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Blockchain Gets a Wall Street Win: 'We Know the Thing Works Now'
The prospect of blockchain technology remaking financial services just moved a step closer to reality after banks including Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. completed a successful six-month test in the $2.8 trillion equity swaps market.
02:41 AM
Can Bitcoin Survive an Apocalypse?
Wendy McElroy is ready for most doomsday scenarios: a one-year supply of nonperishable food is stacked in a cellar at her farm in rural Ontario. Her blueprint for survival also depends upon working internet: part of her money, assuming she needs some after civilization collapses, is in bitcoin. (BTC )
Nov 19
10:03 PM
Bitcoin Surges Past $8,000 as Technology Concerns Subside
World's largest cryptocurrency surged after falling as much as 29 percent this month (BTC )
Nov 19
09:57 PM
Asia Stocks Point to Declines; Bitcoin Hits Record: Markets Wrap
Losses for Asian stocks last week were poised to deepen in early trading Monday amid signs of fatigue following a stellar year for the region's equities. Bitcoin climbed to a fresh high, topping $8,000. (BTC )
Nov 19
02:27 PM
Bitcoin Soars Past $8,000 as Technology Shift Concern Vanishes
Bitcoin topped $8,000 for the first time, as investors set aside technology concerns that had derailed its advance earlier this month. (BTC )
Nov 19
01:19 PM
Quoine: Long-Term Holders of Bitcoin Will Make Money Bloomberg
Mike Kayamori, co-founder and chief executive officer at Quoine, discusses the roller coaster prices of bitcoin, bitcoin derivatives, the possibility of more cryptocurrencies, building bitcoin products and regulation for the industry. He speaks on (BTC )
Nov 17
04:09 AM
Bitcoin Emerges as Crisis Currency in Hotspots Such as Zimbabwe
About a third of the customers queuing at La Maison du Bitcoin's teller windows in Paris aren't speculating on the value of the cryptocurrency. They're sending digital money home to Africa. (BTC )
Nov 16
11:16 PM
From Bitcoin to Global Equities, It's Risk-On Again in Markets
It might be the rebound that was bound to happen. (BTC )
Nov 16
10:51 PM
Bitcoin Hits Record Just Days After a 29% Plunge
Bitcoin hit another record high, just days after a plunge of as much of 29 percent tested the confidence of advocates of the cryptocurrency. (BTC )
Nov 16
03:33 PM
Swiss Help Bitcoin Bears Profit With World's First Short Notes
Bitcoin bears now have another way to bet on price falls. (BTC )
Nov 16
03:33 PM
Bitcoin Exchange Wants to Be Digital Safe House for Hedge Funds
Coinbase, one of the most popular digital-coin exchanges for retail investors, has its eye on institutional cash looking for a way into cryptocurrencies. (BTC )
Nov 16
03:33 PM
The Bitcoin Exchange That CME Plans to Use for Futures Is Down
This is exactly what the bitcoin futures naysayers have been warning about: One of the exchanges which CME Group Inc. would use to price the contracts is having serious issues. (BTC )
Nov 15
08:42 AM
Sinche Says Bitcoin Is Modern Version of Gold Bloomberg
Robert Sinche, global strategist at Amherst Pierpont Securities, discusses Bitcoin and political upheaval in Zimbabwe making the value of the cryptocurrency rise. He speaks with Bloomberg's David Westin on (BTC )
Nov 15
07:26 AM
Square Is Letting You Buy Bitcoin on Your Phone
Square Inc. may be next to share in bitcoin's mindboggling gains. (BTC )
Nov 15
07:02 AM
Spendthrift Billionaire Looms as Tough Negotiator for Codelco
At first glance, the prospect of a new business-friendly president in Chile augurs well for the economy and in turn for bondholders in giant state copper miner Codelco.
Nov 15
03:06 AM
Ethereum.com Domain Name Can Be Yours for About $10 Million
Want to jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon but afraid it's become too much of a bubble? Check out the internet site domain name market, where speculation may be just as rampant. (ETH )
Nov 14
03:57 PM
Evening Briefing Europe: Euro Zone, Bitcoin, Wheat, Airbus, Brexit, Olives
Here are today's top stories for Europe. (BTC )
Nov 13
08:16 AM
Bitcoin's Digital Cousin Is Disrupting Cryptocurrencies
Just when you thought you had a handle on the newfangled crypto craze, here comes bitcoin cash. (BTC )
Nov 13
07:57 AM
Bitcoin's Boom Is Unsustainable In More Ways Than One
It's not the environmental cost of crypto that should worry investors. It's the politics. (BTC )
Nov 13
04:06 AM
Bitcoin Plummets as Rival Currency Entices Users Bloomberg
Peter Kinsella, senior FX and rates strategist at CBA Europe, and Bloomberg's Ed Robinson examine the issues behind the sudden decline in bitcoin. They speak on (BTC )
Nov 13
03:34 AM
The World's Biggest Video Game Skins Site Raised $41 Million With Crypto Tokens
OPSkins, a marketplace for rare Counter-Strike guns, has built an exchange that runs on cryptocurrency.
Nov 13
03:24 AM
Bitcoin Shorts Retreat in Sign Selling Pressure Could Be Easing
Bearish investors in bitcoin have started to cover their short positions, suggesting selling pressure may be waning after concern over the cryptocurrency's future wiped out some $38 billion in value in the past week. (BTC )
Nov 13
02:12 AM
Bitcoin Plunges 29% From Record High
Bitcoin plummeted, extending its drop to 29 percent from a record high, on speculation some traders were buying its offshoot amid a struggle over the digital currency's future. (BTC )
Nov 12
06:26 PM
Bitcoin Tests Nerves With a Near-30% Slide
Bitcoin is testing the nerves of its holders with an almost 30 percent slide from peak to trough, its third notable retreat this year. While previous plunges have been opportunities to bargain hunt, a civil war between bitcoin developers and miners is complicating the outlook for the cryptocurrency and boosting the appeal of some alternatives. (BTC )
Nov 12
05:57 PM
Bitcoin Jesus Praises New Coin After $7 Million Wager Falls Through
The man known as Bitcoin Jesus feels like a winner even though he wasn't able to collect $7 million from a wager with other cryptocurrency evangelists over the success of a now canceled offshoot of bitcoin. (BTC )
Nov 10
01:41 PM
Bitcoin Plunges After Plans for Split Called Off
Bitcoin slumped as much as 8 percent even after a technology upgrade that threatened to disrupt the biggest cryptocurrency was called off earlier this week. (BTC )
Nov 10
10:56 AM
Bitcoin of U.K. Stocks IQE Up 300% in 2017, Keeps Rising
Semiconductor company IQE Plc continued its upward trajectory, rising as much as 19%, after reporting expansion plans that may include new mass market opportunities. (BTC )
Nov 10
06:07 AM
Bitcoin Is No Bubble, Says Investor With $213 Million Stake
Tim Draper was walking through a pavilion at a tech conference in Lisbon on Tuesday when he was cornered by an entrepreneur touting a new digital currency. No sooner had the venture capitalist heard the pitch than he was approached by another guy hawking his own initial coin offering. Another followed, then another. (BTC )
Nov 10
04:31 AM
Cryptocurrency Craze Doesn't Excite Nvidia Even With Sales Boost
The growth of cryptocurrencies is boosting Nvidia Corp.'s revenue, but that's not about to distract the California chipmaker.
Nov 10
12:57 AM
Chinese Fintech IPO Euphoria Wanes as Regulators Weigh Crackdown
The euphoria around Chinese fintech listings is starting to wane.
Nov 09
07:57 PM
Coinbase Likely to Lose Fight to Block IRS Customer Probe
Coinbase Inc. customers who haven't reported their cryptocurrency gains to the Internal Revenue Service, beware.
Nov 09
06:11 PM
'Mr. ETF' on Bitcoin Futures, SEC and Passive Investing Bloomberg
The debate over the battle between active and passive investors. Passive has grown from $1 trillion to $6 trillion inside a decade. Mr. ETF -- Cantor Fitzgerald's Reggie Browne - discusses the risks tied to this growth and the potential for bitcoin ETFs with Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu. (Source: Bloomberg) (BTC )
Nov 09
04:42 PM
Bitcoin's Exorbitant Energy Costs May Prove to Be Biggest Risk
It may not matter whether bitcoin's a bubble. The staggering energy costs associated with mining the digital currency could prove to be its downfall. (BTC )
Nov 09
07:17 AM
Bitcoin's Spike Toward $8,000 Fades as Free-Money Trades Unwind
Turns out not everyone is happy with the detente in bitcoin's civil war. (BTC )
Nov 09
05:16 AM
Someone Figured Out How to Put Tomatoes on a Blockchain
Intrigued by how blockchain was changing finance, an ex-banker at Wells Fargo & Co. and a former executive at Nasdaq Inc. began looking for other opportunities. They looked at applying the technology to insurance, law, even music.
Nov 09
03:02 AM
Coinbase Escalates Showdown on U.S. Tax Probe as Bitcoin Surges
The 10,000 bitcoins that seven years ago famously paid for the delivery of two Papa John's pizzas would be worth more than $74 million today. (BTC )
Nov 09
03:02 AM
Corbat Sees Governments Issuing Digital Currencies After Bitcoin
What if the feds got in on the cryptocurrency craze? (BTC )
Nov 08
02:41 PM
Citi CEO Corbat Says Using Bitcoin Still a Bit 'Clunky' Bloomberg
Citigroup Inc. CEO Michael Corbat sits down with Bloomberg's Erik Schatzker at The Year Ahead Summit at Bloomberg headquarters in New York to share his thoughts on digital currencies. (Source: Bloomberg) (BTC )
Nov 08
12:17 PM
Bitcoin Surges on Hopes That Upcoming Fork May Be Avoided
Bitcoin surged to a record high on speculation that a pending upgrade to the cryptocurrency's underlying technology won't lead to a split. (BTC )
Nov 08
09:51 AM
San Francisco Leads World in Number of Blockchain Projects
Silicon Valley led the way in developing the Internet. Now it's at it again.
Nov 08
09:17 AM
Millennials Are Ready to Ditch Stocks to Keep the Bitcoin Rally Alive
It's become commonplace in news headlines to say millennials kill everything from romance to napkins, but now a survey shows they might be responsible for keeping the rally in bitcoin alive. (BTC )
Nov 08
08:42 AM
Paradise Papers Make Queasy Reading for Fintech Fans
While Wirecard denies doing anything illegal,its shares are vulnerable toslower growth and any possible increase in regulatory scrutiny.
Nov 08
05:16 AM
Ethereum Creator Wonders Whether His Currency Should Be Scarcer
Vitalik Buterin, the inventor of the ethereum blockchain, may have created too much of a good thing. (ETH )
Nov 08
03:01 AM
Even Bjork Now Accepts Bitcoin
Bjork fans can now buy her latest work using bitcoin. (BTC )
Nov 08
01:06 AM
China's Raging Fintech Boom on Verge of Minting Two Billionaires
China's booming fintech industry is on the verge of adding two new billionaires to the world's most powerful wealth engine.
Nov 07
06:16 PM
Singapore Is Coaxing Competing Banks to Collaborate on Fintech
Banks in Singapore that are used to competing against one another are finding ways to collaborate in the fintech space -- under the encouragement of the Monetary Authority of Singapore.
Nov 07
12:47 PM
Credit Suisse CEO Calls Bitcoin 'Definition of a Bubble' Bloomberg
Credit Suisse Group CEO Tidjane Thiam said last week that bitcoin speculation is the (BTC )
Nov 07
12:27 PM
This Bank CEO Is Learning to Code
Frederic Oudea is doing everything he can to keep up with the technological changes roiling the European banking industry. The chief executive officer of Societe Generale SA has collaborated with fintech startups, backed accelerator programs to nurture innovation, and invested heavily in its French mobile-banking unit as well as in hundreds of apps.
Nov 07
10:17 AM
IBM Touts Blockchain to Track Pot Industry From 'Seed to Sale'
IBM Corp., one of the bluest of U.S. blue-chip companies, is touting blockchain as the supply-management tool of choice for an unusual industry -- cannabis.
Nov 07
09:42 AM
Bitcoin ETFs Are Likely to Follow Futures, Cboe President Says
Cboe Global Markets Inc. sees bitcoin exchange-traded funds on the horizon. (BTC )
Nov 07
08:57 AM

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