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These Altcoins Could be Poised for Major Upside Despite Crypto Bloodbath
One top crypto analyst is noting that now may be a prime buying opportunity for a select few altcoins that have seen bullish price action throughout 2020.
05:56 PM
Bitcoin's Chance of Seeing a Relief Rally Degrades as Midterm Outlook Grows Grim
Analysts were noting that the support Bitcoin (BTC) established around $9,000 was enough to spark a relief rally, but this may have been invalidated. (BTC )
11:08 AM
Bombshell 74-Page Report Shows JP Morgan is Closely Exploring Bitcoin Options
Over the past few years, we've seen Bitcoin change from a spot trading-only market to one dominated by derivatives evidenced by the investor activity (BTC )
Feb 25
10:40 PM
Coronavirus Fear Shakes Up Markets, But Crypto Remains Unaffected
Concerns over the coronavirus are shaking up the stock market and gold, but what does this mean for crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum? (BTC , ETH )
Feb 24
11:26 AM
Bitcoin Just Dropped Below a Key Level That Could Spark a Nasty Selloff
Bitcoin just broke below a critical support level that it has been holding above, meaning it is possible that BTC's near-term price action will be nasty. (BTC )
Feb 24
10:55 AM
Bitcoin Restarts Uptrend But Herss Why 100 SMA Holds Key For Fresh Highs
Bitcoin found a strong support near $9,330 and started a fresh increase. However, BTC must settle above the 100 SMA (4-hours) for a sustained upward move. (BTC )
Feb 22
09:40 PM
Bitcoin Price Just Surged to $9,900: Is Upside Past $10,000 Possible?
Over the past 30 minutes, the crypto market has mounted a surprise recovery: Bitcoin, after flatlining around $9,650 for some 36 hours, surged higher just (BTC )
Feb 22
08:24 PM
Bitcoin Breaking This Key Level Above $10,000 Could Send It to "the Moon"
Ever since Bitcoin shot over 1,000% higher in 2017 to hit $20,000 a price point that was once seen as relatively unobtainable by even some of the (BTC )
Feb 21
08:12 PM
XRP Could See Massive Gains as Bulls Defend Critical Multi-Year Support
One analyst is noting that XRP has been able to reclaim a key multi-year support, showing that another massive uptrend could be imminent. (XRP )
Feb 21
01:10 PM
Over 3,000 Tonnes of Gold to Shock the Market; Still 21 Million Bitcoin Though
It's often argued that Bitcoin is superior to gold in multiple ways. It's more divisible, easier to transport and store, and programmable. Bitcoin is also (BTC )
Feb 21
12:24 PM
Bitcoin To Explode By 80% Before Halving According to Past Cycle Comparison
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are having a strong year thus far, however, the rally is only expected to continue with the assets halving on the (BTC )
Feb 21
11:25 AM
Bitcoins Flash Crash was a "Healthy Pullback" That Could Catalyze Major Momentum
Analysts believe that Bitcoin's defense of key support is a bullish sign, leading one top trader to anticipate a near-term BTC movement up to $10,000 (BTC )
Feb 21
10:55 AM
Is Algorand Destined for Cryptocurrency Stardom After 130% YTD Surge?
After two years of cryptocurrency bear market, altcoin assets are finally surging in value once again, but the best performers thus far are shiny new
Feb 21
09:11 AM
How This Cryptocurrency Platform Grew From Nothing to Top 5 Exchange Worth $1 Billion in 9 Months
Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, FTX, launched in May 2019, now ranks as a top 5 exchange by adjusted volume. Moreover, such has been their rise, they
Feb 21
06:39 AM
Bitcoin's (BTC) Price Must Hold $9,500 as Support, or Else...
Bitcoin hasn't fared too well over the past day and a bit. After finding a local top at $10,300 on Wednesday morning, the price of the leading (BTC )
Feb 20
04:10 PM
Crypto to Get Massive Mainstream Exposure, Industry Surprisingly Salty
The crypto asset community seems to have lost its proverbial mind over a recent MTV show. During the episode of
Feb 20
02:26 PM
Credits Blockchain Platform Combines Decentralized Solutions With Cloud Through Oracle for Startups Program
The Oracle for Startups Program has recently been bolstered by the addition of the Credits decentralized infrastructure platform. The combination of
Feb 20
09:24 AM
Past Crypto Cycle Highlights Altcoin Underperformance, But Perfect Storm is Coming
Past crypto cycles may be able to shed light on current price action, and if history repeats, altcoins will soon catch up against Bitcoin. (BTC )
Feb 20
09:24 AM
Fresh 2020 Highs Inbound: XRP Paints Highly Bullish Technical Pattern
Analysts are watching to see how XRP responds to a few key technical formations, which could potentially lead the crypto to rally to fresh 2020 highs. (XRP )
Feb 19
03:10 PM
XRP Falls Under 27 Cents in Crypto Market Flash Drop
XRP has been like a rocket ship ready for a moon mission, with crypto speculators predicting an immense rally against the dollar and Bitcoin. But either (BTC , XRP )
Feb 19
03:10 PM
Ethereum Nosedives to $250 in Massive Crypto Market Dump
The number two cryptocurrency by market cap, Ethereum, just experienced a massive dump alongside many other major crypto assets, including Bitcoin and the (BTC , ETH )
Feb 19
02:40 PM
Bitcoin Plunges Below $10,000 After Harsh Rejection: Is this It for Bulls?
Over the past few minutes, Bitcoin has plunged lower, just now losing the key $10,000 price level, falling through it as if was not much more than a piece (BTC )
Feb 19
02:10 PM
Bitcoin Craters to $9,300, Liqudating $120 Million in BitMEX Longs
It seems that Bitcoin's plunge has accelerated since our last price update posted just minutes ago. We wrote our last update when the cryptocurrency was (BTC )
Feb 19
02:10 PM
Ethereum Short Positions Skyrocket, Providing Fuel for the Next Parabolic Surge
One top trader is now noting that Ethereum's rising number of short positions could provide fuel for bulls, potentially evoking the next major ETH uptrend. (ETH )
Feb 19
10:10 AM
Tezos to the Moon: How The Unstoppable Cryptocurrency Rally Could Double
The cryptocurrency known as Tezos is among the years best performing altcoin assets, rising more than 200% year-to-date. And while the surging crypto
Feb 19
09:10 AM
Ethereum Price Recovers but A Strong Bearish Indicator Could Play Spoiler
Ethereum was trading in a positive area this Wednesday after rising about 5 percent on a 24-hour adjusted timeframe. The second-largest cryptocurrency (ETH )
Feb 19
06:25 AM
Analyst Prices Bitcoin at $400k By Next Year Based on Miner Capitulation Pattern
The Bitcoin Performance Since Difficulty Bottom chart shows the formation of a cup pattern peaking in spring 2021. This price prediction tool puts Bitcoin (BTC )
Feb 19
05:55 AM
OKB Reaches All-Time-High While OKT, OKChain's Native Token, Launching Soon
OKEx, the world's largest cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange, has recently announced the launch of OKChain, an OKEx-owned commercial public
Feb 19
12:54 AM
Bitcoin Above $10,200 Make Case For Larger Rally In Steep Short-Term Reversal
Bitcoin started a sharp increase above $9,800 and $10,000. BTC is currently consolidating and it could soon rally above $10,200 for the next bullish wave. (BTC )
Feb 18
09:54 PM
Ripple (XRP) Recovery Facing Key Hurdles: Can Bulls Outsmart Bears?
Ripple started an upside above the $0.2850 resistance area. However, XRP price is still facing a couple of key hurdles near $0.3000 and $0.3080. (XRP )
Feb 18
08:40 PM
Appetite for Crypto Assets Could Grow as PBOC Announces Easing
The crypto market is off to a bad start this week. But that has not depleted its possibilities of registering a big fat rebound thanks to Beijing. The
Feb 18
06:11 AM
Signal That Preceded 10% Bitcoin Boom Appears Again, and It's Big for Bulls
Bitcoin hasn't fared too well over the past few days, tumbling as low as $9,500 on Monday as sellers have started to liquidate their stacks en-masse. This (BTC )
Feb 18
03:10 AM
How to Earn Crypto With a Smartphone? Mining and Smart Staking in Mobile Blockchain Enecuum
Historically, Satoshi Nakamoto proposed Bitcoin as a decentralized payment system. During its early times, the operation of the system was as expected. (BTC )
Feb 17
10:54 PM
Here's Why Bitcoin Bulls Need To Be Very Careful Here: A Big Pullback Is Still Possible
Bitcoin declined to a new weekly low at $9,483 before recovering. BTC is back above $9,700, but it is still trading below a few key hurdles ($9,950 and $10,000). (BTC )
Feb 17
09:26 PM
Fractal: Bitcoin May Soon Go Near-Vertical, Ripping Past $10,000
On Monday, for the third or fourth day in a row, the price of Bitcoin continued to correct lower. The cryptocurrency, at its worst on Monday, fell to (BTC )
Feb 17
05:25 PM
Crypto Market Crash: This Technical Structure Puts End to Uptrend
Although the crypto market has been surging since the start of 2020, the Bitcoin and altcoins may be experiencing the early stages of the years first (BTC )
Feb 17
12:25 PM
XRP Poised for a Massive 100% Rally as Technical Strength Grows
One top trader is noting that XRP could see a massive rally that leads the crypto to climb nearly 100%, which could be fueled by growing technical strength. (XRP )
Feb 16
02:10 PM
Bitcoin on Verge of 1,000% Rally: Crazy Accurate Analyst Who Predicted $6,400 Bottom
There are few Bitcoin traders that have been as accurate as Dave the Wave over the past year. The pseudonymous cryptocurrency trader predicted in the (BTC )
Feb 16
02:10 AM
Heres Why Bitcoins Violent Selloff May Have Invalidated its Mid-Term Uptrend
Bitcoin's bearish price action may have invalidated its midterm uptrend, due to BTC breaking below a key trendline that had been formed recently. (BTC )
Feb 15
02:26 PM
Bitcoin Plummets to $9,700 in Violent Selloff After Breaking Below a Key Level
Bitcoin saw a sharp selloff this morning that sent the crypto reeling as low as $9,700, which came about after BTC broke below a key technical formation (BTC )
Feb 15
08:55 AM
What Pushed Bitcoin Up 65% in 2 Months? Top Fund Manager Explains
Since the middle of December, Bitcoin has been on an absolute tear higher, rallying from $6,400 to $10,550 earlier this week, per data from TradingView. (BTC )
Feb 14
08:25 PM
This Indicator May Take the Crypto Market on an Unprecedented Parabolic Rally
One elusive indicator is suggesting that the crypto markets could be on the cusp of seeing a 2017-esque movement in the months ahead led by altcoins.
Feb 14
03:09 PM
$40M Bitcoin Auction Next Week May Cause a Bitcoin Flash Crash, Data Shows
The US Marshals Service is preparing to auction around 4,000 of seized Bitcoin (+$40 million). Previous sales have coincided with an aggressive down wick. (BTC )
Feb 14
03:09 PM
Coronavirus Proved Bitcoin is 'Flight Asset of Choice', Says CEO
Could the coronavirus be helping to drive the current price rally in Bitcoin? The CEO of InvestorsHub.com certainly thinks so. Clem Chambers makes the (BTC )
Feb 14
12:10 PM
This Simple Observation Shows an Intense Bitcoin Downtrend is Imminent
One simple charting pattern could suggest that Bitcoin's recent highs will mark a mid-term BTC top that is proceeded by an intense downtrend. (BTC )
Feb 14
10:41 AM
Data Shows Bitcoins Progression From Retail To Institutional Asset
As Bitcoin matures, a wider range of investors begins to consider the asset as an investment to add to their portfolios. New data shows exactly how (BTC )
Feb 14
08:10 AM
Meet Bitcoin Market's Most Accurate Technical Indicator: Lamborghini
Take a break Golden Cross, bitcoin now has found a better technical indicator in Lamborghini this Valentine's Day. So it appears, there is a great (BTC )
Feb 14
05:10 AM
Blow to Bitcoin Bulls as Price Hits China FUD Level [Again]
Bitcoin was struggling to resume its explosive upside action on Friday as it felt the pressure from a so-called China FUD level. The offbeat (BTC )
Feb 14
04:39 AM
This Bitcoin Metric Is Over 100% Higher in 2 Months, and It's Critical for Bulls
Over the past 60 days, Bitcoin has found itself rocketing higher, rallying from a low of $6,400 to a local top of $10,500 in the span of two months. (BTC )
Feb 14
02:25 AM
Ethereum Takes a Bit Hit But Uptrend Intact Above This Support
Ethereum jumped to a new 2020 high at $278 before correcting lower. ETH is now consolidating and it is likely to continue higher above $275. (ETH )
Feb 13
07:40 PM

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