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Hardware-based SpiderDAO successfully deploys testnet on Discord CryptoNinjas
SpiderDAO, which provides a decentralized router-based VPN service for its users by using a dual-governance model which brings together hardware and (VPN )
Apr 06
05:39 PM
Sentinel's Decentralized VPN Protocol Launches on Cosmos
A dVPN, or a decentralized Virtual Private Network (VPN) masks your IP address and location and can't be compromised by a central actor. (VPN )
Mar 27
05:09 AM
DPN vs VPN: The dawn of decentralized web privacy
There's a rise in the use of services that aim to deliver a more secure, private, censorship-resistant internet via decentralization. (VPN )
Mar 20
12:38 AM
CyberGhost VPN Will Shield Your Bitcoin Transactions With a Special 83% off New Year's Offer
The crypto world is full of malicious hackers and other serious threats to your digital assets. CyberGhost VPN, which is trusted by over 36 million users (BTC , VPN )
03:09 AM
Steven Waterhouse: The Pandemic Turbocharged Online Privacy Concerns
If laws like the GDPR cannot protect us, end-to-end encryption, VPNs and decentralized blockchain technology are more important than ever. (VPN )
05:39 AM
IPX Wallet Staking Will Be Available in the Upcoming v2.6 of Tachyon VPN
Tachyon Protocol's VPN service, Tachyon VPN, will be supporting IPX Staking natively in its IPX Wallet in the upcoming v2.6 release. (VPN )
02:38 AM
Take Your Privacy Back This Black Friday with CyberGhost VPN
The text below is an advertorial article. If you're already a proponent of using a VPN to protect yourself while browsing, you'll love these news: popular VPN provider CyberGhost is offering an incred (BTC , VPN )
01:11 PM
Decentralized VPN Sees Increased Use in Nigeria Amid #EndSars Protests
As Nigerians are protesting police corruption, concerns over an internet shutdown have driven some to adopt decentralized VPN Mysterium. (MYST , VPN )
06:39 AM
Tachyon VPN Crosses 1,200,000 Monthly Active Users
Tachyon Protocol (IPX)'s VPN service, Tachyon VPN, recently achieved another feather in its cap by crossing 1M MAU mark in August 2020. (VPN )
06:39 AM
How Hackers Exploited Twitter's VPN Problems, Obtained God Mode and Took Over Accounts
An investigation by the New York State Department of Financial Services has revealed how the great Twitter hack in July happened. A total of 130 high-profile, celebrity accounts were compromised and m (BTC , VPN )
04:09 PM
Best VPNs To Buy With Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrency users are finding a growing need for quality virtual private networks (VPNs) to buy and sell their digital assets, as hackers' eyes follow (BTC , VPN )
07:09 AM
Venezuela Blocks Access to Currency Exchange Platforms
Venezuela has blocked access to Coinbase and MercaDolar, cryptocurrency and fiat remittance platforms respectively, alongside two VPN providers. (VPN )
07:38 PM
How Tachyon Protocol Is Leveraging Blockchain to Create Secure Internet
To make VPNs secure further, a team with an excellent past record of successfully launched a decentralized VPN Tachyon. (VPN )
06:08 AM
Tachyon VPN Gained One Million Users With 700k MAU in 6 Months
Tachyon VPN, is now the proud VPN service provider to more than one million users. This comes within just 6 months of the Alpha 2 release. (VPN )
10:23 AM
VPN Usage Surges as Belarus Remains Offline
People in Belarus are actively discovering anti-censorship tools like VPNs as the country experiences a major internet outage for the third day in a row (VPN )
01:38 PM
From VPNs, stealth addresses, Bitcoin Mixers to Tor Browser, privacy-oriented solutions for crypto transactions are advancing and becoming available faster than ever.Why you should use Bitcoin Mixer? (BTC , VPN )
06:08 AM
Orchid: Bringing Decentralization to VPNs
One company that is working on offering a VPN solution tackling these problems is Orchid. Orchid offers a decentralized VPN service built on the Ethereum network and powered by the Orchid network. (ETH , VPN )
07:09 AM
Tachyon VPN Sent Free IPX Rewards to 10,000 VPN Users
Tachyon Protocol has launched an IPX giveaway event to promote their decentralized VPN app amongst VPN users worldwide. Read on to know more. (VPN )
06:23 AM
Brave Browser Brings New Level of Security to iOS users
Brave Browser takes the security and privacy of iPhones and iPads to the next level by partnering with Guardian, provider of VPN and Firewall services (VPN )
02:09 PM
Orchid VPN Goes Live With Desktop App for Mac Users
Orchid, an Ethereum-based VPN service for privately browsing the web, now has a desktop app for Mac users in the Apple App Store. (ETH , VPN )
09:53 PM
BitTorrent Adds Binance's Stablecoin BUSD As Payment Option
U.S.-based torrent client BitTorrent, Inc. has teamed up with major crypto exchange Binance to add its US dollar-backed stablecoin Binance USD (BUSD) as a payment option to purchase BitTorrent and Torrent Classic Pro, Pro+VPN or Ad-Free.
07:48 AM
Orchid Labs CEO Says New VPN Seeks to Enhance Privacy Rights
U.S.-based company launched a VPN app for iOS users after witnessing a surge in VPN services demand across the world (VPN )
11:53 AM
Crypto Enabled VPN Provider Orchid Launches on Apple's App Store
Orchid's app would allow users to make in-app purchases, backed by the OTX token, to get VPN bandwidth. (OTX , VPN )
08:38 AM
65% of Circulating IPX Already Staked, First Blockchain VPN Marketplace Launched
Tachyon aims to create a blockchain-based decentralized bandwidth marketplace to empower a variety of growing business technologies. Read on. (VPN )
03:09 AM
Innovative Staking Introduced By Tachyon(IPX)
The Tachyon (IPX) team has introduced a community-driven staking model to break down entry barriers to its decentralized VPN node network. (VPN )
03:23 AM
Here's What People Bought With Their Bitcoin Profits
Source: iStock/Anna Skvortsova Cars, pinball machines, virtual private networks (VPN), more cars - these are some of the things people have recently purchased with their bitcoin (BTC) profits. Some BT (BTC , VPN )
12:53 PM
Microsoft Helps Hospitals Fight Ransomware Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
Microsoft is devoting resources to identifying ransomware vulnerabilities in the IT systems of hospitals to help in the fight against coronavirus (VPN )
03:24 AM
Using a VPN May Get Israeli Crypto Traders in Trouble
Do you use a VPN? It's a privacy-enhancing tool that everyone should be using, especially those with digital assets. Or do you happen to be older than the (VPN )
03:23 PM
Decentralized VPN protocol Orchid to launch in December
Orchid, an incentivized and decentralized virtual privacy network (VPN), announced today that its app, network, and token (OXT) will launch during the (VPN )
10:09 AM
Orchid's Decentralized VPN Network Set for Early-December Launch
Decentralized VPN provider Orchid will debut its app, network and token (OXT) during the first week of December. (ETH , VPN )
06:39 AM
NordVPN launches new end-to-end file encryption tool
NordVPN, the popular VPN service provider, has launched its latest cybersecurity product NordLocker. The tool secures all types of files stored on a (VPN )
12:54 PM
Blockchain VPN platform Mysterium adding native payments function
Mysterium, a blockchain-powered VPN service, is currently working to implement a native micro-payments feature The Mysterium team is now experimenting (MYST , VPN )
10:39 AM
Why a VPN Is the First Layer You Should Pull On When Browsing the Web
Virtual private networks (VPNs) can be useful for all kinds of things, from streaming foreign sports to protecting your identity from heightened online (VPN )
12:39 PM
Circle Drops Poloniex Leaving US Crypto Traders High and Dry
The cryptocurrency firm Circle is releasing its subsidiary exchange Poloniex which is now owned by an Asian investment group. (VPN )
06:24 AM
Tachyon Protocol Releases White Paper Hash
On September 27th, 2019 Tachyon, a decentralized internet protocol co-launched by V SYSTEMS and X-VPN, released its white paper today. This blockchain-based protocol aims to build a faster, safer and more reliable internet by revamping the TCP/IP model, which has been used as the foundation of internet for 36 years. Click here to get the full White Paper. By combining P2P computing with niche technologies such as DHT, blockchain, UDP and encryption, Tachyon Protocol is set to improve fundamental internet infrastructure to meet the increasing demand for speed and reliability required by web 3.0 services, including DeFi and other (VPN )
01:54 AM
How to Create an Anonymous Digital Identity Using Cryptocurrency
If you could go back in time and do the internet all over again, what would you change? Would you think twice about joining Facebook, decline to upload (VPN )
12:09 AM
Bitcoin Is a Viable Way to Remove the State From Your Life
Bitcoin and the cryptoconomy are also great forms of protest as the protocol is an experiment of voluntarily trade in an untaxed, unregulated economy. (BTC , VPN )
08:39 AM
Crypto Facilitates Money Transfer for Restricted China
Crypto is not illegal in China, but it is illegal for banks and financial institutions to deal in crypto. It's also illegal to send or receive over (BTC , USDT , VPN )
08:09 PM
SpiderVPN integrating blockchain-based network from Sentinel
Sentinel, an interoperable network layer for distributed resources, has announced a partnership with Spider VPN, a UK based organization building a (VPN )
08:24 AM
ibVPN Review
If you are operating a business from your computer, access sensitive information online or deal with cryptocurrency, it's always good to take security seriously. Using a VPN is an easy way to keep your online data secure. There are many different VPN service providers which can make it difficult to choose the right one. Let's put ibVPN to the test and see if it's a good choice. ibVPN (Invisible Browsing VPN) is a VPN provider out of Romania. It's 100% GDPR compliant, meaning you can trust that the company doesn't keep any logs. The company launched in 2003 and has (VPN )
01:54 PM
Decentralized VPN Mysterium now available on AVADO node device
Mysterium, a network of nodes providing security and privacy to Mysterium end users, with Mysterium VPN as the first app, announced today a partnership (MYST , VPN )
01:39 PM
VPN Providers Defy Order to Connect to Russia's Internet Censor
Russian regulators have once again moved to expand oversight of the online space in an attempt to ensure compliance with various restrictions Moscow is (VPN )
10:38 AM
Binance DEX: Navigating Country-Specific Cryptocurrency Trading Restrictions
Binance blocks traders in 29 other countries from its DEX website but say affected users can utilize supported wallet apps or VPNs to bypass the restriction. (BTC , VPN )
12:08 PM
'VPN is a Necessity'
Following some confusion over whether the Binance DEX operates a geoblocking policy, CZ clarified that, as a blockchain, (VPN )
04:08 AM
New Sentinel Tendermint based decentralized VPN client now available
Sentinel, an interoperable networking layer for distributed services with a decentralized VPN (dVPN) as a first use case, announced today that the new (VPN )
12:23 PM
Cyberghost Is a VPN Service You Can Pay For With Bitcoin Cash
Privacy in the online space is quite compromised these days and anyone who would like to protect their own may consider using a VPN service. There are Privacy in the online space is quite compromised these days and anyone who would like to protect their own may consider using a VPN service. There are many platforms on the market and some are catering to the crypto community. Cyberghost VPN is one of them and it takes bitcoin cash (BCH). (BCH , BTC , VPN )
06:53 AM
An Essential Tool for Crypto Trading
All around the world, governments that are hostile to the Blockchain revolution, have tried to crack down on crypto-trading. However, with VPN services, traders can have the power to resist this infri (BTC , VPN )
12:08 AM
World Governments Try to Forbid Cryptocurrency Trading: VPN Helps to Resist
featured - Despite the strict national legislation over cryptocurrency trading, the world community finds new solutions on how to avoid it. Recently (VPN )
12:53 AM
Crypto Exchanges Should Take a Hard Look at IP Address-Masking Services
Cryptocurrency exchanges will likely have to reckon with VPN access as part of any regulatory or law enforcement actions for market manipulation. (VPN )
04:08 AM
How to Use a VPN Within Your Browser to Protect Your Privacy
Services Major internet browsers now offer access to VPN services via a number of third-party extensions and in some cases through built-in features. These provide an easy and affordable means to prot (BTC , VPN )
06:23 PM

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