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Rotki Wants to Integrate DeFi Support Into its Tax Reporting Tool Hash
It also appears that Rotki will support ethereum-based DeFi solutions in the future.Given the popularity of that concept, it is crucial for users to track. (ETH )
Jan 19
10:26 PM
Chainalysis Report Confirms Huobi and Binance are Invovled in Laundering Illicit BTC Streams Hash
According to Chainalysis, cryptocurrency exchanges play a role in this regard.There are also the so-called mixing services, gambling sites, and the darknet. (BTC )
Jan 16
09:40 PM
Litecoin Price Analysis for January, 14th
The LTC preserves the impulse of growth formed at the beginning of the month. On Tuesday morning, January 14th, LTC is generally trading at $53.46... (LTC )
Jan 14
02:25 AM
Fetch.ai to Launch Blockchain for Complex Machine Learning after Securing $6 Million in Funds Hash
Following its successful mainnet launch last month,Fetch.AI boasts an AI-powered blockchain for complex machine learning, opening new possibilities for multiple markets. 13 January 2020, Cambridge Time is often labeled as our most valuable resource and savings help us to become time rich. This mentality is regularly applied to modern business strategies and increasingly so to our personal lives too. Despite these individual efforts, the final result hinges largely on the personal choices of other individuals, and companies whom we interact with on various timescales. This impact on our lives by multiple human factors has led to a huge interest in
Jan 14
01:55 AM
Large Corporations Joining The League of Blockchain and Crypto Investments Hash
The popularity of blockchain and crypto has also enabled supporting infrastructure like blockchain phones, such as the one developed by Samsung.
Jan 14
01:55 AM
Over 10,000 Participants Expected to Attend Chain2020 Blockchain Initiatives Event in Hong Kong Hash
8th January 2020, Montenegro Over10,000 participantsare expected to attend theChain2020 event,which is set to take place in Hong Kong onJanuary 15, 2020. The event is organized as a series of educational conferences focusing on Blockchain and FinTech technologies and related subjects for entrepreneurs, government officials and individuals seeking to integrate and promote the use of alternative financial technologies in the global economy. The Chain2020 event will be featuring a broad range of conferenceshosted and presented by more than35 internationally recognized experts and speakers. Some of the prominent attendees scheduled to speak at the conference include: Zoran Djikanovic, PhD, Professor of
Jan 10
03:40 AM
Bob Loukas Expects a Bullish Year for Bitcoin and Precious Metals Hash
Virtually all of these assets Bob Loukas touches upon rely on many external factors. This can lead to unexpected market momentum in either direction. (BTC )
Jan 08
10:09 AM
Stop Trying to Convert Bitcoin Non-believers and Keep Building Solid Ecosystems Hash
Those who are stuck in this mindset will not be persuaded of the opposite.It begs the question whether there is any point in (BTC )
Jan 05
08:24 PM
TRON Foundation Regains Control Over $400 Million in TRX Hash
It is not in the best interest of the TRON Foundation to dump this on the market.All major crypto transactions are closely monitored on social media.
Jan 03
10:24 AM
The "Dickening" of John McAfee is Less Than 1 year Away Hash
Even in 2019, John McAfee further affirmed his bitcoin price prediction.In a Tweet, he mentioned how the rise of bitcoin cannot be stopped. (BTC )
Jan 02
10:09 AM
Bitcoin is a Twitter Trend in South Africa yet no one Knows why Hash
South Africa is a crucial fintech region, thus it is logical to see cryptocurrencies gain some traction as well. It won't generate a Twitter trend, though. (BTC )
Jan 01
09:08 PM
Nano Achieves Nearly 4 Times Bitcoin's Confirmed Daily Transaction Throughput Hash
Given how big of a problem network congestion can be, Nano appears to be doing something right. It is something other projects can learn from. (BTC )
07:09 PM
ElectraPay is Another Altcoin Payment Solution no one Really Needs Hash
It will be interesting to see how ElectraPay fares in this regard.By focusing just on an altcoin hardly anyone knows about, a risk is taken. (ECA )
10:54 AM
This Reddit User is a Diehard Bitcoin SV Shill Hash
For Reddit users such as Indiainvestor-a, it is a way of life.For reasons unknown, this user turns every bitcoin discussion into a a debate on bitcoin sv. (BTC )
08:39 AM
Latin American Countries Show an Increasing Appetite for Bitcoin Hash
After years of increasing inflation, local residents are looking for alternatives.While bitcoin is not the most popular option, its trading volume rises. (BTC )
06:54 PM
When Will Other Nonprofits Begin to Keep Bitcoin Donations Like UNICEF? Hash
As of October 2019, UNICEF confirmed it will hold bitcoin donations in BTC, rather than converting them to fiat currencies. (BTC )
09:54 AM
How ICTE will use IPFS and Cloudflare to create a secure trading environment Hash
Blockchains are held as disruptive new technology in 2020. As regulators prepare for legal frameworks, blockchain projects are taking over the world. Industries and companies are seeing the value of blockchains and the trustless environment they provide, and developers are building DApps on different blockchains. These DApps integrate a decentralized cloud infrastructure that is held as the greatest innovation since the internet. However, the ecosystem is divided among different blockchains. Apps on Ethereum do not talk to Apps on the Tron network. Bitcoins liquid network is now ready for DApps to be developed. But this fragmentation costs the users and (BTC , ETH )
09:54 PM
China Tries to ban Bitcoin Trading Once Again Hash
The recent increase in crypto asset trading hasn't gone by unnoticed, but there are other non-centralized solutions available as well. (BTC )
12:54 PM
Paraguay Seemingly Looks Favorably Upon Bitcoin and Crypto Assets Hash
For now, agencies across Paraguay want to determine the rate of crypto adoption in the country, as well as how complex this market really is. (BTC )
01:39 PM
Bitcoin Price Analysis for December, 27th
On Friday, December 27th, the activity shrunk to a minimum. The leading cryptocurrency is trading at $7181.00 and declining slightly. (BTC )
03:39 AM
Russia's Supreme Court Unwillingly Classifies Bitcoin as Money or Property Hash
According to Russia's Supreme Court, the use of cryptocurrencies poses many dangers.One such threat comes in the form of bribing authorities in the country. (BTC )
07:39 PM
The Bitcoin Faucet Concept is Alive and Well in 2019 Hash
In the case of Lootbits, the concept has been changed significantly. It tries to incorporate loot boxes into its bitcoin faucet offering. (BTC )
01:38 PM
The Future of Bitcoin Payments Remains Uncertain Hash
The loss of Adyen may be one of the biggest blows to bitcoin payments in recent years., particularly given how popular this processor has become. (BTC )
06:39 PM
Bitcoin Trading Fee Comparison: What it Really Costs to Trade BTC Hash
Bitcoins meteoric rise to popularity over the past decade has created a tailwind that has driven a significant number of traders into the nascent crypto markets, primarily because of the frequent volatility that Bitcoin and other digital assets incur on a regular basis. The massive increase in the number of Bitcoin traders in recent times has led to the emergence of a deluge of different platforms that allow traders to utilize margin and other trading tools to enhance their profitability, and fees are one of the main factors that prospective users should look towards when deciding which platform they want (BTC )
08:24 PM
Ripple is less decentralized than BTC and ETH, but thats not necessarily a bad thing Hash
Grayscale, an institutional crypto asset management company, recently released a report analyzing XRPs coin history, protocol, price, transaction speed and more. According to the report, the early developers of the XRP Ledger focused on creating a fast protocol that challenged established financial systems. Grayscale found that Ripple is less decentralized than BTC and ETH, although it remains the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap. What is Ripple? According to eToro, Ripple is the company behind XRP, RippleNet and the XRP Ledger. Ripple uses open-source technology to beat Bitcoin in speed, and financial institutions and banks in fees. Ripple launched in (BTC , ETH , XRP )
07:39 PM
Apple Doesn't Care About Your Petition for a Bitcoin Emoji Hash
Considering how Apple is one of the biggest technology companies, it would make sense for them to provide an emoji That doens't mean they ever will. (BTC )
06:23 PM
Residents of Uzbekistan can no Longer buy Cryptocurrencies Hash
Any coins or assets acquired
07:24 AM
A Mitsubishi Subsidiary Tokenizes Salmon the Blockchain Hash
Norwegian Mitsubishi subsidiary Cermaq is pushing the boundaries of what is possible.Their vision to tokenize salmon on the blockchain is interesting.
07:09 PM
Fed Governor Blasts Bitcoin for its Ties to "Illegal Activities" Hash
It is a well-known fact that US politicians don't like bitcoin very much. Particularly the Federal Reserve governor still sees plenty of problems, primarily due it facilitating illicit activities. In a recent meeting, the bitcoin debate was reopened once again. The Fed Still Hates Bitcoin As regulators prepare to take a closer look at cryptocurrencies, such hostile comments aren't entirely unexpected. Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard warned about the use of bitcoin in illicit activities. It is a well-known fact that cryptocurrencies are the most favored payment methods on the darknet and underground marketplaces. Brainard explains how over a quarter (BTC )
09:24 AM
US Politicians to Vote on new Crypto Regulation in Early 2020 Hash
Furthermore, the role of stablecoins will be scrutinized, as not all of these currencies are created equal. Additional regulation seems warranted.
07:23 PM
Thailand to Trial Blockchain-based Travel Visas Soon Hash
Travelers will no longer have to bring physical documents such as tickets and ID scans to the entry points in Thailand, creating a need for blockchain..
05:54 PM
BTC-E's Alexander Vinnik Will be Extradited to France After all Hash
During the coming weeks, Vinnik will be moved to a holding facility in France.As was to be expected, the alleged BTC-E operator doesn't like this outlook. (BTC )
01:09 PM
OpenLedger Suddenly Raises Withdrawal Fees to 5% Hash
For now, it remains to be seen how the OpenLedger situation evolves.Lowering the fees and requirements would be ideal, yet that seems unlikely.
12:09 PM
How Cryptocurrencies are Shaping up Other Industries Hash
The popularity of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin peaked most especially in 2017 when a Bitcoin was valued at around 20,000 US dollars each. This made many people and industries shift their attention to the use of cryptocurrencies. Although this only happened in 2017, Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies have been around for a few years now. In particular, Bitcoin has been circulating online since 2009. It was first values at less than a dollar and so it wasnt as popular as it was now when it was first made available to the public. Initially, Bitcoin was made for a rewarding process (BTC )
10:24 AM
Bitcasino.io Raises over $100,000 as Part of Crypto Community Support for #teamtrees Campaign Hash
Bitcasino, the leader in crypto gaming, has joined the global movement to plant 20 million trees by early next year, by pledging to pay for the costs of planting a total of 101,010 trees. Estimated to cost $1 each tree, this means that the Bitcasino brand of Bitcoin gaming will be donating just over $100,000 to the global #teamtrees movement that has captured the hearts of millions all over the world. This was made possible through the loyal community of Bitcasino players, who took the chance in November to donate all their unused Loyalty Club points to the worthy cause. (BTC )
05:24 AM
Ugandan Crypto Ponzi Scheme Founder Arrested After Pocketing $2 Million Hash
The concept of this Ponzi Scheme is not unique in any way.Investors were promised ludicrous returns for doing absolutely nothing.
01:39 PM
AMD has High Hopes for the Blockchain Gaming Industry Hash
With that hardware to fall back on, more powerful and encompassing blockchain gaming projects can be established in the years ahead.
07:54 PM
Litecoin Price Analysis for December, 17th
On Tuesday, December 17th, the LTC cryptocurrency is declining, trading at $39.76. On D1, there is a downtrend developing. Upon reaching 76.0% (LTC )
04:54 AM
The DAOBet iGaming Solution Mainnet is Now Live! Hash
Gaming company DAOGroup has announced that the long-awaited DAOBet mainnet has been launched by validators. 16th December 2019 DAOBet (ex DAO.Casino) is a blockchain for the iGaming 3.0 industry, with the mainnet launched by validators on November 27th, 2019. The mainnet was launched by 21 leading block producers with eight more validators on standby. The development will further realise the full scope of DAOGroup's decentralized iGaming products. DAOBet Mainnet: Launched by Validators Built by DAOBet and launched by validators, optimizing the EOS blockchain codebase, the DAOBet mainnet is set to bring about revolutionary changes to the gaming industry. It (DAO , EOS )
12:39 AM
Will India Change its Negative Cryptocurrency Stance Soon? Hash
India has come up with several initiatives to keep its financial situation in check.Most of these ventures have proven to be futile in the end.
05:54 PM
EOSPoW Requires EOS Resources to Mine POW Coins Hash
A Proof of Work version of EOS called EOSPoW, exists today.It utilizes the mining algorithm and difficulty adjustments of Bitcoin. (BTC , EOS )
12:38 PM
South Korea Will Research Central Bank Digital Currencies Hash
Such projects are often referred to as central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs. It may take years until one such currency sees the light of day.
06:24 PM
Bitfinex Integrates Know Your Transaction by Chainalysis Hash
The company has begun integrating a new compliance tool developed by blockchain analysis outfit Chainalysis, called Know Your Transaction.
06:39 PM
Prolific Crypto Ponzi Scheme in Uganda Vanishes Overnight Hash
Despite being in operation for just a month, the crypto project was shut down overnight and the police began investigating the matter immediately.
12:38 PM
Tron Price Analysis for December, 13th TRX Ceased Falling Hash
On Friday, December 13th, the Tron cryptocurrency stopped falling, trading around $0.0138. On D1, the correctional growth ends and falling continues.
03:39 AM
SOMESING, a blockchain-based mobile Karaoke DApp, is to be listed on Coinone Indonesia exchange on the 16th Dec 2019 Hash
SOMESING, a blockchain-based mobile karaoke DApp has announced that its own utility token named SSX (SOMESING Exchange) will be listed on Coinone Indonesia Exchange on the 16th Dec 2019. This is the 2nd listing of SSX followed by its 1st listing on Dcoin exchange, a global crypto currency exchange and SSX token is to be listed on other major exchanges according to SOMESINGs future business roadmap. SOMESINGs official said, Coinone Indonesia is an exchange that was established in Jakarta, Indonesia by Coinone, one of the leading crypto currency exchanges in Korea, and it has drawn a lot of attention in
10:39 PM
"The Godfather" NFTs are Live on OpenSea and the Ethereum Blockchain Hash
All NFTs can be purchased on OpenSea, with prices ranging from $0.07 to $73, depending on the quality and offering in question. (ETH )
01:24 PM
Bitcoin Future 2020s December 21st Online Conference will Discover Future of Bitcoin by Showcasing Experts, Sceptics and Maximal
Maltas Bitcoin Clubannounce details of theironline conference beginning December 21st 2019, to bridge the gap between Bitcoin Twitter and the outer world. The conference will see more than 30 speakers includingStephan Livera, Tone Vays, Giacomo Zucco and many more, withtickets as low as9.99. 5th December, Valletta, Malta:Bitcoin is all about knowledge. Many people think they know everything but they actually have very little understanding. Bitcoin Future 2020 will change this and catch peoples interest at the heart. Bitcoin is not about getting rich quick, but a very beautiful new approach to money that can help millions of people around the (BTC )
06:09 AM
CREDIT, the African Cryptocurrency Unlocking Massive Potential Hash
Blockchain developer TERRA has revealed some of its newest addition to its ever-expanding ecosystem. The latest products have been tailored to meet the needs of people in developing countries such as Nigeria, whose people are struggling to gain access to basic banking and payment facilities. The South African blockchain platform is set to aid the redistribution of wealth for the unbanked through its native token CREDIT. By ensuring the 2 billion unbanked earn its cryptocurrency as annual passive income on their smartphones, those targeted will undoubtedly unlock the market potential of the unbanked, already estimated to be worth over a
06:09 AM
EOS Price Analysis for December, 10th EOS Still Pulled Down Hash
By Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst at RoboForex This week, the EOS cryptocurrency resumed declining, and on Tuesday, December 10th, it is generally trading at $2.65. On D1, the downtrend is slowing down, and a convergence is forming on the MACD. As the main goal of the developing trend, we should regard the fractal minimum of $1.55. However, keeping in mind the convergence, a breakout of the current resistance level at $3.35 may signal a reversal and the development of a new bullish cycle. On H4, after a correctional rise to 38.2% Fibo, the quotations started declining to the minimum of (EOS )
04:24 AM

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