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SEC Enters Settlement Talks With Alleged Fraudulent Firm Veritaseum
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has reportedly entered settlement talks with alleged fraudulent cryptocurrency firm Veritaseum (BTC , VERI )
10:09 AM
SEC in Settlement Talks With 'Fraudulent' ICO Organizer Reg Middleton
Middleton organized the unregistered $14.8 million Veritaseum (VERI) initial coin offering, and is further accused of market manipulation post-ICO. (VERI )
08:09 AM
Veritaseum: Reggie Middleton lashes out ahead of court case that will rock crypto world
UNDERFIRE cryptocurrency firm Veritaseum has hit out at US authorities days before its CEO is due in court to answer fraud charges. (VERI )
08:03 AM
Blockchain Firm Veritaseum Calls for Assets to Be Unfrozen in SEC Response
Veritaseum has officially responded tothe SEC's claims it sold illegal securities and called for its funds to be unfrozen to protect investors. (VERI )
06:24 AM
This Cryptocurrency Plunged 62% After SEC Files Emergency Lawsuit
The US SEC has filed an emergency lawsuit in an attempt to prevent a popular ICO from spending the money that was raised from issuing its cryptocurrency. (VERI )
03:09 PM
SEC Files Emergency Action Against Organizer of 'Fraudulent' $15 Million ICO
The SEC is seeking to freeze the assets of Reggie Middleton, organizer of the $14.8 million Veritaseum (VERI) ICO. (VERI )
10:24 AM
Cryptocurrency Market Update: Crypto Consolidation Continues
FOMO Moments Sleepy Sunday in crypto land; Veritaseum making a move, Ravencoin flapping. It is another slow Sunday in crypto land with markets still There has still been no movement for most of the major cryptocurrencies leaving markets at the same level around $210 billion. (VERI )
12:08 AM
Cryptocurrency Market Update: All Quiet During Sunday Trading
FOMO Moments Markets are sleeping again this weekend; only Veritaseum and Ravencoin going anywhere. Sunday has seen a small upward shift in crypto markets Sunday has seen a small upward shift in crypto markets as predicted in yesterday's market update. (VERI )
12:24 AM
Veritaseum Hack Proves Need for Tighter Security in ICO Market
Blockchain startup Veritaseum has become the latest victim of an ICO hack. During its July 24 sale, the platform was compromised and lost about $8.4 million worth of cryptocurrency. Veritaseum is a bl (BTC , VERI )
02:09 PM
Veritaseum Founder Claims $8 Million in ICO Token Stolen
A cryptocurrency project called Veritaseum was the victim of a suspicious hack this weekend, resulting in the loss of millions of $ in stolen tokens. (VERI )
03:39 AM
Cryptocurrencies: Fad or Long-Term Trend?
Bitcoin. Blockchain. Ethereum. Veritaseum. Litecoin. Ripple. ICOs. It seems like nowadays you cant listen to or read the news without hearing something ... (BTC , ETH , LTC , VERI )
04:30 PM
Yet Another Ethereum ICO Gets Hacked as Veritaseum Loses US$4.5m
Very few details regarding this theft are known right now. It appears some "sophisticated attack" was used, yet the Veritaseum team didn't reveal specifics. (ETH , VERI )
03:09 AM

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