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USD/JPY is the First Casualty of the Trade War
Market Drivers March 23, 2018 Risk aversion dominates trade USD/JPY tests 105.00 Nikkei -4.51% Dax -1.53% Oil $65/bbl Gold $1341/oz. Bitcoin $8470 Eur (BTC )
Mar 23
03:47 AM
Stay Away from This Crypto Bubble (For Now)
The crypto ship is sailing in rough seas at the moment. My advice? Stay away for now. Preserve your capital for after the major crash, and then pick ...
Mar 22
03:37 PM
FX Turns it Focus on Bank of England
EZ PMIs miss AU Labor data in line Nikkei 0.99% Dax -0.38% Oil $65/bbl Gold $1331/oz. Bitcoin $8900 Europe and Asia: AUD AU Employment 17K vs. 20K EZ (BTC )
Mar 22
03:47 AM
UK's Hammond unveils a new task force to manage the risks around crypto assets
Reuters reports comments from the UK Finance Minister Philip Hammond, as he delivers a statement ahead of a fintech conference hosted by the finance m
Mar 21
05:33 PM
Can Fed Lift the Dollar?
Market Drivers March 21, 2018 Loonie gets a boost from NAFTA talks UK Labor data beats Nikkei closed Dax -0.13% Oil $64/bbl Gold $1316/oz. Bitcoin $90 (BTC )
Mar 21
04:18 AM
G20 agrees to 'monitor' cryptocurrencies - Reuters
Reuters is reporting on the G20 finance ministers' meeting underway in Beunos Aires this week, where the hot topic of the day, when not discussing pro
Mar 20
03:22 PM
Funda and political wrap: G20 in focus, Brexit headlines encouraging
In respect to fundamental and political drivers today, the G20 finance ministers are in Argentina this week discussing topics form cryptocurrencies an
Mar 20
01:38 PM
Charts Today - US tech stocks sell off
Charts Today - 20 Mar 2018 - US tech stocks sell off Dollar mixed short term, sterling up Bitcoin back to short term bullish US stocks sell of (BTC )
Mar 20
03:12 AM
G20 Communique: 'Cryptocurrencies lack the traits of sovereign currencies' - BBG
Bloomberg reports comments from a draft it obtained a draft G20 communique, which highlights key points on the cryptocurrencies. The countries in att
Mar 19
11:48 PM
Pound Pops on Hopes of Provisional Brexit Deal
Market Drivers March 19, 2018 Pound takes out 1.4000 EZ Trade misses Nikkei -0.90% Dax -0.92% Oil $62/bbl Gold $1311/oz. Bitcoin $8150 Europe and Asi (BTC )
Mar 19
04:07 AM
Charts Today - US markets set to open lower
Charts Today - 19 Mar 2018 - US markets set to open lower Dollar relatively strong, Euro weak, Sterling up in line with USD Bitcoin bearish US (BTC )
Mar 19
03:02 AM
Kicking Bitcoin While It's Down
I stopped covering bitcoin a couple of months ago simply because it became boring. The wild swings of yore made it fun to trade for a while, and subsc (BTC )
Mar 18
10:02 PM
Has Bitcoin Bought It?
Punch-drunk from a series of crunching blows, dazed and confused, staggering for the ropes. It's hard not to get the image of Bitcoin being pummeled (BTC )
Mar 16
08:58 AM
Bitcoin: Neutral trading within major moving average [Video]
Core Finance is part of Core London, a TV production company based in Belgravia, London. Core Finance aims to provide its viewers with insightful mark (BTC )
Mar 15
06:45 AM
Charts Today - Bitcoin testing $8,000
Charts Today - 15 Mar 2018 - Bitcoin testing $8,000 Currency trends remain fairly flat short term Bitcoin big falls yesterday US stocks sell o (BTC )
Mar 15
04:32 AM
US Growth-Where? USD/JPY Dips Below 106.00
Market Drivers March 15, 2018 USD/JPY Below 106.00 Russia - UK Feud intensifies Nikkei 0.12% Dax 0.65% Oil $61/bbl Gold $1322/oz. Bitcoin $8200 Europe (BTC )
Mar 15
03:47 AM
Bitcoin Blowout?
Bitcoin Blowout? - European Update by Stuart Cowell, along with Analysis on Bitcoin's decline, down to $7,646.00. There's more! Access all our la (BTC )
Mar 15
03:02 AM
Could This Be More Exciting Than Bitcoin?
Last month at Hidden Profits, we delved into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. I uncovered a stock selection that operates a real ... (BTC )
Mar 14
03:38 PM
Google Cracks Down On Cryptocurrency, Forex Trading Ads
Alphabet IncGOOG 0.92% GOOGL 0.86%'s Google said it plans on no longer allowing ads on its platform related to cryptocurrency and trading advice.
Mar 14
09:04 AM
Charts Today - 14 Mar 2018 - US tech stocks give up gains
Charts Today - 14 Mar 2018 - US tech stocks give up gains US dollar weak again, Sterling stronger. Bitcoin looking more bearish US stocks pull ba (BTC )
Mar 14
03:59 AM
Draghi Dumps on Euro; FX Awaits US Retail Sales
Market Drivers March 14, 2018 Draghi drives EUR/USD down All eyes on US Retail Sales Nikkei -0.87% Dax 0.39% Oil $61/bbl Gold $1325/oz. Bitcoin $9000 (BTC )
Mar 14
03:45 AM
Riksbank: Cryptocurrencies should be regarded as a form of asset, not as money
The Swedish central bank, Riksbank, published an economic report on the cryptocurrencies, with the key headlines found below. Cryptocurrencies shoul
Mar 14
02:22 AM
Google to ban ads on cryptocurrencies, related products - RTRS
Reuters reports the latest development surrounding the crypto markets, citing that Alphabet Inc's Google said that it will ban advertisements for cryp
Mar 13
10:53 PM
USD/JPY Busts Out
Market Drivers March 13, 2018 USD/JPY Busts out Nikkei 0.66% Dax 0.17% Oil $61/bbl Gold $1310/oz. Bitcoin $9300 Europe and Asia: No Data North Amer (BTC )
Mar 13
03:43 AM
Bitcoin: Slight recovery
EUR/GBP Bearish consolidation. EUR/GBP bearish momentum continues. Hourly support and resistance are given at 0.8883 (13/11/2017 low) and 0.89 (BTC )
Mar 13
03:35 AM
Bitcoin and Litecoin Price prediction for today: BTC/USD key level at $10660, LTC/USD looking at $192,97
European trading has started with BTC/USD moving around $9110 after the sudden movement on the way down that happened yesterday early in the American (BTC , LTC )
Mar 13
03:35 AM
ECB's Coeure: Cryptocurrencies are poor imitations of money
ECB Executive Board Member Benoit Coeure delivered the following comments in an opinion piece with the Financial Times (FT). Policy makers are right
Mar 13
02:17 AM
Japan's Suga: G20 meeting likely to discuss recent cryptocurrency and FX moves
Japan's top government spokesman was out on the wires in the last hour, via Reuters, saying that G20 meeting likely to discuss recent market moves, cr
Mar 13
12:59 AM
European FX Outlook: The US inflation is set to reveal how important wages are
What you need to know before markets open Japan is set to urge global leading countries of G20 to undertake steps to prevent cryptocurrency use for
Mar 13
12:17 AM
Japan to urge G20 for steps to prevent cryptocurrency use for money laundering - RTRS
Reuters quoted a Japanese government official with the direct knowledge of the matter, as saying that Japan will urge its G20 counterparts in next wee
Mar 12
09:47 PM
THE WEEK AHEAD CRYPTO MARKET REPORT: Is Ripple On The Verge of A Major Surge?
Mar 12
08:26 AM
4 cryptocurrencies: Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash
Ethereum ended 7 swings corrective structure around equal legs area $704 - $549 and up from there it did 3 waves bounce. As long as $565 low is holdin (ETH , LTC )
Mar 12
08:23 AM
Bitcoin BTCUSD Elliott Wave View Calling for Rally toward $15.000
Since all time high in December 2017, Bitcoin BTCUSD ( Value in US Dollar) dropped 70% before finally bottoming around $6590 on the 6th of February 20 (BTC )
Mar 12
06:12 AM
BTC/USD Forex Signal
Last Thursday's signals provided an excellent short trade following the bearish price action at $10,131. It would probably be wise to be fully profita
Mar 12
04:28 AM
Cryptos cought up in the cross fires
The crypto market recovers slowly after last week correction, which wiped off $132 billion in valuation. The price of Bitcoin bounce back 14%, from $8 (BTC )
Mar 12
04:10 AM
USD/JPY - Scandal Destroys the rally
Market Drivers March 12, 2018 Corruption scandal hit Abe administration FX treads water Nikkei 1.65% Dax 0.56% Oil $62/bbl Gold $1320/oz. Bitcoin $950 (BTC )
Mar 12
02:32 AM
Riding the Current Wave in Bitcoin
In a move surprising to some, the SEC has announced that a number of cryptocurrency exchanges must register with the agency. Without naming names, the (BTC )
Mar 09
08:02 AM
USD/JPY - Can NFP Start a Long Lasting Rally?
Market Drivers March 9, 2018 USD/JPY pops on NK news All eyes nn NFP Nikkei 0.47% Dax -0.56% Oil $60/bbl Gold $1319/oz. Bitcoin $8600 Europe and Asia: (BTC )
Mar 09
03:27 AM
Bitcoin: Collapse
EUR/GBP Consolidation. EUR/GBP is trading sideway at the 0.89 range. Hourly support and resistance are given at 0.8883 (13/11/2017 low) and 0.8 (BTC )
Mar 09
03:03 AM
Best price prediction for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash: Japan seeking a more regulated cryptocurrency market
Japan keeps going forward in the race to regulate the Crypto markets, putting several trading platforms under investigation, as Japanese officials arg (BCH , BTC , LTC )
Mar 09
02:49 AM
PBOC's Zhou: PBOC doesn't allow payment using cryptocurrencies
More comments flowing in from the PBOC Governor Zhou, via Reuters, as he speaks this time on the crypto markets. Key Points: PBOC doesn't recognize
Mar 08
07:33 PM
BTCUSD Trading Analysis
Last time I wrote about Bitcoin, the price was at around 7,000. As our team was expecting, it managed to bounce back and went up to almost 12,000. BT (BTC )
Mar 08
09:12 AM
Top 3 Bitcoin and Litecoin price prediction: Another SEC attempt to regulate Cryptocurrencies market while BTC/USD keeps followi
Yesterday's American trading saw important losses across the Crypto board after the SEC release a document which makes clear that those trading platfo (BTC , LTC )
Mar 08
04:32 AM
FX Awaits the Draghi and Trump Show
Market Drivers March 8, 2018 FX essentially unmoved All eyes nn ECB Nikkei 0.54% Dax -0.37% Oil $61/bbl Gold $1327/oz. Bitcoin $9962 Europe and Asia: (BTC )
Mar 08
03:43 AM
Top 3 Bitcoin and Litecoin price prediction: Another SEC attempt to regulate Cryptocurrencies market while BTC/USD keeps followi
Yesterday's American trading saw important losses across the Crypto board after the SEC release a document which makes clear that those trading platfo (BTC , LTC )
Mar 08
02:33 AM
Japan's Aso: Don't want to shut down all cryptocurrency exchanges
Japanese Finance Minister Taro is out on the wires now, via Reuters, speaking on the cryptocurrency exchanges in Parliament. Key Points: Japanese au
Mar 08
12:57 AM
Bitcoin is Back! Here Come the Regulators!
Bitcoin has bounced back off its lows after getting absolutely smashed earlier this year. After nearly topping $20,000 in 2017, the price of bitcoin ... (BTC )
Mar 07
02:32 PM
Top 3 Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ripple price analysis and predictions: BTC/USD bearish forecast for the next two sessions
We described a scenario of a bearish acceleration initiated during yesterday's Asian session. That move, which was confirmed just minutes later, happe (BTC , LTC )
Mar 07
04:33 AM
In FX - A Wary Calm Persists
USD/JPY dives but holds 105.50 BOC on tap Nikkei -0.77% Dax -0.5% Oil $62/bbl Gold $1333/oz. Bitcoin $10500 Europe and Asia: AUD GDP 0.4% vs. 0.5% No (BTC )
Mar 07
03:44 AM
Bitcoin breaks 11130/11100
Daily Forecast - 07 March 2018 Bitcoin. Bitcoin breaks 11130/11100 to keep us in a bear trend. Key to direction today is the 10800/10750 area. Hold (BTC )
Mar 06
11:42 PM

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