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Bitcoin, ripple, ether prices fall: $200 billion wiped off cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin, ethereum and ripple, as well as other smaller digital coins fell sharply in price. (BTC )
12:27 AM
Amplify ETFs CEO thinks blockchain will transform investment leaders
Amplify ETFs CEO Christian Magoon thinks investing in blockchain now, will bring returns as big as those from today's FAANG companies.
Jan 16
04:19 PM
Bitcoin is a 'pyramid scheme,' warns ex-Wells Fargo CEO Dick Kovacevich
Kovacevich says he believes bitcoin is a scam. (BTC )
Jan 16
08:02 AM
From blockchain to biometrics: Here's what all that technological jargon means
As the world changes, a range of words and phrases have been added to the technological lexicon. Here's a few.
Jan 16
12:37 AM
After bitcoin's rough week, currency strategist marks the next level to watch
Bitcoin's had a rough week, and one strategist sees $10,000 as the next key level to watch. (BTC )
Jan 12
04:04 PM
What it looks like inside an actual bitcoin mining operation
CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera got a tour inside a bitcoin mine in Wenatchee, Washington.
Jan 12
12:12 PM
Mnuchin wants to make sure bad guys can't use cryptocurrencies
The Treasury Secretary says U.S. is working with G-20 to stop bitcoin from becoming the next Swiss bank account.
Jan 12
09:23 AM
South Korea cryptocurrency justice ministry softened stance
Reports said South Korea's justice ministry appeared to have softened its stance after remarks from the justice minister roiled the cryptocurrency market.
Jan 11
04:57 PM
Cryptocurrency mining puts electrical grid of small Washington state county 'to the test'
The crypto craze also putting pressure on the electrical infrastructure of a small county in Washington state.
Jan 11
01:20 PM
Ex-financial regulator wishes he had invested in bitcoin sooner
Former financial regulator Bart Chilton says he and his friends
Jan 11
09:17 AM
Cryptocurrencies stage big comeback after trading ban fears wane; bitcoin surges 8% from low
Industry experts believe the fears over the South Korean ban proposal are overblown.
Jan 11
09:07 AM
Warren Buffett watcher: We're near the top of a bitcoin bubble
Berkshire shareholder John Rogers Jr. tells CNBC he wouldn't bet against billionaire investor Warren Buffett on cryptocurrencies.
Jan 11
06:12 AM
This $3,400 bitcoin-mining machine is a cornerstone of Kodak's crypto pivot
Kodak will rent you a KashMiner for two years for $3400, then ask you for half the profits from any bitcoin you mine with it during that time.
Jan 10
05:27 PM
Dean of Valuation: Buffett paints cryptocurrency with 'too broad a brush'
The problem with bitcoin, "Dean of Valuation" Aswath Damodaran says, is that investors don't know why they're paying so much for it. That doesn't mean it will all end badly for cryptocurrency, as billionaire investor Warren Buffett projected. div > div.group > p:first-child"> Buffet made headlines Wednesday for sharing some apocalyptic words about the future of cryptocurrency. "In terms of...
Jan 10
03:57 PM
Cramer: There was no malice in Buffett's dire prediction for bitcoin
Warren Buffett isn't afraid to say what he thinks, even on cryptocurrencies, Jim Cramer says.
Jan 10
08:42 AM
Kodak shares have more than tripled since announcing 'KodakCoin'
A faded American industrial brand pivots to the newfangled world of digital currency
Jan 10
07:48 AM
Buffett says cryptocurrencies will almost certainly end badly
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett tells CNBC the recent craze over bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies won't end well.
Jan 10
06:13 AM
Bitcoin could 'easily double' in 2018, says Fundstrat's Tom Lee
One of Wall Street's biggest strategists says bitcoin will keep surging in 2018. (BTC )
Jan 09
02:02 PM
India clings to cash, even as tech firms push digital money
Tech companies see India's low rate of digital payments as an opportunity, the New York Times reports.
Jan 09
01:32 PM
ProShares just pulled its plans to launch bitcoin ETFs
ProShares said it would like to pull its application for four ETFs that would have been tied to bitcoin trading on the futures market.
Jan 09
12:34 PM
Hedge fund managers reap 3,175% profit off bitcoin in 2017
For hedge funds, 2017 ended with a clean sweep positive returns in every month that resulted in the best total performance in four years.
Jan 09
12:34 PM
Kodak joins cryptocraze with digital photo licensing site
The company said Tuesday it has used blockchain to create a new platform for digital photography.
Jan 09
11:28 AM
Bitcoin is not a 'credible competitor' to the dollar, Fed's Kashkari says
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrenices don't represent a viable threat to the U.S. dollar, Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari said Tuesday. (BTC )
Jan 09
09:47 AM
Bitcoin 'fascinating' because of risk-taking, fund manager says
M&G's Eric Lonergan said that the bitcoin phenomenon was fascinating as it demonstrates a new kind of risk perception among consumers. (BTC )
Jan 09
05:02 AM
Ethereum's co-creator predicts a "flippening" with bitcoin in 2018
Ethereum co-creator Steven Nerayoff says increased projects built on ethereum's protocols could triple its market cap. (ETH )
Jan 08
03:58 PM
Early bitcoin bull Fred Wilson says you should take some profits
One of the earliest bitcoin bulls has a message for investors in the cryptocurrency market who have already made a killing.
Jan 08
12:12 PM
A parody cryptocurrency just broke $2 billion for its market cap
Dogecoin's market value crossed the $2 billion mark on Sunday, according to data from CoinMarketCap. (DOGE )
Jan 07
09:42 PM
Second-largest cryptocurrency ripple may have run ahead of itself
Digital currency ripple has blown past its cryptocurrency rivals largely because of institutional partnerships, many of which are still in early stages.
Jan 05
04:11 PM
Mark Zuckerberg 'studying' cryptocurrency, could help Asian payments
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed interest in crypto currency for the platform in a 2019 mission statement.
Jan 04
02:44 PM
Blockchain Capital partner: bitcoin could trade over $50,000 in 2018
Spencer Bogart, a partner at Blockchain Capital, sees a $50,000 future for bitcoin in 2018.
Jan 03
05:32 PM
Digital currency stellar jumps 60% into sixth place by market capitalization
Digital currency stellar is now the sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, after only breaking into 10th place on Friday.
Jan 03
10:04 AM
E-Trade begins CME bitcoin trading as of Tuesday evening
It becomes the latest online brokerage to expand access to bitcoin futures trading.
Jan 02
03:43 PM
Bitcoin could boost Japan's GDP, Nomura analysts say
Japan's bitcoin craze could help the country's economic growth, research analysts at Nomura Instinet said. (BTC )
Jan 02
02:32 PM
How to buy Ripple
Buying Ripple is easy, you just need to know how. CNBC walks you through how to buy Ripple using Bitsane, Coinbase and a small investment in Ethereum. (ETH )
Jan 02
01:54 PM
Bitcoin rises after report says early Facebook investor Peter Thiel is buying massive amounts
Peter Thiel's Founders Fund has bought millions of dollars in bitcoin, The Wall Street Journal reports, citing sources familiar with the situation. (BTC )
Jan 02
11:29 AM
There's a new hottest coin of 2018 so far: stellar
The hottest digital coin as 2018 begins is stellar, which has soared since Friday into the ten largest cryptocurrencies by market cap.
Jan 02
08:32 AM
Bitcoin, oil and equities: What will outperform in 2018?
In this week's Trader Poll, we want to know what you think will outperform in the new year. (BTC )
Jan 01
05:43 PM
Dennis Gartman says 'stay the heck anyway from bitcoin'
Ever since the recent bitcoin craze took hold, Gartman has made no secret of his disdain. But other investors disagree.
06:27 AM
Roger McNamee: Bitcoin will be legitimate, if it makes it past 2018
In order for Bitcoin to earn its legitimacy, it needs to stick around long enough - and continue to keep investors on their toes, McNamee said. (BTC )
03:51 PM
Billionaire Tilman Fertitta says bitcoin is 'here to stay'
Billionaire Tilman Fertitta shared his fairly bullish take on the wildly popular digital currency bitcoin.
03:18 PM
Bitcoin 'doesn't pass the smell test,' says Massachusetts securities regulator
Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts William Galvin says his office can issue a warning on bitcoin because it is (BTC )
03:42 PM
Bitcoin trade $6,5000 and $22,000, according to analyst Nick Colas
Bitcoin is in for a potentially wild ride in 2018 that will end with a modest drop from the current price, analyst Nick Colas said Wednesday. (BTC )
07:49 AM
Bitcoin jumps more than 12% to reclaim $16,000 level
Bitcoin rallied Tuesday, recovering from a sharp selloff late last week. (BTC )
08:37 AM
Bitcoin buyer beware: The crypto carnage could continue, says a real currency strategist
Bitcoin saw one of its most dramatic recent price swings yet on Friday, prompting Coinbase to briefly disable trading. (BTC )
03:02 PM
'This is fear and greed,' says bitcoin bull Brian Kelly on price rout
Bitcoin fell on Friday because "everybody's panicking," but volatility in this market is actually quite normal, bitcoin bull Brian Kelly told CNBC on Friday. div > div.group > p:first-child"> The digital currency briefly dipped below $11,000 on Friday, down 44 percent from a record high hit at the start of the week. "This is fear and greed," the founder of BK Capital Management said in an... (BTC )
01:19 PM
Cboe files to list 6 bitcoin ETFs
Cboe Global Markets has applied to list six bitcoin exchange-traded funds.
11:48 AM
Bitcoin-mania stock volatility shows the fallacy of 'efficient markets'
Extreme price moves in cryptocurrency-related stocks this week proves Warren Buffett is correct in his skepticism of the (BTC )
10:22 AM
Bitcoin sell-off could spark a market contagion, analyst warns
Bitcoin was seen trading below a psychologically key mark of $13,000 Friday, shaving $3,000 from its value in less than 12 hours. (BTC )
04:32 AM
Trader makes million-dollar bet that bitcoin will triple next year
Online records from digital currency-trading platform LedgerX show roughly $1 million was spent on a bet that bitcoin will rise above $50,000 next year
07:07 AM
'Long Island Iced Tea' micro-cap adds blockchain to name and stock soars
Long Island Iced Tea said Thursday it's now
06:57 AM

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