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What's next for bitcoin as the cryptocurrency wrestles with $24,000
Bitcoin is struggling at the $24,000 level after finding its perceived low for the cycle in June and going on to rise more than 27% in July. (BTC )
Aug 12
08:26 AM
BlackRock launches a private trust to give clients exposure to spot bitcoin
The largest asset manager in the world has launched a private trust offering institutional clients in the U.S. direct exposure to bitcoin.
Aug 11
07:54 AM
Ether (ETH) price surges after ethereum completes final testnet merge
Ether soared to a two-month high after developers successfully completed a final dress rehearsal for a pivotal upgrade expected to happen next month.
Aug 11
05:47 AM
Some influencers paid thousands to endorse cryptocurrency projects
Some influencers on social media platforms are making thousands of dollars for each promotional video they make for various cryptocurrency projects.
Aug 11
05:29 AM
Ethereum Goerli testnet merge goes live before move to proof-of-stake
Ethereum is moving closer to adopting a proof-of-stake model for its network, which is less energy intensive than the existing proof-of-stake method. (ETH )
Aug 10
08:35 PM
Crypto demand pushes Schwab to launch new ETF despite bitcoin crash
Despite this year's crypto crash, Schwab Asset Management released the Schwab Crypto Thematic ETF this month.
Aug 10
04:42 PM
Hackers have stolen $1.4 billion this year using crypto bridges
Crypto bridges, which connect blockchain networks together, have become major targets for cybercriminals.
Aug 10
01:50 PM
Novogratz is still a crypto bull in this downturn and has high conviction on this particular coin
Novogratz said the worst of the market contagion is behind us and bitcoin is still a good macro asset.
Aug 10
10:38 AM
Ripple Labs interested in bankrupt crypto lender Celsius' assets
Blockchain payments company Ripple Labs is interested in potentially purchasing assets of bankrupt crypto lender Celsius Network, according to a spokesperson.
Aug 10
09:54 AM
Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and others warn investors away from Coinbase
Traders exited the platform in the second quarter as it contends with falling cryptocurrency prices.
Aug 10
06:29 AM
Crypto criminals laundered $540 million using RenBridge, Elliptic says
Regulators have their hands full as more crypto tools like RenBridge are being used by criminals to launder money.
Aug 10
05:17 AM
Coinbase (COIN) earnings Q2 2022
Coinbase's revenue declined almost 64% in the quarter as cryptocurrency prices fell.
Aug 09
01:36 PM
Bitcoin's correlation to stocks has never been higher. When Morgan Stanley thinks its price will bottom
In the past six months, the cryptocurrency's correlation with stocks reached its highest in history. (BTC )
Aug 09
12:49 PM
Tornado Cash crackdown by Treasury punishes honest crypto investors
The U.S. Treasury's blacklisting of Tornado Cash on Monday will do more than just take down criminals.
Aug 08
06:59 PM
Crypto mixing service Tornado Cash blacklisted by Treasury Department
The U.S. Department of Treasury sanctioned cryptocurrency mixing service Tornado Cash for allegedly helping launder over $7 billion of virtual currency.
Aug 08
12:06 PM
JPMorgan says cryptocurrencies 'have found a floor'
After sliding all year, bitcoin just finished its best month of the year and may have found a low for this cycle, according to JPMorgan.
Aug 08
11:11 AM
Watch now: ETF Edge - in middle of crypto winter, will investors warm to new ETF offshoot products?
Aug 08
09:53 AM
Crypto startup Nomad offers 10% bounty after $190 million hack
Crypto startup Nomad this week lost around $190 million in a devastating security exploit.
Aug 05
03:35 AM
Coinbase shares jump after partnering with BlackRock to give clients access to crypto
BlackRock has selected Coinbase as its crypto trading partner.
Aug 04
06:33 AM
Buy this undervalued crypto bank poised to rally more than 40%, BTIG says
Silvergate Capital remains a resilient name that investors continue to underappreciate, BTIG says.
Aug 04
05:47 AM
Crypto has had a miserable month and it's only the third day of August
It's been a rough week for crypto, from cross-chain bridge hacks draining hundreds of millions of dollars to the SEC coming after crypto ponzi schemes.
Aug 03
07:41 AM
Hackers attack solana crypto, stealing millions
Nearly 8,000 digital wallets have been drained of just over $5.2 million in digital coins including solana's sol token and USD Coin, according to Elliptic.
Aug 03
06:32 AM
The $300 billion meme stock that makes GameStop look like child's play
A little-known Hong Kong-based fintech firm saw its shares skyrocket 21,400% since its IPO in mid-July.
Aug 03
05:44 AM
Voyager CEO made millions in stock sales in 2021
CEO Steven Ehrlich made over $30 million disposing of Voyager equity as the now-bankrupt crypto lender's shares neared an all-time high in spring 2021.
Aug 03
05:08 AM
Microstrategy CEO Saylor moves to chairman role, focusing on strategy and bitcoin
MicroStrategy's Michael Saylor is leaving his role as CEO to become Executive Chairman of the company, according to a statement on Tuesday afternoon.
Aug 02
01:44 PM
Celsius investors owed $4.7 billion beg judge to recover life savings
The question of who gets repaid first - should that day ever come - looms heavy over the bankruptcy proceedings of crypto lender Celsius.
Aug 02
11:32 AM
Robinhood's crypto division fined $30 million by New York regulator
Robinhood's crypto division was fined $30 million for
Aug 02
08:14 AM
Hackers drain nearly $200 million from crypto startup Nomad
Hackers yanked almost $200 million in crypto from Nomad, a so-called blockchain bridge.
Aug 02
05:02 AM
SEC charges 11 people in alleged $300 million crypto Ponzi scheme
SEC charges 11 people in alleged $300 million crypto Ponzi scheme
Aug 01
10:50 AM
Deloitte: 75% of retailers plan to accept crypto payments in 2 years
Nearly 75% of retailers are planning to enable payments with digital currencies within the next 2 years according to a June survey conducted by Deloitte.
Jul 29
10:35 AM
End of easy money in crypto: 20% returns over in CeFi, DeFi lives on
The washout of easy money is being welcomed by some of the world's top blockchain developers.
Jul 29
09:40 AM
Bitcoin (BTC) price rises following stocks higher in a post-Fed rally
Bitcoin's rally began after the Federal Reserve hiked interest rates on Wednesday, but signaled that the pace of such rises could slow. (BTC )
Jul 29
03:50 AM
Crypto exchange Zipmex files for bankruptcy protection in Singapore
Zipmex, which operates in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia according to its website, is the latest player to run into difficulties following a sell off.
Jul 28
09:17 PM
PayPal veteran Jim Magats is named CEO of MX, the startup that connects banks and fintech players
Magats is taking over at an interesting time: MX was preparing for an IPO or possible sale back in January, but market conditions have changed drastically.
Jul 28
08:08 AM
Bitcoin jumps above $23,000 after Federal Reserve interest rate hike
Bitcoin rose above $23,000 following stocks higher after the U.S. Federal Reserve raised interest rates but suggested the pace of hikes could slow. (BTC )
Jul 28
01:14 AM
Cathie Wood scoops up $50 million of Shopify on dip, sells chunk of Coinbase after SEC probe news
Cathie Wood's Ark Invest bought the dip in Shopify shares while selling some of her Coinbase stake after reports that the crypto exchange is facing a probe.
Jul 27
04:59 AM
Ant Group execs step down as Alibaba partners amid regulatory scrutiny
Ant Group is an affiliate of Alibaba in which the e-commerce giant owns 33%. But the fintech giant has been looking to distance itself since its halted IPO.
Jul 26
06:50 AM
FTX discussing stake to buy cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb
Talks of another acquisition are part of FTX and its founder Sam Bankman-Fried's aggressive acquisition approach amid a major downturn in the crypto market.
Jul 26
03:14 AM
What Tesla's bitcoin sale means for the crypto outlook
Many investors are unperturbed by Tesla's decision to sell its bitcoin, saying it could have little to no impact, or maybe even be a good thing.
Jul 21
11:49 AM
Former Coinbase manager and two others charged in insider trading plot
The charges allege the individuals planned to use confidential Coinbase information about which crypto assets were to be listed on Coinbase's exchanges.
Jul 21
09:35 AM
Crypto firm lays off 25% of staff as 3AC fallout spreads
Crypto firm is laying off 25% of its staff, equivalent to about 150 roles.
Jul 21
07:07 AM
Australian BNPL company Zip to exit Singapore, deprioritize crypto offering
Australian BNPL Zip is weighing impairment charges on its new U.S. and European businesses, exiting Singapore and
Jul 20
09:02 PM
Tesla converted 75% of bitcoin purchases to fiat currency in Q2 2022
Tesla CEO Elon Musk spent much of 2021 hyping cryptocurrencies. His company has exited most of its bitcoin holdings amid a dramatic downfall.
Jul 20
03:12 PM
Coinbase says has no exposure to collapsed crypto firms Celsius, 3AC
Coinbase said in a blog post that it had
Jul 20
07:47 AM
Crypto prices: Bitcoin (BTC) climbs above $23,000
Bitcoin surged as high as $23,800 Wednesday, up 8% in 24 hours and trading at levels not seen since mid-June. (BTC )
Jul 20
02:59 AM
FBI says fake crypto apps defrauded investors of more than $42 million
The FBI warned that cybercriminals are capitalizing on the growing interest in crypto investing to attract investors to fraudulent apps.
Jul 19
07:40 AM
Former employees say issues plagued crypto company Celsius years before bankruptcy
The problems at Celsius appear to have started years before it began freezing customer assets, according to employees and internal documents seen by CNBC.
Jul 19
05:20 AM
Crypto miners moved over $300 million of bitcoin in one day
New data from blockchain analytics firm CryptoQuant shows that miners are rapidly exiting their bitcoin positions.
Jul 18
02:34 PM
Democrats: Crypto miners should report more energy usage info
The lawmakers want the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy to require more energy use reporting by these companies.
Jul 18
10:10 AM
Coinbase stock pops 17% as cryptocurrencies bitcoin and ether rally
Coinbase and other crypto-related stocks surged Monday morning as the value of bitcoin and ether rallied in overnight trading and the tech sector performs well.
Jul 18
09:35 AM

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