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Coinbase IPO Rockets As Trading Begins For Crypto King
The Coinbase IPO began trading Wednesday through a direct listing on the Nasdaq for the cryptocurrency exchange company. The stock soared.
Apr 14
10:45 AM
Bitcoin Price Hits Record Ahead Of Coinbase IPO While Investors See Bubble
The Bitcoin price touched yet another a record high, a day before cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase was set to begin trading. (BTC )
Apr 13
08:18 AM
Digital Payment Firm Stoneco Sees Improved Relative Strength
On Friday, Stoneco stock earned a positive adjustment to its Relative Strength (RS) Rating, from 68 to 74.
Apr 09
11:09 AM
Bitcoin Payments Still Slow But Moneyball Pioneer Oakland A's Eye More Crypto Money
You can now use Bitcoin payments to buy a Tesla, but key pieces of the global payments infrastructure are still taking baby steps. (BTC )
Apr 09
08:16 AM
Investing In Bitcoin Hits Tipping Point After Price Of Bitcoint Skyrockets On Mania
More people are investing in Bitcoin than ever, after the coronavirus pandemic spurred an atmosphere-puncturing rise for the price of Bitcoin. (BTC )
Apr 08
08:24 AM
Coinbase IPO Will Be One For The Record Book
The Coinbase IPO is drawing lots of attention as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have drawn massive support and attention. (BTC )
Apr 07
11:09 AM
JPM Stock Up As JPMorgan CEO Warns Tech Threats To Banks Have Arrived 'Big Time!'
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon says big banks face a major threat from fintech rivals, as banks play a smaller role in the financial system. JPM stock rose.
Apr 07
09:21 AM
Stimulus Checks Help Fuel Stock Market, Bitcoin: April 2021 IBD/TIPP Poll
Part of the $400 billion from the latest round of stimulus checks is going directly into the stock market or Bitcoin, the April IBD/TIPP Poll finds. (BTC )
Apr 05
08:24 AM
Bitcoin Price Above $59,000 As Goldman Sachs To Offer Digital Asset Investments
Goldman Sachs is reportedly planning to offer private wealth clients access to Bitcoin and other digital assets. The Bitcoin price is above $59,000. (BTC )
Mar 31
09:28 AM
PayPal Stock Dips As 'Checkout With Crypto' Debuts
PayPal launched its online checkout service for consumers that own cryptocurrencies. PayPal stock has retreated some 23% from its all-time high.
Mar 30
07:54 AM
Tesla Stock Falls As Bitcoin Now Accepted For U.S. EV Sales
It is now possible to buy a Tesla vehicle with Bitcoin in the U.S., CEO Elon Musk announced yesterday via a tweet. Tesla stock fell. (BTC )
Mar 24
08:04 AM
Price Of Bitcoin Falls As Morgan Stanley Marks Huge Milestone In Mainstream Acceptance
Morgan Stanley will permit wealthy clients to use funds that allow ownership of Bitcoin. Morgan Stanley stock rose. The price of Bitcoin fell. (BTC )
Mar 17
10:12 AM
PayPal Stock: Cryptocurrency Revenue Impact Still Small In 2021, Says Analyst
PayPal will garner $123 million in revenue from cryptocurrency trading in 2021, estimates BofA. But, PayPal stock was down while rival Square stock was up.
Mar 08
09:09 AM
Square Stock Falls As Revenue, Payment Volume Miss Views Amid New Bitcoin Investment
Square stock fell as Q4 net revenue and gross payment volume came in slightly below expectations. Square disclosed a new $170 investment in Bitcoin. (BTC )
Feb 23
01:54 PM
Stock Market Rally Resilient, But Growth Nicked; Bitcoin Soars, Twilio, Palantir, Mosaic, Walmart Key Earnings Movers
The stock market rally held up, though speculative growth stocks struggled. Bitcoin hit highs. Twilio, Palantir and Walmart were notable earnings movers. (BTC )
Feb 19
08:09 AM
Bitcoin Prices Tease $50,000 As More Wall Street Banks Drawn In
Bitcoin prices were back below $50,000 Tuesday after topping that milestone for the first time amid more mainstream acceptance. (BTC )
Feb 16
10:06 AM
Stock Market Rally, Bitcoin Hit Record Highs; Disney, GM, Tilray, Canopy Growth In Focus
The stock market rally rose and Bitcoin surged to new highs. Marijuana stocks Tilray and Canopy Growth soared on good news but then tumbled. (BTC )
Feb 12
10:43 AM
Price Of Bitcoin Hits High As Two More Financial Giants Add Crypto Support
The price of Bitcoin hit fresh highs, after Mastercard and Bank of New York Mellon said they would support the cryptocurrency. (BTC )
Feb 11
09:18 AM
Square Stock Hits All-Time High As Tesla Purchase Sends Bitcoin Price Soaring
Square stock hit an all-time high amid EV maker Tesla's purchase of $1.5 billion in cryptocurrency Bitcoin.Tesla's move sent Bitcoin's price soaring. (BTC )
Feb 08
10:15 AM
Tesla Stock May Gain Momentum After $1.5 Billion Bitcoin Purchase: Analyst
Bitcoin surged Monday after Tesla announced it would buy $1.5 billion of the cryptocurrency and accept it as a form of payment. Tesla stock rose. (BTC )
Feb 08
09:21 AM
Bitcoin Stocks, Bitcoin Price Quiet As Elon Musk Predicts 'Broad Acceptance'
Elon Musk said Bitcoin was (BTC )
Feb 01
08:45 AM
Stock Market Rally Caps Amazing 2020, AstraZeneca Vaccine, Boeing 737 Max, Alibaba, Bitcoin In Focus
The stock market rally is finishing 2020 with solid-to-stellar gains. The U.K. OK'd the AstraZeneca vaccine. Alibaba faces more scrutiny. Bitcoin soared. (BTC )
08:35 AM
Bitcoin Stocks Jump; Bitcoin Prices Hit High, Blow Away Gold, Stocks In 2020
Bitcoin prices surged to a fresh record high Wednesday on the back of accelerating mainstream acceptance. Bitcoin stocks GBTC, Riot and Marathon popped. (BTC )
07:53 AM
Stock Market Rally Powers Higher On Stimulus Deal Hopes: Bitcoin Soars, Coronavirus Vaccine Rollout Begins
The stock market rally hit fresh highs on stimulus deal hopes. The coronavirus vaccine rollout has begun, while Bitcoin soared. (BTC )
10:14 AM
Bitcoin Stocks Rally As Bitcoin Price Tops $20,000, Lifted By Mainstream Adoption
Bitcoin's price topped $20,000 for the first time on Wednesday, lifted by growing mainstream acceptance. Bitcoin stocks rallied. (BTC )
07:39 AM
Bitcoin Price Falls As New Visa Card Debuts To Convert Cash Back Into Bitcoin
Visa has partnered with BlockFi to offer a credit card that lets users earn money back in the form of Bitcoin. Bitcoin's price fell during the day. (BTC )
11:30 AM
Bitcoin Price Nears 2017 Peak, As Pandemic Accelerates Adoption
The Bitcoin price rally continued on Wednesday, putting the digital currency close to the highs it reached nearly three years ago. (BTC )
09:06 AM
Palo Alto Stock: Acquisition Spree Continues With $800 Million Expanse Deal
Palo Alto agreed to buy Expanse in a deal valued at $800 million. Palo Alto stock has formed a double-bottom chart ahead of its fiscal Q1 earnings report. (EXP )
06:57 AM
William O'Neil, IBD Win Benzinga Global Fintech Awards
The Benzinga Global Fintech Awards are out, with IBD winning Best Investment Research Company and Bill O'Neil earning a Lifetime Achievement Award.
05:09 AM
Bitcoin Price Rises As JPMorgan Sees Cryprocurrency, JPM Coin Commercialization
JPMorgan Chase's digital currency is being put to commercial use for the first time, while Bitcoin price continues to rise. (BTC )
09:18 AM
Digital Payments Gain Ground As Covid-Wary Shoppers Seek Safety
The coronavirus emergency is accelerating use of contactless digital payments, which is shaking up the status quo among payment stocks from Visa to Square.
04:09 AM
Warren Buffett-Backed StoneCo Stock Surges On Linx Merger Talks
StoneCo, which is backed by Warren Buffett, has held talks to merge with retail software company Linx. StoneCo stock and Linx stock jumped. (LINX )
12:42 PM
American Express Stock Up, Near Deal For Fintech Startup Discounted By Covid Crash
American Express stock popped after it emerged it us in advanced talks to buy online small-business lender Kabbage in an all-cash deal.
08:54 AM
Square Earnings Crush Estimates As Bitcoin Business Drives Revenue Beat
Square earnings for the June quarter blew past estimates as the Cash App business generated a Bitcoin-driven revenue beat amid the coronavirus lockdown. (BTC )
05:23 AM
Bitcoin, Blockchain And Cryptocurrency News And Regulations
Get the latest Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain news, with a look at related regulations and initial coin offerings (ICOs). (BTC )
08:44 AM
Boeing Blockchain, AI System Could Manage Flying Taxis, Drones
As regulators grow more concerned about integrating drones into air traffic control,Boeing thinks blockchain and artificial intelligence can offer a solution.
08:04 AM
Bitcoin Rebounds From 2018 Lows, Back Above $6,000
Bitcoin regained some of its crushing losses after it rebounded back from 2018 lows and broke a short-term downtrend. Other cryptocurrencies as well as Bitcoin and blockchain stocks also climbed. (BTC )
10:49 AM
Bitcoin Bloodbath Nears Dot-Com Levels As Many Virtual Coins Go to Zero
Bitcoin is getting ever-closer to matching the Nasdaq composite's 78% peak-to-trough plunge after the U.S. dot-com bubble burst. Many virtual coins are now worthless. (BTC )
07:05 AM
Blockchain May Finally Go Mainstream In Industry This Year: Microsoft Azure
A whole range of industries are on the cusp of introducing blockchain, and just about every enterprise will be using it in one way or another in the years to come, said Microsoft Azure's chief tech officer.
07:39 AM
When Is A Cryptocurrency A Security? A Top SEC Official Explains
A top SEC official said Thursday that Bitcoin and Etherum are not securities, adding thata key point in deciding whether a coin is a security is whether a cryptocurrency network is sufficiently decentralized. (BTC )
12:44 PM
Bitcoin Plunges Near 2018 Low After Cryptocurrency Exchange Is Hacked
Bitcoin plunged near its low for the year Monday after a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange was hacked. The speculative asset class fell as low as $6,653.97 in the early hours according to Coindesk. It lost more than 10% over the weekend and has shed almost two-thirds of its value since reaching a record high. (BTC )
08:14 AM
AbbVie Rivaled By Novartis' Humira Biosimilar, Copay Accumulators
Novartis is one step closer to taking a bite out of AbbVie's blockbuster arthritis drug after a European committee recommended officials approve its Humira biosimilar on Friday.
10:55 AM
Blockchain Stocks Rise May End FANG Dominance
The rise of blockchain could threaten the internet dominance of FANG companies- Facebook,, Netflix and Alphabet's Google- as the database software technology decentralizes the web, says an Oppenheimer report.
08:38 AM
Blockchain Rise May End FANG Dominance, Look Out Facebook, Google
The rise of blockchain could threaten the internet dominance of FANG companies- Facebook,, Netflix and Alphabet's Google- as the database software technology decentralizes the web, says an Oppenheimer report.
07:44 AM
Accenture, IBM Push Blockchain, But Mainstream Usage Five Years Away
Mainstream corporate usage of blockchain, the software technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, is at least five years away, predicts a Cowen & Co. report, which says that IT services providers and cloud computing companies will aim to speed adoption. (BTC )
09:54 AM
Bitcoin Dealt Another Blow As DOJ Reportedly Targets Price Manipulators
Bitcoin tumbled overnight after the Justice Department reportedly launched a price manipulation probe after a (BTC )
08:18 AM
Marijuana Stocks: Bitcoin Boom Created Obstacle For Marijuana Industry Companies Going Public
As the marijuana industry increasingly looks to list public shares, there's a thinning supply of shell company stocks typically used by private companies, due to the earlier boom in bitcoin and blockchain stocks. (BTC )
10:39 AM
Blockchain Demand Is Building At Accenture, Amazon, Microsoft
Accenture and IBM are seeing high demand for consulting and solution-building services around blockchain, says a Keybanc Capital Markets report, while and Microsoft this week targeted enterprise customers at Consensus 2018, a blockchain conference.
05:55 AM
PayPal Seen Eyeing iZettle, A Rival Of Square, Shopify, PagSeguro
PayPal Holdings is in advanced talks to acquire Sweden's iZettle, a mobile digital payments processor that competes with Square in the U.K., Canada's Shopify and Brazil's PagSeguro Digital in various markets.
01:29 PM
Bitcoin Downloads Booming For Square But Big Money Yet To Come
Downloads of Square Cash, boosted by its Bitcoin exchange, are growing faster than PayPal Holdings' Venmo app, says an Instinet analyst. In the first quarter, though, Bitcoin brought in only $200,000 in adjusted revenue for Square. (BTC )
07:09 AM

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