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Tron Price Analysis for December, 13th TRX Ceased Falling Hash
On Friday, December 13th, the Tron cryptocurrency stopped falling, trading around $0.0138. On D1, the correctional growth ends and falling continues.
03:39 AM
SOMESING, a blockchain-based mobile Karaoke DApp, is to be listed on Coinone Indonesia exchange on the 16th Dec 2019 Hash
SOMESING, a blockchain-based mobile karaoke DApp has announced that its own utility token named SSX (SOMESING Exchange) will be listed on Coinone Indonesia Exchange on the 16th Dec 2019. This is the 2nd listing of SSX followed by its 1st listing on Dcoin exchange, a global crypto currency exchange and SSX token is to be listed on other major exchanges according to SOMESINGs future business roadmap. SOMESINGs official said, Coinone Indonesia is an exchange that was established in Jakarta, Indonesia by Coinone, one of the leading crypto currency exchanges in Korea, and it has drawn a lot of attention in
Dec 12
10:39 PM
"The Godfather" NFTs are Live on OpenSea and the Ethereum Blockchain Hash
All NFTs can be purchased on OpenSea, with prices ranging from $0.07 to $73, depending on the quality and offering in question. (ETH )
Dec 12
01:24 PM
Bitcoin Future 2020s December 21st Online Conference will Discover Future of Bitcoin by Showcasing Experts, Sceptics and Maximal
Maltas Bitcoin Clubannounce details of theironline conference beginning December 21st 2019, to bridge the gap between Bitcoin Twitter and the outer world. The conference will see more than 30 speakers includingStephan Livera, Tone Vays, Giacomo Zucco and many more, withtickets as low as9.99. 5th December, Valletta, Malta:Bitcoin is all about knowledge. Many people think they know everything but they actually have very little understanding. Bitcoin Future 2020 will change this and catch peoples interest at the heart. Bitcoin is not about getting rich quick, but a very beautiful new approach to money that can help millions of people around the (BTC )
Dec 12
06:09 AM
CREDIT, the African Cryptocurrency Unlocking Massive Potential Hash
Blockchain developer TERRA has revealed some of its newest addition to its ever-expanding ecosystem. The latest products have been tailored to meet the needs of people in developing countries such as Nigeria, whose people are struggling to gain access to basic banking and payment facilities. The South African blockchain platform is set to aid the redistribution of wealth for the unbanked through its native token CREDIT. By ensuring the 2 billion unbanked earn its cryptocurrency as annual passive income on their smartphones, those targeted will undoubtedly unlock the market potential of the unbanked, already estimated to be worth over a
Dec 12
06:09 AM
EOS Price Analysis for December, 10th EOS Still Pulled Down Hash
By Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst at RoboForex This week, the EOS cryptocurrency resumed declining, and on Tuesday, December 10th, it is generally trading at $2.65. On D1, the downtrend is slowing down, and a convergence is forming on the MACD. As the main goal of the developing trend, we should regard the fractal minimum of $1.55. However, keeping in mind the convergence, a breakout of the current resistance level at $3.35 may signal a reversal and the development of a new bullish cycle. On H4, after a correctional rise to 38.2% Fibo, the quotations started declining to the minimum of (EOS )
Dec 10
04:24 AM
Kraken Enables CHAPS and UK's Faster Payments Service Support Hash
UK Residents are still keen on Bitcoin and altcoins in 2019.Kraken acknowledges there is a big market waiting to be tapped. (BTC )
Dec 09
06:09 PM
PBoC Officials Confirm its Digital Currency has Major Telecom Support Hash
To make the currency more appealing, the PBoC is partnering with seven state-owned firms to oversee this test, including three telecom giants.
Dec 09
09:24 AM
New IRS Form Confirms the Agency Remains Curious About Cryptocurrencies Hash
What is somewhat disturbing, however, is how the IRS keeps prying cryptocurrency enthusiasts for more information regarding their
Dec 08
08:39 PM
PBoC Issues Financial Bonds Over its Private Blockchain Hash
There are many possible ways to introduce digital letters of credit that would not require using a distributed ledger or blockchain.
Dec 08
01:09 PM
Upbit Loses Over $50m in Ether Following Platform Hack Hash
It has been once again a very remarkable day in the cryptocurrency industry. South Korean exchange Upbit has seemingly misplaced a lot of funds due to a hacker. The news originally started out as a rumor, but was eventually confirmed by the company. Upbit Gets Hacked and Loses Ether In the announcement, Upbit mentions 342,000 Ether have been stolen from the company. All of these funds are transferred to an unknown wallet, and will be tracked on the Ethereum blockchain. To compensate for the losses, Upbit will use its own assets. How long this process will take exactly, has not (ETH )
Nov 27
01:41 PM
XRP has Overtaken Ethereum Again in the Transaction Volume Department Hash
It has become apparent that XRP is on the right track as of late.Its network notes a very strong increase in transactions since early 2019. (ETH , XRP )
Nov 24
03:09 PM
Bitcoin's SegWit Adoption Keeps Rising Slowly Hash
It now seems a new spike in SegWit adoption has become apparent, albeit no one really knows what is driving these changes. (BTC )
Nov 24
09:39 AM
JPMorgan Files a Blockchain Patent for the Automotive Industry Hash
Numerous companies and financial institutions aim to unlock the power of blockchain. JPMorgan has a very specific use case in mind that might affect the automobile industry. It is interesting to note how banks are exploring the different opportunities ahead of them in the blockchain space today. JPMorgan has a Blockchain Plan For JPMorgan, there is a chance to affect the automobile industry in a rather unique manner. The company also specializes in providing wholesale car financing to car dealers throughout the United States. Following a recent patent filing, it seems this concept will receive a blockchain-oriented makeover, of sorts.
Nov 23
12:54 PM
How You Can Achieve Anonymity Using Bitcoin or Ethereum Hash
Bitcoin and Ethereum remain the two highest-valued cryptocurrencies by market cap. Despite their popularity and differences, they also have a crucial flaw in common. Neither of these currencies provides either anonymity or privacy. To achieve that goal, users often need to rely on third-party services. BitcoinMix has users covered, as this long-standing service lets users secure their identity at all times. Pseudonymity isn't Privacy Both Bitocin and Ethereum have often been called anonymous, albeit they are only pseudonymous. Although no personal information is shared when making a transaction, it is still possible to identify the owner of a specific wallet (BTC , ETH )
Nov 23
12:54 PM
Binance now Caters to Indian Bitcoin Users Following WazirX Acquisition Hash
In doing so, over 1 billion residents of India will be given convenient access to cryptocurrencies through the Indian Rupee and Binance. (BTC )
Nov 21
03:54 PM
Gods Unchained Triggers ERC-721 Token Transfer Spike on Ethereum Hash
Gods Unchained alone is responsible for seeing 6 million card assets transferred over the Ethereum network in the past few days. (ERC , ETH )
Nov 21
12:54 PM
African-based Cryptocurrency CREDIT is Thriving in Emerging Markets Hash
African based blockchain project Terra recently celebrated the first anniversary of Credit (CREDIT) block production. Credit is a decentralized proof of stake cryptocurrency that is simple to mine and rewards its holders with passive income. November 20, 2019, JohannesburgSAJohannesburg-based blockchain project and trading platform TERRAhas announced a huge slew of products to focus on the development of digital payments processing in developing nations such as Nigeria. In addition to the projects main focus, Credit (CREDIT) decentralized cryptocurrency, the company has developed 8 supporting products that each offer something groundbreaking to various emerging markets. These exciting new developments include: MiniPOS MiniPOSis
Nov 21
06:09 AM
How a Crypto Casino Player Won $110,000 With $1,200 Invested Without Even Gambling Hash
A savvy player at a cryptocurrency casino has walked away with a cool $110,000 by exploiting a flaw in the programming of a smart contract of a gambling application. The gambling application in question, EOSPlay, is hosted on the smart contract, blockchain-based network EOS. The attacker essentially overloaded the network, which allowed them to generate winnings with zero risk. Literally each roll of a dice was a guaranteed winner! As reported in the cryptocurrency news publication Crypto Slate, the EOSPlay vulnerability was discovered in mid-September. The attacker used a second EOS application to facilitate the hack. The service used, EOS (EOS )
Nov 20
05:39 PM
The Ethtrader Subreddit Prepares to Issue Donuts on Ethereum Hash
Any user looking to become a part of Ethtrader can register their Ethereum address. These donuts will give users access to special features (ETH )
Nov 20
12:39 PM
Some People Still Try to Buy Bitcoin With PayPal in 2019 Hash
It is always best to stay away from platforms claiming to let users pay with PayPal for Bitcoin or altcoins, as there is no buyer protection. (BTC )
Nov 20
09:39 AM
BTC, ETH, and XLM Price Analysis: Crypto Market Exhibiting Strong Selling Pressure Hash
Bitcoin Price Analysis (BTC/USD) On todays intraday chart, the price of the top-performing cryptocurrency has declined, thus recording a bearish momentum below $8500 support level. BTC/USD pair has, therefore, dive dipper below $8300, after exhibiting a sharp breakout that dipped the price to an intraday low of $8010.70. The downside move was followed by a short-term consolidation phase above $8128 thus defining the current price at $8138.48, which dropped from the opening price of $8439.95 translating to 3.6% loss over the past 24hrs. Failure of BTC/USD pairs price to stay above $8128.60 may restart a fresh decline with new support (BTC , ETH , XLM )
Nov 20
03:24 AM
Coinfield CEO Claims Ripple's XRP is Better than Ethereum Hash
This statement is not entirely surprising, considering how Coinfield is offering some services to the XRP network at this time. (ETH , XRP )
Nov 19
03:24 PM
Longhash Claims There was no Whale Manipulating the Bitcoin Price in 2017 Hash
As such, it is virtually impossible for USDT to make a Bitcoin price impact when the value of the world' leading cryptocurrency is on the rise. (BTC , USDT )
Nov 19
12:24 PM
Multi-function Apollo Blockchain Formally Agrees on Tech Cooperation with Lesotho Government Hash
The zenith of the blockchain market is continuously being speculated about by many enthusiasts in the space. As a matter of fact, global spending on blockchain is expected to reach $12.4 billion by 2022, with the fintech sector driving major initiatives in this economic uptrend. Evidently, the blockchain industry could become a radical tool to reshaping national economies, as well as expanding influence across borders at the continental level. Speaking of continents, blockchain startups have sought to share a piece of the revolutionary pie when it comes to Africa, considering the latent opportunities the continent possesses, especially in the areas
Nov 19
04:09 AM
OceanEx Enables USDT/USD Trading Through Bank Card Deposits Hash
OceanEx has quietly positioned itself as a major trading platform, primarily for USDT, BTC, and ETH markets.Its daily volume sits roughly around $100m. (BTC , ETH , USDT )
Nov 18
07:39 PM
Bitcoin SV (BSV/USD) Price Analysis Hash
Medium-Term Trend: Downtrend For the last one week, the price of BSV/USD pair has been moving south ways, thus recording a bearish performance. On the 4-hourly chart, the pairs price failed to trade above $133.954 thus slipped downside as it was pulled by the strong selling gravity coming from the bears. The price spiked down by 7.85% over the past one week, as it dipped from $133.000 to $122.550 as at 07:45 UTC. Currently, there is a struggle to breach $121.133 support level, thus suggesting high interest in lower price digits. Additionally, the long-term SMA has been continuously (BTC )
Nov 18
07:24 PM
Tron, Litecoin and XRP Price Analysis Hash
Tron Price Analysis (TRX/USD) On todays crypto market, the price of TRX/USD pair has been fluctuating sideways perhaps due to the indecisiveness indicated by the RSI indicator that has been hovering between midpoints over the last 24hrs. Despite the horizontal movement that steadily moved on a tight range between $0.01830 resistance level and $0.01902, support level. TRX/USD pair opened the day trading at $0.01862, followed by the bulls control that pushed the price north to close at $0.01876. However, the bulls could not sustain the bullishness; thus, bears resumed the downside trend and slipped the price down to the current (LTC , XRP )
Nov 18
06:39 PM
MimbleWimble is not the Secure Privacy Implementation you Think it is Hash
A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts have high hopes for the MimbleWimble protocol. It would unlock additional privacy features, not just for Grin, but other coins implementing this technology in the future. In a recent post by Ivan Gobatyy, however, it becomes apparent there are some key flaws associated with the privacy aspect of this technology. MimbleWimble has a Privacy Problem He explains how it is possible to uncover the addresses of senders and recipients of the Grin currency in real-time. What is even more astounding is how it would only cost $60 per week through Amazon Web Services to obtain
Nov 18
03:24 PM
The IRS Will Shift its Focus to Users and Operators of Bitcoin ATMs and Kiosks Hash
Bitcoin ATMs and kiosks are next on the agenda.There could be a number of potential tax issues raised by this particular industry, said an IRS spokesperson. (BTC )
Nov 17
01:09 PM
ProtonMail has no Intention of Converting Bitcoin Payments to Fiat Hash
ProtonMail is a firm that has stuck with Bitcoin for quite some time now, and is seemingly intent on maintaining this approach as long as possible. (BTC )
Nov 17
09:09 AM
Apollo Currency Signs MOU With Nation of Lesotho as Part of Blockchain Initiative Hash
Multi-function crypto platform Apollo announces MOU with the nation of Lesotho to improve the private sector, employment, poverty, and education. 16th November 2019, SANDTON, South Africa All-in-one cryptocurrency platform Apollo Foundationis announcing an MOU with the nation of Lesotho to develop and implement blockchain technology in various government departments and initiatives. The Ministry of Communications, Science, and Technology acted on behalf of the Lesotho government in signing the memorandum of understanding with the foundation. The main objectives of the Apollo Foundation blockchain initiative are to: Create new wealth in the private sector by harnessing Apollo fintech solutions Design and implement
Nov 17
12:09 AM
DOJ Indicts two US Men for SIM Swapping and Crypto Theft Hash
Over the past few years, SIM swapping has become a genuine threat to cryptocurrency users..For criminals, it is easy to trick a phone operator.
Nov 16
07:54 PM
Tom Lee Acknowledges the Bitcoin Price Won't Hit $40,000 Soon Hash
Tom Lee confirms the Bitcoin price will not reach his predicted target. Instead, he decided to drop his prediction to $25,000 per BTC by 2022 (BTC )
Nov 16
04:39 PM
Latest Bitcoin Cash Upgrade Addresses Malleability and Expands Schnorr Support Hash
While the chance of a Bitcoin Cash malleability attack is nearly zero, it remains to be seen if the network can remain safe from harm. (BCH , BTC )
Nov 15
04:54 PM
Safex Enters Public Beta, Gearing Up for Global Launch of Decentralized Marketplace Hash
Online marketplaces and international borderless transactions are one area where blockchain technology seems to have an absolute surety in future applications. This potential was identified early on by blockchain enthusiasts and opportunists and thus, during the peak of the 2017 Bitcoin bull run, many decentralized marketplace models were announced and millions of dollars were raised in Initial Coin Offerings. However, once the dust settled, the very promise of decentralized marketplaces has hit several roadblocks. As it turned out, eventually, many of the projects couldnt deliver because of a lack of vision and consistency after raising huge amounts of money. One (BTC )
Nov 15
02:54 PM
Bitcoin Independence Day, 15th November 2019: Bitcoin SV: the fastest growing blockchain, ever Hash
15 November 2019 marks one year since Bitcoin SV (BSV) emerged in the worlds first Bitcoin hash war, to declare independence for original Bitcoin. After years of BTC and BCH protocol developers deviating from the design of Bitcoins creator Satoshi Nakamoto and artificially restricting Bitcoins capabilities, BSV is restoring the Satoshi Vision. While it uses a new ticker symbol, BSV represents the original Bitcoin protocol and finally enables the blockchain to massively scale just as Satoshi always intended. Jimmy Nguyen, President of Bitcoin Association, the global industry organization which advances Bitcoin SV, remarks: We declare November 15 as Bitcoin (BCH , BTC )
Nov 15
01:09 PM
Coinbase Announces its Upcoming Cryptocurrency IRA Hash
Cryptocurrency investing is usually something one should engage in for the long term. An IRA seems to be the perfect vehicle to accommodate those needs.
Nov 15
12:54 PM
Tron (TRX) Submits to General Moods Hash
By Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst at RoboForex On Friday, November 15th, the TRX is declining, trading around $0.0193. At the same time, this week turned out to be rather neutral for the cryptocurrency. On H4, TRX/USD is developing a mid-term uptrend after a convergence and Gold Cross on the MACD. The short-term view of this picture reveals a local correction after a swift impulse of growth and entering a projection channel. The correctional decline we are contemplating may be aimed at the primary support of $0.0164; however, the most likely scenario remains the growth to the resistance level of $0,0260.
Nov 15
07:39 AM
The IRS Still Hasn't Decided if They Want to tax Cryptocurrency Airdrops Hash
For the IRS, like-kind exchange principles were never - and never will be - applicable to cryptocurrencies of any kind or transacted at any date.
Nov 14
05:24 PM
Safex Gears up for Public Beta of its Safe, Secure, Decentralized Marketplace Hash
E-commerce platform Safexhas announced new updates to its native Blockchain that will enable on-chain P2P trading, and provide a secure and private way for users to buy and sell, through its online marketplace. The mainnet launch targeted for the end of 2019. NOV 13th, 2019. Belgrade, Serbia. After two years in development,Innovative e-commerce platform Safexhas announced that early public Beta testing for its decentralized marketplace protocol is underway, with the Community now working with the beta testnet, with Mainnet launch targeted for the end of 2019. The Safex decentralized digital marketplace is built atop a privacy-centric blockchain and will offer
Nov 14
01:09 PM
DAOBet (ex. DAO.Casino) Token Swap Has Begun: Time to Claim BET Tokens Hash
Having created a blockchain entirely dedicated to the online iGaming market, DAOBet now allows the token holders toswitch their ERC-20 assets to the custom built mainnet. 13th November 2019, Singapore:With online gaming industry growing, blockchain technology offers all of the characteristics that any gambler could want speed, efficiency and tools like smart contracts all work in harmony to give a frictionless experience to players, both new and old. The uses of the blockchain do not stop there, however for operators, affiliates, and game developers, the DAOBet blockchain can be used as a base to mount new games (DAO , ERC )
Nov 14
01:09 PM
Unstoppable Domains Launches a $1m Grant to Advance Blockchain Domain Support Hash
There is still plenty of room for further growth regarding blockchain domains. This grant program can give Unstoppable Domains a major push forward.
Nov 14
10:09 AM
Learn To Invest Safe And Profitably With Diamonds Capital Hash
Cryptocurrency trading can be a complete minefield for the uninitiated. Even for veterans of the space, the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies can have a profound effect on profitability. Bitcoin 2018's crypto crash and preceding bull run was a difficult pill to swallow for many traders. The collapse - which involved a 60% retrace within a month - nearly took out the entire crypto market. Regrettably, many traders decided to ignore the plethora of indicators that may have otherwise lessened the impact. Of course, explosive price swings aren't the only problem facing crypto-traders today. One of the many issues with trading (BTC )
Nov 13
05:09 AM
Swiss Crypto Firm Sygnum Seeks a Banking License in Singapore Hash
It is expected Sygnum will wait to become an official Swiss bank before taking the next steps in Singapore.That process may take quite some time.
Nov 12
03:09 PM
China's Digital Yuan Could be Pseudonymous Like Bitcoin Hash
Not everyone sees merit in China exploring the digital yuan option right now, given the country's history of surveillance and censorship. (BTC )
Nov 12
12:54 PM
The CannaCor Coin: A Cryptocurrency For Medicinal Cannabis Hash
CannaCor (Pty) Ltd is a company licensed as a prohibited drug operator. With over 50 000m2 of acquired land in Berea, Lesotho, the company will dedicate the land to the greenhouse or indoor cultivation of Cannabis. This company aims to become one of the top players in the industry of Medicinal Cannabis, currently licensed and compliant with regulations to provide services in Canada, Europe and other global markets from this facility. Medical Cannabis is the medical use of the Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica and various other strains to relieve symptoms of diseases and treat their conditions. Medical cannabis is a
Nov 12
05:54 AM
Not For Profit Hybrix Promotes Crypto Unity Manifesto at the 2019 San Francisco Blockchain Week Hash
November 2019, SAN FRANCISCOBlockchain solutions company hybrixhas been promoting its new manifesto at the2019 San Francisco Blockchain Week, in a most creative fashion. Representatives of the not-for-profit organization have been attending the event to hand out gold-sealed letters that spread a call to action for the freedom of choice, stating that money shall not be monopolized. Individuals wearing Phantom of the Opera masks are popping up in random places during the blockchain week in San Francisco. Among the attendees of the event, they are calling for renewing unity in the crypto-sphere, and to reinvigorate the original spirit in which Satoshi
Nov 11
12:38 PM
Coingaming Partners with TRON Foundation to Deliver Future of TRX gaming Hash
November, 2019, Tallinn, Estonia The Coingaming Grouphas agreed on a partnership with the TRON Foundation, the non-profit organization behind the popular cryptocurrency TRX, welcoming the TRON community to use the currency for the first time with the leading brands in the crypto gaming space Bitcasino.io and Sportsbet.io. TRON transactions happen almost instantly and without any fees, making it a perfect match for the fun,fast and fair gaming experience provided by the Coingaming Groups customer-centric gaming brands. Bitcasino.ioandSportsbet.iousers can now enjoy some of the lowest entry levels in the industry via TRX, bringing world-class gaming to an even wider audience.
Nov 11
12:38 PM
Cryptocurrency Scammers Utilize Tinder to Play the Long Con Game Hash
These scans are still worth paying attention to regardless.Tinder is a very commonly used platform by millions, including cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
Nov 10
03:39 PM

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