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Short sellers made $2.6 bln off Wirecard plunge
Investors betting against shares in Wirecard AG, the stricken German fintech company, hit a prodigious payday this week. For some passionate critics of the...
Jun 21
11:07 PM
Central bank digital currencies would increase governments grip on money with few benefits for the rest of us
Money transfers and bank clearing would be faster, but governments would have greater financial-surveillance powers.
Jun 17
03:12 AM
What is the bitcoin halving and which day does it happen?
One of the biggest events in the world of digital currencies is about to take place.
May 11
10:16 AM
Hedge-fund boss who called the 87 crash and made timely call on gold now says: If I am forced to forecast, my bet is it will be
Billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones made a prescient call on bullion in 2019, now hes saying that bitcoin futures, the controversial digital currency,...
May 07
03:12 PM
Dont look nowmuch-maligned bitcoin is outperforming gold and bullish investors are eyeing $10,000 and beyond
Bitcoin is on the rise lately. The worlds most prominent digital currency has been rallying, managing to outperform gold prices in the last 12 months amid... (BTC )
May 01
01:17 PM
Square and PayPal finally have a chance to prove they can beat the banks
This is the chance that fintech companies have been waiting for, says BTIG analyst Mark Palmer.
Apr 14
03:07 PM
The Feds dangerous resistance to digital dollars
The Federal Reserve and Treasury oppose issuing digital currency to ordinary citizens. That burdens the economy, handicaps fiscal policy, and threatens the...
Apr 13
03:11 AM
Bitcoin enthusiasts, liberal lawmakers cheer a Fed-backed digital dollar
Negotiations over the $2.2 trillion coronavirus aid package signed by President Trump on Friday werent just historic for the cost, nor the speed with which... (BTC )
Mar 30
11:36 AM
Cryptocurrencies lose nearly $21 billion in total market cap in Sunday selloff
Cryptocurrencies were not immune from the massive selloff late Sunday, losing nearly $21 billion in market capitalization as oil prices plunged and global...
Mar 08
09:20 PM
Bitcoin prices are kicking off 2020 just like they ended 2019 outperforming the stock market
Bitcoins price surged nearly 98% in 2019, as measured by futures traded on the CME Group Inc. and is up 23% so far this year. Heres why. (BTC )
Jan 14
12:44 PM
Visa to buy fintech company Plaid for $5.3 billion
Visa Inc. said late Monday it has agreed to buy fintech company Plaid for $5.3 billion. Plaid is the underlying technology connecting popular payment,...
Jan 13
01:52 PM
Walmart inks fintech deal with Green Dot, extends MoneyCard partnership
Green Dot Corp. shares soared more than 20% in the extended session Tuesday after Walmart Inc. said Green Dot will continue to serve as the issuing bank and...
01:47 PM
Bitcoin surges to over $10,000 in biggest single day move since April
The bitcoin price has seen a crazy past 36 to 48 hours after Chinas president backed block chain technology development . (BTC )
03:13 PM
Banks are at risk of losing $88 billion in payments revenue due to tech competition
North American banks are at risk of losing up to 15% of payments revenue as technology giants and fintech upstarts continue their advance.
10:58 AM
Zuckerberg is getting grilled in Washington as bitcoin is getting grilled on Wall Street
Bitcoin prices have quietly been in meltdown mode in recent trade and that trend has accelerated amid testimony on Wednesday from Facebook CEO Inc. Mark... (BTC )
09:58 AM
Facebooks Zuckerberg faces Capitol Hill heat on Libra, elections fraud
Between skepticism about Facebook Inc.s ability to safeguard against election fraud to outright skepticism over its cryptocurrency project Libra, the...
08:43 AM
Fintech unicorn Kabbage ends Q3 with nearly $100 in revenue amid loan growth
Financial technology unicorn Kabbage finished the third quarter with just shy of $100 million in revenue as the company continued to grow its small-business...
06:04 AM
Zuckerberg to tell Congress Facebook will delay Libra launch until U.S. regulators approve it
Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg plans to tell lawmakers that the company won't be a part of launching its Libra digital currency anywhere in the...
10:43 AM
Facebook moves forward with Libra despite defections and criticism
Facebook officially moved forward with its plans Monday to create a new digital currency called Libra, despite several high-profile defections from the...
03:42 PM
Facebooks Libra currency battered by defections, pushback
Facebook faces a rough road ahead with Libra, but defections by high-profile partners are still unlikely to spell the end for the digital currency.
10:18 AM
Mastercard and eBay will exit Facebook's Libra, following PayPal
Mastercard Inc. and eBay Inc. said Friday that they were withdrawing from Facebook Inc.'s Libra cryptocurrency project, joining PayPal Holdings Inc., which...
01:32 PM
SEC rejects latest proposal to create bitcoin ETF
In a statement Wednesday, the SEC said the proposed exchange-traded fund from Bitwise Asset Management and NYSE Arca did not meet standards to prevent fraud...
03:53 PM
PayPal drops out of Facebooks Libra digital-currency project: report
In what could be a lethal blow to Facebook Inc.s controversial Libra project, PayPal Holdings Inc. is reportedly on the verge of withdrawing its support for...
08:43 AM
Visa and Mastercard reportedly reconsider involvement in Facebooks Libra
The two partners are mulling their roles in Facebooks cryptocurrency-based payments network, Libra, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.
08:12 AM
Major backers of Facebooks Libra may be getting cold feet
Cracks are forming in the coalition Facebook Inc. assembled to build a global cryptocurrency-based payments network.
03:48 PM
Blockchain will soon revolutionize our opaque and inefficient capital markets
Blockchain will speed up trading, eliminate outdated processes and give individuals access to more investment options.
10:32 AM
Swiss regulators say Facebooks cryptocurrency must meet strict standards
Facebook and its partners have asked financial authorities in Switzerland to evaluate their plan to create a new digital currency to be called Libra.
01:37 PM
Mastercard partners with R3 to develop blockchain enabled cross-border payments offering
Mastercard Inc. said Wednesday it was partnering with blockchain software provider R3 to develop a new blockchain-enabled cross-border payments solution. The...
04:48 AM
Progress is being made toward bitcoin ETF, SEC chair says
The Securities and Exchange Commission has had concerns about allowing cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds for some time. But the industry is making...
01:32 PM
Square stock heads higher after pair of upgrades
Square Inc. shares have been largely flat in recent months, but a pair of analysts now see better times ahead for the fintech stock. MoffettNathanson analyst...
05:28 AM
ECB official calls Facebooks Libra treacherous
A high-ranking European Central Bank official on Monday outlined problems with the planned cryptocurrency, the latest in a series of warnings from government...
03:23 AM
Elastic stock rises 7% after company's Q1 beat
Elastic NV ESTC raised its financial projections for the year following better-than-expected results in the latest quarter, even as spending continues to... (XEL )
01:48 PM
Heres what bitcoins relationship with the stock market and gold looks like over the past 90 days
The worlds No. 1 cryptocurrency, bitcoin, has enjoyed a very loose relationship with other assets during its brief history, but that could be changing a...
11:17 AM
Facebook already faces the first real competitor to crypto Libra
Facebook has been scrambling to get its global cryptocurrency payment network called Libra off the ground, but challengers abound.
11:17 AM
This bitcoin ad was literally a chart crime
An ad promoting bitcoin was blocked by a British regulator for what literally amounted to a chart crime.
08:28 AM
Green Dot stock tanks after fintech company lowers guidance
Green Dot Corp. shares fell more than 30% in the extended session Wednesday after the fintech company reported second-quarter earnings above expectations but...
04:39 PM
Crypto heists help North Korea collect up to $2 billion to fund WMD programs, U.N. says
A panel monitoring U.N. sanctions says North Korean cyber experts have illegally raised money for the country's weapons of mass destruction programs with...
05:01 PM
Apple and Goldman's new credit card can't be used to buy cryptocurrencies
Apple Card likely to be launched in the coming weeks; lottery tickets and money transfers also a no-no.
04:56 PM
Here's why the Fed is no longer relevant
Central banks are becoming irrelevant, which is why cryptocurrencies like Libra will replace them, writes Peter Morici.
02:46 AM
Big Tech's antitrust suspects enter earnings spotlight, along with Boeing and Tesla
Amid all the talk of antitrust, government regulation and cryptocurrency plans, it might be nice for Big Tech just to focus on earnings this week - unless...
12:06 PM
Best-selling author Neal Stephenson wants you to know he isn't bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto
After a magazine article half-jokingly suggested he could be the mysterious man behind the invention of bitcoin, speculative-fiction author Neal Stephenson...
07:36 AM
Major economies take dim view of Facebook's Libra
Finance ministers from the Group of Seven rich democracies are sounding the alarm on the dangers of cryptocurrencies and pouring cold water on Facebook's...
03:16 AM
Facebook's Libra could be more dangerous than 9/11, congressman says
Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency project got a second day of withering criticism on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, with one California congressman saying its...
11:51 AM
Facebook faces more scrutiny on Day 2 of Libra hearings
Facebook Inc.'s cryptocurrency project is being met with more skepticism from the House Financial Services committee on Wednesday, a day after the Senate...
07:56 AM
Visa earnings: As Facebook seeks to change payments, Visa stays the course
As Facebook Inc. swims in criticism over its new efforts in cryptocurrency, the stalwarts of payments continue to thrive. Visa Inc. shares hit a new all-time...
04:16 AM
Microsoft worker charged with stealing millions in digital currency scam
A former Microsoft worker has been charged in what investigators describe as a scheme to steal $10 million in digital currency.
04:51 PM
G-7 finance chiefs to tackle cryptocurrency risks, digital tax at Paris summit
Finance officials from the Group of Seven rich democracies will weigh risks from new digital currencies and debate how to tax tech companies like Google and...
02:56 PM
Tech's day of reckoning was long and harsh on Capitol Hill
Tech's day of reckoning Tuesday on Capitol Hill started with skepticism about Facebook Inc.'s proposed digital currency, and ended with a spirited debate...
02:31 PM
Crypto is an unregulated casino, where criminality runs riot
It is no surprise that the unregulated cryptocurrencies market would become the playground of con artists, criminals, and snake-oil salesmen, writes Nouriel...
11:31 AM
Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency project gets blistering reception from Senate
Facebook Inc.'s controversial Libra cryptocurrency project encountered a blistering reception from the Senate Banking Committee Tuesday morning despite...
08:41 AM

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