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Shiba Inu value: What will Shiba Inu be worth in 2022?
SHIBA INU cryptocurrency has long been hailed as the Dogecoin killer thanks to its similarity to the original meme coin, but it's gone on to surpass most people's expectations. So what could Shiba Inu be worth in 2022? (DOGE )
07:58 AM
Britcoin POLL: Sunak plans to replace cash with official digital currency - do you agree?
RISHI SUNAK is exploring the possibility of rivalling cash with an official digital currency - but do you agree with the move? Vote in today's poll below.
03:57 AM
George Osborne's 'Ethereum killer' 3000% cryptocurrency bet skyrockets in last 24 hours
GEORGE Osborne's bet on a cryptocurrency that promises to reshape the internet has been today's top cryptocurrency performer, with a 24 hour gain of almost 30 percent. (ETH )
03:57 AM
ETH price prediction: Ethereum will 'grow exponentially' as coin has 'long term value'
ETHEREUM will 'continue to grow exponentially' as the coin sees 'significant long term value', according to one cryptocurrency expert. (ETH )
02:39 AM
EU cryptocurrency crackdown: Bloc plans more red-tape as UK urged to embrace new tech
THE EU is proposing restrictive measures to hamper the development of cryptocurrency technology within the bloc.
Jul 24
07:09 AM
Crypto news: Jeff Bezos 'exploring' Amazon payments in crypto - Bitcoin could hit $70,000
AMAZON is currently 'exploring' ways of accepting payments in cryptocurrency, with firms like Apple and Tesla suggesting they will follow suit. (BTC )
Jul 24
05:57 AM
Bitcoin boom: Cryptocurrency to 'surpass all-time high' after Musk's Tesla announcement
BITCOIN has been tipped to 'surpass its all-time high' after Elon Musk's announcement that Tesla is 'likely' to accept the cryptocurrency again. (BTC )
Jul 22
08:06 AM
Bitcoin price LIVE: Musk sparks rally as he says Tesla 'likely' to accept cryptocurrency
BITCOIN'S price has surged after Tesla boss Elon Musk said the electric car maker will 'most likely' restart accepting the cryptocurrency as a form of payment for its vehicles. (BTC )
Jul 21
11:54 PM
Bitcoin price spike as Elon Musk's Tesla 'likely' to accept cryptocurrency as payment
BITCOIN's price surged by eight percent off the back of Elon Musk's admission that electric car-maker Tesla is likely to accept the cryptocurrency as a valid means of payment in the near future. (BTC )
Jul 21
02:55 PM
Pulsechain cryptocurrency raises 'mindblowing' $25M in five days for SENS anti-aging group
ETHEREUM contender, pulsechain, has raised approximately $25 million for a world-renowned anti-ageing charity, a record lauded as the 'largest charitable donation ever in the history of cryptocurrency'.
Jul 20
02:06 PM
Cryptocurrency LIVE: Bitcoin surges as zig-zagging price stabilises in volatile market
BITCOIN'S price has started to pick up momentum and head in the right direction in a major boost for the world's most popular cryptocurrency at the start of the trading week. (BTC )
Jul 18
11:54 PM
Ethereum price: London hard fork may see Ether value 'surpassing $3,000 by end of August'
ETHEREUM is due a major code update early next month with many experts predicting it will kickstart a buying frenzy that will set prices 'surpassing $3,000 by the end of August'. (ETH )
Jul 17
07:06 AM
Dogecoin price prediction: Crypto forecasted to smash past $1 in sensational rebound
DOGECOIN has been forecasted to smash past the $1 (0.72) mark in the future in what would be a sensational rebound for the cryptocurrency. (DOGE )
Jul 16
09:30 AM
Cryptocurrency LIVE: BTC, ETH and DOGE prices rebound after 'dormant wallet wakes up'
ALL MAJOR cryptocurrencies saw their prices rise this morning following a slump earlier in the week - and they continue to increase.
Jul 15
12:06 AM
Cardano price: What price is Cardano today? Altcoin explained
CARDANO has gained a lot of interest among cryptocurrency followers recently. So what price is Cardano today and what is an altcoin? (ADA )
Jul 14
05:27 AM
Bitcoin warning as experts identify 'significant limitation' to cryptocurrency rebound
A BITCOIN warning has been sent as experts at JPMorgan have identified a 'significant limitation' to the possibility of the cryptocurrency rebounding. (BTC )
Jul 13
12:51 PM
Bitcoin price: What is bitcoin's price today? Cryptocurrency in 'natural cool-off period'
BITCOIN has had a turbulent few months. But according to one cryptocurrency expert, bitcoin is in the midst of a 'natural cool-off period' presently. So what is bitcoin's price today? (BTC )
Jul 13
07:34 AM
Crypto crackdown: Police seize 300million in digital cash as they target money launderers
POLICE have seized cryptocurrency valued at 294million as part of an investigation into money laundering.
Jul 13
06:45 AM
Cryptocurrency price live: Bitcoin and Ethereum 'in danger' as China strikes
CRYPTOCURRENCY prices are 'in danger' following a brutal crackdown in China with analysts warning the decommissioned Chinese mining capacity will not return. (BTC , ETH )
Jul 11
11:45 PM
Cryptocurrency news: Economists panic over Tether - could be 'Black Swan' of industry
ECONOMISTS have issued warnings about Tether, the world's third-biggest cryptocurrency, with some calling it a potential financial stability risk. (USDT )
Jul 07
08:45 AM
Will the bitcoin bubble burst?
BITCOIN is currently in the midst of a period of stability, rarely seen so far this year.
Jul 06
02:45 PM
Cryptocurrency price LIVE: Bitcoin plummets as gains wiped - Musk's Dogecoin also drops
BITCOIN'S price has plummeted more than five percent as major cryptocurrencies continue to struggle in the volatile market. (BTC , DOGE )
Jul 04
11:49 PM
Ethereum price sky-rockets by 27% as new 'London upgrade' sends buyers into a frenzy
ETHEREUM has broken out of its $2,300 resistance level for the first time in 16 days and has surged in value by an incredible 27.51 percent in the last week. (ETH )
Jul 04
05:30 AM
Dogecoin rebound predicted after Musk's tweet as analyst tips crypto to surge past $1
DOGECOIN has been predicted to rebound after Elon Musk's tweet as an analyst has tipped the cryptocurrency to surge past the $1 (0.73) mark in the next year. (DOGE )
Jul 02
08:42 AM
Dogecoin price soars as Elon Musk reissues support for crypto - will Doge go to the moon?
DOGECOIN has seen a price surge on Thursday following yet another tweet from Elon Musk. But what does this mean for Dogecoin - will it go to the moon? (DOGE )
Jul 01
10:12 AM
Baby Dogecoin: What is Baby Dogecoin?
BABY DOGECOIN has recently captured attention on the cryptocurrency market as another offshoot of the ever-popular DOGE, seemingly capturing Elon Musk's attention. What is Baby Dogecoin, and what is it worth? (DOGE )
Jul 01
08:42 AM
Bitcoin value today: Why is bitcoin dropping? Price falls by almost 3 percent in 24 hours
BITCOIN has dropped in price by 2.78 percent over the last 24 hours, so why is bitcoin dropping? (BTC )
Jul 01
06:18 AM
Dogecoin price: Is DOGE dying?
DOGECOIN started 2021 with an 'underdoge' story, leapfrogging other alternative tokens by gaining 4,000 percent off the back of social media endorsements. The coin has since fallen from grace, however, leading people to question whether DOGE is dying. (DOGE )
Jul 01
05:48 AM
Binance ban: Cryptocurrencies to become 'Facebook of tomorrow' if they adapt to ban
BINANCE customers in the UK will have woken up blindsided yesterday, as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) banned one of the world's most established crypto exchanges. While a blow for many cryptocurrency investors, one expert believes the pressure could breed the next Facebook or Google.
Jun 29
09:42 AM
Bitcoin price latest: Binance customers locked out of UK transactions - crypto crash fears
CRYPTOCURRENCY customers on Binance, the world's largest crypto-exchange, have been locked out of sterling withdrawals and deposits, although it is not clear whether the incident is related to recent FCA intervention. (BTC )
Jun 29
08:42 AM
What is Dogecoin price today? Elon Musk tweets support for 'important' change
DOGECOIN has gained momentum in recent months, starting out as a parody cryptocurrency based on a popular meme. So what is Dogecoin's price today? (DOGE )
Jun 29
07:36 AM
Bitcoin ban news: Cryptocurrencies 'virtually impossible' to crackdown on - expert
CRYPTOCURRENCIES have experienced a turbulent few months, with altcoins oscillating through the market and even established tokens collapsing under the weight of their own volatility. Experts believe that, while some have suffered amid 'crackdown' attempts, they're ultimately immune. (BTC )
Jun 29
06:18 AM
Bitcoin news: Cryptocurrency still vulnerable to central government suppression
BITCOIN remains 'very vulnerable' to state suppression, according to a leading cryptocurrency expert. (BTC )
Jun 28
01:48 PM
Binance ban UK: Can you still use Binance in the UK?
BINANCE, the world's biggest cryptocurrency exchange, has been banned by the UK's financial watchdog, the FCA. Can you still use Binance in the UK?
Jun 28
08:42 AM
Cryptocurrency price live: Cryptocurrency price live: UK bans Binance in major crackdown
THE UK has banned one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges as part of a major crackdown by the financial watchdog.
Jun 28
12:06 AM
Ethereum price prediction: ETH could soar to $20,000 in 2025 amid 'major changes'
ETHEREUM could soar to $20,000 (14,410) in just four years by 2025 if ETH implements the major changes promised to users, according to an expert panel. (ETH )
Jun 27
09:54 AM
Bitcoin price latest: BTC soars 10% in huge bounce back as hashrate rises
BITCOIN has bounced back today with a surge of nearly 10 percent as the mining hashrate readjusts after the latest crackdown from China. (BTC )
Jun 27
06:12 AM
Bitcoin price latest: Elon Musk could 'kill off' cryptocurrency - expert warning
ENVIRONMENTAL concerns around Bitcoin could 'kill off' the online currency, according to a cryptocurrency expert. (BTC )
Jun 26
02:06 AM
Crypto warning: THREE things experts want you to be aware of about cryptocurrency
CRYPTOCURRENCY has gained many new investors in recent months, but anyone considering investing in cryptocurrency should be aware that there are serious risks involved.
Jun 25
02:45 PM
Shiba Inu rival: What is Sanshu Inu coin - and can it beat SHIB?
SHIBA INU has made good gains this year after being dubbed the 'Dogecoin killer', but now SHIB could have a killer of its own as Sanshu Inu hits the market. But what is Sanshu Inu, and does it really have the power to beat SHIB? (DOGE )
Jun 25
07:03 AM
Brexit news: Britain defies EU gloom as London STILL biggest fintech hub outside US
BREXIT BRITAIN has continued to defy the European Union's gloomy forecasts after a new report revealed London is still the most active city in the world for fintech outside of the US - streaking clear of the likes of Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris.
Jun 24
10:09 AM
Cryptocurrency price LIVE: Night of horror as BTC, ETH and DOGE fall - but ADA bucks trend
CRYPTOCURRENCY suffered a night of horror as a number of major coins plunged overnight- albeit with one altcoin bucking the trend.
Jun 24
12:15 AM
Ethereum price today: Is Ethereum dropping?
ETHEREUM is considered one of the major cryptocurrencies. So what is Ethereum's value today and is it dropping? (ETH )
Jun 23
03:03 PM
Dogecoin warning: Will Dogecoin reach heights of bitcoin? 'Worst of the crypto industry'
DOGECOIN has gained itself a loyal following on social media, but will the meme-based cryptocurrency ever reach the heights of bitcoin? (DOGE )
Jun 23
09:03 AM
Dogecoin price tracker: Crypto plummets 40% in a week - latest price
DOGECOIN has suffered a drop in value in recent days, like several other cryptocurrencies. So what is the price of Dogecoin now? (DOGE )
Jun 22
03:03 PM
Crypto investing: Which cryptocurrencies are the most volatile?
CRYPTOCURRENCY investors have sprung out of the woodwork recently thanks to several altcoins launching 'to the Moon', but they may have experienced some trouble recently as their value drops just as fast. Which cryptocurrencies are the most volatile?
Jun 22
02:15 PM
Bitcoin crash: China crackdown was 'final nail' in BTC's bull run - latest crypto news
BITCOIN'S uphill struggle to maintain market momentum was cut short by China's brutal crackdown on BTC mining, a fintech expert has claimed. (BTC )
Jun 22
08:33 AM
Bitcoin REJECTED: UK shouldn't accept crypto as currency, says poll - 'It crashes hard'
BITCOIN should not be accepted as an official form of currency in the UK, according to a recent poll. (BTC )
Jun 22
03:39 AM
Bitcoin crash: Why is Bitcoin dropping again?
BITCOIN has had another tough day today, adding to months of oscillation through the market on the back of intensifying volatility. Why is Bitcoin dropping again? (BTC )
Jun 21
04:27 PM
Bitcoin price latest: '$220K for 2021' as China's miners 'airlift' to United States
CHINA's bitcoin crackdown has caused the nation's miners to flee en-masse and set up operations in the US, with one expert stating the move affirms his price target of '$220,000 BTC for 2021'. (BTC )
Jun 21
02:33 PM

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