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IBM ramps up cryto-related cross-border payments offering
The cryptocurrency-based cross-border payment race is heating up.
Mar 18
09:06 AM
UP Fintech expects IPO to price between $5 to $7, raise up to $91 million
UP Fintech Holding disclosed Monday the terms set for its initial public offering, in which the China-based online brokerage focused on Chinese investors...
Mar 18
06:06 AM
Overstock's stock tumbles after wider-than-expected loss, surprise revenue decline
Shares of Overstock Inc. tumbled 6.6% in premarket trade Monday, after the online retailer and blockchain technology company reported a wider-than-expected...
Mar 18
05:16 AM
Cboe pulls the plug on bitcoin futures trading - for now
The Cboe says it doesn't intend to list any additional bitcoin futures contracts going forward, putting an end - at least for now - to cash-settled trading...
Mar 15
08:16 AM
Bitcoin trades higher, eyes 4-week win streak
Bitcoin prices moved higher on Friday, putting a fourth consecutive winning week in sight. (BTC )
Mar 15
05:26 AM
Tether reverses claim of 100% dollar backing, sparking criticism
Tether is back in the headlines after the company updated its terms and conditions to suggest its dollar-pegged digital currency may not be 100% backed by... (USDT )
Mar 14
01:51 PM
What 'small-cap cryptos' are telling us about the broader market
In equity markets, analysts regularly turn to small-cap stocks for a barometer of the overall state of the market. Now, participants in a lesser-known asset class believe the small-cap analysis is not just a stock-based theory.
Mar 14
09:41 AM
Crypto prices drift lower, but holding inside short-term ranges
Major digital currency prices drifted lower on Wednesday, erasing the small gains made on Tuesday, but holding inside recent right ranges.
Mar 13
05:51 AM
How your internet surfing could make you money in the coming blockchain revolution
A decentralized internet will give people online privacy and data ownership, writes Michael Edesess.
Mar 13
02:26 AM
Taxi drivers, celebrities and a Portuguese news channel - this is where some crypto investors heed their advice
Where do you get your information when buying and selling cryptocurrencies? With digital tokens creeping their way into mainstream finance, there is an abundance of information, research notes and data at the tip of would-be investors' fingers.
Mar 12
12:06 PM
SEC's Jay Clayton says Ether isn't a security, reiterating the regulator's stance
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission chair Jay Clayton has endorsed remarks made by his colleague William Hinman that Ether, the cryptocurrency that operates on the popular ethereum blockchain, is not a security.
Mar 12
10:51 AM
Bitcoin trades higher after early session selloff
Bitcoin prices rise Tuesday, recovering from an early session selloff that saw the digital currency briefly fall to $3,800. (BTC )
Mar 12
05:56 AM
Bitcoin skids 1% as $4,000 resistance holds
Bitcoin prices traded lower on Monday, falling more than 1% as the best-known cryptocurrency failed to breach short-term resistance at $4,000. (BTC )
Mar 11
05:31 AM
Here's how bitcoin volatility cravers can capitalize on a potential 'catastrophic move to the downside'
For volatility-craving traders, 2019 has offered up few opportunities for bitcoin punters looking to capitalize on the wild price swings they had grown accustomed to.
Mar 08
10:16 AM
Bitcoin trades higher, on track for 4-day winning streak
Bitcoin trades higher on Friday, looking to register its fourth consecutive winning session, which would be just the second such streak of 2019. (BTC )
Mar 08
05:07 AM
Bitcoin's struggle below $4,000 is putting a 'devastating dent in the bull case,' says analyst
Bitcoin prices are showing mild gains in Thursday trade, looking to book a three-day win streak for the first time since mid-February. (BTC )
Mar 07
05:31 AM
Harry Boxer's stocks to watch include Canopy Growth, Roku
Momentum stocks in marijuana, blockchain and video streaming top our list of charts to watch today. Canopy Growth Corp. CGC, -3.55% jumped $1.08 to $47.88 on 5.8 million shares traded Tuesday. The marijuana stock has been coiling nicely, consolidating its big gains from January, and looks poised to break out again. A break through the early February high near $52 could move it next to the October...
Mar 06
12:41 PM
Starbucks accepting bitcoin could create one grande headache
A cup of coffee might cure a headache for some, but for those championing the news you may soon be able to pay for your latte with bitcoin, an even bigger headache may be on the horizon.
Mar 06
11:41 AM
ETF trading on the blockchain signals where digital currencies could be headed
Investors in some parts of the world can now buy and sell the largest exchange-traded funds using cryptocurrency, adding to the growing list of financial assets that are hitting the blockchain.
Mar 06
07:11 AM
Bitcoin extends gains, homes in on $4,000
Bitcoin prices traded higher on Wednesday, extending gains from the previous session, moving the digital currency toward $3,900 and nearing psychological resistance at $4,000. (BTC )
Mar 06
04:51 AM
Bitcoin pops 3%, erases yesterday's losses
Bitcoin prices popped higher in midmorning trade on Tuesday, trading above $3,800 and erasing losses from the prior session. (BTC )
Mar 05
07:01 AM
Here's what $100 invested in the IPOs of your favorite stocks - and early-days bitcoin - would look like today
Getting into a hot stock at its IPO price is one thing. Managing to hold on through every gut-wrenching dip along the way is another thing completely. With that in mind, here's a stock-market study in what ifs.
Mar 04
08:41 AM
This pattern suggests bitcoin could be en route to $20,000, in one chart
Bitcoin may be getting its groove back, albeit slowly. Now chart watchers are eyeing a four-year cycle that points to future gains for the digital currency. (BTC )
Mar 04
06:16 AM
Bitcoin steady, on track for back-to-back winning weeks
Bitcoin prices are mostly unchanged on Friday, but on track to book a second straight week of gains. (BTC )
Mar 01
05:51 AM
The 'existential threat' cryptos pose to traditional payments systems 'bears watching,' says expert
Although the idea that cryptocurrencies will overthrow incumbent payment systems might seem far-fetched to most, according to one payments expert it is a scenario that crypto-skeptics shouldn't dismiss.
Feb 28
12:01 PM
Square stock falls after earnings as analysts digest revenue slowdown
Square Inc. just reported what one analyst described as a very Square-like quarter, but Wall Street is fretting about what's to come for the fintech darling.
Feb 28
07:56 AM
Nearly half of all tech executives say the blockchain revolution is coming, survey finds
A surprising number of tech companies are hitching their cart to blockchain and expect major changes to their business as a result, within just a few years. That's according to a recent survey conducted by Big Four accounting firm KPMG.
Feb 28
07:32 AM
Bitcoin rises 2% but 'demand is still a serious problem,' says analyst
Bitcoin prices were moving higher on Thursday, gaining as much as 2% and dragging the digital currency more than 3.5% off Wednesday's low. (BTC )
Feb 28
06:16 AM
What crypto bear market? Investment funds have poured $1.6 billion into the industry since 2018
The prolonged crypto bear market that has wiped more than half a billion off the total value of digital currencies may have dented traders' pockets, but for large-scale investment firms the numbers tell a different story.
Feb 27
06:41 AM
Bitcoin regains its footing after recent selloff
Bitcoin and major cryptocurrency prices traded higher on Wednesday, regaining their footing after a nasty selloff to end last week. (BTC )
Feb 27
06:11 AM
Bitcoin trades lower, moves further from $4,000 level
Bitcoin prices fell Tuesday, continuing to erase recent gains that saw the digital currency briefly trade above $4,000 on Saturday - the first move above the psychologically important level since Jan. 10. (BTC )
Feb 26
05:26 AM
The death of cash has been greatly exaggerated - just look to the $100 bill
The stock market is coming off its best January in years, the economy appears to be holding up nicely, interest rates are still low, cryptos and mobile payments continue to gain traction - it's not exactly a cash-friendly climate at the moment.
Feb 25
11:31 AM
Warren Buffett says bitcoin has 'no unique value at all'
Warren Buffett, the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, has, not for the first time, taken a shot at bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency.
Feb 25
07:46 AM
Bitcoin sheds 10% of its value after touching 2-month high
Bitcoin prices tumble Monday morning, giving up hard-fought gains from over the weekend that saw the No. 1 digital currency trading to its highest level in two months. (BTC )
Feb 25
05:36 AM
The last time traders were this bullish on Ether it suffered a 40% tumble
By one popular metric, there are signs that the recent resurgence of the second-largest cryptocurrency may be coming to an abrupt halt.
Feb 22
09:31 AM
Bitcoin on track for its best week in two months
Bitcoin prices rose on Friday, clawing back losses from the previous session putting the cryptocurrency on track for its best week in two months. (BTC )
Feb 22
07:11 AM
Samsung's new Galaxy S10 promises to guard your cryptocurrency
Samsung dropped a range of new smartphones of Wednesday, and while the Galaxy Fold grabbed the headlines for its near $2,000 price tag, the companies flagship phone did not go unnoticed.
Feb 21
11:16 AM
Mark Zuckerberg is mulling a blockchain-based Facebook log-in as a more secure option
Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg is mulling the use of decentralized technology for his social media behemoth.
Feb 21
09:21 AM
Hodl my Lambo: Simple investing rules you can borrow from cryptocurrency traders
These short and catchy abbreviations apply to investors well beyond cryptocurrencies.
Feb 21
08:32 AM
Bitcoin's 5-day win streak in jeopardy as cryptocurrency eases below $4,000
Bitcoin prices were drifting lower on Thursday, putting a 5-day win streak at risk for the best-known digital currency. (BTC )
Feb 21
05:21 AM
Phone hacks cost crypto owners millions of dollars - but cops are catching on
Remotely taking control of a person's cellphone and using their personal data to swindle sums of cash is nothing new. But with the emergence of cryptocurrencies, the number of cases is on the rise.
Feb 21
04:56 AM
Bitcoin on track to book 5th win in a row
Bitcoin prices trade higher on Wednesday, looking to extending the four-day win streak that has seen the cryptocurrency trade toward the $4,000 mark. (BTC )
Feb 20
02:51 PM
Bitcoin looks to snap 4-day losing streak
Bitcoin prices are marginally higher to begin Friday, as the best-known cryptocurrency looks to snap a four-day losing streak. (BTC )
Feb 15
05:21 AM
JPM Coin is not a cryptocurrency, says crypto advocacy group
On Thursday, the crypto community notched up a win when JPMorgan Chase & Co. announced they had launched their own cryptocurrency, the JPM Coin. But did they?
Feb 14
11:36 AM
JPMorgan just launched its own cryptocurrency: What you need to know
U.S. banking giant JPMorgan Chase & Co. said on Thursday it had launched its own digital currency, the JPM Coin to service institutional clients in the settlement of funds.
Feb 14
07:16 AM
Digital-currencies skeptic JPMorgan will reportedly roll out one of its own
JPMorgan Chase & Co. is set to debut its own digital currency, according to a CNBC report Thursday, a striking move for a company led by one of the most vocal critics of bitcoin and its ilk.
Feb 14
05:56 AM
Bitcoin's losing streak set to continue as the digital asset trades back to $3,500
Major cryptocurrency prices fall on Thursday morning in New York, extending losses from the previous session. (BTC )
Feb 14
05:21 AM
JPMorgan--one of the biggest bashers of digital currencies--is rolling out one of its own: report
JPMorgan Chase & Co. is set to debut its own digital currency, according to a report by CNBC. If so, the development would be a striking move from a company led by one of the most vocal critics of bitcoin and its ilk. According to CNBC, JPMorgan, headed by CEO Jamie Dimon, is preparing to unfurl JPM Coin, a proprietary currency engineered by the bank's technology group. CNBC said that project is...
Feb 14
04:46 AM
Embattled crypto exchange accidentally sent $370,000 of bitcoin to dead owner
The saga of QuadrigaCX, the Canadian crypto exchange that can't access users' funds because the owner passed away, continued on Tuesday, when court documents revealed the exchange accidentally sent more than 100 bitcoins to the cold wallet of deceased owner after the company had filed for credit protection.
Feb 13
08:36 AM
Bitcoin prices on track for three-day skid
Bitcoin prices fell Wednesday, extending the slide that has seen the cryptocurrency fall 5% since making a three-week high above $3,700 on Friday. (BTC )
Feb 13
05:21 AM

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