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Charts Today - Markets end the week mixed
Charts Today - Markets end the week mixed Dollar weakens slightly. Euro bearish and sterling more so. Bitcoin holds gains. US stock indices mixed (BTC )
01:48 AM
Bitcoin set to rally
It seems as if the crypto currency phenomenon has come around again with the likes of bitcoin and such with the former jumping more than 15 percent in (BTC )
Jul 19
12:08 AM
Cable Hits 10 Month Lows as Core CPI Dips Below 2%
Market Drivers July 18, 2018 Sterling tests 1.3000 off weak inflation data EZ CPI in line Nikkei 0.43% Dax 0.83% Oil $67/bbl Gold $1222/oz. Bitcoin $7 (BTC )
Jul 18
03:27 AM
Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash Are Latest Crypto Additions to Robinhood Investing App
U.S.-based mobile stock trading app Robinhood has added two new cryptocurrencies to its no-fee trading service. The company said in an announcement o (BCH , BTC , LTC )
Jul 12
11:19 AM
BTCUSD Bears Are Not Done Yet; Room For 5k
As expected, Bitcoin declined sharply exactly from projected resistance, so seems like wave (iv) is completed and more weakness can be in play in upco (BTC )
Jul 12
01:34 AM
Trade War or Bluster? FX Waits for China Response
Market Drivers July 11, 2018 Risk off trades recover after Trump announcement BOC on tap Nikkei -1.19% Dax -1.31% Oil $74/bbl Gold $1251/oz. Bitcoin $ (BTC )
Jul 11
02:20 AM
Why is EUR/USD not Down More?
Market Drivers July 2, 2018 Global equities sell off weigh on risk UK PMI beats Nikkei -2.21% Dax -0.54% Oil $73/bbl Gold $1248/oz. Bitcoin $6300 Eur (BTC )
Jul 02
03:34 AM
BOE's Woods warns about risks linked to crypto assets
The Bank of England (BOE) MPC member Sam Woods is out on the wires now, via Reuters, making some comments on the crypto assets. Key Points: Financia
Jun 28
02:49 AM
Soft Deval of Yuan Spooks FX
Market Drivers June 27, 2018 Risk off as USDCNY at 6-month highs Equity flows drive FX Nikkei -0.31% Dax -.73% Oil $70/bbl Gold $1255/oz. Bitcoin $607 (BTC )
Jun 27
03:18 AM
Bitcoin Crashes to New Lows
On Sunday, bitcoin hit new intraday lows of $5,782, falling below the previous lows of $5,968 on February 6. The first crash happened over five day (BTC )
Jun 25
03:20 PM
BTC/USD Bearish Consolidation Between Two Weekly Pivots
Strong downtrend in the BTC/USD persists. The price is consolidation between two Weekly Pivots and selling on rallies is possible.
Jun 20
09:09 AM
Cryptos benefit from US Equities decline
BTCUSD, H1 & Daily The dollar bloc currencies have been under-performingamid the risk-off backdrop in global asset markets.Trump's trade warring ha
Jun 19
03:53 AM
EUR/USD to 1.1500?
Markets very quiet at week's open Trade wars pressure USD/JPY Nikkei -0.75% Dax 0.74% Oil $63/bbl Gold $1279/oz. Bitcoin $6400 Europe and Asia: No Dat (BTC )
Jun 18
12:34 AM
EUR/USD - Will Mario Signal Taper?
Market Drivers June 14, 2018 AU jobs come in soft Uk Retail Sales beat big Nikkei -0.99% Dax -0.33% Oil $66/bbl Gold $1302/oz. Bitcoin $6470 Europe a (BTC )
Jun 14
03:19 AM
Trifecta for Cable
Market Drivers June 5, 2018 UK Data beats RBA on hold Nikkei 0.28% Dax 0.37% Oil $65/bbl Gold $1292/oz. Bitcoin $7450 Europe and Asia: AUD RBA on hol (BTC )
Jun 05
02:43 AM
In FX - Risk On, Dollar Off
Market Drivers June 4, 2018 EUR/USD near last week highs UK Data beats Nikkei 1.37% Dax 0.26% Oil $65/bbl Gold $1293/oz. Bitcoin $7600 Europe and Asia (BTC )
Jun 04
03:04 AM
NFP - Its all About the Bejamins
Market Drivers June 1, 2018 Rajoy ousted, UK data beats Wages key to NFPs Nikkei -0.14% Dax 1.00% Oil $66/bbl Gold $1299/oz. Bitcoin $7540 Europe and (BTC )
Jun 01
03:49 AM
FX- Relief Rally is Here
Market Drivers May 30, 2018 GE data beats Market looks to ADP and BOC Nikkei -1.52% Dax 0.23% Oil $66/bbl Gold $1300/oz. Bitcoin $7471 Europe and Asi (BTC )
May 30
04:45 AM
Italian Credit Blows Up - EUR/USD Circles 1.1500
Market Drivers May 29, 2018 BTP tumble on political worries EUR/USD at fresh yearly lows Nikkei -0.55% Dax -1.66% Oil $66/bbl Gold $1304/oz. Bitcoin $7 (BTC )
May 29
04:39 AM
American FX Outlook: US jobless claims and housing data headline
What you need to know before markets open The US Justice Department opened a criminal probe of traders manipulating the price of Bitcoin and othe (BTC )
May 24
03:16 AM
Risk Off Grips FX
Market Drivers May 23, 2018 Risk off flows dominate UK, EZ data miss Nikkei -1.18% Dax - 1.44% Oil $72/bbl Gold $1293/oz. Bitcoin $7800 Europe and As (BTC )
May 23
03:44 AM
Charts Today - Crude oil, no signs of a sell off
Charts Today - 22 May 2018 - Crude oil, no signs of a sell off Dollar run continues. Euro, Yen and Sterling weak. Bitcoin struggles. US stock ind (BTC )
May 22
01:19 AM
Fed's Kashkari: Cryptos have become a "farce"
President of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Neel Kashkari, following statements made earlier, made comments to Bloomberg regarding cryptocurrencies a
May 21
04:28 PM
Gold bugs gone but not forgotten
As a recovering Gold bug I have great sympathy for what die-hard bitcoin fans are about to experience. Years and years of grinding lower with the occa
May 15
10:28 PM
Charts Today - Bitcoin struggles
(BTC )
May 14
02:04 AM
Gold dropped to 1304. 20 early on Wednesday
Major cryptocurrencies tumbled Friday after news prosecutors raided UpBit, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea. Bitcoin fell 5.5 percen (BTC )
May 13
10:05 PM
Bitcoin retests 3weeks' low
BTCUSD, H4 & Daily Bitcoin has traded quite sharply lower this week, correcting from a 4-week high that was posted last Friday at 9,682.00. The Geopo (BTC )
May 11
05:59 AM
Elliott wave Analysis: BTCUSD Update
Good morning, Crypto traders! Bitcoin broke sharply higher yesterday, actually earlier than we expected, but we see Bitcoin now at key levels, becaus (BTC )
May 04
04:04 AM
FX Focuses on NFPs
Market Drivers May 4, 2018 EZ Final PMI slips FX focused on NFPs Nikkei -0.16% Dax 0.25% Oil $68/bbl Gold $1309/oz. Bitcoin $9744 Europe and Asia: EU (BTC )
May 04
03:09 AM
EOS and Cardano outperform, as cryptocurrencies recover
Quick glance at top seven In April, Bitcoin recovered past 45% against the US dollar and Ether gained up to 90%. Ripple doubled its price over the sa (ADA , BTC , EOS )
May 03
09:59 PM
Charts Today - US stocks to open higher
Dollar strength continues confirming medium term trend change to bullish Euro weaker, Sterling collapsing after Friday's GDP numbers Bitcoin recov (BTC )
Apr 30
05:09 AM
Caterpillar drives improved global outlook
Strong Caterpillar earnings have helped improve market sentiment, with the 10-year hitting 3%. Meanwhile Bitcoin is back on the cards for traders afte (BTC )
Apr 24
08:34 AM
Dollar Grinds Higher
Market Drivers April 24, 2018 USD/JPY Inches towards 109.00 GE IFO shows a slowdown Nikkei 0.85% Dax 0.54% Oil $69/bbl Gold $1326/oz. Bitcoin $9200 Eu (BTC )
Apr 24
03:59 AM
Where to Next for Bitcoin?
So, what do you think will happen from here with bitcoin? We've already seen a massive crash, and the cryptocurrency seems stuck around the $8,000 ma (BTC )
Apr 23
03:39 PM
Another Data Hit for Pound
UK Retail Sales misses Aussie job revised lower Nikkei 0.18% Dax -0.06% Oil $69/bbl Gold $1347/oz. Bitcoin $8226 Europe and Asia: AUD Employment 4.9K (BTC )
Apr 19
04:24 AM
Charts Today - Markets push higher
Charts Today - 19 Apr 2018 - Markets push higher Dollar strengthening, Sterling weaker short term Bitcoin up, but shortage of clear targets US st (BTC )
Apr 19
01:14 AM
An Anti-Dollar Conspiracy?
UK Inflation data misses Iran will go to all euro transactions Nikkei 1.42% Dax -0.04% Oil $67/bbl Gold $1345/oz. Bitcoin $8095 Europe and Asia: GBP (BTC )
Apr 18
03:49 AM
Dollar Down - Is Market Looking for Weak US Retail Sales?
Market Drivers April 16, 2018 Dollar down against the majors FX waits for US Retail Sales Nikkei 0.26% Dax 0.10% Oil $66/bbl Gold $1345/oz. Bitcoin $8 (BTC )
Apr 16
03:33 AM
BTCUSD (Bitcoin) - ST Bullish Impulsive Moves, Will It Continue? (4 hour chart)
After building a ST base just shy of the LT support (5400 - 6200), Bitcoin jumped 1200$on Thursday, closing in on the minor resistance zone between 9 (BTC )
Apr 15
03:55 PM
Why is the Pound so Strong?
Market Drivers April 13, 2018 Cable rally continues USD/JPY takes out 107.50 Nikkei 0.55% Dax 0.47% Oil $67/bbl Gold $1341/oz. Bitcoin $8107 Europe an (BTC )
Apr 13
02:45 AM
Charts Today - Global stock markets looking much better
Charts Today - 13 Apr 2017 - Global stock markets looking much better Dollar and Euro fairly flat, Sterling much stronger Bitcoin now short te (BTC )
Apr 13
02:14 AM
Bitcoin and airline shares take to the skies
After a lacklustre start, markets turned on a dime- or more specifically on a tweet. US President Donald Trump backpedalling (via Twitter) on plans to (BTC )
Apr 12
06:44 AM
Early Signs of Dollar Strength?
Market Drivers April 12, 2018 EZ Industrial Production misses Dollar Finds a bid Nikkei -0.12% Dax -0.14% Oil $66/bbl Gold $1348/oz. Bitcoin $6837 Eu (BTC )
Apr 12
03:24 AM
USD/JPY Waits for US Inflation Data
Market Drivers April 11, 2018 Markets in holding pattern ahead of US CPI UK data misses Nikkei -0.49% Dax -0.33% Oil $65/bbl Gold $1343/oz. Bitcoin $6 (BTC )
Apr 11
03:35 AM
Charts Today - US tech improving
Charts Today - 11 Apr 2018 - US tech improving Dollar weak, Sterling strong Bitcoin bearish US stock indices make further gains. Europe and As (BTC )
Apr 11
01:44 AM
Is bitcoin ready for another Bull Run?
Bitcoin has been stuck in a tight trading range for more than 2 weeks, unable to make any progress on the back of negative publicity and the threat by (BTC )
Apr 09
11:34 PM
Ethereum: Tentative bullish signs
Ethereum has reached and reacted from a key support area around $400. As can be seen from the chart, this price level was a significant resistance and (ETH )
Apr 09
04:09 AM
Charts Today - US tech still a worry
Charts Today - 09 Apr 2018 - US tech still a worry Dollar and Euro relatively flat, Sterling stronger Bitcoin short term bullish with new upsi (BTC )
Apr 09
02:30 AM
Trump Follies Foil The Dollar, But Not For Too Long
Market Drivers April 6, 2018 Trump Threatens more tarrifs USD/JPY holds 107.00 Nikkei 0.11% Dax 1.63% Oil $63/bbl Gold $1328/oz. Bitcoin $6800 Europe (BTC )
Apr 05
10:29 PM
USD/JPY Takes out 107.00 - Can it Go Higher?
Market Drivers April 5, 2018 UK PMI Servivces misses US Trade on deck Nikkei 1.53% Dax 1.63% Oil $63/bbl Gold $1327/oz. Bitcoin $6800 Europe and Asia (BTC )
Apr 05
03:44 AM

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