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Crypto firm Coinbase valued at more than oil giant BP
Coinbase, which runs a leading trading platform for Bitcoin, hits nearly $100bn in stock market listing. (BTC )
Apr 14
11:27 AM
Study says bitcoin could derail China's climate change plans
Bitcoin emissions in China exceed the total emissions of the Czech Republic and Qatar, study says. (BTC )
Apr 07
09:51 PM
Bitcoin surges past $60,000 for first time
The volatile cryptocurrency extends its record-breaking run to reach a new high. (BTC )
Mar 13
06:07 PM
Kalifa review: UK 'needs a wake-up call' over fintech investment
Ron Kalifa, the former boss of Worldpay, has reviewed how policymakers and regulators could support fintech's growth.
Feb 25
04:24 PM
US central bank payment system down for 'hours'
The crash came as the bank faces pressure to keep pace with changes fuelled by Bitcoin and other digital currencies. (BTC )
Feb 24
01:30 PM
Bitcoin: Elon Musk loses world's richest title as Tesla falters
The Tesla leader's wealth has taken a hit as investors sour on Bitcoin and the electric carmaker. (BTC )
Feb 23
10:19 AM
Bitcoin keeps hitting new highs after Tesla backing
Having broken through the $50,000 level last week the cryptocurrency has extended its rally this year. (BTC )
Feb 21
07:42 PM
Bitcoin hits new record of $50,000
The digital currency has gained 72% so far in a volatile 2021. (BTC )
Feb 16
07:24 AM
Bitcoin hits fresh highs after Tesla investment
The cryptocurrency makes more gains after Tesla's $1.5bn vote of confidence. (BTC )
Feb 09
02:28 AM
Elon Musk's Tesla buys $1.5bn of Bitcoin causing currency to spike
The crypto-currency jumped 14% as Tesla also said it could start accepting Bitcoin as payment. (BTC )
Feb 08
06:16 AM
Dogecoin takes off after tip by Elon Musk
The currency has risen more than 800% in the year so far. (DOGE )
Feb 04
08:15 AM
Bitcoin value surges past $30,000 (22,000) for first time
The cryptocurrency has continued to soar in value just weeks after hitting $20,000 for the first time. (BTC )
Jan 02
07:20 AM
Bitcoin hits all-time high rising above $20,000
The virtual currency has gained more than 170% this year amid stock market turmoil during the pandemic. (BTC )
07:54 PM
Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin hits three-year high as investors jump in
The digital currency is close to an all-time record although experts warn about its volatility. (BTC )
07:55 PM
Shenzhen residents embrace digital currency
The People's Bank of China is expected to officially launch its digital currency later this year.
02:15 AM
'One day everyone will use China's digital currency'
China plans a digital version of its currency, which some say could become a big global payment system.
05:09 PM
Bitcoin 'halving': What does the much-hyped event mean?
Investors are debating what impact the adjustment will have on the cryptocurrency market. (BTC )
10:06 PM
Coronavirus 'will hasten the decline of cash'
As people turn to digital payments during the lockdown, there are fears over the long-term future of cash.
07:52 AM
Facebook 'rethinks' plans for Libra cryptocurrency
The firm had hoped to revolutionise payments with a single digital currency.
03:31 PM
Vodafone quits Facebook's Libra currency
Facebook's digital currency is dealt another blow as Vodafone becomes latest firm to withdraw.
02:44 PM
The entrepreneur stopping food waste
Mette Lykke is the boss of food waste app Too Good To Go, which is now used by 18 million people. (LKK )
04:17 PM
Facebook's digital currency dealt another blow
Leaders of the G7 group of the world's biggest economies issue warning about digital coins like Libra.
04:12 PM
Facebook's Libra should be blocked in Europe, France says
The social media giant faces growing opposition to its planned cryptocurrency.
04:57 AM
'How I lost 25,000 when my cryptocurrency was stolen'
Investing in digital currencies is fraught with danger, not just because the prices are so volatile.
04:33 PM
Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency attacked at Senate hearing
The tech giant's Libra digital currency is attacked by senators who say the company is not trusted.
10:51 AM
Facebook's Libra could be misused, says treasury chief Mnuchin
Steven Mnuchin joins other powerful voices in warning that the cryptocurrency could be misused.
01:16 PM
'Dr Doom' economist Nouriel Roubini in Bitcoin battle
Nouriel Roubini triggers a Twitter battle after describing Bitcoin as (BTC )
03:46 AM
How important will blockchain be to the world's economy?
It has been much hyped, but could blockchain really be as significant and disruptive as the internet?
05:16 PM
Mark Carney on Facebook's digital currency
The Bank of England's governor explains how Facebook's digital currency could work.
03:51 AM
Facebook reveals digital currency details
Users will be able make payments with the currency via Facebook's apps and WhatsApp.
08:56 AM
Facebook to launch digital currency in 2020
Users will be able make payments with the currency via Facebook's apps and WhatsApp.
02:16 AM
Facebook plans to launch 'GlobalCoin' currency in 2020
The social media giant is planning to set up a crypto-currency in around 12 countries by early 2020.
12:16 AM
Facebook plans to launch 'GlobalCoin' currency in 2020
The social media giant is planning to set up a crypto-currency in around 12 countries by early 2020.
04:11 PM
Bitcoin: Crypto investors 'think they can get rich quick'
Cryptoasset investors are influenced by friends and social media celebrities, but often understand little. (BTC )
07:26 AM
JP Morgan creates first US bank-backed crypto-currency
The US investment bank has created the JPM Coin to handle wholesale payments for some clients.
06:28 AM
IMF's Lagarde says central banks could issue digital money
IMF boss Christine Lagarde said state-backed digital currencies could make transactions safer and cheaper.
09:51 PM
Is blockchain living up to the hype?
Despite the grand claims made for this distributed ledger tech, few companies are actually using it.
04:26 PM
PayPal tax bill jumps by 3.1m after review by HMRC
The digital payments firm handed over more income tax after a 181,000 bill in the previous year.
11:51 PM
'Wild West' Bitcoin 'should be regulated'
Digital currencies pose a (BTC )
04:26 PM
Cryptocurrencies continue to tumble on Goldman reports
Bitcoin continues to decline, amid reports that the US bank will shelve plans to establish a crypto trading desk. (BTC )
05:11 AM
Fintech firms like Funding Circle are shaping up to take on banks
Fin tech companies spawned by the financial crisis, are racing to win market share from traditional banks.
09:21 AM
Bitcoin buster? The search for a more stable cryptocurrency
Bitcoin's price rises and falls wildly, making it high risk. Is there a more stable alternative? (BTC )
04:26 PM
Can bitcoin technology help farmers get a better deal?
Digital technology can transform the lives of farmers as they discover how apps and blockchain offer new ways of doing business.
04:34 PM
PayPal in 'talks to buy Swedish payments firm iZettle'
The acquisition would help PayPal fend off growing competition in the digital payments sector.
02:26 PM
IMF says digital currency tech can be used against crypto criminals
IMF head Christine Lagarde says the technology behind crypto-currencies could stop their nefarious use.
09:13 AM
Carney calls for crackdown on cryptocurrency 'mania'
Bitcoin and other digital currencies must be regulated, Bank of England governor Mark Carney warns. (BTC )
02:07 AM
Bitcoin: MPs launch inquiry into digital currencies
The UK's Treasury Committee has launched an investigation into the risks and rewards of digital money. (BTC )
04:08 PM
Venezuela launches oil cryptocurrency
10:48 AM
Divorcing couples may clash over Bitcoin
Lawyers say the anonymous nature of digital currencies could prove tempting for those trying to hide wealth. (BTC )
05:47 AM
Virgin Money joins ban on buying Bitcoin on credit cards
The bank will not allow customers to purchase digital currencies on their credit cards. (BTC )
04:59 AM

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