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XEM, Ripple, Stellar, Bitcoin, IOTA
The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cointelegraph.com. Every investment and trading move involves risk, you should conduct (BTC , MIOTA , XEM )
07:38 AM
Top 5 Crypto Performers Overview: XEM, Ripple, Stellar, Bitcoin, IOTA
This week saw a focus on the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, leading to a dent in the sentiment as several cryptos hit new year-to-date lows. (BCH , BTC , MIOTA , XEM )
05:08 AM
The Daily: Coincheck Relists Nem, Okex Adds Dong
In this edition of The Daily, we report on Coincheck's decision to resume nem (XEM) trading and relist two other coins - ether (ETH) and lisk (LSK). Also, In this edition of The Daily, we report on Coincheck's decision to resume nem (XEM) trading and relist two other coins - ether (ETH) and lisk (LSK). (ETH , LSK , XEM )
Nov 14
03:39 AM
Bitcoin Drifts Lower Under $6,400 as Altcoins Have Mixed Trading Session
Bitcoin drifted lower on Tuesday leading to a mixed trading session for altcoins, many of which have seen unprecidented volatility over the past few weeks. (BAT , BCH , BTC , XEM )
Nov 13
10:38 AM
Cryptocurrency Trading Update: NEM Back Over $1 Billion Market Cap
FOMO Moments Markets are still generally flat; Nem, Zcash, XRP, and Iota climbing, Stellar and MOAC sliding. Red is still dominating most cryptocurrencies Markets are still generally flat; Nem, Zcash, XRP, and Iota climbing, Stellar and MOAC sliding. (MIOTA , XEM , XRP , ZEC )
Nov 13
01:08 AM
NEM Skyrockets as Coincheck Resumes Trading, Altcoins Trade Up Amidst Bitcoin Stability
NEM (XEM) is currently trading up nearly 20% as cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck resumes its normal trading activity, and admist Bitcoin stability. (BCH , BTC , XEM )
Nov 12
10:53 AM
NEM price analysis: XEM/USD growth resumed amid steady flow of partnership news
NEM is the best performing cryptocurrency out of top 20 with 5% growth. NEM.ion partners withan Australian-based payment platform. NEM (XEM) retraced
Oct 04
01:46 AM
NEM announces new partnerships; XEM to be available for payments in over 1000 Australian restaurants
According to a recent report, NEM announced a partnership with Liven, an Australian based payment platform which rewards its users for their loyalty when they visit partner restaurants andpaythrough (XEM )
Oct 03
03:08 AM
Cryptocurrency Trading Update: NEM Making Moves as Markets Loiter
FOMO Moments Markets immobile at the moment; Nem making moves, XRP and Tezos falling back. There has been little movement on crypto markets over the past (XEM , XRP )
Oct 01
10:08 PM
Top Crypto Markets of September 2016
Looking at a snapshot of the top cryptocurrency markets by market capitalization from the 25th of September, 2016 shows that whilst the three largest markets remain the same, only two other cryptocurrencies still retain their top ten ranking 24 months later. (BTC , ETC , ETH , LTC , XEM , XMR , XRP )
Sep 26
08:23 PM
Blockchain in elections: The Central Election Commission of Ukraine explores NEM (XEM) blockchain
The state register of voters Oleksandr Stelmakh believes NEM blockchain could improve the electoral process in Ukraine. NEM price upside is capped below
Aug 08
03:18 AM
Queensland to Become a Hotspot for Crypto Spenders
Enjoying the beautiful coastal state of Queensland in Australia just got easier for cryptocurrency holders. More and more merchants in the area are Enjoying the beautiful coastal state of Queensland in Australia just got easier for cryptocurrency holders. More and more merchants in the area are accepting virtual currencies as payment and in doing so, are assisting the state in growing its tourism sector. (DASH , XEM )
Aug 03
02:09 AM
NEM (XEM) prepares to unleash the latest blockchain applications: NEM trading volume falls by 25.25%
NEM market capitalization has remained stable in comparison with the trading volume. NEM Catapult product is set to revolutionize cryptocurrencies with
Jul 23
05:13 AM
NEM (XEM) prepares to unleash latest blockchain applications: NEM trading volume falls by 25.25%
NEM market capitalization has remained stable in comparison with the trading volume. NEM Catapult product is set to revolutionize cryptocurrencies with
Jul 23
05:03 AM
Stealing Cryptocurrency is Easy! $1.1B Already Stolen in 2018
$1.1 billion in cryptocurrency has already been stolen in 2018 - as the malware industry continues to grow and provide less-than-tech-savvy users with the ability to easily and cheaply commit cybercrime. (XEM )
Jun 08
08:09 AM
Asian Cryptocurrency Trading Roundup: NEM and Aeternity Flying on Bithumb Listings
Indecision has kept markets sideways for another day and no real momentum can be measured in either direction at the moment. There are a few solid gainers today however and the best performing one in the top 25 at the moment is Nem, with Aeternity at 27 also surging. (XEM )
Jun 06
09:39 PM
Despite 2018 Bear Tend, Top Ten Crypto Markets of 2017 Gain Average of 170% in 12 Months
In our latest historic snapshot analysis, we look at the performance of the top ten cryptocurrency markets since May 28th, 2017. Despite suffering heavy losses during 2018, the average price gain of the top ten markets has been 170% when compared with prices from 12 months ago, with only one of the then leading markets trading at a lower price today. (BTC , ETC , ETH , GNT , LTC , XEM , XMR , XRP )
May 27
03:09 AM
Coincheck Delists XMR, DASH, ZEC, REP
Japanese exchange Coincheck has confirmed that it is delisting three privacy coins: monero, dash, and zcash. Augur's reputation token will also be delisted next month. The exchange made this decision after receiving a business improvement order from the country's financial regulator following the NEM hack. (BCH , BTC , DASH , ETC , ETH , FCT , LSK , LTC , REP , XEM , XMR , XRP , ZEC )
May 19
06:24 AM
Paytomat Joins NEM As An Enterprise Member to Expedite Crypto Payments in Real Life
XEM tokens become available as a payment method across hundreds of point-of-sales integrated with the Paytomat solution, with more to come. (XEM )
May 01
06:39 AM
Asian Cryptocurrency Trading Roundup: Top Altcoin is Nem
A green start to the week is a positive sign in crypto land. Weekends usually spell a selloff but positive buying pressure has been maintained this morning in Asia and crypto markets have remained well above $300 billion. Nearly all of the altcoins are in the green this morning and one leading the charge at the moment is Nem. (XEM )
Apr 15
09:24 PM
Coincheck Hackers May Have Successfully Laundered all their Stolen NEM Coins
According to recent reports, the hackers responsible for the January 2018 NEM heist from the Coincheck cryptocurrency exchange platform may have successfully laundered all their stolen NEM coins (XEM) (BTC , XEM )
Apr 14
09:09 AM
Coincheck Confirms Takeover By Monex Group
Monex Group's recent announcement of an acquisition of Coincheck has been approved by both parties. What is the future of the cryptocurrency exchange? (XEM )
Apr 05
12:09 AM
Crypto exchange Bitlish adds support for Ripple (XRP) and NEM (XEM)
UK cryptocurrency exchange Bitlish has announced today the company has added support for Ripple (XRP) and NEM (NEM). Users can now accept transfers in XRP to their Bitlish account and make transfers from there, as well as trade it for BTC and EUR. Ripple is also fully supported in the company's multi-cryptocurrency (BTC , XEM , XRP )
Mar 26
09:39 AM
Nem Price Spikes on Binance Listing
Nothing can be better news for a cryptocurrency than a listing on a major exchange. Less than an hour ago Hong Kong based exchange Binance announced that it was listing XEM trading pairs. (XEM )
Mar 20
12:10 AM
NEM Rises 19 Percent as Coincheck Reimburses Customers and Resumes Limited Trading - Coinjournal
The price of altcoin NEM (XEM) increased by nearly 19 percent today following the news that Japanese cryptocurrency Coincheck has completed a promised refund to customers and resumed some trading services. In a report from the Japan Times, the Tokyo-based exchange distributed 46.6 billion ($440 million) to all 260,000 customers who lost their holdings of (XEM )
Mar 13
10:55 AM
Coincheck Completes $430 Million Customer Refund
Coincheck reported today that all 260,000 customers affected by the late January hack have been compensated and that the exchange has resumed some of its trading services (XEM )
Mar 13
01:09 AM
Coincheck Clients Compensated from Crypto Heist, XEM Soars
When a crypto exchange or digital wallet provider is compromised, the digital loot is often moved away so fast that there is no chance of recovery. As promised, however, the Tokyo-based exchange has just completed reimbursing its clients for the loss. (XEM )
Mar 13
12:49 AM
Coincheck Hack: The Best Thing that has Happened to XEM Traders
There might be a silver lining looming for victims of the Japanese Coincheck heist. For many, getting robbed might ultimately prove to be a blessing in disguise. Looking at a reimbursement of around $ (BTC , XEM )
Mar 09
03:54 PM
Asian Altcoin Trading Roundup: Top Cryptocurrency is Nem
The selloff has continued with what seems to be a greater sense of urgency during the Asian trading session. Everything is in the red but one altcoin seems to have made a bit back and is actually up on yesterday's prices and that one is Nem. (XEM )
Mar 08
09:54 PM
Bull Reversal? NEM Price Jumps as Coincheck Moves to Refund Users
NEM's XEM token is solidly bid following Coincheck's announcement that it will commence refunding hacked users next week. (XEM )
Mar 08
05:39 AM
Coincheck's $534M of Stolen NEM Found By Blockchain Forensics Firm
BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group has reported that its Forensic and Investigations Division has successfully followed the laundered proceeds from the high-profile Coincheck hack in which $534 million worth of NEM (XEM) coins were stolen to an exchange in Vancouver. (XEM )
Mar 05
08:09 AM
BIG has Tracked Down Stolen XEM to a Vancouver-based Exchange
In late January, Coincheck suffered a massive hack that left 260,000 of their investors without their NEM. As one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in Asia, it was a blow to the trust in exchang (BTC , XEM )
Mar 04
05:54 PM
NEM's XEM Technical Analysis - Testing Support Levels Again 04/03/2018
NEM's XEM fell by 4.28% on Saturday, following on from a 3.49% fall on Friday, to end the day at $0.36472. NEM's XEM has seen its bearish trend persist since a mid-February $0.6515 high, which has been in contrast to some of the crypto majors that have settled in recent weeks. For the week, Monday
Mar 04
08:17 AM
Japanese Restaurant Accepts XEM Cryptocurrency
St.Arnould, a popular restaurant in Tokyo, Japan has begun accepting XEM cryptocurrency. XEM is the native cryptocurrency of the NEM blockchain platform. The restaurant is reportedly the first restaur (BTC , XEM )
Mar 02
07:09 AM
Coincheck hackers have sold $84.7M worth of NEM, pushing XEM/USD lower
NEM price has been declining steadily since the beginning of January even though the other digital currencies are in recovery mode. NEM takes the 13
Feb 18
10:57 PM
Bisq Co-Founder Chris Beams: There's a Fundamental and Ultimately Fatal Flaw In the Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Model
In the light of the recent Coincheck hack which resulted in theft of over $500 million in NEM (XEM) cryptocurrency, the ongoing debate on the importance of decentralized solutions is taking another tu (BTC , XEM )
Feb 08
10:09 PM
NEM continues tracking XEM tokens stolen from Coincheck
The NEM.io Foundation, which represents the peer-to-peer NEM blockchain platform, today announced it traced funds stolen in the recent hack on the Japanese (XEM )
Feb 01
11:39 AM
Hackers in $500 Million Heist Targeted Obscure Cryptocurrency
When hackers broke into a cryptocurrency exchange in Japan last week, they made off with about $500 million. But what they stole wasn't Bitcoin or Ether. They swiped a digital currency called XEM. (BTC )
Feb 01
02:17 AM
NEM Foundation: Stolen Coincheck Funds Not Sent to Exchanges
The 58 billion yen worth of XEM tokens are on the move, according to the NEM Foundation, but no attempt to sell them on exchanges has been made. (XEM )
Jan 31
03:09 PM
Hackers in Coincheck Heist Believed to be Moving Stolen Loot
The latest news on last weeks estimated $530 million hack of the Japanese exchange Coincheck - one of the largest thefts of cryptocurrency so far - is that the hackers are now trying to move the stolen XEM into smaller exchanges as reported by the foundation that developed and is tracking the coin. (XEM )
Jan 31
04:09 AM
Coincheck to Repay Hack Victims' XEM Balances at 81 U.S. Cents Each
Major Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck has announced that it will reimburse the accounts of the 260,000 customers who lost XEM tokens in a recent hack at a rate of roughly 81 U.S. cents per (BTC , XEM )
Jan 30
09:39 AM
NEM Faces Bear Market as 3-Day Slide Continues
Down for the third consecutive day, NEM's native cryptocurrency XEM is close to seeing a revival of the bear market, technical charts indicate. (XEM )
Jan 30
08:09 AM
Japan's Financial Regulator Responds To Coincheck US$530M Hack
Japan's Financial Services Agency (FSA) plans to take administrative actions against hacked cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck after the company announced the loss of 523 million units of NEM cryptocurrency (about US$530 million) from a hack. (XEM )
Jan 29
12:39 AM
XEM/USD Analysis after NEM Theft from Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange [Video]
Yet another cryptocurrency exchange was a victim of theft over the weekend, bringing to our attention one of the key issues with the market. On Friday
Jan 28
11:53 PM
The leading altcoin of the moment - Populous
News that Japanese exchange Coincheck will be refunding all of its investors with their stolen XEM would have been a positive influence. One altcoin however is standing apart again with gains of over 16% on the day and that is Populous. (XEM )
Jan 28
08:25 PM
NEM responds to $534 million in XEM stolen from Coincheck
One of the largest thefts on a cryptocurrency exchange occurred this weekend involving Japanese exchange Coincheck and the digital asset XEM of blockchain (XEM )
Jan 28
01:54 PM
Cryptocurrencies Rebound as Coincheck Will Reimburse $534 Million
Cryptocurrencies are rebounding following one of the largest cyber thefts in history, after the victim, Coincheck, confirmed that it willissue full refunds to the 260,000 users who lost funds. (XEM )
Jan 28
12:54 PM
Coincheck is Refunding Investors Who Lost their NEM (XEM) during Cyberheist
Coincheck has confirmed that it will soon start refunding investors who lost their NEM holding during the cyberheist on January 26, 2018. In an official communiqu on its website, the troubled exchang (BTC , XEM )
Jan 27
12:39 PM
Largest Theft in Crypto History, Half a Billion Dollars worth of NEM Stolen
In what some are calling the biggest theft in all of history, 526 million units of XEM have apparently been stolen from Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck. The value of the stolen cryptocurren (BTC , XEM )
Jan 27
11:39 AM
Numbers or Not, Coincheck Isn't Another Mt. Gox
Though the Coincheck theft may superficially resemble 2014's Mt. Gox hack, the impact on cryptocurrencies is not nearly as significant. (XEM )
Jan 26
03:09 PM

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