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COIN Stock Price: Coinbase Global Inc sinks again even as crypto markets turn up the heat
NASDAQ:COIN has been nothing short of a disappointment since it made its direct listing debut on Wall Street in mid-April. After heading higher during
May 06
04:12 AM
Riot Stock News: Riot Blockchain Inc price extends losses despite red hot crypto markets
NASDAQ:RIOT had an April to forget, but thus far, May has not been any friendlier to the Bitcoin mining company based out of Castle Rock, Colorado. We (BTC )
May 06
04:12 AM
Riot Blockchain Inc Stock Price: RIOT sinks as Bitcoin comes crashing down again
NASDAQ:RIOT has been a stock that is not for the faint of heart as the Bitcoin mining firm continues its volatile trend into May. Tuesday saw the stoc (BTC )
May 05
04:06 AM
Forex Today: Dollar off the Yellen-induced highs, Dogecoin soars, Nonfarm Payrolls hints eyed
Here is what you need to know on Wednesday, May 5: Markets stabilizing and the dollar is off its highs after a risk-off Tuesday, partially triggered b (DOGE )
May 04
11:06 PM
Breaking: Coinbase (COIN) Sotheby's to accept cryptocurrency via Coinbase-CNBC
Sotheby's one of the world's largest and well-known auction houses is reportedly going to accept payment via cryptocurrency using Coinbase according t
May 04
05:06 AM
MARA Price Prediction: Marathon Digital Holdings Bitcoin hangover continues, key technical levels
Marathon Digital Holdings is a cryptocurrency mining company, formerly called Marathon Patent Group. MARA has two main areas of operation. Montana in (BTC )
May 04
04:30 AM
COIN Price Prediction: Coinbase Global Inc sinks despite Bitcoin, Ethereum surge
NASDAQ:COIN has started off May in the same way that it started its first two week as a publicly traded company: trading lower. Growth sectors and big (BTC , ETH )
May 04
04:12 AM
Effects of CBDCs are likely to be far reaching - Morgan Stanley
Central Bank Digital Currencies, often called CBDCs, are a new form of digital cash intended to replace physical cash. The word 'disruption' is not ty
May 03
12:48 AM
Ethereum surges to record high over the weekend
Ether price surged to a record high over the weekend as interest in the Ethereum ecosystem increased. The currency crossed the important $3,000 milest (ETH )
May 03
12:12 AM
Prospects of Bitcoin as a currency are uncertain - Rabobank
Bitcoin's value has risen sharply on balance in recent months. Skeptics anticipate a collapse at some point, while true crypto believers see Bitcoin a (BTC )
Apr 30
06:48 AM
Bitcoin could rise to as much as two million dollars, even more - Rabobank
In recent months the price of Bitcoin has risen sharply on balance, despite some fluctuations. How high can the value of Bitcoin rise? In the view of (BTC )
Apr 30
04:24 AM
COIN stock price: Coinbase Global soars higher on crypto market rebound
NASDAQ:COIN has had an eventful first couple of weeks on Wall Street to say the least, going from one of the most anticipated debuts in recent memory,
Apr 27
04:30 AM
S&P 500 (SPX) Nasdaq (QQQ) Day Ahead: Bitcoin bulls and stock surges, just a normal Monday!
Here is what you need to know on Monday, April 26: It is business as usual on Monday. Bitcoin surges from a weekend hangover, currently up 8% at $54,0 (BTC )
Apr 26
06:00 AM
MARA stock price: Marathon Digital Holdings reverses downward trend as Bitcoin price plummets
NASDAQ:MARA has been a popular play for retail investors who are looking to get exposure to Bitcoin in their stock portfolios, rather than buying the (BTC )
Apr 26
04:06 AM
Bitcoin and Ether rebound as focus shifts to the Fed
Asian stocks and European and American futures drifted upwards as attention turned to the falling bond yields and the upcoming Federal Reserve meeting (BTC )
Apr 25
11:54 PM
Bitcoin slips below 50K, Tesla's PT raised [Video]
Bitcoin slips below $50K on US capital-gains-tax proposal and Thodex drama. Tesla's price target upped. Energy companies and chipmakers look promising (BTC )
Apr 23
02:13 AM
Marathon Digital Holdings price news: Will MARA stock go up? Key technical levels
Marathon Digital Holdings is a cryptocurrency mining company that was formerly called Marathon Patent Group. MARA has two main areas of operation. Mon
Apr 20
03:48 AM
COIN Stock Price Prediction: Coinbase Global hangs on as bitcoin slumps, technical levels to watch
Coinbase launched on Wednesday on the Nasdaq to much investor anticipation. The crypto sector has been one of the most revolutionary developments to f
Apr 20
02:42 AM
Crypto flash crash accelerates as profit-taking intensifies
The Australian dollar rose in early trading after the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) published minutes of the recent meeting. These minutes shed colo
Apr 19
10:36 PM
S&P 500 (SPX, SPY) Nasdaq (NDX, QQQ) Day Ahead: Crypto cracks but markets remain calm and carry on
Here is what you need to know on Monday, April 19: Equity markets remain stable on Monday as continued optimism about the reopening trade bolstered eq
Apr 19
06:24 AM
Coinbase IPO Stock Price: How is bitcoin fall going to impact COIN, technical levels turn bearish
Coinbase launched on Wednesday on the Nasdaq to much investor anticipation. The crypto sector has been one of the most revolutionary developments to f
Apr 19
05:24 AM
Forex Today: Markets mixed amid falling yields, cryptos lick their wounds, virus news eyed
Here is what you need to know on Monday, April 19: Markets have kicked off the new week in a mixed mood, as US Treasury yields remain depressed despit
Apr 18
11:25 PM
Cryptocurrencies attempts to rebound after double-digit losses
The Japanese yen strengthened against the US dollar after impressive data from the country. According to the statistics office, Japan's exports reboun
Apr 18
11:20 PM
Riot Blockchain Stock News: Price plummets after a noted short seller report and a notable debut
NASDAQ:RIOT has had an incredible run as a sympathy play to the surging price of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and has returned over 5,000% to investors over (BTC , ETH )
Apr 15
04:06 AM
Breaking: Cathie dumps Tesla (TSLA) to COIN it in
Cathie Wood of ARK Invest fame clearly likes the crypto space as her ARK Invest fund purchased $246 million worth of COIN on the first day of trading.
Apr 15
02:24 AM
Coinbase IPO Stock Price: What price is COIN opening at? Indicating at $350, full open imminent
Coinbase launches on Wednesday on the Nasdaq to much investor anticipation. The crypto sector has been one of the most revolutionary developments to f
Apr 14
07:40 AM
Could Bitcoin undermine the dollar and the United States? Perhaps - Nordea
Economists at Nordea do see reasons to mull the long-term value of the dollar - not primarily because of cryptocurrencies, but due the country's econo (BTC )
Apr 14
07:27 AM
Canaan Inc (CAN Stock) Price Forecast skyrockets as Bitcoin and Ethereum hit new all-time highs
NASDAQ:CAN has not been the sympathy play for Bitcoin that investors may have first believed when buying shares in the China-based cryptocurrency mini (BTC , ETH )
Apr 14
04:18 AM
Coinbase IPO Stock Price: When can I buy NASDAQ:COIN?
Coinbase launches today Wednesday on the Nasdaq to much investor anticipation. The crypto sector has been one of the most revolutionary developments t
Apr 14
03:18 AM
Forex Today: Markets cheer tame inflation, shrug off vaccine setbacks as cryptos soar, Powell awaited
Here is what you need to know on Wednesday, April 14: Markets remain upbeat amid relatively tame inflation and despite a pause of J&J's vaccines. The
Apr 13
11:47 PM
US inflation to spur Fed hawks, Bitcoin aims record
Bitcoin could renew record ahead of Wednesday's much-expected Coinbase IPO, as a good debut for Coinbase in Nasdaq will mark the first official junctu (BTC )
Apr 12
10:57 PM
Bitcoin price nears all-time high ahead of Coinbase listing
The Bitcoin price rallied above $61,000 as demand for the digital currency rallied. Other digital currencies like Ether and Binance Coin also rallied. (BTC )
Apr 12
08:15 AM
SOS Limited (SOS) Stock Forecast: Purchase of power plants propels shares, charts still bearish
What does a cryptocurrency company need apart from the rising prices of digital coins? In the case of SOS Ltd. (NYSE: SOS), the answer is more mining
Apr 12
07:27 AM
MARA Stock Forecast: Marathon Digital Holdings dips despite continued surge of cryptocurrencies
NASDAQ:MARA has finally seen its upward trend plateau for the time being, as investors take a breather during the most recent Bitcoin bull-run. To clo (BTC )
Apr 12
04:33 AM
Bitcoin Elliott Wave Analysis - FXStreet [Video]
Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH) Crypto Index Technical Analysis Elliott Wave Overview: Bitcoin and Ethereum are in a bullish trend, that said the current ... (BTC , ETH )
Apr 08
08:12 PM
Breaking: RIOT Blockchain to acquire Whinstone US
RIOT Blockchain announced on Thursday that it is to acquire Whinstone US for $80 million in cash and 11.8 million shares of RIOT stock. Whinstone is a
Apr 08
05:06 AM
SPX tests 4100, EUR/USD hits resistance [Video]
S&P 500 extends gains, but investors feel less confident about the future. Samsung announced strong results, Bitcoin tests $55K support as euro bears (BTC )
Apr 08
01:39 AM
Bitcoin momentum fades as it drops below key support
The euro struggled for direction today even after the strong composite and services PMI numbers from Europe. According to Markit, the Eurozone service (BTC )
Apr 07
05:33 AM
Five reasons why you shouldn't invest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies - Charles Schwab
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been getting a lot of attention lately. While some traders may make money on the change in price of bitcoin or (BTC )
Apr 06
03:45 AM
MARA Stock Price: Marathon Digital Holdings Inc announces first quarter Bitcoin mining results
NASDAQ:MARA has certainly been one of the best stocks to hold over the past year as the benchmark cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, continues to challenge new (BTC )
Apr 06
03:09 AM
MARA Stock Price: Marathon Digital Holdings Inc rises on the news of a new Bitcoin mining pool
NASDAQ:MARA has been one of the biggest winners alongside the continued rise in the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Thursday saw the six (BTC )
Apr 05
04:00 AM
Bitcoin price targets all-time high as institutional demand rises
The Bitcoin price rallied today as the market reacted to the relatively weak US dollar and the sliding Treasury yields. Bitcoin rose to $60,000, $2,00... (BTC )
Apr 02
09:18 AM
RIOT Blockchain Inc stock price: Bounces as Bitcoin bumbles
RIOT shares staged a nice recovery on Tuesday as retail traders jumped back in to take advantage of some recent weakness. Shares in RIOT had dropped b (BTC )
Mar 31
04:06 AM
Canaan Inc price forecast: is CAN stock a good buy?
NASDAQ:CAN has found itself included amongst the suddenly surging Bitoin mining sector as the flagship cryptocurrency continues to scream towards new
Mar 31
03:06 AM
Tesla - Downside risks have doubled
Tesla is twice as vulnerable to a sell off. Ford Mach-e making inroads. Delays in truck production. Growth has slowed markedly. Bitcoin deal a sucker (BTC )
Mar 26
02:30 AM
Bitcoin enters the real world and the taxman is waiting
The extraordinary is about to become mundane. Elon Musk announced in a tweet on Tuesday that Tesla will soon accept Bitcoin payment for its range of e (BTC )
Mar 25
01:12 PM
S&P 500 Day Ahead Outlook: Gamestock dumps, Bitcoin pumps, yields slump
Here is what you need to know on Wednesday, March 24: Asian markets suffered as European lockdowns worried investors. Bitcoin got a boost as Tesla sai (BTC )
Mar 24
06:45 AM
SOS Stock Price and Forecast: Gains to close the week strong as Bitcoin price rebounds
NYSE: SOS has been a popular stock on social media platforms like FinTwit and Reddit of late as investors look for companies that have exposure to the (BTC )
Mar 22
04:12 AM
Oil's $100 hope dashed, Bitcoin worsens chip shortage [Video]
US crude plunges 9%, dashes hope for an advance to $100 per barrel. Reflation trade continues in a panic mode sending Tesla, GameStop and Roblox lower (BTC )
Mar 19
02:30 AM
Technoking, Bitcoin and the Fed
Technoking of Tesla Elon Musk now gets investors to a very unusual and completely unprecedented series of absurd discussions on what does he mean by h (BTC )
Mar 16
12:06 AM

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