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These are exciting times for the crypto-industry. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have been rising, but with caution. Strong highs have been met with ideal corrections till now, so the growth can be conside (BTC , ETH , ZRX )
Aug 03
06:09 PM
Should you invest in the 0x Token right Now? Here's my price prediction.
0x ZRX/USD provides an infrastructure protocol that gives users the ability to trade ERC20 tokens alongside other assets on the Ethereum blockchain, without needing to rely on any centralized intermed (BTC , ETH , ZRX )
Jul 07
04:24 PM
1inch DApp Announces Its Own Limit Order Protocol Replacing 0x
The new 1inch Limit Order Protocol offers users extensive flexibility while reducing the trade execution costs as well as execution times. (ZRX )
Jun 11
05:54 AM
Polygon and 0x Announce $10M Fund to Onboard One Million Users
Polygon has announced that it will be partnering with 0x to raise a total of $10.5 million that will be used to attract more users into choosing its platform and the Ethereum blockchain. According to (BTC , ETH , ZRX )
Jun 10
10:39 AM
Polygon committing $10M to reach 1M users using 0x API
Polygon said it would be committing $10.5 million towards securing decentralized finance infrastructure on its network through the support of developers and projects. (ZRX )
Jun 10
10:39 AM
Announcing a $10.5 Mn Fund from 0x and Polygon to Bring 1M Users to Polygon and Ethereum
Polygon has announced a goal to bring 1M users to Polygon with 0x, the framework powering decentralized exchange on Ethereum. (ETH , ZRX )
Jun 10
09:39 AM
0x launches DEX liquidity API on Polygon
0x has published a Polygon-compatible version of its liquidity aggregation tool for Ethereum-based decentralized exchange platforms. (ETH , ZRX )
May 31
09:10 AM
Altcoins To Watch: ZRX, XLM, LTC
In this article we will review three altcoins that are showing signs of a bullish continuation according to the technical analysis and will add some updates of their projects. (LTC , XLM , ZRX )
Mar 02
04:24 AM
0x takes initial steps towards decentralizing governance
0x joins an industry-wide push towards community ownership with a decentralized governance roadmap (ZRX )
Feb 12
02:09 PM
0x Labs raises $15M to expand its decentralized exchange protocol CryptoNinjas
0x, a liquidity aggregator for crypto-asset exchange and DeFi applications, today announced that 0x Labs has raised $15M in Series A financing led by (ZRX )
Feb 05
10:39 AM
0x Labs Closes $15M Fundraising Round as ZRX Finds DeFi Market Fit
Sorry, Matcha fans: No plans for a new token to airdrop. (ZRX )
Feb 05
09:09 AM
DeFi Season? LINK, AAVE, ZRX and COMP Hit Record Price Highs, Outperforming Bitcoin
Investors look to be temporarily shifting focus away from bitcoin and toward tokens associated with decentralized finance (DeFi). (BTC , ZRX )
Feb 05
04:39 AM
DeFi sector growth pushes Reserve Rights, 0x and Kyber Network higher
New features that address high gas fees and interoperability between DeFi platforms could draw investors' attention to Reserve Rights, 0x, and Kyber Network in the next few weeks. (ZRX )
Jan 28
12:39 PM
0x (ZRX) price rallies 35% ahead of v4 mainnet update
An upcoming mainnet upgrade and increasing DEX market share back 0x's (ZRX) recent double-digit rally. (ZRX )
Jan 14
10:24 AM
Crypto exchange Shapeshift integrates DEXes, relieves user KYC burdens
Exchanges include Uniswap, Balancer, Curve, Bancor, Kyber, 0x, mStable, and mean that users don't necessarily need to undergo KYC (BNT , ZRX )
Jan 06
06:09 AM
Tokenlon releases 5.0 upgrade introducing full featured DEX aggregator CryptoNinjas
Tokenlon, a decentralized exchange powered by 0x protocol using Request For Quote (RFQ) architecture to bring decentralized liquidity to the crypto (ZRX )
09:24 AM
Revolut App Adds 4 Cryptos to Buying, Selling Service
British fintech firm Revolut has expanded its cryptocurrency offerings by adding four new tokens - EOS, OMG Network, Texos and 0x for European users due to popular demand. (EOS , OMG , ZRX )
08:24 AM
0x charts path towards cross-chain asset exchange and liquidity aggregation
In a new blog post, 0x discusses the opportunities and challenges of taking the liquidity aggregation protocol cross-chain (ZRX )
10:24 AM
0x, Kraken and Stellar Awarded Board Seats at Top Crypto Lobbying Association
The new board members represent decentralized finance and institutional crypto alike. (ZRX )
12:39 PM
DEC777 Decentralized Exchange
DEC77 is an outstanding decentralized exchange built on Ethereum's ERC777 platform. Using 0x protocol all ERC-20 tokens can be traded. DEC777 offers the most complete trading experience of all ERC-20 tokens listed. (ERC , ETH , ZRX )
07:38 AM
0x Price Hits Two-Year High on Hopes Falling Ethereum Fees Will Spur DEX Trading
Markets excited by the prospect of declining Eth fees may have caused a surge in 0x - an Ethereum-based DEX that will benefit from decongestion. (ETH , ZRX )
06:53 AM
Dex Platforms Trade Over $2.4 Billion in 7 Days, Defi Swaps up 68% Since Last Week
In 2020 with the rise of Ethereum, dex platforms have grown exponentially with trading applications like Uniswap, 0x, Kyber, and more. (ETH , ZRX )
07:38 PM
5 Years After Launch, Predictions Market Platform Augur Releases Version 2
Augur v2 has all the bells and whistles: Interplanetary File System (IPFS), 0x Mesh, MakerDAO's dai and Uniswap's v2 oracle network. (REP , ZRX )
03:09 PM
Alchemy Launches Product to Help Developers Monitor Blockchain Apps
Launched Thursday, Alchemy Monitor has already been put to use by crypto firms such as 0x, MyEtherWallet, LucidSight and Zerion. (ZRX )
12:09 PM
First Mover: 0x's ZRX Token Surged 67% in May to Become Month's Top Performer
ZRX, the native token for decentralized exchange tech provider 0x, was Mays best performing crypto asset, beating bitcoin by a big margin. (BTC , ZRX )
05:08 AM
0x (ZRX) Skyrockets 150% Following Weekly Stake Payouts and Name-check By Vitalik
0x (ZRX) gained 143% against the dollar leading into Friday, May 8. The price surge comes after announcing weekly staking payouts, and potentially getting a fortuitous Ethereum rub from Vitalik Bute (BTC , ETH , ZRX )
10:39 AM
SEC 'Safe Harbor' Proposal Lauded by Token Fans, DeFi Builders at 0x Conference
San Francisco's 0xpo conference offered the perfect venue for pondering the token (ETH , ZRX )
03:25 PM
LedgerDEX upgrades to V3 of 0x protocol CryptoNinjas
LedgerDEX, a crypto token manager and decentralized exchange (DEX) app built on top of 0x, announced today that to take advantage of the recent 0x V3 (ZRX )
11:39 AM
Maker's Stability Fee Drops to 5.5% After Multi-Collateral Dai Announcement
On October 28, it was reported that Makerdaos stability fee was reduced by a 'whale' with roughly 94% of the voting power. (DGD , ETH , GNT , OMG , REP , ZRX )
11:38 AM
Altcoins Energized as XRP, XLM and ZRX Leave Bitcoin Behind
Another day of inactivity and consolidation for Bitcoin has kept the king of crypto just above support. Its lethargy has resulted in another dip in market (BTC , XLM , XRP , ZRX )
09:39 PM
Bitcoin Price Touches $8,400 While 0x Jumps 16%
Bitcoin has touched the $8,400 price mark, while most altcoins report positive gains; 0x is seeing daily gains of more than 16% (BTC , ETH , XRP , ZRX )
06:09 PM
0x introduces OpenZKP, an open-source zk-STARK implementation
0x, the decentralized exchange technology and infrastructure project, today announced OpenZKP, a fully open-source Rust implementation of zero-knowledge (ZRX )
05:24 AM
Binance.US Opens Deposits for ADA, BAT, ETC, XLM, ZRX
Binances United States regional trading platform Binance.US has signaled support for five new cryptocurrencies including ADA and BAT (ADA , BAT , ETC , XLM , ZRX )
04:40 AM
Nasdaq Launches Decentralized Finance Index for Digital Assets
Nasdaq has launched a decentralized finance index including crypto assets of projects like 0x, MakerDAO and Augur (REP , ZRX )
05:39 AM
Nasdaq Lists New Decentralized Finance Index Including MakerDao, 0x, Augur
Nasdaq has added a new index that aims to offer the markets information on blockchain projects working in the decentralized finance space. (REP , ZRX )
02:54 AM
0x DEX Protocol Suspended Because of Vulnerability, Funds Safe
The Ethereum smart contract of 0x decentralized exchange protocol has been suspended after the discovery of a vulnerability in its code (ETH , ZRX )
07:53 AM
Crypto exchange creation tool from 0x gets major upgrade
0x, the decentralized crypto and blockchain asset exchange infrastructure developer, announced today a revamped and improved 0x Launch Kit, a tool that (ZRX )
04:23 AM
0x Teams With StarkWare to Bring Speed to Decentralized Exchanges
Decentralized exchanges that rely on ethereum could get a huge scalability boost, thanks to a new offering from StarkWare and 0x. (ETH , ZRX )
09:08 AM
Blockchain automation platform Fabrx enters 0x acceleration program
Fabrx, a Web3 automation and middleware platform for seamless integration of blockchain, has announced its entrance into the 0x Ecosystem Accelerator (ZRX )
04:23 AM
Crypto Price Analysis & Overview April.9: Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, BitTorrent and 0x
Bitcoin BTC The price of BTC continued to climb rapidly this week and found resistance at $5350, not far from the next resistance at $5500. (BTC , ETH , ZRX )
08:53 AM
ERC20 exchange ecosystem Ethfinex migrates to 0x V2
Coming up next week, Ethfinex, the ERC20 trading ecosystem, announced it will migrate over to V2 of the 0x protocol, bringing a broad array of (ZRX )
01:38 PM
0x Introduces Set of Legal Resources to Keep the Ecosystem within Compliance - BTCMANAGER
Jason Somensatto of 0x's core team recently posted an update focusing on the legal aspects of the development of financial services using the 0x platform. (ZRX )
12:38 PM
0x Launches Market Maker Program for Stakeholders to Provide Liquidity in Markets
Matt Taylor, Marketing Lead at 0x (ZRX), an open protocol for decentralized exchanges, announced the launch of a Market Maker Program on January 7, 2018, via a Medium post, stating that the program ai (BTC , ZRX )
04:38 PM
Analyst Suggests Usage of Crypto Tokens on DApps is Minimal, Raising Concerns
The legitimacy of many crypto tokens may be under question thanks to research by DAR. It found 0x fees are more often than not paid in ETH. (DAR , ETH , ZRX )
10:38 AM
2018's Top Cryptocurrencies Ranked by Github Activity
Over the past 12 months digital asset values have dropped considerably but behind the scenes, cryptocurrency development has increased. (ADA , BCH , BTC , ETH , LSK , REP , ZRX )
02:53 PM
Bored Of Vanilla 0x? Here's 7 More Flavors
While 0x is built on the Ethereum protocol, many other services still rely on the former. While users can draw inspiration from 22 functions in a Medium post published December 5, 2018, in the followi (BTC , ETH , ZRX )
05:08 PM
Coinbase Will Soon Reward You for Studying Crypto
Coinbase is launching a new product to help customers earn the 0x tokens while learning about crypto assets. (ZRX )
07:08 PM
A Decentralized Exchange Leaves 0x; ZRX Co-Founder Responds Live Bitcoin News
A decentralized exchange - DDEX - has announced that it will be leaving 0x for the Hydro Protocol.0x is an open system designed for decentralized exchanges to trade tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.H (BTC , ETH , ZRX )
06:53 AM
0x Launches Web and dApp Payment Platform
As cryptocurrency prices continue to tumble, some blockchain projects may disappear into the digital dust while others forge on with product development The 0x protocol aims to do exactly that and has taken a step towards that objective with the announcement of the 0x Instant payments service. (ERC , ZRX )
01:08 AM
0x Launches Instant, a One-Click Solution to buy ERC Tokens from dApps
The 0x blockchain project has launched Instant, a modular software library that allows users to buy digital tokens from within a decentralized application (dApp) or website. In a blog post published D (BTC , ERC , ZRX )
08:08 PM

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