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Abra CEO Says Crypto Market "Got Way Ahead" of Itself in December, Sees Bitcoin Hitting $50,000 - Coinjournal
The founder and CEO of digital wallet and exchange service Abra is confident of Bitcoin and thinks it will rise to $50,000 in the long term. (BTC )
08:54 AM
Mati Greenspan Of eToro Says Cardano is the Most Exciting Cryptocurrency Project at The Moment - Coinjournal
eToro, one of the largest social investing platforms has recently published a market research report on Cardano, the blockchain powering the cryptocurrency ADA, and the ADA coin itself. The report is a useful insight for investors, especially in light of Cardano's often complicated scientific and philosophical ethos. The report helps to illustrate the potential of (ADA , ETH )
08:25 AM
Samsung Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments in Three Baltic States - Coinjournal
Samsung is reportedly accepting cryptocurrency payments in several Baltic States using blockchain crypto payment platform CopPay.
04:39 AM
Indonesian Crypto POS Maker Pundi X Labs Eyes S Korean Market with New Partnership - Coinjournal
Cryptocurrency point-of-sale (POS) terminal maker Pundi X Labs (Pundi X) signed a MoU with South Korean smart cards maker Ubivelox on Thursday to support the deployment and development of its devices in South Korea.
03:39 AM
WMPRO Launches Blockchain-Based EUCLEIA Social Referral Network - Coinjournal
WMPRO is launching the EUCLEIA platform both as a blockchain-based professional network and as a standalone white-label service. The new blockchain solution is designed for the word-of-mouth and referral marketing industry to add reliability, speed, security, and scalability. The next generation professional social network from WMPRO and its token offering incorporates a certificator and rating
03:09 AM
Two US Congressional Hearings Set Different Tones on Crypto Potential - Coinjournal
Two US committee hearings have taken place focusing on the cryptocurrency market, with both striking different tones on the impact the industry is having.
Jul 19
04:39 PM
Malta Stock Exchange to Launch Blockchain-Powered Trading Platforms for Security Tokens - Coinjournal
The Malta Stock Exchange is going after the thriving security token sector with new partnerships unveiled on Thursday to develop and launch blockchain-powered trading platforms for security tokens.
Jul 19
05:24 AM
Nervos Raises US$28M Series A from Polychain, Sequoia for Enterprise dApps Blockchain Platform - Coinjournal
Chinese blockchain startup Nervos has raised US$28 million in a Series A funding round from Polychain Capital, Sequoia China, and others, to develop a hybrid blockchain network for enterprises decentralized applications (dApps).
Jul 18
08:09 AM
KnownOrigin and OxCert Collaborate on Creative Challenge to Promote Artists and NFTs on the Blockchain - Coinjournal
Art venture KnownOrigin and OxCert are collaborating on a new creative challenge to promote artists on the blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). (ERC )
Jul 18
07:39 AM
Institutional Investors Will Bring Mainstream Money, But At What Price? - Coinjournal
Institutional Investors are entering the cryptocurrency markets. They are sure to bring in massive amounts of investment, but will Bitcoin lose its soul? (BTC )
Jul 17
11:54 PM
Embleema Launches Public Beta of Personal Health Records Blockchain - Coinjournal
Embleema, a Delaware company, emerged from stealth and launched the public beta of its HIPAA-compliant, personal health records blockchain after one year of research and development, the company said on Tuesday. (ETH )
Jul 17
02:54 PM
Bitminer Factory
The blockchain revolution is a disruption that is consuming as much energy as an entire country the size of Peru, Israel, or Portugal. Bitminer Factory, based in Italy, aim to make blockchain operations sustainable with renewable energy projects while sharing the benefits with token holders. Bitminer Factory is currently conducting a pre-ICO, with its main
Jul 17
02:24 PM
Coinbase VP Says Institutional Interest in the Crypto Market is Becoming 'More Profound' - Coinjournal
The VP and GM of Coinbase has said that institutional investor interest is helping to drive the crypto market, initially driven by retail investors.
Jul 17
05:24 AM
Building Trust in Charity Donations with the Vantage Network - Coinjournal
Every year, billions are spent on charitable donations worldwide. Yet for many people, once that money has been given to a charity they don't know where it goes. As a result, trust in the charity industry has dropped. A study from March shows that trust in charities is down by six per cent in the
Jul 17
04:54 AM
Blockstream's Liquid Network Shows Huge Promise For A Maturing Bitcoin Market - Coinjournal
Bitcoin technology operation Blockstream have recently provided further details on their Liquid sidechain offering, which appears to be shaping into an incredible development for the wider ecosystem. Over the last few years, Blockstream have been quietly working away on the second-layer technologies which will be vital in developing a Bitcoin network which continues to work (BTC )
Jul 17
12:39 AM
Line's Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitbox Begins Operations - Coinjournal
Line Corporation, a Japanese Internet firm and the operator of the country's most popular messaging app, launched today its cryptocurrency exchange platform, Bitbox.
Jul 16
10:54 AM
Galaxy Digital to Partner with Caspian to Boost Adoption of Crypto Trading - Coinjournal
Mike Novogratz is teaming up with Caspian, the full-stack crypto trading platform to improve infrastructure supporting adoption of digital currency trading.
Jul 14
11:39 AM
Binance Backs Maltese Banking Services Provider Founders Bank - Coinjournal
Binance, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has invested in Malta-based Founders Bank, a company that intends to offer banking services tailored for the needs of tech and cryptocurrency businesses, the company announced on Thursday.
Jul 13
10:24 AM
French Startup Snips Unveils Blockchain-Based AI Voice Assistant for Smart Homes - Coinjournal
Parisian startup Snips is going after market leaders Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant with a new blockchain-based artificial intelligence (AI) voice assistant that promises a higher level of protection for users' personal data.
Jul 12
08:09 AM
India May Treat Cryptocurrencies as Commodities Rather Than Ban Them - Coinjournal
India is reportedly not going to issue a ban on cryptocurrencies, but may label them as commodities, according to a source familiar with the situation.
Jul 12
07:09 AM
Monfils Sponsorship With Etoro - Coinjournal
Gal Monfils, the 31-year-old French tennis star, is known as Sliderman for his on-court showmanship. He may take chances when trying to win Grand Slam matches, but when it comes to personal finance Monfils - who reached a career-high of No6 in the world in 2016 - says he is risk-averse. His investment platform of
Jul 12
05:54 AM
Blockchain Startup DIRT Raises US$3M Seed for Decentralized Information Curation Protocol - Coinjournal
DIRT, a new protocol for decentralized information curation, has raised US$3 million in a seed funding round from General Catalyst, Greylock, Lightspeed, Pantera Capital, and Digital Currency Group, among other investors.
Jul 11
09:54 AM
Could Europe Become the World's Leading Blockchain Hub? - Coinjournal
When people think about blockchain technology or international tech hubs, Silicon Valley in the US and tech power players across Asia like Singapore often come to mind first, with the integral part European nations play on the global playing field often understated. A recent study by Ipsos showed that Europeans were more optimistic about the
Jul 11
08:39 AM
Regulation is Why The US is Losing The Crypto War - Coinjournal
In the war for Cryptocurrency Capital, Sweetbridge CEO Scott Nelson thinks regulation will doom the United States. (BTC )
Jul 11
04:09 AM
Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange Lists Crowdvilla Token, Third Project Launched - Coinjournal
The GBX Grid has said Crowdvilla, a blockchain startup that is democratising real estate ownership, will be the third project launched on its platform.
Jul 11
03:54 AM
New China Internet Report Explores State of Blockchain Industry - Coinjournal
China wants to be a frontrunner in blockchain technology with local governments ramping up blockchain projects, and yet, the government still maintains a strict stance on cryptocurrencies, highlights a new report by Abacus, 500 Startups, and the South China Morning Post. (BTC )
Jul 10
01:09 PM
Blockchain World Conference to Host World's First Crypto Poker Tournament - Coinjournal
This year's Blockchain World Conference (BWC) will be finishing with the first-ever, casino sanctioned, all crypto poker tournament, it has been announced.
Jul 10
06:09 AM
Cryptocurrencies Will Become Mainstream in 10 Years, Says eToro and Imperial College Research - Coinjournal
New research from eToro and the Imperial College London has found that cryptocurrencies could become mainstream as a form of payment within the next decade.
Jul 10
05:54 AM
Regtech Firm IdentityMind Shares Insights and Predictions on Cryptocurrency Market, ICOs - Coinjournal
IdentifyMind, a Californian regtech company that serves cryptocurrency exchanges among other clients, believes that these platforms will witness explosive growth in the coming months, the company said on Tuesday.
Jul 09
11:39 AM
Bitcoin Hashrate Growth Continues At Astonishing Pace - Coinjournal
The hashrate securing the Bitcoin network continues to soar, surging to over 40 EH/s in June 2018 despite several months of downward pressure on Bitcoin prices. Current hashrate is now well over double the 2017 peak of around 13 EH/s, or to frame it differently, hashrate has increased by over 100% across four months. Such (BTC )
Jul 09
05:54 AM
Status and OmiseGo Team Up to Advance the Web3 Ecosystem - Coinjournal
Ethereum-based operating system Status is working with OmiseGO, a network providing financial inclusion and interoperability, to advance the web3 ecosystem. (ETH , OMG )
Jul 09
04:54 AM
Philippines Central Bank Approves 2 Cryptocurrency Exchanges - Coinjournal
Two new cryptocurrency exchanges have been authorized by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), the Philippines' central bank, to process conversions between cyrptocurrencies and the Philippine peso.
Jul 07
02:09 PM
Op-ed: Why Altcoins Can't Use Marketing Budgets to Overtake Bitcoin - Coinjournal
While Bitcoin was simply unleashed upon the world by Satoshi Nakamoto in early 2009, other cryptocurrency projects have had the benefit of raising funds through crowdfunding campaigns before the projects have even launched. Additionally, some projects use part of the block reward to pay for things like development and marketing. It is thought that these (BTC )
Jul 06
08:09 AM
Swiss Stock Exchange Operator SIX to Launch DLT-Based Exchange for Digital Assets - Coinjournal
SIX, the financial services provider that operates the infrastructure of the Swiss Stock Exchange, is building a fully integrated trading, settlement and custody infrastructure for digital assets.
Jul 06
01:39 AM
Report: More than US$750M Stolen from Crypto Exchanges in First Half of 2018 - Coinjournal
The first half of 2018 has seen more than US$750 million worth of cryptocurrency stolen from exchanges, nearly three times as much as in all of 2017. The losses could rise to US$1.5 billion this year, according to a new report by CipherTrace.
Jul 04
11:39 AM
Introducing Top eToro Popular Investor Wes Nolte - Coinjournal
Wes Nolte, a 30-something South African-born chief technology officer based in London, describes his trading style as diverse, risk-balanced, and bodacious. It's an approach that appears to work, given that he is one of the most-copied Popular Investors (PIs) on the pioneering global investment and trading platform eToro. I have a relatively low-risk trading strategy
Jul 04
02:39 AM
Did Craig Wright Lie About His Yacht? - Coinjournal
Craig Wright, the Australian man who once, and again, claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, is doubling down on his claim. But did he lie about his yacht while doing so? In a tirade against Peter Todd, Wright doubled down on his claims that he was Satoshi, saying that Todd doesn't get to decide what he (BCH , BTC )
Jul 03
05:39 PM
Bitcoin Price: Are Cryptocurrencies Making a Comeback? - Coinjournal
Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market hit new lows at the end of June with mainstream news outlets this weekend reporting the Bitcoin bubble had finally burst. But it hasn't, Bitcoin appears to be back with a price rebound. Some are saying the rally is due to Coinbase's institutional product launch, the Coinbase Custody service. (BTC )
Jul 03
02:24 PM
UK FCA Unveils Cohort 4 of Regulatory Sandbox; Over 40% Are Using Blockchain, DLT - Coinjournal
The UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has unveiled the 29 companies composing the fourth cohort of its regulatory sandbox. More than 40% of them will be testing blockchain or distributed ledger technology (DLT) solutions, the financial regulator said on Tuesday.
Jul 03
02:09 PM
Genesis Capital Joins Lendingblock's Institutional Advisory Group - Coinjournal
Lendingblock, the institutional platform for collateralised crypto-currency lending, has announced that Genesis Capital is the latest global digital finance firm to join its Institutional Advisory Group. GenesisCapital offers institutions the ability to borrow cryptocurrencies in large sizes. As part of the advisory group, Genesis Capital, will work with Lendingblock to ensure that the Lendingblock platform
Jul 03
05:09 AM
TMGcore Opens First-of-Its-Kind Crypto Mining Facility Designed to be Energy Efficient - Coinjournal
An American crypto mining operation has launched the first-of-its-kind facility that aims to cut cooling and energy costs. (BTC )
Jul 02
03:40 PM
Coinbase Officially Launches Institutional-Grade Custody Service - Coinjournal
Leading US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has officially begun accepting deposits for its Coinbase Custody service, a new offering that aims to provide secure storage of crypto assets for institutions in both the US and Europe.
Jul 02
01:25 PM
Kaspersky Labs Report Shows Criminals Are Turning Away from Ransomware to Cryptojacking - Coinjournal
A new report by Kaspersky Labs has found that malicious actors are turning their attention away from ransomware to cryptojacking.
Jun 30
02:54 AM
Dutch Crypto Trading Platform Blockport to Enter US Market
Amsterdam-based cryptocurrency exchange Blockport has just released the public beta of its platform, now allowing users in Europe to buy, sell and trade five cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, against the EUR. The startup is already planning to enter the US market and compete against the market leader Coinbase, Blockport said on Thursday. (BTC , ETH , LTC )
Jun 29
07:25 AM
German Banking Platform solarisBank Launches Blockchain Factory to Serve Crypto Industry
solarisBank, a licensed banking platform, has launched the solarisBank Blockchain Factory and extended its range of services to become the specialized infrastructure partner of choice for companies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.
Jun 28
03:39 PM
CryptoUK Responds to the BoE's Remarks on Cryptocurrencies Being a 'Reputational Risk' - Coinjournal
The BoE has issued a letter to the CEOs of banks, insurance companies, and investment firms warning them of the 'reputational risks' of cryptocurrencies.
Jun 28
12:39 PM
Aion: A Vision for a Democratized Internet - Coinjournal
Aion is an open blockchain protocol designed to solve scalability and interoperability problems between different distributed ledger systems. In April, Aion launched the first blockchain interoperability network to allow for the transfer of value and data between different blockchains. At Consensus 2018, I sat down with Matt Spoke, a former Blockchain Specialist at Deloitte and (ETH )
Jun 28
12:24 PM
ARCHOS' Safe-T Mini Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Is Now Available to Pre-Order - Coinjournal
ARCHOS, a French multinational electronics company, has announced that it is providing the cryptocurrency community with the ARCHOS Safe-T Mini, its first hardware wallet to prevent hacking attempts. The crypto industry has had its fair share of hacks. Last week, South Korean exchange Bithumb was the victim of a hack, resulting in the theft of
Jun 28
12:10 AM
Tether Issue Further Transparency Update Following Report From EX-FBI Directors Firm - Coinjournal
Tether have received a great deal of scrutiny for their flagship USDT product across the last 6-8 months, with many speculators expressing their belief that the company didn't hold equivalent U.S. dollar reserves to match all of the Tether tokens in circulation. As is all too often the case within the cryptocurrency community, disinformation leads (USDT )
Jun 27
08:25 AM
Lendingblock and QUOINE Announce Partnership for Blockchain Lending - Coinjournal
QUOINE, a global fintech company providing blockchain-based trading and exchange services and owners of QUOINIX has partnered with Lendingblock as a liquidity partner and joined the Lendingblock Institutional Advisory Group. Lendingblock is an institutional platform for collateralised digital asset lending. QUOINE own the digital asset exchanges QUOINEX, QRYPTOS, and the upcoming LIQUID platform. Within the
Jun 26
04:55 PM

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