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Bitcoin Mania Is Back! Are U Ready to Rumble?
Bitcoin is on the move again, a venomous snake in the grass. You might expect to find a reasonable explanation for cryptocurrency's sudden, spectacular ... (BTC )
May 16
03:41 PM
BTC/USD technical analysis: Bitcoin buyers taking a breather below the 8,400.00 mark
BTC/USD daily chart Bitcoin (BTC/USD) is on the rise above its main simple moving averages (SMAs). The main resistances to the upside are seen at 8,75 (BTC )
May 16
10:41 AM
Is Bitcoin Back?
100%. That's how much the price of bitcoin increased since December 31. At last check, the cryptocurrency was trading at $7,502, after jumping 14% on ... (BTC )
May 15
05:11 PM
Markets, Trade War, Oil, Bitcoin, Gold
Markets Trade War Oil Bitcoin Gold Markets stable as Trump reassures Wall Street The markets are looking a little flat on Wednesday, with investors so (BTC )
May 15
02:46 AM
Gold remains the safe haven of choice
Markets Trade War Bitcoin Gold Dead cat bounce? A messy start to the week in markets is being given a temporary break on Tuesday, something that may j (BTC )
May 14
02:46 AM
Bitcoin: Is it a real comeback?
Bitcoin spiked to $7,143 on open, breaking the $7,000 barrier and reaching 8-month highs. Other cryptocurrencies saw a similar price action. This has (BTC )
May 13
07:56 AM
Bitcoin shines through market uncertainty; Uber shares sink
Bitcoin bulls shifted into higher gear over the weekend, as prices surged to above $7550, levels not seen since August2018. With no major news factors (BTC )
May 13
06:26 AM
Ripple stays in the positive territory despite the technical market correction
Despite the modest selling pressure surrounding the top cryptocurrencies on Monday, Ripple seems to be outperforming its rivals with the XRP/USD pair
May 13
04:36 AM
Bitcoin Trades Above 7000 for the First Time Since September
BTC/USD surged over the weekend, to hit resistance at 7160 on Monday's open. This was the first time we saw the crypto trading above 7000 since early (BTC )
May 13
04:11 AM
Charts Today - Markets continue to struggle on trade wars
Charts Today - 13 May 2019 - Markets continue to struggle on trade wars Dollar Index short term bearish. Eurodollar gains. Sterling falters. Bitcoin m (BTC )
May 13
02:11 AM
Should You Invest In Cryptocurrency? Where To Start? [Video]
Should I invest in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin? This is one of the most common questions I get from my followers and students. That, along with what (BTC )
May 08
11:21 PM
RBNZ Reflections, Crypto Exchange Hack
Markets are still jittery about the outlook for global trade after President Trump expressed his intense dissatisfaction with progress ahead of the we
May 08
12:26 AM
UK's Hammond: Ongoing uncertainty from lack of Brexit deal is bad for business
Speaking at a fintech conference in London, British finance minister Philip Hammond urged parliament to make up its mind come up with a Brexit deal, s
Apr 30
05:36 AM
USD/CHF sits near multi-year tops, comfortably above 1.0200 mark ahead of US GDP
The Swiss Francs remains on the defensive and fails to gain any respite from a modest USD pullback. Even the prevalent cautious mood does little (FRN )
Apr 26
05:02 AM
BTC is plummeting on cover-up of missing funds
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a cryptocurrency exchange that claims real dollars back its popular digital coin Tether raided those reserve (USDT )
Apr 25
03:06 PM
Appetite for the risk caused the total growth from Oil to Bitcoin
The Swiss franc decline has been accelerating since last week. Bitcoin rushed above the important resistance at $5300. EUR/USD stays close to 1.1250 in (BTC )
Apr 23
05:01 AM
Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrency Markets Overview
Forex Market Overview Most of last week's forex action was centered on developing Brexit news. The European Union decided to extend the UK's leave da
Apr 15
10:36 PM
Asia Stock Market: China wishes to ban bitcoin mining
Asia: China wishes to ban bitcoin mining in an attempt to make the world a safer place - at least that is the positioning according to the Chinese ...
Apr 09
05:16 PM
ETH/USD Technical Analysis: Ethereum surges above the 200 DSMA and approaches the 180.00 level
ETH/USD daily chart ETH/USD broke above its 200-day simple moving average (SMA) suggesting that a bull market in the cryptocurrency can be around t (ETH )
Apr 03
10:21 AM
BTC/USD Technical Analysis: Bitcoin breaks above 200 SMA and finds resistance at 5,200.00 level
BTC/USD daily chart BTC/USD broke above its 200-day simple moving average (SMA) suggesting a potential bull market in the cryptocurrency. BTC/US (BTC )
Apr 03
09:41 AM
Brexit, Trade Talks, Bitcoin, Oil, Gold
Brexit Trade Talks Bitcoin Oil Gold European equity markets are poised to open around half a percentage point higher on Wednes (BTC )
Apr 02
11:06 PM
Bitcoin's Corpse Takes An Impressive Leap
Bitcoin's sharp rally on Tuesday was being described by some as a 'mystery surge', but it is no mystery at all for anyone who has seen ... (BTC )
Apr 02
07:31 PM
Stocks end mixed, but is bitcoin back?
Stocks were quiet today after yesterday's strong to start to April. The S&P is just 2% away from its record high. But today the index went nowhere an ...
Apr 02
05:01 PM
EUR/USD testing 1.1200, Stocks rise stall on lack of further impulse
EUR/USD touched significant support at 1.12000. GBP/USD fell after UK Parliament rejected Brexit alternatives. Bitcoin in the moment jumped by 20%. Bren (BTC )
Apr 02
07:31 AM
Bitcoin Surges After Quiet Few Months
Markets Brexit Bitcoin Chinese PMI boost short-lived We appear to be seeing some profit taking on Tuesday, following a strong start to (BTC )
Apr 02
02:51 AM
Charts Today - Stocks rise continues, crude oil makes new highs, Bitcoin jumps
Charts Today - 02 Apr 2019 - Stocks rise continues, crude oil makes new highs, Bitcoin jumps Dollar Index short term bullish including against the (BTC )
Apr 02
01:56 AM
Commodity currencies moving, Bitcoin skyrockets
A decent amount of activity in the commodity currencies early Monday. The RBA was out with its latest policy decision and followed in the line of the (BTC )
Apr 02
01:51 AM
Facing Down Financial FOMO with Lyft
Biotech in 1990, internet companies in 1999, vacation homes in 2005, cryptocurrencies in 2017. Now the fast money is chasing ridesharing pioneer Lyft,
Apr 01
04:16 PM
Bitcoin Headed Towards January's High
BTC/USD edged north during the European morning Monday, breaking above the resistance (now turned into support) hurdle of 4030. The move confirmed a f (BTC )
Mar 29
06:21 AM
Crude Oil, Gold, SPX, Bitcoin, GBP AUD, Nifty 50, Bank Nifty Trading Strategy - Elliott Wave Webinar [Video]
This Live webinar was conducted on 23rd March, 2019. Charts of Crude Oil, Gold, SPX, Bitcoin, GBP AUD, Nifty 50, Bank Nifty and Hexaware ( NSE Stock) (BTC )
Mar 24
06:41 AM
China: Reform-oriented stance augurs targeted RRR cuts - ANZ
ANZ analysts suggest that their scenario analysis suggests that a 50bp cut in the reserve requirement ratio (RRR) of PBoC will release about CNY800bn
Mar 20
01:46 AM
The ETH/USD outlook: another downfall is expected
Over the weekend the price of Ethereum has increased by 15.13% at first coming up from $146 at its lowest point on Friday to $168.58 at its highest po (ETH )
Feb 26
07:06 AM
Ethereum Technical Analysis: ETH/USD rises to 150.00 level and gains 8% on Monday
ETH/USD daily chart ETH/USD is trading below the 200-day simple moving averages (SMAs) on the daily chart. ETH/USD 4-hour chart ETH/USD is t (ETH )
Feb 18
09:27 AM
Crude Oil, Gold, Bitcoin, SPX, Nifty 50 and NSE Stocks Trading Strategy - Elliott Wave Webinar [Video]
This Elliott Wave Webinar was conducted live via Zoom and broadcasted alongside on Youtube on 16th February, 2019. (BTC )
Feb 17
03:56 PM
"From Fintech to Train Wreck" [Video]
Here's an index that had more than doubled in less than two years, when our analyst issued a very bearish forecast.
Feb 12
08:46 AM
Forex Brokers' Performance
Share price performance of all publicly traded Forex firms is clearly down since the summer on a combination of plummeting traders' interest in crypto
Feb 12
04:31 AM
Bitcoin Skyrockets Above 3500
BTC/USD surged on Friday, breaking above the upper bound of a downside channel that was containing the price action since January 14th. On top of that (BTC )
Feb 11
07:41 AM
In other markets, bitcoin finally jumped out of its doldrums on Friday
A wave of bankruptcies is sweeping the U.S. Farm Belt as trade disputes add pain to the low commodity prices that have been grinding down American far
Feb 10
09:01 PM
Patterns: ETH/USD, BTC/USD
The Ethereum cryptocurrency has been trading between the upper and lower boundaries of a horizontal channel for the past week. The 50-hour simple movi (ETH )
Feb 08
03:51 AM
The Battle for Venezuela's Gold Serves as a Lesson in Counterparty Risk
He who controls the gold makes the rules. That old adage applies aptly to the present crisis in Venezuela. An international battle for control of Ven (XCP )
Feb 07
11:16 AM
Patterns: BTC/USD, ETH/USD
The BTC/USD pair is currently trading in a descending triangle pattern. The pair tested the upper boundary of the triangle-like formation pattern at 3
Feb 01
05:07 AM
Elliott Wave Webinar covering Gold, Crude Oil, SPX, NDX, Bitcoin, EUR USD, Silver, Nifty, NSE Stocks [Video]
This Elliott Wave Webinar was conducted live via Zoom and broadcasted alongside on Youtube. Various Hypothesis and Trading Strategies based on Elliott ... (BTC )
Jan 27
03:56 PM
Draghi speech: We are not experimenting with digital currencies
Mario Draghi, President of the ECB, is responding to questions from the press with key quotesfound below. We are not experimenting with digital cu
Jan 24
06:36 AM
Euro and Loonie Drop, BTC Rises
Euro declines on bad sentiment news and Canada records worse than expected wholesale sales, with USD benefiting from both. Bitcoin rises over the day. (BTC )
Jan 22
07:11 AM
Patterns: BTC/USD, ETH/USD
The Bitcoin cryptocurrency has declined about 13.04% against the US Dollar since last week Thursday. The pair began depreciating after hitting the $41 (BTC )
Jan 16
02:37 AM
BoC's Poloz: If economy is growing above capacity could augur inflation above target
Following the Bank of Canada's decision to keep the overnight rate target unchanged at 1.75%, Governor Stephen S. Poloz is responding to questions fro
Jan 09
09:01 AM
Elliott Wave Webinar covering SPX, NDX, Crude Oil, Gold, Bitcoin, Euro, Nifty and NSE Stocks [Video]
This webinar was conducted on 30/12/2018 . A detailed analysis of various Global Indices and major commodities has been done. SPX : Long tern counts (BTC )
Jan 02
03:21 AM
The end of crypto currencies? - Commerzbank
Ulrich Leuchtmann, analyst at Commerzbank, points out that the depreciation of crypto currencies accelerated in 2018 and after the realisation that cr
01:46 AM
Can the Fed Give us a Late Santa Surge?
Markets Fed Bitcoin Sentiment remains fragile US equities failed to hold on to gains on Tuesday but they're taking another stab higher (BTC )
03:26 AM
Patterns: BTC/USD, ETH/USD
Bitcoin cryptocurrency continued to edge lower against the US Dollar since last week. The pair has breached the $3500 mark during the previous week's (BTC )
02:56 AM

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