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Basel Committee raises cryptocurrency concerns
Continued rise of crypto trading could lead to financial instability, BCBS warns
Mar 15
10:01 AM
Wall Street vets vie to be BlackRock of crypto
Fund launch uses fundamental analysis to identify value propositions in high-risk industry
Feb 21
09:02 AM
FCA sets regulatory roadmap for crypto
Introduction of regulatory framework could revitalise interest in waning ICO funding
Jan 25
08:01 AM
Dutch central bank and regulator call for AML law for crypto assets
But regulations should change to make crypto asset financing easier for small firms - DNB
Jan 24
10:02 AM
OTCXN signs TokenSuisse to network
Swiss crypto investment solutions provider joined on January 17
Jan 17
07:01 AM
Beyond payments: central bank digital currencies
Issuance of central bank digital currencies could facilitate monetary policy beyond ZLB
09:01 AM
Crypto markets need big bank financing and credit
Acquiring the backing of a bank with a sizeable balance is more important than custodial services at this stage, says one panellist
08:01 AM
Goldman and Morgan Stanley go live with DLT-based CLSNet
Distributed ledger netting service will cover 120 currencies not eligible for CLS settlement
09:01 AM
OTCXN launches crypto-trading venue for institutional clients
Clients have already begun executing trades in ether and bitcoin versus dollars
04:01 AM
Focus shifts to plumbing as crypto markets mature
Panellists at the 14th annual FX Week Asia conference say the institutionalisation of crypto markets is gaining momentum
06:01 AM
Thomson Reuters deepens investment in crypto data
The firm's new partnership with CryptoCompare reveals insights into the data giant's crypto strategy
03:03 AM
IBM to launch blockchain-based payment solution
Initially available in the Pacific region for KlickEx clients, IBM plans to expands the network across the globe in 2018
09:06 PM

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