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Steemit Announces its Smart Media Tokens Testnet Launch Hash
Those who have kept close tabs on Steemit may remember the company released Steem Communities earlier in 2019, which marks another important milestone. (STEEM )
08:09 AM
6 Commonly Asked Cryptocurrency Tax Questions Hash
Depending on what country you live in, your cryptocurrency will be subject to different tax rules. The questions below address implications within the United States, but similar issues arise around the world. #1 Do I need to report cryptocurrency on my taxes? Cryptocurrency is treated as property for tax purposes. Just like stocks, bonds, real-estate, and other forms of property, you need to report your capital gains and losses from your cryptocurrency transactions on your tax returnspecifically, if you incurred a taxable event during the year. A taxable event is a specific scenario that triggers a tax liability. The below
Oct 15
05:54 PM
5 Lesser-known Bitcoin Lightning Network Wallets Worth Checking out Hash
In the cryptocurrency world, there is always a demand for safe and secure wallet solutions. Whether it is Bitcoin or any of the altcoins, storing funds in a convenient manner remains a booming industry. As far as Bitcoin's Lightning Network are concerned, the following lesser-known wallet solutions are all worth looking into. Bitcoin Lightning Wallet (BLW) Whereas most of Bitcoin's Lightning Network wallets focus on the desktop side of the spectrum, BLW is an Android-based clients which offers virtually the same experience. It is capable of letting users send and receive Lightning transactions or traditional Bitcoin transactions. It is crucial (BTC )
Oct 15
01:54 PM
BitGo Confirms Tron Will Receive Institutional-grade Support Hash
It is evident BitGo has positioned itself in the world of cryptocurrency custody services. Their clients include exchanges, brokers, and so forth.
Oct 14
06:39 PM
Freelanex Announces IEO Launch on October 10 on P2PB2B and Shortex Hash
The company looks to raise up to $10 million USD to build out an online workspace environment for freelancers and employers Freelanex, a next generation blockchain focused on empowering freelancers globally, has officially announced an upcoming IEO that will take place during two rounds from October 10 through November 14th onP2PB2BandShortex. Freelanex is unique as it is looking to build one of the most robust ecosystems for freelancers and employers, with a full-service approach. Using smart contracts, a trustless system will be put in place to ensure contracts are honored and terms are met. Employee protection rights and employer protection
Oct 14
03:39 AM
UNICEF Will not Convert Bitcoin and Ethereum Donations to Fiat Currency Hash
As of right now, the UNICEF Cryptocurrency Fund supports donations in both Bitcoin and Ethereum. These are the two top cryptocurrencies, (BTC , ETH )
Oct 12
05:09 PM
Breaking News: FREEDOMX Our Now Fully Approved Charity in the USA and UK Hash
Breaking News: An Award winning painter is donating his Forbes featured painting HELLO to the revolutionary FREEDOMX blockchain charity founded by Marco Robinsonto end homelessness. Vesa Kivinen @artforcypto has chosen Marco Robinsons FreedomX charity which has revolutionary technology to END HOMELESSNESS. Full details of this amazing hand painted AI painting can be seen here https://www.newsbtc.com/2019/09/29/how-dare-ai/ What Is FREEDOMX? FREEDOMX is the first charity in the world to use BLOCKCHAIN & accept cryptocurrency donations & is fully government registered in the United Kingdon and the USA (registered charity number: 1184907). FREEDOMX will be the recipient and collaborator on this one. If
Oct 12
02:39 AM
Tachyon Protocol Releases White Paper Hash
On September 27th, 2019 Tachyon, a decentralized internet protocol co-launched by V SYSTEMS and X-VPN, released its white paper today. This blockchain-based protocol aims to build a faster, safer and more reliable internet by revamping the TCP/IP model, which has been used as the foundation of internet for 36 years. Click here to get the full White Paper. By combining P2P computing with niche technologies such as DHT, blockchain, UDP and encryption, Tachyon Protocol is set to improve fundamental internet infrastructure to meet the increasing demand for speed and reliability required by web 3.0 services, including DeFi and other (VPN )
Oct 12
01:54 AM
Bulls vs. Bears Postponed the Launch and Doubled the Prize Pool to 105,000 TRX Hash
The development team of skill-based blockchain gaming platform, Bulls Vs. Bears, has announced the decision to postpone the launch of the decentralized app (dapp). The postponement will push back the launch from the previously announced 10th of October date to the 3rd of November, 2019. The team cited performance and smart contract testing as the reasons for the decision. Following the announcement, the team has moved to up the prize pool of its ongoing giveaway scheme from 50,000 TRX to 105,000 TRX. Emerging binary option blockchain gaming platform, Bulls Vs. Bears, was scheduled to go live on the 10th of
Oct 11
11:39 PM
BTC Surf Expands Its Exclusive Offer for Its Community Hash
If you have been in the world of cryptocurrencies for a long time, you should have experienced the evolution of the business models. In the initial phase, there were many business models linked to advertising. The already known faucets, and the PTCs (Paid To Click) were a viable way of acquiring small portions of cryptocurrencies to go deep into this world. Then multiple problems arrived and only the best projects have survived. And today we introduce you one of those projects that have adapted and improved over time to continue having a place in the saturated world of internet advertising: (BTC , PTC )
Oct 11
01:54 PM
Interview: Karatbars CEO Harald Seiz Comments on Recent Scam Allegations Hash
If you have been following crypto news, youve seen quite a few articles alleging that Karatbars is a scam. recently reported about Florida financial regulators investigating KBC, which sparked a snowball of negative publicity for the company. Its only fair for a company to have a chance to defend themselves, regardless of the accusations. As such we decided to ask Harald Seiz, the founder and CEO of Karatbars International about the allegations. As Im sure you are well aware, CoinDesk recently posted an article making a variety of allegations about Karatbars. How did this come about? Unfortunately, this Coindesk
Oct 11
10:54 AM
Lossless Lotteries
Cryptocurrency gambling has been on an upward trajectory since the inception of Bitcoin over a decade ago. Transparency, speed and accessibility have all been hugely improved thanks to the open nature of public blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The subsequent media frenzy which followed Bitcoins volatile price increases have given rise to hundreds of Bitcoin casinos and dozens of Ethereum ones, allowing lucky individuals to cash in on this wildly appreciating asset. However, what started as a simple replacement to fiat currency deposits and withdrawals has now morphed into something far more complex, powerful and rewarding to players and operators (BTC , ETH )
Oct 11
08:54 AM
Innovative All-in-one Cryptocurrency Apollo DEX Exchange Enters Beta with 100% Private Transactions and Atomic Swaps Enabled Has
October 2019, Vernon, Missouri Last year the idea of2-secondfully confirmed blockchain transactions, an adaptive forging system with transaction-only block creation seemed like a long way away. HoweverAll-in-one cryptocurrency Apollo Blockchainhas achieved this feat in less than a year. Add to that unlimited scalability, a well-designed cure for blockchain sustainability, (database sharding), and another revolutionary technological leap known as Atomic swaps, and you have one of the most promising new cryptocurrencies in the world today. Having started close to two years ago, Apollo already possesses many of the attributes that investors have been looking for, not to mention the technological improvements
Oct 10
03:39 PM
OKEx Korea Might not Delist all Privacy Coins After all Hash
The cryptocurrency industry is always evolving in one way or another. Privacy coins have become very problematic in some Asian countries, with South Korea being the main point of focus. Contrary to an earlier decision, OKEx Korea will not remove all privacy coins just yet. Two coins are still in the good graces, for the time being. OKEx Korea is on the Fence A few weeks ago, OKEx Korea -together with a few other South Korean trading platforms - announced they would remove all privacy coins. This is in line with the guidelines introduced by the Financial Action Task Force, (ZEC )
Oct 10
12:39 PM
Ethereum vs EOS vs Cardano vs Rootstock
Smart contract platforms allow developers to create fully decentralized dApps. Some of the more popular platforms are Ethereum, EOS, Cardano and Rootstock. In this article, we will go over these options and explain whats unique about each one. Lets get started! Ethereum What Is Ethereum? Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum is an ecosystem whose focus is to discover new use cases for blockchain technology. The Ethereum network is designed to allow anyone in the world to build dApps using smart contracts. These next generation applications can operate with no expected downtime, fraud, or interference by malicious actors. dApps are the main (ADA , BTC , EOS , ETH )
Oct 09
02:09 PM
The Casa Node 2 Offers big Improvements for a Slightly Higher Price Hash
Making cryptocurrencies more accessible and appealing to consumers is a difficult task. Casa is on the right track, at least where tech enthusiasts are concerned. The recently announced Casa Node 2 is a very interesting project for those willing to experiment with Bitcoin and Lightning Network technology. The Casa Node 2 For a cryptocurrency that heavily focuses on decentralization, there is still some work to be done where Bitcoin is concerned. More network nodes are always welcome, and the Lightning Network fro BTC needs a lot more payment channels to become effectively valuable. The Casa Node 2 caters to all (BTC )
Oct 09
05:09 AM
Kuverit Changing the Narrative of P2P Trading Platforms Hash
For the most part of Bitcoins existence, centralised exchanges served as the primary gateway into the cryptocurrency world. Some consider it to be a redundant approach if a decentralised entity is being traded under a centralised environment. Of late, Peer-to-Peer trading has been gradually gaining admittance. Many platforms that are operating as centralised exchanges have gradually started to move in to decentralised P2P trading as a backup for the existing centralised ones. It might take a while for the dust to settle, but the revolution is coming! According to Nasdaq, P2P platforms are among the fastest growing segment in the (BTC )
Oct 09
12:54 AM
High Interest Rates on Cryptocurrency Loans are not Sustainable Hash
Although the highest interest rates only apply to certain coins - mostly DAI, the stablecoin - it can be viable to lend money through these services,
Oct 08
06:39 PM
CoinField Becomes an XRP Validator and Hitns as Mystery XRPL Project Hash
CoinField is an exchange based in Canada. Their goal is to bring cryptocurrencies and digital assets to 100 countries in the years to come. (XRP )
Oct 07
03:54 PM
One Niche Technical Indicator Claims now is the Time to buy Bitcoin Hash
There is no solid answer as to why one should - or shouldn't buy Bitcoin. Not everyone in the world is required to own BTC to make something of their life (BTC )
Oct 06
03:24 PM
UK's First Seized Bitcoin Auction Notes Major Global Interest Hash
When law enforcement agencies target online criminals, there is usually a link to Bitcoin. In several cases, these agencies effectively manage to gain control over criminals' Bitcoin holdings. Those funds are usually auctioned off to the highest bidder. In the UK, the first such auction took place this week. An intriguing development, primarily because other currencies were part of the deal as well. The TalkTalk Incident Several cyber-attacks plague society every single day. While not every attack proves to be successful, those that are often caused major damages. In the United Kingdom, the TalkTalk hack has gained a hefty reputation (BTC )
Oct 05
03:24 PM
Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Stellar (XLM) and Litecoin (LTC) Cryptocurrency Price Analysis and Prediction Hash
Cryptocurrency markets are resembling the stock market these days. Trading sideways all through last week and this weekend. Let's take a look at Bitcoin Cash, Stellar and LTC and see if their charts tell us what's to come ahead. Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis (BCH/USD) The fifth-ranked cryptocurrency has today faced a mixed reaction that formed a sideways trend. Besides, the pairs price volatility was very low that stood the current price at $221.9, having escalated it from where it opened the session at $222.1. That showed a slight drop of 0.09% over the last24hrs. The horizontal movement defined vital resistance (BCH , BTC , LTC , XLM )
Oct 05
02:24 AM
5 Mistakes To Avoid When Filing Crypto Taxes Hash
Crypto taxes have been a grey area for a while; with many crypto traders being confused about how to file returns when it comes to crypto profits. However, in the past few years, the IRS has clarified most ambiguous issues around crypto taxation. In fact, it has now started cracking down on crypto tax evaders in a big way and as many as 10000 crypto investors recently received letters from the IRS. Thats why rookie mistakes when filing crypto taxes are just not an option anymore. Here are some of the most common mistakes and how you can avoid them:
Oct 03
04:24 PM
EOS, BitTorrent Token (BTT) and Bitcoin SV (BSV) Price Analysis and Prediction for October 3rd Hash
After a bloodbath last week. This week the markets seemed to have recovered slightly after trading sideways. Whether this trend will continue through the weekend depends on if Bitcoin decides to make any more major moves. Let's take a look at EOS, BTT and BSV and see what the charts have in store for us EOS Price Analysis (EOS/USD) On today's hourly chart, the popular altcoin has positively performed with an intraday gain by 1.25%. EOS/USD pair jumped from where it opened the session at $2.929 to where it closed the session trading at $2.966 amid the bullish movement. Besides, (BTC , EOS )
Oct 03
03:24 PM
BitPay Will Support XRP Payments by Late 2019 Hash
An interesting partnership is in the works across the cryptocurrency industry. Leading payment processor BitPay is in negotiations with Ripple - through its Coil subsidiary - to officially support XRP payments. That would mark a major milestone for both entities in this industry. It also shows there is a lot more to payments in this industry than just Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Coil and BitPay It has been a while since BitPay made any relevant headlines in the cryptocurrency industry. For a payment processor, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. As long as their service remains operational and there is (BCH , BTC , XRP )
Oct 03
01:24 PM
Why Online Casinos are Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments Hash
Online cryptocurrency casinos are becoming more and more popular as the crypto industry grows. The two go hand in hand, as cryptocurrency provides a safe and fast way to transaction with online application. What are bitcoin casinos? Bitcoin casinos are websites that have casino games and accept cryptocurrency. You simply go to their website, make an account, deposit cryptocurrency and can begin playing their games. Many times, online casinos will have provably fair games, where you can verify your bet and that the casino didn't cheat. If you're looking to find out more about bitcoin casinos, check out Investopedia's article (BTC )
Oct 02
01:54 PM
FINMA's Mark Branson Praises Facebook's Transparency Regarding Libra Hash
The opinions on Facebook's upcoming digital currency projects remain rather divided. Consumers are not necessarily smitten by this venture, nor are most governments. In Switzerland, however, things are done a bit differently. FINMA's Mark Branson sees merit in this project and praises how everything is handled in a transparent manner. Mark Branson Likes the Libra It is somewhat refreshing to see a financial supervisory official make positive remarks regarding Facebook's Libra. It is a well-known fact Switzerland and FINMA are all too keen on exploring innovative ventures. It is thanks to their efforts the country has its own Bitcoin region (BTC )
Oct 02
09:39 AM
HOLD Zero-Fee Crypto Campaign Kicks Off with No-Fee Crypto Exchange and Free Debit Card Hash
Cryptocurrency exchanges are becoming a favorite among traders, despite the recent drop in the value of cryptocurrencies. Now, HOLD.io has launched a new cryptocurrency exchange that promises zero fees for its traders and a free VISA debit card to boot. The latest move follows the successful beta launch with a sizeable number of early backers courting the exchange last month. Fees, fees and more fees! Cryptocurrency exchanges earn a majority of their revenue from fees charged on each trade conducted within their systems. Additional revenue is generated by charging fees for each withdrawal and deposit. Various exchanges charge different rates,
Oct 01
08:24 AM
Ripple's XRP, LEOCoin (LEO) and Tron (TRX) Price Analysis and Prediction Hash
After a rough last week, this week is starting off on a good foot as most cryptoassets are trading sideways at the time of writing. It seems that Bitcoin has stabilized at the $8,300 level and most markets are following the same pattern. Let's take a look at some of our favorite cryptocurrencies XRP, LEO and TRX and see what the charts have in store for us. Ripple's XRP Price Analysis (XRP/USD) In the last 24hrs, XRP/USD pair has recorded a bullish outlook, having gained momentum climbing from $0.2385 to a high of $0.2636. The pairs price, later on, followed (BTC , LEO , XRP )
Oct 01
08:24 AM
Stellar Developers aim to Remove Inflation From the Ecosystem Hash
Inflation is a curse in the financial sector. Even in the cryptocurrency world, it is an issuance model best avoided altogether. The Stellar Foundation acknowledges it may be best to get rid of these excess assets altogether. Although first proposed a year ago, the team is now ready to remove the inflation mechanism from its ecosystem altogether. Stellar has Inflation Contrary to what most people may think, Stellar is a digital asset which effectively has an inflation mechanism. As it is not a traditional cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum, having such a mechanism does make a fair bit of sense. (BTC , ETH )
Sep 30
03:24 PM
Innovative entrepreneur Marvin Steinberg, who revolutionized the German energy industry, is now leading blockchains white label
Most entrepreneurs believe that building successful companies always requires a lot of time, trial & error, and hustle.Marvin Steinbergs story, which was recently featured in the Financial Times and Yahoo, is a shining example of why this isnt always the case. After suffering a serious knee injury that abruptly ended his promising sports career, Marvin Steinberg made a name for himself for creating a process that revolutionized the entire German energy industry. He was the first to fully leverage the true potential of online marketing in a predominantly offline industry, well-known for using outdated strategies at the time. Noticing this
Sep 30
11:09 AM
HOLD is Launching a Zero-Fee Crypto Exchange with Visa Debit Card Hash
Bitcoin Press Release: HOLD.io has announced that its forthcoming crypto and cash exchange app with free Visa Debit card are set for release on 30th September 2019. This follows the conclusion of its successful beta program with a number of early supporters lastmonth. 30th September 2019, London, United Kingdom: The HOLD mobile app for iOS and Android will be available in 36 countries across Europe upon launch. The Euro cash accounts can simply be topped up with a customers bank account located in the SEPA-region. The app will initially support Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin; and all of these currencies can (BTC , ETH , LTC )
Sep 30
03:09 AM
Decentralized Oracles Make Aelf a More Versatile Blockchain Project Hash
Interoperability between different blockchains and cryptocurrency ecosystem is very difficult to achieve. By default, there is no reason to interact with competing projects. The Aelf blockchain sees things a bit differently, and its latest update may usher in a new era of communication. Communicating with and relying on third-party data from other chains and data sources is a big step forward. The Purpose of Chainlink Oracles To achieve communication with other blockchains and data sources, Aelf will rely on a service known as Chainlink Oracles. This technology allows any connected blockchain to interact with data sources such as Google Cloud,
Sep 29
05:24 PM
ESCB Mulls the Concept of Creating a Euro-backed Stablecoin Hash
Banks and other financial institutions are well aware of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. So much even that the European Systemof Central Banks may create its own Euro-backed stablecoin fairly soon. Although these plans are not officially confirmed, a recent communication shows the plan is at least being considered. ECSB Takes Note of Digital Assets In recent years, the European Central Bank has remained relatively quiet regarding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is primarily due to the lack of actual regulation in Europe. It is also a relatively unimportant continent for such markets, especially when compared to the US and Asia. (BTC )
Sep 28
02:24 PM
Trust Dice Launches New Provably Fair Betting Platform, Bitcoin Casino Hash
27th September 2019, Cayman IslandsThe new Trust Dice provably fair Bitcoin Casinosupports a variety of cryptocurrencies includingEOS, ETH, USDT, and BTC, providing gamers with a new and exciting way to play provably fair blockchain-based games. New games launched via the Bitcoin Live Casino includeSlots, Jackpot Slots, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and Video Poker. Trust Dice players can place bets and win withETH, USDT, and TRXupon launch of the Bitcoin Casino, with support for other cryptos such asEOS, and TXTadded later. The launch of the brand newTrust Dice Bitcoin Casinois a major step forward for the Trust Dice platform, providing gamers with (BTC , ETH , USDT )
Sep 27
02:39 PM
Upbit Confirms its Partnership With Bittrex Will end Next Month Hash
Partnerships are crucial to the survival of every service provider in the cryptocurrency space. New alliances are forged every so often in an effort to strengthen individual positions accordingly. However, not every partnership is meant to last, as this industry undergoes changes virtually every other week. The relationship between Bittrex and Upbit has now officially come to an end. This is part of the South Korean firm's effort to restructure its cryptocurrency business next month. Upbit and Bittrex Since 2017 Most people may not even be aware of how different cryptocurrency exchanges forge official partnerships behind the scenes. More often
Sep 27
01:25 PM
Zcash, Dash and NEO Price Analysis and Prediction: Uptrend May Continue if the Bulls Manage to Break Above Major Resistance Leve
After a terrible week, cryptocurrency markets are finally looking better. The bleeding seems to have stopped and markets are currently trading sideways. This current uptrend may continue if the bulls manage to beak above major resistance level that's up ahead. Let's take a look at some of our favorite cryptocurrencies ZCash, Dash and NEO and see what the charts have in store for us. Zcash Price Analysis (ZEC/USD) In todays intraday chart, technicals for ZEC/USD pair have suggested an active bullish trend with price above the parabolic SAR that indicated a buy signal. ZEC has given a relief performance that (SAR , ZEC )
Sep 27
11:24 AM
LATOKEN BEF In London: Token Sale Of Economic Interest In SpaceX Is Coming Hash
350+ representatives of VC funds, startups and blockchain experts gathered during VI LATOKEN Blockchain Economic Forum. Among the broadly discussed topics were Libra, the governance & monetary policy for digital currencies, the blockchain use-cases and upcoming LATOKENs token sale of USPX, an economic interest in SpaceX. Contributing to SpaceX and Other Private Start-ups We expect millions of potential investors to come to the capital markets and with LATOKEN they will get far easier access to existing asset classes, including idea-stage companies and Pre-IPO companies, said Valentin Preobrazhensky during his opening speech of the 6th BEF, that LATOKEN organizes during the
Sep 27
11:24 AM
Ripple's XRP, Bittorrent Token (BTT) and Bitcoin SV (BSV) Price Analysis and Prediction: BTC's Decline Has Dragged Most Coins Do
As the week comes to an end, it looks like cryptocurrency market have finally stopped bleeding and finally started to trade sideways. Whether this trend can hold thoughout the weekend depends on whether or not Bitcoin decides to continue dumping. Let's take a look at some of our popular cryptocurrencies XRP, BTT and BSV and see if their charts tell us what's in store. Ripple's XRP Price Analysis (XRP/USD) On an hourly chart, XRP/USD pair saw a sharp drop to a low of $0.2283 below significant support level found near $0.2347, after escalating from $0.2492. The Bollinger band breakdown from (BTC , XRP )
Sep 27
09:25 AM
BoomPoW is a Powerful Solution to Advance Banano and Nano Alike Hash
Innovating in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is not easy. Numerous ideas have been put forward, albeit not all of them are even viable. In the case of Banano, a very interesting, albeit somewhat underestimated project, that innovation has resulted in the launch of BoomPoW. It is a very different take on cryptocurrencies in general, and one that can have very major repercussions down the line. What was Banano Again? Although the Banano project was introduced quite some time ago, a lot of people are still unfamiliar with the idea. It is a meme-oriented currency which is more intent on
Sep 26
05:24 AM
BTC, BCH, and BSV Analysis and Prediction: The Crypto Market is on a Downside Correction Trading below Major Resistance Level Ha
Cryptocurrency markets are finally recovering after a terrible start this week. We can only hope that the current support will hold. Let's take a look at the three variants at Bitcoin: BTC, BSV and BCH. Bitcoin Price Analysis (BTC/USD) BTC/USD pair continues to dig dipper on todays hourly chart. The top cryptocurrency has displayed an intraday dip of 13.05%, having moved from $9717.00 to now changing hands at $8448.57. The coin faced a sharp sell-off that led to a decrease in investors sentiments. Afterward, at around 18:00, the price falls sharply by to a low of $7998.00 that later embarked (BCH , BTC )
Sep 26
04:39 AM
ArcBlock To Attend Ethereum Devcon 5 in Osaka, Japan and Preparing for Token Swap Services Hash
Ethereum Devcon presents a perfect showcase for ArcBlocks team to demonstrate ArcBlock blockchain & dApps platform and recent updates including Blocklets to help developers build dApps quickly while ensuring perfect interoperability with Ethereum. In addition, ArcBlock is also planning a soft-launch of 1:1 Bidirectional Pegged Token Swap Service with could become a new design pattern for Ethereum interoperability and dApps development. ArcBlock team member will participate in the Ethereum Devcon 5 https://devcon.org/ at ATC Hall 2 Chome 1-10 Nankokita, Suminoe Ward, Osaka Japan from October 8th to October 11th to engage with partners and customers and showcase ArcBlock's latest blockchain (ETH )
Sep 25
07:24 PM
ShapeShift Finally Gets rid of its Account Requirement Hash
It has been a while since the ShapeShift trading service made positive headlines. Despite providing a valuable service, many people took exception to the company enforcing KYC and AML requirements. That decision will be reversed in the near future. It is good to see the company take a positive decision, as the crypto industry direly needs some positive momentum. Back to the Roots Since most people currently active in the cryptocurrency industry weren't around when ShapeShift originally launched, a brief reminder is in order. During the early stages of this platform, users would not need an account. Nor was there
Sep 25
02:09 PM
Binance Coin (BNB) Price Analysis and Prediction
Today was a rough day for cryptocurrency markets as over $40 billion in overall marketcap was lost. Most coins exhibited double digit losses, and are toppling once again after bouncing off first support. Binance coin was no stranger to the bears as it also lost over 16% in the past 24 hours. Let's take a look at the charts and see if Binance can hold the current support and speculate whether or not the bloodbath is over. Binance Coin (BNB) News The major drama with BNB today was the flash crash of their BTC/BUSD pair to a low of $1800. (BTC )
Sep 24
10:09 PM
It's Happening! Major Cryptocurrency Market Correction
This week definitely started slow, but as Tuesday hit cryptocurrency markets began spiraling down at an accelerating rate. As we speak, most cryptocurrencies are down at least 10% and dropping, with some coins like Bitcoin SV taking a near 30% hit. Let's try and make sense of this bearish market movement and see if we can figure out the cause for the panic. Binance BTC/BUSD Flash Crash? The first suspect for the cause of this major drop is Binance. It seems that due to low liquidity on the market, the BTC/BUSD pair flash crashed to as low as $1800.00 earlier (BTC )
Sep 24
05:54 PM
The Bitcoin Network Loses Over a Quarter of its Hashpower Hash
There are always interesting things going on in the cryptocurrency world. Not all of those developments make sense, particularly where Bitcoin is concerned. its hashrate dropped by a quarter in very quick succession, yet no one knows why that is exactly. It does pose somewhat of a network risk, although it is widely believed this will be a blip on the radar when everything is said and done. The BTC Hashrate Drop When one looks at the Bitcoin hashrate chart, there is a strong and outspoken upward trend visible. The number of people mining Bitcoin, as well as the hardware (BTC )
Sep 24
12:54 PM
Cardano, Ethereum Classic and Tezos Price Analysis and Prediction: Bears Continue to Dominate the Crypto Market Hash
The bears are making their presence known in the crypto market as most cryptocurrencies are down significantly the past 24 hours. The biggest losers today are EOS and Bitcoin SV. Let's take a look at some of our favorite cryptocurrencies and see what the charts have in store for us. Cardano Price Analysis (ADA/USD) Cardano price has today shown a massive declined and is currently struggling to break below $0.0458 support area. The price began the session trading at $0.0489 with a consolidation phase between $0.0492 and $0.0482 for a short-term. A sharp drop later followed that fluctuated the momentum (ADA , BTC , EOS , ETC , ETH )
Sep 24
11:54 AM
Tezos Price Analysis and Prediction for September 24th
By Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst at RoboForex The Tezos (XTZ) cryptocurrency keeps aiming high, having found a foothold in the corporate news. It is generally trading at $1.0670. The general technical picture of the Tezos may be named a correction before a new wave of growth. On H4, the quotations have started a correctional rise after a convergence on the MACD. However, it is too early to expect the downtrend aimed at the short-term support of $0.8700 to end. As for the current correction, the quotations have reached just 23.6% Fibo, but have all chances to rise to 38.2% ($1.2005)
Sep 24
09:54 AM
BLOCKWALKS 2019 European Conference: How Blockchain will Improve Government Administrations, and the Lives of its Citizens Hash
23 SEP 2019, BRATISLAVA Right in the heart of Europe, theBratislava Castle in Slovakia will host the second annual BLOCKWALKS European Conference. Top-level government officials and prominent industry leaders in smart technology, blockchain, and Internet of Things join to discuss the current and future applications of blockchain and smart technology in the public sector. Tibor Vincze, the Project Coordinator of BLOCKWALKS 2019, had these words to say about the focus of this years conference: The conference is a response to the growing impact blockchain technology has on countries all over the world. As governments are starting to test out different
Sep 23
07:09 PM
Bitcoin Cash, Tron and Binance Coin Price Analysis and Prediction: Bulls Lose Strength and Fail to Retain Growth Hash
So far it has been a bad start of the week as most cryptocurrency markets started bleeding. Every single coin in the top 10 in exhibiting bearish pressure, including our favorite cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Cash, Tron and BNB. Let's take a look at what the charts have in store for us and set some predictions for the upcoming days. Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis (BCH/USD) Today the cryptocurrency market surrendered to the bears. This is because the bulls seemed to lack needed strength to control the momentum, question being for how long will sellers rain the crypto market? On the hourly chart, (BCH , BTC )
Sep 23
07:09 PM

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