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All Those Celebrities Pushing Crypto Are Not So Vocal Now
Crypto boosters such as Matt Damon, Reese Witherspoon and Gwyneth Paltrow have been criticized for hyping virtual currency without highlighting the risks.
May 17
01:45 PM
Musk vs. the Bots
Plus, latest crypto crash causes regulators to push for new investor protections.
May 17
06:21 AM
The Week in Business: Crypto's 'Death Spiral'
Elon Musk said he was putting his Twitter purchase temporarily on hold. Prices continued to climb last month, and the financial markets had another losing week.
May 15
04:25 AM
Crypto is in meltdown mode this week.
May 13
07:12 AM
One Cryptocurrency's 'Death Spiral'
Some crypto insiders say they saw the implosion of TerraUSD coming. Other stablecoins could also run into trouble.
May 12
06:00 AM
Ukraine Receives Crypto Donations of More Than $22 million
Cryptocurrency has provided a way for investors to quickly move funds to Ukrainian fighters.
Feb 28
05:31 PM
BlockFi, a crypto firm, reaches a $100 million settlement for failing to register loan products.
The threat of S.E.C. scrutiny already had scuttled plans by Coinbase, the largest U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange, to launch a loan product.
Feb 14
11:49 AM
TurboTax and Coinbase Allow Users to Convert Tax Refunds to Crypto
The software company has teamed up with Coinbase to allow users the option to convert their state and federal tax refunds into cryptocurrency.
Feb 03
06:07 AM
It's Hard to Tell When the Crypto Bubble Will Burst, or If There Is One
Die-hard enthusiasts, slick operators and the lure of riches have kept digital asset prices soaring. Traditional notions of value don't apply.
Jan 27
02:23 AM
As Bitcoin Tumbles, IMF Criticizes El Salvador's Crypto Embrace
The price of Bitcoin has fallen by more than 50 percent from its peak in November, which could prove costly for institutions that have bought into digital currencies. (BTC )
Jan 26
06:16 AM
The Rise of the Crypto Mayors
This new political breed accepts paychecks in Bitcoin. The mayors also want to use buzzy new tech like NFTs to raise money for public projects. (BTC )
Jan 25
02:50 AM
Fed opens debate over a U.S. central bank digital currency with long-awaited report.
The Federal Reserve issued a paper on the pros and cons of a central bank-backed digital dollar. It's a first step, but will kick off discussion.
Jan 20
11:50 AM
Jack Dorsey Creates Legal Fund for Bitcoin Developers
The fund will provide free legal advice and rely primarily on part-time and volunteer lawyers. (BTC )
Jan 13
06:31 AM
Crypto Chiefs Will Testify Before Congress
Six cryptocurrency chiefs will testify about the promises and perils of their industry.
05:06 AM
Cryptocurrency Chiefs Go to Congress for Landmark Hearing
The chief executives of six cryptocurrency companies will face questions from the House Financial Services Committee about risk and regulation.
04:49 AM
Bitcoin Plunges in Weekend Trading, With Markets Facing Renewed Volatility
Investors have pulled back broadly from risky assets as financial markets have been struck by the arrival of the Omicron variant and surprisingly high inflation. (BTC )
05:10 AM
Welcome to 'Web3.' What's That?
Crypto enthusiasts see a future where the internet runs on blockchain-based tokens. In some spaces, these experiments are already well underway.
05:29 AM
Gary Gensler and Jay Clayton Trade Notes on Crypto Regulation
Gary Gensler and Jay Clayton are aligned on at least one thing: Many types of crypto tokens fall in the agency's domain.
04:25 AM
For Rules in Technology, the Challenge is to Balance Code and Law
Crypto fans have argued that code can be a better arbitrator than traditional regulators.
02:40 AM
Ken Griffin Bested ConstitutionDAO in Auction for Constitution
A group of cryptocurrency fans known as ConstitutionDAO had also bid on the document, setting off a frenzy of memes and pledges.
03:20 PM
They Love Crypto. They're Trying to Buy the Constitution.
How a financial flash mob is trying to raise $20 million for a rare copy of the U.S. Constitution.
11:15 AM
L.A.'s Staples Center will be renamed Arena.
The rebranding, which will take effect on Christmas Day, is the latest example of a company at the center of a technology boom paying to rename a well-known sports arena.
11:32 PM
Ukraine Wants to Be the Crypto Capital of the World
It has to be somewhere. Why not Ukraine?
12:17 AM
Tim Cook of Apple Has Personally Invested in Cryptocurrency
I think it's reasonable to own it as part of a diversified portfolio, Apple's chief executive said at the DealBook Online Summit.
07:27 AM
Regulators Want to Clamp Down on Stablecoins
A fast-growing part of the cryptocurrency industry needs more oversight, the Treasury Department warns.
05:09 AM
Squid Cryptocurrency Crashes, and Investors Lose Money
The digital money, called Squid, began trading last week for a penny. It soared, spectacularly, before the money vanished.
01:45 AM
Regulators Ask Congress to Create New Rules for Cryptocurrencies
A Treasury Department report says stablecoin issuers should operate like banks to avoid destabilizing runs that could erode financial stability.
12:09 PM
Banks Tried to Kill Crypto and Failed. Now They're Embracing It (Slowly).
Digital payments technology is forcing the financial system to evolve. Banks feel their power waning and want to regain control.
12:15 AM
Stocks approach records and Bitcoin reaches an all-time high.
A new high for the S&P 500 would cap a volatile stretch of trading that saw the benchmark fall nearly 5 percent in September. (BTC )
07:42 AM
Stocks rise for a fifth day, and Bitcoin nears a record high.
On Tuesday, ProShares will offer a long-awaiting exchange-traded fund on the New York Stock Exchange linked to Bitcoin futures, and Bitcoin has been trading at prices not seen since April. (BTC )
08:33 AM
The First Bitcoin E.T.F. Will Soon Trade on the N.Y.S.E.
An exchange-traded fund tied to the cryptocurrency is set to begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange, a milestone for the industry. (BTC )
04:21 AM
Harry and Meghan get into sustainable investing with a fintech partnership.
05:30 AM
Can Crypto Go Green?
DealBook gathered experts to debate the solutions to cryptocurrency's climate problem.
05:09 AM
How El Salvador Is Testing Bitcoin's Promise of Financial Liberty
As cryptocurrency enters global finance, an experiment in El Salvador could offer clues on whether it will bring a more libertarian economy or greater government control. (BTC )
03:27 PM
China Declares All Cryptocurrency Transactions Illegal
The clampdown comes as China's central bank has been testing its own digital currency, the electronic Chinese yuan. The price of Bitcoin fell as much as 6 percent on the news. (BTC )
04:57 AM
What to Expect from Gary Gensler's Testimony
After five months on the job, the S.E.C. chair will speak before the Senate Banking Committee about crypto, climate, SPACs and more.
04:18 AM
No, Walmart and Litecoin Are Not Partnering
Litecoin and other digital currencies jumped by as much as 30 percent after the announcement, which was republished as legitimate by media companies. (LTC )
09:48 AM
Join Us for a Conversation on Greening Cryptocurrency
On Oct. 5, Andrew Ross Sorkin and the DealBook team explore the environmental impact of digital currency and efforts to make it more sustainable.
03:48 PM
The New 'Shadow' Banks
The crypto revolution is bringing financial services to the unbanked, but not without risks.
06:06 AM
El Salvador's Bitcoin Adoption Is Marred by Glitches
Experts raised concerns in June about the hasty adoption of the new currency and the rapid execution of new technology on a national scale. (BTC )
08:54 AM
In Global First, El Salvador Adopts Bitcoin as Currency
President Nayib Bukele has promoted the cryptocurrency as a path to financial freedom, but economic experts and many Salvadorans worry the move brings great risks. (BTC )
07:18 AM
The World's Biggest Crypto Exchange Still Lacks U.S. Footing
The founder of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, needs investors for its U.S. unit after a recent venture capital deal fell through - a setback that cost him a C.E.O.
06:57 AM
Facebook says it wants a 'fair shot' in the crypto payments sphere.
David Marcus, the head of the tech giant's financial services unit, described the social network as a challenger in the payments industry that faces unfair resistance.
05:51 AM
Digital Currency Is a Divided Issue at the Federal Reserve
Some Fed officials think the central bank needs to get in the digital currency game, while others fret about crowding out the private sector.
09:09 AM
Meet the Crypto Nomads
The big money in cryptocurrency is offshore.
04:42 AM
As stablecoins explode in popularity, regulators prepare a response.
Asset-backed digital currencies have outstripped oversight, but the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve and other regulators hope to change that.
02:24 PM
Regulators Can't Make Their Minds Up About Crypto
Officials at the Federal Reserve and elsewhere debate the merits, or lack thereof, of digital assets.
05:00 AM
Cryptocurrency Seeks the Spotlight, With Spike Lee's Help
The filmmaker's commercial for a crypto company is one of many recent marketing efforts to make digital cash palatable for newbies.
06:09 AM
A top Fed official says digital currency may be the money equivalent of parachute pants.
Comparing central bank digital currencies to fads, the Fed's vice chair for supervision said the case for a digital dollar must clear a high bar.
11:36 AM
How ICP's Vaunted I.C.O. Crashed
The ICP crypto token was worth billions. Until it wasn't.
05:48 AM

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