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Samsung Increases Crypto Info Security on its Smartphones
Korean electronics giant Samsung says it is improving the security infrastructure of its smartphones for enhanced protection of users crypto information.
05:10 AM
Pompliano Says He Wouldn't Buy XRP
Anthony Pompliano, host of the Off the Chain podcast and co-founder of Morgan Creek Capital, said he would not buy XRP when asked in an interview with (XRP )
Feb 25
03:24 PM
France, Austria Join Forces to Combat Crypto Crime
French and Austrian technology experts have recently announced that they're joining forces to tackle crypto-based money laundering.
Feb 25
09:39 AM
Why Bitcoin May Not Skyrocket Immediately After Halving
The two bitcoin halvings that have already occurred may offer some indication as to what will happen to prices after the next one. (BTC )
Feb 24
03:56 AM
Should Millennials Invest in Bitcoin for their Retirement?
Millennials, are looking at novel retirement strategies, to protect their retirement security. Will bitcoin serve the purpose? (BTC )
Feb 22
02:55 PM
Ripple Launches New XRP Fraud Reporting Procedure
The company has created a page on its website where foul-play can be reported. This move represents the increasing attempts by Ripple to establish itself (XRP )
Feb 21
01:10 PM
Vodafone Includes Bitcoin in New Advert After Exiting Libra
Vodafone, the UK-based cellular provider, recently showcased Bitcoin in their latest German advert which debuted on the companys Facebook page on Feb. (BTC )
Feb 21
12:24 PM
IRS Crypto Prosecutions Set to 'Skyrocket', Says US Tax Law Firm
The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is expected to ramp up its cryptocurrency-related enforcement actions, a tax law office warns. US Revenue Agency
Feb 21
09:40 AM
TradeSatoshi Crypto Exchange Shuts Down, Users Report Foul Play
TradeSatoshi, a popular UK exchange that opened for business in 2015, has announced this week that it will be closing up shop. Traders who used the
Feb 21
04:41 AM
Bitcoin Bulls Regaining Composure, Is $10,000 Back In Play?
Crypto markets have remained steady over the past day or so and there have been no further losses while Bitcoin has inched slowly higher. (BTC )
Feb 20
11:10 PM
Security at Bitcoin Casinos
Is it a good idea to use Bitcoin for online gambling? Information on the security of Bitcoin transactions at online casino sites. (BTC )
Feb 20
11:41 AM
Russia Decides to Outlaw Crypto as a Means of Payment
Russias Federal Security Service (FSB), the successor of KGB, agreed with the Central Bank of Russia that cryptocurrencies should not be allowed as means
Feb 20
10:25 AM
Netherlands Shares Bitcoin Mixer Probe Report With J5 Nations
The Dutch Government is sharing intelligence data, including that gathered during last year's takedown of a Bitcoin mixing service, with four other (BTC )
Feb 20
06:10 AM
How Altcoins Could Capitulate if Bitcoin Support Fails
Altcoins have had a good year so far but gains could go up in smoke if bitcoin fails to hold key support levels during this correction. (BTC , ETH )
Feb 20
01:40 AM
Tim Draper Invests $1 Million into 'Digital Court' Blockchain Project
Billionaire investor Tim Draper has invested a million dollars in Aragon, a blockchain-based startup aiming to facilitate the creation and management of (ANT , DAO )
Feb 19
03:10 PM
How Does Bitcoin Distribution Compare to Wealth Inequality?
When Bitcoin first came out more than a decade ago, it promoted a sense of equity and fairness that hasnt been typical for the traditional financial (BTC )
Feb 19
01:10 PM
ACX Crypto Exchange Gets Penalized By Australian Blockchain Body
The self-governing body Blockchain Australia removed ACX.IO from its list of partners, following trader complaints that the market operator has gone
Feb 19
08:09 AM
Bring it On: SEC vs Telegram Court Battle is Today
The court battle between the United States SEC and Telegram takes place today as the greater blockchain space anxiously watches on.
Feb 19
06:10 AM
3 Reasons Why Running a Bitcoin Node Is Easier Than You Think
If youre a true believer in Bitcoin and you want to see it succeed, you can help strengthen the network by running a full node. It may sound intimidating (BTC )
Feb 19
03:41 AM
What Are Flash Loans And Why Are They Bullish For Ethereum?
The crypto industry has been wrapped up in the first two major exploits of DeFi this week, however they may actually be bullish for Ethereum. (ETH )
Feb 19
03:41 AM
Analysts Weigh In On Next Move For Bitcoin, Up or Down?
Analysts have weighed in on the next move for bitcoin as it holds above $10,000, which way will it go today? (BTC )
Feb 18
11:39 PM
Two Asian Crypto Exchange Giants Partner to Expand Global Reach
South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb has announced a strategic partnership with Singapore-based exchange, Bitmax.io. This move will create new
Feb 17
01:39 PM
Blockchain Life 2020 welcomes 5000 participants and leading companies of the industry on April 22-23 in Moscow
The biggest event on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and mining in Europe is taking place at an innovative venue Music Media Dome.
Feb 17
12:10 PM
Ripple to Become the Amazon of Crypto By 2025: Brad Garlinghouse
Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple took to the airwaves and spoke with CNNs Julia Chatterly about the current state of Ripple, XRP, and the companys plans (XRP )
Feb 17
10:25 AM
Alex Jones Finally Becomes a Bitcoin Believer
American radio star, host of The Infowars and far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones met with pro-bitcoin champion Max Keiser. (BTC )
Feb 17
07:24 AM
Ethereum Conference Concludes With ETH 2.0 Launch Optimism
The annual Ethereum hackathon in Denver, was concluded with a number of project developments and renewed optimism for the ETH 2.0 launch. (ETH )
Feb 17
02:26 AM
Why Bitcoin Should Have Been a Part of These 5 Hedge Funds?
Five hedge fund managers. Each earning more than one billion dollars. But they could have earned more with Bitcoin. Read on to know more. (BTC )
Feb 16
02:10 PM
Crypto Markets See Red as Bitcoin Begins Correction
Bitcoin remains above $10k this morning but pullback potential is growing as the altcoins start to see red. (BTC , ETH )
Feb 16
12:25 AM
OTC Bitcoin Trading Volume Reaches $300 Million in Chile
Chileans traded almost USD $300 million in Bitcoin over LocalBitcoins.com last week. What is the reason behind this BTC trading spike? (BTC )
Feb 15
09:41 AM
Should you Buy Bitcoin on Fridays and Sell on Mondays?
A comprehensive study analyzed 2 years' worth of Bitcoin buying and selling data. The findings were pretty surprising. Read on to know more. (BTC )
Feb 15
07:26 AM
2019 IRS Crypto Tax Guidance is Subject to Change, GAO Warns
The IRS' guidelines on crypto tax reporting remain unclear, & may not be binding, according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO). (BTC )
Feb 15
04:40 AM
Block.One Voice Social Network Beta Goes Live
Block.One, the company behind the EOS blockchain, is launching its Voice blockchain-based social network today on Valentines day. Voice has been one of (EOS )
Feb 14
10:41 AM
Bitcoin Rally Stalls, Bullish Recovery Depends On These Levels
Analyst Josh Rager has identified price points that could determine the movement of Bitcoin over the next few days. Bitcoin Price Hangs in the Balance (BTC , ETH )
Feb 14
08:40 AM
China Turns to BlockchainAs Coronavirus Spins Out of Control
With 65,000 people infected with the coronavirus Chinese startup Hyperchain has launched a blockchain-based platform for charitable donations.
Feb 14
08:10 AM
Bahamian Central Bank to Roll Out Digital Currency in H2 2020
The Bahamas Central Bank governor yesterday confirmed that a digital currency will be rolled out by the second half of 2020.
Feb 14
05:41 AM
Coinbase CEO Gets Payment Blocked By US Bank, Crypto Fixes This
Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong took to Twitter to complain about his recent user experience with two popular legacy fiat payment apps. Armstrong reportedly
Feb 13
02:09 PM
IRS Removes Crypto Tax Reporting for Fortnite and Other Game Tokens
The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has updated its webpage. Now, game tokens like in Fortnite aren't not deemed as cryptocurrencies.
Feb 13
10:11 AM
Crypto Market is a "Giant Garbage Dumpster": Minneapolis Fed President
The crypto bashing encyclopedia now has a new soundbite addition, this time from Minneapolis Federal Reserve President Neel Kashkari calling cryptos a (BTC )
Feb 12
08:26 AM
Tether Begins Monitoring Traders With Chainalysis Tracking Tool
Stablecoin giant Tether (USDT) is the latest crypto firm to adopt anti-money laundering (AML) tracking solutions from blockchain forensics firm (USDT )
Feb 12
05:10 AM
Why Bitcoin Over $10,000 Will Be Different This Time
Bitsoin is back over $10,000 and another new yearly high has been hit but what is different this time around? (BTC )
Feb 12
02:54 AM
Did the BBC Just Call Blockchain Vaporware?
Blockchain has been promised to disrupt a multitude of industries by disintermediating trusted third parties in a variety of roles, across many different
Feb 11
02:10 PM
Bitcoin Breaks $10,000 Again, Here's Why
After a brief dip below $9,800, Bitcoin is again moving up. It has passed $10,400 over 24 hours with all signs pointing toward greater gains in the days (BTC , ETH )
Feb 11
01:24 PM
Even Captain Kirk Questions Craig Wright's Satoshi Claim
Noted cryptocurrency enthusiast and Star Trek's Captain Kirk, William Shatner,has taken to twitter to lambaste nChain proponent, Craig Wright.
Feb 11
07:40 AM
Bittrex Exchange is in Trouble, In-Depth Analysis Reveals
The crypto exchange ecosystem is becoming increasingly cutthroat as major players fight to win the largest share of the market. Bittrex is one exchange
Feb 11
07:25 AM
Bitcoin Google Searches Surge as Crypto Bulls Gather Momentum
Google searches are one way to measure market sentiment and general interest and they are up for bitcoin by a big margin. (BTC , ETH )
Feb 11
02:23 AM
Bitcoin SV Nodes Crash Hard Following Genesis 'Downgrade'
Following the Bitcoin SV 'Genesis' Hard Fork on Feb 4th, the number of nodes on the network has reduced dramatically. In a tweet this morning, Arthur van (BTC )
Feb 10
09:24 AM
Weiss Upgrades Bitcoin's Rating, Gives BTC an 'A-', Again
Weiss Ratings, and independent crypto and financial ratings agency has given Bitcoin an A- rating, again. read on to know more. (BTC )
Feb 08
11:10 AM
How Bitcoin Could Surge to $11,000 After Hitting Five Figures
Bitcoin is strengthening as it holds on to gains for another day and inches ever closer to five figures. (BTC )
Feb 07
04:40 AM
19 Million XRP Tokens Move to Jed McCaleb's Wallet, Dump Inbound?
The XRP rally, which took the asset back to $0.28, may be threatened, as the latest tranche of tokens are sent to Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb's wallet. (XLM , XRP )
Feb 07
03:10 AM
Central Banks to Meet to Discuss Digital Currency Threat
As China storms forward with its digital currency, other countries arent sitting idle. The leaders of six central banks will meet in April.
Feb 06
04:25 AM

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