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Bitcoin threatens to fall below $6,000 as security flaws continue to dog industry
Bitcoin and major digital currencies are in free fall Friday, with major coins shedding as much as 10% and wiping billions off the market cap of cryptocurrencies. (BTC )
Jun 22
08:29 AM
Cryptos tumble on news Japanese exchanges ordered to improve practices
Cryptocurrency prices are under pressure Friday after the Japanese Financial Services Agency ordered six exchanges to improve business practices after a series of inspections over the past few months.
Jun 22
07:04 AM
There has been an 'uptick in criminal and terrorist exploitation' using virtual currencies, says House committee
Even as the price of digital currencies continues to tumble, the anonymity of the growing dark web technology won't dampen the use by nefarious individuals.
Jun 21
12:14 PM
Banks tightened margin requirements and haircuts in response to stock market volatility, Fed survey finds
The return of volatility to stock markets in February caused many senior credit officers to adjust their counterparty risk management, the Fed said Thursday.
Jun 21
11:50 AM
Bitcoin at 'important inflection point' as it attempts to break out of downtrend
The downtrend in digital currencies remains well intact with all major coins down for the month and still showing significant losses year-to-date. (BTC )
Jun 21
05:49 AM
Members of the House will now be required to disclose bitcoin, other cryptocurrency holdings
As lawmakers in Washington, D.C. continue to debate where digital currencies stand, the public will soon know which officials are crypto-believers and those who are not.
Jun 20
01:54 PM
AMD crypto concerns persist among analysts, amid stock's big rally
Shares of Advanced Micro Devices Inc. have gained nearly 30% in the past month, but the stock's rapid rise hasn't put to rest worries about the revenue AMD generates from cryptocurrency mining.
Jun 20
01:54 PM
Law firm confirms Tether was - as of June 1 - 100% backed by U.S. dollars, but questions remain
Embattled cryptocurrency firm Tether announced today that a third-party legal services firm confirmed that on June 1, 2018, at the close of business, the company's Tether balance was 100% backed by U.S. dollars. (USDT )
Jun 20
01:24 PM
AMD stock falls after Bernstein cautions that crypto GPU demand could hurt down the line
Shares of Advanced Micro Devices Inc. AMD, -0.72% are down 1.4% in Wednesday trading after Bernstein's Stacy Rasgon penned a cautious note on the company. "Analysis of available data suggests CPUs have likely been relatively flattish, with strong Ryzen offset by legacy declines," Rasgon wrote. "In fact, we believe GPUs have been by far the primary growth driver, likely up 80%+ YoY in 2017, &...
Jun 20
11:28 AM
Exchange hack halts bitcoin push toward $7,000
Security issues continue to dog the cryptocurrency industry after yet another hack of a prominent South Korean exchange.
Jun 20
05:58 AM
Bitcoin treads water, struggles for fresh catalyst
Most digital currency prices trade near break-even levels reached after the Securities and Exchange declared that bitcoin and Ether don't warrant the type of regulatory scrutiny that traditional securities are subject. (BTC )
Jun 19
08:54 AM
First SEC-compliant ICO trading platform is getting closer
Prometheum, the New York-based blockchain-based company announced today it has entered into a strategic partnership with Manorhaven Capital, a registered broker dealer, as part of its move to become the SEC-registered legal initial coin offering (ICO) trading platform.
Jun 19
08:29 AM
Square stock rises to new high after company says in-app bitcoin trading coming to New York
Shares of Square Inc. SQ, +1.09% are up 1.5% in Monday's session and are on track to close at a new high after the company said it received the proper license to allow bitcoin BTCUSD, -0.60% trading on its Cash app in New York. The company was granted a virtual currency license by New York State on Monday. Previously, Cash app users in New York couldn't buy and sell bitcoin, according to a Square...
Jun 18
08:28 AM
Could bitcoin break the internet?
Cryptocurrencies are struggling to make traction Monday with all major coins in the red to begin the week.
Jun 18
05:55 AM
Lack of trust will limit cryptocurrency adoption, says BIS
Recent regulatory clarity from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission had digital currency evangelists dancing in the streets. The final hurdle, according to them, was being addressed and it was time for the long awaited crypto adoption to take off.
Jun 18
05:03 AM
Here's your chance to invest in the next Hollywood blockbuster-using crypto
Ever wanted to be part of the next box office hit? Now thanks to digital currencies and blockchain technology, a Hollywood honcho is trying to make that dream come true.
Jun 15
10:10 AM
Cryptos try to end the week in the green; Ether futures under consideration
Digital currencies bucked recent trends Thursday, after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said that both bitcoin and Ether aren't securities. The news came early afternoon and saw some major coins post double digital gains to finish the day.
Jun 15
06:33 AM
Bitcoin and Ether rally after SEC official says they aren't securities
Speaking at the All Market Summit, the director of corporate finance at the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission, William Hinman, said that bitcoin and Ether, the currency that runs on the Ethereum blockchain, are not securities. (BTC , ETH )
Jun 14
10:33 AM
Bitcoin will be impossible to reflate into a bubble again
Also, with the Federal Reserve's quantitative-tightening operations, there's the potential for a much bigger dollar spike. (BTC )
Jun 14
09:24 AM
Bitcoin holds $6,000, Dr. Doom calls out crypto bulls
As cryptotraders watched their portfolios deteriorate Wednesday, Turkish-born American economist, Nouriel Roubini took to social media to reiterate his stance on cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the decentralized technology that underpins digital currencies. (BTC )
Jun 14
07:53 AM
Adyen IPO could unleash a backlog of fintech 'unicorns'
Though U.S. investors aren't able to trade shares of Adyen NV, there are plenty of reasons to pay attention to the company's IPO.
Jun 13
04:44 PM
Bitcoin hits 4-month low as cryptocurrency bloodbath continues
The bloodbath in the digital currency market is showing no signs of abating with all major coins trading in the red Wednesday. (BTC )
Jun 13
10:24 AM
Here's why bitcoin is falling-and it isn't just the Coinrail exchange hack
Where is the next support level? That's the question analysts continue to ask as they watch the price of the worlds biggest digital currency fall to multimonth lows.
Jun 13
09:09 AM
Why Western Union's CEO doesn't see bitcoin a fast track to overtaking dollars, euros
Speaking at the Economic Club of New York on Wednesday morning, the head of the money-transfer giant explained that customers firmly favor fiat currency over upstart digital counterparts due to the broad usability of cold, hard assets like cash.
Jun 13
08:54 AM
Bitcoin steadies as volumes recede, Ethereum Classic spikes on news Coinbase will list
Digital currencies for the most part have taken a breather Tuesday, after a frantic 48-hours that saw more than $45 billion wiped off the total value of all cryptocurrencies. (BTC , ETC , ETH )
Jun 12
05:44 AM
Bitcoin tumbles over 10% after South Korean exchange hack
Cryptocurrency prices plummeted over the weekend after South Korean exchange Coinrail said it was the victim of a hack. (BTC )
Jun 11
04:39 AM
Things will only get worse for bitcoin, says analyst
Coming off last weeks lull, bitcoin traders had been hoping this week would provide them with some direction. Sadly, this has not been the case.
Jun 08
05:39 AM
Bitcoin has gone 173 days without hitting an all-time high - its longest stretch in about 2 years
Bitcoin prices rise Thursday but the cryptocurrency hung below $8,000, highlighting a fallow period for the asset that has traversed its longest stretch without marking a fresh record in two years. (BTC )
Jun 07
02:39 PM
Crypto exchange Coinbase acquires securities dealer Keystone Capital
Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency and bitcoin businesses,is acquiringa securities dealerthat the company hopes will allow it to expand into the red-hot coin-offerings market.
Jun 06
03:04 PM
Group takes shot at launching first bitcoin ETF-with $200,000 per-share price
Two firms that unsuccessfully tried to launch bitcoin-based exchange-traded funds last year are teaming up to take a second shot at it.
Jun 06
10:34 AM
Most major cryptocurrency exchanges lack sufficient background checks, research report says
A large portion of cryptocurrency exchanges fail to collect adequate background information on their clients, leaving exchanges vulnerable to illicit activity, according to a new report.
Jun 06
09:04 AM
Trefis Research cuts year-end bitcoin price target to $12,500 from $15,000
It's dj vu for cryptocurrencies Wednesday with most opening largely unchanged to begin trading. Despite the mini-rally Tuesday, bitcoin and other major currencies remain within their short-term ranges.
Jun 06
08:04 AM
'Fortnite' more important than cryptocurrency to large companies during earnings season
Fortnite was more important than cryptocurrencies during the most recent earnings season, if judged by how many times each came up during calls with analysts, according to a MarketWatch analysis.
Jun 05
12:04 PM
Why is bitcoin volatility tumbling?
Bitcoin, the worlds biggest digital currency, is trading largely unchanged Tuesday, continuing the theme of reduced volatility for the No. 1 digital currency. (BTC )
Jun 05
07:44 AM
Bitcoin is 'the last thing I'd want to own' if the grid goes down, says famed short seller Jim Chanos
Famed short seller, Jim Chanos is the latest high profile investor to pour heat on the bitcoin and the decentralized technology. (BTC )
Jun 05
05:59 AM
Coinbase to set up exchange in crypto-trading hotbed Japan
The San Francisco-based company aims to build a significant presence in Asia by setting up shop in Japan, where much of the world's bitcoin trading takes place.
Jun 05
02:29 AM
These signs show bitcoin may finally be bottoming, chart watcher says
It's been slim pickings of late for owners of the No.1 digital currency, but coming off a quiet trading week there are signs that more fruitful times may lie ahead, says one technical analyst.
Jun 04
08:59 AM
Bitcoin begins the week on a sour note
Digital currencies are struggling to hold on to gains made over the weekend, as all major cryptocurrencies are in the red Monday. (BTC )
Jun 04
05:40 AM
This study finds initial coin offerings deliver surprising returns
Initial coin offerings, the sale of digital coins by companies in an effort to raise funds, are one of the murkier aspects of the digital currency world. But research shows they have tended to deliver for investors, at least so far.
Jun 01
10:49 AM
Weekend roundup: How Eddie Lampert milks Sears
MARKETWATCH PERSONAL FINANCE Lampert plays both sides; you can stop your bank from taking advantage of you; an old pro's investment portfolio. See full story. More from MarketWatch 2 sexy ways to get paid to save Don't ever do this with your credit card Bloodbath for cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin sheds 10%, now down 40% year-to-date We Want to Hear from You Join the conversation Comment Most Popular... (BTC )
Jun 01
09:10 AM
A third of wealthy individuals are in or planning to enter the cryptocurrency market, firm says
Digital currencies begin Friday relatively unchanged, continuing the trend of the past 72 hours.
Jun 01
05:35 AM
If bitcoin is a bubble, the 'panic' stage is near: economist
It isn't uncommon for crypto-skeptics to look a chart of bitcoin and, without much analysis, label it the tulip bubble of the 21st century.
May 31
10:50 AM
Bitcoin bulls see silver lining as speculators flushed out
The topsy-turvy week for digital currencies looks set to continue with most major coins trading higher Thursday, bucking Wednesday's moves where most digital currencies finished the day in the red. (BTC )
May 31
07:34 AM
Monster Products eyes $300 million ICO, hoping blockchain can revive its business
Monster Products Inc. is planning what could be the largest initial coin offering ever, hoping to raise up to $300 million in an ambitious bid to revitalize the company's sagging fortunes.
May 30
05:40 PM
Cody Willard: What I think of the future of bitcoin and blockchain
Cryptocurrencies will remain volatile over the short term, but they will be widely accepted over the long term.
May 30
10:34 AM
Bitcoin holds steady; recent decline could hinder crypto miners
Major cryptocurrencies are in the green Wednesday, adding to Tuesday's gains, which saw most altcoins - coins other than bitcoin - finish higher by as much as 8%. Bitcoin, the worlds biggest digital currency, remains above the $7,000 psychological level in early New York trading with a single bitcoin last changing hands at $7,524.49, up 0.3% since its 5 p.m. Tuesday levels on the Kraken crypto... (BTC )
May 30
05:44 AM
SEC gets court ordering halting $21 million initial coin offering
The Securities and Exchange Commission said it's obtained a court order freezing an allegedly fraudulent initial coin offering that raised as much as $21 million. The SEC complaint against Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services Inc. also charges that its president, Alan Stollery, lied about business relationships with the Federal Reserve and well-known firms including PayPal, Verizon, Boeing,...
May 29
01:19 PM
Hospital launches rehab clinic to treat cryptocurrency addiction
Is trading bitcoin gambling? As mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies grows, proponents continue to argue that buying bitcoin and other digital currencies is a bet on the future, the future of decentralized technology that could dethrone current payment systems and fiat currencies.
May 29
12:14 PM
Bitcoin is definitely a bubble, says Wikipedia founder
The co-founder of the largest free-content reference website has slammed bitcoin and the digital currency industry, saying it's in a bubble that will eventually pop. (BTC )
May 29
08:25 AM
Bitcoin holds $7,000; volatility trends lower
Bitcoin and other digital currencies are trading higher Tuesday, looking to recover some of last weeks losses that saw the total value of all cryptocurrencies fall by more than $60 billion. (BTC )
May 29
06:55 AM

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