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Facebook Renames Calibra Cryptocurrency Wallet As Novi
Social media giant Facebook has renamed its Calibra cryptocurrency wallet as Novi cryptocurrency wallet in a bid to avoid confusion with the yet to be released Libra cryptocurrency.
Jun 03
08:12 AM
Crypto-exchange Gemini Integrates With Samsung Blockchain Wallet
Gemini, a crypto-exchange and custodian owned by Internet entrepreneur twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, has teamed up with Samsung Blockchain to integrate the Samsung Blockchain Wallet.
May 29
07:46 AM
Coinbase To Acquire Institutional Crypto Brokerage Tagomi
US-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase agreed to acquire New York-based institutional-grade crypto prime brokerage Tagomi as part of its strong institutional focus to cater to the ever increasing number of institutional investors venturing into cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. (BTC )
May 27
08:51 AM
Blockchain Healthcare Startup Solve.Care Launches Global Telehealth Exchange
Blockchain healthcare startup Solve.Care has rolled out a bockchain-powered platform that will redefine the current healthcare system amid the COVID-19 outbreak whereby patients are reluctant to visit their doctors due to the pandemic.
May 26
08:26 AM
Crypto.com To Expand Visa Card Program To Canada
Payments startup Crypto.com is set to expand its MCO Visa Card program in Canada. The program was launched in Singapore in October 2018, in the United States in July 2019, and in Europe in April 2020.
May 22
07:51 AM
Algorand Partners Attestiv To Prevent Insurance Fraud Using Blockchain
U.S.-based Algorand is teaming up with blockchain-based verification platform Attestiv to develop the next-generation of insurance offerings based on blockchain technology to help prevent insurance fraud.
May 21
03:07 PM
California Giant Berry Farms Joins Blockchain-based IBM Food Trust Network
Berry producer California Giant Berry Farms became the latest to team up with IBM Blockchain to apply blockchain technology to trace its berries from the farms to the consumers.
May 19
07:21 AM
Samsung Launches 5G Phone With Blockchain-powered ID Authentication
Samsung Electronics has launched the world's first 5G smartphone that comes with a blockchain-powered ID authentication. The Samsung Galaxy A Quantum is also the first phone with Quantis quantum random number generation (QRNG) chipset that improves data security for users with quantum encryption technology.
May 15
08:38 AM
Simba Chain To Develop Blockchain-based System For Securing R&D Data For DoD
The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) has awarded a $200,000 contract to Simba Chain, Inc. to develop a proof-of-concept blockchain-based system to improve the integration, security, auditability, and controlled access of sensitive federal research and development (R&D) data.
May 14
07:46 AM
Binance.US Rolls Out OTC Trading Platform
Cryptocurrency trading platform Binance.US launched its over-the-counter (OTC) trading platform for cryptocurriencies such as Bitcoin for users in most U.S. states. (BTC )
May 13
07:26 AM
Halving Fails To Influence Bitcoin's Price
Bitcoin halving, the largest event in the cryptocurrency calendar, failed to trigger any significant impact on its price. Bitcoin halving takes place every four years, which reduces the rate at which new coins are created, to control inflation. (BTC )
May 12
08:17 AM
Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Halving Again
The world's most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) is set to halve again for a third time. This means the reward given to Bitcoin miners for processing transactions is being cut by 50 percent. (BTC )
May 11
09:32 AM
UFC Partners Chiliz To Offer Blockchain-powered Fan Engagement
Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has teamed up with blockchain-powered fan engagement platform Chiliz ($CHZ) in an exclusive global partnership to offer fan engagement solutions to their over 318 million global fans.
May 07
08:02 AM
Stock Alert: ION Geophysical Skyrockets
Shares of ION Geophysical Corp. (IO), a provider of services for seismic data acquisition and processing, are surging more than 97 percent or $1.63 in Thursday's morning trade at $3. (ION )
May 07
07:31 AM
Italian News Agency ANSA Using Blockchain To Fight Fake News
Italian news agency ANSA is using blockchain technology to fight fake news by enabling readers to check the source of the news with its new ANSAcheck news tracking system developed in collaboration with Ernst & Young (EY).
May 05
08:06 AM
CipherTrace Launches Armada To Help Banks Detect Risky Crypto Blind Spots
Blockchain security firm CipherTrace is expanding its offering to banks and other financial services with the roll out of a product called Armada to enable virtual asset risk mitigation by providing critical visibility into high-risk cryptocurrency payment 'Blind Spots.
Apr 29
08:02 AM
BitPay Adds Support For Binance Stablecoin For Global Payments
Bitcoin Payment Processor BitPay has now added support for the fourth US dollar-backed stablecoin to provide merchants and businesses more option to receive settlement for their payments. (BTC )
Apr 28
08:08 AM
IBM Blockchain To Address COVID-19 Medical Supply Chain Shortages
IBM has rolled out
Apr 27
07:57 AM
Sony Develops Blockchain Platform To Integrate Transportation Data
Japanese consumer electronics major Sony Corp. has developed a blockchain-powered platform that integrates transportation data from across different forms of transportation such as trains, buses, taxis, car sharing, on demand mobility services and rental bicycles.
Apr 23
07:38 AM
Riot Blockchain Co-locates To Reduce Direct Mining Production Costs
U.S.-listed company Riot Blockchain, a former biotech firm now focusing on bitcoin mining, is set to relocate its mining operations under a co-location mining services contract executed with Coinmint, LLC, claimed to operate the largest digital currency data center in the world.
Apr 21
08:27 AM
AirAsia's Logistics Arm Launches Blockchain-powered Air Cargo Booking
AirAsia's logistics arm Teleport has rolled out a blockchain-powered cargo booking system called Freightchain, claimed to be the world's first digital air cargo network run on blockchain.
Apr 20
07:57 AM
Microsoft Files Patent For Crypto Mining Linked To Body Activity Data
Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC, the patent holding subsidiary of Microsoft Corp., has filed a patent for a human-powered cryptocurrency mining system that uses human body activity data to mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. (BTC )
Apr 01
07:51 AM
BMW Puts Its Multi-stage International Supply Chains On Blockchain
Luxury carmaker BMW AG is using blockchain technology to optimize processes in its highly complex multi-stage international supply chains. It is using this technology in purchasing to ensure the traceability of components and raw materials.
Mar 31
08:07 AM
Cryptocurrencies Down In Double Digits; Bitcoin Below $8000
Almost all major cryptocurrencies are currently trading down in double digit rates, with bitcoin below $8000 mark. In a latest development on Friday, Japanese financial regulators reportedly raided the office of cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, which lost around $530 million worth of NEM digital coins held by its customers when it was hacked last week. (BTC )
05:22 AM
CLOUT Offers Alternative As Facebook Says 'No' To Cryptocurrency Adverts
A day after Facebook announced that it was banning all ads related to cryptocurrencies and ICOs, Clout, a decentralized social media platform for cryptocurrency community, is offering a solution.
05:22 AM
S. Korea FinMin Sees Need To Cooperate With China In Blockchain Tech
South Korea's Finance Minister Kim Dong-yeon stressed on the need for his country cooperating with China over the blockchain, the distributed ledger technology underlying the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin. (BTC )
03:28 AM
Crypto Daily Roundup - Feb. 2
Bitcoin price fell below $9,000 on Thursday for the first time in over two months, plagued by a plethora of concerns, but an early investor has forecast the price to hit $20,000 this year. (BTC )
03:17 AM
Early Investor Sees Bitcoin Price Rallying To $20K This Year: Report
Bitcoin could drop to as low as $7,500, before rallying back to $20,000 this year, Ran Neu Ner, an early investor in the cryptocurrency and the host of CNBC Africa's Cryptotrader show, predicted. (BTC )
01:59 AM
Australia's Brisbane Airport To Soon Accept Cryptocurrecnies
Australia's Brisbane airport joined with companies around the world to give legality for cryptocurrencies, even as regulators continue to take a cautious stand. The airport recently partnered with local start-up TravelbyBit to launch the world's first digital currency airport terminal.
10:52 PM
NetCents Adds Litecoin To The NC Exchange
NetCents Technology Inc. Thursday announce that the NC Exchange now supports Litecoin. NetCents Technology has added Litecoin functionality to its platform allowing users of the NC Exchange to transact with Litecoin. (LTC )
12:02 PM
FedEx Partners With BiTA To Pioneer In Transport Blockchain
Shipping giant FedEx has reportedly partnered with Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) in order to integrate blockchain-based platforms into its operations. Freightwaves reported that FedEx has outlined plans to set standards for the use of blockchain in governing and tracking shipment transactions.
12:02 PM
Sberbank To Trade Cryptocurrencies Overseas To Bypass Russian Rules
Russia's Sberbank has announced plans to start trading cryptocurrencies abroad to bypass the country's regulations. Russia's domestic rules do not recognize digital currencies such as Bitcoin as a means of payment. (BTC )
05:22 AM
Venezuela Sets Initial Price Of Petro At $60
The Venezuelan government has set $60 as the pre-sale value of one petro, the country's national cryptocurrency. Hugbel Roa, the minister of science and technology, said the digital currency's initial price is based on the approximate cost of a barrel of crude oil in mid-January, and that the currency will be backed by the country's vast oil reserves.
04:13 AM
Crypto Daily RoundUp - Feb. 1
Yet another mobile payment app has embraced Bitcoin trading, signaling the growing acceptance for cryptocurrencies into the mainstream despite several concerns. Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies are unwelcome in India, the country's finance minister reiterated, but signaled favor for the blockchain at the same time. (BTC )
03:22 AM
Samsung Confirms Making Chips For Cryptocurrency Mining
Samsung Electronics has entered into crptocurrency world by making chips designed specifically for mining bitcoin and other digital currencies. The South Korean giant, which overtook Intel to become the biggest chipmaker, said in its fourth-quarter earnings release that it expects foundry business to benefit from cryptocurrency demand increase in the first quarter.
10:34 PM
Hyperledger Launches Blockchain Platform Sawtooth
Hyperledger, the open source blockchain project hosted by the Linux Foundation, released Hyperledger Sawtooth 1.0, a modular platform for building, deploying, and running distributed ledgers.
10:52 AM
Innovation Shares Unveils Blockchain-Investing ETF
Innovation Shares LLC has launched the Innovation Shares NextGen Protocol ETF (KOIN), which the company claims to be the first exchange-traded fund to use artificial intelligence to identify and invest in blockchain innovators and adopters.
10:36 AM
Venezuela's Cryptocurrency 'petro' For Sale From February 20
Venezuela's president has announced the pre-sale of the country's national cryptocurrency, the petro, which he claims will help ease the economic crisis, and circumvent U.
05:03 AM
Bitcoin's Price Changes With Major News Events: AIER Study
Bitcoin's largest price changes coincide with major news events about the cryptocurrency, according to a research brief published by the American Institute for Economic Research or AIER. (BTC )
04:32 AM
Europol, Interpol Join Hands To Combat Crypto-linked Terrorism Funding, Crimes
Europol and Interpol have agreed upon a range of measures designed to ramp up efforts to combat the misuse of cryptocurrencies by criminals and terrorist financiers to launder money and support other criminal activities.
03:59 AM
Crypto Daily Roundup - Jan. 31
The dust is yet to settle on the massive hack of the Coincheck cryptocurrency exchange, but a leading Japanese mobile messaging app LINE announced plans to launch virtual currency trading on its platform.
03:31 AM
Cryptocurrencies Suffer As Facebook Bans Related Adverts
Prices of major cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, continue to struggle after Facebook announced a new policy to ban adverts promoting cryptocurrencies, as well as the launch of an investigation by US authorities into an online crypto exchange.
03:31 AM
S. Korea Unearths $600 Mln In Illegal Cryptocurrency Trading
South Korean authorities have uncovered illegal cryptocurrency foreign exchange trading worth nearly $600 million as regulators have implemented several measures to curb excessive speculation amid the recent boom in the prices of virtual currencies.
02:02 AM
Japan's LINE Corp Plans Cryptocurrency Exchange
Japan's LINE Corporation announced a new subsidiary that will launch a cryptocurrency exchange on its popular mobile messaging app and promote research and development of the blockchain technology, even as safety concerns are rife after the recent massive hack of the Coincheck crypto exchange.
02:02 AM
South Korean Ban On Anonymous Crypto Trading Comes Into Force
South Korean government's ban on anonymous trading in cryptocurrency came into force Tuesday. Under the new South Korean cryptocurrency account system, traders must open real-name accounts at the same banks as their exchanges to deposit money to trade cryptocurrencies.
07:02 AM
Dubai-based Crypto Exchange Debuts Ripple Trading
BitOasis, a leading cryptocurrency exchange based in Dubai, debuted trading of Ripple coin on its platform on Tuesday. Users can make XRP transactions with zero fees during the introductory period, the BitOasis said on its website. (XRP )
06:57 AM
Crypto Daily Roundup - Jan. 30
A Hong Kong fund has bought a leading China-based Bitcoin exchange BTCC even as Deutsche Bank warns cryptocurrency investors of total loss. Ripple has entered the Middle East and North Africa market with an exchange there adding trading in the cryptocurrency. (BTC )
05:02 AM
Cryptocurrency Is No Bubble, But Set To Go Down: Bitcoin Foundation
The head of the Bitcoin Foundation says Cryptocurrency is not a bubble, but the downward trend in price of bitcoin is correction, which he said is going to continue. (BTC )
04:47 AM
Chinese Bitcoin Exchange BTCC Bought By Hong Kong Investors
Bitcoin startup BTCC, China's first Bitcoin exchange, has been acquired by Hong Kong blockchain investment fund, the company said in a statement. The move comes amid the ongoing regulatory crackdown on cryptocurrencies by Chinese officials. (BTC )
12:02 AM
Deutsche Bank Warns Crypto Investors Of Total Loss: Bloomberg
Banking behemoth Deutsche Bank has warned its clients against investment in cryptocurrencies due issues like high volatility, the possibility of price manipulation and data loss or theft.
02:48 PM

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