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Last 24h's Top Cryptocurrency Tickers

(76) BTC
(20) ETH
(8) BCH
(3) ADA
(3) EOS
(3) XRP
(2) USDT
(2) XLM
(2) LTC
(1) XBB
(1) ZEC
(1) ICE
(1) STR
(1) LSK
(1) BAT
(1) ERC
(1) BBR

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EOS Technical Analysis: EOS/USD jumps a chunky 7%, set for another boost higher
EOS was seen up on Friday with healthy gains of over 7%, inline with the rally seen across the crypto market. EOS/USD bulls have a challenge of breaking (EOS )
08:26 AM
Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction: BCH/USD hiking up the mountain of gains, no slippage in sight
Bitcoin Cash price was seen holding chunky gains of over 5.5% on Friday. BCH/USD has been in a relatively steady upwards trend, since the lows on 14th (BCH , BTC )
07:06 AM
Ethereum Technical Analysis: ETH/USD must do more die, the $300 mark required to be conquered
Ethereum was seen holding decent gains of over 3% on Friday, looking for a strong close on the week. ETH/USD has the challenge of breaking down (ETH )
03:51 AM
Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD stalls at $6,500 hurdle as Okex Delists 28 Token Pairs
The critical resistance at $6,600 is the next important hurdle for the buyers in the medium-term. We discovered that some projects have met the token (BTC )
03:31 AM
Ethereum price analysis: ETH/USD steps above $300 critical level
Ethereum continued with the uptrend in spite of another drop back to $280 support. ETH/USD buyers must find a support above $300 in the near-term but (ETH )
12:56 AM
Binance launches a new exchange; Binance LCX: A joint Venture with LCX for European crypto traders
Binance will provide and maintain the technology for the new Binance LCX, while LCX will handle the rest of the exchange dynamics. Binance exchange is
Aug 16
11:56 PM
Bitcoin price analysis: Blasts through the stubborn resistance at $6,500
Bitcoin resumes uptrend above $6,400, up more than 3% on daily basis. Bitcoin market dominance hits 52.6% as the bulls return; market capitalization is (BTC )
Aug 16
09:51 PM
Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD moving within rising wedge pattern
Bitcoin price seen holding decent gains over 2% on Thursday, after a bloodshed of a trading week. BTC/USD moving within a rising wedge pattern, vulnerable (BTC )
Aug 16
01:16 PM
Litecoin Technical Analysis: LTC/USD up up and away, $60 and beyond eyed by the bulls
Litecoin price seen holding gains just shy of 3% on Thursday, pullback still observed across the board. LTC/USD moving within a rising wedge pattern as (LTC )
Aug 16
07:21 AM
Ethereum Classic price analysis: Fireworks on the day; surge propelled by Listing on Coinbase Consumer
Ethereum Classic price steps above the resistance at $14.00 following listing on Coinbase Consumer. We're thrilled to offer ETC to all of our customers (ETC , ETH )
Aug 16
04:01 AM
Bitcoin price analysis: Could reclaim $6,400, the bulls are not ready to give up control just yet
Bitcoin is up more than 1% on a daily basis; short-term resistance target is $6,400. Bitcoin buyers continue to gain more control; for them the only way (BTC )
Aug 16
01:16 AM
Lisk (LSK) Announce the release of Lisk Core 1.0.0 to mainnet: LSK/USD jumps 10%
Lisk trading up by 26.5% while the price surges to trade near $3.40. We expect this block height to arrive on Wednesday, August 29, no sooner than 11:00 (LSK )
Aug 16
12:21 AM
Ethereum price analysis: Brushes shoulders with $300 but the downside is corrected $280
Ethereum recovered above the resistance at $290 but lost momentum on stepping over $300. The buyers are holding ground at $280, the outlook on the chart (ETH )
Aug 15
11:36 PM
Mercury FX to kick off payment trials with Ripple in China and Mexico: XRP/USD prime for gains
Mercury believes that virtual currencies are conduits that will replace fiat in future. Come the end of the pilot there is no reason we shouldn't be
Aug 15
10:36 PM
Bitcoin price analysis: Resumes uptrend above $6,300; Jim Cramer - the sun seems to be setting on Bitcoin
Bitcoin is resuming the uptrend following declines to lows of $6,208; buyers eyes set on $6,400. I think the tide has turned against it (Bitcoin), Jim (BTC )
Aug 15
09:51 PM
EOS Technical Analysis: EOS/USD failure to reclaim $5 mark, bears bite in attempt to sell rally
EOS was seen up a decent 4.5% in the latter stages of trading on Wednesday. EOS/USD ran into sellers ahead of the $5 mark, in an area that previously (EOS )
Aug 15
12:06 PM
Bitcoin Technical Analysis: BTC/USD the rise of the bulls or are the bears just asleep
Bitcoin was seen up on Wednesday, with some gains over 3%, after several down days. BTC/USD upside seen, however running into resistance ahead of the (BTC )
Aug 15
06:21 AM
Litecoin price analysis: LTC/USD rebound capped below $57.00, bear trend testing $55.00 support
Litecoin recovered marginally above the primary support at $50.00 as buyers find a breather amid falling prices. The upside has been capped below the 100 (LTC )
Aug 15
04:56 AM
Bitcoin price analysis: Bearish trend reversal reaction to double top pattern at $6,450
Bitcoin recovered from the pits above $6,000, but the double top reaction is canceling gains towards $6,300. The 61.8% Fib support marginally above $6,300 (BTC )
Aug 15
02:46 AM
IOTA welcomes a new member to the Board of Directors: IOTA price goes ballistic, surging by 12.52%
I believe that joining the IOTA Foundation Board of Directors will help me to achieve this dream in good time, Sergey Ivancheglo. IOTA has recovered (MIOTA )
Aug 15
01:22 AM
Bitcoin Cash price analysis: Recovery stalls short of $530 but technical outlook is positive
Bitcoin Cash price recovered from trading below $500 support, but the bullish trend came to a halt short of $530. Outlook of the BCH/USD chart is (BCH , BTC )
Aug 15
12:26 AM
Bitcoin price analysis: Bullish divergence in play above $6,300; BTC/USD jumps 2% on the day
Bitcoin price welcomes the bullish trend, clears the resistance at $6,300 and targets $6,400 in the near-term. BTC/USD Must find support above the 61.8% (BTC )
Aug 14
09:41 PM
EOS Price Analysis: Range-bound below $4.40 amid widespread cryptocurrency carnage
EOS plunges on breaking contracting triangle support at $5.00 but finds balance above $4.20. EOS must break out of the range entrapment to forge ahead (EOS )
Aug 14
08:26 AM
Bitcoin Technical Analysis: BTC/USD bulls do not be fooled and lured into the bears trap
Bitcoin is nursing losses just shy of 2% in the session, after receiving a beating during the Asian session. BTC/USD has been allowed a small pullback (BTC )
Aug 14
06:16 AM
Ethereum Technical Analysis: ETH/USD bears still have the strong scent of blood under their nose
Ethereum nursing chunky losses over 7% on Tuesday, a noteworthy underperformer. ETH/USD price action is somewhat concerning, looking vulnerable, to (ETH )
Aug 14
06:11 AM
Bitcoin Cash price analysis: Plunges below $500 life-saving support for the first time in 10 months
Bitcoin Cash price extends intraday declines, drops 8% on Tuesday. The critical support at $480 must not be broken, or else BCH/USD could take another (BCH , BTC )
Aug 14
04:06 AM
Bitcoin Price Prediction: After dipping below $6,000, still holding onto critical triple-bottom
The BTC/USD dipped below $6,000, hitting the lowest since June. The long wait for the Bitcoin ETF and a sell-off in Ethereum are behind the fall. The (BTC , ETH )
Aug 14
02:56 AM
Ethereum price analysis: Nosedives 6.63% on a daily basis; October 2017 lows in play
Ethereum rejected several support areas at $320, $310, and $300 before free falling right into the $250 range. Bear pressure is far from over, but it is (ETH )
Aug 14
02:11 AM
Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD emerges from the ashes below $6,000; buyers rendezvous set at $6,100
Bitcoin technical indicators show that buying power is present; retracement towards $6,100 is possible in the short-term. A strong support above $6,000 (BTC )
Aug 14
01:21 AM
Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD has its moment of shine swiped away by the bears
Bitcoin price gave up its early gains which were seen in the initially part of Monday's session, trading down 0.10%. BTC/USD has rallies sold by market (BTC )
Aug 13
08:56 AM
EOS price analysis: Trimming intraday gains; will the $5.00 support hold?
EOS slightly bullish intraday trend turns bearish almost wiping off all the gains made today. The support at $5.00 must not be broken, but a break from (EOS )
Aug 13
08:11 AM
Bitcoin dominance rises to 51.2% for the 1st time in 2018: Bitcoin price uptrend stalls below $6,500
Rising Bitcoin dominance reassures investors of a potential bull run towards the end of 2018. The buyers must keep the above $6,450 in the short-term to (BTC )
Aug 13
06:31 AM
Facebook's executive, David Marcus leaves Coinbase Board: Facebook could be exploring blockchain
Facebook is likely to be exploring blockchain use cases and issuing a crypto token could be a possibility as well according to experts.
Aug 13
05:36 AM
Cardano price analysis: bullish above $0.11 support but trendline resistance still stubborn
ADA/USD is trading between the moving average support and resistance. Technical indicators send bullish signals; buyers intent on breaking trendline (ADA )
Aug 13
03:06 AM
Bitmain increases BCH holding to 1.02 million: Bitcoin Cash price bulls say 'no more' to the bears
The IPO document shows that Bitmain is holding 1.02 million BCH but only 22,082 BTC. Bitcoin Cash price is up 2.5% on Monday, buyers psychologically eye (BCH , BTC )
Aug 13
02:16 AM
Bitcoin price analysis: Reignites uptrend; classic rising wedge pattern spotted
Bitcoin price jumps over 2% on the day,leading to a slightly bullish trend in the market. A breakout towards $6,500 and eventually $6,600 is expected in (BTC )
Aug 13
01:16 AM
Bitcoin price analysis: A small breakout needs some more thrust
BTC breaks out on the short term chart. Doesn't have momentum on its side. Bitcoin, the poster boy of the cryptocurrencies, has given a small breakout on (BTC )
Aug 12
12:44 AM
Bitcoin Cash price analysis: Short term barrier needs to cross for long term bounce
BCH faces short term resistance. Long term support just around the corner. Bitcoin Cash, the ambitious peer of largest crypto Bitcoin, is sitting at a (BCH , BTC )
Aug 11
11:59 PM
Litecoin price analysis: This breakout cheer for bulls has barriers ahead
Litecoin breaks out on the short term charts. Medium and long term charts show resistances that won't be easy. Litecoin bulls have a smile on their faces (LTC )
Aug 11
11:00 PM
Monero price analysis: Trapped! This bounce has a leg
Monero prices bounce after a steep sell-off. Likely to rally some more before the sell-off resumes. Monero prices rallied in Sunday trading after a week (XMR )
Aug 11
09:54 PM
Bitcoin price analysis: Breakdown leads to downward momentum escalating
BTC broke down of a critical short term support. A knee-jerk spike down to sub $6k may happen. Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that was ruled out to have an (BTC )
Aug 11
01:24 AM
Ethereum price analysis: Channel shackled, headed down the valley
Ethereum stuck in a parallel channel. Momentum suggests some more downside left. Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation, is (ETH )
Aug 10
11:55 PM
Ripple price analysis: No more gain before the end of pain
Ripple price falls to Dec lows. Some more pain left before any meaningful gain. Ripple, the payments solutions cryptocurrency, crashed on Saturday to the
Aug 10
10:29 PM
Bitcoin Gold price analysis: Tough time even at trough
BTG hits fresh all time low. Technicals suggest, some more pain left. Bitcoin Gold, the poor cousin of the largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, hits a new all (BTC )
Aug 10
09:43 PM
Bitcoin price analysis: Leads recovery above $6,400; Coinbase Pro suspends BTC/USD trading
Bitcoin price leads a brief market recovery session adding $169 in an hour on Friday. Trading BTC/USD is expected to resume on Coinbase Pro at 4:00 p.m. (BTC )
Aug 10
06:48 AM
Bitcoin Cash price analysis: The only way is up for now; Bitpay's Flow.io partner accepts BCH payments
Technical indicators show Bitcoin Cash potential to recover from the trip downstream. Flow.io is a cross-border e-commerce platform with merchant presence (BCH , BTC )
Aug 10
03:07 AM
Grayscale Investments reports holding $90 million in ETC: Ethereum Classic price stuck below $15.40
Grayscale manages $1.5 billion in digital assets for its clients, $1.38 billion of that is in BTC while $90 million is in ETC. The 23.6% Fib level support (ETC , ETH )
Aug 10
02:18 AM
Bitcoin price analysis: Brushes shoulders with $6,600; declines find support at $6,400
A classic falling wedge pattern forming; breakout expected in the medium-term. The 100 SMA support seems to hold at the moment but the support at $6,400 (BTC )
Aug 10
01:28 AM
Ethereum price analysis: ETH/USD hibernates at $360 amid lack of momentum
ETH/USD practically unchanged, blocked by strong technical levels. The stiff resistance comes at $380, support at $350. ETH/USD is frozen at $360, (ETH )
Aug 09
11:24 PM
Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD claws back ground, but momentum is fading
Cryptocurrency market is recovering from recent lows. CBOE and VanEck hope for positive SEC's decision. BTC/USD is changing hands at $6,556, 2.8% higher (BTC )
Aug 09
09:58 PM

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