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Last 24h's Top Cryptocurrency Tickers

(83) BTC
(21) ETH
(9) BCH
(7) XRP
(3) EOS
(2) LTC
(2) BAT
(2) HTC
(1) XLM
(1) XMR
(1) TAAS

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Bitcoin consolidation about to end
Bitcoin's long held consolidation phase seems to be ending. Chances of breaking lower are higher. Bitcoin, the poster boy of the cryptocurrency world has (BTC )
Nov 10
11:51 PM
IOTA stuck in a channel
IOTA price stuck in a channel in medium term chart. Bears have control, bulls face struggle. IOTA bulls are struggling to come up as the price is stuck in (MIOTA )
Nov 10
10:47 PM
Dash in a long consolidation phase
DASH prices consolidate in a narrowing range. $140-170 range for the next few weeks. Dash the crypto that has lost more than 90 percent of its gains from
Nov 10
09:31 PM
Monero's short term sell-off is about to end
XMR nearing key support zone in the near term. Long term consolidation still not over. Monero the crypto, which has been facing relentless sell-off in the (XMR )
Nov 10
08:36 PM
Bitcoin Cash faces H&S break after the hard fork rally
Head and Shoulders well in place for BCH. Breakout or breakdown is the question. Bitcoin Cash, that faces hard fork on the November 15th, and is down (BCH , BTC )
Nov 10
12:36 AM
NEO price analysis: Another breakout after hitting the target earlier
NEO breaks out in the near term. Earlier breakout gave up some ground after hitting target. NEO the crypto breaks out yet again on the short term chart
Nov 09
11:31 PM
Ethereum price analysis: A little push and this breakout will gain some more steam
ETH breaks out on the short term, needs momentum. Long term trend still shaky. Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation, has (ETH )
Nov 09
10:06 PM
Bitcoin price analysis: This breakout lacks momentum
BTC broke out of a long term falling wedge this week. Momentum tapers off after the breakout. Bitcoin, the King of cryptocurrencies, broke out of a (BTC )
Nov 09
08:36 PM
Monero TechnicalAnalysis: XMR/USD $100 mark in trouble again
Monero XMR price crashes through key near-term support on Wednesday, down as much as 1.90%. XMR/USD was being supported by an ascending trend line, which (XMR )
Nov 09
01:26 PM
EOS (EOS) Price Analysis: EOS/USD bearish downside pressure mounting after key support is broken
EOS price down just shy of 2% on Friday, one of the standout under-performers in the session. Price action breached a key near-term ascending trend line (EOS )
Nov 09
11:16 AM
Ethereum (ETH) falling price saved by critical ascending trend line, but for how long?
Ethereum price nursing losses in second half of the session on Friday, down some 1.60%. ETH/USD was saved by further downside by an ascending trend line. (ETH )
Nov 09
09:16 AM
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) TechnicalAnalysis: BCH/USD evening start pattern, spells danger
Bitcoin Cash price nursing minor losses of some 1% well into the second half of the session on Friday. BCH/USD technical view can see an evening start (BCH , BTC )
Nov 09
07:36 AM
Ethereum has major potential, ex CEO of Google believes
Ethereum is a great but underrated technology with big potential. ETH/USD is rangebound around $210 handle. Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency is (ETH )
Nov 09
06:26 AM
Litecoin (LTC) Price Analysis: LTC/USD is stuck within channel to hell
Litecoin price down 1% on Friday, with price stuck within descending channel pattern. Momentum is well with the bears at this time, looking to reverse the (LTC )
Nov 09
06:11 AM
Bitcoin BTC TechnicalAnalysis: BTC/USD firm confluences for bears back in drivers seat
Bitcoin price on Friday was nursing losses of around 0.90% through the mid-point of the session. Bears extend the move south, following BTC/USD breaking a (BTC )
Nov 09
05:56 AM
Bitcoin took one step forward, will it shoot higher?
The BTC/USD woke up from its slumber and made an initial move to the upside. While it later retreated, the price holds above downtrend resistance. (BTC )
Nov 09
05:31 AM
Canadian VersaBank offers virtual depositary boxes for Bitcoins, Ethereum and other digital assets
VersaBankfinished the beta-testing of its newest virtual depositary solution. Clients will be able to store their digital assets in a secure and private (BTC , ETH )
Nov 09
05:06 AM
Bitcoin is not unusual for institutional investors, CEO of Revolut says
Nikolay Storonsky believes that cryptocurrency market is not unusual for big players as of yet. Bitcoin dropped below $6,400. While crypto crown is (BTC )
Nov 09
04:17 AM
BCH/USD loses ground as Bitmain to deploy 90,000 in China to mine Bitcoin Cash after the fork
Bitcoin Cash is sliding, but the overall trend is still positive. Bitmain is getting ready for the Bitcoin Cash fork. Bitcoin Cash, the fourth largest (BCH , BTC )
Nov 09
02:41 AM
Litecoin price analysis: LTC/USD drops below $53.00, consolidation ahead
LTC/USD is losing ground in sync with other altcoins. Litecoin bear will stop short of $50.00. Litecoin is changing hands at $52.57, down 1.7% in recent (LTC )
Nov 09
01:11 AM
Ethereum (ETH) glued to $212: Canada's VersaBank now accepting crypto deposits
The ultimate resistance at $250 continues to place Ethereum below a long-term descending trendline. VersaBank opens its doors of its crypto deposit vault (ETH )
Nov 09
12:31 AM
The US Sec goes after EtherDelta, Ethereum token trading platform
The SEC chargesZachary Coburn with iperating unregistered exchange. EtherDelta has features typical to traditional exchanges. The US Securities and (ETH )
Nov 09
12:21 AM
The tussle and battle: Gemini's Winklevoss Bitcoin (BTC) battle continues
Shrem requested the judge to dismiss the case saying that he was never the owner of the Bitcoins. The assets (5,000 BTC) belonged to a high profile (BTC )
Nov 08
11:11 PM
Bitcoin Cash price analysis: Head-and- shoulders pattern reversal looms
Bitcoin Cash hard for is Nakamoto Consensus, as Satoshi created it WallStreetTechnologist. Bitcoin Cash finds a support at $570; bulls have eyes on (BCH , BTC )
Nov 08
09:21 PM
Tron (TRX) daily transactions hit 1.2, Ethereum's slide below 500k
Tron shows Ethereum dust in terms of daily transactions. Ethereum 2.0 upgrade will cement the network's position in the market. Tron has in the past few (ETH )
Nov 08
08:26 PM
Bitcoin (BTC) nosedives below $6,400, bears are unstoppable
Bitcoin retreats into the former resistance range quashing investor excitement. BTC/USD must correct past $6,400 for a swing above $6,500 in the (BTC )
Nov 08
07:41 PM
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price dealing with profit taking
BCH/USD sees bears pile in, after entering chunky touted supply area, heading into $650 territory. Poloniex announces pre-fork trading for Bitcoin (BCH , BTC )
Nov 08
01:16 PM
Ethereum (ETH) has major potential, according to former Google CEO Eric Schmidt
Former Google CEO expresses his view on Ethereum and its peers, in addition to blockchain in general. ETH/USD undergoing a pullback, after a recent run of (ETH )
Nov 08
07:26 AM
EOS/USD bullish trend revamped: Strong 'buy' signal- says Weiss Ratings
EOS balance at $5.5 after hitting $5.8 weekly highs. Weiss Ratings categorize EOS, Ripple Cardano and Stellar as Buy assets. EOS extended the gains (ADA , EOS )
Nov 08
06:41 AM
Bitcoin TechnicalAnalysis: BTC/USD bulls forced to retreat after rejection within ascending channel
Bitcoin price was trading down on Thursday, nursing losses of around 0.50%, through the mid-point of the session. BTC/USD price action has been moving (BTC )
Nov 08
06:11 AM
Ethereum price analysis: Calm after pump, bulls eye $230
Ethereum declines find balance at $212; eyes glued on $230 in the near-term. Ethereum is bullish in the short-term but long-term the outlook is still (ETH )
Nov 08
05:46 AM
Litecoin (LTC/USD) in big trouble if it fails to move back above broken trend line
Litecoin price on Thursday was nursing losses of just some 0.90%, running towards second straight session in the red, with cooling seen across the (LTC )
Nov 08
05:26 AM
Bitcoin (BTC) price motionless in a bloody market; Investors are anxious
The cryptocurrency market has been stirring in the past 4 days. Bitcoin drops below $6,500, finds support at $6,440 followed by a sideways trend. The (BTC )
Nov 08
04:06 AM
There is still hope for Ethereum (ETH) says former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt
And if ethereum can manage to figure out a way to do global synchronization of that activity, Eric Schmidt. Ethereum has cancels weekly gains but not (ETH )
Nov 08
03:01 AM
Bitcoin Cash price analysis: What next after hard fork fuel rally?
Bitcoin Cash plunges 4.5% cancelling hard fork fueled gains. Bitcoin Cash buyers battle to retrace above $600; $640 is the key hurdle and breakout point. (BCH , BTC )
Nov 08
01:56 AM
Ethereum may shoot for $500 by the end of the year - expert opinion
Ethereum will experience a strong growth on the back of Oracle integration. Currently, ETH/USD is rangebound at $215 handle. Ethereum, the second largest (ETH )
Nov 08
01:31 AM
Bitcoin price analysis: Must reclaim $6,500 for the next bull run
Bitcoin is trading at $6,452 after correcting a subtle 0.8% on Thursday. Morgan Stanley says that Bitcoin (BTC) is the Goldmine for institutions. After (BTC )
Nov 08
01:16 AM
Dash (DASH), the bull among the bears surges 2%
The ongoing trimming exercise will find support at the 50 SMA. Dash is making headway in Venezuela becoming the preferred means of payment. Cryptocurrency
Nov 08
12:21 AM
Bitcoin supporters rejoice: Colorado and California will have crypto enthusiasts as governors
The US mid-elections may change the sentiments towards cryptocurrencies within the political establishment. BTC/USD remains under pressure, but the (BTC )
Nov 07
11:21 PM
Ethereum price analysis: ETH/USD reverse gains, but not all is lost for Ether bulls
ETH/USD came close to DMA50, which is critical for the longer-term forecast. The strong resistance is created by $232 handle. ETH/USD reversed Wednesday's (ETH )
Nov 07
09:01 PM
Will Bitcoin cost $28,000 by 2020? Vinny Lingham bets $20,000 that it won't
Vinny Lingham and Ronnie Moas bet on Bitcoin price movement. BTC/USD resumes the decline during Asian hours. The co-founder & CEO of the US-based startup (BTC )
Nov 07
08:11 PM
Crypto bears are back: Bitcoin (BTC) clinches to $6,500 Ripple and Ethereum are down
All major coins are sliding amid technical correction. Bitcoin returns to $6,500 after early Asian losses. The global cryptocurrency market value reached (BTC , ETH )
Nov 07
07:06 PM
EOS TechnicalAnalysis: EOS/USD channel to the skies or down under?
EOS was seen trading down some 1.60% in the latter stages of trading on Wednesday. EOS/USD is moving within an ascending channel to the north. However, (EOS )
Nov 07
12:51 PM
Bitcoin BTC/USD bulls have just a couple of barriers in the way of $7000 and beyond
Bitcoin price seen holding gains of 1% in the latter part of Wednesday, maintain upside momentum. BTC/USD has just two major barriers ahead in the way of (BTC )
Nov 07
11:11 AM
Litecoin LTC/USD heading fast back towards vital near-term support
Litecoin price nursing chunky losses on Wednesday, down some 4.5%, well into the second half of the session. LTC/USD bears are gunning towards a vital (LTC )
Nov 07
08:01 AM
The Stablecoin Market Continues to Grow
While Tether continues its slide in popularity, you may think that the Stablecoin market would follow suit, but it isn't doing. The stablecoin trend is (USDT )
Nov 07
07:31 AM
Bitcoin (BTC) stays at $6,500 as market volume hits $13 billion
Cryptocurrency market trading volume surges by $3 billion to $13 billion. Bitcoin to face resistance at $6,530 in readiness for a zoom past $6,700 in the (BTC )
Nov 07
06:56 AM
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Analysis: BCH/USD runs into trouble
Bitcoin Cash runs into a heavy area of sellers, heading into the $650 territory. BCH/USD last faltered in the mentioned supply zone early September, (BCH , BTC )
Nov 07
06:41 AM
Ethereum TechnicalAnalysis: ETH/USD bulls have the wind behind them for further upside
Ethereum price trading in the green on Wednesday, modest gains just sy of 0.70%. ETH/USD has been storming higher, since the break above a descending (ETH )
Nov 07
05:56 AM
Bitcoin TechnicalAnalysis: BTC/USD are lurking for an aggressive charge higher
Bitcoin price holding modest gains on Wednesday of some 0.80%, through the mid-point of the session. BTC/USD received decent buying at the back end of (BTC )
Nov 07
05:31 AM

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