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Bitcoin has 'failed' as a currency, says Mark Carney
Bitcoin has failed as a currency measured by standard benchmarks, and is neither a store of value nor a useful way to buy things, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said on Monday. It has pretty much failed thus far on ... the traditional aspects of money. It is not a store of value because it is all over the map. Nobody uses it as a medium of exchange, Carney told students at London's Regent's University. (BTC )
Feb 20
12:52 AM
Winklevoss twins attack older generation for failing to understand bitcoin
The Winklevoss twins have accused older finance executives from Wall Street of not understanding cryptocurrencies. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, who originally bought 120,000 bitcoins in 2012 of which they may have less or more of now, told CNBC that CEOs such as Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett and JPMorgan chief executive Jamie Dimon suffered from a failure of the imagination.
Feb 08
09:18 AM
European Central Bank wakes up to digital currency 'concern'
The European Central Bank has woken up to the risks digital currencies can pose to policy makers' bread-and-butter business: the economy. If you increasingly have bridges between the virtual world and the real world and then there is a collapse in this virtual world, it could drain liquidity from the real world, executive board member Yves Mersch said in an interview in Frankfurt. This then becomes a concern for the central bank.
Feb 08
02:39 AM
Cryptocurrencies 'unlikely to survive' in the coming decade, says Goldman Sachs
The majority of today's cryptocurrencies are unlikely to survive the coming decade, according to the head of Goldman Sachs' global investment research division. In a note published this week, Steve Strongin said that while it is possible that today's cryptocurrencies will exist in five or ten years, it is not probable. He reasons that they will be replaced by something better.
Feb 07
07:57 AM
Bitcoin latest: Europe's richest royal family is 'open' to cryptocurrency investments
The royal family of one of Europe's smallest states is open to investing in cryptocurrencies to boost its wealth. Crown Prince Alois of Liechtenstein says digital tokens such as bitcoin were something to look into more into the future, but admitted the principality does not currently have the internal expertise to do that [invest] directly. (BTC )
Feb 05
06:17 AM
Lloyds' Bitcoin credit card ban: Sensible but too late to have much impact
*/ It's usually best for writers to avoid cliches like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. (BTC )
Feb 05
05:27 AM
Bitcoin conference rented a Miami strip club and later regretted it
The North American Bitcoin Conference wrapped up 10 hours of speeches by inviting 5,000 attendees to what it called a networking party. It's been a long day, read the description. Join us at E11even for some networking and R&R. Or dancing. (BTC )
Feb 02
01:42 AM
Bitcoin latest: Coincheck says it will refund most of $524m stolen in world's biggest ever cryptocurrency hack
A Japanese cryptocurrency exchange that fell victim to a hack in which 58bn yen (380m) of digital coins was stolen said customers will be refunded. Coincheck said on Sunday that it would refund about 90 per cent of the stolen NEMcoins with internal funds. (BTC )
Jan 29
02:12 AM
Google makes first ride-hailing investment in Asia
Google has made its first ride-hailing investment in Asia by pumping money into Go-Jek, as the Indonesian start-up and deep-pocketed rivals rapidly expand their app-based services and digital payments in Southeast Asia. The funding deepens Google's commitment to Indonesia's internet economy, Caesar Sengupta, a vice president at Google said in a company blog on Monday.
Jan 29
01:52 AM
Bitcoin latest: Nigeria Central Bank warns cryptocurrency is a 'gamble'
The central-bank governor of Nigeria, where bitcoin trading grew the most in Africa last year, said investing in the cryptocurrency is a gamble and hinted it may have to be regulated. Cryptocurrency or bitcoin is like a gamble, and there is a need for everybody to be very careful,Central Bank of NigeriaGovernor Godwin Emefiele said in an interview on Wednesday at his office in the capital, Abuja. (BTC )
Jan 26
02:27 AM
Bitcoin: Online payments company Stripe ends support saying it's now 'an asset'
What's the point of Bitcoin if you can't buy things with it? A potentially important development into the crypto-currency's history was reached today with the news that Stripe, a company that handles payments for internet businesses, is ending its support. (BTC )
Jan 24
05:38 AM
BitFlyer: World's largest bitcoin exchange gets approval for European launch
BitFlyer, the world's largest bitcoin exchange, has been given the green light for a European launch. The Tokyo-based firm has been awarded a payment institution (PI) licence for the European Union, building on its regulatory approval in the US and Japan.
Jan 23
02:12 AM
Bitcoin latest: US regulators raise concerns over investment in crypto-currency products
Regulators in the US have become the latest to warn about the safety of bitcoin-like investments, saying that they want greater clarity before endorsing funds which invest substantially in cryptocurrencies and related assets. (BTC )
Jan 19
02:22 AM
Bitcoin latest: Winkelvoss twins no longer billionaires after cryptocurrency's value plunges
What bitcoin giveth, bitcoin taketh away. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the twin brothers who became billionaires after the run-up in the price of bitcoin and other digital assets toward the end of last year, have seen their fortunes drop 37 per cent in the past month as the cryptocurrency plunged. (BTC )
Jan 18
12:47 AM
Bitcoin price latest: South Korea softens stance on cryptocurrencies, saying ban is 'just one option'
South Korea appeared to soften its stance on cryptocurrencies on Friday, rowing back on justice minister Park Sang-ki's comments indicating that the government planned to ban trading in the assets. A shutdown of cryptocurrency exchanges was just one of the measures prepared by the Ministry of Justice, but it's not a measure that has been finalised, a spokesperson for the South Korean Presidential Office said, according to local media. (BTC )
Jan 12
02:12 AM
Warren Buffett says bitcoin 'definitely will come to a bad ending'
Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett said Wednesday that the firm had no interest in jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. We don't own any; we're not short any, Buffett said in an interview on CNBC. We'll never have a position in them. Of options trades that would profit from price declines, he added: If I could buy a five-year put on every one of the cryptocurrencies, I'd be glad to do it but I would never short a dime's worth. What's going on definitely will come to a bad ending, he said.
Jan 11
06:17 AM
Binance: World's top cryptocurrency exchange adds 240,000 users in just one hour
The world's biggest cryptocurrency exchange is adding a couple of million members every week as the crypto-craze shows no sign of abating. Hong Kong's Binance.com added 240,000 new users in just an hour on Wednesday, after the company lifted a temporary suspension of new registrations it had put in place due to high demand. We did not expect this kind of growth to be honest, chief executive Zhao Changpeng told Bloomberg TV.
Jan 11
05:09 AM
Bitcoin price latest: South Korea announces ban on cryptocurrency trading causing value to plummet
The price of bitcoin dropped sharply on Thursday after South Korea said it planned to ban trading in cryptocurrencies. The move came after police and tax authorities reportedly raided local exchanges this week over alleged tax evasion. The digital currency fell more than 10 per cent from over $15,000 (11,100) to around $13,300 in the early hours of Thursday morning UK time, before paring some of its losses. (BTC )
Jan 11
01:47 AM
Bitcoin: Warren Buffet warns cryptocurrency craze 'will come to a bad ending'
Warren Buffet isn't buying the cryptocurrency craze. I can say with almost certainty that they will come to a bad ending, the Berkshire Hathaway CEO said during an interview with CNBC. (BTC )
Jan 10
01:17 PM
Ethereum surges 60% to all-time high as cryptocurrency closes in on bitcoin
The most valuable cryptocurrency apart from bitcoin, known as ether, hit a new record-high price of $1,417 on Wednesday after rising more than 60 per cent in a week. (ETH )
Jan 10
07:22 AM
Kodakcoin: Kodak shares double after launching its own cryptocurrency to rival bitcoin
Shares in photography firm Kodak more than doubled on Wednesday after the iconic photography company announced that it was launching its own cryptocurrency. The Rochester, New York-based firm said the launch of 'KODAKCoin', in collaboration UK tech firm WENN Digital, was part of an initiative to help photographers control their image rights. It said that photographers can receive payment for licensing their work immediately in cryptocurrency form.
Jan 10
02:43 AM
Bitcoin latest: JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon 'regrets' calling cryptocurrency a fraud
JPMorganchief executive JamieDimonhas admitted that he regrets calling the cryptocurrency a fraud in September last year. In an interview with Fox Business, MrDimonsaid that he believes blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin, is real. The bitcoin to me was always what the governments are gonna feel about bitcoin as it gets really big, and I just have a different opinion than other people, he said. (BTC )
Jan 09
08:32 AM
Bitcoin latest: Cryptocurrency Dogecoin that started as parody now valued at over $1bn
A cryptocurrency that started as a parody named after an internet meme about a Shiba Inu dog now has a market value of more than $1.2bn (900m). After a long period of stagnation, dogecoin has increased in value more than five-fold in the last month as the interest in cryptocurrencies has exploded. The rapid rise demonstrates the mania that has engulfed digital coins and has worried even the creator of dogecoin. (BTC , DOGE )
Jan 05
02:57 AM
Bitcoin latest: Cryptocurrency rebounds after report PayPal founder has invested millions
Bitcoin was treading above the $15,000 (11,059) mark on Wednesday, spurred by a press report according to which US venture capital firm Founders Fund had placed a major bet on the volatile cryptocurrency. Citing people familiar with the matter, The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that Founders Fund - the venture capital firm co-founded by early Facebook investor Peter Thiel - had bought between $15mto $20m worth of the currency which is now worth hundreds of millions of dollars. (BTC )
Jan 03
05:27 AM
Bitcoin latest: Trading firm Plus500 sees shares jump 20 per cent thanks to cryptocurrency boom
Shares in spreadbetting company Plus500 jumped 20 per cent on Wednesday after it announced that the bitcoin boom had boosted revenues. Plus500 said it had achieved record revenues for the final quarter of 2017 and added 246,000 customers. The firm said its strong performance was partly thanks to contracts for difference (CFDs), based on the price of cryptocurrencies. (BTC )
Jan 03
04:37 AM
Bitcoin latest: Ripple's XRP is best-performing cryptocurrency with 38-fold increase in 2017
Bitcoin has been at the centre of the cryptocurrency craze as its value has risen more than 12-fold this year but it has been significantly outperformed by a smaller rival which has seen its value rise by that amount in less than three weeks. (BTC )
Jan 02
09:28 AM
Bitcoin latest: Vladimir Putin 'considers launching cryptocurrency to help Russia evade sanctions'
Vladimir Putin'sgovernment is seeking ways to establish a cryptocurrency that could help it dodge sanctions, it has been reported. The Kremlin is said to be looking into the blockchain technology behind bitcoinas the basis for a cryptorouble. (BTC )
Jan 02
05:43 AM
Bitcoin is being dropped by criminals in favour of privacy coins like monero
Bitcoin is losing its luster with some of its earliest and most avid fans -- criminals -- giving rise to a new breed of virtual currency. Privacy coins such as monero, designed to avoid tracking, have climbed faster over the past two months as law enforcers adopt software tools to monitor people using bitcoin. A slew of analytic firms such as Chainalysis are getting better at flagging digital hoards linked to crime or money laundering, alerting exchanges and preventing conversion into traditional cash. (BTC )
Jan 02
04:42 AM
Bitcoin fund donates millions in cryptocurrency to universal basic income charity
Bitcoin and universal basic income were two concepts of fierce debate within global business communities in 2017. Now, a bitcoin fund has announced that it has committed$5m (3.7m) worth of the cryptocurrency to the charity behind a massive universal basic income experiment across parts of Kenya and Uganda. (BTC )
01:58 AM
Bitcoin, bonds or equities? Best and worst performing assets of 2017
It was a great year to hold bitcoin, but a bad time to have been invested in the Uzbek soum. As 2017 winds to a close, a look at the winners and losers around the globe shows that, broadly speaking, the riskiest assets performed well, with bullish sentiment on display in stocks, emerging-market sovereigns and corporate debt. Securities generally seen as the safest and least volatile bets -think Japanese government bonds - trailed behind. (BTC )
03:06 AM
Bitcoin price latest: Cryptocurrency value drops after South Korea announces fresh regulation
The value of bitcoin fell by double percentage digits on Thursday after the South Korean government said that it plans to impose fresh measures to regulate speculation in cryptocurrency trading. Mid-morning in London, bitcoin was trading around $14,000 (10,400) apiece according to several trading platforms, having surpassed $16,400 earlier in the week. (BTC )
03:06 AM
Singapore's first cryptocurrency cafe launches but regulators sound warnings
Just a street away from Singapore's central bank, a cryptocurrency firm has set up what it claims is the first cafe in the city-state to be owned and operated by a business promoting its own digital coin. The downtown pitstop, which launched on Thursday, sells hand brew coffee, sandwiches and eco-friendly beauty products. Itaccepts bitcoin, its own virtual currency called Ducatus, and other cashless payments.
04:07 PM
The bitcoin bubble proves we desperately need financial education in schools
There is hardly a day goes by at present when I don't receive an unsolicited call from someone saying they can help me get a refund on a missold financial product, or they've heard I've been in a road accident and they can assist with an insurance claim.
09:47 AM
Investors have had an incredible year in 2017 as tech stocks and emerging markets have surged
A 40 per cent surge in world tech stocks, a jump of almost a third in emerging markets and double-digit percentage gains for top commodities have given many investors their best year since the post-Lehman bounce of 2009. Aside from bitcoin and other crypto-currencies that have gained upwards of 1,500 per cent, the biggest returns have come from internet-savvy FANG stocks, industrial metals and eastern Europe's currencies, while the dollar has put in its worst year since 2003.
04:37 PM
Bitcoin: Why has the cryptocurrency's value plummeted?
The value of bitcoin has fluctuated wildly in the past week. After hitting a new high at the beginning of the week of around $20,000 it has now lost around a third of its value after crashing dramatically on Friday. There are several theories as to why this happened. Herd mentality The factor most likely to be driving the price down is that people arejust simplyfollowing what everyone else is doing. (BTC )
10:22 AM
Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple price latest: Every major cryptocurrency crashes dramatically
The price of all but one of the 100 largest cryptocurrencies crashed on Friday, as investors cashed out after record rises in recent weeks. All of the top 20 cryptocurrencies hit record highs this week before plunging in a bloodbath for those who got in on cryptomaniatoo late. All of the top20 were dramatically in the red on Friday. (BTC , ETH , LTC )
08:42 AM
Bitcoin latest: Who has lost huge sums of money over the cryptocurrency?
The price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has soared this year to record levels but for some, the bubble has already blown up in their face. Investors joining the bitcoin craze in December will have seen the value of their investments drop dramatically. Bitcoin tumbled by 20 per cent to as low as $12,560 on Friday morning. As regulators debate how to handle cryptocurrencies, this is the story of just some of those who have already lost huge sums of money on bitcoin. (BTC )
05:22 AM
Bitcoin price latest: Cryptocurrency value plummets by 15% after futures trading launches
The value of bitcoin tumbled by nearly 15 per cent on Friday, down roughly 30 per cent from its record high of nearly $20,000(14,950) set at the start of the week. The price of the digital currency fell as low as $12,504 on Friday morning, according to CoinDesk's Bitcoin Price Index. It has been a volatile month for the cryptocurrency which has surged in value since the start of the year. Bitcoin hit a record high of $19,666 on Sunday in the lead up to exchange giant CME Group's launch of its bitcoin futures and has since lost about a third of its value. (BTC )
01:42 AM
Bitcoin value plummets by 15%
The value of bitcoin tumbled by nearly 15 per cent on Friday, down roughly 30 per cent from its record high of nearly $20,000(14,950) set at the start of the week. The price of the digital currency fell as low as $12,504 on Friday morning, according to CoinDesk's Bitcoin Price Index. More follows (BTC )
11:53 PM
Bitcoin latest: North Korea suspected of South Korean cryptocurrency exchange hack
South Korean investigators are looking into North Korea's possible involvement in the hack of a Seoul-based cryptocurrency exchange that collapsed this week, according to a person familiar with the investigation. (BTC )
12:37 AM
Bitcoin tumbles by 15 per cent in steepest fall since futures trading
Bitcoin tumbled by 15 per cent on Wednesday after it reached record highs of over $19,850 (14,811)on Monday. It is the cryptocurrency's steepest decline since before futures trading were introduced on 10 December. The digital currency is worth $16,998as of Wednesday morning UK time, according to the Coinbase exchange. (BTC )
01:47 AM
Bitcoin latest: Cryptocurrency exchange files for bankruptcy after massive data hack
Cryptocurrency dealer Youbit became a casualty of hackers. The South Korean exchange will close and enter bankruptcy proceedings after a cyberattackat about 4:35 am local time, its owner, Yapian, said on Tuesday in a statement. About 17 per cent of total assets were lost. The heist follows a previous accident in April, after which Yapian said it encouraged clients to keep their tokens in a safer form. (BTC )
12:37 AM
Bitcoin futures launch on CME as cryptocurrency marches towards the mainstream
Bitcoin edged closer towards being seen as a mainstream financial investment on Sunday after the launch of futures contracts tied to the cryptocurrency's price. The world's biggest exchange operator by value, CME Group, launched the futures, which allow traders to bet on the future value of bitcoin. Around $50m of contracts changed hands in the first three hours of trading. CME's contract will compete with rival Cboe Global Markets which launched its own bitcoin futures earlier this month. (BTC )
06:01 AM
Bitcoin wobbles as futures debut on the CME but the bubble hasn't yet popped
A few hearts fluttered as Bitcoin futures made their debut on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Theprice briefly ticked downwards, just as it did when they went live on the Cboe, a smaller derivatives exchange. But the wobble didn't last for long. The price was soon striding sunwardsagain. (BTC )
05:01 AM
Jordan Belfort: Real-life 'Wolf of Wall Street' says Bitcoin is a 'huge scam'
The real-life Wolf of Wall Street has warned investors over Bitcoin, labelling it a huge scam. Jordan Belfort believes the cryptocurrency is in a bubble and could be set to plummet in value soon. The former stockbroker, whose market manipulation and fraud crimes in the 1990s were subject of the 2013 film starring Leonardo Di Caprio, claims Bitcoin is a scam. (BTC )
04:48 AM
Japanese business to start paying workers in bitcoin
A Japanese business will begin paying its workers partially in bitcoin, in a bid to gain a better understanding of how the digital currency works, Agence France-Presse reports. Tech firm GMO Internet said it will pay up to 100,000 yen (660) a month to approximately 4,000 employees via bitcoin from February next year, according to the agency. Company spokeswoman Harum Ishii told AFP that employees are free to choose whether or not they want a part of their salary to be paid in bitcoin.
03:58 AM
Bitcoin: Massive energy use required for generation is cryptocurrency's dirty secret
Bitcoin has a dirty secret. The cryptocurrency has wowed markets this year with breakneck gains as investors flocked to an asset that exists only in cyberspace. But the laborious creation of each digital bitcoin by private computer networks has real-world consequences in the form of massive energy use - including from fuels that cause the most pollution. (BTC )
12:24 AM
Gibraltar launches world's first licence for fintech firms using blockchain
Gibraltar's financial services watchdog will introduce the world's first bespoke licence for fintech firms using blockchain distributed ledger technology from next month in a bid to attract start-ups to the British overseas territory as it prepares for Brexit. The move is the first of its kind and would formally recognise the use of blockchain records as an accepted mechanism for transmitting payments, paving the way for broader adoption of what proponents call revolutionary technology and critics say is overhyped.
07:19 AM
Lenders are offering loans with bitcoin and digital currency as collateral
The woes of an early bitcoin investor. Until recently, people who paid virtually nothing for the virtual currency and watched it soar had only one way to enjoy their new wealth -- sell. And many weren't ready. Lenders on the fringe of the financial industry are now pitching a solution: loans using a digital hoard as collateral.
03:12 AM
Bitcoin latest: Third of millennials will be invested in the cryptocurrency in 2018
One in three millennials will be invested in a cryptocurrency by the end of next year, possibly enticed by the meteoric rise in the value of bitcoin over recent months, according to new research. The study by cryptocurrency exchange London Block Exchange reveals that five per cent of those aged below 35 already have cash invested in a cryptocurrecy, while 11 per cent are definitely planning to invest next year, shunning more traditional investments such as shares, bonds and property. (BTC )
04:23 PM

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