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Cardano-based decentralized exchange RavenDex reveals demo CryptoNinjas
RavenDex, a Cardano-focused decentralized exchange, announced this week it has released its front-end demo for users to experiment with. When live, RavenDex will enable users to offer liquidity and establish a market pair on any native Cardano token for others to swap while utilizing the performance, and low fees of the Cardano blockchain. The RavenDex [] (ADA )
Oct 21
12:24 AM
Crypto derivatives exchange BitMEX enlists Fireblocks to drive the development of new offerings CryptoNinjas
BitMEX, the popular cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, today announced that it has enlisted Fireblocks, a cryptocurrency and blockchain-asset custody, transfer, and settlement platform, to propel the development of the company's forthcoming product offerings. We're thrilled to support BitMEX as it diversifies its product offerings, and with Fireblocks' infrastructure, it can be done in the most scalable []
Oct 20
10:24 PM
Encrypted office suite CryptPad introduces 'Document' and 'Presentation' apps CryptoNinjas
CryptPad, an end-to-end encrypted office & collaboration suite, today announced the start of the roll-out of some major new features for CryptPad. The CryptPad team has integrated the two remaining OnlyOffice editors for text documents and presentations into CryptPad's real-time encrypted collaboration engine. This completes the OnlyOffice suite, as spreadsheets have been available for some []
Oct 20
06:09 PM
Crypto exchange Huobi Japan successfully registers to offer derivatives
Huobi Japan, a bitcoin and crypto exchange company, today announced it has received approval from Japan's Financial Services Agency (FSA) to register as a Type I Financial Instruments Business, as designated under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. This will enable Huobi Japan to engage in the trading, underwriting, and management of cryptocurrency derivatives, as [] (BTC )
Oct 18
06:54 PM
Asia Digital Bank to provide users access to Cosmos ecosystem thru IRISnet CryptoNinjas
Asia Digital Bank Ltd. (Asia DB), the first recipient of the Digital Banking license issued by Labuan Financial Services Authority in Malaysia and digital asset operator, announced a strategic partnership with Bianjie, IRISnet's Core team, and a Cosmos Core Contributor since genesis. ADB with Bianjie's support plans to build new digital financial infrastructure that supports []
Oct 18
05:54 PM
Cindicator NFT for lifetime access to auto trading crypto app sells for 36.75 ETH ($140K) CryptoNinjas
Cindicator, a crypto investment platform, announced today that its first NFT on Stoic, an automated crypto investment app with AI, has sold for 36.75 ETH or over $140,000 at the current rate. The winning bid came from someone named _satoshi. The Stoic NFT is named Zeno of Citium, the founder of Stoicism. He believed that [] (ETH )
Oct 18
04:24 PM
Nervos 'Force Bridge' now live to allow cross-chain connection to Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot CryptoNinjas
Nervos, a collection of protocols and public blockchain ecosystem, today announced that Force Bridge, its cross-chain asset system, has launched on mainnet. Force Bridge is now connected to Ethereum and will soon connect to Cardano and other EVM and non-EVM chains such as Bitcoin, TRON, EOS, and Polkadot. A trustless cross-chain bridge, Force Bridge allows [] (ADA , BTC , EOS , ETH )
Oct 14
07:54 AM
AllianceBlock to support Albanian social app dua in the creation of crypto platform CryptoNinjas
AllianceBlock, a multi-faceted blockchain-based exchange protocol, today announced a partnership with dua, an Albanian platform that includes matchmaking, marketplace, and payment services. Going forward, AllianceBlock will support dua in the creation of, a remittance transaction and payment platform leveraging DeFi to build a digital banking service for international deposits. Transactions via will require []
Oct 14
06:39 AM
Telos launches EVM-compatible layer-1 chain to eliminate crypto insider trading CryptoNinjas
Telos, a next-generation blockchain platform, today announced it is launching the Telos EVM Mainnet, a fully EVM-compatible layer-1 chain. The Telos EVM is a non-Ethereum fork, Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) that runs existing Solidity and Vyper contracts without modification, just like Ethereum, but with 30X greater speed, around 1% of the cost of Ethereum gas [] (ETH )
Oct 14
02:09 AM
The Pros and Cons of Decentralized Exchanges for Financial Institutions CryptoNinjas
Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) have been one of the main drivers of decentralized finance (DeFi), thus raising considerable interest from institutional investors. But as DEXs strongly differ from traditional trading venues, financial institutions should be aware of the opportunities and risks involved. Decentralized finance (DeFi) is one of the biggest success stories in the digital asset []
Oct 14
12:24 AM
SimpleHold: Light crypto wallet available on 4 browsers with user-friendly features CryptoNinjas
Close your eyes and imagine the safest and the most trustable wallet ever. Now you can open them, it is here looking at you from the screen and its name is SimpleHold. Let's get to know the wallet which meets all your needs a bit better A light wallet focusing on the two most important []
Oct 13
10:54 PM
Crypto-margin trading platform Evolve lists LINK, DOGE, SOL, BNB & DOT CryptoNinjas
Evolve Markets, a bitcoin and cryptocurrency denominated margin trading platform, today announced it has added five new crypto trading markets with the listing of LINK, DOGE, SOL, BNB, and DOT. The following markets are now listed in the cryptocurrency orderbook on Evolve Markets: Chainlink (LINK-USD) Dogecoin (DOGE-USD) Solana (SOL-USD) Binance (BNB-USD) Polkadot (DOT-USD) Trading Specifications [] (BTC , DOGE , DOT )
Oct 12
07:54 PM
Blockchain.comExchange launches BTC/USD margin trading with 5x leverage CryptoNinjas, a crypto/bitcoin wallet and exchange company, announced today the official launch of margin trading on the Exchange. Margin trading is currently supported forGold-verified users and is not currently available for users in the US, UK, Canada, Japan, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, The Netherlands, and other select countries. For now, the margin trading product [] (BTC )
Oct 12
07:24 PM
Ethereum software firm ConsenSys acquires NFT platform Treium
ConsenSys, a leading Ethereum software company, today announced the acquisition of the Treum team and its NFT platform from Mesh, a Web3 incubator, for an undisclosed amount. Through this acquisition, ConsenSys is welcoming a team of creators, product managers, and software developers who have pioneered use-cases of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) since their formation in 2017. [] (ETH )
Oct 12
06:54 PM
Crypto self-storage platform AirGap now supports BTC SegWit addresses CryptoNinjas
AirGap, a self-custody bitcoin and crypto wallet with a storage application, announced today its latest release. In update v3.11.0, AirGap implemented support for SegWit for Bitcoin (BTC), improved secret import and entropy collection via dice rolls. Segregated Witness (SegWit) is an update to the Bitcoin protocol that modified the way data was stored in the [] (BTC )
Oct 12
06:09 PM
Hex Trust to provide custody for native crypto-asset and protocols of Hedera CryptoNinjas
Hex Trust, an Asia-based crypto-asset custodian, today announced its partnership with Hedera Hashgraph, the enterprise-grade public ledger. Specifically, Hex Trust has integrated the Hedera network and the Hedera Token Service (HTS) standard into Hex Safe, its bank-grade custody platform, enabling support for HBAR, the Hedera network's native cryptocurrency, and all HTS issuances on the protocol. []
Oct 11
09:09 PM
Etrading Software integrates new ISO-based Digital Token Identifier (DSO) CryptoNinjas
Etrading Software, through its non-profit division the DTI Foundation, announced today it has launched a new service to enable the tracking of all digital assets. The service will issue identifiers for digital assets based on the new ISO standard, the Digital Token Identifier (DSO). ISO has selected Etrading Software to be the Registration Authority for []
Oct 07
01:24 AM
21Shares chooses Copper to secure its cryptocurrency ETPs CryptoNinjas
21Shares, an issuer of cryptocurrency exchange-traded products (ETPs), today announced Copper will provide crypto-asset custody and staking services to secure the underlying assets of its cryptocurrency ETPs amidst increasing interest from institutional investors. Copper's custody, which uses Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology, creates three separate key shards rather than one private key to largely eliminate the []
Oct 07
01:09 AM
Crypto custodian Hex Trust closes $10M funding round led by Animoca Brands CryptoNinjas
Hex Trust, an Asia-based licensed and insured provider of custody for crypto-assets, announced it has raised USD $10 million in an investment round led by Animoca Brands, a company specializing in digital entertainment, blockchain, and gamification. Other investors include Ripple Labs, Algorand Foundation, BCW Group, Tessera Capital Partners, Mind Fund, Double Peak Group, and Token []
Oct 05
12:09 PM
COTI bank accounts go live with its crypto debit cards now shipping CryptoNinjas
COTI, a blockchain-powered cryptocurrency payment ecosystem, has announced that its COTI bank account and VISA debit cards have now arrived. We have been working with our close partner, Simplex, to provide our users with COTI bank accounts and debit cards, and we are happy to have successfully achieved this important milestone. - The COTI Team []
Sep 29
10:39 PM
Ripple introduces new $250M creator fund for NFT development on XRP Ledger CryptoNinjas
Ripple, a provider of enterprise blockchain and crypto solutions, today announced a $250 million fund to provide creators with the financial, creative, and technical support needed to explore and craft premium non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other tokenization projects on the XRP Ledger. Heightened interest in NFTs globally has introduced new revenue streams and business models [] (XRP )
Sep 29
05:24 PM
Japan crypto exchange bitbank upgrades performance of its matching engine by 4x CryptoNinjas
bitbank, a Japan-based bitcoin & crypto exchange company, has announced that the performance of its exchange matching engine has been successfully upgraded. Specifically, bitbank's matching engine order-throughput is now about four times higher than before. With bitbank's changes to the system architecture of the matching engine, the execution level has been significantly improved compared to [] (BTC )
Sep 27
09:39 PM
Hong Kong crypto exchange Coinsuper adds USD-based Solana (SOL) market CryptoNinjas
Coinsuper, a Hong Kong-based crypto exchange company, today announced that due to user suggestions and requirements, it has now added a USD-based Solana (SOL) trading pair in its USD Zone. To celebrate the launch of SOL/USD, Coinsuper started trading activity with transaction fees of 50% off. During the promotion time, SOL/USD transaction fees for Takers []
Sep 24
04:54 AM
Crypto staking platform Moonstake joins startup incubator program of IBM CryptoNinjas
Moonstake, a staking pool protocol with B2B services platform, today announced it has been invited to be a Friend of IBM's Hyper Protect Accelerator, a mentorship program enabling global tech startups with its top-class data protection, privacy, and security solutions. Over the past 2 years, IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator has enabled 45 of the most []
Sep 24
03:39 AM
MENA bitcoin exchange BitOasis the first to be linked with UAE's GoAML platform CryptoNinjas
BitOasis, a Dubai-based crypto and bitcoin exchange focused on the MENA region, announced today that the exchange has become the UAE's first virtual asset service provider to be linked with the GoAML platform launched by the UAE Financial Intelligence Unit. The BitOasis team worked with the National Committee for Combating Money Laundering and the Financing [] (BTC )
Sep 23
08:24 PM
EmiSwap's integrates with Movr to enable cross-chain token transfers CryptoNinjas
EmiSwap, a community-governed decentralized exchange (DEX), today announced its integration with cross-chain bridge Movr. The integration will allow EmiSwap users to transfer tokens across blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Binance Smart Chain, and xDAI at lower fees and higher speeds. Movr aggregates different cross-chain bridges to find the best route to move assets. The all-in-one [] (ETH )
Sep 22
10:24 AM
Fuel Labs raises $1.5M led by CoinFund for its Ethereum layer-2 solution CryptoNinjas
Fuel Labs, which is building permissionless and trustless layer-2 protocols for Ethereum, today announced $1.5M USD of support led by blockchain-focused investment firmCoinFund. Other participants include Fenbushi Capital and Origin Capital. The Fuel Labs' team is building Fuel for optimistic rollup: a fully decentralized scaling solution that utilizes layer-2 techniques to create a non-custodial, censorship-resistant, [] (ETH )
Sep 21
06:24 AM
Lamassu unveils its new compact bitcoin ATM machine model CryptoNinjas
Lamassu, creators of a line of Bitcoin ATM machines including open-source admin software, announced over the weekend its newest bitcoin/cryptomat ATM model, the Tejo. Designed with a compact form factor that will fit in almost any location. Moreover, the Tejo also has spacious internals and can accommodate extra cash boxes that can triple its bill [] (BTC )
Sep 20
11:09 PM
Crypto exchange HitBTC goes live with new perp trading contracts CryptoNinjas
HitBTC, a popular bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, announced today that perpetual futures contracts with up to 75x leverage are now live. Users of HitBTC can now trade BTC, ETH, TRX, BCH, ADA, DOT, SOL, EOS, AAVE, MATIC, XLM, UNI, LTC, and HIT (HitBTC's native utility token) as perpetual futures. The new contracts are USDT-denominated and [] (ADA , BCH , BTC , DOT , EOS , ETH , LTC , USDT , XLM )
Sep 20
08:09 PM
Trade Fighter: A new user-friendly crypto price prediction dApp built on Binance Smart Chain CryptoNinjas
Trade Fighter is a decentralized crypto-asset price prediction app built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The Trade Fighter application offers a user-friendly gamified platform of various token pairs to earn native TDF tokens for correctly predicting the price on BTC and ETH to alt tokens like DOGE, SHIBU, and INU. While the Trade Fighter team [] (BTC , DOGE , ETH )
Sep 15
10:39 PM
Komodo completes P2P cross-chain token fundraise for NFT infrastructure project Tokel CryptoNinjas
Komodo, an open-source technology provider that offers all-in-one blockchain solutions and pioneer behind AtomicDEX which enables safe and instant swapping and transfer of assets between trader wallets without requiring AMMs, announced today it has successfully completed a peer-to-peer, cross-chain fundraise with Tokel, a tokenization infrastructure provider. The fundraise employed a unique approach that ensures users []
Sep 15
08:54 PM
Crypto management platform Abra raises $55M in Series C CryptoNinjas
Abra, a cryptocurrency management platform, today announced it has raised $55 million in Series C funding. The round was led by IGNIA and Blockchain Capital, with new investors including Kingsway Capital, Tiga Investments, and the Stellar Development Foundation. Added investments from existing investors include Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Amex Ventures, Arbor Ventures, RRE Ventures, CMT Digital []
Sep 15
07:54 PM
Vite Labs proposes solution to bring NFT stack to its multi-chain platform CryptoNinjas
Today, the team of Vite Labs published an outline of an approach that seems sensible in order to deliver a non-fungible-token (NFT) stack to the multi-chain decentralized blockchain ecosystem. Vite, using a DAG ledger structure. is a universal dApp platform that can support a set of smart contracts, each of which is a state machine []
Sep 15
07:24 PM
Mixin to provide staking services to Avalanche ecosystem as validator CryptoNinjas
Mixin Network, a layer-2 PoS platform bringing speed and scalability to the blockchain, announced today it has integrated with Avalanche. Starting the partnership, Exin, one of the most active developer teams in the Mixin ecosystem, and which owns the popular staking product ExinPool, will join the Avalanche validator node ecosystem to provide secure and trusted []
Sep 15
06:54 PM
BSO partners with ImpactScope to offer carbon offsetting for crypto traders CryptoNinjas
BSO, a global infrastructure and connectivity provider, in partnership with Geneva-based ImpactScope, a social enterprise providing carbon offsetting solutions to digital asset exchanges and crypto mining companies, has become the first connectivity provider to offer clients that trade cryptocurrencies the means to calculate and offset the excess carbon emissions of their operations. The criticism of []
Sep 14
07:54 PM
Jump Trading Group formally introduces Jump Crypto CryptoNinjas
Jump Trading Group, a data and research-driven trading business in operation for more than twenty years, today announced the formal launch of Jump Crypto, a dedicated unit focused on the development of blockchain ecosystems and cryptocurrency. Kanav Kariya has been appointed President of Jump Crypto. As founding code contributors to projects such as the Pyth []
Sep 14
07:24 PM
Eden Block launches $16M fund to grow the Solana ecosystem in Israel & Europe CryptoNinjas
Eden Block, a blockchain-focused VC firm with offices in London and Tel-Aviv, and the Solana Foundation today announced a funding effort of up to $16 million to advance the Solana ecosystem in Israel. With this specialized new fund, Eden Block and the Solana Foundation will invest in pre-seed and seed-stage blockchain companies out of Israel. []
Sep 14
02:39 PM
Infura releases public version of its Ethereum transaction relaying service CryptoNinjas
Infura, aConsenSys service that provides a suite of blockchain developer tools, today announced the public release of its Ethereum transaction relaying service, Infura Transactions (ITX). ITX makes sending transactions easier for the developer such as handling stuck transactions, managing nonces, and gradually bumping the tip to entice block producers to prioritize their transaction. While EIP-1559 [] (ETH )
Sep 14
08:39 AM
Cardano blockchain upgrade sees over 100 smart contracts in the first 24 hours CryptoNinjas
Cardano, the third-biggest blockchain by market cap, on Sunday, September 12th, successfully executed the Alonzo hard fork, an upgrade to give the blockchain 'smart contract' functionality, which gives developers the ability to create decentralized apps with advanced use-cases. Within 24 hours, the platform saw over 100 smart contracts run on the network, with its first [] (ADA )
Sep 14
07:39 AM
Cardano DeFi platform teams with COTI for ADA-based payments CryptoNinjas
COTI, a DAG-based blockhain protocol & infrastructure, today announced a partnership with, a decentralized launchpad for the Cardano ecosystem to explore development synergies - including the possibility of enabling users to participate in initial offerings in ADA via the OccamRazer launchpad. The strategic partnership, still in its early exploration phase, will look for opportunities [] (ADA )
Sep 13
08:54 PM
Interactive Brokers integrates cryptocurrency trading via Paxos CryptoNinjas
Interactive Brokers Group, a global brokerage firm, today announced the addition of crypto, clients can trade Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) via Paxos Trust Company. Through Paxos, IBKR clients will be able to trade cryptocurrency alongside other asset classes available on the Interactive Brokers platform creating a unified customer experience. [] (BCH , BTC , ETH , LTC )
Sep 13
08:39 PM
Blockchain-based invoice factoring platform Hiveterminal expands to DACH region CryptoNinjas
Hiveterminal, a blockchain-based invoice factoring platform, today announced that it has moved its headquarters to Switzerland's Crypto Valley Zug, the European blockchain hub. The company will be operating under the legal entity Hiveterminal AG. The founding of Hiveterminal AG marks the platform's official entry onto the Swiss market, the first in a series of steps []
Sep 13
03:09 PM
Alpha integrates fiat-crypto gateway from Nash to enable EU users to purchase crypto CryptoNinjas
Alpha Finance Lab, a DeFi platform and ecosystem, announced today that it has partnered with Nash, a bitcoin and crypto exchange platform to integrate their fiat gateway ontoAlpha Homora V2. This partnership will allow European users to easily purchase cryptocurrencies and directly lend on Alpha Homora V2. Nash's fiat gateway offers European users great rates [] (BTC )
Sep 10
10:09 PM
P2P crypto marketplace LocalCryptos adds support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) CryptoNinjas
LocalCryptos, a peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency marketplace, announced today it has added support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) trading. This is now the fifth cryptocurrency supported by LocalCryptos. Bitcoin Cash is a fork of BTC, which means it has similar Bitcoin script smart contract capabilities. Unlike the LocalCryptos non-custodial escrow scripts for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash, LocalCryptos [] (BCH , BTC , LTC )
Sep 09
09:39 PM
Decentral Games to deploy on Polygon to enhance play-to-earn economy in the metaverse CryptoNinjas
Polygon, a full-stack Ethereum scaling solution, today announced it has formed a strategic partnership with Decentral Games, a metaverse gaming decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), to solve challenges around scalability, interoperability, speed, and transaction costs during play-to-earn games. Under the partnership, Decentral Games will leverage Polygon's Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain as an ultra-low fee, sustainable, and efficient [] (DAO , ETH )
Sep 09
05:54 PM
Bitfinex introduces new Ripple, Monero and Terra perpetual swaps CryptoNinjas
Bitfinex, the popular cryptocurrency exchange platform, today announced that Bitfinex Derivatives has launched perpetual contracts for Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR), and Terra (LUNA). All three contracts are now live with up to 100x leverage. The XRP and XMR perpetual swaps will be settled in Tether tokens (USDT), and the LUNA swap will be settled in [] (USDT , XMR , XRP )
Sep 09
05:39 PM
Delta Exchange launches new options contracts for Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) CryptoNinjas
Delta Exchange, a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, announced today the launch of call and put options for Solana's SOL and Cardano's ADA. These new offerings add to the list of options already available on Delta Exchange including BTC, ETH, XRP, BCP, and BNB. Daily maturities are now available on SOL and ADA with weekly and monthly [] (ADA , BTC , ETH , XRP )
Sep 08
08:09 PM
C.R.E.A.M. Finance begins bridge strategy bringing NFTs and the Metaverse to DeFi CryptoNinjas
C.R.E.A.M. Finance, a decentralized lending protocol, is bringing NFTs and the Metaverse to DeFi with phase one of its larger strategy to build the bridges between DeFi, NFT, and the Metaverse ecosystems. In collaboration with Chainlink, C.R.E.A.M. Finance is now the first borrowing/lending DeFi protocol to support Axie Infinity's AXS and Yield Guild Games' YGG []
Sep 08
07:39 PM
Blockstream and Macquarie team up to develop green Bitcoin mining facilities CryptoNinjas
Blockstream, a Bitcoin infrastructure services company, today announced a new partnership with financial services giant Macquarie to develop and manage zero-emission Bitcoin mining facilities. The first project will be based in North America and will utilize Blockstream's enterprise-grade mining facilities and expertise in mining hardware hosting to provide additional security to the Bitcoin network. Partnership [] (BTC )
Sep 08
07:24 PM
IOTA selected for European Blockchain Services Infrastructure network
TheIOTA Foundation, the non-profit supporting the research and development of new distributed ledger technologies (DLT), including the IOTA Tangle, announced today it been selected to participate in the pre-commercial procurement process for the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI), a network of blockchain nodes across the European Union (EU). Established in 2019 by the European Blockchain [] (MIOTA )
Sep 07
05:09 AM

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