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Goldman Sachs alum's new cryptocurrency platform offers social sentiment for investing
Domain Money will monitor social media, among other innovations
08:11 AM
Bitcoin's dead-cat bounce? Here are the signs that may indicate price bottoms, analysts say
Crypto investors are looking to gauge whether Tuesday's recovery has legs or will be followed by a further downtrend. (BTC )
Jan 25
03:04 PM
IMF urges El Salvador to end bitcoin's legal tender status as the crypto loses half of its value since November
The International Monetary Fund's executive board urges El Salvador to narrow the scope of its Bitcoin law by terminating the cryptocurrency's legal tender... (BTC )
Jan 25
01:13 PM
UK politicians seize on crypto amid fears of bank run on 'faster, greater scale'
By Justin Cash "Order! Order!" Former speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow bellows his infamous catchphrase down the barrel of a camera. "Is intelligence in the room? Stop selling!" At the request of Crypto Boole, a Twitter account, Bercow has recorded a message on video-sharing site Cameo. His message is simple: keep calm and HODL through the dip. Celebrities are often paid to record...
Jan 25
06:49 AM
Largest cryptocurrencies drop on Uniswap, Ethereum declines
All of the largest cryptocurrencies were down during morning trading on Monday, with Uniswap seeing the biggest move, plunging 10.62% to $9.88. Ethereum shed... (ETH )
Jan 24
07:11 AM
Bitcoin slumps with stocks and is now down 50% from all time high
Bitcoin prices slumped further Saturday to levels not seen since last August, as a selloff of riskier assets like stocks spread to cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin... (BTC )
Jan 22
12:31 PM
Bitcoin pyramid schemes wreak havoc on Brazil's 'New Egypt'
In April, Brazil's federal police stormed the helipad of a boutique seaside hotel in Rio de Janeiro state, where they busted two men and a woman loading a... (BTC )
Jan 22
09:10 AM
Twitter's new NFT profile feature ruffles feathers in crypto community, including those of Elon Musk
The crypto community is having mixed feelings about Twitter's move to allow some users to use non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, as their profile pictures.
Jan 21
12:11 PM
Bitcoin drops below $40,000 amid crypto slide after Russia proposes ban
Cryptocurrency prices tumbled Thursday night, with bitcoin hitting its lowest price since last August. (BTC )
Jan 20
09:27 PM
Major cryptocurrencies trade up despite Central Bank of Russia's proposed crypto ban
Major cryptocurrencies trades up Thursday morning despite that the Central Bank of Russia proposed a ban on the use, issuance and mining of all...
Jan 20
07:42 AM halts withdrawals after suspicious activity; CEO says no user funds lost
The online platform suspended customer withdrawals for about 14 hours on Monday, after reports of unauthorized activity in the accounts of some...
Jan 18
06:20 PM
More than 50% of top crypto companies call U.S. home, despite intensifying regulation, study shows
Most of world's biggest crypto companies are based in the U.S., though some industry participants are worried that increasing regulation will spur an exodus.
Jan 18
02:56 PM
Crypto job openings surge 395% in a year, with Miami, Austin and Denver emerging as new hubs
Crypto-related job postings in the U.S. surged 395% in 2021 from a year before, a sign of the industry's expansion, according to a recent analysis by LinkedIn.
Jan 14
01:28 PM
Dogecoin flies after Elon Musk tweets some Tesla merchandise can be bought with the meme coin
Tesla merch buyable with Dogecoin. That single tweet by the CEO of the electric-car maker, Elon Musk, sent meme coin Dogecoin DOGEUSD, +11.75% surging by 14% to $0.198893 on Friday. That's against modest losses for bitcoin BTCUSD, -1.93% and across the rest of the cryptocurrency space, in what has been a bumpy year so far for digital coins. Musk sent Dogecoin flying in mid December after he... (DOGE )
Jan 14
03:04 AM
Stablecoin issuer Tether freezes three addresses holding $160 million of assets upon law enforcement request
Tether, issuer of the world's largest stablecoin, on Thursday froze three addresses on the Ethereum blockchain holding $160 million of its assets. (ETH , USDT )
Jan 13
03:31 PM
Will the crypto market always follow bitcoin's price lead? It may not in the future, this asset manager explains.
A weekly look at the most important moves and news in crypto and what's on the horizon in digital assets.
Jan 13
11:55 AM
Coinbase shares up 3% after hours, as company plans to acquire U.S. derivatives exchange
Shares of crypto exchange Coinbase rose about 3.5% after hours Wednesday, following its announcement of plans to purchase derivatives exchange FairX.
Jan 12
04:31 PM
Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather sued for roles in 'pump and dump' crypto scam
'The Company's executives, collaborating with several celebrity promotors, made false or misleading statements to investors about EthereumMax through social...
Jan 11
08:47 AM
'Craig is Satoshi': a former online gambling mogul's contentious campaign to change Bitcoin's future
Calvin Ayre fought battles with the U.S. government. Now he's backing one of the most polarizing efforts in the digital currency world. (BTC )
Jan 11
05:45 AM
SEC's Gensler won't say whether ether is a security, amid crypto market slide
Is the cryptocurrency ether a security? Gary Gensler, who heads the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, wouldn't say in a televised interview on Monday.
Jan 10
08:59 AM
Bitcoin is off to the worst start to a calendar year in 8 years, as the crypto plunges to a 3-month low
Bitcoin has further declined on Friday, as the U.S. added weaker-than-expected 199,000 new jobs in December, while the recent selling pressure leads to... (BTC )
Jan 07
07:57 AM
Largest cryptocurrencies drop on Uniswap, Ethereum declines
All of the largest cryptocurrencies were down during morning trading on Thursday, with Uniswap seeing the biggest move, shedding 4.70% to $16.59. Ethereum... (ETH )
Jan 06
09:35 AM
How crypto is making us rethink money
In part 2 of Money: We totally made it up, we explore the next phase of money's evolution.
Jan 06
12:28 AM
Bitcoin, ether tumble after Fed minutes show talk of quicker end to easy policy stance
Major cryptocurrencies plunge Wednesday after minutes from the Federal Open Market Committee's December meeting show officials having extensive discussion of... (BTC )
Jan 05
03:38 PM
Goldman Sachs thinks bitcoin can get to $100,000. Here's how.
Bitcoin is likely to take more market share from gold as a store of value, according to a Tuesday report by Goldman Sachs. (BTC )
Jan 05
06:39 AM
Former CFTC chairman blasts Biden approach to crypto regulation as 'reactionary'
Believers in the transformative power of the blockchain have labeled the rise of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies a revolution, implicitly placing...
Jan 04
11:48 AM
Tesla beat bitcoin over the past year - so did 124 others in the S&P 500
Here's how the 50 best-performers in the S&P 500 fared, plus what Wall Street analysts think will happen this year.
Jan 03
04:04 PM
Matt Damon's crypto commercial is getting roasted on Twitter
'Fortune favors the brave,' Damon says in the ad that's gone viral
Jan 03
11:46 AM
Most large cryptocurrencies decline as Ripple tumbles
Most of the largest cryptocurrencies were down during morning trading on Monday, with Ripple seeing the biggest change, declining 1.51% to 84 cents. Six...
Jan 03
07:21 AM
Opinion: Here's what I got right and wrong on stocks, bitcoin and China this year - and my predictions for 2022
It was a wild year, and some of the same themes will play out in the months ahead.
10:21 AM
Financial stability risks are 'elevated' as climate, COVID and crypto dangers rise, U.S. says
The Financial Stability Oversight Council said that risks to U.S. financial stability are higher today than before the pandemic, as rising debt levels,...
09:05 AM
Ethereum leads way as largest cryptocurrencies drop
All of the largest cryptocurrencies were down during morning trading on Friday, with Ethereum seeing the biggest move, shedding 7.66% to $3,721.96. Polkadot... (ETH )
07:15 AM
One of crypto's brightest stars is leaving venture-capital powerhouse Andreessen Horowitz to start her own firm
Crypto rock star Katie Haun said she is leaving Andreessen Horowitz to start her own company focused on backing ventures in digital assets and Web 3.0.
09:24 PM
Fed's Powell says he doesn't see cryptocurrencies as 'financial stability concern'
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Wednesday that he doesn't view cryptocurrencies as a
12:59 PM
Largest cryptocurrencies drop on Dogecoin, Cardano declines
All of the largest cryptocurrencies were down during morning trading on Wednesday, with Dogecoin seeing the biggest move, tumbling 6.04% to 18 cents. Cardano... (ADA , DOGE )
07:23 AM
Errant quotes made cryptocurrency investors 'quadrillionaires' on paper today. Here's how the crypto community reacted.
Bitcoin has minted more than a few millionaires in recent years as its value has surged since its inception more than a decade ago, but an apparent display... (BTC )
04:03 PM
The crypto market is uneasy about the Fed meeting and high inflation. Here's why
Crypto investors are closely watching this week's Federal Reserve meeting, with the market expecting the central bank to announce a faster reduction in its...
01:16 PM
As China's digital yuan project gains steam, chances may rise for bipartisan embrace of digital dollar
The Chinese government's stance on private cryptocurrencies has become a major point of focus for global investors in bitcoin and other digital assets, but...
08:56 AM
Most big cryptocurrencies rise as Dogecoin soars
Most of the largest cryptocurrencies were up during morning trading on Tuesday, with Dogecoin seeing the biggest change, soaring 22.19% to 19 cents. Seven... (DOGE )
07:24 AM
Fed offers guidance after Archegos' $10 billion blowup
The U.S. central bank drives home lessons for banks to know their trading partners to reduce counterparty risk after $10 billion in losses from Archegos.
08:34 AM
Here's how many Visa transactions can be completed using the energy to mine one bitcoin
The environmental issues surrounding bitcoin are known, but this statistic from a recent Deutsche Bank report is jarring.
01:41 AM
To the moon! Cryptocurrency was the most popular Reddit topic this year
Reddit called users like its WallStreetBets community 'catalysts for real-world change' this year
10:13 AM
Forget crypto! Some ETF providers bet that this $800 billion industry in 2024 is fund investing's new frontier
Every week we talk to the most interesting managers and highlight the most timely ETF news, from new launches to inflows and performance.
09:34 AM
Opinion: Stocks will face competition from blockchain-based DAOs in the near future
They will be powered by cryptocurrencies.
01:13 PM
Republican lawmakers embrace crypto as 'Web 3.0,' Democrats worry over investor protection in digital asset hearing
A partisan divide over regulation of cryptocurrencies was on display Wednesday, when members of the House Financial Services Committee questioned the leaders...
09:37 AM
Grayscale Investment wants its largest bitcoin trust to be an ETF. A miscue briefly made its wish come true.
Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, arguably, the granddaddy of crypto funds, fulfilled a long-held ambition earlier this week---at least by name. (BTC )
09:18 AM
Here's how much of your nest egg money pros say should be in cryptocurrency
Getty Images Plenty of Americans have already dipped their toes into crypto. Some 17% of the more than 1,400 people surveyed by Principal Financial Group said they had invested in non-traditional options such as cryptocurrencies and meme stocks, compared to just 11% in 2020. But should this be a part of your nest egg, or not? We asked financial pros to weigh in on what percentage, if any, of your...
06:00 AM
Google's 2021 Year in Search: AMC and GME stocks, Dogecoin and stimulus checks
These were the most Googled news stories and financial topics of 2021 --- and how MarketWatch covered them (DOGE )
12:22 AM
Crypto exchange execs to call on Congress to head off SEC crackdown
Executives from some of the nation's largest and most powerful cryptocurrency companies plan to petition Congress to create a new regulatory framework for...
03:27 PM
Crypto has had a rough few days. The biggest test is still to come, Morgan Stanley strategists say.
Bitcoin and other crypto assets are facing a big challenge. (BTC )
04:36 AM

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