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Blockchain will soon revolutionize our opaque and inefficient capital markets
Blockchain will speed up trading, eliminate outdated processes and give individuals access to more investment options.
Sep 17
10:32 AM
Swiss regulators say Facebooks cryptocurrency must meet strict standards
Facebook and its partners have asked financial authorities in Switzerland to evaluate their plan to create a new digital currency to be called Libra.
Sep 11
01:37 PM
Mastercard partners with R3 to develop blockchain enabled cross-border payments offering
Mastercard Inc. said Wednesday it was partnering with blockchain software provider R3 to develop a new blockchain-enabled cross-border payments solution. The...
Sep 11
04:48 AM
Progress is being made toward bitcoin ETF, SEC chair says
The Securities and Exchange Commission has had concerns about allowing cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds for some time. But the industry is making...
Sep 09
01:32 PM
Square stock heads higher after pair of upgrades
Square Inc. shares have been largely flat in recent months, but a pair of analysts now see better times ahead for the fintech stock. MoffettNathanson analyst...
Sep 03
05:28 AM
ECB official calls Facebooks Libra treacherous
A high-ranking European Central Bank official on Monday outlined problems with the planned cryptocurrency, the latest in a series of warnings from government...
Sep 02
03:23 AM
Elastic stock rises 7% after company's Q1 beat
Elastic NV ESTC raised its financial projections for the year following better-than-expected results in the latest quarter, even as spending continues to... (XEL )
Aug 28
01:48 PM
Heres what bitcoins relationship with the stock market and gold looks like over the past 90 days
The worlds No. 1 cryptocurrency, bitcoin, has enjoyed a very loose relationship with other assets during its brief history, but that could be changing a...
Aug 21
11:17 AM
Facebook already faces the first real competitor to crypto Libra
Facebook has been scrambling to get its global cryptocurrency payment network called Libra off the ground, but challengers abound.
Aug 20
11:17 AM
This bitcoin ad was literally a chart crime
An ad promoting bitcoin was blocked by a British regulator for what literally amounted to a chart crime.
Aug 15
08:28 AM
Green Dot stock tanks after fintech company lowers guidance
Green Dot Corp. shares fell more than 30% in the extended session Wednesday after the fintech company reported second-quarter earnings above expectations but...
Aug 07
04:39 PM
Crypto heists help North Korea collect up to $2 billion to fund WMD programs, U.N. says
A panel monitoring U.N. sanctions says North Korean cyber experts have illegally raised money for the country's weapons of mass destruction programs with...
Aug 05
05:01 PM
Apple and Goldman's new credit card can't be used to buy cryptocurrencies
Apple Card likely to be launched in the coming weeks; lottery tickets and money transfers also a no-no.
Aug 04
04:56 PM
Here's why the Fed is no longer relevant
Central banks are becoming irrelevant, which is why cryptocurrencies like Libra will replace them, writes Peter Morici.
Jul 29
02:46 AM
Big Tech's antitrust suspects enter earnings spotlight, along with Boeing and Tesla
Amid all the talk of antitrust, government regulation and cryptocurrency plans, it might be nice for Big Tech just to focus on earnings this week - unless...
Jul 21
12:06 PM
Best-selling author Neal Stephenson wants you to know he isn't bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto
After a magazine article half-jokingly suggested he could be the mysterious man behind the invention of bitcoin, speculative-fiction author Neal Stephenson...
Jul 18
07:36 AM
Major economies take dim view of Facebook's Libra
Finance ministers from the Group of Seven rich democracies are sounding the alarm on the dangers of cryptocurrencies and pouring cold water on Facebook's...
Jul 18
03:16 AM
Facebook's Libra could be more dangerous than 9/11, congressman says
Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency project got a second day of withering criticism on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, with one California congressman saying its...
Jul 17
11:51 AM
Facebook faces more scrutiny on Day 2 of Libra hearings
Facebook Inc.'s cryptocurrency project is being met with more skepticism from the House Financial Services committee on Wednesday, a day after the Senate...
Jul 17
07:56 AM
Visa earnings: As Facebook seeks to change payments, Visa stays the course
As Facebook Inc. swims in criticism over its new efforts in cryptocurrency, the stalwarts of payments continue to thrive. Visa Inc. shares hit a new all-time...
Jul 17
04:16 AM
Microsoft worker charged with stealing millions in digital currency scam
A former Microsoft worker has been charged in what investigators describe as a scheme to steal $10 million in digital currency.
Jul 16
04:51 PM
G-7 finance chiefs to tackle cryptocurrency risks, digital tax at Paris summit
Finance officials from the Group of Seven rich democracies will weigh risks from new digital currencies and debate how to tax tech companies like Google and...
Jul 16
02:56 PM
Tech's day of reckoning was long and harsh on Capitol Hill
Tech's day of reckoning Tuesday on Capitol Hill started with skepticism about Facebook Inc.'s proposed digital currency, and ended with a spirited debate...
Jul 16
02:31 PM
Crypto is an unregulated casino, where criminality runs riot
It is no surprise that the unregulated cryptocurrencies market would become the playground of con artists, criminals, and snake-oil salesmen, writes Nouriel...
Jul 16
11:31 AM
Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency project gets blistering reception from Senate
Facebook Inc.'s controversial Libra cryptocurrency project encountered a blistering reception from the Senate Banking Committee Tuesday morning despite...
Jul 16
08:41 AM
Bitcoin prices hold slight loss as Treasury's Mnuchin aims to ratchet up cryptocurrency regulation
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Monday afternoon said digital-payment ventures need to be held to the same anti-money laundering, or AML, standards as... (BTC )
Jul 15
11:26 AM
Treasury Secretary Mnuchin to hold briefing to discuss cryptocurrency regulation at 2 p.m. ET
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was slated to discuss digital currency regulation at 2 p.m. Eastern on Monday, the White House said. The briefing, to be...
Jul 15
11:01 AM
Senate releases testimony of Facebook exec before Libra hearing Tuesday
Facebook Inc. executive Dave Marcus has some reassuring words for members of Congress on the company's maligned Libra digital currency. A day before he faces...
Jul 15
08:56 AM
Bitcoin buyers are only fooling themselves - again
The second cryptocurrency bubble will end just like the first, writes Gary Smith. (BTC )
Jul 15
02:21 AM
Donald Trump is right about bitcoin
President Trump is right to say that cryptocurrencies have no fundamental value, writes Brett Arends.
Jul 12
12:41 PM
Crypto critic: Trump says he's not a 'fan' of bitcoin or Facebook's libra
That is the view from U.S. President Donald Trump who went after cryptocurrencies in a pair of wee-hour tweets on Thursday, saying that unregulated assets...
Jul 12
02:21 AM
Every currency is based on trust, but only a fool would trust Facebook's cryptocurrency
Facebook is launching a cryptocurrency that would serve no legitimate purpose, writes Joseph E. Stiglitz.
Jul 02
07:09 AM
Bitcoin internet searches have a stunning correlation with bitcoin prices
It's a crypto chicken-and-egg story for bitcoin. Internet searches for bitcoin are on the rise and that has come as bitcoin prices have been rallying. (BTC )
Jun 27
02:56 PM
Bitcoin's crash hurts the latecomers once again
Just what is the value of bitcoin? Maybe ask a 'bitcoin analyst.' (BTC )
Jun 27
12:41 PM
Bitcoin is very likely to crash soon, research shows
The high probability of a decline derives from the rapid pace of its price rise, which in recent days has become parabolic. (BTC )
Jun 27
09:11 AM
Facebook's crypto plans look a lot like the ones the SEC is trying to stop
Facebook's Libra is positioned as a currency, but regulatory uncertainty, including a recent SEC action against Kik Interactive means there's still a lot of...
Jun 27
08:26 AM
Bitcoin price dives $1,500 in minutes as Coinbase website goes down
The price of bitcoin plunged more than $1,500 in a matter of minutes Wednesday afternoon after the website of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase apparently... (BTC )
Jun 26
02:21 PM
Bitcoin stages parabolic jump to near $14,000, surging 320% since December as euphoria sets in - again
The world's No.1 cryptocurrency hit its highest level in about 17 months on Thursday, extending a month long rally. (BTC )
Jun 26
11:41 AM
Crytpo investors favor this stock over any other, and it's not even close
Tesla certainly has its share of haters, with short-sellers continuing to pile into the stock, but when it comes to the crypto community, Elon Musk's still...
Jun 26
10:51 AM
Phunware's stock bounces sharply off record low after launching blockchain-enabled data exchange
Shares of Phunware Inc. shot up 14% in active premarket trading Tuesday, to bounce off the previous session's record low close, after the provider of cloud...
Jun 25
06:21 AM
After failed Fed bid, Stephen Moore reportedly takes role at cryptocurrency 'central bank'
Stephen Moore's didn't get a chance to join the Federal Reserve board, but the controversial conservative economic adviser will reportedly soon be playing a...
Jun 24
05:51 PM
House panel to hold hearing on Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency
The House Financial Services Committee plans to hold a hearing on July 17 on Facebook Inc.'s Libra cryptocurrency, according to an announcement Monday from...
Jun 24
12:41 PM
Bitcoin churns below $11,000 after briefly clearing highest point in year-plus
After reaching the $10,000 mark for the first time in more than a year Friday, the price of bitcoin briefly surged above $11,000 on Saturday but was... (BTC )
Jun 23
05:21 PM
Bitcoin continues its rally, briefly tops $11,000 in intraday trading
A day after reaching the $10,000 mark for the first time in more than a year, the price bitcoin surged above $11,000 on Saturday. (BTC )
Jun 22
02:41 PM
Facebook will soon have millions of customers at the Bank of Zuck
The new Libra digital currency will help the social-media company offer financial services.
Jun 22
04:06 AM
Bitcoin price punches above $10,000 on CME, marking highest trade intraday in more than a year
Bitcoin prices rose solidly Friday, with futures on CME Group Inc. trading at a level above $10,000 for the first time since in about 15 months, according to... (BTC )
Jun 21
09:56 AM
Bank of England mulls retail payment services access for Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency, others
The Bank of England is open to letting new payment services such as Facebook's upcoming Libra cryptocurrency hold funds overnight with the central bank,...
Jun 21
03:51 AM
Facebook's cryptocurrency must be stopped
After years of disregarding privacy, exploiting user data, and failing to control its platform, Facebook has now unveiled a cryptocurrency and payment system...
Jun 20
07:41 AM
Decades later, investors still haven't recovered from history's greatest bubble
The 1929 crash? Too short-lived. Bitcoin? Too small. The dot-com implosion? Nah. The housing collapse in 2007? Nope. According to Nick Maggiulli, the... (BTC )
Jun 18
09:31 AM
Why we could see the price of bitcoin quadruple within just a few months
Compound interest might be the most powerful force in the universe, but FOMO can't be far behind, especially as it relates to bitcoin. But will it lead to...
Jun 18
08:32 AM

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