scheduled to speak at the conference include: Zoran Djikanovic, PhD, Professor of
Jan 10
03:40 AM
Bob Loukas Expects a Bullish Year for Bitcoin and Precious Metals Hash
Virtually all of these assets Bob Loukas touches upon rely on many external factors. This can lead to unexpected market momentum in either direction. (BTC )
Jan 08
10:09 AM
Stop Trying to Convert Bitcoin Non-believers and Keep Building Solid Ecosystems Hash
Those who are stuck in this mindset will not be persuaded of the opposite.It begs the question whether there is any point in (BTC )
Jan 05
08:24 PM
TRON Foundation Regains Control Over $400 Million in TRX Hash
It is not in the best interest of the TRON Foundation to dump this on the market.All major crypto transactions are closely monitored on social media.
Jan 03
10:24 AM
The "Dickening" of John McAfee is Less Than 1 year Away Hash
Even in 2019, John McAfee further affirmed his bitcoin price prediction.In a Tweet, he mentioned how the rise of bitcoin cannot be stopped. (BTC )
Jan 02
10:09 AM
Bitcoin is a Twitter Trend in South Africa yet no one Knows why Hash
South Africa is a crucial fintech region, thus it is logical to see cryptocurrencies gain some traction as well. It won't generate a Twitter trend, though. (BTC )
Jan 01
09:08 PM
Nano Achieves Nearly 4 Times Bitcoin's Confirmed Daily Transaction Throughput Hash
Given how big of a problem network congestion can be, Nano appears to be doing something right. It is something other projects can learn from. (BTC )
07:09 PM
ElectraPay is Another Altcoin Payment Solution no one Really Needs Hash
It will be interesting to see how ElectraPay fares in this regard.By focusing just on an altcoin hardly anyone knows about, a risk is taken. (ECA )
10:54 AM
This Reddit User is a Diehard Bitcoin SV Shill Hash
For Reddit users such as Indiainvestor-a, it is a way of life.For reasons unknown, this user turns every bitcoin discussion into a a debate on bitcoin sv. (BTC )
08:39 AM
Latin American Countries Show an Increasing Appetite for Bitcoin Hash
After years of increasing inflation, local residents are looking for alternatives.While bitcoin is not the most popular option, its trading volume rises. (BTC )
06:54 PM
When Will Other Nonprofits Begin to Keep Bitcoin Donations Like UNICEF? Hash
As of October 2019, UNICEF confirmed it will hold bitcoin donations in BTC, rather than converting them to fiat currencies. (BTC )
09:54 AM
How ICTE will use IPFS and Cloudflare to create a secure trading environment Hash
Blockchains are held as disruptive new technology in 2020. As regulators prepare for legal frameworks, blockchain projects are taking over the world. Industries and companies are seeing the value of blockchains and the trustless environment they provide, and developers are building DApps on different blockchains. These DApps integrate a decentralized cloud infrastructure that is held as the greatest innovation since the internet. However, the ecosystem is divided among different blockchains. Apps on Ethereum do not talk to Apps on the Tron network. Bitcoins liquid network is now ready for DApps to be developed. But this fragmentation costs the users and (BTC , ETH )
09:54 PM
China Tries to ban Bitcoin Trading Once Again Hash
The recent increase in crypto asset trading hasn't gone by unnoticed, but there are other non-centralized solutions available as well. (BTC )
12:54 PM
Paraguay Seemingly Looks Favorably Upon Bitcoin and Crypto Assets Hash
For now, agencies across Paraguay want to determine the rate of crypto adoption in the country, as well as how complex this market really is. (BTC )
01:39 PM
Bitcoin Price Analysis for December, 27th
On Friday, December 27th, the activity shrunk to a minimum. The leading cryptocurrency is trading at $7181.00 and declining slightly. (BTC )
03:39 AM
Russia's Supreme Court Unwillingly Classifies Bitcoin as Money or Property Hash
According to Russia's Supreme Court, the use of cryptocurrencies poses many dangers.One such threat comes in the form of bribing authorities in the country. (BTC )
07:39 PM
The Bitcoin Faucet Concept is Alive and Well in 2019 Hash
In the case of Lootbits, the concept has been changed significantly. It tries to incorporate loot boxes into its bitcoin faucet offering. (BTC )
01:38 PM
The Future of Bitcoin Payments Remains Uncertain Hash
The loss of Adyen may be one of the biggest blows to bitcoin payments in recent years., particularly given how popular this processor has become. (BTC )
06:39 PM
Bitcoin Trading Fee Comparison: What it Really Costs to Trade BTC Hash
Bitcoins meteoric rise to popularity over the past decade has created a tailwind that has driven a significant number of traders into the nascent crypto markets, primarily because of the frequent volatility that Bitcoin and other digital assets incur on a regular basis. The massive increase in the number of Bitcoin traders in recent times has led to the emergence of a deluge of different platforms that allow traders to utilize margin and other trading tools to enhance their profitability, and fees are one of the main factors that prospective users should look towards when deciding which platform they want (BTC )
08:24 PM

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