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Iris Scanning Worldcoin Idea Fuels Objections From Privacy Advocates
The Worldcoin project has privacy advocates reeling and whistleblower Edward Snowden slammed the project creator Sam Altman's intro tweet. (WDC )
Oct 25
09:39 AM
Worldcoin with $1B Valuation Promises Free Coin in Return for Scanning Eye
Sam Altman's new project Worldcoin involves scanning people's eyes using metal orbs while offering them free coin crypto in return. (WDC )
Oct 22
03:39 AM
'Free coin to everyone' project aims to make 1B crypto owners in 2 years
Worldcoin is a cryptocurrency implemented as a Layer 2 on top of the Ethereum blockchain where anybody can create accounts, submit transactions, and participate in the validation process. (ETH , WDC )
Oct 21
08:09 AM
Why Jason Calacanis Is Wrong and Worldcoin Is Unlikely to Succeed
Source: Adobe/negroscuro There is a new cryptocurrency in the works that has the backing of some of the biggest names in tech. Worldcoin is the startup behind the upcoming crypto project, and the foun (BTC , WDC )
Jul 01
12:54 PM
David Z. Morris: Gaze into the Orb to Collect Your Worldcoin
Former Y Combinator head Sam Altman wants to trade your retina scan for cryptocurrency. The proposal raises serious privacy concerns. (WDC )
Jun 30
01:24 PM
McAfee's Death & Legal Battle, Worldcoin For An Eye, ETC Upgrade + More News
Source: Adobe/MiaStendal Get your daily, bite-sized digest of cryptoasset and blockchain-related news - investigating the stories flying under the radar of today's crypto news.______ Legal news John M (BTC , ETC , WDC )
Jun 29
10:39 AM
A16z, Coinbase-Backed Startup Looks to Distribute Crypto to Everyone on Earth by Scanning Their Eyeballs: Report
Worldcoin, a new startup founded by Sam Altman, devised the concept in 2019 around experimentation on universal basic income. (WDC )
Jun 29
08:09 AM

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