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Analyst Who Called XRP's Drop to $0.16 Is Still Expecting Upside: Here's Why
Over the past five hours, cryptocurrencies across the board, from Bitcoin to XRP, have not performed well. Since the daily peak at $6,700, the price of (BTC , XRP )
Mar 27
10:09 PM
Bitcoin and Ether Prices Stagnate as Traders Take Wait-and-See Approach
The March 12 crash is still fresh in crypto traders and fund managers minds, leaving some to think no trading decisions are the best decisions for now. (BTC , XRP )
Mar 27
01:39 PM
Heres Why Traders are Flipping Short on XRP Despite its Intense 10% Rally
One respected trader is noting that he is short on the XRP, a signal that he does not believe this movement is enough to send it past its key resistance. (XRP )
Mar 27
12:09 PM
Price Analysis Mar 27: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, EOS, BNB, XTZ, LEO
Most cryptocurrencies have turned down from their overhead resistance levels suggesting a minor correction or period of consolidation will occur in the next few... (BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LEO , LTC , XRP )
Mar 27
11:24 AM
Lawsuit Accuses Ripple CEO of Touting XRP While Silently Liquidating Holdings
An amended class-action lawsuit accuses Ripples CEO of representing himself as bullish on XRP online while simultaneously liquidating his personal holdings (XRP )
Mar 27
02:55 AM
Ripple (XRP) Rallies 10% and Poised To Test $0.20: Heres Why
Ripple is up around 10% and it broke the key $0.1650 resistance zone against the US Dollar. XRP price remains in a nice uptrend and it could continue to rise towards $0.2000. (XRP )
Mar 27
02:25 AM
Pullback In Ripple (XRP) Remains Attractive To Bulls In Short Term
Ripple gained traction above $0.1550 and tested the $0.1640 resistance region. XRP price is currently correcting lower, but dips remain attractive in the short term. (XRP )
Mar 24
10:11 PM
Top Analyst Thinks Ripple's XRP Will Retest $0.12 Lows: Here's Why
As reported by this outlet earlier today, the value of Ripples XRP has performed so poorly over the past few years that it on March 13ths flash rash hit almost three-year lows, as pointed out by B (BTC , XRP )
Mar 22
08:10 PM
Price Analysis Mar 20: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, EOS, BNB, XTZ, LEO
Current price action from top cryptocurrencies suggests that the path of least resistance is to the upside, indicating the market could be in the early stages o... (BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LEO , LTC , XRP )
Mar 20
12:11 PM
XRP is 'Not an Answer For Mexico' Says Ripplenet Partner
International Money Exchange (Intermex), one of the worlds leading remittance companies, has announced that it will not be using Ripple and XRP for (XRP )
Mar 20
09:40 AM
Ripple (XRP) Lack of Strength Suggests False Rally or Just Correction
Ripple is up more than 10% and it broke the $0.1550 resistance. However, XRP price is lacking strength and pointing a fresh decrease in the near term. (XRP )
Mar 19
09:10 PM
Bitcoin Ekes Out Gains but Remains in Red Amid Broader Market Rebound
Bitcoin has recovered slightly from Thursdays brutal selloff as global financial markets creep back into the green. (BTC , ETH , XRP )
Mar 13
02:39 PM
Ripple (XRP) Just Signaled Sell And Its Vulnerable to a Sharp Decline
Ripple is showing a lot of bearish signs below the $0.2050 pivot area. XRP price is vulnerable to a massive decline below the $0.2000 and $0.1980 support levels. (XRP )
Mar 11
09:56 PM
Leading Analyst Thinks Ripple's XRP Could Soon Gain 80%: Here's How
Over the past few weeks, XRP has performed extremely poorly amid the tumultuous macro environment. BTC is trading around 14% down from its $10,500 high (BTC , XRP )
Mar 06
04:56 AM
Ripple Chief Critical of Bitcoin, Ethereum 'Wasteful' Energy Consumption
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has blatantly bashed bitcoin and Ethereum for their energy consumption and carbon foot print. (BTC , ETH , XRP )
Mar 04
01:09 AM
XRP Fails To Reclaim Critical Long Term Support, Danger May Lie Ahead
XRP, the cryptocurrency known as Ripple, has been among the worst performers among the crypto space the last two years running, despite holding its number (XRP )
Mar 02
11:10 AM
XRP Price and Volume Linked to Twitter Activity, New Data Reveals
Data shows that since 2018 tweets mentioning XRP have influenced trading volume and the correlation has become stronger in 2020 (XRP )
Mar 01
11:23 AM
Luno Says It Will Be Supporting Ripple Very Soon
Cryptocurrency exchange Luno based in London in the United Kingdom has stated that it will soon add Ripples XRP to its list of tradeable assets for customers to enjoy.Ripple Is Coming to Luno Cus (BTC , XRP )
Mar 01
01:54 AM
Ripple's XRP Risks Plunge after Making a Weird Golden Cross
Ripple's native token XRP triggered a bullish crossover signal on Wednesday that many traders perceived as an opportunity to score short-term gains. The (XRP )
Feb 28
07:09 AM
Money Sender Azimo to Use Ripple Tech and XRP for Philippines Remittance Corridor
European money transfer service Azimo is tapping Ripple's On-Demand Liquidity and XRP to speed up remittances to the Southeast Asian nation. (XRP )
Feb 27
03:56 AM
Why an Analyst is Expecting a 40% Drop in Ripple's XRP as Crypto Crash Continues
Sorry bulls. On Tuesday, the cryptocurrency market continued to trend lower. XRP had it especially tough, posting the second-worst performance in the top ten digital assets of 6%, only underperforming (BTC , XRP )
Feb 25
05:40 PM
Pompliano Says He Wouldn't Buy XRP
Anthony Pompliano, host of the Off the Chain podcast and co-founder of Morgan Creek Capital, said he would not buy XRP when asked in an interview with (XRP )
Feb 25
03:24 PM
Ripple Launches New XRP Fraud Reporting Procedure
The company has created a page on its website where foul-play can be reported. This move represents the increasing attempts by Ripple to establish itself (XRP )
Feb 21
01:10 PM
XRP Could See Massive Gains as Bulls Defend Critical Multi-Year Support
One analyst is noting that XRP has been able to reclaim a key multi-year support, showing that another massive uptrend could be imminent. (XRP )
Feb 21
01:10 PM
Digital Gold Label Shifts as XRP Correlation to Gold Outpaces Bitcoin
New data shows that XRP is more deserving of the digital gold label frequently ascribed to Bitcoin (BTC , XRP )
Feb 20
10:54 AM
Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Falls Towards $0.27 And Struggles To Remain Above The 100EMA Against Bitcoin
XRP dropped by 7% over the past 24 hours to bring the price for the coin down to $0.273. The latest decrease is largely driven by Bitcoin dipping back beneath the $10,000 level. Against Bitcoin, XRP f (BTC , XRP )
Feb 20
02:26 AM
Fresh 2020 Highs Inbound: XRP Paints Highly Bullish Technical Pattern
Analysts are watching to see how XRP responds to a few key technical formations, which could potentially lead the crypto to rally to fresh 2020 highs. (XRP )
Feb 19
03:10 PM
XRP Falls Under 27 Cents in Crypto Market Flash Drop
XRP has been like a rocket ship ready for a moon mission, with crypto speculators predicting an immense rally against the dollar and Bitcoin. But either (BTC , XRP )
Feb 19
03:10 PM
Ripple (XRP) Recovery Facing Key Hurdles: Can Bulls Outsmart Bears?
Ripple started an upside above the $0.2850 resistance area. However, XRP price is still facing a couple of key hurdles near $0.3000 and $0.3080. (XRP )
Feb 18
08:40 PM
Ripple Price Analysis: After 25% Drop In 3 Days, XRP Now Faces $0.3 As Resistance
XRP saw a small 3% price rise over the past 24 hours after plunging by a total of 25% over the past 3-days. It failed to break resistance at $0.337, causing it to roll over and drop as low as $0.265 A (BTC , XRP )
Feb 18
01:24 AM
Ripple to Become the Amazon of Crypto By 2025: Brad Garlinghouse
Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple took to the airwaves and spoke with CNNs Julia Chatterly about the current state of Ripple, XRP, and the companys plans (XRP )
Feb 17
10:25 AM
Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Starts Strong Corrective Decrease Below $0.30
Ripple price topped near the $0.3480 area and started a strong decline against the US dollar.The price is down more than 15% and broke the $0.3000 support area.There was a break below a key bullish tr (BTC , XRP )
Feb 17
12:24 AM
Ripple [XRP] and JPM Coin Serve the Same Purpose: World Economic Forum Report
Ripple (XRP) and JPM Coin, a floating and a stable coin, respectively serve nearly the same purpose according to the latest report by the World Economic Forum. XRP and JPM Coin were listed as examples (BTC , XRP )
Feb 16
04:24 PM
XRP Poised for a Massive 100% Rally as Technical Strength Grows
One top trader is noting that XRP could see a massive rally that leads the crypto to climb nearly 100%, which could be fueled by growing technical strength. (XRP )
Feb 16
02:10 PM
MoneyGram Reveals Real-Time Remittance Tech, Based on Visa not Ripple
MoneyGram launched a real-time remittance service, but firms COO told Cointelegraph its blockchain partner Ripple is not involved (XRP )
Feb 16
02:40 AM
Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Targets $0.35 But Struggles AT Current Resistance
XRP climbed by 3% over the past 24 hours of trading. However, it is still struggling to break resistance at $0.337. Against Bitcoin, XRP remains above the 200-day EMA but has run into resistance at 32 (BTC , XRP )
Feb 15
07:26 AM
XRP Plummets Over 50% on Major Exchange, Causing Rage Amongst Users
A flaw on one of the top trading platforms allowed XRP to see some anomalous price action that led the crypto to plummet towards $0.12. (XRP )
Feb 13
09:39 AM
Proceed With Caution: Ethereum and Altcoins Reach Critical Resistance
Altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, and XRP have been bringing investors massive returns in 2020. But analysts are warning a retracement across crypto is due. (ETH , LTC , XRP )
Feb 12
08:26 AM
Bitpay Partnership With Poynt Enables Crypto Payments at 100,000 Point-of-Sale Devices
Bitpay's partnership with Poynt makes it so crypto users will be able to pay at more than 100,000 Poynt retailers worldwide. (BCH , BTC , ETH , XRP )
Feb 11
09:39 PM
Price Analysis Feb 7: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, EOS, BNB, ADA, XTZ
Most major cryptocurrencies are nearing stiff resistance levels, which can result in a few days of consolidation or a minor correction (ADA , BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , XRP )
Feb 07
10:10 AM
19 Million XRP Tokens Move to Jed McCaleb's Wallet, Dump Inbound?
The XRP rally, which took the asset back to $0.28, may be threatened, as the latest tranche of tokens are sent to Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb's wallet. (XLM , XRP )
Feb 07
03:10 AM
Ripple Co-founder Jed McCaleb Sold a Billion XRP and Has 4.7B Left
Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb has sold more than a billion XRP so far and has another 4.7 billion left to sell, according to a new analysis (XRP )
Feb 07
12:25 AM
NEM (XEM) Gains 25% as Altcoins Follow Bitcoins 30% January Surge
A frenetic 24 hours has seen many major altcoins put in at least 10% growth, while Bitcoin holds ground above $9,500 (BTC , XEM , XRP )
Feb 06
01:56 AM
Crypto Goes IPO Ripple Could Lead the Blockchain Industry's Charge
Ripple IPO: Is CEO Garlinghouses hint at a public offering the tip of the iceberg? (XRP )
Feb 05
02:10 PM
Price Analysis Feb 5: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, EOS, BNB, ADA, XTZ
Bitcoins dominance continues to drop as altcoins outperform the largest cryptocurrency (ADA , BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , XRP )
Feb 05
12:39 PM
XRP Explodes 10% Higher on BitMEX News: Are More Gains Near?
As Bitcoin has flatlined in the past 24 hours, XRP has exploded. Per data from CoinMarketCap, the third-largest digital asset by market capitalization is (BTC , XRP )
Feb 04
09:39 PM
Dogs---? Who Cares XRP Price Flags as BitMEX Debuts Perpetual Swaps
News that BitMEX will launch a new XRP product fails to boost price performance as the platforms CEO appears to mock the decision (XRP )
Feb 04
03:24 AM
This Technical Breakout Suggests Ripple (XRP) Could Rally To New 2020 High
Ripple found support near the $0.2460 area and climbed higher against the US Dollar. XRP price surpassed the key $0.2500 resistance to open the doors for more upsides. (XRP )
Feb 03
08:39 PM
US Congress Mentions XRP and Ripple During Tech Discussion
The US congress had a hearing about non-cash payment technologies yesterday. During the discussion, Ripple (XRP) among several other cryptocurrencies were mentioned. (XRP )
Feb 01
09:10 AM
Price Analysis Jan 31: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, EOS, BNB, ADA, ETC
The bears are attempting to stall the current rally but bulls are likely to defend the closest support levels, suggesting each dip represents a buying opportuni... (ADA , BCH , BTC , EOS , ETC , ETH , LTC , XRP )
Jan 31
11:09 AM

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