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Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency News And Trends
Get the latest news on Bitcoin, intial coin offerings (ICOs) and emerging cryptocurrency trends and regulations. (BTC )
Nov 16
07:31 AM
Square Rises On Bitcoin Buy And Sell Option For Mobile App Users
Square rose after the digital payment processor said it's adding a Bitcoin cryptocurrency buying option to its money-transfer service. (BTC )
Nov 15
07:46 AM
Bitcoin Rebounds, Bitcoin Cash Plunges As Traders Digest Upgrade News
The Bitcoin on Monday rebounded from a big drop through last weekend. Offshoot Bitcoin Cash plunged as traders continued to cycle between the cryptocurrencies. (BCH , BTC )
Nov 13
08:21 AM
Nvidia, AMD, Goldman Sachs, CME, CBOE Are Bitcoin Stocks To Watch As Cryptocurrency Soars
Nvidia, Advanced Micro Devices, Goldman Sachs, CME Group and CBOE are all Bitcoin-related plays to watch. (BTC )
Nov 12
05:21 AM
Sprouts Crushes Sales View Despite Amazon's Whole Foods Price Cuts
Sprouts Farmers Market blew away same-store sales forecasts, even after Amazon slashed prices this summer at recently acquired grocer Whole Foods. (SPRTS )
Nov 02
08:32 AM
How To Trade Options: Bitcoin Growing Up As Futures Open Floodgates To Wall Street
Thanks to the CME Group, bitcoin is going legit, for better or worse. (BTC )
Nov 01
08:56 AM
Bitcoin's Gains Continue After Embrace From CME Group
Bitcoin continued its ascent Wednesday, a day after derivatives marketplace giantCME Group said it would launch bitcoin futures at some point before year-end. (BTC )
Nov 01
08:11 AM
CME Group To Introduce Bitcoin Futures Trading By End Of Year
The world's largest exchange owner reversed course today and said it plans to introduce bitcoin futures by the end of the year, only a month after dismissing (BTC )
Oct 31
12:51 PM
Cryptocurrencies Take A Major Step Toward The Mainstream
Cryptocurrencies have joined the mainstream financial system, as the clearing and trading platform LedgerX has opened for business.
Oct 27
03:11 PM
Bitcoin Hits Record; JPMorgan 'Open Minded' To Regulated Digital Cash
Bitcoin jumped nearly 10% to a record high on Thursday, breaking through the $5,000 barrier, while a topJPMorgan Chase executive signaled openness to (BTC )
Oct 12
10:32 AM
Could Goldman Sachs Be The First Bank To Offer Bitcoin Trades?
Goldman Sachs is reportedly considering developing a cryptocurrency trading platform. (BTC )
Oct 02
10:51 AM
South Korea Becomes Latest Nation To Ban Initial Coin Offerings
South Korea will bar fundraising via cryptocurrencies, making it the latest nation to crack down on the increasingly popular practice amid fraud concerns.
Sep 29
08:21 AM
JPMorgan CEO Has Another Reason Why He Thinks Bitcoin Is Doomed
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon said on Friday said that bitcoin "will end badly" and become a black market after governments crack down. (BTC )
Sep 22
09:22 AM
JPMorgan's CEO Called Bitcoin A Fraud; 'Bitcoin Jesus' Begs To Differ
This week, the man known as Bitcoin Jesus has parted the clouds to cast a healing light on the cryptocurrency. (BTC )
Sep 20
08:45 AM
Bitcoin Rebounds, Jumps Above $4000 After Sinking Last Week; Here's Why
Bitcoin surged 13% Monday, as traders decided that last week's melodrama over China's attempts to crack down weren't such a big deal after all. (BTC )
Sep 18
08:34 AM
S&P 500, Dow Hit Highs As Apple Unveils iPhone X, Oracle Guides Low, Bitcoin Dives: Week In Review
Stocks rallied as insurers, banks and energy groups offset disappointment over Apple's new iPhones and Oracle's guidance. Tesla broke out of a base. (BTC )
Sep 15
07:45 AM
Mohamed El-Erian Joins JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Casting Doubt On Bitcoin
The chief economic adviser of Pimco's parent company became the latest big voice in the financial world to cast doubt on bitcoin. (BTC )
Sep 13
08:46 AM
Bitcoin Rebounds Despite China's Crackdown; Kin ICO Coming
Bitcoin has rebounded early Monday after tumbling on reports in recent days that China planned to ban digital-currency trading on exchanges within its borders. (BTC )
Sep 11
08:45 AM
Kik To Sell Bitcoin Rival Kin Crytpocurrency In Initial Coin Offering
Kik Interactive next month will put its new digital currency up for sale in an attempt to raise $125 million, as "initial coin offerings" become more common. (BTC )
Aug 30
09:31 AM
Amazon Will Cut Whole Foods Prices Monday, Integrate Prime: Wal-Mart, Kroger, Costco, Sprouts Hit
Amazon said it will will cut Whole Foods Market prices immediately after closing the deal Monday and begin to integrate Amazon Prime into the upscale grocer's (SPRTS )
Aug 24
06:16 PM
Why Visa And Mastercard Investors Should Not Fret Over Blockchain
Investors in Visa and Mastercard remain "overly concerned" about potential disruption risk from blockchain, an analyst says.
Aug 21
10:16 AM
Are Banks Coming Around To Bitcoin?
As the cryptocurrency market cracks the $100 billion barrier, digital cash like bitcoin has become increasingly difficult for finance's old guard to ignore. (BTC )
Aug 11
10:45 AM
Bitcoin Skyrockets Above $3,000 As Buyers Look Beyond Miners' Split
Bitcoin skyrocketed above $3,000, as traders shrugged off a recent split in the cryptocurrency. (BTC )
Aug 07
06:01 AM
Goldman Sachs Picks These Winners As Digital Payments Boom
Goldman Sachs says companies will be fighting over a $200 billion market in digital payment processing.
Aug 04
07:15 AM
Can Square Deliver A 'Wow' Quarter Amid High Earnings Expectations?
Square is expected to report a narrower loss and revenue gains of 22% when the digital payment processor reports second-quarter earnings.
Aug 02
09:16 AM
Is The Holy Grail Of Digital Payments One Click Away?
Digital payment systems from Apple, PayPal, Visa and others are fighting for fees and consumers' hearts. Now Amazon's 1-click patent is about to expire.
Jul 27
03:46 PM
Netflix Gets Price-Target Hikes, AMD Downgraded, Fintech Stocks Upped
Internet television network Netflix received a wave of price-target hikes from analysts on Tuesday after its big second-quarter beat late Monday.
Jul 18
05:45 AM
Apple iTunes Store Deal Sends PayPal Stock Up
Apple has opened its iTunes App Store to users of PayPal, sending shares in the digital payments processor up on Wednesday.
Jul 12
07:30 AM
Two Hot Stocks A Match? PayPal Should Buy Square, Says Loop Capital
Loop Capital says digital payment companies PayPal and Square should merge.
Jul 11
09:31 AM
Visa Invests In Hot Tech Unicorn With This Unique Twist On Payments
Visa is taking an equity stake in a Swedish fintech startup that has been valued at more than $2.25 billion in the payments innovation race.
Jun 27
09:01 AM
The Case For Blockchain And Good Government In Developing Nations
More governments of developing nations are looking to blockchain
11:15 AM
Beyond Bitcoin: Blockchain Expands Links To JPMorgan, IBM, Wal-Mart
Banks have been racing to adopt blockchain but it has the potential to overhaul everything from buying a home to buying groceries. (BTC )
05:15 AM
T-Mobile Takeover Off The Table Amid Q2 Growth, Momentum?
Stellar Q2 earnings at T-Mobile US and its momentum make it less likely the Deutsche Telekom-owned firm will be acquired soon, says one analyst. (XLM )
08:30 AM
Amazon Dash Button Buildup: 50 More Brands, Orders Up 70%
Amazon added more than 50 brands to its lineup of wireless Dash Buttons, with order frequency up 70% the past three months. (DASH )
11:45 AM
Customers In No Rush To Press Amazon Dash Buttons
A study by Slice Intelligence has found that fewer than 50% of people who have an Amazon Dash Button have actually made an order using it. (DASH )
02:00 PM
Alphabet Seen Riding Strong Mobile Ad Sales To 'Stellar' Q1
Google parent firm Alphabet reports Q1 earnings on Thursday, with Wall Street expecting the company to show strong revenue growth driven by robust ad sales. (XLM )
01:15 PM

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