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Classified Ads Site in South Africa Reports Increase in High-Ticket Bitcoin Listings
Online classifieds and community website, Gumtree South Africa, has reported a significant increase in the number of listings posted specifically asking to trade items for bitcoin. In particular, the (BTC )
04:10 AM
Jack the Ripple: XRP Technical Analysis
Ripple (XRP) has a great use-case story. Transaction speed, cost and overall scalability make it superior to bitcoin, as per the graphs provided by the Ripple twitter feed. Many believe that Ripple's (BTC , XRP )
02:09 AM
Six Ways to Ruin Your ICO Before It's Even Started
ICOs are like weddings: months of planning comes to one big day. If the event goes off without a hitch, it will bring in a lot of money. But with the world watching, the stakes are high. One slip and (BTC )
01:39 AM
New BitMain Antminer A3 Blake (2b) ASIC Miner Announced
This came as a bit of unexpected surprise, but it seems that BitMain already has a working ASIC miner for the Blake (2b) mining algorithm (and maybe even for other variants of Blake) and they have ann (BTC )
12:24 AM
Cryptocurrency App Users Increase 14-Fold in South Korea
The number of cryptocurrency app users in South Korea has increased 14 times in the last 11 weeks to approximately two million users, according to a recent analysis. Users spend an average of 26 minut (BTC )
Jan 16
08:54 PM
215,000+ Sign Petition Against South Korean Crypto Regulation
A national petition against extreme cryptocurrency regulations in South Korea has exceeded 200,000 signatures, the requirement for the government to respond. The petition entitled Has the government
Jan 16
07:54 PM
Bitcoin Cash Tip Bot 'Tippr' Distributes Thousands of Micropayments
A new Bitcoin Cash (BCH) tip bot that lets anyone send small microtransactions using BCH called 'Tippr' is gaining a lot of traction on the web these days. Also Read: Some UK Mortgage Lenders Refuse t (BCH , BTC )
Jan 16
06:54 PM
Metropolitan Bank Denies Ceasing Cryptocurrency-Related International Wires
Just recently news.Bitcoin.com reported on the company Metropolitan Bank Holding Corp (NYSE: MCB) allegedly ceasing international cryptocurrency transfers. The bank is well known for being called the (BTC )
Jan 16
05:41 PM
Novogratz Reveals Plans To Create Cryptocurrency Merchant Bank
Former wall street hedge fund manager Mike Novogratz has revealed his plan to create a merchant bank that will be wholly focused on cryptocurrencies and enterprises based on blockchain technology. As
Jan 16
05:09 PM
Bitconnect Shuts Down Its Exchange Citing a String of Excuses
In a move that will surprise few observers, Bitconnect has announced that it is closing its lending and exchange platform. The company has widely been accused of operating a Ponzi scheme and was recen (BCC , BTC )
Jan 16
04:39 PM
Russia's Biggest Lender Opens Blockchain Lab
Sberbank, a state-owned Russian bank, has opened up about an initiative for starting a blockchain laboratory. The lab aims to provide a platform to pilot test blockchain endorsed business solutions fo (BTC )
Jan 16
04:09 PM
Businessman Outright Buys Two Electric Power Stations to Do Bitcoin Mining in Russia
China has dominated the bitcoin mining industry for a couple of years, but fears of a government clampdown are signaling now might be the best time to enter the market elsewhere in the world. And some (BTC )
Jan 16
03:39 PM
Russia to Legalize Cryptocurrency Trading on Approved Exchanges
Following the presentation of a drafted bill to place regulations on the usage of cryptocurrency in Russia on December 28, a list of approved cryptocurrency trading platforms is being developed by the (BTC )
Jan 16
03:09 PM
Sweden Looking Towards the Direction of Creating a National Cryptocurrency
At a time when governments around the world are busy formulating anti-cryptocurrency policies to cripple the growth of digital money, Sweden, a country whose citizens prefer transacting digitally, is (BTC )
Jan 16
02:39 PM
Hackers Steal $400k from Users of a Stellar Lumen (XLM) Web Wallet
Another cryptocurrency service provider has been hacked, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of losses to Stellar users this time. DNS hackers have hijacked the Blackwallet server, redirect (BTC , XLM )
Jan 16
02:09 PM
Bitfury and First Block Capital Make Strategic Investment In Emercoin
The Bitfury Group and First Block Capital announced they have invested in Emercoin and will support the provider of blockchain solutions and services for customers around the world. The decision to su (BTC , EMC )
Jan 16
01:39 PM
Market Update Report Jan.16
Panic among the crypto markets. With the sudden and recent news from China, sharp declines in the Bitcoin's price, which fell by about 20% in just one day, and even worse situation in the altcoins. Ke (BTC )
Jan 16
01:24 PM
Japan's Largest Bank to Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange
As bitcoin trading becomes the new mainstream in Japan, leading financial firms are stepping in to offer services to preserve their market share. MUFG, the largest bank in the country, is now planning (BTC )
Jan 16
12:39 PM
Russia Postpones Crypto Ruble Launch to Mid-2019
According to Arseni Scheltsin, the director of Russia's Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Association, the proposals on creating and regulating a national cryptocurrency will be officially presented in Ju (BTC )
Jan 16
12:09 PM
Power Stations Being Purchased in Russia by Private Investors for Cryptocurrency Mining
The process of mining cryptocurrencies takes a lot of energy for the high-powered computers to complete the algorithms associated with approving transactions through the blockchain. Moving Public Cryp (BTC )
Jan 16
11:39 AM
Markets Update: The Top 68 Cryptos Dive During the January Slump
Cryptocurrency marketsare having a tough time during the third week of the new year as a vast majority of digital assets are down 20 percent or more. Currently, the BTC/USD global average is roughly (BTC )
Jan 16
10:54 AM
Central Bank of Lithuania set to Launch Sandbox Blockchain Platform LBCHain
The central bank of Lithuania is launching a regulatory and technological sandbox platform called LBChain. This move will facilitate testing for foreign and domestic companies to test and develop bloc (BTC )
Jan 16
10:24 AM
Cornell Researchers: Bitcoin Not as Decentralized as Assumed
Cornell University researchers, using the Falcon Relay Network, have concluded that neither of the two most popular cryptocurrency blockchains, Bitcoin and Ethereum, are as decentralized as once thoug (BTC , ETH )
Jan 16
09:54 AM
Crypto, Films, and Taking Back Creative Power: An Interview with 21 Million Executive Producer David Lofts
The move towards initial coin offerings in creative industries hasn't necessarily caught mainstream attention. Although it is turning out to be a profitable vehicle to generate funds, it still sticks (BTC )
Jan 16
09:24 AM
US Treasury Secretary: The Dollar Could Be Converted Into Digital Dollar
The United States, through its Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, has declared that they are closely watching the digital currency ecosystem and could turn the US dollar into a cryptocurrency in the di (BTC )
Jan 16
08:24 AM
China to Coordinate Against 3,000 Fake Blockchain Platforms
This week China's central television(CCTV 2) reported the Peoples Bank of China (PBOC), its Ministry of Public Security, in coordination with other regulatory agencies, will work to combat cybercrime (BTC )
Jan 16
07:54 AM
Brazil's Regulators Block Investment Funds From Investing In Cryptocurrencies
Local investment funds in Brazil can no longer invest in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. This restriction was imposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil (CVM), which is currently b (BTC )
Jan 16
07:24 AM
New Cryptocurrency Exchanges Proliferate in South Korea Despite Regulation
New cryptocurrency exchanges are rushing to launch in South Korea despite regulatory uncertainty due to high demand and lucrative business models. Ten crypto platforms are expected to open for busines
Jan 16
04:24 AM
France Appoints a Cryptocurrency 'Mission Leader'
Week after week regulators and governments have been announcing plans to regulate digital currencies like bitcoin. This week in France on January 15 the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire announce (BTC )
Jan 16
12:39 AM
Companies Deny Having Bitcoin or Blockchain Services Amid China's Clampdown
After Xunlei was questioned about Initial Miner Offerings (IMO), multiple public companies clarified that they did not and will not tap into the blockchain space. A Shenzhen-based bitcoin miner manufa (BTC )
Jan 15
11:39 PM
Some UK Mortgage Lenders Refuse to Serve Bitcoin Investors
British bitcoin investors trying to use their earnings to buy real estate are facing difficulties in securing loans from mortgage lenders. Several building societies refuse to work with them even afte (BTC )
Jan 15
09:39 PM
The Futility of Government Bans
Cryptocurrencies have been threatened at one point or another by nearly every country on the planet. Rarely does a government venture beyond rhetoric. Those resorting to crackdowns are often met with (BTC )
Jan 15
08:24 PM
Overstock-Coinbase Bitcoin Mix-Up Leads to Huge Discounts
Overstock unwittingly processed bitcoin cash as having an identical value to bitcoin, effectively allowing customers of the e-commerce giant up to an 85 percent discount on cryptocurrency purchases. M (BCH , BTC )
Jan 15
07:54 PM
Coingeek Funds Terabyte Block Initiative for Bitcoin Cash With 3.6M Euro
On January 15 the cryptocurrency media outlet and blockchain company Coingeek owned and operated by the financial tycoon Calvin Ayre announced funding an initiative called the 'Terab Project' with 3.6 (BCH , BTC )
Jan 15
07:24 PM
Goldman Sachs Report Explores use of Bitcoin as Currency
On January 10, 2018, analysts from Goldman Sachs Group, the Fortune 500 investment company, published a nine-page lengthy report titled Bitcoin as Money. Taking Crypto Seriously The report was the f (BTC )
Jan 15
06:54 PM
Google Search Volume for Bitcoin Keywords Increased by as Much as 1000% During 2017
Following bitcoin's incredible performance and increased media coverage during 2017, there is no doubt that bitcoin has witnessed increased user adoption. Estimates regarding the scale of bitcoin's gr (BTC )
Jan 15
06:24 PM
UW System School infected with Bitcoin Mining Scripts
The University of Wisconsin System discovered three of its servers mining Bitcoin. The UW Madison news section reported, illegal crypto miners exploited three servers at UW-Madison, UW-Stout, and UW-S (BTC )
Jan 15
05:54 PM
Crypto Wallet Hack sees stolen 400,000 USD in Stellar Lumens
Important: If you had a Black Walletaccount, do not try to sign in. Instead, please verify that you are the account balance through the Stellar Account Viewer, here. In a statement sent today by its (BTC , STR , XLM )
Jan 15
05:24 PM
South Korean Cryptocurrency Trading Ban Rumours Put Pressure on Price of Bitcoin: BTCManager's Week in Review Jan 15
In the past week, headlines circulated suggesting that South Korea, one of the largest bitcoin markets in the world, would impose a ban on cryptocurrency trading. These headlines rattled bitcoin holde (BTC )
Jan 15
04:24 PM
50% discount on Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines
Only two days - 15, 16 and 17 of January: 50% discount on Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines Go for it! 50% discount on Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines Pay less and discover mor (BTC )
Jan 15
03:54 PM
Discuss Crypto While Promoting Peace
CEO of Bitcoin.com Roger Ver, popularly referred to as Bitcoin Jesus for his dogged advocacy of censorship resistant currency, is an oft-sought advisor and speaker for his insights on the ecosystem an (BTC )
Jan 15
02:24 PM
Swiss Government Introduces Blockchain Task Force to Regulate Startups and ICOs
The government of Switzerland is reportedly working towards laying down regulations for the blockchain and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) industry. Spearheading the movement is Taskforce Blockchain, a gr (BTC )
Jan 15
01:54 PM
Luno Exchange Bank Account Frozen by Malaysian Tax Officials
Over the past few weeks, regulators and financial institutions have been reacting to the worldwide popularity of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In another regulatory-related matter, this week in (BTC )
Jan 15
01:09 PM
Madeline Eden Determined To Revolutionize The US Electoral System Via Blockchain Technology
One of the many uses of Blockchain technology is in the area of record keeping and secure data storage. Madeline Eden, a Bitcoin advocate, Blockchain developer and politician currently running for Con (BTC )
Jan 15
12:39 PM
GDAX Will Open the Bitcoin Cash/BTC Order Book on Wednesday
Are you looking to trade in your old bitcoin with its high fees and slow transactions for a brand new bitcoin cash? Or, you just want to offload the bitcoin cash you have been holding since the fork? (BCH , BTC )
Jan 15
12:09 PM
Back of the Envelope Calculation Values Bitcoin at $29,000
A recent back of the envelope calculation ended up valuing bitcoin at $ 29,000. Initially, the computation model calculated a ballpark figure of the virtual currency at $16,000. A more comprehensive a (BTC )
Jan 15
11:39 AM
Moscow Exchange Ready for Fast and Easy Crypto Trading
With authorities in Moscow still trying to find their bearings on Bitcoin, the largest Russian exchange has announced its readiness to organize cryptocurrency trading. It would be faster and easier, M (BTC )
Jan 15
11:09 AM
Hyundai Merchant Marine and Samsung SDS Announce Success of Blockchain-Based Pilot Program
Hyundai Merchant Marine, one of the largest shipping exporters in the Asian Pacific, has reportedly completed a successful test run of its blockchain-based pilot program. Making Waves with Blockchain (BTC )
Jan 15
10:39 AM
Bittrex' Delisting Policy Leaves Cryptocurrencies Out in the Cold
Bittrex' coin listing and delisting policy has long been a mystery to outsiders, who have struggled to make sense of it. That mystery deepened this week after the exchange announced that it was removi (BTC )
Jan 15
10:09 AM
Sharpe Capital's Investment Fund Generates 85% ROI In First Month
Fund distributions equal to 40% of the fund's profit, totaling $105,000. Sharpe Capital is a blockchain based platform committed to building a decentralized investment ecosystem. Their focus is on hel (BTC )
Jan 15
09:54 AM

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