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Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Outlook: Bitcoin Bulls Back Down- 50K back in Play
Bitcoin is poised to snap a four-week winning streak after reversing sharply off uptrend resistance. Here are the levels that matter on the BTC/USD technical chart. (BTC )
Feb 25
10:12 AM
Bitcoin Technical Outlook: Can BTC/USD Hold onto the Parabolic Curve?
BTC/USD has had itself a couple of nasty days, putting an important technical structure to the test. (BTC )
Feb 24
04:42 AM
Where Next for Nasdaq, Bitcoin, Other Assets? - Market Sentiment Webinar
Trader confidence in the assets that have risen sharply in recent weeks has dissipated, but the current downturn could be a healthy correction prior to a resumption of the previous advance. (BTC )
Feb 23
05:36 AM
Bitcoin (BTC/USD), Ethereum (ETH/USD) Crushed as Cryptocurrency Market is Overrun by Sellers
The cryptocurrency market has been experiencing wild price swings over the last two days with sellers in complete control as prices slump across the board (BTC , ETH )
Feb 23
02:36 AM
Bitcoin Price Suffers Pullback, Damaging Technical Landscape
Bitcoin suffered a brief pullback that saw trendlines and psychological levels crumble. Still, consolidation after months of staggering gains may prove healthy in the longer-term. (BTC )
Feb 22
01:36 PM
Corporations Embrace Crypto, Boosting Bitcoin Price - Stock Market Forecast
Equity markets stumbled slightly last week but there are signs risk appetite lurks beneath the surface as corporations begin embracing cryptocurrency which has provided a boost to Bitcoin. (BTC )
Feb 21
05:00 AM
Bitcoin, Ethereum Price Forecast: BTC, ETH Still Showing Strength
Bitcoin and Ethereum have continued to show strength, even as Gold has pushed down to fresh lows. (BTC , ETH )
Feb 18
09:46 AM
Bitcoin Forecast: BTC/USD Holds Above 50,000, Attracts Investors Looking for Higher Returns
Bitcoin sees flows from non-yielding assets but volatility could be a bad thing (BTC )
Feb 18
02:33 AM
Bitcoin Price Forecast: BTC/USD Pushes to New Heights Amid Corporate Adoption
After breaking above $50,000 for the first time ever, Bitcoin has pushed higher still as US corporations wade into the cryptocurrency space. Can new entrants prolong the remarkable rally? (BTC )
Feb 17
02:09 PM
Bitcoin (BTC) Outlook: BTC/USD Challenging $50,000, Where to Next?
Although Bitcoin's long-term outlook remains overtly bullish, recent price action suggests that a short-term pullback could be in the offing. (BTC )
Feb 16
07:04 PM
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Price Probing Fresh Highs as Cryptocurrencies Remain Bid
The cryptocurrency market continues to march higher with fresh highs likely on the cards for a number of digital coins. (BTC )
Feb 16
03:36 AM
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Bears Breathe Sigh of Relief
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Retraces from All-Time Highs (BTC )
Feb 15
07:36 AM
Nasdaq 100, S&P 500, FTSE 100 Forecasts for the Week
Risk appetite remains strong as equities push higher and US corporations begin to wade into the cryptocurrency space, boosting digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. (BTC , ETH )
Feb 13
02:06 AM
Bitcoin Technical Outlook: Watch the BTC/USD Parabolic Curve
BTC/USD appears to be flying with reckless abandonment, but is actually doing so within a technical framework traders can look-to. (BTC )
Feb 12
05:36 AM
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Breaks to New Highs as Twitter, Uber Follow Tesla
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Threatens Higher-Highs after Twitter, Mastercard and Uber hint at following in Tesla's footsteps (BTC )
Feb 11
11:12 AM
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Price Outlook - Mastercard Preparing Crypto Payments, Will Twitter Follow Tesla?
A cluster of the world's largest companies are now looking at Bitcoin, and other stable coins, as a potential means of digital payment (BTC )
Feb 11
01:48 AM
Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple Outlook: Mastercard to Embrace Certain Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ripple price momentum seems to be fading as Mastercard Inc. said it will begin opening its network to certain cryptocurrencies. What are support levels to watch? (BTC , LTC )
Feb 10
04:54 PM
Bitcoin Bulls Backed by Tesla, CME launches Ethereum futures
Tesla's Bitcoin buy-in drives price action to fresh highs while Ether lags behind (BTC , ETH )
Feb 09
08:09 AM
Dow Jones Hits Record on Stimulus, Will Hang Seng and ASX 200 Follow?
Asia-Pacific equities may embrace another risk-on session as major US indices broke fresh highs on hopes that Democrats will push through a large stimulus bill. Crude oil climbed. Bitcoin soared ... (BTC )
Feb 08
05:33 PM
Bitcoin Price Analysis: Tesla Adoption Propels BTC/USD to Record Highs
Tesla's adoption of Bitcoin as a form of payment has propelled the cryptocurrency to fresh record highs. Rising inflation expectations may also bolster BTC in the near term. (BTC )
Feb 08
03:52 PM
Bitcoin Soars After Elon Musk Says Tesla Invested $1.5billion in BTC
BTC/USD is printing a new all-time high after Elon Musk invests in Bitcoin (BTC )
Feb 08
05:10 AM
Bitcoin (BTC/USD), Ethereum (ETH/USD) Outlooks - Setting Up for Fresh Highs?
Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to shrug off any attempt by sellers to take control of the market and look set to print new highs (BTC , ETH )
Feb 08
02:03 AM
Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: Bid into a Busy Weekend
Ethereum futures go live next week and this week saw a massive bullish run in anticipation. Will the futures listing serve to continue the trend or reverse the move? (BTC , ETH )
Feb 05
01:04 PM
Bitcoin Rallies into Resistance while Ethereum Hits All-Time High
Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to climb, testing key levels (BTC , ETH )
Feb 04
07:51 AM
Bitcoin Price Forecast: Did Elon Musk Materially Alter Bitcoin's Outlook?
Bitcoin may have rallied briefly after Elon Musk mentioned the cryptocurrency on Twitter, but did the short-lived surge materially alter the longer term forecast? (BTC )
Feb 03
01:34 PM
Bitcoin (BTC) Playing Catch Up as Ethereum (ETH) Surges to Fresh Highs
The BTC/ETH ratio suggests that Ethereum may outperform its more popular counterpart in the near term. However, Bitcoin looks set to follow ETH higher after breaching key resistance. (BTC , ETH )
Feb 02
07:03 PM
Bitcoin's (BTC/USD) Silver (XAG/USD) Lining
Bitcoin and Silver remain on the move after a volatile couple of weeks (BTC )
Feb 02
09:51 AM
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) and Ethereum (ETH/USD) Outlooks Differ in the Short-Term
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) remains slightly better bid but further upside looks increasingly difficult to call in the short-term (BTC , ETH )
Feb 01
04:04 AM
BTC/USD Price Forecast: Bitcoin Looking Vulnerable Before Elon Musk Stepped In
Bitcoin breaks above significance resistance as Elon Musk signals his support for the cryptocurrency (BTC )
Jan 29
01:21 AM
Bitcoin Price Forecast: Will Retail Traders Pile into Bitcoin Next?
Bitcoin bounced off support as other speculative favorites like GameStop, AMC and BlackBerry suffer staggering losses after invention from brokerages. Will Bitcoin benefit from current climate? (BTC )
Jan 28
01:06 PM
Bitcoin (BTC) Bulls Bid Support, Refuse to Surrender
Bitcoin (BTC) prices continue to consolidate as price action highlights a crucial zone (BTC )
Jan 27
11:07 AM
Bitcoin Breakdown: Has Everyone Went to Gamestop?
All of two weeks ago financial headlines were dominated by Bitcoin. Now it's Gamestop. But have Bitcoin bulls completely backed away, or is this a mere pause in the trend? (BTC )
Jan 26
01:07 PM
Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD Resistance Bound Ahead of the Fed
Gold prices are going on six months of digestion now as markets like Bitcoin or Gamestop have went ballistic. Will the Fed wave the red flag tomorrow to let the bulls run? (BTC )
Jan 26
09:07 AM
Bitcoin (BTC) Continues to Struggle While Ethereum (ETH) Comes Off a Fresh All-Time High
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) continues to struggle to move higher and yesterday's bearish candle may cap any further upside in the short-term. (BTC , ETH )
Jan 26
01:30 AM
Bitcoin, Ethereum Outlook: ETH Poised to Outperform BTC in Near Term
The Bitcoin/Ethereum ratio's break to its lowest levels since August 2018 suggests that ETH may continue to outperform BTC in the coming weeks. Key levels to watch for Bitcoin and Ethereum. (BTC , ETH )
Jan 24
07:06 PM
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Outlook - Trying to Stem Recent Heavy Losses
Bitcoin slumped below $30,000 in early turnover today before clawing back its losses in highly volatile trading (BTC )
Jan 22
04:06 AM
BTC/USD Price Forecast: Symmetrical Triangle Points to a Build in Momentum
Bitcoin struggles to push above key resistance as price consolidation continues (BTC )
Jan 21
02:31 AM
BTC/USD: Bitcoin Shruggs Off Lagarde's Comments, Up Above 38,000
Bitcoin continues its bullish run and pushes above 38,000 but price may see consolidation in the short-run (BTC )
Jan 14
01:21 AM
Bitcoin (BTC) Builds for the Next Big Break, BTC/USD Levels
Is Bitcoin a bubble in process of bursting, or is this a simple pullback on the way to fresh higher-highs? (BTC )
Jan 13
09:06 AM
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Bulls Bite the Bullet
Bitcoin price action fights to pursue bullish continuation (BTC )
Jan 12
04:18 AM
Bitcoin, Ethereum Outlook: Short-Term Correction or Has The Bubble Burst?
Bitcoin and Ethereum have sank lower in recent days as risk appetite across financial markets notably fades. Is this just a mere short-term pullback or has the cryptocurrency bubble finally burst? (BTC , ETH )
Jan 11
07:06 PM
ASX 200, Nikkei 225 Outlook: Pressure from Rising Yields, Stronger USD
All three major US stock indices retreated from recent highs as rising yields and pandemic concerns weighed on sentiment. Asia-Pacific stocks look set to trade lower. Bitcoin prices tumbled. (BTC )
Jan 11
06:06 PM
Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) Slump - Cryptocurrency Market Hammered
The cryptocurrency market fell sharply over the weekend with most of the main coins showing heavy double-digit losses. (BTC , ETH )
Jan 11
01:24 AM
Gold Price Forecast: (XAU) Gold Grounded as Bitcoin Shoots to the Moon
Gold bulls just got grounded this week while Bitcoin flew to the moon. Do we have a new safe-haven taking the crown, or a mere pause in a bigger picture cycle? (BTC )
Jan 08
12:03 PM
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Bulls Brutal Breakout Shows No Mercy
Bitcoin prices continue to soar as US political tensions fuel rally (BTC )
Jan 07
10:21 AM
Bitcoin (BTC) Hits New All-Time High, Ethereum (ETH) Jumps Further as Volatility Soars
The cryptocurrency buying frenzy continues with Bitcoin hitting a new ATH while a host of altcoins rack up fresh hefty gains. (BTC , ETH )
Jan 06
04:27 AM
Bitcoin (BTC) and Altcoins Ride Wild Volatility Wave While Ripple (XRP) Remains Mired
Cryptocurrency volatility is back at extreme levels last seen in early 2018 as Bitcoin continues to hit fresh all-time highs before the altcoin market rallied hard, playing catch-up. (BTC )
Jan 04
05:33 AM
ASX 200, Hang Seng Weekly Open: Rally May Pause as Pandemic Worsens
Asia-Pacific equities trade mixed as the pandemic worsens, despite hopes that central banks and governments might continue to deploy cash into 2021. Bitcoin hit US$ 33k as its exuberant rally carri... (BTC )
Jan 03
06:00 PM
Bitcoin, Ethereum Outlook: Cryptos Go Parabolic, is a Correction Due?
Bitcoin and Ethereum have stormed higher since the March Nadir, on the back of extraordinary fiscal and monetary support. However, a near-term pullback could be in the offing. (BTC , ETH )
Jan 03
04:15 PM
Bitcoin (BTC) Latest: BTC/USD at Record High, Takes Aim at 30,000
The Bitcoin price rose again in early European business Thursday, hitting a record high above $29,000 and in a good position to reach $30,000 soon. (BTC )
01:03 AM

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