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Nightmare weekend for crypto as markets crumble
CRYPTOCURRENCIES suffered a nightmare weekend across the board as what looked like a storming bull market stalled and crashed. Bitcoin - riding high on Friday - collapsed with a dramatic $500 loss after a hard-fought and steady build-up over the psychological $10,000 barrier was left in tatters. (BTC )
Feb 17
12:06 PM
Bitcoin disappoints as it fails to hold $10,000
CRYPTOCURRENCY investors have been left scratching their heads as bitcoin's bullish phase came to an abrupt halt after it was slapped back down from $10,000. (BTC )
Feb 11
08:16 AM
Iran to fund cyber attacks with cryptocurrency
IRANS cyberspies will use cryptocurrency to fund information warfare against the West, warns an ex-CIA officer. US cryptocurrency expert Yaya Fanusie says that it is likely Tehran will step up cyberattacks and black propaganda against the US, despite tensions easing following the US assassination of an Iranian general and a retaliatory Iranian airstrike on an American military base.
Jan 13
11:07 AM
Cryptocurrency latest: Brits warned over potential crypto scam
BRITISH cryptocurrency investors are being warned to stay away from a suspected scam firm by cash watchdogs.
Jan 08
10:12 AM
Bitcoin kicks off 2020 with dazzling display of volatility
BITCOIN celebrated its 11th birthday today with a dramatic price rise of almost $400. The sudden spike capped a restless start to the new year as the cryptocurrency bounced between $7,300 and $7,100. (BTC )
Jan 03
11:27 AM
Teenager arrested over million-dollar crypto phone hack
A TEENAGER has been arrested in connection with a massive hacking operation that allegedly saw him steal a million dollars of cryptocurrency from the mobile phones of strangers.
07:47 AM
BITCOIN: Most popular cryptocurrency facing uncertain Christmas
BITCOINS topsy-turvy 2019 has seen the worlds most popular cryptocurrency reach a series of wide-ranging highs and lows as the unstable rollercoaster approaches the end of this years wild ride.
07:23 AM
Bitcoin potentially facing massive crash Cryptocurrency nosedives
BITCOINS slow descent over the last month took a dramatic turn today as the cryptocurrency suddenly nosedived. Already reeling from a series of downturns during the last four weeks, BTC had been languishing above $8,100 after falling from $8,800 this time last week. (BTC )
09:48 AM
BITCOIN: Cryptocurrency is for criminals, says inventor of worlds leading computer code
THE man who invented the worlds most popular computer programming language says he regrets that his work was used to build bitcoin, slamming the cryptocurrency as a tool that mostly serves criminals.
07:32 AM
Bitcoin value slips into danger zone
Bitcoin is hovering precariously over a danger zone that could see a dramatic collapse in the cryptocurrencys value. (BTC )
09:58 AM
China to reward troops with cryptocurrency bonuses
CHINESE military chiefs are considering rewarding troops with cryptocurrency. Soldiers executing their duties with merit could have crypto added into special digital wallets, while those who underperform may even have assets removed.
11:47 AM
Bitcoin price tumbles Cryptocurrency falls by $400 overnight
Bitcoin has stalled again, crashing by $400 overnight and leaving many traders wondering if recent price surges have been false rallies. (BTC )
12:33 PM
Lawyer accused of money laundering for OneCoin scam goes on trial
A US lawyer accused of laundering proceeds from the OneCoin cryptocurrency alleged to be a Ponzi scheme scam has gone on trial in New York. Mark Scott is accused of laundering approximately $400 millionthrough hedge funds and transferring them back to his colleagues.
10:12 AM
CRYPTOCURRENCY: Turkey to launch digital currency next year
Turkey has announced it will have a national digital currency issued by its central bank for 2020. President Tayyip Erdogan revealed economic recovery plans earlier this year for the struggling nation which has been crippled with debt and austerity measures. As part of the economic rescue package, the bank could begin issuing digital lira by next Christmas.
08:47 AM
CRYPTOCURRENCY: China calls on Huawei to help with crypto ambitions
CHINA is bringing together some major players to assist with the nations drive towards cryptocurrency adoption, it has emerged.
07:37 AM
Bitcoin: BitMEX just accidentally leaked THOUSANDS of private email addresses
ONE of the worlds biggest cryptocurrency trading platforms this morning leaked thousands of customer emails in a spectacularly amateurish data protection failure. (BTC )
06:22 AM
China urges calm over crypto endorsement
Beijing has warned bitcoin investors throughout the world not to get carried away over Chinas apparent support for cryptocurrency. Bitcoin went into overdrive last week after what appeared to be an endorsement of crypto by Chinas president Xi Jinping when addressing a meeting with the political bureau of the Chinese Communist Partys Central Committee. (BTC )
11:03 AM
Johannesburg SHUT DOWN as hackers demand bitcoin ransom
HACKERS demanding a ransom of four bitcoins have shut down the City of Johannesburgs digital network. The citys systems were breached in the early hours of this morning, bringing the digital operations of an authority serving four-and-a-half million people to a grinding halt.
04:59 AM
Further bloodshed on the cards for bitcoin?
Despite putting up a commendable fight, bitcoin finally gave up holding its ground at $8,000 yesterday. The worlds most dominant cryptocurrency had spent more than a month weaving a snaking path between $8,200 and $7,800, but any effort to use the line as a springboard to the highs of 2017 or indeed earlier this year fell shy of anything more than minimal effort.
12:14 PM
Russian block: Putin threatens to BAN Facebook in Russia
BELEAGURED Facebook is drifting into Vladimir Putins crosshairs over its controversial Libra cryptocurrency project.
08:13 AM
Itll NEVER happen Finance expert blasts Facebook cryptocurrency
THE head of the biggest bank in America has poured scorn on Facebook's plan to launch a bitcoin-style cryptocurrency.Libra is a blockchain digital currency planned to be launched in 2020. The social media giant aims to let its nearly two billion users pay and send digital cash using Libra.
09:43 AM
Bitcoin child porn ring SMASHED by international crime team
DETECTIVES in the US, South Korea and the UK have smashed one of the worlds largest child pornography markets after tracking the ringleaders bitcoin transactions on the dark web. (BTC )
08:52 AM
Coinbase chief blasts US Senate over Libra letters
THE head of one of the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchanges has slammed US senators as un-American over their attempts to stop Facebooks Libra crypto project in its tracks. Facebook announced in June that it planned to launch its own cryptocurrency to its two billion worldwide users under a newly-formed umbrella organisation called Calibra.
08:53 AM
Is bitcoin on the brink of COLLAPSE?
BITCOINS recent woes look set to continue as the worlds leading cryptocurrency struggles to get up off the canvas following a knockout blow more than two weeks ago.
02:17 PM
PayPal SNUBS Facebooks Libra cryptocurrency
PAYPAL has left a Facebook group developing the social networks Libra cryptocurrency. The e-payments firm was a founding member of the Libra Association a group of 28 companies and other organisations including Visa, Vodafone, eBay, and Uber.
09:58 AM
Bitcoin bloodshed continues as price drops below $8,000
Bitcoin is now officially suffering one of its worst weeks in almost a year as the price of the cryptocurrency tumbled below $8,000 last night. The amount of trading value lost between Monday morning and Friday afternoon stands at a staggering $40 billion lopped off the entire crypto market cap. (BTC )
12:12 PM
Auction house to offer half a million pounds of a criminals crypto seized by police
A UK auction house will be putting half a million pounds of cryptocurrency seized by police under the hammer tomorrow. The proceeds of a crypto criminal a huge haul of bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital assets will be auctioned off on behalf of the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit (ERSOU). (ETH )
09:07 AM
Bitcoin slump may signal new altcoin season
BITCOINS anticipated fall finally happened as the drawn-out battle for $10,000 came to a head in the early hours of this morning. The ten-year-old cryptocurrency has been sweating under the weight of multiple factors intent on driving its value down. Today, that burden became too much to bear as the psychological $10k barrier was breached again as BTC headed south. (BTC )
08:38 AM
Binance returns to US after four-month absence, but 13 states are banned from exchange
POPULAR cryptocurrency exchange Binance will launch its US branch today amid a flurry of restrictions preventing millions of Americans from even accessing it.
08:28 AM
Bitcoin price news: The eco-friendly way to mine crypto
BITCOIN (BTC) is the controversial digital currency some believe can change the financial system. One of the flagship cryptocurrencys main criticisms concerns the manner of its manufacture: bitcoin mining. Now an expert has suggested a greener way of mining bitcoin. (BTC )
11:03 PM
Bitcoin uncertainty is dragging down cryptocurrency markets
BITCOINS apparent lethargy is beginning to spread across the markets as a slew of cryptocurrencies all show concerning declines. (BTC )
08:27 AM
Exhausted bitcoin is showing signs of weakness
BITCOIN is looking perilously close to undoing all the work its supporters have achieved throughout 2019. Months and months of pushing hard to drag the ten-year-old digital asset up from the slump around $6,000 at the start of the year had been paying off handsomely, with BTC almost reaching double its value of 2018.
09:33 AM
Chinas war on Facebook: Beijing launches cryptocurrency to take on social media giant
THE Chinese government will launch its own cryptocurrency to rival Facebooks looming Libra coin. A senior banking officialtoldChinese media that officials are still planning to launch a state-run cryptocurrency similar to the social media networks Libra.
09:57 AM
Apple boss hints at developing a cryptocurrency to rival Facebooks Libra
US tech giant Apple has dropped its biggest hint yet that it may launch a cryptocurrency next year. Amid the hype of Facebooks Libra crypto project, many of the worlds leading technology companies retreated to the shadows earlier this year, perhaps to rethink their own token plans in the face of such colossal competition.
04:07 AM
UK village ravaged by unemployment uses tidal energy to mine cryptocurrency
A BRITISH seaside village crippled by unemployment is mining cryptocurrency using the power of the English Channel. Residents of Jaywick, near Clacton in Essex, are using tidal energy to power small cryptomining devices that float in the water.
02:33 PM
Nuclear power plant staff risked state secrets by mining Bitcoin
STAFF at a Ukrainian nuclear power plant were arrested after allegedly using equipment to mine cryptocurrency risking sensitive state secrets. Court documents seen by Ukrainian media outlet InternetUA state the unauthorised use of computer equipment connected to the internet could have exposed top-secret intel about the security of the plant. (BTC )
07:57 AM
Bitcoin WARNING Donald Trump is taking aim at cryptocurrency again
BITCOIN is showing signs of weakening under the pressure of mounting criticism from the White House as people are being put off investing in the digital asset. Two months ago, BTC was flying high and looking to build on a drive towards $14,000 with the wind in its sails and a growing trading volume. (BTC )
03:03 AM
Veritaseum: Reggie Middleton lashes out ahead of court case that will rock crypto world
UNDERFIRE cryptocurrency firm Veritaseum has hit out at US authorities days before its CEO is due in court to answer fraud charges. (VERI )
08:03 AM
Elon Musk shock: Musk issues bombshell prediction on future of money
ELON MUSK, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, Inc., gave a shocking prediction on the future of money, after being asked about cryptocurrency during an unearthed podcast interview that resurfaced on Twitter this week.
05:04 AM
Capital growth: One in 10 Londoners own crypto and most of them are risk takers
A TOTAL of 11 percent of Londoners own cryptocurrency and most admit to gambling recklessly on the digital cash, according to new research. GlobalWebIndex found that Londoners are just as likely to invest in currencies like Bitcoin as people in Swiss and crypto capital Zurich. (BTC )
08:52 AM
Chinas bitcoin rival claims are branded nonsense
CHINAS claim that its cryptocurrency rival to bitcoin is almost ready for launch has been cast into doubt by some of the regions leading crypto observers. Earlier this week, the deputy director of the Peoples Bank of China Mu Changchun hinted at an event in Beijing that the cryptocurrency was very close to being out and that the bank itself would be the issuer of the digital asset.
04:28 AM
BITCOIN: Is the cryptocurrency stuck in a crypto triangle?
THE seemingly stagnant nature of what many had expected to be bitcoins August boom is showing little sign of freeing itself from the vice-like grip of a range that is struggling to elevate itself above $11,600.
09:37 AM
Bitcoin plastic REVOLUTION: Banks allow credit card cryptocurrency sales in just 2 YEARS
Banks will lift the ban on buying cryptocurrency with credit cards before 2022, claims a tech billionaire. Mike Novogratz, the founder of crypto firm Galaxy Digital, toldBloombergthat major players like Visa and Mastercard will soon allow crypto enthusiasts to invest in coins on their cards. (BTC )
08:33 AM

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