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First Mover: Monero Leads Privacy-Coin Rally as Bitcoin Trips on Path to $12K
Monero, zcash and other privacy coins, a type of digital tokens that provides users with enhanced anonymity, are surging in cryptocurrency markets. (BTC , XMR , ZEC )
06:09 AM
Bitcoin SV, Zcash, Maker Price Analysis: 17 October
Zcash and Maker although still not bullish enough, were definitely displaying signs of short-term positive price reversals, as the selling pressures for the two digital assets continued to weaken.Bitc (BTC , ZEC )
Oct 17
03:53 PM
Amid IRS bounty and competitor progress, Monero developers ship a major update
Competitor Zcash's upcoming halving and IRS efforts to hack the network can't stop Monero's latest update, which improves performance across the board (XMR , ZEC )
Oct 17
03:39 PM
Privacy Coins (XLM, ZCASH, DASH) Are Back On The Rise Despite Mounting Regulatory Threat
advertisement Several privacy-focused coins have noted interesting rallies over the past couple of weeks. Coins such as Monero [XMR], ZCash, DASH have been surging despite the current stagnancy in the (BTC , DASH , XLM , XMR , ZEC )
Oct 13
03:39 PM
Zcash's Electric Coin Company Shifts to Non-Profit Status Following Stockholder Vote
Zcash developer Electric Coin Company will transition to a new non-profit, with a majority of shareholders electing to donate their equity. (ZEC )
Oct 12
08:09 AM
DOJ says use of privacy coins is 'indicative of possible criminal conduct'
A new task force report stated trading XMR, DASH, and ZEC was a high-risk activity sometimes associated with criminal behavior (DASH , XMR , ZEC )
Oct 08
10:38 AM
Regulated US Exchange Gemini Now Offers Confidential Zcash Withdrawals
Gemini said that adding shielded zcash withdrawals showed regulators could be made to be comfortable with privacy coins. (ZEC )
Sep 29
07:54 AM
Gemini crypto exchange adds shielded withdrawals for privacy coin Zcash
Regulators can get comfortable with privacy-enabling cryptos, Gemini says. (ZEC )
Sep 29
06:09 AM
Criminals Target Privacy Coins: How To Avoid Downloading Fake Wallet Apps
Bad actors are targeting two privacy coin projects, Monero and Zcash, adding to concerns about the growing rate of security incidents. (XMR , ZEC )
Sep 04
12:39 PM
Bitcoin Cash, Zcash, Dogecoin Price Analysis: 25 August
The amount of turbulence depicted by the altcoins is significant at the moment. Even though the trend is overall bullish, some of the assets are trying to re-test higher price points to consolidate ab (BCH , BTC , DOGE , ZEC )
Aug 25
07:08 AM
Zcash, Stellar Lumens, BAT price analysis: 24 August
A slowly sliding Bitcoin dominance is once again paving the way for altcoins to make gains in the medium to long-term timeframe. At the time of writing, Ethereum was trading at $406 after a drop over (BAT , BTC , ETH , STR , XLM , ZEC )
Aug 24
11:09 PM
Bitcoin Cash, Algorand, Zcash Price Analysis: 21 August
The last few months have seen the market's altcoins perform exponentially, with many of them noting significant rallies on the charts, in direct opposition to the correlation they once shared with Bit (BCH , BTC , ZEC )
Aug 21
03:08 PM
12,400% Growth in 1 Month: Yearn Finance Hits $1 Billion in Total Value Locked
Yearn Finance continues to make headlines and to exceed expectations within the field of decentralized finance (DeFi). After becoming the first altcoin after ZEC's early days of trading to flip Bitcoi (BTC , ZEC )
Aug 21
05:08 AM
Binance Coin, IOTA, Zcash Price Analysis: 18 August
Binance Coin continued its uptrend, after a pullback in early August. BNB had important support levels to fall back to if faced with sell pressure. In the case of the market's altcoins like IOTA and Z (MIOTA , ZEC )
Aug 18
02:53 PM
Yearn Finance (YFI) Just Broke a Record Not Seen Since ZCASH Launch In 2016
DeFi tokens are leading crypto markets to their highest levels in terms of total market capitalization for over a year. One of the top-performing digital assets at the moment is YFI, as it surges over (BTC , ZEC )
Aug 18
02:08 AM
How to Remain Profitable Through the Halving of Zcash
The upcoming Zcash halving could help ZEC to reduce its annual inflation rate and make the coin more profitable for miners (ZEC )
Aug 11
07:38 AM
Ethereum DeFi's Balancer (BAL) Surges 25%: Why the Altcoin Is Up So Much
While Bitcoin and Ethereum have stagnated over recent days, multiple altcoins are pressing higher and higher. Zcash, for instance, has gained dozens of (BTC , ETH , ZEC )
Aug 06
05:23 PM
Zcash Just Surged 12% as Bitcoin Stagnates: Here's Why
One of the best-performing crypto assets of the past 24 hours has been Zcash (ZEC). According to data from Trading View, the cryptocurrency has gained 12% (BTC , ZEC )
Aug 05
07:38 PM
Zcash Company Confirms 'Crypto in Context' Program as Global Effort
Zcash's creator, the Electric Coin Company, confirmed that their recent educational program is a global effort with more events in the months ahead (ZEC )
Jul 30
08:23 AM
Chainlink, Cosmos, Zcash Price Analyis: 29 June
There has quite a lot of price movement in the altcoin market in the past week. While Bitcoin has managed to go past $11K in the past few days, the price action of altcoins such as Chainlink, Cosmos, (BTC , ZEC )
Jul 29
01:39 PM
'Crypto in Context' Program Launches to Educate Regions in Need
The company behind Zcash has begun an endeavor to educate less privileged regions on the benefits of cryptocurrencies (ZEC )
Jul 29
11:08 AM
Door Still Open for Future ZEC Relisting, Liquid Exchange COO Says
Japanese exchange Liquid is not closed to the idea of relisting Zcash, an asset the outfit recently delisted due to regulatory precaution (ZEC )
Jul 25
01:08 PM
Zcash, Stellar Lumens, Tron Price Analysis: 25 July
According to many in the crypto-market, the altseason may be soon upon us. That may be the case, however, the fortunes of these altcoins continue to be tied at the hip with that of Bitcoin. The latest (BTC , STR , XLM , ZEC )
Jul 25
05:23 AM
Japanese Liquid Exchange to Delist Zcash to Get Licensed in Singapore
Liquid exchange plans to delist major privacy coin Zcash in an effort to play nice with Singaporean regulators (ZEC )
Jul 23
07:38 AM
Zcash Upgrade, Stellar on Samsung, Gemini on Brave + More News
Source: Adobe/Stanislav Get your daily, bite-sized digest of cryptoasset and blockchain-related news - investigating the stories flying under the radar of today's crypto news. Privacy news Privacy-foc (BTC , ZEC )
Jul 16
04:24 PM
Zcash Latest Hard Fork 'Heartwood' Makes Mining Private
Privacy coin Zcash has successfully hard forked at block height 903,000 in a planned network update known as Heartwood. (ZEC )
Jul 16
05:39 AM
Zcash Latest Hard Fork 'Heartwood' Makes Mining Private
With today's (ZEC )
Jul 16
04:24 AM
Zcash Releases New Version of Frost Signature Scheme
The foundation launched an updated version of FROST to sign transactions between participants that own a single private signing key (ZEC )
Jul 15
09:09 AM
Litecoin, Zcash, Cosmos Price Analysis: 15 July
Major altcoins have displayed their individual price action in the crypto market. For Bitcoin, the price continued to remain around $9.2K with a 24-hour trading volume of $4.9 billion.Source: CoinStat (BTC , LTC , ZEC )
Jul 15
04:54 AM
Argo Buys $500K-Worth of Zcash Miners as Bitcoin Revenue Shrivels
Doubling its mining capacity for privacy coin zcash could help Argo diversify after last months halving knocked its bitcoin revenue. (BTC , ZEC )
Jun 24
03:39 AM
The Zcash Privacy Tech Underlying Ethereums Transition to Eth 2.0
Ethereums consensus algorithm is not the only thing changing with the launch of Eth 2.0. The underlying cryptography itself is getting an overhaul. (ETH , ZEC )
Jun 19
06:54 AM
BCH, ETC and ZEC Price Analysis
Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic and Zcash are among top altcoins looking to ward off a bearish sentiment observed over the past 24 hours As Bitcoin ranges at around $9,400, altcoins have also struggled (BCH , BTC , ETC , ETH , ZEC )
Jun 17
09:54 AM
Not So Private: 99% of Zcash and Dash Transactions Traceable, Says Chainalysis
Chainalysis says it can track 99% of transactions involving Zcash, and almost all of Dash's - coins that both fancy themselves as private. (ZEC )
Jun 09
04:24 PM
Zcash's First Halving May Solve Its Inflation Problem
Zcash (ZEC) is due for its first mining reward halving later this year. The event could solve a major problem for the privacy-focused cryptocurrency. (ZEC )
May 25
09:53 AM
Zcash Criminal Research Paper Raises More Questions Than it Answers
Zcash (ZEC) was recently the subject of a research paper which aimed to explore the extent to which the privacy coin is used for illicit or criminal purposes. Funded by Electric Coin Co.(ECC), the com (BTC , ECC , ZEC )
May 17
08:53 AM
Zcash Alliance Aims to Bring Privacy Tech to Bitcoin, Cosmos and Ethereum
Zcash-inspired privacy tools are coming to Bitcoin's Lightning Network and many other blockchain ecosystems, creating a shared cryptocurrency privacy layer. (BTC , ETH , ZEC )
May 11
08:08 AM
Blockchain Bites: Introducing the 50 and a Roadmap to Consensus: Distributed
In the news: a new blockchain voting proposal, Cash App's bitcoin profits and why we're sooner having a halving. (BTC , ZEC )
May 07
09:38 AM
Details About New Bitmain Antminer Z15 Zcash ASIC Emerge
It seems that Bitmain is ready to start selling with pre-orders a new Equihsh ASIC miner the Antminer Z15 that supposedly offers 420 KSol/s hashrate with 1510 Watts of power usage. That is about thr (BTC , ZEC )
May 07
12:54 AM
Zcash Foundation Cuts Q1 Spending 17% to $2.7 Million
The Zcash Foundation cut spending by 17% during the first three months of this year due to Covid-19 pressures. In its first-quarter report, the foundation (BTC , ZEC )
Apr 21
12:08 PM
ZCASH Price Analysis: ZEC Surges 35% In a Week, Reaches New Monthly High
Zcash is technically looking bullish on a short-term across its trading pairs. It remains one of the biggest gainers following a 35% increase in the last seven days of trading. The increase in buying (BTC , ZEC )
Apr 20
08:53 AM Exchange Now Supports Reserve's Stablecoin RSV and the Utility Token RSR
This week,'s trading platform has added the stable reserve token (RSV) and the Reserve Utility Token (RSR). (BCH , BTC , LTC , USDT , ZEC )
Apr 16
07:23 AM
Charles Hoskison Reveals His 9 Favorite Crypto Projects
Charles Hoskinson names his 9 favorite crypto projects (ADA , ZEC )
Apr 15
10:38 AM
Privacy-Focused Digital Assets Surged in 2019
Digital tokens like Zcash and Monero rose in 2019, while even larger coins like LTC are focusing on privacy features to gain new market share (LTC , XMR , ZEC )
Apr 15
08:54 AM
Bitcoin Forks Flounder Despite Imminent Halvings
BTCs halving seems to be the only one on the minds of traders, with several forks correlating with BTC in the run-up to their halvings (BCH , BTC , LTC , ZEC )
Apr 08
02:09 PM
Amid Widespread Privacy Coin Delistings, Bitstamp Considers Zcash Support
Bitstamp may announce first new listing in nearly three years, with the exchange contemplating support for seven new crypto assets (ZEC )
Apr 03
09:24 AM
Remaining Anonymous: Which Crypto Privacy Solution Works Best?
Is Bitcoin anonymous, and can mixing services make it more private? Here are the weaknesses and strengths of popular crypto privacy solutions (BTC , DCR , XMR , ZEC )
Apr 02
06:54 AM
US, European Stocks Up but Crypto Traders Remain Cautious
American and European equity markets extended their gains on Thursday while major cryptocurrencies made only slight moves on the day. (ETH , XMR , ZEC )
Mar 26
01:55 PM
Coinbase Adds Support for 2 More Cryptocurrencies in New York State
The exchange has now added the privacy-enhancing cryptocurrency zcash and its own USDC stablecoin in New York state. (ZEC )
Feb 11
03:38 AM
Tron to Include Zcash-Based Privacy Features, Announces Trusted Setup Ceremony
Tron is set to introduce privacy technology based on zero knowledge proofs to its smart contracts, using copied Zcash code for the trusted setup (ZEC )
Jan 17
05:56 AM
Zcash Poised to Finally Have Private Transactions on Mobile With SDK Release
Zcash released a Software Development Kit for both Android and iOS, which allows developers to easily build mobile wallets supporting shielded transactions (ZEC )
Jan 16
04:10 AM

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