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Vinniks Children File a Complaint About Rights Violation to Greek Court
The lawyers for Alexander Vinnik, the alleged operator of defunct crypto exchange BTC-e, have filed a complaint alleging violation of Vinniks rights (BTC )
10:41 AM
EIDOS Transaction Volumes Skew 2019 DApp Market Report
EIDOS airdrop dApp skews results of entire dApp market report for 2019 (EOS )
09:41 AM
Raiz to Offer Bitcoin Fund to Australian Retail Investors in 2020
Australian micro-investment startup Raiz is said to have cleared all legal hurdles for the introduction of a Bitcoin-exposed investment product for retail users (BTC )
04:40 AM
Binance CEO Suggests Crypto Exchanges Are Safer Than Keeping Ones Keys
Binance CEO and co-founder Changpeng Zhao suggested that, for most, keeping crypto assets on an exchange is safer than keeping the keys themselves (BTC )
04:25 AM
Chinese Blockchain-Based Mobile Payment Revolution: How Is the Biggest CO2 Polluter Becoming Leading World Solar Panels Producer
China leads the blockchain-based mobile digital payment revolution (BTC )
01:55 AM
Report: Hamas, Iran-Tied Militants Intensify Bitcoin Fundraising Action
A militant group with ties to the Iranian regime and Hamas the de facto ruling authority of the Gaza Strip in Palestine is allegedly upping its Bitcoin fund... (BTC )
01:24 AM
South Korea Considers Imposing a 20% Income Tax on Cryptocurrencies
South Koreas finance ministry is considering imposing a 20% income tax on cryptocurrency transactions (BTC )
12:40 AM
Peter Schiff Lost His Bitcoin, Claims Owning Crypto Was a Bad Idea
Peter Schiff claims he has lost access to his crypto wallet, claims having BTC was a bad idea (BTC )
Jan 19
08:56 AM
Bitcoin Price Drops Over $500 in 5 Minutes, Top Altcoin Also See Red
Bitcoin and most of the cryptocurrency market seed severe losses on the day after bitcoin lost over $500 in under 5 minutes (BTC , ETH )
Jan 19
05:26 AM
Crypto Fights for Freedom in Indias Supreme Court, Critics Cite Risk
As Indias Supreme Court inches closer to giving its final verdict on RBIs crypto ban, experts believe the judgment will favor crypto (BTC )
Jan 18
10:10 PM
Weak Hands Are Out Trader Who Called $20K Bitcoin Top Calls Bottom
Progress in 2020 has turned Bitcoin bullish, says Brandt, who now recommends potential investors hold up to 20% of their portfolio in the cryptocurrency (BTC )
Jan 18
05:10 AM
Bitcoin SV Drops 40% as Lawyer Admits Craig Wright Has No Private Keys
The altcoin Wright claims is the real Bitcoin has lost investors who bought on Jan. 15 almost half their money (BTC )
Jan 18
03:25 AM
Its Never Been Harder to Mine Bitcoin as Hash Rate Hits New Highs
Data from Glassnode strengthens the overall consensus that Bitcoins hash rate, despite being hard to measure, is stronger than ever before (BTC )
Jan 18
01:40 AM
Ugandan Victims of Dunamiscoins Scam Petition Govt for Lost Investments
Over 5,000 victims of the alleged crypto pyramid scheme Dunamiscoins have petitioned the Ugandan Parliament asking to refund money lost in the scam (BTC )
Jan 17
12:39 PM
Alethea to Launch Decentralized Network for Deepfakes and Synthetic Content
Alethea is set to launch a decentralized network to ensure the digital rights for deepfake videos in an attempt to regulate the creation of fake AI-based media
Jan 17
06:39 AM
Canadian Regulator Issues New Guidance for Cryptocurrency Exchanges
The Canadian Securities Administration has issued new guidance that determines which digital currency trading platforms fall under derivatives law
Jan 17
06:10 AM
Tron to Include Zcash-Based Privacy Features, Announces Trusted Setup Ceremony
Tron is set to introduce privacy technology based on zero knowledge proofs to its smart contracts, using copied Zcash code for the trusted setup (ZEC )
Jan 17
05:56 AM
New Hampshires Second Bill to Accept Bitcoin as Tax Payment Fails
The U.S. state of New Hampshire fails to pass its second bill to accept crypto for tax payments due to the high volatility of Bitcoin (BTC )
Jan 17
04:40 AM
Coinbase-Backed Crypto Ratings Council Adds eToro, OKCoin
Coinbase-backed Crypto Ratings Council expands its network with three new members and five digital assets (BTC )
Jan 16
10:09 AM
Ex-CFTC Chairman to Promote Blockchain-Based USD in New Think Tank
J. Christopher Giancarlo, ex-CFTC chairman aka Crypto Dad has started a think tank to promote the blockchain-based U.S. dollar
Jan 16
08:10 AM
Gemini Launches Firm to Insure Its Own Crypto Custody Branch for $200M
Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, founded by the Winklevoss twins, has formed its own insurance company to insure its custody arm for $200 million
Jan 16
04:25 AM
Zcash Poised to Finally Have Private Transactions on Mobile With SDK Release
Zcash released a Software Development Kit for both Android and iOS, which allows developers to easily build mobile wallets supporting shielded transactions (ZEC )
Jan 16
04:10 AM
No, It Wasnt Craig Wright: Bitfinex Moves $1B in Bitcoin for 48 Cents
A giant Bitcoin transaction between two unknown addresses was subsequently claimed by Bitfinex, which was reloading its hot wallet (BTC )
Jan 16
04:10 AM
Bitcoin Price Rally to $9K in Danger as a Double Top Pattern Appears
The bullish momentum for Bitcoin price has slowed down, leading to what traders hope will be a brief period of consolidation (BTC )
Jan 16
12:12 AM
More Bitcoin Scam Ads With Martin Lewis on Instagram Can We Get a Filter for That?
Bitcoin scam ads featuring Martin Lewis appear on Instagram less than a year after Lewis settled a defamation suit with Facebook (BTC )
Jan 15
06:10 PM
Bitwise Withdraws Long-Standing Bitcoin ETF Application
Bitwise Asset Management retracted its long-standing Bitcoin ETF proposal after an earlier rejection by the SEC was reevaluated, following similar actions by Va... (BTC )
Jan 15
03:25 AM
Unpacking the Potential of Blockchain and Infrastructure in Africa
Africa is the fastest-growing mobile market and it could possibly make this continent the worlds biggest payment systems based on blockchain tech and unbanked...
Jan 14
08:10 PM
BSV Soars 95% Challenging Its Original Fork Bitcoin Cash for Top 5
As Bitcoin rallied to a multi-month high at $8,859, altcoins vigorously shook off their current malaise by posting double-digit gains, most notably, Bitcoin SV (BCH , BTC )
Jan 14
01:55 PM
Blockvest's Defense Based on Falsified Documents, Claims SEC
Blockvests founder Reginald Ringgold is alleged to have forged signatures and encouraged false declarations in key lawsuit evidence, the SEC argues
Jan 14
12:10 PM
The Race to Lead 3 Class-Action Suits Against IFinex Over 2017 BTC Bull Run Is On
Legal counsel for one of several active class-action lawsuits against iFinex for allegedly manipulating BTCs price has filed to lead the entire class and proce... (BTC , USDT )
Jan 14
11:09 AM
Dash Price Up 70%, BSV Gains 300%: Is a Price Correction Imminent?
Dash and Bitcoin SV have posted some 2017-like gains in recent days as a technical correction looks likely to be on the cards (BTC )
Jan 14
08:41 AM
Bitcoin Price Hits 2-Month High at $8.7K as 3 Bullish Factors Converge
The momentum from a week of gains continues, taking BTC/USD to its highest since November as altcoins gain as much as 45% (BTC )
Jan 14
07:56 AM
Payments Giant Visa Acquires Fintech Firm Plaid for $5.3 Billion
Payments behemoth Visa has acquired financial technology firm Plaid for $5.3 billion to better connect with fintech applications (BTC )
Jan 14
02:39 AM
Indian Supreme Court Delays Hearing on Crypto Ban, Expects Slew of Comments
The Supreme Court of India has chosen to delay its full hearing of a high-profile case against the Reserve Bank of Indias ban on banks dealings with crypto-re... (BTC )
Jan 14
02:25 AM
Booking.com-Partnered Travala Now Accepts Tethers Controversial USDT
Crypto-friendly hotel booking service Travala now accepts payment in controversial stablecoin USDT (USDT )
Jan 13
03:40 PM
Telegram Will Release Bank Records to SEC in Ongoing Gram ICO Case
Per todays filings, Telegram will provide the requested bank records that the SEC believes will be evidence of rule-breaking in its $1.7 billion offering of Gr... (BTC )
Jan 13
12:25 PM
Power Ledger Integrates Blockchain-Based Energy Auditing in Solar Power Asset
Australia-based blockchain energy firm Power Ledger has purchased a 250 kW photovoltaic system that will use a blockchain-based data management and settlement s...
Jan 13
11:55 AM
Ethereum 2.0 Will Come in 2020, According to ConsenSys Co-Founder
ConsenSys co-founder Andrew Keys published an optimistic set of predictions for Ethereum in 2020, but others disagree with his assessments (ETH )
Jan 10
01:40 PM
UK Financial Watchdog FCA Now Supervises AML/CTF Compliance of Crypto Businesses
Britains Financial Conduct Authority now monitors anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing for companies carrying out cryptocurrency-related activ...
Jan 10
09:26 AM
Telegram Lawyers Say Proving Data-Privacy Compliance May Take Months
Telegram lawyers say a review of its bank records data-privacy compliance could take months to prepare due to its multi-jurisdictional nature
Jan 10
06:40 AM
US Lawmakers Urge FCC to Step Up Its Action Against SIM Swaps
U.S. lawmakers have appealed to the Federal Communications Commission to hold telecoms providers to account for their complicity in SIM swap attacks (BTC )
Jan 10
05:54 AM
China Prepares for CBDC With Cryptography Law on Encryption Standards
On Jan. 1, Chinas law governing cryptographic password management came into power. What does it mean?
Jan 09
07:09 PM
KPMG Leader Predicts IoT and Blockchain Will Be Used To Manage Climate Change
KPMG lead predicts blockchain and IoT will enable effective climate management in 2020, a topic to be discussed during Davos
Jan 09
02:23 PM
Crypto Derivatives Exchange Leaves EU for Panama, Expands KYC
Crypto exchange Deribit leaves the Netherlands for Panama to avoid demanding EU regulations that the Dutch nation might adopt
Jan 09
02:23 PM
Omans Largest Port Joins IBMs Blockchain Shipping Platform TradeLens
Omans largest port joins IBM and Maersk blockchain-based TradeLens platform to enhance customer experience and improve trade flows
Jan 09
01:08 PM
Bugs Found in Compiler for Readable Ethereum Smart Contracts, Team Downplays Concerns
Critical Ethereum 2.0 smart contract not affected by the bugs, developers argue (ETH )
Jan 09
10:09 AM
ECB President Pushes for a Central Bank Digital Currency
Christine Lagarde has pushed for the banks involvement in the development of a CBDC to address the demand for faster and cheaper cross-border payments (BTC )
Jan 09
09:09 AM
Blockchain Lock IoT-Solution Aims to Tackle Porch Pirates
Internet of Things software developer Its Here announced the launch of a blockchain-enabled lock that purportedly prevents porch pirating
Jan 09
08:08 AM
Canadas DMG Blockchain Installs 1,000 New Bitcoin Mining Rigs for US Client
Tech company DMG Blockchain Solutions has installed 1,000 new Bitcoin mining machines at its facilities in British Columbia, Canada (BTC )
Jan 09
06:09 AM
Blockchain and Crypto: Will Security Issues Finally Be Dealt With in 2020?
The lack of security has remained as the main issue in crypto space. What could possibly be changed in 2020? (BTC )
Jan 09
05:53 AM

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