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Ethereum Can Reach a Trillion Dollar Market Cap, But There is a Key Roadblock
Ryan Sean Adams, founder at Mythos Capital, made a case for a trillion dollar Ethereum market cap. And it's all about decentralized finance (DeFi). (ETH )
02:40 AM
Crypto Tidbits: Bitcoin Hits $9,000, Institutional Cryptocurrency Investment Spikes, NBA Team Uses Ethereum
Another week, another round ofCrypto Tidbits. The past seven days have been quite, quite exciting for Bitcoin and its ilk. Per data from Coin360, BTC has (BTC , ETH )
Jan 19
03:55 PM
This Gold Bug Says Bitcoin is Worth $0 Because His "Wallet Forgot His Password"
Peter Schiff, a libertarian proponent of gold and an asset manager, has long been a skeptic of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. In fact, Schiff has (BTC )
Jan 19
09:24 AM
Ethereum Above This Key Level for First Time in 6 Months: Is a Surge Coming?
While Bitcoin (BTC) saw a crazy week in and of itself, gaining 10%, Ethereum outpaced the market leader. The second-largest cryptocurrency by market (BTC , ETH )
Jan 18
06:41 PM
These Simple Factors Suggest Ethereum Will Soon See a Major Bull Movement
Analysts are noting that they anticipate Ethereums momentum to continue strong, with a few key factors enhancing ETH's near-term potential. (ETH )
Jan 18
09:40 AM
What's Next For Bitcoin's Price? Analyst Who Predicted 35% Crash Says This
Earlier this year, in late-September, prominent Bitcoin analystFilb Filb posted this chart below, showing that he expects for BTC to jump by dozens of (BTC )
Jan 18
09:40 AM
Why Has Bitcoin SV (BSV) Plunged By 40% From Its $450 Peak?
Aside from Bitcoin, there's almost no other crypto asset that has been talked about as much as the Satoshi Vision fork (BSV) over the past week. The past (BTC )
Jan 17
10:09 PM
Research Firm: 3 Use Cases Could Send Bitcoin To $1 Trillion, Easily
Few assets are worth $1 trillion. Even still, analysts and investors in Bitcoin have long expected the market capitalization of the cryptocurrency to (BTC )
Jan 17
08:10 PM
Bitcoin Price Signal That Preceded 4,000% Rally Now Forming, and It's Huge for BTC
Ever since Bitcoin investors got a taste of parabolic price appreciation in 2019, which saw BTC gain 330% in some four months, they've been craving it, (BTC )
Jan 17
04:08 PM
Bitcoin Just Surpassed $9,000: It Means a Full-Blown Crypto Rally is Just Beginning
After two days of crypto market consolidation in the high-$8,000s, Bitcoin (BTC) just broke 3% higher from the $8,700 range equilibrium to tap the key (BTC )
Jan 16
10:40 PM
Gemini's $200M Crypto Insurance Indicates Rapidly Rising Instiutional Demand
The Gemini crypto asset exchange has just announced an increase to its custody platform's insurance coverage. At $200 million, the Winklevoss-led trading
Jan 16
12:40 PM
Over 359 Companies Are Building The Future On Ethereum
Negative sentiment surrounding the crypto market has done significant damage to Ethereums reputation. Its become a common thread across the crypto (ETH )
Jan 16
09:10 AM
Today Is Critical For Bitcoin, And Could Dictate The Trend For Weeks To Come
All eyes are on Bitcoin price once again, as the largest cryptocurrency by market cap has recently made several attempts to break out of downtrend (BTC )
Jan 16
08:10 AM
Cryptocurrency Prices Rally Towards Double Digit Gains in 2020
The cryptocurrency market has started 2020 with a huge bang, expanding by an impressive 23% within the first two weeks of the year. The overall market
Jan 16
07:24 AM
This Key Market's Growth Signals Massive Ethereum Upside Potential in 2020
The number of active DeFi users, on the Ethereum network, is experiencing phenomenal growth. A recent report shows that this doubled, to 60,000, in only (ETH )
Jan 16
05:40 AM
Watch Out, This New Bitcoin Scam Is All Over Youtube
Earlier today, I opened up my Youtube feed and saw a weird video in my recommended feed: it was titled something like (BTC )
Jan 16
04:10 AM
Bitcoin Forming Double Top And It's Vulnerable Below $8,500
Bitcoin struggled to break the $8,900 resistance on two occasions. BTC price is showing a few bearish signs and it seems like it could decline towards $8,300 or $8,200. (BTC )
Jan 15
09:39 PM
Here's Why XRP Could Soon Make a Major Movement To Over $0.30
If XRP breaks above this key resistance level, it could lead to a major upswing that sends the token surging towards fresh multi-month highs. (XRP )
Jan 15
04:40 PM
World's Biggest Payment App Alipay Has a Crypto Based Rental Service, but There's a Catch
Alipay, in conjunction with Wukong Car Rental, has launched the world's first facial recognition car rental service, powered by technology behind crypto.
Jan 15
05:10 AM
Tachyon Protocol & IPX
Tachyon, the V SYSTEMS blockchain-based decentralized internet protocol fueled by its native IPX token is in the process of creating a fast, reliable and
Jan 15
03:40 AM
Heres Why Bitcoin Bulls Must Wait For Dip To $8.3K For Another Rally
Bitcoin extended its rally above the $8,800 resistance against the US Dollar. However, BTC price might now correct lower towards $8,400 or $8,300 before a fresh increase. (BTC )
Jan 14
09:40 PM
Document Seemingly Sends Bitcoin SV Higher (Again): Price Up 145%
While Bitcoin has seen a stellar day, rallying by 8% to a high of $8,880 on the back of sudden new-year buying pressure, other crypto assets have (BTC )
Jan 14
03:40 PM
Ethereum Could Rally 80% by May as Altcoins Lead the Ongoing Market Surge
Analysts are noting that Ethereums recent bullishness could open the gates to a rally to as high as $280 by May, which would mark an 80% climb for ETH (ETH )
Jan 14
03:10 PM
These 4 Factors Suggest the Altcoin Crypto Market Rally is Only Just Beginning
The Altcoin Index Perpetual Futures broke out of major resistance, which may indicate major crypto assets can sustain their upward movement.
Jan 14
06:55 AM
Fund Manger Declares Bitcoin Bears Are "Deluded" Based on Key Technical Data
Even as Bitcoin (BTC) has rallied over the past two weeks, analysts have kept their bearish biases against this market, claiming that it is only a matter (BTC )
Jan 14
03:12 AM
Bitcoin Crucially Smashes Heavy Resistance: Next Bullish Levels Traders Should Watch
Bitcoin rallied more than 5% and broke key hurdles near $8,250 and $8,500 against the US Dollar. BTC price might continue to rise towards $8,780 and $8,800 in the near term. (BTC )
Jan 13
09:40 PM
Ethereum Gearing For Another Lift-Off To $160: Uptrend Isnt Over Yet
Ethereum is gaining bullish momentum above the $145 resistance versus the US Dollar. ETH is likely to surge above the $148 and $150 resistance levels, while bitcoin already broke the key $8,400 resistance. (BTC , ETH )
Jan 13
07:25 PM
These Factors Suggest Bitcoin Cashs Recent Rally is Just Getting Started
Analysts are noting that Bitcoin Cash's recent uptrend could soon turn parabolic as BCH's technical and fundamental confluence grows increasingly bullish (BCH , BTC )
Jan 13
05:09 PM
Bitcoin SV Pumps on Craig Wright Receiving Missing Tulip Trust Key Rumour
The price of the cryptocurrency created by two controversial hard forks of Bitcoin is increasing dramatically today. Bitcoin SV gained by around 5.4 (BTC )
Jan 13
12:10 PM
Ethereum Best Investment of 2020s? Price Action Mirrors Early Bitcoin
Since the major bull market of 2017, the price of the native digital asset on the Ethereum network has not performed so well. However, that has not (BTC , ETH )
Jan 10
12:26 PM
Remaining CME Futures Gaps Hint At Bitcoins Next Potential Targets
Recently, a study was released that suggests that gaps left on CME Bitcoin futures charts are filled with as much as 95% accuracy, and often fill during (BTC )
Jan 10
06:40 AM
Analysts Think Ripple's (XRP) Price Chart is "Absolute Trash": Here's Why
There's no doubt the crypto market has suffered a brutal beating in the last 48 hours. Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and a majority of other leading (BTC , ETH , XRP )
Jan 10
12:40 AM
Bitcoin Is In Steep Downtrend, But This Variable Can Trigger A New Rally
Bitcoin price followed a bearish path after it failed to surpass the $8,500 resistance against the US Dollar. BTC is now approaching a crucial support near $7,750 and $7,600. (BTC )
Jan 09
09:56 PM
Binance Coin (BNB) Price Bound To Surge Unless This Support Gives Way
Binance coin price started a downside correction from well above $15.00 against the USDT. BNB price is now approaching a strong buy zone, which is likely to stage another rally. (USDT )
Jan 09
09:10 PM
Ethereum Price Diving: Can Bulls Save This Key Support?
Ethereum extended its decline below the $140 support versus the US Dollar, while bitcoin dived below $8,000. ETH bulls must protect the $135 support to start a decent recovery. (BTC , ETH )
Jan 09
08:09 PM
Bitcoins Next Macro Uptrend May Start Sooner Than You Think
Bitcoin's ability to hold above $7,800 confirms the possibility that BTC is forming a long-term bottom that could spark the next macro uptrend. (BTC )
Jan 09
05:08 PM
Tron Founder Trolls Trump, Invites Criticism of His Own
Justin Sun, the founder of the blockchain network Tron, has come out with a price prediction of sorts for his own crypto asset TRX. The target, according
Jan 09
02:08 PM
Bitcoin Can't Racially Profile You, Unlike Your Banking Provider
Bitcoin offers an alternative to the control banks have over citizens. With 12 year olds being arrested, it's not surprising interest in it is growing. (BTC )
Jan 09
12:09 PM
As Ethereum Use in DeFi Continues to Skyrocket, Will Price Follow?
Binance released its report on decentralized finance applications (a trend most often affiliated with Ethereum) yesterday, highlighting the continued (ETH )
Jan 09
10:39 AM
The Recipe that Causes Bitcoin to Rise: Economic and Geopolitical Uncertainty
As the world anxiously watched the turbulent events in the Middle East this week, investors have turned to the known safe havens for times of crisis. (BTC )
Jan 09
09:39 AM
Psychology of a Market Cycle: Are Bitcoin Investors In Denial?
There exists a schematic depicting the psychology driving the different stages of a market cycle, and it often gets shared in response to the current (BTC )
Jan 09
09:09 AM
As Tensions with Iran Fade, So Does Bitcoins Chance at a Parabolic Run
Analysts are now noting that Bitcoin could be in for a significantly deeper pull back, putting BTC's chance at another parabolic rally in grave jeopardy. (BTC )
Jan 09
08:39 AM
Trump Tweet Timing Coincides With Bitcoin Breakdowns
When the controversial leader of the free world United States President Donald Trump tweets, people tend to pay attention. But could there be some (BTC )
Jan 09
08:08 AM
99% of Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS Volume is Likely Fake: Report
A new report is casting doubts on the legitimacy of the trade data of top bitcoin rivals, including Ethereum, Litecoin, and EOS. (BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC )
Jan 09
07:09 AM
Bitcoin Dip Continues after Trump Derails Iran Fears; Still Bullish?
Bitcoin continued to decline lower, while equities registered gains, after the tensions in the Middle East cooled. The benchmark cryptocurrency plunged (BTC )
Jan 09
06:09 AM
Changpeng Zhao Makes Super Bullish Case for Binance Coin
Those who missed the 2019's Binance Coin (BNB) price rally can still stage profits off the cryptocurrency in 2020, hints its supreme backer Changpeng
Jan 09
04:23 AM
Bitcoin to Surge 150% In 6 Months? Why Analyst Thinks It's Possible
Bitcoin (BTC) has had a great start to 2020, rallying 16 percent higher from the $6,800 lows put in last week. Although some say it is too early to tell (BTC )
Jan 09
03:09 AM
Bitcoin Plummets to $7,000s: These Factors Show Where BTC is Heading Next
After six days of gains, Bitcoin (BTC) experienced a precipitous drop on Wednesday, tumbling from the multi-week high of $8,460 to $7,800 in a few hours' (BTC )
Jan 09
12:09 AM
Ethereum Corrects 5% But Here Is Why Uptrend Is Still Intact
Ethereum started a downside correction from the $148 resistance versus the US Dollar, similar to bitcoin from $8,450. However, ETH price is still in an uptrend unless there is a close below $135. (BTC , ETH )
Jan 08
08:09 PM
Bitcoin Flashes Signs of Starting a Massive Bull Run, But One Key Hurdle Remains
Analysts are noting that Bitcoin could be caught within the early stages of the next major bull run, but it is imperative BTC holds above this key level. (BTC )
Jan 08
05:09 PM

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