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Switzerland and Liechtenstein's Crypto Valley Sees Thriving Blockchain Ecosystem - Coinjournal
With 750 companies as of the end of December 2018, Switzerland and Liechtenstein's Crypto Valley has grown significantly in the past year with 121 new companies being established or a growth of 20% in the number of crypto companies, according to The Crypto Valley's Top 50 Q1 2019 report released in January.
12:23 PM
Thailand Sees Booming Cryptocurrency Industry As New Law Comes Into Effect - Coinjournal
The cryptocurrency industry in Thailand is booming with about 50 initial coin offerings (ICOs) and 20 exchanges showing interest in applying for a digital asset license, according to Thailand's Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
01:24 PM
Blockchain Startups Have Raised US$1.8B In VC Funding So Far This Year - Coinjournal
Blockchain companies raised US$1.8 billion through 343 deals during the first half of 2018, a new record for venture capital (VC) investment in the sector that highlights soaring demand from VC firms, according to a new report by blockchain VC firm Outlier Ventures.
11:39 AM
Using Blockchain Technology to Prevent Workplace Crimes - Coinjournal
A U.S.-based startup company called I've Been Vetted (IBV) is using blockchain technology to prevent workplace crimes. The specific distributed ledger protocol that IBV is using comes from Swiss startup KryptoPal, which provides blockchain solutions for enterprises. IBV is hoping that using blockchain technology in this fashion will help prevent negligent hiring and reduce workplace
05:09 AM
War Riders Announces Collaboration With OpenSea - Coinjournal
War Riders, a new crypto virtual game la Mad Max, will be running a pre-order campaign for its war vehicles in collaboration with blockchain-based assets and crypto-collectibles marketplace OpenSea.
10:39 AM
Co-Founder of IOST: Money-Hungry Crypto Guys Aren't My Type - Coinjournal
CoinJournal spoke to Samantha Wang, co-founder of IOST, a blockchain platform, to get her view on being a woman in the crypto industry. (ETH )
05:40 AM
Sirin Labs Chooses Ethereum Over IOTA for Blockchain Smartphone - Coinjournal
Sirin Labs, the maker of the whopping US$16,000 Solarin Android smartphone now building a blockchain phone, will be using a private Ethereum blockchain to built its new line of devices named Finney instead of the IOTA's Tangle distributed ledger technology as initially stated in its whitepaper. (ETH , MIOTA )
02:39 PM
Starbucks, BCG, Microsoft and ICE Announce Bakkt, a Bitcoin On-Ramp - Coinjournal
Microsoft, Starbucks, BCG and ICE have announced the formation of Bakkt, a Bitcoin exchange, on ramp and storage solution. What will it mean for Crypto? (BTC , ICE )
01:25 PM
Emercoin's Trusted Diploma Platform Aims to Combat Fraud in Education - Coinjournal
Emercoin's Trusted Diploma platform is hoping to tackle fraud and fake degrees in the education sector with the aid of the blockchain. (EMC )
10:24 AM
Cryptocurrency Scam Hits Macau Residents - Coinjournal
The owner of a Hong Kong e-sports and cryptocurrency mining company has vanished after the company allegedly defrauded Macau investors out of HK$20 million (US$2.5 million), according to a report by the Macau News Agency.
08:54 AM
NFLPA to Provide Unique Content to Fans Through Live Streaming Blockchain Platform - Coinjournal
The NFLPA has acquired a minority stake in a live streaming blockchain platform, enabling players to deliver interactive content for fans to engage with.
06:39 AM
Free Ross Ulbricht Petition Closing In On 50,000 Signatures - Coinjournal
Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to two life sentences plus 40 years for his role in an underground marketplace. Supporters say the sentence was too harsh.
02:09 PM
Litecoin Arrives on MCO Cryptocurrency Platform and Wallet - Coinjournal
Litecoin, the seventh largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization at more than US$4.3 billion, has been added into the MCO cryptocurrency platform and mobile wallet. (LTC )
11:55 AM
The Sacramento Kings Are Mining Ethereum, Here is Why - Coinjournal
The NBA's Sacramento Kings are mining Ethereum in the basement of their arena, but what do they hope to accomplish? Our exclusive interview reveals why. (BTC , ETH )
03:24 PM
Introducing Top eToro Popular Investor Stephen Bliss - Coinjournal
Stephen Bliss is a burger-van owner by day, and a top Popular Investor on global trading platform eToro by night. The crypto-crazy 34-year old manages assets worth around $6 million, and almost 5,000 investors match his trades using the unique CopyTrader tool. Bliss - whose eToro username is stebliss - enjoyed incredible gains of 893.16 (BTC )
03:09 PM
Circle Adds EOS to Poloniex Cryptocurrency Trading Platform - Coinjournal
The EOS token, the cryptocurrency token of the EOSIO open source blockchain protocol, has been added into cryptocurrency trading platform Poloniex. (EOS )
09:10 AM
Former Visa MD Joins Blockchain Startup to Boost the One-Click, No-ID Payments Revolution - Coinjournal
Blockchain e-commerce payments and ID platform Nuggets has nabbed a former MD at Visa as it looks to accelerate the global roll out of its platform.
05:40 AM
Survey: 88% of Crypto Exchanges Want Regulation for the Industry to Mature - Coinjournal
A new survey has found that 88 per cent of crypto exchanges want regulation, while a third believe a market crash is a significant threat to the industry.
02:24 PM
Financial Institutions & IBM Unveil LedgerConnect Blockchain Project - Coinjournal
Market infrastructure provider CLS, nine financial institutions and IBM are collaborating on a proof-of-concept (PoC) for LedgerConnect, a distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform designed to enable banks, financial institutions, fintechs and software vendors to share and deploy applications and services hosted on a shared distributed ledger network.
12:25 PM
Chamber of Digital Commerce Releases Guidance on ICOs to Support Self-Regulatory Approach - Coinjournal
The Chamber of Digital Commerce's industry initiative has released a report outlining guidelines for the token ecosystem and initial coin offerings (ICOs).
10:39 AM
DSTOQ Launches MVP of Decentralized Stock Exchange for Security Tokens - Coinjournal
DSTOQ, a licensed, decentralized stock exchange for trading security tokens, has come out of stealth mode and launched its minimum viable product (MVP).
07:39 AM
Catalonian Government Plans Use of Blockchain in Public Administration - Coinjournal
The government of Catalonia is developing a formal plan and strategy to implement blockchain in public administration activities and become a pioneer in the implementation of this technology.
06:39 AM
BitMEX Breaks Record for Bitcoin Trading Telling CoinJournal its Time to Rejoin the Party! - Coinjournal
One of the most used cryptocurrency exchanges, BitMEX, has hit a record one million bitcoin traded in a single day. Co-founder and CEO Arthur Hayes gave CoinJournal his thoughts on why, and what the near future might hold. After dipping below $6,000, Bitcoin is rallying aggressively, said Hayes, who like many others in the crypto-space (BTC , ETH )
07:24 AM
SEC Commissioner Publishes Dissent Letter Disagreeing with the Agency's ETF Rejection - Coinjournal
An SEC commissioner has published a letter disagreeing with the agency's decision to reject a Bitcoin ETF proposed by the Winklevoss twins. (BTC )
07:09 AM
How GXChain Built the Blockcity to Give Users Back Control Over their Personal Data - Coinjournal
A person's personal data is very important, but so many of us give it away without thinking. A Chinese company is aiming to give users' back control of it.
04:09 PM
Cryptocurrency Startup Tron Completes Acquisition of BitTorrent - Coinjournal
Tron, a startup developing a blockchain-based entertainment and content-sharing platform, has officially completed the acquisition of file sharing software provider BitTorrent.
12:54 PM
Cache Is Aiming to Boost Blockchain Development for Global Mass Adoption - Coinjournal
Blockchain development shouldn't be rocket science. At the moment, though, the development of the technology is complicated and can be confusing, making it difficult to produce meaningful applications that will achieve mass adoption for end users. For Cache, a token and series of projects, it believes that it has the answer to this problem. As
12:39 PM
VC Firm Morgan Creek Digital Leads Seed Round in CityBlock Capital - Coinjournal
Morgan Creek Digital Assets has led a funding round in CityBlock Capital, which is aiming to reshape the venture capital industry for the digital age.
09:54 AM
Coinbase Now Lets You Pay for Your Shopping with a Crypto E-Gift Card - Coinjournal
Coinbase is giving its users a new way of purchasing goods and services, after announcing a new partnership with an e-gift card company.
08:39 AM
Skrill's New Cryptocurrency Offering Now is Live in Over 30 Countries - Coinjournal
Skrill, a leading digital wallet and online payment provider part of the Paysafe Group, has launched a new cryptocurrency offering, now letting users from more than 30 countries instantly buy and sell cryptocurrencies.
06:24 AM
Singapore Airlines Launches Blockchain-Based Airline Loyalty Digital Wallet - Coinjournal
The KrisPay blockchain-based digital wallet was officially launched by Singapore Airlines on Tuesday. The firm claims KrisPay is the world's first blockchain-based airline loyalty digital wallet.
10:39 AM
Bitcoin Price Tops $8,100, Up 40% Since June Low - Coinjournal
The price of Bitcoin finally reached the psychological level of $8,000 again earlier today, paving way for a possible uptick in value to $10,000. (BTC , ETH , XRP )
10:39 AM
Meritocratic Publishing: Open Access and Tackling Discrimination in Academia - Coinjournal
Peer review is at the heart of scientific publishing. It is the process by which grants are allocated, papers published, academics promoted, and Nobel prizes won. Through the process of peer review, a manuscript is evaluated by experts in a specific field, revised and improved by the authors, and then finally accepted for publication. The
01:09 PM
Ernst & Young Acquires Cryptocurrency Accounting and Tax Technology - Coinjournal
Ernst & Young LLP (EY) has acquired the technology assets and related patents of the Andy Crypto-Asset Accounting and Tax (CAAT), a technology developed by San Francisco-based startup Elevated Consciousness, Inc., that connects with multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, allowing for better visibility into cryptocurrency transactions and inventory.
12:24 PM
Abra CEO Says Crypto Market "Got Way Ahead" of Itself in December, Sees Bitcoin Hitting $50,000 - Coinjournal
The founder and CEO of digital wallet and exchange service Abra is confident of Bitcoin and thinks it will rise to $50,000 in the long term. (BTC )
08:54 AM
Mati Greenspan Of eToro Says Cardano is the Most Exciting Cryptocurrency Project at The Moment - Coinjournal
eToro, one of the largest social investing platforms has recently published a market research report on Cardano, the blockchain powering the cryptocurrency ADA, and the ADA coin itself. The report is a useful insight for investors, especially in light of Cardano's often complicated scientific and philosophical ethos. The report helps to illustrate the potential of (ADA , ETH )
08:25 AM
Samsung Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments in Three Baltic States - Coinjournal
Samsung is reportedly accepting cryptocurrency payments in several Baltic States using blockchain crypto payment platform CopPay.
04:39 AM
Indonesian Crypto POS Maker Pundi X Labs Eyes S Korean Market with New Partnership - Coinjournal
Cryptocurrency point-of-sale (POS) terminal maker Pundi X Labs (Pundi X) signed a MoU with South Korean smart cards maker Ubivelox on Thursday to support the deployment and development of its devices in South Korea.
03:39 AM
WMPRO Launches Blockchain-Based EUCLEIA Social Referral Network - Coinjournal
WMPRO is launching the EUCLEIA platform both as a blockchain-based professional network and as a standalone white-label service. The new blockchain solution is designed for the word-of-mouth and referral marketing industry to add reliability, speed, security, and scalability. The next generation professional social network from WMPRO and its token offering incorporates a certificator and rating
03:09 AM
Two US Congressional Hearings Set Different Tones on Crypto Potential - Coinjournal
Two US committee hearings have taken place focusing on the cryptocurrency market, with both striking different tones on the impact the industry is having.
04:39 PM
Malta Stock Exchange to Launch Blockchain-Powered Trading Platforms for Security Tokens - Coinjournal
The Malta Stock Exchange is going after the thriving security token sector with new partnerships unveiled on Thursday to develop and launch blockchain-powered trading platforms for security tokens.
05:24 AM
Nervos Raises US$28M Series A from Polychain, Sequoia for Enterprise dApps Blockchain Platform - Coinjournal
Chinese blockchain startup Nervos has raised US$28 million in a Series A funding round from Polychain Capital, Sequoia China, and others, to develop a hybrid blockchain network for enterprises decentralized applications (dApps).
08:09 AM
KnownOrigin and OxCert Collaborate on Creative Challenge to Promote Artists and NFTs on the Blockchain - Coinjournal
Art venture KnownOrigin and OxCert are collaborating on a new creative challenge to promote artists on the blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). (ERC )
07:39 AM
Institutional Investors Will Bring Mainstream Money, But At What Price? - Coinjournal
Institutional Investors are entering the cryptocurrency markets. They are sure to bring in massive amounts of investment, but will Bitcoin lose its soul? (BTC )
11:54 PM
Embleema Launches Public Beta of Personal Health Records Blockchain - Coinjournal
Embleema, a Delaware company, emerged from stealth and launched the public beta of its HIPAA-compliant, personal health records blockchain after one year of research and development, the company said on Tuesday. (ETH )
02:54 PM
Bitminer Factory
The blockchain revolution is a disruption that is consuming as much energy as an entire country the size of Peru, Israel, or Portugal. Bitminer Factory, based in Italy, aim to make blockchain operations sustainable with renewable energy projects while sharing the benefits with token holders. Bitminer Factory is currently conducting a pre-ICO, with its main
02:24 PM
Coinbase VP Says Institutional Interest in the Crypto Market is Becoming 'More Profound' - Coinjournal
The VP and GM of Coinbase has said that institutional investor interest is helping to drive the crypto market, initially driven by retail investors.
05:24 AM
Building Trust in Charity Donations with the Vantage Network - Coinjournal
Every year, billions are spent on charitable donations worldwide. Yet for many people, once that money has been given to a charity they don't know where it goes. As a result, trust in the charity industry has dropped. A study from March shows that trust in charities is down by six per cent in the
04:54 AM
Blockstream's Liquid Network Shows Huge Promise For A Maturing Bitcoin Market - Coinjournal
Bitcoin technology operation Blockstream have recently provided further details on their Liquid sidechain offering, which appears to be shaping into an incredible development for the wider ecosystem. Over the last few years, Blockstream have been quietly working away on the second-layer technologies which will be vital in developing a Bitcoin network which continues to work (BTC )
12:39 AM
Line's Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitbox Begins Operations - Coinjournal
Line Corporation, a Japanese Internet firm and the operator of the country's most popular messaging app, launched today its cryptocurrency exchange platform, Bitbox.
10:54 AM

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