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First Mover: Monero Leads Privacy-Coin Rally as Bitcoin Trips on Path to $12K
Monero, zcash and other privacy coins, a type of digital tokens that provides users with enhanced anonymity, are surging in cryptocurrency markets. (BTC , XMR , ZEC )
06:09 AM
Cryptographers Are Always Going to Be 'One Step Ahead' of Regulators: Monero's Spagni
Privacy protocols have become the focal point of regulators and law enforcement agencies when the race among central banks to launch sovereign digital currencies is heating up. (XMR )
Oct 19
11:54 AM
Upgraded Monero Is Best Performer Among Top 15 Coins Today
Source: Adobe/alswart Privacy-focused cryptocurrency monero (XMR) is the best performing coin among the top 15 tokens by market capitalization today after it launched its network update this past week (BTC , XMR )
Oct 19
10:24 AM
Amid IRS bounty and competitor progress, Monero developers ship a major update
Competitor Zcash's upcoming halving and IRS efforts to hack the network can't stop Monero's latest update, which improves performance across the board (XMR , ZEC )
Oct 17
03:39 PM
Monero (XMR) price corrects from the highs, approaches buy zone
Europol's latest report names Monero as one of the most used cryptocurrencies on the Darkweb Earlier this week, the privacy-focused currency logged the highest levels since September 2018 A deeper cor (BTC , XMR )
Oct 17
03:39 PM
Monero (XMR) Market Capitalization is at a 2-year High
Monero, the most important privacy coin in the crypto ecosystem, is having a great time, outperforming even Bitcoin in comparison. As of today, October 15th, 2020; XMR closed with a total market capit (BTC , XMR )
Oct 15
07:53 PM
Privacy Coins (XLM, ZCASH, DASH) Are Back On The Rise Despite Mounting Regulatory Threat
advertisement Several privacy-focused coins have noted interesting rallies over the past couple of weeks. Coins such as Monero [XMR], ZCash, DASH have been surging despite the current stagnancy in the (BTC , DASH , XLM , XMR , ZEC )
Oct 13
03:39 PM
Monero Leads Rally in Privacy Coins, Rising to Two-Year Highs
Privacy-focused cryptocurrencies jumped on Monday after several countries called for access to encryption software. (XMR )
Oct 12
09:38 AM
Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, XRP, ADA, XMR, ATOM
Bitcoin price could achieve a new 2020 high if bulls hold the price above the key multi-year resistance at $11.5K (ADA , ATOM , BTC , XMR , XRP )
Oct 11
12:23 PM
Crypto Price Analysis & Overview October 9th: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, & Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Bitcoin saw a 5.6% price increase over the past seven days as it finally breaks above the $11,000. The cryptocurrency was trading within a symmetrical triangle pattern since mid-September and (BCH , BTC , ETH , XMR )
Oct 09
08:23 AM
DOJ says use of privacy coins is 'indicative of possible criminal conduct'
A new task force report stated trading XMR, DASH, and ZEC was a high-risk activity sometimes associated with criminal behavior (DASH , XMR , ZEC )
Oct 08
10:38 AM
Cardano, Monero, Basic Attention Token Price Analysis: 6 October
As the last quarter of the year progresses, the cryptocurrencies have been noting a brief recovery on the charts. Although in the case of most cryptos, the price was still faltering, a few others were (ADA , XMR )
Oct 06
07:08 AM
Monero (XMR) Becoming the Most Popular Cryptocurrency on Darkweb: Europol
Europol has named privacy integrated cryptocurrency mixing services as one of the most gnawing cybercrime threats of our times in the 2020 edition of its IOCTA report. Also, Monero is in the process o (BTC , XMR )
Oct 06
06:39 AM
Europol Names Privacy Wallets, Coins, Open Marketplaces as 'Top Threats' in Internet Crime Report
Monero, Samurai, Wasabi, OpenBazaar cited as threats in Europol report. (XMR )
Oct 05
02:38 PM
Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, ADA, XMR, ATOM, VET
Bitcoin could consolidate for a few more days but select altcoins have formed reversal patterns that may lead to a trending move (ADA , ATOM , BTC , XMR )
Oct 04
01:39 PM
Is Monero a buy or sell in October?
The blockchain intelligence firm Chainalysis won the contract to break Monero security As long the price of Monero is above $80 this cryptocurrency is not in the sell zone If the price jumps above $ (BTC , XMR )
Oct 03
11:08 PM
Open sesame: Will 'cracking' Monero reveal treasure or fool's gold?
Three blockchain analytics firms reportedly have Monero-tracking abilities, which could affect XMR price - but can anyone actually track it? (XMR )
Oct 03
04:54 AM
Chainalysis and Integra Win $1.25 Million IRS Contract to Break Monero
Crypto intelligence firm Chainalysis and data forensics company Integra Fec have won a combined $1.25 million contract to provide tools that break the (XMR )
Oct 02
09:39 AM
Chainalysis and Texas firm win million-dollar IRS contract to crack Monero
The IRS has named the winners of its bounty program to track transactions on privacy tokens and layer-2 protocols (XMR )
Sep 30
09:09 AM
Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, NEO, XMR, ADA, LINK
Bitcoin is attempting to form a bottom altcoins continue to decline, which opens up opportunities on the long and the short side (ADA , BTC , XMR )
Sep 20
12:39 PM
XMR workgroup says IRS should study Monero
Monero is designed to function just like cash, but the IRS does not want to break USD. (XMR )
Sep 17
03:38 AM
New US Treasury sanctions on Russian hackers hit Monero address
The U.S. government is charging ahead in its pursuit of privacy tokens, according to the latest sanctions. (XMR )
Sep 16
10:08 AM
IRS To Reward Whoever Can Track Monero Transactions
The US Internal Revenue Service has set a $625,000 reward to anyone who can break Monero (XMR) The IRS has announced that it is offering a reward up to $625,000 to anyone who can crack reportedly untr (BTC , XMR )
Sep 12
08:09 AM
The IRS Will Pay $625,000 to Crack Monero and Bitcoin's Lightning Network
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) wants in on activities happening on Monero and Bitcoin's Lightning Network. That's why the Federal organization is inviting applications with demonstrated working pr (BTC , XMR )
Sep 11
04:08 AM
IRS to Pay $625K to Crack Monero, Crypto Proponents Scoff at Contract
The IRS wants to pay a contractor $625,000 if they can crack layer-two privacy schemes and the privacy-centric crypto asset monero (XMR). (XMR )
Sep 11
03:08 AM
The IRS offers a $625,000 bounty to anyone who can break Monero and Lightning
The United States IRS agency has announced a bounty of up to $625k to anyone who can crack Monero's privacy. (XMR )
Sep 10
08:08 PM
Cryptojacking Attempts Surge in Q2 2020 As Bitcoin Price Increases
A recent report indicated that as proof-of-work-based cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Monero were increasing in value in 2020, the cryptojacking cases worldwide have surged after a year of contin (BTC , XMR )
Sep 05
09:08 AM
Criminals Target Privacy Coins: How To Avoid Downloading Fake Wallet Apps
Bad actors are targeting two privacy coin projects, Monero and Zcash, adding to concerns about the growing rate of security incidents. (XMR , ZEC )
Sep 04
12:39 PM
XMR/USD spot price drops 8% as altcoin market slows amid sell-off pressure
Privacy-focused cryptocurrency has seen huge transaction volumes since the start of 2020. Daily transactions for Monero have hit a new all-time high, even as the coin's price fell 8% following market (BTC , XMR )
Sep 03
03:38 PM
Is CipherTrace's Monero Tracking Tool as Effective as it Claims?
A spate of exchange delistings has pushed privacy coins further to the fringes of cryptocurrency. The likes of Monero, Komodo, Bytecoin, and ZCoin have (BCN , XMR , XZC )
Sep 01
07:09 AM
Crypto Intelligence Firm Claims Monero (XMR) Tracking Capabilities
The security of Monero (XMR) users could soon be at risk after cryptocurrency intelligence firm CipherTrace announced the creation of tools that enable law enforcement to track transactions on the pri (BTC , XMR )
Aug 31
02:08 PM
Ciphertace Allegedly Builds Monero-Tracing Tools, XMR Proponents Disagree
The blockchain surveillance firm Ciphertrace claims to have created the world's first monero tracing tools for law enforcement. (XMR )
Aug 31
10:38 AM
CipherTrace develops Monero-tracing tool to aid US DHS investigations
Cryptocurrency intelligence firm CipherTrace claims a new tool can trace Monero transactions, but skepticism remains. (XMR )
Aug 31
05:08 AM
Binance Coin, VeChain, Monero Price Analysis: 25 August
In the long-term, multiple metrics seem to suggest Bitcoin will command a price in the 6 figures. However, short-term analysis saw Bitcoin fail to break past $11,800 and could be set to drop back to $ (BTC , XMR )
Aug 25
03:23 PM
An AWS Virtual Machine Is Infected With Mining Malware. There Could Be Others
A monero mining script has been embedded in a public instance of an AWS virtual machine. How many others are similarly infected? (XMR )
Aug 21
06:08 AM
Russia Developing AI System to Monitor Cryptocurrency Transactions
Russia is reportedly developing a system using artificial intelligence to track and analyze transactions involving cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, dash, and monero. The system prototype has already been created and is currently being tested. This news followed the signing of crypto regulation into law by President Vladimir Putin. (BTC , XMR )
Aug 12
11:23 AM
Bitcoin SV, Monero, BAT Price Analysis: 11 August
After Bitcoin went past its $10k resistance many of the market's altcoins have been noting strong bullish sentiment. At press time Bitcoin was being traded at $11,732 with a 24-hour trading volume of (BAT , BTC , XMR )
Aug 11
02:38 PM
Russia's New Crypto Analytics System to Track Dash and Monero
Dubbed Transparent Blockchain, Russia's new crypto analytics system is designed to fight illicit activity related to crypto (XMR )
Aug 11
02:39 AM
Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Watch This Week: BTC, ETH, XRP, XMR, XTZ
Bitcoin and most altcoins are likely to remain range-bound for a few more days before resuming the next leg of the up move (BTC , ETH , XMR , XRP )
Aug 09
11:53 AM
Monero's Hashrate Experienced Its Largest Single Day Gains Ever
Monero has experienced its biggest single day gain in hashrate since its creation back in 2014 (XMR )
Aug 07
12:09 PM
Ethereum Classic, Tezos and Monero price analysis: 2 August
The king coin with $219 billion in market capitalization holds nearly 65 percent of the entire dominance of the cryptocurrency market, and its massive 25 percent price increase has indeed anchored an (ETC , ETH , XMR )
Aug 02
05:53 AM
Coinbase Taking Conservative Approach Towards Listing of Monero (XMR)
Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has said that the exchange has refused to list Monero (XMR) primarily because of relationship with regulators. (XMR )
Jul 27
04:23 AM
Coinbase CEO: Exchange Won't List XMR Due to 'Issue With Regulators'
Brian Armstrong says regulators would be (XMR )
Jul 27
01:53 AM
Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Watch This Week: BTC, ETH, ADA, XMR, CRO
Bitcoin finally moved above the $10K mark and analysis suggests that BTC and altcoins will continue to rally together (ADA , BTC , ETH , XMR )
Jul 26
11:53 AM
Monero, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Price Analysis: 24 July
Bitcoin, the world's largest cryptocurrency, hiked by a significant degree a few days ago, a hike that came as a relief for many, especially for those who were getting concerned about the stagnancy on (BTC , DOGE , XMR )
Jul 24
01:23 PM
Newly Discovered Botnet Infected Up to 5,000 Computers with a Monero Miner
Cisco researchers estimate the botnet may have earned its owner $5,000 worth of monero since it started operation four months ago. (XMR )
Jul 22
08:39 AM
Watch Out for This Cryptojacking Botnet That Steals Data From Its Victims
Cisco Systems says a new botnet mines Monero and steals data from the victims (XMR )
Jul 22
08:08 AM
Bitcoin SV, Monero, BAT Price Analysis: 22 July
Over the past 24-hours, Bitcoin finally registered a stark price increase in the charts after collapsing on 16th July. Currently, Bitcoin has a trading price of $9353 and a 24-hour trading volume of $ (BAT , BTC , XMR )
Jul 22
05:23 AM
Telecom Argentina S.A Hit by Major Ransomware Attack, Criminals Demand $7.5M Worth of Monero
Telecom Argentina S.A has been hit by a ransomware attack and the cyber-criminals are demanding $7.5 million paid in the privacy coin monero. (XMR )
Jul 21
12:53 AM
Argentine Telecom Hackers Demanded $7.5M in Crypto as Ransom
Argentina's leading telecommunications company fought off a cyberattack on Saturday where hackers demanded a hefty ransom in monero to release keys that would allow infected computers back into the system. (XMR )
Jul 20
11:38 AM

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