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Analyst Who Called XRP's Drop to $0.16 Is Still Expecting Upside: Here's Why
Over the past five hours, cryptocurrencies across the board, from Bitcoin to XRP, have not performed well. Since the daily peak at $6,700, the price of (BTC , XRP )
Mar 27
10:09 PM
After Bitcoin Plunged 7.5% in Minutes, Traders Fear the Worst Is Yet to Come
An hour ago, the price of Bitcoin suddenly faltered after days of non-action, crashing from the $6,700 base where it had traded at for much of Friday to (BTC )
Mar 27
06:09 PM
The Bitcoin Price Just Plunged Under $6,400 After Days of Stagnation
Over the past ten minutes, Bitcoin has performed extremely poorly, falling from $6,700 to a price as low as $6,265 in an over 6% sell-off, per data from (BTC )
Mar 27
04:54 PM
Bitcoin Traders are Watching for $4,000 as Indicators Signal an Insane Move is Coming
One top trader is noting that he believes it is a strong possibility that Bitcoin revisits the $4,000 region before climbing higher. (BTC )
Mar 27
03:39 PM
Heres Why Traders are Flipping Short on XRP Despite its Intense 10% Rally
One respected trader is noting that he is short on the XRP, a signal that he does not believe this movement is enough to send it past its key resistance. (XRP )
Mar 27
12:09 PM
Bear Trap: Will Bitcoin Mimic Gold in Reclaiming Long-Term Trend Line?
Bitcoin and gold have been tracking alongside one another for nearly two years now as the global economy inches closer and closer to total collapse. If (BTC )
Mar 27
12:09 PM
Bitcoin Could Teleport Higher if Its Able to Surmount This Key Level
One top analyst and trader is now noting that Bitcoin could teleport significantly higher if bulls are able to break the resistance at $6,900. (BTC )
Mar 27
11:09 AM
Ethereum Buy Signal Hints At Sustained Bitcoin Outperformance
Ethereum kicked off the year, showing stellar performance compared to Bitcoin, leaving the leading crypto asset in its dust. But following over 100% (BTC , ETH )
Mar 27
10:09 AM
Bitcoin Mining Sell Pressure Waning, Supply Shock To Drive Massive Price Increase
The recent price action in Bitcoin has been particularly devastating to miners who had to turn off their expensive to operate machines after the price of (BTC )
Mar 27
09:09 AM
Ethereum is Primed For a Rally And Only 1 Thing is Holding it Back
Ethereum is still facing a strong resistance near the $142 and $144 levels. A successful close above $144 could start a strong increase in ETH price in the near term. (ETH )
Mar 27
02:55 AM
Chances Are, Bitcoin Will Soon Explode 20% Higher to $8,000: Here's Why
Despite the brutal crash seen earlier this month, Bitcoin has performed extremely well over the past few days, rallying from the $5,000s to a price as (BTC )
Mar 27
02:25 AM
Bitcoin is On the Cusp of an Explosive Movement as Exchanges Face Mass Exodus
A mass exodus of Bitcoin from exchanges may be a bullish sign that investors had been accumulating throughout the cryptocurrencys recent downtrend. (BTC )
Mar 27
02:55 AM
KuCoins Futures Platform KuMEX Launches USDT Perpetual Contracts
KuMEX, the Bitcoin futures platform developed by KuCoin, today announced that USDT Perpetual Contracts will be officially available on the exchange at (BTC , USDT )
Mar 27
02:25 AM
Ripple (XRP) Rallies 10% and Poised To Test $0.20: Heres Why
Ripple is up around 10% and it broke the key $0.1650 resistance zone against the US Dollar. XRP price remains in a nice uptrend and it could continue to rise towards $0.2000. (XRP )
Mar 27
02:25 AM
Litecoin During the COVID-19 Hysteria
The coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread chaos worldwide, bringing down with it giant waves of hurdles to the global economy. The COVID-19 cases (LTC )
Mar 26
09:10 AM
Bitcoin Price Action Triggers Devastatingly Accurate Sell Signal
Just two short weeks after Bitcoin price set a record for one of its largest single-day collapses in the assets young history, the latest sequence of (BTC )
Mar 26
09:10 AM
Bitcoin Dominance Could Soar to 90% amid Economic Crisis, Crashing Altcoin Market
More and more traders would dump their altcoin investments to seek shelter in bitcoin amidst a deepening financial crisis, according to Qiao Wang, head of (BTC )
Mar 26
05:25 AM
Bitcoin Could Be Toast if U.S. Govt Fails to Pass $2 Trillion Stimulus Bill, Claims Trader
One trader is noting that because all markets are watching the upcoming stimulus package vote, Bitcoin could be toast if the bill doesnt pass. (BTC )
Mar 25
01:23 PM
Bitcoin Price Monthly Close Above $8,000 Forms Bullish Hammer Reversal
The current monthly candle on Bitcoin price charts is unlike any other that can be found since the bear market first began, with a massive bottom wick (BTC )
Mar 25
12:11 PM
Pullback In Ripple (XRP) Remains Attractive To Bulls In Short Term
Ripple gained traction above $0.1550 and tested the $0.1640 resistance region. XRP price is currently correcting lower, but dips remain attractive in the short term. (XRP )
Mar 24
10:11 PM
Ethereum Gearing For Lift-Off to $150: Rally Isn't Over Yet
Ethereum is currently trading nicely above the $135 support area against the US Dollar. ETH price is likely to break the $142 and $144 resistance levels for a move towards $150. (ETH )
Mar 24
08:54 PM
The Dows 2100 Point Climb Sends Bitcoin Surging; Heres Why it May Not Last
If the equities market sees further downside as the week drags on, it could create a tailwind that also causes Bitcoin to see a similar decline. (BTC )
Mar 24
04:24 PM
Bitcoin Bulls Roar as U.S. Politician Proposes 'Two $1 Trillion Coins' Idea
Bitcoin bulls were quite pleased on Saturday morning when Bloomberg's Joe Weisenthal shared the (BTC )
Mar 22
03:25 AM
Bitcoin Above 100 SMA (H4) Could Spark Strong Surge To $7.5K
Bitcoin is currently correcting higher from the $4,320 support area against the US Dollar. BTC could rally further if the bulls are able to push the price above $6,800 and the 100 SMA (H4). (BTC )
Mar 21
11:25 PM
What Sent Crypto Plunging 50% Lower? Top CEO Weighs In
The Thursday before last were arguably some of Bitcoin's worst days ever; the crypto asset saw a 40% loss, which was the second-largest percentage (BTC )
Mar 21
04:39 PM
Analyst Who Predicted Bitcoin's January Rally Thinks 700% Surge Is Possible: Here's Why
Bitcoin has been fairly unpredictable over the past few months. In December, when the cryptocurrency fell under $7,000, a majority of analysts were (BTC )
Mar 20
09:39 PM
Is The Crypto Market Bottom In? This News Headline Suggests It's Near
No one was spared in last week's crypto crash, during which Bitcoin fell 50% within a 24-hour time period. According to an exclusive report published by (BTC )
Mar 20
06:39 PM
Bitcoin Price Crash Fails to Cripple Retail Demand
Bitcoin's eccentric performance last week had it shed roughly $80 billion from its global market valuation. But investors are not giving up on the world's (BTC )
Mar 20
09:40 AM
Coronavirus Pandemic Elevates Case For Universal Basic Income Its Needed At Scale And Urgently
No one could have predicted the speed and scale of the coronavirus pandemic, as is the way with such rare black swan events. What is taking flight,
Mar 19
10:56 PM
Ripple (XRP) Lack of Strength Suggests False Rally or Just Correction
Ripple is up more than 10% and it broke the $0.1550 resistance. However, XRP price is lacking strength and pointing a fresh decrease in the near term. (XRP )
Mar 19
09:10 PM
BitMEX, OKEx, Binance and Deribit: Which Stood out in This Extreme Market with Best Market Depth
Last week was some of the darkest hours of global financial markets. Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic and oil price war, global stock markets, crude oil
Mar 17
09:54 AM
KuCoin Names Co-Founder Johnny Lyu As KuCoin Global CEO
The Seychelles-based crypto exchange KuCoin today announced the establishment of KuGroup, appointing CEO Michael Gan as Chairman of KuGroup and co-founder
Mar 17
05:55 AM
No Haven Safe: Silver, Gold and Other Precious Metals Nosedive Alongside Bitcoin
Amidst an economic crisis, precious metals like gold and silver often act as a safe haven for capital, while other assets fall in value. However, growing (BTC )
Mar 16
01:40 PM
This Token Surged 65% in March despite Crypto Market's $86.35B Loss
A dollar invested in Tachyon Protocol's IPX token at the beginning of March has returned $1.65 by the mid. The newborn cryptocurrency went live on HitBTC
Mar 15
05:25 AM
Bitcoin Risks Falling to $2,900 if Market is Heading for Long-Term Lower Low
Bitcoin logged its wildest week for the first time in seven years, plunging by more than 50 percent after a sell-off sparked by the worsening Coronavirus (BTC )
Mar 14
05:24 AM
Analyst: Bitcoin Stock to Flow Model Continues to Hold, Now Its Your Turn
Bitcoin is currently struggling to stay above $5,000, when just a couple weeks prior, the asset was trading above $10,000 - over double the current price. (BTC )
Mar 13
12:54 PM
Will the Stock Markets Ongoing Rally Provide an Upwards Tailwind for Bitcoin?
It remains unclear as to whether the positive price action in the stock market will be enough to provide Bitcoin some much-needed upwards momentum. (BTC )
Mar 13
12:54 PM
Bitcoin Paints V-Shape Recovery after Crashing to $3.8K; More Pain Coming?
Highlights: Bitcoin plunges to $3.8K for the first time since April 2019. The cryptocurrency's deep dive came alongside a massive liquidation spree on the (BTC )
Mar 13
05:39 AM
The World Gold Miner Tokenizes Assets and Opens Trading on Coinsbit, Simex and P2PB2B Exchanges
Recently, in search of easy and big profits, to the crypto market have come many new investors who thoughtlessly invested money and manipulated the price
Mar 13
12:10 AM
Bitcoin Is Carving Short Term Bottom Near $4K After A Massive 50% Decline
Bitcoin is down more than 50% and broke many key supports such as $5,000. BTC price seems to be forming a short term bottom near $4,000 and it could recover. (BTC )
Mar 12
10:41 PM
Don't Panic: This Previously Impervious Support Could Save Bitcoin
Extreme panic over the coronavirus officially reaching pandemic status and the impact it may have on the economy caused Bitcoin to collapse this morning, (BTC )
Mar 12
09:24 AM
Warning: Ethereum Gas Prices Go Through the Roof Amid Bitcoin Crash
It appears that the bona fide price crash in Bitcoin isn't only affecting the market; indeed, Ethereum's transaction fee market, too, has been adversely (BTC , ETH )
Mar 12
06:25 AM
Ethereum Down 35% as Crypto Market Loses $68.61 Billion in 30 Minutes
Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, plunged by a massive 35 percent on Thursday, logging its biggest decline in a day (ETH )
Mar 12
06:25 AM
Ripple (XRP) Just Signaled Sell And Its Vulnerable to a Sharp Decline
Ripple is showing a lot of bearish signs below the $0.2050 pivot area. XRP price is vulnerable to a massive decline below the $0.2000 and $0.1980 support levels. (XRP )
Mar 11
09:56 PM
Crisis Preparation: How To Prepare Your Crypto Holdings For Inheritance
Crisis is here, and potential pandemic at the hands of the coronavirus is catching many crypto investors off-guard and provoking panic around ever turn.
Mar 11
12:25 PM
Oil Market Shows Why Bitcoin Downtrend is Far From Over
Oil and Bitcoin rebounded in tandem after falling to record lows earlier this week. International benchmark Brent crude surged more than 11 percent to (BTC )
Mar 10
08:25 AM
Bitcoin is About to Tap a Trendline that Could Send the Crypto Market on an Explosive Rally
This intense downtrend has led Bitcoin to a critical macro support level that could provide crypto investors with an ideal buying opportunity. (BTC )
Mar 09
06:25 PM
This Simple Indicator Shows Bitcoin Could be Poised for a Major Bounce
Analysts are noting that there is one simple indicator that seems to suggest that Bitcoin (BTC) could be poised for further near-term upside. (BTC )
Mar 09
02:26 PM
Bitcoin Investors Extremely Fearful Amidst Bloodbath; Factors to Consider
For Bitcoin (BTC), its status as a risk-on asset is seen while looking at investors sentiment, which has reached extreme fear levels. (BTC )
Mar 09
12:25 PM
Overnight Bitcoin Price Collapse Puts Mining Power at Risk of Consolidation
Needless to say, things are not looking pretty out there. And following yesterday's daily close, Bitcoin had sunk 10% to end the day at just above $8k. (BTC )
Mar 09
06:26 AM

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