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Bitcoin Prices Under Pressure- Time to Buy?
While the immediate threat remains for a move lower, the decline may offer more favorable long-entries. Here are the updated targets & invalidation levels that (BTC )
Sep 21
10:45 AM
Near-term Setups in EUR/USD, Bitcoin & Ethereum
Here's an update on the setup's Im tracking into the start of the week. Find a detailed, in-depth review of both these setups and more (BTC , ETH )
Sep 18
11:01 AM
Pound Surges, Bitcoin Plummets Ahead of Pivotal FOMC Meeting
It's been a volatile week across currency markets, and next week brings a heavily-awaited Federal Reserve rate decision. Will the bank announce the start of (BTC )
Sep 15
06:45 AM
Bitcoin Prices Continue to Bleed- Levels to Know as Crypto Collapses
The breakdown in Bitcoin is approaching initial support hurdles. Here are the updated targets & invalidation levels that matter heading into the close of the (BTC )
Sep 14
09:30 AM
Bitcoin, Ethereum Plunge; Technical Support Levels Breached
The crypto-currency market continued to record heavy losses as traders dumped their positions on news that a major Chinese exchange will cease doing business by (BTC , ETH )
Sep 14
07:01 AM
Ethereum Prices Search for Support as Adoption Doubts Intensify
A break below key support this week risks further declines for the cryptocurrency. Here are the updated targets & invalidation levels that matter. (ETH )
Sep 13
09:15 AM
GBP/USD Trades to 2017 High on Inflation Surge, JPM Calls Out Bitcoin
Sterling has been busy after the passing of a UK Parliamentary bill that clears the way for Brexit and CPI that could force the BoE (BTC )
Sep 12
02:17 PM
Bitcoin Beclamed After The Chinese Storm
The crypto-currency market attempted a pull-back Tuesday with small gains registered on many of the digital heavyweights. (BTC )
Sep 05
07:30 AM
Ethereum Prices Plummet into Support- 295 Critical
Ethereum prices are approaching support and prices will need to stabilize here to keep the uptrend intact. Here are the updated targets & invalidation levels (ETH )
Sep 04
09:01 AM
Ethereum Prices Hit Two-Month High, 385 in Sight
Ethereum prices are eyeing near-term resistance after breaking above the monthly opening range high. Here are the updated targets & invalidation levels that matter. (ETH )
Aug 29
09:01 AM
Bitcoin Hits New Record High, Ethereum Jumps on Korean Interest
Bitcoin (BTC) surges in early US trade and makes yet another all-time high as heightened political tensions weigh on traditional fiat currencies. (BTC , ETH )
Aug 29
07:16 AM
Bitcoin Building a Base, Ripple Volume Surges in Korea
Bitcoin (BTC) looks like it is readying itself for a fresh assault on last weeks $4,472 all-time high, but altcoin Ripple (XRP) is making waves (BTC )
Aug 24
03:33 AM
Bitcoin: Is The Short-Term High Now in Place?
After making yet another all-time high, Bitcoin (BTC) has given back over $700 in the last few days, as profit-taking takes hold. (BTC )
Aug 22
01:30 AM
Bitcoin Price Hits New High; Overall Market Capitalization Soars
Bitcoin (BTC) continues to make new highs, dragging a wide range of altcoins along with it. (BTC )
Aug 17
08:30 AM
Bitcoin Surges to New Highs Then Slumps as Sellers Strike
Bitcoin (BTC) rallied to a fresh all-time high in Asian trade but fell by over USD400 as Europe entered the fray. (BTC )
Aug 15
07:30 AM
Bitcoin Soars Above $4,100; NEO Enters the Top Five
Bitcoin (BTC) continues its post hard fork rally, printing a new high just under $4200 in Asian trading hours with calls for $5,000 or higher (BTC )
Aug 14
01:31 AM
Ethereum at Risk Near-term as Prices Rally to Fresh Monthly Highs
Ethereum prices are eyeing near-term resistance after breaking multi-month trendline resistance. Here are the updated targets & invalidation levels that matter. (ETH )
Aug 10
09:31 AM
Bitcoin Slips Lower as Technical Signals Diverge
One of the largest fund managers in the world is enabling its customers to view cryptocurrency quotes via its website. (BTC )
Aug 09
08:01 AM
Bitcoin Hits New Highs as Bitcoin Cash Recovery Continues
Bitcoin has nearly doubled from its July 16 low and is closing in on being three times the price of an ounce of gold. (BTC )
Aug 08
06:46 AM
Bitcoin Surges to Fresh High as Fork Split Fears Wane
The price of Bitcoin (BTC) soared over the weekend, taking the digital currency to yet another all-time high as investors pushed aside fears over a (BTC )
Aug 07
07:46 AM
Bitcoin Cash - Price Slumps in Last 24 Hours
The new digital currency may only be less than two days old but already it is seeing wild price moves. (BTC )
Aug 03
08:01 AM
Webinar: Bitcoin Analysis, Price and Chart Set-Ups
With the Bitcoin (BTC) hard fork now passed and the new token, Bitcoin Cash (BCC) quoted, we look ahead to themes and set-ups in the (BTC )
Aug 02
06:15 AM
Cryptocurrency News: Bitcoin Cash Futures Jump After Hard Fork
The digital currencies underlying technology, blockchain, is splitting into two and will host two currencies, Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCC). (BTC )
Aug 01
08:15 AM
Cryptocurrency News: Money Laundering, Bitcoin Forks and SEC Oversight
US Department of Justice claims that $4 billion was laundered via the BTC-e bitcoin exchange (BTC )
Jul 28
02:31 AM
Cryptocurrency Analysis: Bitcoin, Ethereum Prices Plunge into Support
Cryptocurrencies are under pressure with Bitcoin & Ethereum prices testing key near-term support targets. Here are the updated targets & invalidation levels that matter. (BTC , ETH )
Jul 25
10:31 AM
Cryptocurrency News: LedgerX to Offer Digital Currency Derivatives
A New-York based SEF will offer customers the ability to trade a wide range of bitcoin derivatives and specialized cryptocurrency swaps, all under US regulatory
Jul 25
03:30 AM
Cryptocurrency News: Central Bank Testing; BTC Chart Breakout Eyed
Blockchain acceptance continues to grow with central banks and exchanges looking deeper into the technology and its various applications.
Jul 24
08:02 AM
Cryptocurrency News: Bitcoin Price Jump, Ether Fraud Fears
As fears of a Bitcoin split continue to pass, investors are jumping back into the digital currency with renewed vigour. (BTC )
Jul 20
08:31 AM
Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Retains Gains as Hard Fork Fears Recede
Bitcoin stable, Ethereum soars as blockchain split looks increasingly unlikely. (BTC , ETH )
Jul 19
07:46 AM
Cryptocurrency: Sharp Rebounds Continue But Risks Remain
The cryptocurrency space is rallying back hard after the weekends heavy falls.
Jul 18
06:46 AM
Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Charts Show Conflicting Signals; Ethereum Falls
Bitcoin (BTC) price action has been contained in the past three weeks but a breakout could be close. (BTC , ETH )
Jul 14
03:00 AM
Is the Bitcoin Party Over? Crypto Threatens Major Reversal
BTCUSD is poised to post an outside-day reversal off technical support, but were not out of the woods yet. Here are the updated targets & (BTC )
Jul 12
12:30 PM
DAX on Verge of Falling into Air Pocket
The DAX turned lower from resistance as anticipated, and is very close to falling into the gap created after the first round of the French (XVG )
Jul 07
02:00 AM
Oil Prices Snap Bullish Sequence Ahead of EIA Inventory Update
Failure to retain the recent series of higher highs & lows may curb the near-term recovery in oil prices as the rebound appears to be (SEQ )
Jul 05
11:00 AM
What Has Driven Bitcoin to Its Record-Breaking Rally?
The cryptocurrency spaces most popular member Bitcoin continues to climb. Yet, is its strength based on a systemic adoption, a need to circumvent (BTC )
May 29
04:31 AM
Bitcoin Sets Records amid Elevated Risk, Yuan Eyes Upper Bound ahead of FOMC
The digital currency faces increasing risks despite of its record-setting run; the offshore Yuan is at key resistance level ahead of May FOMC minutes. (BTC )
May 23
12:31 PM
Bitcoin Continues Record-Setting Run, SECs Decision in Focus
Bitcoin notches new records for the fourth straight day on Thursday. How much further can it run? (BTC )
May 04
12:31 PM
Bitcoin/Dollar Hits All-time High, CNH/JPY Eyes Key Resistance
Two pairs are right below key resistance levels. Will they break above? (BTC )
May 02
01:15 PM
Chinas Market News: PBOCs Talks Dim the Outlook of a Digital Currency
After Bitcoin lost its popularity in China, investors shift their focus on a potential new digital currency from the PBOC. (BTC )
Apr 27
12:30 PM
PBOC Talks Dim the Prospect of Bitcoin in China
The Chinese regulator ruled out the possibility of Bitcoin platforms to become official exchanges in China. (BTC )
Mar 13
11:31 AM
Chinas Market News: PBOC, FX Regulator Promote Foreigners to Purchase Bonds
Chinese bonds may see increased capital inflows amid new measures, while tightened regulation could hurt Bitcoins popularity further. (BTC )
Feb 27
11:46 AM
Bitcoin Dives after Chinese Exchanges Halt in Withdrawals
All three major Chinese Bitcoin platforms have cut services. However, this is not the end of China cracking down illegal transactions through Bitcoin. (BTC )
Feb 09
10:01 AM

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