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Where Has All The Money Gone? Looking Into Crypto Projects Who Pay Token Holders News
Crypto lending firm NEXO made headlines after announcing token holders received $2,409,574,87 in dividends. All holders had to do was use the mobile app
May 30
04:38 AM
Bitcoin Price Analysis for May 29th
On Friday, May 29th, the Bitcoin price has grown steeply and is aiming upwards. It is generally trading at 9632.50 USD. (BTC )
May 29
05:53 AM
Goldman Sachs Still Doesn't Know What to Make of Bitcoin News
Other interesting claims include how Bitcoin is not a suitable investment for clients of Goldman Sachs. Odd,given how the bank recently welcomed two major crypto exchanges (BTC )
May 27
01:53 PM
How a Trader Lost $1,200 in 100 Seconds News
A fool and his money are soon parted. When it comes to dealing with cryptocurrency, it's important to know exactly what you're doing. However, not only new crypto users fall victim to lurking predators, even a crypto OG will slip up once in awhile. Here's a story about a reddit user -tycooperaow- losing over $1,200 in a matter of seconds. It all started with a mnemonic passphrase that was accidentally left on a github repository. The reddit user forgot to take out the secret passphrase out of his code, which effectively gives control to all the coins in the wallet (ETH )
May 27
06:53 AM
Stablecoins Need to Achieve Cross-Chain Compatibility News
Ensuring that these stablecoins work as a value-exchange across blockchains would be an interesting turn of events.Very little blockchain interoperability exists.
May 26
02:08 PM
Binance Backs Controversial Steem Fork Despite Earlier Promises News
This latest fork was initially expected to be blocked by Binance.The exchange claimed how it opposed the network upgrade. (STEEM )
May 24
02:08 PM
How to earn from the bitcoins News
If you sell 10 Bitcoins when 1 BTC reaches 65,000 yen, the Japanese yen balance will increase to 650,000 yen and you will get a profit. (BTC )
May 23
04:23 AM
"Hail Mary" to Save Steem Funds Goes Awry Courtesy of Bittrex News
Instead, they will (STEEM )
May 22
08:53 PM
Crypto Hedge Funds Vastly Outperform Their Traditional Brethren News
Traditional hedge funds, on the other hand, are down by 6.7% on average.This creates a very big divide between the different segments, and it shows.....
May 22
01:38 PM
XRP Price Analysis for May 22nd
On Friday, May 22nd, the XRP is trying to restore after two days of sales but the impulse is not enough. The cryptocurrency is generally trading at 0.1968 USD. (XRP )
May 22
06:53 AM
Bitcoin Dominates all Altcoins When Looking at Daily Active Addresses News
Even the currencies in the top 10 by market capitalization pale in comparison to Bitcoin regardless of how one wants to look at it. (BTC )
May 21
08:08 PM
Ethereum Will Have a Quantum-proof Wallet in the Form of Enclave News
Outbound transactions through enQlave will be signed with the default Ethereum ECDSA signature, as well as an XMSS signature from a public key. (ETH )
May 21
09:08 AM
In one day a 15 years old teenager earned 0.7 BTC! News
Made a Deposit of 10 bitcoins, Karl immediately received a commission of 0.7 BTC (at the rate of 11 May, it is more than $ 6000). (BTC )
May 19
04:53 AM
CBDCs & StableCoins: Eliminating Volatiliy in a Centralized or Decentralized Crypto World News
Whereas central banks and governments may think that CBDCs will remove competition from the equation, that is not necessarily the case.
May 19
04:38 AM
Digital Asset Bitgesell Provides the Perfect Ecosystem to Become Digital Gold News
Emerging digital assetBitgesellhas developed a practical ecosystem, and long-term solution for the digital gold debate. The project overcomes issues plagued by Bitcoin to make it an extremely attractive proposition to holders, miners, and businesses 18th May 2020, Amsterdam, Netherlands Digital asset and cryptocurrency Bitgesellis a new project geared towards practical application, and offers a more attractive proposition to cryptocurrency miners and holders, than any similar alternatives. The Bitgesell ecosystem has been designed to ensure that it is practical, and suitable as a long-term digital investment option. Why Bitcoin is Not a True Digital Gold Bitcoin continues to be the foremost (BTC )
May 19
01:54 AM
Don't Use This Website When Generating a Bitcoin Paper Wallet News
In terms of giving Bitcoin as a gift to friends, family, and loved ones, a paper wallet can certainly be useful, but not for long-term storage. (BTC )
May 18
09:23 PM
Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Accelerates its Acquisition of BTC Holdings News
Considering how the purchased BTC is also held by the entity for 6 months, there appear to be some bullish expectations by the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust team. (BTC )
May 18
08:39 AM
Three Ways to Become a Crypto Expert News
Much like Twitter, TradingView also has its own range of popular crypto figures, which can be found in the top authors section of the site.
May 18
12:39 AM
Visa Taps Ethereum to Build its Digital Dollar Infrastructure News
A patent has been filed for this particular issuance solution. The choice for Ethereum is a very interesting one by Visa, to say the very least. (ETH )
May 16
08:54 PM
More BTC is Being Moved off Exchanges Since the Halving News
Roughly 24,000 BTC has moved off exchanges and into other wallets since the reward halving took place on May 11.It is a very prominent development. (BTC )
May 15
08:39 PM
XRP Price Analysis for May 15th
On Friday, May 15th, the XRP rate is correcting after the recent growth. The cryptocurrency is generally trading at 0.2023 USD. (XRP )
May 15
05:55 AM
Bitcasino Hosts Poker Tourney for Charity After Raising 20 BTC in Crypto vs Covid Campaign News
Bitcasino.io Director of Casino Tauri Tiitsaar spoke of the unity in the crypto community online, who have been unlikely contributors (BTC )
May 15
01:39 AM
Plutus Launches up to 3% Crypto Cashback The Rise of Decentralised Rewards News
Plutus Perks essentially offers additional fiat cashback on top of the 3% crypto cashback (PLU) that the company is already offering. (PLU )
May 14
08:38 PM
Bitcoin Casino Pioneer LuckyBit Offers up to 15BTC Winnings with New Real-Time Interactive Dice Game News
Bitcoin betting site LuckyBit have launched a fresh new version of the age old classic game Dice, with a potential total win of up to 15BTC available. 13th May, 2020, Curacao The crypto betting landscape in2013mostly consisted of Satoshidice.LuckyBit revolutionised crypto gamblingback then with the introduction of Plinko. The game was a huge hit because it made gambling more fun everybody loved the excitement of waiting to see where their coins would fall. LuckyBit is now revolutionizing the crypto betting world again, by giving Dice a much needed upgrade. Dice 2020: Games Still Lack Suspense 7 years later, Dice (BTC )
May 14
05:23 AM
This Bitcoin SV Block Contains 1.1 Million Transactions News
A block of 309MB was generated on the Bitcoin SV network.It contains 1.1 million transactions, which is also worth noting. (BTC )
May 13
08:24 PM
Telegram Officially Cancels the TON Blockchain Project News
Yesterday, the entire TON blockchain venture was officially scrapped.That also means that the native Gram cryptocurrency will not see the light of day.
May 13
08:23 AM
Cryptocurrency Guide for College Students News
Many students are left wondering what is the hype about cryptocurrency nowadays. This essential guide will help you get started now!
May 13
05:39 AM
Monero Reaches a Daily Transaction All-time High News
It is still possible to look at the daily transaction volume overall.Recent statistics confirm that the Monero network is firing on all cylinders. (XMR )
May 12
08:24 PM
Bitcoin Price Analysis for May, 12th
On Tuesday, May 12th, the BTC rate remains volatile but investors are ready to buy. The cryptocurrency is generally trading at 9000.00 USD. (BTC )
May 12
06:54 AM
Top 5 Crypto Exchanges to Trade Without KYC News
Despite the skepticism, some crypto exchange service providers have maintained minimal or no KYC requirements, making them favorable platforms.
May 12
04:53 AM
Bitcasino and The Giving Block Launch Virtual Benefit Concert for Global COVID-19 Relief News
Live streaming taking up your time during this lockdown? Then imagine what it must feel like for the frontliners in health and other sectors battling to keep Covid-19 at bay so we can all stay safely at home, comfortably live streaming. Or, tune in to watch the recorded Live Stream of the D3 Charity Concert recorded on May 5th 2020, a giving event jointly organized by crypto charity The Giving Block, and a host of other crypto stakeholders, including Bitcoin gaming platform Bitcasino! D3 - Donate, Dance, Decentralize The virtual relief concert was put together to raise funds for those (BTC )
May 11
10:24 AM
Crypto Reddit Enraged: Binance Forces People to Sign NDAs News
But, instead of offering anything like this, Binance is becoming more and more self-centred, using the users, instead of serving them.
May 11
09:09 AM
Blockchain Oracles: Off-Chain Interaction Through RIF Gateways News
Challenges remain when exploring blockchain oracles. The outside source of any and all information needs to be trusted at all times.
May 09
05:08 AM
The CFTC Cracks Down on Firms Facilitating a $15 Million Crypto Scam News
Following the indictment by the CFTC, it will be interesting to see if duped individuals get their money back anytime soon.
May 08
08:53 AM
Bitcoin Tumbler BitMix.Biz deliver the capability of cryptocurrency safety News
BitMix.Biz uses pre-mixed crypto cash from particularly made addresses, so there no need to expect for verification of all dozens of blending transactions. (BTC )
May 08
01:23 AM
India Shows a Renewed Appetite for Trading Crypto Assets News
India's government has always taken a harsh stance toward Bitcoin and other crypto assets, yet it seemingly had the opposite effect. (BTC )
May 07
08:54 AM
Iran has Over 1,000 Licensed Crypto Mining Operations News
If the mining operations put too much strain on the Iranian power grid, the situation in iran can head in a completely different direction very quickly
May 05
08:54 PM
The Bitcoin Network Briefly Produced too Many Blocks News
That is very unusual, and also raises a lot of questions.Four of these blocks were shown on the network in a span of 46 seconds, further adding fuel to the mystery. (BTC )
May 04
08:38 AM
How Bitcoin Is Bootstrapping Online Gambling Growth News
Its easy to see why the new report supports the notion that bitcoin gambling will boost the growth of this market to a significant degree. (BTC )
May 03
06:53 AM
Crypto Gaming Pioneer Cloudbet Launches New Website with a Host of New Features News
Leading Bitcoin casino and sportsbook Cloudbet has unveiled its impressive new website. The updated site offers a slew of new advancements including faster load times, new language options, live eSports betting, and more. 28th April 2020, Curacao - Bitcoin sportsbook and casino Cloudbet has launched a new feature-packed website, in its most ambitious makeover since the crypto-gaming pioneer opened for business in 2013. Cloudbet recently invited its players to experience the Beta version of its next-generation service, which offers a vastly improved betting experience and new markets including esports. Based on customer feedback, Cloudbet have continued to make improvements and (BTC )
May 01
11:23 AM
Lucky Pnxbet Punter Takes Home $300,000 from a Single $60 Baccarat Wager News
It wasnt quite beginners luck for one lucky Baccarat player from the Philippines, but after making just his third deposit on online Bitcoin casino Pnxbet, fortune decided to smile on his hand. As the numbers came up, many couldnt contain the gasps of amazement when a modest wager of just 3,000 Philippine peso (PHP) bagged the lucky guy a staggering haul of PHP 15,000,000 - worth some USD 300,000. The amazing hit came on a LIVE baccarat game title from the renowned provider Evolution, and everyone is still buzzing at the casino to celebrate the lucky player. All it took (BTC )
May 01
11:23 AM
New Blockchain Fund Facilitates Philanthropic Coronavirus Donations News
Supporting philanthropic efforts during the coronavirus crisis is always an option worth looking into.Many people need financial aid in one way or another.
Apr 30
08:23 AM
WEF Stresses Importance of Blockchain Following Coronavirus Crisis News
The WEF has been working on blockchain efforts and research for some time now.The coronavirus may prove to be an interesting catalyst .
Apr 29
08:38 PM
Philippines-Based Baccarat Player Wins 15 Million Pesos from a 3,000 Peso Deposit Deposit on Pnxbet News
An online player based in the Philippines has won the equivalent of $300,000 (Php15,000,000) on the Pnxbet casino game LIVE baccarat. 28th April 2020, Curacao - A lucky online casino player from the Philippines has won a massive Php15,000,000 playing the game of Baccarat on popular betting website Pnxbet.com. The sum, which is the equivalent to $300,000 was won from just a Php3,000 bet which the player deposited using coins.ph (a local bitcoin wallet app) to play the sites Evolution casino game SPEED baccarat. This ordinary sized bet, (equivalent to $60), was only the users third ever such deposit on (BTC )
Apr 28
06:09 AM
Coronavirus Can't Keep Crypto markets Down as Bitcoin Surpasses $7,700 Again News
The coming weeks may prove rather interesting, both in terms of cryptocurrency market prices and the novel coronavirus crisis. (BTC )
Apr 27
09:24 PM
Decentralized Marketplace Based on IOTA Wins Coronavirus Hackathon News
One Hackathon, dubbed CODEVID19, is designed to leverage blockchain and other technologies to aid during the ongoing coronavirus crisis. (MIOTA )
Apr 27
09:24 AM
Coronavirus Will Spark Bitcoin Price Rise, Tyler Winklevoss Claims News
A price rise for Bitcoin would be a welcome development. Assuming this vision comes true, the coronavirus will have been a crucial catalyst in this regard. (BTC )
Apr 26
08:55 PM
Blockchain Industry Notes Steep Job Growth in March 2020 News
With this surge in job openings, the coronavirus crisis almost seems beneficial to the blockchain industry, which is very surprising at best.
Apr 25
08:23 PM
Bitcoin Price Bounces Back to Highest Level Since Coronavirus Drop News
This momentum also confirms that the expected Bitcoin price bull run due to the coronavirus crisis has failed to materialize so far. (BTC )
Apr 24
08:23 PM
Stablecoins on Bitcoin: The Time has Come for RIF On Chain News
A Decentralized Stablecoin on Rootstock The stablecoin industry continues to grow and expand. Until now, most of these assets were issued on alternative blockchains such as Ethereum, Tron, OMNI, and EOS. The world's leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, used to lack the necessary protocols to support the creation of such an asset by default. Thanks to RSK, a smart contract platform on top of Bitcoin,, that is no longer the case. Its smart contract solution leverages existing Bitcoin technology to allow for new decentralized applications and services to be built. Money on Chain, a Bitcoin-based decentralized finance protocol, is making full use (BTC , EOS , ETH , OMNI )
Apr 23
11:54 AM

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