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Japanese regulator warns major cryptocurrency exchange for operating without a license, bitcoin falls
Japan's Financial Services Agency issued a warning Friday to major cryptocurrency exchange Binance for operating without registration in the country.
Mar 23
06:24 AM
Facebook's pain could be blockchain's gain: Analyst
Blockchain technology has the potential to track all data being shared on the internet, says one analyst, but it won't be able to prevent misuse.
Mar 21
04:57 PM
Blockchain: Google is looking at how it can use the technology
Sridhar Ramaswamy said Google has a small team looking at blockchain and that the technology has a lot of promise
Mar 21
09:57 AM
Trump issues action blocking US citizens from trading or financing Venezuela cryptocurrency
President Donald Trump issued an executive order banning any transactions within the United States involving
Mar 19
05:27 PM
Plattsburgh has become the first city in the US to ban cryptocurrency mining
Bitcoin miners were attracted to Plattsburgh for their low electricity costs. Mayor Colin Read is banning the mining to protect the residents, the Verge reports. (BTC )
Mar 16
09:09 AM
Bitcoin mining firms getting pushback from New York State
A small town in northeastern New York has banned the launch of new bitcoin (BTC )
Mar 16
08:58 AM
Peter Thiel is betting on bitcoin to be the 'online equivalent to gold'
Peter Thiel is betting bitcoin to win the cryptocurrency battle because it's
Mar 15
05:03 PM
Bad news for bitcoin miners as it's no longer profitable to create the cryptocurrency
Bitcoin has dropped to a point where it's not that profitable to produce, according to some estimates. (BTC )
Mar 15
12:52 PM
'Fortnite' is becoming biggest game on internet
One of the hottest pop culture phenomenons right now is a game called "Fortnite," attracting rap stars, top Twitch streamers and gamers alike. div > div.group > p:first-child"> The game, made by Epic Games, is surging in popularity. Google search volume interest for "Fortnite" exceeded "Minecraft" and bitcoin in recent weeks. Source: Google Trends At one point last month, 3.4 million people were...
Mar 15
09:44 AM
Bitcoin falls below $9,000 after Google bans cryptocurrency ads
Bitcoin prices dropped Wednesday following news that the world's largest online ad provider Google plans to ban cryptocurrency advertising. (BTC )
Mar 14
07:13 AM
Early internet investor Tim Draper predicts in five years we'll only be using cryptocurrencies to pay
One of the earliest investors in the internet expects that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be the primary means of payment in five years.
Mar 06
03:43 PM
Use bitcoin to hedge during a trade war: Bitcoin bull Brian Kelly
With fears of a possible trade war abounding, one hedge-fund manager suggests putting your money into bitcoin to protect it. (BTC )
Mar 02
05:08 PM
Arms race emerges to steal compute power to mine cryptocurrencies: CEO
There appears to be an arms race by hackers to steal computing power from the public cloud to mine cryptocurrencies, RedLock co-founder and CEO Varun Badhwar told CNBC on Thursday. div > div.group > p:first-child"> Cryptojacking, a process whereby hackers deploy software that exploits a computer's central processing unit to mine cryptocurrency, is on the rise, said Badhwar, whose firm specializes...
Mar 01
07:50 AM
Sikur creates $799 hack-proof smartphone to keep cryptocurrencies safe
The SIKURPhone has an in-built cryptocurrency wallet designed to keep digital coins like bitcoin safe.
Feb 27
12:23 AM
British lawmakers are launching an inquiry into cryptocurrencies
Britain's Treasury Select Committee of lawmakers said it is launching an inquiry into digital currencies, as well as the underlying blockchain technology.
Feb 21
04:53 PM
Bitcoin's bouncing back, here are the next big catalysts for the cryptocurrency
Bitcoin is about to surge even higher, and one trader lays out the next catalysts for the cryptocurrency. (BTC )
Feb 20
01:32 PM
Pantera crypto blockchain fund lands Deutsche veteran William Healy
Cryptocurrency and blockchain hedge fund Pantera Capital announced the hiring of former Deutsche Bank Managing Director Tuesday.
Feb 20
08:47 AM
Litecoin rallies after 'hard fork' results in creation of spinoff
Litecoin's price has more than doubled in the past seven days as a result of a recent rally. (LTC )
Feb 20
06:02 AM
Venezuela's new bitcoin? Oil-backed cryprocurrency launched in bid to save economy
Venezuela launches a new oil-backed digital currency Tuesday, in a move the government hopes will help pull the country out of a deepening economic crisis.
Feb 20
01:38 AM
Venezuela petro cryptocurrency pre-sale starts February 20
President Nicolas Maduro hopes Venezuela's own digital currency will help it make financial transactions and get around western sanctions.
Feb 19
03:08 AM
Yacht company says they'll take bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies for payment
First Malibu mansions, next ultra luxurious yachts the ways in which cryptocurrency enthusiasts can spend their virtual riches is growing.
Feb 17
09:02 AM
Ellen DeGeneres explains bitcoin
You know that moment when you're all talking about bitcoin but nobody really understands it? Well, TV host Ellen DeGeneres summed up that feeling perfectly Thursday. div > div.group > p:first-child"> The comedian took it upon herself to explain to her audience what the cryptocurrency actually is. "Everybody is talking about bitcoin, nobody understands it," she said. "It's like a plot twist in a...
Feb 16
03:22 AM
Bitcoin is retesting the $10,000 level - here's why it's so important
Last November, the price of bitcoin crossed the $10,000 level for the first time. The rest of 2017 was an explosive ride, shooting up near $20,000 per coin before closing out the year just above $13,400. div > div.group > p:first-child"> Now, we're right back to last November, making note of bitcoin breaking above $10,000 Thursday midday for the first time in two weeks. Of course, the atmosphere... (BTC )
Feb 15
02:37 PM
The cheapest and most expensive countries to mine bitcoin
Mining just one bitcoin in South Korea costs $26,170, according to data released by lighting and furniture firm Elite Fixtures.
Feb 15
06:53 AM
Litecoin jumps 30% as traders bet on more users, upcoming split into litecoin cash
Litecoin surged Wednesday after news that a payments processor for the cryptocurrency is set to launch February 26. (LTC )
Feb 14
12:42 PM
Salon: Disable ad blocker or let us mine cryptocurrency monero
Salon is using readers' computing power to mine the virtual currency monero.
Feb 14
04:43 AM
Coincheck to report to regulators on $530 million cryptocurrency hack
Japan's Coincheck, stung by the theft of $530 million of digital money last month, is expected to file a report with regulators on the hacking.
Feb 12
05:47 PM
Hedge fund manager has nearly all his money in bitcoin, other cryptos
Brian Kelly, an outspoken bitcoin uberbull, told CNBC on Monday that he has nearly all of his money invested in cryptocurrencies. div > div.group > p:first-child"> "Like 90 percent," Kelly estimated on "Squawk Box." "I run a fund. I have my money in that. I've got investments elsewhere." "But that's not for everybody," said the founder of BK Capital Management, who runs the BKCM Digital Asset...
Feb 12
09:31 AM
EU regulators: Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin 'highly risky'
Cryptocurrencies are "highly risky" assets and are unsuitable as investments, three European Union (EU) regulators warned Monday. div > div.group > p:first-child"> The European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) for securities, banking and insurance and pensions said in a joint statement that they were "concerned" about an increasing number of people buying virtual currencies without being aware of...
Feb 12
06:32 AM
Cryptocurrency speculation could hurt innovation: MAS fintech exec
Sopnendu Mohanty, chief fintech officer of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), voiced his concerns about speculative cryptocurrency trading.
Feb 12
04:47 AM
Wells Fargo strategist: Bitcoin and the market are correlated
The market and bitcoin are correlated, says analyst. Both took a hit earlier this week and now begin to recover. (BTC )
Feb 07
04:39 PM
Winklevoss twins: Bitcoin will be worth 40 times current value
Brother Tyler Winklevoss hit back at bitcoin critics, saying that any criticism is a 'failure of the imagination.' (BTC )
Feb 07
10:12 AM
Bitcoin: ECB says regulating cryptocurrencies is not high on our to-do list
The regulation of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is far from being a top priority for the European Central Bank (ECB). (BTC )
Feb 07
04:27 AM
US government is trying to get coordinated in its efforts to regulate bitcoin
The Treasury secretary is bringing together federal agencies to coordinate cryptocurrency regulation, the chairmen of two financial commissions said.
Feb 06
12:44 PM
Bitcoin plunges below $6,000 alongside global stock markets
During the U.S. stock market's worst sell-off in years, bitcoin is not acting as an uncorrelated store of value. (BTC )
Feb 06
06:04 AM
Bitcoin price: Over $550 billion wiped off cryptocurrencies since record high
Bitcoin is off around 70 percent from its all time-high hit in mid-November. (BTC )
Feb 06
01:27 AM
Texas takes the lead on states' cryptocurrency crackdowns
On Friday, the state's securities board issued its fourth emergency cease-and-desist order in just over a month on a cryptocurrency company.
Feb 05
09:27 AM
Credit card ban, regulator scrutiny latest challenges for bitcoin
Bitcoin's rapid tumble from December records comes amid a slew of negative news for the the cryptocurrency world. (BTC )
Feb 05
08:28 AM
Lloyds bans use of credit cards to buy cryptocurrencies like bitcoin
Lloyds Banking Group said the rules would apply to credit card customers across Lloyds Bank, Bank of Scotland, Halifax and MBNA.
Feb 05
12:07 AM
This European royal family might invest in cryptocurrencies
The Crown Prince of Liechtenstein has told CNBC that blockchain and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin could be one way to help his family restore its wealth.
Feb 04
10:47 PM
Bitcoin is bottoming, expect a 70 percent surge: Trader
Bill Baruch, president of Blue Line Futures, explains why he is buying the recent bitcoin sell-off. (BTC )
Feb 02
02:02 PM
Making a crypto utopia in Puerto Rico
Dozens of entrepreneurs, made newly wealthy by blockchain and cryptocurrencies, are heading to Puerto Rico this winter, The New York Times reports.
Feb 02
11:29 AM
Retail investors put 'enormous amount' of money into market: CEO
The cryptocurrency and cannabis markets are helping fuel the interest of retail investors, says TD Ameritrade.
Feb 01
04:38 PM
Bitcoin is still overvalued by 15%: Cryptocurrency hedge fund manager
Despite its slump and his prediction for further downside, Brian Kelly says he would never consider betting against bitcoin. (BTC )
Feb 01
05:39 AM
South Korea says it has no plans to shut down cryptocurrency trading
Seoul previously roiled markets when it said that it was considering shutting down local cryptocurrency exchanges.
Jan 31
08:12 AM
Samsung is making chips designed to mine cryptocurrencies like bitcoin
Cryptocurrency mining requires super computers to solve complex mathematical problems to validate transactions on the bitcoin network.
Jan 31
02:27 AM
Facebook ban on bitcoin ads latest in very bad day for cryptocurrencies
Announcements from Facebook and the SEC Tuesday, and a report of CFTC action, culminated a negative day of news for cryptocurrencies.
Jan 30
02:27 PM
Facebook: Cryptocurrency ads banned including bitcoin and ICOs
It's an intentionally broad policy aimed at stopping scammers, Recode reports.
Jan 30
01:02 PM
Cryptocurrencies join the global financial market sell-off as bitcoin drops 7%
The 20 largest digital currencies by market capitalization all declined late Tuesday morning, according to CoinMarketCap.
Jan 30
10:12 AM
Pencils of Promise got $1 million in bitcoin from Pineapple Fund
The founder of Pencils of Promise reveals what it was like for him to receive a donation from the Pineapple Fund.
Jan 30
09:37 AM

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