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The big lesson stock traders can learn from the crypto meltdown
Our call of the day suggests less schadenfreude and more attention to what bitcoin is telling this market. Our chart of the day, meanwhile, has an eye on a mining ETF that could be in for some big wins.
04:27 AM
Now that's a crypto crash: BitConnect Coin dives 90% as company shuts exchange
Cryptocurrency company BitConnect has said it's closing its lending and exchange platform after receiving cease and desist letters from Texas and North Carolina. The move has helped spark a big selloff in BitConnect Coin, a virtual currency. (BCC )
04:27 AM
Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies attempt to steady after sharp selloff
Bitcoin and attempts to stabilize, along with other cryptocurencies, after a more than 20% plunge on Tuesday. (BTC )
Jan 16
11:57 PM
Every one of the top 100 cryptos is getting hammered, except for these two
Spooked by potential regulatory crackdowns around the world, investors unloaded cryptocurrencies in a big way on Tuesday.
Jan 16
01:17 PM
Ferrero buys Nestle's U.S. chocolate business
Ferrero International SA, the Italian confectionery maker, muscled further into the North America market, agreeing to pay 2.8 billion Swiss Francs ($2.9 billion) in cash to buy Nestl SA's U.S. chocolate business that includes the Butterfinger and BabyRuth brands. Ferrero beat out Hershey Co. as Nestl, based in Switzerland, carried out a monthslong sales process that also drew interest from several... (FRN )
Jan 16
11:13 AM
Just add blockchain? You know you're in a dangerous bubble when...
At the peak of the internet bubble two decades ago, there was a mad rush of companies crowing about their e-commerce ambitions and rebranding themselves as .com players in an effort to cash in on the hype that pushed market to dizzying heights. We're seeing the same kind of thing now with blockchain.
Jan 16
11:07 AM
Is it time to get a pro to do your taxes?
MARKETWATCH PERSONAL FINANCE Here are some scenarios thatcan help you decide whether to hire a professional tax preparer or keep going it alone. See full story. MarketWatch Partner Center Most Popular Dow sets fresh intraday record above 26,000 Apple's stock just broke out from a 2-month hibernation Bitcoin tumbles to 6-week low as top cryptocurrencies all sell off Cryptocurrencies investor: 'My... (BTC )
Jan 16
09:02 AM
A bitcoin bloodbath highlights these defensive cryptocurrency strategies
A price of a single bitcoin was tumbling on Tuesday, off 11% at around $12,100, underlining a broad selloff among the virtual currencies spurred by nagging fears of increased regulation.
Jan 16
08:02 AM
Long Blockchain enters letter of intent to merge with Stater Blockchain
Long Blockchain Corp. LBCC, -8.73% said Tuesday it has entered into a "letter-of-intent" to be acquired by Stater Blockchain in an all-stock deal. Under terms of the deal, Long Blockchain would form a wholly-owned subsidiary that would merge into Stater, with Long Blockchain remaining listed on the Nasdaq Capital Markets after the deal closes. If a deal between Long Blockchain, formely known as...
Jan 16
06:12 AM
Apple's stock just broke out from a 2-month hibernation
A telling Apple chart, plus our call of the day, which says now's a good time to pick up cheap commodities. And bitcoin is having a really bad start to the holiday-shortened week.
Jan 16
04:31 AM
IBM plans blockchain joint venture with shipping company Maersk
The new company initially aims to digitize processes in the global shipping industry.
Jan 16
04:18 AM
How bitcoin and blockchain will build internet 3.0
Let cryptocurrency innovators thrive in a permissive regulatory environment, writes Atulya Sarin.
Jan 16
02:27 AM
Bitcoin tumbles to 6-week low as top cryptocurrencies all sell off
Bitcoin's spot price is tumbling on Tuesday, touching a six-week low under $12,000, as the biggest cryptocurrencies come under pressure. (BTC )
Jan 16
02:06 AM
Cryptocurrencies investor: 'My neurons are fried ... I'll lose a million dollars in a day'
So what's it like being one of the bitcoin millionaires? A New York Times article published over the weekend aims to give a sense of what it's like for the long-time believers in cryptocurrencies who have become the crypto-wealthy.
Jan 15
02:32 AM
Bitcoin steadies above $13,000, as Ripple drifts south
The price of bitcoin edged higher Monday, trading just over $13,000, while the price of Ripple was having a harder time. (BTC )
Jan 15
02:19 AM
Is the market 'frothy?' A beginner's guide to Wall Street jargon
MARKETWATCH PERSONAL FINANCE If you don't know what a 'dead cat bounce' is or what it means to 'catch a falling knife,' here's your guide to common stock sayings. See full story. MarketWatch Partner Center Most Popular The more you endlessly scroll on Facebook, the bigger the risk to your mental health 7 cryptocurrencies to watch in 2018 if you're on the hunt for the next bitcoin Here are the 3...
Jan 14
09:03 AM
Mnuchin says U.S. doesn't want cryptocurrencies to be the next 'Swiss numbered bank accounts'
Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin said Friday the U.S. is working actively with its allies to make sure cryptocurrencies do not become a tool for bad people to do bad things.
Jan 12
09:33 AM
The bitcoin bubble is a bad omen for the U.S. economy
In the economic and stock market cycle that ended in 2000, it was the dot-com bubble. In the next economic and stock market cycle, it was a real-estate and mortgage-finance bubble. This time we have a bitcoin bubble. By Ivan Martchev.
Jan 12
09:08 AM
To make money on bitcoin and blockchain, learn how to trade
Don't think about it as investing, says Nigam Arora.
Jan 12
07:23 AM
Bitcoin stages rebound after S. Korea trading-ban scare
The No. 1 cryptocurrency is on the rebound on Friday, a day after bitcoin and other digital assets tumbled on reports that officials from South Korea, one of the largest crypto markets, were considering banning trading in virtual currencies. (BTC )
Jan 12
05:54 AM
Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are just the Beanie Babies of the moment
Investment manias get everyone marching and then the music stops. (BTC )
Jan 12
02:23 AM
The big bitcoin question: What is it good for, and where?
One of the most notable things about the digital currency bitcoin is that while there is great excitement over the technology it is built on, there is no consensus on what function it may be best suited for filling. Furthermore, the most popular ideas are quite disparate, even contradictory, and they each suggest different things about where it should trade.
Jan 11
01:27 PM
S. Korean presidential aide says 'no official decision' made to ban cryptocurrency trade
The Korean president's office on Thursday move quickly to quell panic in the global cryptocurrency market after a senior official said the government has decided to dismantle local exchanges as part of its sweeping effort to clamp down on digital-currency trading.
Jan 11
09:34 AM
Here's what the 30 Dow industrials companies say about blockchain
MarketWatch asked all 30 members of the Dow industrials what blockchain initiatives they have in place, or plan to have.
Jan 11
08:49 AM
Ripple surges after news of deal with MoneyGram
Ripple develops software, based on the concepts underlying the digital currency bitcoin.
Jan 11
08:12 AM
Kodak's stock pulls back; directors disclose derivate securities purchases before recent run up
Shares of Eastman Kodak Co. KODK, +57.35% slumped 8.9% in active premarket trade Thursday, as bulls took a breather after the rocketed 245% the past two sessions--the stock had closed at a record low of $3.05 last week--after the struggling camera and film pioneer announced a "major blockchain initiative." Late Wednesday, no less than seven members of the company's board of directors disclosed in...
Jan 11
05:09 AM
Bitcoin's price surge looks more like Amazon.com than Pets.com
Judging the cryptocurrency craze with dot-com era hindsight is eye-opening, writes Michael Edesess. (BTC )
Jan 11
02:24 AM
Bitcoin tumbles on reports South Korea will ban all trading
Reports that South Korea is preparing to toughen up its moves against cryptocurrency trading have taken a toll on digital currencies, with bitcoin dropping 10%. (BTC )
Jan 10
11:44 PM
The prospects for a bitcoin ETF look dead in the water
The digital currency bitcoin is one of the hottest things on Wall Street, just as exchange-traded funds have become the most popular investment vehicle around. However, despite what is seen as heavy interest and pent-up demand, investors shouldn't expect the two to be combined soon.
Jan 10
12:37 PM
Cryptocurrencies to draw more power from the grid than electric cars
Analysts at Morgan Stanley predict that mining for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin would suck more power from global electric grids this year than electric vehicles would draw in the next seven years.
Jan 10
11:37 AM
MoviePass majority owner shares skyrocket after CEO shows interest in blockchain technology: report
Shares of MoviePass majority owner Helios & Matheson Analytics Inc. HMNY, +21.12% rose as much as 39% from Tuesday's close during trading hours on Wednesday. Helios & Matheson Chief Executive Ted Fanrsworth said he and MoviePass Chief Executive Mitch Lowe have been exploring the possibilities of blockchain technology for more than a year, according to a report by Yahoo Finance. Farnsworth said...
Jan 10
10:52 AM
S&P 500, Nasdaq poised for first down day of 2018 amid bond jitters
MARKETWATCH FRONT PAGE U.S. stocks fall on Wednesday, putting major indexes on track for their first negative session of the new year after a string of all-time highs that helped the S&P 500 score its most records in a new year since 1964. See full story. Warren Buffett says bitcoin will 'come to a bad ending' Billionaire investor Warren Buffett isn't betting on bitcoin or any other...
Jan 10
09:03 AM
Global Blockchain says it is the 'lead investor' in Kodak's KodakCoin ICO
Shares of Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. soared Wednesday, after the Canada-based and blockchain investment company BLOC, +21.05% said it was the "lead investor" in KodakCoin, an initial coin offering (ICO) that Eastman Kodak Co. KODK, +58.09% plans to launch. Global Blockchain U.S.-listed over-the-counter shares BLKCF, +23.20% jumped 24%. The company said it has invested $2 million in...
Jan 10
08:07 AM
Warren Buffett says bitcoin will 'come to a bad ending'
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett isn't betting on bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies.
Jan 10
07:57 AM
China has been closing bitcoin mining operations
Chinese authorities orders the closing of operations that create a large share of the world's supply of bitcoin
Jan 10
07:48 AM
Kodak's monster gains show there's a killing to be made by trading blockchain news
Remember, it's about trading, not investing, so you need a proven method, says Nigam Arora.
Jan 10
06:58 AM
Why blockchain and 'cashlessness' are among the biggest trends HSBC sees this year
The blockchain economy is coming, and judging by an increasing number of Wall Street analysts, it could be big.
Jan 10
06:52 AM
Warren Buffett says cryptocurrencies headed for a 'bad ending'
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett is confident the cryptocurrency story will end in tears, but he isn't putting any money on it. "In terms of cryptocurrencies generally, I can say with almost certainty that it will come to a bad ending," the Berkshire Hathaway BRK.A, +0.11% BRK.B, +0.14% chairman and chief executive told CNBC in an interview. Buffett said that if it were possible to buy a...
Jan 10
06:07 AM
Kodak's stock rockets again on heavy volume after blockchain initiative
Shares of Eastman Kodak Co. KODK, +119.35% shot up 68% in active premarket trade Wednesday, adding to the 119% jump in the previous session on the heels of the camera and film company's announcement of a "major blockchain initiative." Volume ballooned to 6.2 million shares less than an 45 minutes before the open, making the stock the most actively traded in the premarket. The stock is on track to...
Jan 10
05:52 AM
A bitcoin mixup at Overstock.com meant the retailer briefly gave discounts of 85%
Overstock.com this month was briefly treating a bitcoin offshoot as though it were the No. 1 cryptocurrency itself, allowing independent researcher Brian Krebs to score a discount of 85% in buying an item from the online retailer.
Jan 10
04:22 AM
Ripple's market cap cut in half as the cryptocurrency keeps falling
Prices for bitcoin and Ripple coins drop early Wednesday, while Ethereum continues its rally, with Ripple's ongoing selloff leaving that cryptocurrency's market capitalization down by more than 50% from last week's peak. (ETH , XRP )
Jan 10
02:02 AM
All the times Dimon may regret bashing bitcoin, in one chart
Jamie Dimon appears to have one major resolution to kick of 2018: stop bashing bitcoin.
Jan 09
11:56 AM
Why bitcoin is worth exactly $0 (and blockchain might be very valuable)
You have to distinguish between market value and intrinsic value and cryptocurrencies have no intrinsic value.
Jan 09
10:37 AM
Kodak boards the blockchain bandwagon
Kodak's stock jumps after it announces it will begin a major blockchain initiative.
Jan 09
09:07 AM
Kids in America are significantly more at risk of dying than other wealthy countries
MARKETWATCH PERSONAL FINANCE Children are more likely to die in the U.S. than in other wealthy OECD nations. See full story. MarketWatch Partner Center Most Popular $1,000 bonus? Visa's 401(k) offer could be worth $1 million Dow industrials see 100-point climb as banks, health-care stocks rally 7 cryptocurrencies to watch in 2018 if you're on the hunt for the next bitcoin Here are the 3 things...
Jan 09
09:02 AM
Long Blockchain's stock rockets after public stock offering cancelled
Shares of Long Blockchain Corp. LBCC, -3.77% rocketed 29% in premarket trade Tuesday, after the company formerly known as Long Island Iced Tea Corp. said it will not proceed with its previously announced public stock-offering plan. The company, which is now focused on developing and investing in blockchain technology solutions, said it still plans to buy 1,000 bitcoin mining machines, which it...
Jan 09
06:19 AM
Ripple falls, making Ethereum the second-biggest cryptocurrency once again
Prices for bitcoin and Ethereum move higher early Tuesday, while Ripple coins are down, with the moves helping to putting Ripple back at No. 3 among the cryptocurrencies. (ETH , XRP )
Jan 09
01:57 AM
Proposal for risky bitcoin-based ETFs withdrawn
Direxion Asset Management withdrew its request to launch five bitcoin-based exchange-traded funds Monday in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission after regulators voiced their concerns. The filing cited a call with the SEC last week in which "the Staff expressed concerns regarding the liquidity and valuation of the underlying instruments in which the Fund intends to primarily invest...
Jan 08
05:27 PM
Lily drone-maker Mota wants to capitalize on the blockchain craze
Mota, the company which purchased the rights to manufacture the Lily drone, says it has been experimenting with blockchain technology for drones.
Jan 08
04:06 PM
North Korean malware found that mines cryptocurrency, experts say
A cybersecurity researcher has found malware that mines a type of cryptocurrency and routes the bounty to a North Korean university, showing how hackers in North Korea are targeting new assets as sanctions force Pyongyang to pursue alternative income streams.
Jan 08
02:24 PM

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